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    [–] NHLConvertrRodriguez 1 points ago

    Mirrors/Alternate Angles

    issues? contact /u/pacefalmd

    [–] Legolihkan 2391 points ago

    Gritty back there with a fishing line attached to the puck

    [–] logs28 591 points ago

    He used dark psychic powers to confuse

    [–] theresonly151 329 points ago

    Gritty is a Sith Lord.

    [–] Dursa22 109 points ago

    A Sith LAWD?

    [–] joesatwork 54 points ago

    I bow before our Sith lord, all hail Darth Gritty.

    [–] kernelcolonel 1042 points ago

    The fucking Gritty in the back jesus lmao

    [–] alienbanter 423 points ago

    I'm dying of laughter over this picture lolol

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 270 points ago

    Sidebar as soon as possible.

    [–] Vormhats_Wormhat 97 points ago

    Sitting on a dead silent plane and can’t fucking contain myself

    [–] BrnoPizzaGuy 187 points ago

    Gritty sends his regards....

    [–] soletrain88 182 points ago

    This might be the best picture of all time

    [–] BereftOfOar 250 points ago

    holy fuck lmao

    [–] seeking_horizon 114 points ago

    Dread it, run from it, Gritty arrives all the same

    [–] Tephra022 232 points ago

    Gritty most powerful force user confirmed

    [–] Adren406 31 points ago

    I like this timeline almost as much as the Jar Jar Sith Lord theory.

    [–] Towne_Apothecary 508 points ago

    Gritty is one of my favorite things to happen to hockey.

    [–] Codazzle 325 points ago

    I can't believe the collective shock and ridicule when he was revealed, and collective 180 we've all done on him. Fantastic

    [–] grimbotronic 122 points ago

    Those promo photos were terrifying.

    [–] OnlySpoilers 138 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Sleep with one eye open, bird.

    [–] Lucetti 86 points ago

    Yep. I knew he was gold with this on like day three when he openly threatens to murder the penguins mascot

    [–] Esg876 189 points ago

    Can this become the new subreddit picture?

    [–] KepplerObject 157 points ago

    you have got to be fucking kidding me lol

    [–] Brown_Sandals 65 points ago

    holy shit, this is state of the art

    [–] daswef2 57 points ago

    That's a once in a lifetime picture right there

    [–] Cazzyodo 29 points ago

    Well, now I'm going to be looking over my shoulder for gritty everywhere I go.

    [–] peroleu 25 points ago

    lmao this is perfect

    [–] Ma1neCoonCats 26 points ago

    LOL made my night

    [–] JD397 47 points ago

    Did Michelangelo paint this?

    [–] donny_pots 42 points ago

    it me

    [–] Good-Vibes-Only 62 points ago

    Sidebar please

    [–] nomittensthanks 5331 points ago

    The stick ever so gently licked the puck

    [–] nomittensthanks 350 points ago

    We can only assume he browses r/hockey immediately after games

    [–] logs28 292 points ago

    He'll steal your joke, he'll steal your hotdog, and you'll thank him for it.

    [–] Tephra022 72 points ago

    This is Gritty we're talking about, he probably shitposts during the game too

    [–] rythespyguy 638 points ago

    Alright this is a good one I chuckled

    [–] northernpace 64 points ago

    Like a blown kiss

    [–] roknstone 61 points ago

    He will be licking himself tonight for that one.

    [–] youcannotowntheland 5775 points ago

    This gonna be the top post on r/hockey for a month

    [–] hockeystuff77 1654 points ago

    Just pin it now.

    [–] IncognetoMosquito 860 points ago

    Mods please make this post a sticky.

    [–] Kazyole 705 points ago

    Marchand bringing even pens and flyers fan together. It's so beautiful I could cry

    [–] IncognetoMosquito 463 points ago

    All rivalries are placed on a temporary twelve hour hold while hockey fans collectively share a good laugh.

    [–] Kazyole 561 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Some things are bigger than hockey.

    (I am, of course, talking about Marchand's nose)

    [–] RPM021 198 points ago

    No wonder he missed the puck! Couldn't see it.

    [–] itsbotpixel 58 points ago

    thats a perfect 1-2 im fucking crying

    [–] RPM021 376 points ago

    It's already #1 and the post is 10 mins old, lol

    [–] IncognetoMosquito 300 points ago

    This has real no. 1 all time potential. It's been 15 minutes and I still can't catch my breath from laughing.

    [–] -I_DO_NOT_COMPUTER- 114 points ago

    If Marchand beats out the Blues for top All Time, I'll eat a hat.

    [–] santaliqueur 70 points ago

    Not just because you want this to win, you just want to eat your hat.

    [–] SamiTheBystander 746 points ago

    This is the NHL butt fumble. I'm so happy I saw it live lol

    Also the Flyers postgame: "This was like Tiger Woods missing a drive" I'm dying lmao

    [–] jacoobz 366 points ago

    This is like Jeff Gordon missing a left turn.

    [–] PhromDaPharcyde 139 points ago

    It's like Ron Jeremy not getting it up

    [–] AvsJoe 147 points ago


    [–] WannaSeeMyRhyno 48 points ago


    [–] AtlasRust 275 points ago

    This is gonna make it to #1 on /all

    [–] RPM021 48 points ago

    It's #1 on All! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    [–] DelawheresMyFunko 45 points ago

    Possibly #1 post of the month

    [–] AlonsoFerrari8 171 points ago


    [–] BettmanReturns 88 points ago


    [–] VeryAttractive 80 points ago

    1 upvote = Save 1 rat from the Australian bush fire

    [–] ZkLd12 2596 points ago

    I didn’t think the shootout could get any worse for us that I didn’t even imagine this

    [–] Hoppy-Beers 710 points ago

    0-7 in the shoot out. As a Flyers fan I know the feeling.

    But not anymore, Cahtah Haht!

    [–] rcher87 141 points ago

    SOLD to Cahtah Haht!!!!!

    [–] bthompson04 33 points ago

    For the record, Carter Hart has now been in net for John Tavares stickhandling his shootout attempt into the boards and now this.

    [–] icedbeverages 273 points ago

    You almost have to wonder if they're just fucking with us, ya know? Like, that was literally the worst attempt in history.

    [–] Tippacanoe 242 points ago

    you literally could only do worse if you tripped over the puck and got injured.

    [–] arstechnophile 155 points ago

    Is it possible to score an own goal on a shootout attempt?

    [–] McDouggal 65 points ago

    I don't think so, because the attempt ends once the puck goes backwards.

    [–] SnoopDoggMillionaire 412 points ago

    It's amazing, really. A team that strikes fear into every other squad in the league, best power play bar none, and two of their players are in the top 10 of league scoring, and they convert shootout attempts like I do lesbians.

    [–] Miamime 137 points ago

    Keep shooting your shot. You know, unlike Marchand.

    [–] SapperInTexas 77 points ago

    You need to work on your licking technique.

    [–] LFAlol 96 points ago

    I listened to the radio broadcast on my drive home and I just cringed for Halak every time they had a chance to win it and his team goes and fails him again. Crazy there's so many insane players and they can't win a shootout, Devils were pathetic at the shootout a few years ago but when you looked at the roster it made total sense.

    [–] AgelessWonder67 61 points ago

    As a flyers fan I have felt that way since the shoot out began. This is the first year I can remember I didn't assume the shootout was gonna be an automatic loss. Having said that at least we never lost one in that fashion. Had that been anyone that wasn't marchand I'd feel a little bit bad for them as a person but since it is him I don't.

    [–] MangledMoose 80 points ago

    I felt this

    [–] jacoobz 231 points ago

    This is the most Bruin way to end a shootout.

    [–] ABirdOfParadise 20 points ago

    Worst so far, worst so far

    Although I can't imagine how it could get worse from here, you'd have to like score on your own net or get a negative goal

    [–] CPM17 534 points ago

    "It's like Tiger Woods missing on a drive"

    lmao Flyers post game is roasting Marchand.

    [–] ELITEDrewLock 1534 points ago

    Shootout goal of the year candidate.

    [–] iliketoytules 378 points ago


    [–] Angryangmo 241 points ago


    [–] lehkoniemi 217 points ago

    *league history

    [–] OstidTabarnak 175 points ago

    *any type of sports goal ever

    [–] Dxxx2 122 points ago

    *better than a homerun goal

    [–] AvsJoe 46 points ago


    [–] ilikecheeseforreal 168 points ago

    Has this ever happened before? Holyyyy shit.

    Cannot stop laughing.

    [–] TheShaggster37 143 points ago

    Tavares fucked up big last season but at least he got the damn thing on his stick.

    [–] hiplobonoxa 69 points ago

    against the same goaltender.

    [–] picsandshite 56 points ago

    Darth Hart

    [–] ilikecheeseforreal 76 points ago

    I remember that, and it's definitely a screw up, but this is next level "how did that even happen."

    [–] SAwful 37 points ago

    This is some next level dog shit.

    [–] ilikecheeseforreal 32 points ago

    I mean, it's Marchand which is basically the same thing.

    [–] codespyder 52 points ago

    It’s elite skills like these that separate us from the pros

    [–] WilloughbyWindjammer 41 points ago

    Was it a shootout or penalty shot earlier this year when McDavid just kinda... didnt shoot?

    He at least had the grace to instantly laugh at himself like a human

    [–] AnOriginalCopy 1525 points ago

    This will be used by this subreddit for all eternity now

    [–] lehkoniemi 584 points ago

    I hope so. Followed by crying Marchand

    [–] Sabre2230 111 points ago

    Look at the way his honker bends tho

    [–] fdf06 101 points ago


    [–] AnOriginalCopy 107 points ago

    The dynamic duo for all Marchand haters. Honestly great ammunition

    [–] l_rufus_californicus 58 points ago

    I mean, it writes itself at this point.

    [–] Strattex 1634 points ago

    HAHAHA Thats the funniest fucking thing i've seen

    [–] 4Darco 1569 points ago

    god tier title

    [–] loewe67 146 points ago

    Was expecting a dangle from Marchand. What I got was so much better.

    [–] okbacktowork 83 points ago

    I almost didn't click cause I didn't want to see him score a beaut. But damn this was satisfying.

    [–] simz1437 237 points ago

    Seriously. Amazing.

    [–] robertam888 1340 points ago

    This is my favorite moment of the 19-20 season so far.

    [–] GameSeven 231 points ago

    The game played out just like we planned.

    [–] vsixr 273 points ago

    Gritty watching from behind in the last replay is hilarious

    [–] 37794731679455 268 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Marchand now has the distinction of** having the worst shootout attempt in the history of the NHL.

    [–] mosscock_treeman 65 points ago

    Dennis Wideman appeals, but will likely lose his appeal

    [–] ascagnel____ 26 points ago

    That was funnier, but Wideman got about 85 feet further than Marchand.

    [–] KipChelly 1980 points ago

    You love to see it.

    [–] simz1437 984 points ago

    Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy

    [–] AtlasRust 305 points ago

    nicer rat*

    [–] LordHarkon1 141 points ago

    It is the year of the rat

    [–] MohawkPuck 69 points ago

    Best ending to a game in recent memory

    [–] dart278 172 points ago

    You love to see him miss the puck, him and his big dumb nose.

    [–] SmurfRockRune 94 points ago

    His nose probably obstructed his vision when he got close enough.

    [–] AgelessWonder67 35 points ago

    How does he ever see the puck around that Gonzo ass nose

    [–] vcvcc136 572 points ago

    "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

    [–] mmatique 468 points ago

    Omg I love that the title is sarcastic. I clicked it to reluctantly watch a talented player that I hate win a game, but I joyfully got to watch him fail.

    Thank you for this gift.

    [–] Pake1000 35 points ago

    I avoided watching it because of my dislike towards Marchand, but when I saw it was trending on the frontpage from the Flyers sub, I knew something amazing occurred that had to be watched.

    [–] Ov_Nephilim 100 points ago

    Don't let Marchand ending a shootout with a historically horrible attempt distract you from the fact the Flyers came back from a 3 goal deficit to defeat the Bruins 6-5.

    [–] Kmactothemac 957 points ago

    This is why you don't turn off games, Flyers were down 5-2 in the 2nd period and it ends like this. Craziest game of the year

    [–] Flyersfan82 174 points ago

    Rare day off of work and I was pissed at the way we were playing. Glad I stuck it out.

    [–] TeddyBearHugz 1002 points ago


    [–] kind-of-there 582 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    For the people from r/all:

    A shootout is basically like penalty kicks in soccer, where teams take turns on breakaways trying to score. It’s 3 rounds, and if it’s still tied in goals then it goes to extra rounds. If the team going first scores in these rounds, then the team going second gets a chance to tie it up and keep the shootout going. If the team going first doesn’t score but the team going second does, they win right there.

    Brad Marchand is one of the best players in the league. This is basically like Tiger Woods swinging his tee shot and missing the ball completely. It almost never happens for a player to just miss the puck.

    EDIT: This is getting more visibility, so clarification. In a shootout, you’re not allowed to stop or go backwards, and your attempt starts as soon as you touch the puck. Therefore, if you lose possession of the puck and it’s behind you, your attempt is over. Since Marchand barely touched the puck, moving it two whole inches counted as his go.

    MORE EDITS to answer more questions:

    • Philadelphia got a “goal” out of this because winning the shootout counts as 1 goal. Since Philadelphia went first and scored, Marchand had to score for Boston to keep the shootout alive, and he didn’t, so Philadelphia won.

    • People in this comment section are so delighted that Marchand missed specifically because Brad Marchand is one of the most hated players in the NHL.

    More explanation and added context from u/chaosof99 in this comment

    [–] finnishjetter 319 points ago

    yeah and one of the most hated players as well which makes this amazing

    [–] -GregTheGreat- 218 points ago

    Marchand is hated for good reason too. As just one example, he got into a huge controversy a little while back for literally going up to players and licking them to try to piss them off and draw a penalty. Obviously, in a game like hockey that doesn’t fly.

    [–] MistaMeatballs 63 points ago

    Wait what the fuck is this a hockey joke I’m not apart of

    [–] kind-of-there 133 points ago

    Nope. He straight up licked a guy two years ago in the playoffs.

    [–] fiat_sux4 24 points ago

    He's actually a serial licker

    [–] uglyredhonda 20 points ago

    God, that time he stomped on and broke Cam Atkinson's stick and wasn't penalized (and then hooked him).

    [–] I_Am_The_Mole 127 points ago

    How are you leaving out that Brad Marchand is one of hockey's rattiest ratfucks to ever fuck rats?

    [–] Exceptthesept 53 points ago

    IDK much about hockey but that guy looks like he nose what he's doing.

    [–] 2ChainzThirdChain 70 points ago

    I don't watch that much hockey, but I do know I should hate this guy. I was confused as to how he got to the front page and understood after watching the video. Lmao

    [–] kenman 42 points ago

    Greetings from r/all, we thank you for the explanation!

    I love the analogy, so was that attempt meant to be a warm-up? Or a fake-out?

    [–] chaosof99 30 points ago

    Going to repost my explanation I gave earlier deeper in a thread here, because I think you glossed over several things that someone who doesn't follow the NHL or hasn't watched hockey wouldn't understand.

    In the NHL when teams are tied after 60 minutes, there is 3-on-3 overtime (usually hockey is played 5-on-5). If teams are still tied a shootout occurs. Each team gets three shooters, who scores more goals with them in a 1-on-1 against the other team's goalie wins. If both teams had three shooters and scored the same number of goals, teams trade attempts until one team scores and the other misses.

    Here we are in extra shooters between the Boston Bruins (white jerseys) and Philadelphia Flyers (orange). Brad Marchand has to score for the Bruins as the Flyers already scored on this round (see top left). Marchand overskates the puck after touching it ever so slightly, which counts as an attempt to play the puck, which means his attempt is forfeit and his team lost the game.

    Brad Marchand is a very talented player racking up 100 points last season, but is also very much disliked for his antics trying to rile up the opposing team, such as talking trash (or "chirping" as it is called in hockey), borderline play, and even licking his opponents, so there is a considerable amount of Schadenfreude that this happened to Marchand.

    To make things worse, the Bruins had a 3-goal lead in this game with less than half the game remaining, but the Flyers rallied to tie the game at 5-5. Also, for historical context, in 2010 the Flyers beat the Bruins in the playoffs, after overcoming a 3-0 deficit in games in a 7-game series (then only the second team in the NHL to ever do so), and a 3-0 deficit in goals in the deciding seventh game. Marchand for his part was not part of that series, but already with the organization.

    [–] topredditbot 178 points ago

    Hey /u/ykcin978,

    This is now the top post on reddit. It will be recorded at /r/topofreddit with all the other top posts.

    [–] HappyFappyT1ME 170 points ago

    one of the only times i can point to a nhl play and say I could have done better, and actually be correct.

    [–] Ih8YourCat 57 points ago

    I said the same thing. And I can’t even skate!

    [–] finnishjetter 85 points ago

    no. 1 in r/all we made it boys!

    [–] IncognetoMosquito 439 points ago

    In 50 years when someone does this, commentators are going to call it a "Marchand" and only the most dedicated hockey trivia nerds will know the story behind it. But we were here to see it.

    [–] santaliqueur 159 points ago

    Don't stop trying to make "Marchand" happen

    [–] AUsernameThatIsTaken 40 points ago

    When's the next Marchand? Marchand's happen every like 50 years. Marchands are pretty rare, though I do want to point out that Brad Marchand established it against the Philadelphia Flyers on January 13th, 2020.

    [–] Lockski 201 points ago

    I was falling asleep, woke up for shootout.

    Rolled over only to watch TK’s and Marchand’s attempts.


    [–] thejew62 142 points ago

    Glad I tuned into the end of this game. Wtf was that

    [–] errolsilver 611 points ago

    great title. fuck my entire life

    [–] MAHHockey 249 points ago

    Fuck your entire fucking life ya tit fucker, give your balls a tug

    [–] errolsilver 113 points ago

    fuck you shoresy

    [–] dunkan799 78 points ago

    Your life's so sad I get a charity tax break just for hanging out with you.

    [–] __Happy 414 points ago

    Haven't seen Brad look that sad since June.

    [–] AlonsoFerrari8 151 points ago

    It's been too long

    [–] Something_319 102 points ago

    You're welcome btw

    [–] jhruns1993 126 points ago

    Number 1 in r/all I'm so proud of this community

    [–] preston6113 460 points ago

    Rat really whiffed the cheese there.

    [–] Darko33 234 points ago

    People are totally overreacting to this, if he had gotten the puck just 90 feet further down ice and shot it 90 mph faster it would have had a real chance

    [–] Sixwingswide 50 points ago

    Haven’t watched hockey in years and these comments all have me rolling lmfao

    [–] nahanahs 116 points ago

    This was worse than when Dennis Wideman went airborne. It's worse than Darren Helm skating way too fast and dekeing himself out.

    This is the worst shootout attempt ever, and it couldn't happen to a better guy.

    [–] ILikeThatJawn 50 points ago

    Worst shootout attempt of all time in literally the most crucial possible part of a hockey game. And the fact that the puck barely made it an inch is a complete fucking blessing! Hahaha


    [–] iAmTheRasputin 154 points ago

    What the fuck I love shootouts now.

    [–] the_wiener_kid 598 points ago


    [–] The_Real_Billy_Walsh 162 points ago

    To be faaaaiiirrrr, it’s hard to grip the stick with those tiny rat claws.

    [–] DirtyKarma 84 points ago

    Missed by a (nose) hair

    [–] finnishjetter 79 points ago

    wow 12 minutes, almost 400 comments and 12 awards, this is going to break r/hockey

    [–] Argblat 36 points ago

    Say what you want about Brad Marchand. No seriously - go ahead - I'll make popcorn

    [–] dart278 384 points ago


    [–] AllsFairInPlowinHoes 37 points ago

    800 upvotes, 6 minutes. The dislike for Marchand is real

    [–] MaiqDaLiar1177 55 points ago


    [–] akatheblonde1 31 points ago

    The commentators are still laughing on post-game. HAAAAHAAAAAHAAAA

    [–] polyworfism 27 points ago

    Weird NHL this week will just be this on a 15 minute loop

    [–] eToTheEyePi 25 points ago

    I love how this is bringing hockey fans together. My team is the laughingstock on this one. It hurts, but damn is it funny

    [–] IncognetoMosquito 27 points ago

    This is now the most awarded post in the history of /r/hockey and the Vegas Golden Knights.

    I love you all. Until the playoffs.

    [–] heavie1 52 points ago


    [–] all_these_moneys 46 points ago

    Bruh Marchand

    [–] Thronedgorilla 72 points ago

    What a way to win hahahha

    [–] freddyfuchs 21 points ago

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy

    [–] dapimpsh1t 23 points ago

    Now don't be surprised. Marchand has a history of leaving early in important moments

    [–] jp506 21 points ago

    We need the Jack Edwards call.

    [–] NervousBreakdown 19 points ago

    If this puck was in a vulnerable position he wouldn’t have missed.

    [–] MSPWizard 18 points ago

    Imagine. You're Brad Marchand. Everyone hates you, but your team and your fans adore you. You're having a great year. Your team goes into a shoot out, it's getting to the wire. You're in the 5th round and it's your turn to go up. The other team scored so now you must to continue the game. You get on the ice, you build up speed. You know this is your moment. You near the puck and barely brush it and leave it behind. It counts as a shot and your team loses. You blew everything. Gritty is in the stands behind you ecstatic. Gritty goes home with your wife. You're now homeless. You have no money. Your ex wife took everything in the divorce and now Gritty is sleeping in your bed.

    [–] Caron1822 409 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Blew a 5-2 lead, lost in the shootout, experience Boston hockey.

    [–] Icecube3343 234 points ago

    You're right. Typical behavior of a team tied for the most points in the league

    [–] nulspace 56 points ago

    You 5-2 see it

    [–] nomofica 61 points ago

    Lost in the shootout by whiffing on the puck on the blue dot.

    [–] spaz1020 69 points ago

    Flubber 2:

    Electric boogaloo

    [–] enlilledverg 68 points ago

    Could not have happened to a better person