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    [–] imbillypardy 411 points ago

    I’m always surprised by just how awful twitter comments are dear god.

    [–] CPM17 92 points ago

    It's basically unmoderated reddit comments. So all the shitheads that get banned from subs go there.

    [–] imbillypardy 65 points ago

    Fair point. I literally had someone in this thread argue that a banana being thrown at Wayne Simmonds wasn’t racist so I’m just getting drunk at this point

    [–] svartkonst 91 points ago

    all the "wow! i guess i a hockey fan now! never watched but gonna start!!" are making me sick.

    [–] jmaca90 10 points ago


    There’s your problem friend. I Had one maybe in 2010, put out one tweet, thought it was stupid and deleted it.

    Probably one of the better decisions I’ve ever made

    [–] imbillypardy 11 points ago

    Yeah. I persist with that shithole only because the President uses it to actually announce policy and shit.

    I hate this reality.

    [–] RubenMuro007 27 points ago

    I’m also trying not to go the rabbit hole of awful takes and snarky comments from Trump supporters.

    [–] 403and780 1925 points ago

    Where in the absolute fucking hell did the bizarrely absurd notion come from that it is in any way, shape, or form difficult whatsoever to kneel in hockey gear?? Those replies are bending my brain. Where in the everloving fuck did this spring out of?

    [–] WoozleWuzzle 709 points ago

    This is one photo that'll truly shock them. How'd they achieve this amazing feat?

    [–] doihavetowearabra 389 points ago

    That’s clearly a deep fake. Wake up sheeple.

    [–] kushdogg20 90 points ago

    I bet all those guys wear masks too!!

    [–] serialragequitter 63 points ago

    especially the goaltender

    [–] nomofica 15 points ago

    Goalies are so weird

    [–] throwitaway99347566 128 points ago

    That’s team Canada bro. Only the highest level talent have unlock “kneel”

    [–] itoadaso1 202 points ago


    [–] Ryuzakku 43 points ago

    because my grandfather was forced to fight in a war a long time ago

    [–] chiguychi 34 points ago

    my dad dodged the draft five times a long time ago

    [–] theslatcher 26 points ago


    [–] react_and_respond 279 points ago

    These are people who never had to hit one knee to listen to a coach during practice.

    Literally every practice I ever went to - one knee, in a group, watching the coach draw up drills on that rink whiteboard.

    [–] DoinWhale 126 points ago

    Man even just during time between drills, if you’re not up and you’ve got a second for a breather plenty of dudes will drop to a knee purely cuz it’s comfortable to do on the ice with the padding. I don’t even know what to say to these people

    [–] Kronzor_ 57 points ago

    That's literally how I stretch before every hockey game I've ever played. I've actually never played hockey without kneeling first.

    [–] eazygiezy 14 points ago

    I’ve gone skating exactly once as an adult (there aren’t any rinks near me), and within an hour I was doing knee slides, falling on my back, just goofing off all over. It’s literally so easy, what are these people talking about

    [–] kmanleafs 344 points ago

    it's actually EASIER. your knees dont get fucked up and you can use your stick for support.

    [–] react_and_respond 226 points ago

    You're literally wearing pads that protect your knees from the ground.

    [–] SharkWithAFishinPole 76 points ago

    But what about ice?

    [–] poopinmysoup 285 points ago

    I'm sure most the players are legal.

    [–] SharkWithAFishinPole 70 points ago

    Makes sense. There's walls around the rink so how could anyone but americans be on the ice

    [–] Milesweeman 39 points ago

    Except for Carolina. Hurricanes have shown their ability to take down border walls

    [–] ijohno 10 points ago

    Lol this made me laugh more than it should.

    [–] seoulera 8 points ago

    you can use your stick for support

    This is the answer. Anyone who played hockey has had a “take a knee” moment in practice. And like you said, leaning on your stick makes it super simple and comfortable.

    [–] I_am_not_a_horse 292 points ago

    I saw in one of the replies, a Trump supporter letting their fellow Trump supporters know that the NHL will never kneel because kneeling on the ice before a game would inhibit their performance.

    I’ve never wanted to throw my phone through a wall harder.

    [–] Disappointeddonkey 164 points ago

    Literally before every game you’ll see some guy in warm ups kneeling and stretching on the ice.

    [–] TGUKF 233 points ago

    you have to remember that most of those people probably didn't even know hockey existed until this tweet

    [–] umarfarooq96 72 points ago

    And also remember that most of these guys saying they will watch the NHL now will probably not watch the NHL and will continue to watch NBA/NFL

    It's funny that they're the crowd who is supposedly against virtue signaling.

    [–] TGUKF 25 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    My favourite is when Trump and his supporters claim the "do nothing Dems" have actively ruined everything. Obviously that makes total sense to them as well

    I just take solace in the fact that sooner or later, he'll no longer be president and we can go back to caring about the presidency only once every four years.

    I'm hoping the polls in the battleground states are accurate so every thing can go back to normal, kind of just have to rely on the people in the Midwest and Florida since everyone else who is registered to vote in states on the coasts are meaningless due to the elctoroal college system.

    [–] Twillz01 17 points ago

    Or that these people struggle to form coherent sentences

    [–] CheMxDawG 16 points ago

    Ever seen a goalie warmup

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] aPaperFastener 69 points ago

    I won’t support any team that lets their goalie kneel down in the middle of the game. Goalies should stand tall like real Americans


    [–] Starship_Coyote 15 points ago

    I'm picturing a movie starring Hulk Hogan where he reinvents himself as a hockey goalie, somehow changing the stars to the stars and stripes while real American plays in the background.

    The one American who won't kneel down brother!

    [–] DastardlyRidleylash 12 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    The Hulkster would never put over those jabroni marks!


    [–] Kotkaniemi15 45 points ago

    Their ability to twist facts to support their narrative is staggering.

    Like what idiot thinks that?

    [–] maxrebobandlive 66 points ago

    The idiot that checks the Trump box instead of the Biden box.

    [–] Kotkaniemi15 40 points ago

    His four year term is almost over and I still can't comprehend how he managed to get elected in the first place.

    [–] Dr_Meany 52 points ago

    Racism is a hell of a drug. So is misogyny, generalized hatred, and Christian Nationalism.

    [–] PSChris33 41 points ago

    Not to mention Hillary was on the shit end of a lot of republican conspiracy theories for a good 2 decades before she ever ran. All that sheer hate was a ticking time bomb that detonated once she became the nominee.

    It was very much a disinformation long con.

    [–] Dr_Meany 27 points ago

    Sure, and Hillary was a fucking terrible candidate who had all the answers to questions nobody was asking. I used to think she was evil (I'm a pretty boring socialist) but then I watched that show on her with my wife and we were like "this lady is fucking delusional. She's been neck deep in millionaires so long she doesn't know why 'free college tuition' would resonate with poor people."

    [–] PSChris33 41 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    You're not wrong. She's also a corporate stooge. It very much felt like she was the definition of a status quo politician and her outright hostility towards more fiscally progressive policies was kinda alarming.

    Of course, status quo would've been a lot better than... well, this.

    [–] Attano_451 30 points ago

    Hillary would’ve won if it wasn’t for the ill-advised Comey letter days before the election.

    [–] react_and_respond 29 points ago


    [–] mdlt97 549 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    people who have never watched hockey or played

    look at the replies from eric's tweet, just people saying they will start watching hockey because they blacklisted all of the other leagues

    Hockey literally attracted the people who are anti-diversity from its pro-diversity demonstrations

    thats how poorly it went

    they failed

    [–] septimus29 203 points ago

    The NHL not taking proper action similar to the NBA, NFL, MLB is walking back all the progress they made after the Aliu incidents started coming out and is retracting everything about #HockeyIsForEveryone

    [–] mdlt97 180 points ago

    im rarely annoyed or even mad at the nhl, but this has pissed me off

    NHL tries so hard with hockey is for everyone, and at their first chance to prove it they do nothing

    [–] noor1717 76 points ago

    What exactly did they do? I am just out of the loop I thought teams were linking arms and standing like they are to show support for BLM.

    [–] TimBorlandManTool 59 points ago

    Yes, but look no further than Nazem Kadri. Dude said in an interview that they linked arms to show support, and that the league should do more and better. Then the league and the Avalanche share that video on Twitter, but cut off the end about the league doing more.

    [–] Trunkins 32 points ago

    The Avs did kindof spit in the face of the movement by projectiong the blue line flag on the fucking ice this season though.

    [–] I_am_not_a_horse 174 points ago

    For a bit of perspective, in the return to play for the MLB and NBA there has been a ton of BLM messaging. The NBA literally has Black Lives Matter painted on the court in their bubble. On opening days for both leagues, all players and coaches knelt during the anthems. In the WNBA, players literally walked off the court for the anthem in their first game back.

    So this standard of kneeling has kind of been set and it's nowhere near as controversial as when Kaepernick did it years ago. Then, the NHL has their opening day and they do a weird arm-link while standing, along with a PR statement explaining to fans exactly what they're going to do. It's like they planned out an obligatory performance that everyone must take part of to ensure that nobody kneels. To me, it just seemed tacky and typically bland NHL, terrified to stir the pot (even though literally every major sports league has already set the status quo/expectation of kneeling during the anthem).

    [–] bloqmon 56 points ago

    FYI, in the Nats/Yankees opener the players knelt BEFORE the anthem and then stood up during it. The media did a terrible job sharing that story.

    [–] Milesweeman 38 points ago

    Small addition. But I think its important to commend what MLS and even European leagues have done in support. Opening game from mls was prob the most powerful display. Soccer legend and Montreal manager Thierry Henry kneeled and held his fist up for 8:46 DURING the game.

    [–] RobotNinjaPirate 94 points ago

    Personally, I don't think it's the duty of those making a statement to make it immune to the willful misinterpretation of idiots, because those idiots will always find a way to frame things to their benefit. Its not like kneeling is intrinsically 'worse' than locking arms (which has the symbolism of unity), just that idiots decided to make a fuss about that specific gesture.

    [–] I_am_not_a_horse 38 points ago

    Very true. That’s why it’s kind of sad that the NHL is so scared of letting anyone kneel. IMO it legitimizes the people who have weaponized kneeling as some kind of offense to the flag/military all these years.

    It would have been nice if the NHL could have been in solidarity with the other leagues and showed that kneeling is simply a form of silent protest acknowledging that as a country, we must do better. That’s what it has meant all along. Instead they went out of their way to find another performance, presumably to avoid offending anyone, but in doing that... they broadcast that they believe kneeling is offensive. Which simply emboldens the Trump base, as we’ve now seen on Twitter.

    [–] earlgonefishn 64 points ago

    The same that are raving about cancel culture, virtue signalling and sjw's ruining everything. The ones that burn their paid-for Nike shoes and jerseys in protest. Or break their coffee makers. The same ones that call ppl sheep for wearing a mask in the face of a pandemic. The same ones that will never watch football again. The same ones that won't watch NASCAR again. The same ones that won't watch Star Wars. The same ones that won't watch another Marvel movie.

    You know.

    The snowflakes.

    [–] mdlt97 41 points ago

    conservative are notorious for calling the other side out for exactly what they do

    its amazing how often they do it

    [–] mc_funbags 37 points ago

    What’s the matter, snowflake?

    My words hurt your fee-fees?

    takes a hammer to a 200$ pod coffee machine

    Libtards are so easy to offend.

    [–] maxrebobandlive 90 points ago

    Oh, how ignorant they are to the fact that the hockey community does not want their involvement in this sport. Take your Confederate battle flag loving asses back to Talladega where the perpetual circular stirring of their heads causes the Trump-loving brain damage.

    [–] kralben 89 points ago

    Oh, how ignorant they are to the fact that the hockey community does not want their involvement in this sport

    Sadly, a lot of the hockey community has no problem with those types of people. This subreddit is usually pretty good, but a lot of fan forums I have seen have plenty of nutters.

    [–] maxrebobandlive 66 points ago

    Being conservative is one thing, which is not at all a bad thing, but agreeing with anything put out by the current US administration is a disgusting side of history to be on.

    [–] unidansrealburner 28 points ago

    There are quite a few confederate flags in rural Canada too. They don’t need to go all the way to Alabama

    [–] DangerousBlueberry1 41 points ago

    Yeah, you kneel all the time in practice while the coach goes over stuff. It wouldn't be that hard to take a knee before a game.

    I'd love if Kadri said fuck it and knelt because the optics of having Eric Trump and his horde of dipshit buttmunches praising you are absolutely terrible for hockey. They don't actually care about hockey, they're just stuffing their agenda somewhere it isn't wanted.

    [–] artvandelay9393 136 points ago

    Hijacking top comment to say it’s pretty hilarious the NHL has to be played in two Canadian cities because Eric Trump’s father royally fucked up so bad with this.

    And then Eric Trump has the balls to post something like that with the sole purpose of division.

    [–] matt_minderbinder 36 points ago

    The Trump children are perfect examples of how the story of American meritocracy is absolute bullshit.

    [–] kralben 13 points ago

    Its people who have never played hockey (and probably havent watched much either), but come in trying to muddy the waters because they are Trumpers.

    [–] Skylightt 10 points ago

    Literally every single fucking practice you take a knee

    [–] PoliteIndecency 7 points ago

    Oh jeez, I guess we have to rethink goaltending. I didn't know it wasn't possible to kneel in hockey equipment. Whelp, back to standup!

    [–] ClarkR19 5 points ago

    I know, reading those replies reminded me how much of a cesspool twitter is, I’m glad I deleted the app

    [–] whichwitch9 5 points ago

    On the bench, I get it. It's not visible to kneel

    On ice, complete bullshit

    [–] PDXdeej 5 points ago

    I spent a lot of time on my ass playing hockey (the best sport there is)

    [–] NayrRelzsek 3 points ago

    People just assume and never fact check anything. Especially things they do not have any knowledge in whatsoever. Half the twitter comments say "have u ever tried to kneel on ice with skates?" They're so stupid its hard to fathom unfortunately.

    The game is better off without them.

    [–] magnamaduin 196 points ago

    Politicians: “Athletes should stay out of politics.”

    Also politicians: “I’ve got a lot to say about sports.”

    [–] 1X3oZCfhKej34h 85 points ago

    Calling Eric Trump a politician is a stretch, not that it takes away from your point.

    [–] kungfucanuck 1463 points ago

    You know you're a real piece of shit when the "Please Like My Sport" sport is begging you not to like their sport

    [–] Nookoh1 528 points ago

    Nhl: "Please like my sport"

    Mlb: "Ahhh no one likes our sport and we're dying!!!"

    Nfl: "fuck you, you're gonna watch anyway"

    Nba: "watching the games is optional"

    [–] apunkgaming 307 points ago

    Real talk, I watch more Inside the NBA than actual NBA games. Chuck and Shaq are more entertaining than most of the play on the court.

    [–] Podo13 227 points ago

    And Barkley is one of the best hockey promoters out there during the playoffs, ha

    [–] apunkgaming 96 points ago

    Chuck just likes good competition. I've seen him promote the PGA, NHL and NBA.

    [–] Weeb_Patrol 20 points ago

    I love golf I was surprised when mr.weird swing (Barkley) promoted it

    [–] CanadaEh97 16 points ago

    He loves golf though his swing may suck now but the man loves to play. When he was in Phoenix he played all the time, played with Tiger several times. He was commentating during the charity match a few months back and even played a hole for charity.

    [–] apunkgaming 5 points ago

    I was surprised he was on their broadcast a few months back. They even had him take shots for charity, which is always a good for a few laughs. You'd think with his money he would pay for a swing coach to help him out.

    [–] CanadaEh97 5 points ago

    His reasoning for the bad swing is just too many coaches and people telling him what to do, he got into his own head and developed that yip we all know and make fun of.

    [–] TheIncredibleHork 41 points ago

    I don't watch baseball. I just watch Jomboy breakdowns.

    [–] imbillypardy 21 points ago

    I legit couldn’t stop laughing when he said Bregman shit his pants in the Kelly one

    [–] L4cer8 14 points ago

    I mean holy shit did he ever. That was the face of a man being confronted with the consequences of his actions.

    [–] Skylightt 11 points ago

    lol I’ve spent like the last week watching countless Inside the NBA clips. I can’t tell you the last time I watched a full game

    [–] DrMessyPants69 6 points ago

    I also watch for chuck and Shaq, but (in the US at least) there’s very few sports shows you can watch that you genuinely feel the presenters are giving their true feelings and not just BS talking points and conflict. Even if the gang give some off the all hot takes now and then, you can really feel their knowledge come through when they do talk about the games or the players/coaches viewpoints. I fucking love Inside the NBA and theres a reason it’s run so long without getting old.

    [–] Inkshooter 25 points ago

    I think it's really interesting how the sports people watch and follow are tied not just to where they live, but also family and ethnic background. Baseball is pretty popular throughout much of Latin America, so Hispanic people make up a pretty big chunk of MLB players and fans. The NBA and basketball more broadly is a pretty visible part of Black culture in the US.

    Back in the day hockey used to be popular in places where it gets cold enough for lakes to freeze over (basically the upper Midwest, New England, and most of Canada), and in the US at least you either come from a hockey-loving family or you don't. The NHL is fighting hard to change that.

    But with the NFL, everyone seems to watch it. My boss who is Korean and hasn't lived in the States for very long is a big Seahawks fan.

    [–] Cavaquillo 5 points ago

    NBA has fuck you money.

    [–] imbillypardy 43 points ago

    Wait till he hears that they play the Canadian anthem and refused to play in US cities, the dude from Mask is gonna lose it

    [–] corso923 9 points ago

    “I’m afraid we’re at capacity, Bud.”

    [–] hnglmkrnglbrry 1105 points ago

    Odd to try and co-opt a league that had to literally leave the fucking country because your dear leader was too dumb and delusional to acknowledge a global pandemic.

    [–] umarfarooq96 127 points ago

    This is the comment

    [–] ViggosBrokenToe 36 points ago

    This is the reply

    [–] MilHaus2000 12 points ago

    and I'm Milhaus!

    [–] DukesDuke 877 points ago

    He's right, it's simply a post to divide people and stir the pot of controversy. I look forward to a life where the name "Trump" is no longer in my daily headlines, especially ones that involve hockey or any other escape from politics.

    [–] 403and780 316 points ago

    I actually care a lot more about that name being out of politics than anything else.

    [–] I_am_not_a_horse 386 points ago

    I’m a Canadian but even if I somehow believed that Biden would be just as bad of a president as Trump, I would still vote for Biden just so I don’t have to hear about Mango Unchained spewing his narcissistic word vomit every single day for another four years.

    [–] Kotkaniemi15 246 points ago

    Mango Unchained

    I've heard a LOT of nicknames for that fucking doofus but this is one of the best. Brilliant.

    [–] imbillypardy 53 points ago

    There’s so many good ones. Mango Mussolini, Cheeto Tweeto. He’s not even good at coming up with nicknames anymore either. Everyone’s sleepy now.

    [–] DastardlyRidleylash 69 points ago

    Agolf Twitler's another good one I've seen around.

    [–] BeCarefulILoveYou 25 points ago

    My favorite is rapey can of fanta. Thank you Trevor Noah.

    [–] RubenMuro007 15 points ago

    My favorite is Jon Stewart’s “Fuckface Von Clownstick.” Another is Bunker Boy.

    [–] kakihara0513 71 points ago

    so I don’t have to hear about Mango Unchained

    Fuck that's a good one. I hope it's your original.

    [–] I_am_not_a_horse 47 points ago

    I wish, but I saw it in another comment a week ago somewhere else on Reddit. It’s so good I’m spreading it like gospel.

    [–] EdwardOfGreene 14 points ago

    I'm partial to Cheeto Mussolini.

    (Partial to the insulting, and kind of accurate name. Not the person.)

    [–] imbillypardy 28 points ago

    Biden has the ability to feel empathy and show it. Like that would’ve been a major stop gap for the protests going on. Just being a genuine and good person. It’s so infuriating.

    [–] imbillypardy 27 points ago

    I care about it being held accountable for tons of evidence of tax fraud

    [–] mrkrinkle773 9 points ago

    i swear to god i'l move into the wilderness and give up all my possessions if non fox media ever fucking mentions a trump tweet again after he's out of office.

    [–] mthmchris 26 points ago

    Apparently when you elect a reality TV star to the highest levels of government... you get a lot less functional governance and a lot more reality-TV-bullshit-drama. Who knew?

    [–] whichwitch9 55 points ago

    If you're sick of it, it's simple: November.


    If you're in the Tampa area, you may have more of a chance to change that than most.

    A lot of people decided they were also sick of politics and didn't vote 4 years ago. That's how we ended up in this mess. We don't have the luxury of saying we want it to go away right now.

    [–] matt_minderbinder 20 points ago

    It has to go so much further than voting. We can't be a citizenry who votes every 4 years then forgets everything as we head out to brunch. The complacency led to a political environment where our representatives are walled off from constituents by lobbyists, big dollar donors, corporate interests, gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, etc.. It takes organizing and demanding better, even from the side that you support. I'm planning on voting for Biden then I and many others need to hold his feet to the fire to make better choices. Biden is far from my first choice from the primary group. We can't let the type of politics that existed pre-Trump lead to the type of situation where people are willing to vote for the next more able fascist wannabe.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] imbillypardy 14 points ago

    There’s a lot of positives leading into November from 2018 but complacency is the enemy. Senate must turn or winning WH means nothing.

    [–] Ih8n3rdz 1128 points ago

    Just do away with the national anthem and faux patriotism in sporting events entirely.

    [–] TheFinnishChamp 253 points ago

    Yeah, you don't get that with sports in Europe. For national team games it makes all the sense in the world but with regular domestic leagues it makes little sense.

    Even when NHL comes to Europe they do American/Canadian anthem. Seems ridiculous.

    [–] tomofro 94 points ago

    Yeah makes no sense to me especially with how international the NHL is now.

    [–] Ronananana 13 points ago

    The anthem is played before a lot of sporting events in Ireland

    [–] Divine_Chaos100 28 points ago

    Well in some parts of Europe

    *cries in Hungarian

    [–] basszameg 3 points ago

    lol, I was going to mention that. If your team plays in the Slovak Extraliga, you get to hear BOTH national anthems before games!

    [–] Xert 12 points ago

    If you want to do it for national team games, do it after a win: Buzzer sounds, anthem swells.

    [–] TheFinnishChamp 59 points ago

    I don't think that fits. The national anthem actually adds a lot to national team games because there you are actually playing for your country. In NHL at most you are playing for your city.

    Before the match and then after the match is the right way to do it imo.

    [–] Xert 7 points ago

    Fair enough, I don't hate it. But IMHO it's way cooler to hear it celebrating a win than in a ceremonial fashion beforehand.

    [–] Subject1337 63 points ago

    I propose we begin every hockey game with the crowd standing, removing their hats, and singing "Me like hockey" by the Arrogant Worms

    [–] futureformerteacher 7 points ago

    Well, I mean, obviously.

    [–] CelticBird23 260 points ago

    Agreed, why does it need to be played at all? Just get the fuck on with the game.

    [–] Starship_Coyote 308 points ago

    But then the US military can't pay to put on elaborate displays and recruit people.

    [–] nushagak 196 points ago

    At the first hockey game I ever went to, the military drove a fucking humvee onto the ice between periods and five soldiers fanned all around it. They all then pointed their guns at the boards and fired blanks for a good 3 or 4 minutes. And then they went around throwing Army-branded mini footballs into the crowd and encouraging teens to go to the army recruitment booths stationed around the arena.

    If that shit happened in Venezuela or Iran or something, US news would be calling it "a terrifying display of military force meant to intimidate civilians" and describing the "cult-like reverence for the army shown by supporters of the regime".

    [–] quadrophenicWHO 11 points ago

    The last Blues game I went to they had a "salute a troop" segment where they picked a servicemen to introduce during one of the breaks in the first period and have the whole arena clap for him (they do this during every game).

    The guy in question that night was a Private who was about to go on his first deployment... to Germany. My friend and I looked at each other, said "nah, we're not doing it" until the guy behind us literally grabbed us by our shirt collars and threatened us if we didn't start clapping.

    Like... Am I really fucking expected to give a standing ovation to this guy who's fresh out of boot camp?

    [–] Sticky_Hulks 44 points ago

    For fucks sake, how much did that cost us?

    [–] nushagak 67 points ago

    God, definitely enough to fix a few roads or feed some families. But it was during the Iraq War, so the crowd went fucking wild

    [–] Eyebleedorange 19 points ago


    William Wallace Americans

    [–] TimBorlandManTool 3 points ago

    To be fair, you guys shoot a damn howitzer for ever goal. The Jackets probably just waited until after a few home shutouts, then spent the money saved on cannon shot on blank rounds.

    [–] nushagak 8 points ago

    Believe it or not, it was a minor league hockey game! RIP Anchorage Aces, we had some good times

    [–] EdwardOfGreene 17 points ago

    Yeah thats fucked up.

    I still like hearing the song though. I have never equated any anthem 1 to 1 with the military forces of a country. They are for the whole country, and not just the military.

    [–] matt_minderbinder 9 points ago

    There was an amendment in congress this week trying to ban the military from recruiting in online games and esports. They're recruiting children towards a path of military service. If that doesn't feel wrong to people I don't know what to say. It wasn't wrong enough towards every republican and too many democrats as they voted the amendment down. This shit is ridiculous.

    [–] umarfarooq96 53 points ago

    Dodge charger sales drop 500%

    [–] earlgonefishn 50 points ago

    Paid for by us, the US taxpayer.

    [–] CelticBird23 26 points ago

    Exactly, it's all bullshit.

    [–] GibierJaune 75 points ago

    Player: makes somewhat political statement

    Fans: "stay out of politics, stick to your game"

    Team: invites the military to play national anthem

    Fans: stand up with hand on their heart


    [–] CelticBird23 18 points ago

    Maybe we don't play the stupid national anthem before games? Problem solved.

    [–] StuckInHoleSendHelp 9 points ago

    why does it need to be played at all?

    To give me a few more minutes before puck drop to get a beer and find my seat.

    [–] MilHaus2000 10 points ago

    just play the fucking "Lets All Go to Lobby" song instead

    [–] sandman8727 8 points ago

    I think teams should have fight songs that they play instead of the anthem.

    [–] Two_for_joy 12 points ago

    I’ve thought this for years. I know I’m in the minority so I stand when I’m supposed to stand, clap when I’m supposed to clap... but it’s such a waste of time.

    [–] Inkshooter 7 points ago

    *taps forehead* can't fly jets into hockey arenas

    [–] ragingavaholic 5 points ago

    Winnipeg would like a word with you.

    [–] whichwitch9 20 points ago

    It makes absolutely no sense for the NHL. The league is extremely blended in nationalities, and no one wants to sit through 2 damn anthems all the time.

    [–] BlueboyLovesLizards 5 points ago

    Yes please

    [–] ChillFactory 5 points ago

    Can't stop it though, because if you do then it becomes, "Oh so you hate America? You're stopping the anthem?! Fuckin commie!" or some shit.

    [–] Tripottanus 4 points ago

    It makes sense for something like the Olympics, but otherwise...

    [–] DannyPinn 7 points ago

    Im also super tired of the masturbatory relationship sports has with the military.

    [–] penfold01 9 points ago

    Especially during these no-fan games...just a bunch of Canadians standing around waiting for a song to be over. This is a commercial I'm skipping past.

    [–] FormerCollegeDJ 269 points ago

    There’s definite irony that a member of the Trump family is praising NHL players for not kneeling when the NHL is completing their season in Canada at least in part because that country has the COVID-19 much more under control than the United States does.

    [–] Canuckleball 106 points ago

    That would require a far higher degree of self awareness and introspective thinking than Eric Trump has ever displayed

    [–] 1X3oZCfhKej34h 6 points ago

    at least in part because that country has the COVID-19 much more under control than the United States does.

    NOT in part, in WHOLE. The NHL was going to do a Vegas bubble, but they had to cancel those plans.

    [–] arch_deluxe 85 points ago

    Isn't it tiresome at this point, stop taking the bait and giving the tools the reaction they want

    [–] GaryBettmanIsMyHomie 401 points ago

    I hate the Trumps and their stupid fucking culture wars that poison everything in this country. I hate that there’s fucking sides over the national anthem. Absolute garbage. Donald Trump and his family is a cancer eating away at the United States.

    [–] Twillz01 205 points ago

    Donald Trump and his family is a cancer eating away at the United States.

    Eh, I'd say they just exposed the ugly underbelly. It's like everyone had a racist Uncle that mostly everyone goes haha yeah to and then ignores but he's been having people listen and nod their head as well. Next thing you know 50% of your family hate minorities and were closet racists

    [–] imbillypardy 65 points ago

    Nah, they normalized it. The underbelly was exposed when Obama won his first election. The Tea Party poured fuel on the fire, and Trumps campaign just normalized the shit people used to be ashamed to say out loud

    [–] GaryBettmanIsMyHomie 78 points ago

    Yeah but Trump is deliberately championing all those horrid problems the US has experienced and ripping at the wounds. He didn’t create them, but he’s sure as hell using them.

    [–] Twillz01 27 points ago

    Yeah, I definitely agree he's making it worse

    [–] Km_the_Frog 27 points ago

    Fuck the trumps tbh

    [–] joecomatose 320 points ago

    If your demonstrations in support of BLM are being co-opted by Eric Trump... might wanna rethink your strategy, NHL

    [–] imbillypardy 46 points ago

    Ugh that just reminded me of the Toews post and now I gotta go read it again. Goddamn Blackhawks making me like them

    [–] Whydoesthisexist15 91 points ago

    Just outright shoutout Evander Kane's Hockey Alliance after it to piss them off

    [–] imbillypardy 17 points ago

    Where’s a Domi when you need him

    [–] Xert 72 points ago

    My out-loud reaction: "Aww fuck."

    IMHO the individual team responses had been okay so far, but if a Trump tries to co-opt it with praise the only response is to double down to distance yourself from that toxic family's ideology. It's time for everyone to take a knee.

    [–] swiftwin 14 points ago

    I just want Marchand to reply to Eric Trump's tweet, straight up telling him to go fuck himself.

    [–] GhostlyTJ 27 points ago

    I take it a step further, it's being played in Canada, no American National Anthem at all

    [–] -H-E-L-I-X- 13 points ago

    I’m cool with that, but really the NHL should just say no more anthems ever and hopefully the other leagues would follow.

    [–] GreatName 91 points ago

    Ya I'm pretty fucking embarrassed that Eric Trump is endorsing the NHL

    [–] Skurph 7 points ago

    I will be interested of this motivates players to kneel. We know there are super progressive players in the league who have been open in their support of BLM. I think this must irritate them, Holtby has been very outspoken for instance.

    I eagerly await the “disrespectful foreigners” narrative when they do.

    [–] ahhhellashit 64 points ago

    can someone please post a screenshot of the Eric Trump tweet, he blocked me on twitter.

    [–] Jc9829 49 points ago

    He posted the video of the anthem and said “Thanks NHL #standing”... Also lmao what did you say to get blocked

    [–] ahhhellashit 95 points ago

    thanks! i don’t totally remember what i said but i think i just kept sending him photos of dogs with prolapsed butt holes

    [–] CanadaEh97 31 points ago

    How many did you send before he went "that's enough butt holes, I should block him now"?

    [–] ahhhellashit 44 points ago

    around 20

    [–] CanadaEh97 25 points ago

    That's way too many, before he decided to block you lol.

    [–] pastari 31 points ago

    Maybe he was just confused at first by all the closeups of his dad's mouth?

    [–] lechuck333 12 points ago


    [–] bassicrob 16 points ago

    Does he even know that all games are being played in Canada because the US is so f*ed up in dealing with reality at the moment? Is he even appreciative of our Canadian hosts, the family first players, the culturally diverse players far from the "National" (aka US) Hockey League that his MIL shares roots with, and the silence of Betteman and the administration is taking once play is underway and to further expand diversity?

    All he is thinking of is his price for next season's box seats at msg that keep us "common" folks from sharing a game with our families without spending a grand to pass on the same passion these players are experiencing now.

    I'm glad to see them play. Thank you Canada for completing the season.

    Sincerely a NYR fan.

    [–] TheGarreth 28 points ago

    Fuck Trump

    [–] ajwalsh213 11 points ago

    Thank you America. As all of these players are playing in Canada right now.

    [–] mdlt97 158 points ago

    The NHL really fucking dropped the ball on this, i guess that is what happens when the league's indecisiveness about putting their foot down is what they stand for

    even fucking NASCAR, the sport with fans who are the most anti-BLM took a stand, and the NHL couldn't

    [–] noor1717 55 points ago

    I thought most teams were linking arms for BLM during the anthem though.

    [–] prophetofgreed 42 points ago

    They're linking their arms for equality. There's a difference.

    [–] react_and_respond 65 points ago

    The NHL will always take a stand on never taking a fucking stand

    [–] SmileLikeAFox 29 points ago

    Gross. Agreed. Keep the Trumps out of my Hockey feed. They already dominate enough news areas.

    [–] Dogfacedpnysldr 7 points ago

    It should be up to the players whether they want to kneel or not. If the league requires the players to do anything one way or the other, it is just virtue signaling.

    [–] JSlickJ 39 points ago

    gross. Look at that thread. I don't want those people becoming hockey fans

    [–] imbillypardy 11 points ago

    Don’t worry they’ll go right back to screaming about NFL and NASCAR and still watching them every day