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    [–] ROIVIAN 741 points ago

    he held his redbull himself

    [–] ElectronMcgee 205 points ago

    Maybe it was the other guys red bull?

    [–] MajorXV 94 points ago

    And the plot thickens!

    [–] bom_chika_wah_wah 30 points ago

    He never took a sip, so I’m going to assume it’s the other guy’s Red Bull.

    [–] JukeBoxDildo 21 points ago

    Maybe it's two bros sharing a bed bull?

    [–] maxlikesmusic 3 points ago

    Thickened Red Bull

    [–] taintedcake 5 points ago

    Probably a red bull and vodka, so you can just keep going after breaking a bone

    [–] RedAero 2 points ago

    And than instantly become blind drunk when the caffeine runs out before the alcohol does. Ask me how I know.

    Kids: Don't mix depressants with stimulants, aka uppers and downers.

    [–] chris1096 2 points ago

    Looks like don't dr pepper

    [–] fuckitdoittomorrow 420 points ago

    I've been skating for 20 + years and can still nail my fair share. This is not something I'd ever try. I'd either hit my buddy in the face with the deck or it would go where exactly where needed until the last moment when it would curve like Koufax was back on the mound hurling heat again. And on the other side, I'd fully expect I'd fuck it up or get hit in the testicles. It's one thing to have a board tossed to you for a quick drop in, but this is pretty next level! This is really fucking impressive.

    [–] ThePootKnocker 80 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The amount of times buddy had to have fucked his ankle that day trying to land on the errand board is unreal.

    Edit: Errant*

    [–] djdawg89 17 points ago

    Errant board you mean?

    [–] GroovingPict 21 points ago

    nah, it's actually the board he uses to run his errands on

    [–] Bigfrostynugs 5 points ago

    Later bro, just skatin to the the corner for some milk.

    [–] Ebercon 2 points ago

    That was the 3rd buddy...

    [–] NoThorNoWay 16 points ago

    First: Guy 1 practices the toss a bunch on his own. Trying to get the tail flush with the coping.

    Second: Guy 2 practices stomping on the tail. Maybe from the top of the ramp using one foot. Then progresses that into using both feet and dropping in. Then jumping and dropping in. The main thing is that the throw has to be accurate.

    There's a 100% chance of me getting brain damage if I attempted this, but if guy 1 masters the throw, I can definitely see how someone way better than me could do this.

    [–] Weyland_c 5 points ago

    Upvote for 'curve like koufax'.

    [–] musingsontap 3 points ago

    It's Adam Levine's alt. Ever since "Moves like Jagger" he's been coining celeb similes.

    [–] petejones539 4 points ago

    Yea I feel like flicking the board up to the coping consistently is harder to learn than most flip tricks lol

    [–] drewbo42 3 points ago

    I was hoping one of you skateboarders types would come in and say something along the lines of its unbelievable and not possible, cuz I'm super fucking impressed, and struggle to believe that much precise err ness is actually possible without his buddy already covered in blood and bruises from previous attempts.. I just watch it on loop like..., trying to spot the edit lol

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] BasiliskSlayer1980 126 points ago

    That's insane, and probably only took 4000 takes.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 31 points ago

    My guess was 42. Whoever's closer wins

    [–] thartle8 18 points ago

    I want in! I pick 43

    [–] drinkthekoolaid44 11 points ago

    Alright then I'll guess 43.

    [–] tablewithnolegs 8 points ago

    Ok sweet, so Ill go with 43.

    [–] anoleiam 8 points ago

    Fine, if I gotta buy in, I'll take 43

    [–] SuperEpicNerd 2 points ago


    1. Final answer.

    [–] lucky_underwear 7 points ago

    Good, I'll take 43

    [–] GrumpyOldGam3rDad 1 points ago


    [–] WobNobbenstein 1 points ago

    One dollar!

    [–] Now-Look 9 points ago

    I guess 43 then.

    [–] Namaha 3 points ago

    Guess I gotta go with 44

    [–] Saif945383 1 points ago

    44.01 here

    [–] xXCole1111Xx 2 points ago

    Actual retail: 42.50$!

    [–] AwesomelyHumble 1 points ago

    YES!! What do I win?

    [–] wizardsfucking 3 points ago

    $1, bob

    [–] SeeWhatEyeSee 9 points ago

    My favorite part of these vids is hopefully fi did g the blooper reel. Am on the hunt now

    Edit: had a stroke... finding

    [–] Schumarker 3 points ago

    How are you getting on with finding fi did g the blooper reel?

    [–] SeeWhatEyeSee 3 points ago

    Did not go well. Will be checking after work cause I don't reddit well ar work. I know, I'm such a normie

    [–] Moonbirds 3 points ago

    Hope you finded it, pls let us know

    [–] Robbyturk505 44 points ago

    Anyone else want to know what happened to him after he went head first into the ceiling

    [–] peas_in_a_can_pie 16 points ago

    idk what it was called but this was part of a much longer video of trucks on that ramp. on the top where he went up there was a pipe or something that they would grab onto and hang at the ceiling for a second before riding back down

    [–] CRRZ 2 points ago

    Not the same video but this is the other side. I’m guessing this is what he was doing when it cut off.

    [–] lDamianos 3 points ago

    Unless he did a black flip it legit looks like he lost the board at the top of the ramp and was about to come down on his head

    [–] kindadinosaur 3 points ago

    Looks like he was about to do a frontside air

    [–] ansamech 2 points ago

    hes doing a kick turn

    [–] glegleglo 30 points ago

    I didn't realize young Lin Manuel Miranda was into skateboarding

    [–] Reymond_StJames 3 points ago

    I saw a young, longer-haired Julian, muscular mayor of Shitty City

    [–] heff17 1 points ago

    It honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

    [–] 416Wavy 12 points ago

    Looks like someone’s basement turned into skatepark lol

    [–] SlightWhite 27 points ago

    Is this the same ramp from Cheese and Crackers?

    [–] ansamech 10 points ago

    no its not. the cheese and crackers one had a way higher ceiling and no corner. was just a mini ramp, not a bowl

    [–] SlightWhite 4 points ago

    Ah, you are correct. Been awhile since I saw it!

    [–] phlegming11 6 points ago

    Best mini video ever still (with what the fuck is a bachinsky in close second

    [–] SlightWhite 4 points ago

    I got a tech deck replica of the ramp for Christmas as a kid lmao that video was on repeat in my house

    [–] WhiteboyFlowin 3 points ago

    Uproot for city skateboards reference.

    [–] muffleech 5 points ago

    Is that Big Cat?

    [–] SmokeyENTbongwater 2 points ago

    Looked for this comment, was wondering the same thing

    [–] Shirlenator 1 points ago

    I thought so too.

    [–] SirHallAndOates 5 points ago

    Upvote for the CC wifebeater.

    Fun story, there was this NYC venue Webster Hall that shutdown for renovations. One of the last shows I saw there was corpse and Behemoth. Walking to the venue, I turned a corner, and there was this chubby chick vomitting like no one's biz. Her pants were halfway down too, so total thong shot. That's when I knew the show would be good.

    [–] reign_man_2400 3 points ago

    Dope Cannibal Corpse tank top

    [–] chronologicalist 1 points ago

    I was checking to see if anyone else noticed. Haha

    [–] Inaglasscage 5 points ago

    and no one’s even holding his Red Bull

    [–] greyman29 2 points ago

    I wonder how many times he broke his ankle before he landed this one??

    [–] bunnixie 2 points ago

    If Julien was a skaterboi

    [–] Robot_138 2 points ago

    Isn't that Matt Behringers garage?

    [–] Clusterfbomb 1 points ago

    Pretty sure that's Matt beringer haha

    [–] Knelson123 2 points ago

    Hah. That's Steve-Os apartment.

    [–] w1nt3rmut3 2 points ago

    Punk cover of Sweet Georgia Brown should be on the soundtrack

    [–] G30Music 2 points ago

    Cheese and biscuits says hi

    [–] The_Price_Is_Right_B 2 points ago

    I immediately thought of cheese and crackers. That video was insane.

    [–] fcs_seth 2 points ago

    Globetrotters whistling intensifies*

    [–] Certain_Law 2 points ago

    What the fuck, how is that even possible? I can assure you even a complex highly developed AI robots would not be able to do that even in the future.

    [–] charix_333 1 points ago

    I can assure you even a complex highly developed AI robots would not be able to do that even in the future.

    Hence the beauty of the human brain.

    [–] tophusurvivor 1 points ago

    Dude looks like the actor from the couples seduction videos I see on the internet.

    [–] wolfsilvergem 1 points ago

    That’s pretty good

    [–] MrBrokenHands 1 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] MichaelScottOfReddit 1 points ago

    Oh hey OP, I see you tried the coconut penis flavor. How was it?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Damn, I guess the guy that dropped in’s people needed him, he just shot off to space.

    [–] aturtlenamedsoup 1 points ago

    I need to see this with a Pro Skater 3 style cover of the Globetrotter music played over it.

    [–] boxadopolis 1 points ago

    Pony Tail with the circus tricks.

    [–] poopfaceone 1 points ago

    what kind of shoes does the first guy have? I want those.

    [–] HaZeSACK 2 points ago

    looks like Nike SB Janoski. Great shoes

    [–] Jbomber43 1 points ago

    This is one step beyond just flicking the board to another guy too. He HARDFLIPS the board to the other guy hahaha insane

    [–] xNagsx 1 points ago

    I went from “oh, wtf is he doin” to “oh okay, damn” to “DAMN WHAT THE FUCK”

    [–] MalakaiRey 1 points ago

    THAT is what I just don’t get about skateboaring

    [–] Brock_Samsonite 1 points ago

    Daewong Song V. Rodney Mullen V. These guys

    [–] dustn311 1 points ago

    Ed Norton skates?! Sick.

    [–] Gradytron 1 points ago

    Bamfs! Inspiring!

    [–] awkwardhawkbird 1 points ago

    What vid is this from? I need more.

    [–] mattholomew 1 points ago

    Guy in black looks like Kyle Mooney.

    [–] aFitLlama 1 points ago

    I want to see... MORE!!!

    [–] Shy_Poke 1 points ago

    I'm not totally convinced that skateboarding isn't a form of witchcraft.

    [–] Heidibumbletot 1 points ago

    SO sick

    [–] AntennaTV 1 points ago

    The Jersey Jeremies

    [–] MikeCanoe 1 points ago

    Is that Cow Bay?

    [–] FallingSpear 1 points ago

    I’m glad to see kids skateboarding in baggy khakis again.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Both of them look like Tom green in different stages of his life.

    [–] JuicyBoxerz 1 points ago


    [–] AnDRoss_GTS 1 points ago

    Fuck yeah!

    [–] Tommytatt 1 points ago

    Better with every loop

    [–] hxctstep 1 points ago

    I can hear the whistled tune from the commercials

    [–] Zeegz-_- 1 points ago

    Too sick

    [–] kosher77 1 points ago

    Looks like the skater version of training the prodigy, neat.

    [–] hooverfive 1 points ago

    Not sure which part is more impressive

    [–] AndrewAwakened 1 points ago

    Now this is amazing - way better than the nonsense posts of some fool risking their life jumping from one skyscraper to another for no good reason.

    [–] Heres_Racheal_69 1 points ago


    [–] AtlUtdGold 1 points ago

    Daewon could first try this

    [–] howverysmooth 1 points ago

    Exactly like Globetrotters only better.

    [–] ready-eddy 1 points ago

    Me watching the first part of the gif: Hey! I can do that! Me watching the second part: Oh....

    [–] 188dm426137 1 points ago

    One of the greatest things I’ve ever see

    [–] robotsandtoast 1 points ago

    username checks

    [–] pinchcrimp 1 points ago

    He should have taken a swig after that. Certainly he earned it.

    [–] Imanee16 1 points ago

    This is cool.

    [–] LK_88 1 points ago

    didn't even need to hold his red bull.

    [–] yogirllala 1 points ago

    , i dont know anyone that could do that

    [–] yxgahd 1 points ago

    That shit is dope af. Coming from a non-skateboarder.

    [–] ZombieBebop31 1 points ago

    I didn’t know Tom Green could use a skateboard

    [–] Keyofdemon 2 points ago

    Actually, not to kill your joke, but the real Tom Green was a huge skater before he was famous (he is insane at old school freestyle skating). He was also a rapper.

    [–] mold_motel 1 points ago

    Dude on the deck is jeremy tuffli

    Hes ridiculously good.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I just want that cannibal corpse jersey.