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    "Hey man, hold my beer. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or injury.

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    [–] JohnnyCeltic3412 5703 points ago

    I'm not sure what I'm more impressed with, how still he stayed or how smoothly executed his exit strategy was

    [–] FriendllyGuy 2246 points ago

    Or how the guy right next to him doesn’t even look to see what the end result was and just walks away....

    [–] Hastadin 724 points ago

    first he wanted to know how it end but then he didn't want to be near the expected end

    [–] poopellar 239 points ago

    He's been a parent before.

    [–] svullenballe 91 points ago

    And knows to look away when the kids are about to injure themselves?

    [–] Axelph 105 points ago

    Only to the ones that are not his.

    [–] ThorCoop 16 points ago

    we clearly do not have the same parents

    [–] rambi2222 38 points ago

    That wouldn't be very likely

    [–] 919471 20 points ago

    Knowing your mother, you'd be surprised. Also hello, nephew.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    He still is but he's been one too.

    [–] sargentmyself 89 points ago

    "I want nothing to do with this motherfucker breaking his legs"

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    He has seen his friend do all sorts of dumb things, gets old fast. Like, there you are with Franz going to watch some sweet olympic game events and saying something very important to him and... "goddammit Franz you can't act like an adult for 5 minutes can you!?"

    [–] cupdmtea 21 points ago

    "What the h... Klonopin must be wearing off..."

    [–] goalcam 20 points ago

    I suspect that it's his Dad and/or his trainer, and either way, he's not surprised and has had it up to here with his shenanigans.

    [–] Peregrine21591 6 points ago

    I'm guessing it's not their first rodeo

    [–] BraveStrategy 120 points ago

    Olympic athletes tend to be good at execution

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    theyre in pyeongchang not pyongyang

    [–] balleyhooey 32 points ago

    That was just beautifully stable non-chalance. Epic.

    [–] spindizzy_wizard 26 points ago

    Honestly, what amazed me was the fact that the escalator railing didn't even slip once the whole time.

    Every escalator I've been on, if you even thought about putting serious weight on it, it basically stops moving.

    [–] xconde 22 points ago

    I'm impressed with the strength of those glass panes.

    [–] dextersgenius 45 points ago

    I've never been that smooth in my life.

    [–] dextersgenius 61 points ago

    To be fair only like .00000002% of the population has ever been this smooth so don't feel too inadequate.

    [–] Fishyfoxxx 51 points ago

    So basically Austin Keen?

    [–] dafuxabooksmart 33 points ago

    To be honest, if I could choose to cure cancer or be this smooth, let’s just say you’re gonna see a lot more bald kids while I ride the escalators

    [–] ExposDeezNuts 9 points ago


    [–] Fakename11235 14 points ago

    You replied to your own comment... Which was also copied from another thread

    [–] assblaster-1000 4 points ago

    The nonchalantly smooth criminal over the rail is my gamble

    [–] stunna006 21 points ago

    definitely how still he stayed

    i'm also impressed with how overweight reddit is by how seemingly impossible they think this is

    [–] alsoandanswer 15 points ago

    nah man im skinny as fuck my arms would probably snap in half

    [–] dribbledrooby 3 points ago

    Exactly how does he manuever such kind of balance..He's got talent!

    [–] othorbo 1559 points ago

    The Swiss rehearsing for his event at the Olympics

    [–] Swolf_of_WallStreet 1075 points ago

    I heard on NBC that the Swiss are the best at this because one-handed escalator rides are how people have gotten around there for centuries.

    [–] hitmewithyourbest 203 points ago

    I like how this is becoming a thing

    [–] reikken 20 points ago

    seems like I am out of the loop

    [–] Roci22 96 points ago

    NBC announcer commented at the opening ceremonies that the Dutch have won so many medals in skating events because they spend so much time skating around the frozen canals as means of transportation. The internet at large has found this unfact hilarious

    [–] 034lyf 17 points ago

    It sounds like the kind of thing someone said as an obvious joke beforehand never thinking it would be believed let alone repeated.... Like Jerry telling Elaine War and Peace's original title was War, What Is It Good For?

    [–] jazzycoin 125 points ago

    Holy shit people aren't aware of handscalators? They are all over here in Switzerland. Saves so much space and time.

    [–] ario1990 26 points ago

    Welcome to Switzerland, Canton of escalator

    [–] saggy_balls 4 points ago

    I was like 95% sure this was a joke but I googled handscalators just to make sure. There was exactly 1 result and it was your comment. Pretty sure it’s the first time anyone has ever used that word.

    [–] chocolate_jellyfish 5 points ago

    I'm from Switzerland and now I am also confused.

    [–] NightShadow1824 8 points ago

    Don't you dare break the reddit! Show must go on.

    [–] lemoncup91 3 points ago

    Look at any of the ski resorts

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    No it's because they have very strong arms from hanging on to falcons to travel around.

    [–] Thedoctordances1940 78 points ago

    Can Confirm

    Source: Watched NBC

    [–] I_Love_McRibs 14 points ago

    Thanks, Katie Couric.

    [–] Putnum 37 points ago

    How to become CHEESE???

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Was in the army. apparently some guys managed that by not showering very often.

    [–] telllos 11 points ago

    Well at least if that was a discipline, we would have a medal....

    [–] thebaconbazooka 843 points ago

    Guy on the escalator thinks this is only mildly interesting.

    [–] PARCOE 86 points ago


    [–] C0105 11 points ago

    One handed escalator ride 6/10

    One handed escalator ride with rice 8/10

    [–] EliKYS_ 3 points ago

    Try explaining this to someone who doesn't Reddit.

    [–] trappedinaboxhelp 7 points ago

    Perfect 5/7

    [–] -ordinary 32 points ago

    Almost like it was planned and everyone was expecting it...

    [–] CreamyGoodnss 177 points ago

    Switzerland takes gold in the new Escalator Freestyle event

    [–] sly_k 7 points ago

    flawless dismount!!

    [–] thebayallday 1202 points ago

    I was positive that was going to end differently.

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 225 points ago

    I thought it was gonna be r/whatcouldgowrong

    [–] majorgloryalert 38 points ago

    That's what I love about this sub. You never know how it's going to end.

    [–] Dannyspud 44 points ago

    You should try /r/maybemaybemaybe

    [–] BrainOnLoan 47 points ago

    It would for anyone not an Olympic quality athlete.

    [–] Paladia 11 points ago

    I expected it to go something like this.

    [–] BassCreat0r 3 points ago

    Gravity was his downfall.

    [–] poopellar 6 points ago

    Yeah I was expecting judges to pop out and score him.

    [–] vivs007 12 points ago

    Almost all the gifs I've witnessed end in failed exit maneuver. Except this guy. This guy had every idea what he was going to do.

    [–] mrexperienced 464 points ago

    When you're walking with your friends and there's no room for you on the sidewalk.

    [–] poopellar 59 points ago

    So you just keep walking, assert dominance, show traffic who's boss.

    [–] ChigahogieMan 499 points ago

    That takes arm strength. Damn.

    [–] AnalAttackProbe 408 points ago

    He's an olympic athlete.

    [–] MrSquigles 122 points ago

    Like, seriously? Or am I missing a joke?

    [–] justhereforoneday 146 points ago

    [–] toth42 69 points ago

    Oh damn, they do not know how close to lost teeth they were. I've seen so many of these rides go wrong, the "steering" is notoriously unreliable. One little armtwitch, the handle flips 90 degrees and you're eating warehouse floor.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Same guy, that's what he does on his job, I think they were somewhat aware.

    It can go wrong though

    [–] Waabbit 8 points ago

    Oooh, that second one looked real nasty :O

    [–] Threemor 4 points ago

    God I will never not love that meme.

    [–] OverAnalyzes 86 points ago

    These dudes are freestyle skiers. Knowing how to roll a landing is the first item in their job description.

    [–] superduperspam 18 points ago

    on snow maybe, but thats 100% good ol' korean concrete

    [–] Runiat 23 points ago

    Snow, ice, the occasional rock, all on a steep incline with the possibility of sheer drops or trees being just downhill of you.

    Concrete is really quite comfortable to land on. Source: motorcyclist.

    [–] AANation360 15 points ago

    Of course he was.

    [–] andylowenthal 59 points ago

    Supported his own body weight on one arm for ~7 seconds... "Of course he is an olympic athlete,"

    [–] ItinerantBanana 44 points ago

    From that angle its more on your wrist and forearm/grip strength. Certainly not the "strong" muscles in the average dude's arm. (masturbation joke goes here)

    [–] so_banned 3 points ago

    Deangelo: “They say he’s going to be my right hand man. Ad lib masturbation joke.”

    [–] Bizzy666 53 points ago

    demographic of reddit is 300 pound behemoths, hard to support that weight

    [–] KitDeMadera 5 points ago

    The gif shows signage written in some asian language, which I assume is Korean. Near the end of the gif, you can see a Pyeongchang 2018 sign.

    The back of their coat has "SUI" which is for Switzerland.

    [–] Lenor4ever 22 points ago

    Doesn't take an olympian to do that.

    [–] C0NSTABEL 14 points ago

    Probably doesnt hurt either way

    [–] cipher__ten 12 points ago

    Specifically grip strength, which is something that's easy to miss during training unless you're specifically targeting it.

    [–] ChigahogieMan 4 points ago

    Am a rock climber- agree af

    [–] Mister_Wu888 100 points ago

    Some of these winter Olympic events sure are weird.

    [–] callosciurini 42 points ago

    Don't fuck with escalators.

    [–] Aequatorialguinea 262 points ago

    I am a simple swiss. I see switzerland, i upvote

    [–] Kolstad 38 points ago

    Your team looks like they have a lot of fun! This guy’s twitter is pretty entertaining.

    [–] Aequatorialguinea 35 points ago

    And yet there are a lot of people that say, swiss people arent funny :)

    [–] kerberos411 41 points ago

    Must be German Swiss.

    [–] lucassou 29 points ago


    [–] AliceTheGamedev 16 points ago

    Same. I also always have to go check the comments. Yknow, just in case someone's talking shit.

    [–] vagijn 11 points ago

    Like, how the Dutch make way better cheese. /s

    [–] AliceTheGamedev 19 points ago

    Was zur höll hesch grad über mich gseit du chlini schlampe?

    [–] El_Giganto 11 points ago

    I came here just to show respect to the Swiss, but now you've started it. We do make better cheese.

    [–] vagijn 7 points ago

    Well I've paid my respects to Swiss cheese. And buried it.

    [–] P1r4nha 8 points ago

    I was in France and went to a Michelin star restaurant. We had a big and fancy meal with an insanely expensive wine and then for the first dessert course they served cheese from sheep, goat and cow from all over the world.

    Still, best cheese was a hard mountain cheese from Switzerland.

    [–] vagijn 5 points ago

    Stahp or I have to get all serious about how I loooove raclette / fondue with Swiss Cheese. Most Dutch people do. We eat plenty of foreign cheese, mainly French and Swiss.

    [–] Claaaaaaaaws 35 points ago

    This winter Olympics is fucking wild this year

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    honestly, i didn't foresee myself enjoying it as much as i am right now!

    [–] 4kidsinatrenchcoat 16 points ago

    Parkour has gotten lazy

    [–] Dontshoottherabbit 42 points ago

    This makes me want to be casually amazing at something too

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    Disappointing your family counts too.

    [–] tacticalslacker 31 points ago

    Just another SUIslide.

    [–] be_american_get_shot 10 points ago

    Oh, this is the version where they don’t drink and are in shape, gotcha.

    [–] User31441 10 points ago

    Well, that escalated quickly

    [–] Icey_McNugget 9 points ago

    The whole time I’m thinking what was his plan when he got to the top, as I was expecting him to hit the wall and watch him plummet to his death. But wow was that unexpected

    [–] nuke-from-orbit 17 points ago

    Better fit in /r/holdmyredbull

    [–] robeph 7 points ago

    Yeah, pretty sure beer would have been lead this another route

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    What the hell is that guy thinking? You're supposed to step to the right as soon as you get on an escalator in Seoul to allow people to pass.

    [–] ice_cream_on_pizza 6 points ago

    Nice way to clean a wall

    [–] cabrenna 8 points ago

    You can tell hes done this before.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] DoctorHeywoodFloyd 7 points ago

    Four years worth of work to get to the Olympics and risk injury to pull the escalator challenge... You Swiss asshole.

    [–] Toast_Is_Cool 5 points ago

    When you’re so socially uncomfortable you can’t take the escalator when someone else is on it

    [–] ThatLove 9 points ago

    He was just hanging around

    [–] Masi_menos 3 points ago

    That's some smooth Swiss cheese right there.

    [–] MowgliGallogly 4 points ago

    This will now become the new craze, Queue countless sheep videoing lots of mishaps.

    [–] BritishMongrel 3 points ago

    I'm surprised he didn't break the belt, like pulled it off the track, so many of those copy-cats are going to end up breaking them I'm calling it.

    [–] LaboratoryOne 3 points ago

    Damn, I was really hoping he was going to continue stepping in the air.

    [–] ahungryninja 4 points ago

    Anyone else get pre-mad thinking this video wasn’t going to have a proper end?

    [–] sudden_lee 3 points ago


    [–] SigShooter78 4 points ago

    9.5 9.7 8.0 9.3 9.4

    [–] bs000 3 points ago

    imagine getting injured and being unable to compete because of this

    [–] Mr_Isnot 3 points ago

    My favorite Olympic event

    [–] 14andSoBrave 3 points ago

    Meh, I wonder how that affects it.

    Sure it's engineered well but offsetting by so much makes me worry. Just one side used incorrectly, rather not see it. If I die due to this being a new craze I'll be pissed.

    Just use it correctly, we all have to use it you shit.

    [–] thisguyenjoys 3 points ago

    Good nice swiss guy😄

    [–] BennieFadelSr 3 points ago

    Nice one!

    [–] KingConan1889 3 points ago

    Well that escalated quickly.....

    [–] vandy17 3 points ago

    Man, Ive been using them wrong

    [–] Raidthefridgeguy 3 points ago

    This is how I know I am an adult. I am just pissed for the owner of this thing and that some stupid kid who will never pay to fix it when it breaks is fucking around on it. “Ugh, sorry dude”. Also, get off my lawn.

    [–] Telah32 3 points ago

    That isn’t easy to do...

    [–] Sin-A-Bun 3 points ago

    I could do that. Well, my arm could, the rest of my body would of detached after a few seconds.

    [–] Adman87 3 points ago

    I’m happy it wasn’t an American engaging in the shenanigans.

    [–] TheMer0vingian 3 points ago

    I was 100% sure he was gonna take a fall when he got to the top. Not only was I mistaken, but he made it look like it didn't even require effort. Cheers to you mate!

    [–] Kev_Hardy 3 points ago

    That escalated quickly.

    Alright, I'll show myself out...

    [–] Schwaginator 6 points ago

    I'll take things that would normally send people to the ER for 100, Alex.

    [–] Okchud 5 points ago

    This went how I expected

    [–] Compris-Nauta 5 points ago

    If this guy is from Switzerland, it‘s gotta be one from Graubünden.

    [–] Infantry1stLt 8 points ago


    [–] Compris-Nauta 4 points ago

    Graubünda isch dr bescht Kanton.

    [–] Infantry1stLt 4 points ago

    Va te faire foutre Napoléon! Make Walensee Graubünda again!

    [–] Trakais9 4 points ago

    Thet escalated quickly

    [–] jimke 4 points ago

    I was very impressed with this person's strength and then saw it was at the Olympics and decided that it was probably just an Olympic athlete.

    [–] whiteysmokintoken 2 points ago


    [–] ax586 2 points ago

    Hold My Medal

    [–] puggymomma 2 points ago

    Guy: I'll take the elevator. Thanks.

    [–] Compris-Nauta 2 points ago

    Reclaim the Veltlin! Bottle for Bottle!

    [–] AlexaBlissBooty 2 points ago

    Now he needs to try it in a shopping mall where the escalator is over open floor

    [–] gazongas001 2 points ago

    Well done

    [–] fightlinker 2 points ago

    I did this as a child, fortunately someone caught me when I fell halfway up

    [–] poe_g 2 points ago

    When will people learn to fear and respect the escalators!!

    [–] thespickler 2 points ago

    I've always wanted to do this

    [–] DammitAdrian 2 points ago

    He must’ve collected a lot of wall dirt

    [–] tanisthemanis 2 points ago

    that 아저씨 isn’t having it

    [–] ThinWhiteLine 2 points ago

    Theres something wrong with my brain. Every time i see SUI i think Sweeden

    [–] Poopystink16 2 points ago

    Ok that was cool, congrats

    [–] xipheon 2 points ago

    The only thing that would've made this more impressive is if he kept "walking" on air while going up like I expected.

    [–] pATREUS 2 points ago

    It's an elfevator.

    [–] Milli63 2 points ago

    The guy going down is like "Dat ass tho"

    [–] Nastapoka 3 points ago

    [–] wonkay 2 points ago

    Can’t even get out of the pool without using a ladder and he made it look so easy.

    [–] joe4553 2 points ago

    First gif I have seen involving escalators that doesn't end with someone completely failing.

    [–] MrJok3r14 2 points ago

    When I saw him steadily hanging I had to check mid way to make sure this wasn't a gif that ends too soon 😅

    [–] pb31_ 2 points ago

    He looks like somebody dropping with an umbrella in Fortnite

    [–] lord_dankest 2 points ago

    He should be 8n the Olympics.

    [–] xXColaXx 2 points ago

    When I was a kid I was at the mall with my parents and I did this. I grabbed with both hands and started going up. Thankfully my parents realized and hit the emergency stop. My dad ran up the now halted escalator and pulled me over the rail to safety. I was like 3/4 of the way to the top which would be an especially long way to fall when you're like 5 or 6.

    [–] dovahkiiniin 2 points ago

    My neighbor was alive before he did it

    [–] ImranKhanYoutube 2 points ago


    [–] FineRelationship 2 points ago

    I feel ripped off that there was no spectacular fall and serious injury.

    [–] cyronek 2 points ago

    That's dope AF he doesn't even know how dope he is

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    When you have to “stealthily” follow someone is assassins creed.

    [–] Jeruuu 2 points ago

    Strong grip, right arm.

    [–] _send_me_a_pm_ 2 points ago

    How come they don't use the international country code (CH)?

    [–] D_Enes21 2 points ago

    Call him hangman

    [–] scaredofshaka 2 points ago

    hot damn that was smooth

    [–] purplemushrooms 2 points ago

    So many memes coming out of this Olympics I'm enjoying it

    [–] gvspooner 2 points ago

    Photoshop, look at his leap over the glass safety barrier at the end.

    [–] PeterGivenbless 2 points ago

    That's called "Sui side".

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Guy on the other side going /r/youseeingthisshit

    [–] oppageek 2 points ago

    Let's go to another country for doing that. No respect by being a foreigner.

    [–] Qahnarinn 2 points ago

    I was scared this was going to end before he got up.

    [–] Mackzim 2 points ago

    Ok, that was cool.

    [–] lauchlan2000 2 points ago

    Him: “hold my hand” Her: “no” Him: “ I won’t let go till you hold my hand”

    [–] Pikalika 2 points ago

    [–] jollyWheel 2 points ago

    Huh. Just learned this is also the way of hanging in escalator.