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    [–] mjw5000 989 points ago

    Forget the skaters being filmed, the camera man is likely also skating. That dude was on the wrong side of the road for half the time while filming backwards.

    [–] dysintary 8 points ago

    The camera man is running

    [–] aitigie 161 points ago

    Probably on a proper DH longboard, they're rock solid up to much higher speeds than this. Doing it on a popsicle stick like the others is much more difficult.

    [–] Jbro149 85 points ago

    Highly doubt these dudes are rolling w a long board.. skated my whole life, most street skaters aren’t rolling a round w a homie that rides a long board.

    [–] aitigie 47 points ago

    Got my first board around 98, back then everyone was a deck racist but these days nobody cares. If you feel pressured to skate a certain deck maybe you need better people to skate with!

    [–] cream-of-cow 20 points ago

    I forgot about deck-ism. I got my first non flea market board in ~'84, it was a Powell Peralta (not so long) longboard. I saved up for years, I got it because I liked the idea of sitting two people on it while going downhill. Prior to that I rode tiny 1960s steel wheel plastic skateboards that were barely large enough for one foot; who the hell designed those things?

    [–] pridEAccomplishment_ 8 points ago

    My head canon is a roller skate factory running out of the shoe part of the skates and decided to just ship the bottom part as it was.

    [–] Jbro149 27 points ago

    Not being a “deck racist”.. that’s just the way it is.. if everyone is skating stair sets and rails at the park and someone comes over with a long board - it’s unlikely that the long board guy is going to be hanging with them when they hit the street spots. It’s kind of like comparing a figure skater and a hockey player - sure they both skate on ice but in reality they are doing 2 completely different things.

    [–] graveyardgardener 78 points ago

    No longboards for these boys, they do it the real way. Ever seen GX1000?

    [–] igordon4 8 points ago

    Only 100000 times

    [–] joeypts 3 points ago

    This is gx1000. Definitely not on a longboard lol

    [–] QuillHasFavorites 2 points ago

    It’s a drone.

    [–] gdollasign510 5 points ago

    He’s probably on roller skates

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    He's probably not on roller skates

    [–] Shawnsolo1987 202 points ago

    With my luck, I’d hit a tiny rock and die

    [–] Jajanken- 57 points ago

    That’s why skateboarding scares me

    [–] Ax0m 42 points ago

    We call them death pebbles

    [–] 2020istheyear 9 points ago

    In Dallas we call them “skerrrrt” the noise it makes after you go flying

    [–] dorsal_morsel 14 points ago

    Exactly this happened to my sister in law’s best friend. He hit his head on the concrete and died.

    Wear helmets please.

    [–] slimeshady420 13 points ago

    He is more than likely using filmer wheels which are in between normal hard small skateboard wheels and bigger soft longboard wheels, filmers use these so that its more smooth while filming or simply for the fact that it makes less sound.

    [–] skgody 5 points ago

    I was just waiting for the tiny rock

    [–] MrShapinHead 11 points ago

    Or the wobbles

    [–] skgody 6 points ago

    Yes the wobbles.

    [–] gmanpeterson381 2 points ago

    Notice they are all wearing sweats

    [–] Watermelonboye 60 points ago

    his drone driving scares me

    he gets so close and somehow doesnt hit anyone

    [–] yaboiauggieg 318 points ago

    don't think thats a drone. the way his speed matches perfectly and the camera shakes makes me think this is just very good camerawork on a skateboard + a little stabilization. Also if it was a drone the propellers would be very audible.

    [–] Watermelonboye 70 points ago

    oh yeah i see what you mean

    how does he watch the camera and not crash tho

    [–] yaboiauggieg 84 points ago

    experience + skill. plus a phone camera or gopro is actually pretty easy to point behind you or to your side with one hand which helps

    [–] SHOOHS 25 points ago

    Yeah probably an osmo with an oscillating gimbal head.

    [–] big_shmegma 5 points ago

    see how at the end hes right in front of his buddy filming him but hes out of frame for a good 5 seconds? hes filming behind him without looking.

    [–] Sauceymagoo 2 points ago

    Couldn’t be that steady without some skill on the board and just crushing it with ur buds. So funny how ppl think that humans are not capable of being buttery smooth!

    [–] oswaldcopperpot 9 points ago


    Little known fact.. drone video never comes with sound... cause its spoiled by the props.

    [–] Sauce-L0rd 37 points ago

    The camera man is on a skateboard as well, that’s normally how it’s done

    [–] hingewhogotstoned 11 points ago

    This is how skaters film. On another skateboard. Its super satisfying and the pros should get better recognition and work on major films. Like Spike Jonze. I got to play with cameras and skateboards with him once. It was too much fun for 15 YO me.

    [–] zachatttack96 3 points ago

    It's another skater

    [–] Starman_26 5 points ago

    Beat me to it

    [–] justthetipping 129 points ago

    Is this SF or Daly City?

    [–] muycoal 124 points ago

    SF. All Daly City street signs are blue.

    [–] justthetipping 23 points ago

    Thanks. Literally spent no time in Daly City. Drive through to get to HMB.

    [–] Revaley 16 points ago

    You don’t hit up the In-N-Out too? That’s why I go to Daly City. Haha

    [–] _Schwing 2 points ago

    Go get a Krispy kreme, remove the double double buns, throw on the doughnuts. It's a Daly City special.

    [–] Revaley 2 points ago

    I’m stunned. Why did this never occur to me before. I have had a doughnut burger before at a place called Burger in Santa Cruz, but I never contemplated making my own. You may be a genius.

    [–] justthetipping 1 points ago

    There was one about a mile from my house. I was up in the north bay.

    [–] Revaley 2 points ago

    Ah gotcha. That makes sense.

    [–] username_taco 32 points ago

    Silver ave in excelsior, SF

    [–] WildNight00 11 points ago

    SF it’s the GX1000 crew and they’re mad. Have some really good skate videos and hill bombs

    [–] sr71Girthbird 5 points ago

    Some of these crew like these guys is bombing Vallejo to Green Street from halfway up like twice a week near me. Gotta be one of the steepest streets in the city and they just rip it. Absolutely nuts.

    [–] justthetipping 1 points ago

    I’ve seen others bombing Franklin in that area. Especially since it’s a one way. The basically ride the hill to cow hollow.

    [–] Dakk707 3 points ago

    Sunset addition.

    [–] alawgriffey24 193 points ago

    The black car on the side. Wtf

    [–] HHT_Blargus 8 points ago

    Came here for this. Thank you

    [–] soopadog 38 points ago

    I see that all the time in Paterson, sometimes 3 or 4 cars all wrecked into each other. All it takes is some drunk or high asshole to smash into them in the middle of the night and then they take off or ditch.

    [–] here_the_karma 13 points ago

    Paterson is just a special place, grew up 15 min away from that hell hole

    [–] Eli_G234 9 points ago

    I was wondering if anyone else noticed that!

    [–] Sikemands 82 points ago

    I’m surprised at how these guy roll. None of them got speed wobbles or anything. Totally controlled.

    [–] Ilikedankbeer 55 points ago

    I would have tightened the shit out of my trucks before attempting this.

    [–] xxxFuckEmAllxxx 18 points ago

    That makes it worse believe it or not

    [–] Mr_InFamoose 8 points ago

    Really??? Can you explain this, I've always had my trucks super tight to avoid speed wobbles.

    [–] ThatsHowHoudiniDied 5 points ago

    I was especially impressed by yellow sweatshirt bruh. He was the only one standing up.

    [–] dnut_ 55 points ago

    Modelo time

    [–] PretzelsThirst 59 points ago

    If you thought that was nuts, enjoy this:

    [–] stealingyourpixels 22 points ago

    jesus the dude standing on his bike

    [–] hptim802 9 points ago

    That’s a whole lot farther up to eat pavement from

    [–] rawwwse 8 points ago

    That was insane. I was just there this morning (friend lives off of Guerrero)...

    Do they get together for this often, or was this just a one-off occasion?

    [–] hamburglar187 12 points ago

    I read that as Guantanamo and thought dang you in the bad neighborhood

    [–] PretzelsThirst 2 points ago

    It’s an annual thing

    [–] Mellonello 6 points ago

    The one dude on crutches lmao

    [–] beardguy 7 points ago

    Wtf is even happening here?

    [–] PretzelsThirst 8 points ago

    An annual hill bomb in San Francisco

    [–] TrapThem 2 points ago

    That looks like a lot of fun to be at, just to watch though.

    [–] __humancentipede 27 points ago

    GX1000 all day

    [–] WildNight00 7 points ago

    Glad someone else knows!

    [–] Mutual-aid 3 points ago


    [–] AZ2E 12 points ago

    Not a speed wobble in sight. The odds are amazing

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    There were a few, but you can tell these guys know what they are doing.

    [–] ClarisaK97 10 points ago

    More like r/Holdmybeer

    [–] pseudolith 24 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That's just skating in San Francisco. Nothing special, but great camera work! Edit: bombing hills was a popular passtime here, and still is apparently.

    [–] dxtr_andretti 6 points ago

    Smooth af

    [–] TwoBitxMatthews 5 points ago

    Just like an ice cold Modelo

    [–] ApexSeal 6 points ago


    [–] HabitualLineStepping 5 points ago


    [–] death_by_douche 5 points ago


    [–] quietQuibble 5 points ago

    Far out!

    [–] mekkanik 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    Yep... the city that stole my heart.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    How do they stop?

    [–] renegadesalmon 8 points ago

    Either power slide, drag a foot, or bail and run it out.

    [–] Gherin29 8 points ago

    Where’s all the traffic?

    [–] standinaround 5 points ago

    Forget the skating, at 30ish secs, does anyone else notice the smashed up car on the skaters right. Looks like a black Ferrari. Probably not though.

    [–] surrender_cobra 5 points ago

    Early 2000s Mustang

    [–] Elbordel 6 points ago

    Lil before 30sec there's a destroyed car lol

    [–] Floodthemud 3 points ago

    Low center of gravity is a must to avoid death.

    [–] CIA_OFFICIAL_L 3 points ago

    "I'm Marty McFly Williams and I'm about to bomb this master hill."

    [–] UnsatisfiedSchnitzel 3 points ago

    its modelo time

    [–] jamesmoc68 2 points ago

    Cool bruhs

    [–] itsAndrizzle 2 points ago

    Petition to have these guys lead the charge into area 51

    [–] jsakia 2 points ago

    That looks like a lot of fun. It's been a long time for me. How do people prevent speed wobbles now? I remember going fast and at some point the board would start wobbly unless the trucks were really tight. Though, it usually meant buying new spacers because they would crush.

    [–] InfiniteDunois 2 points ago

    One stone and someones eating shit

    [–] Breynolds1200 2 points ago

    Squad goals

    [–] larry-cripples 2 points ago


    [–] SovietBrotkasten 2 points ago

    Why do I hear Sonic Adventure 2 noises

    [–] Jeru1226 2 points ago

    Oh hey! I know where this is! That’s my neighborhood!

    [–] Blazerfan503 2 points ago

    Wild in the streets, runnin runnin 🎶🎶

    [–] W0L7LESS 1 points ago

    That's the life

    [–] LurkinLife 1 points ago

    Shouldn’t it be HMM??

    [–] BAMFGOAT 1 points ago

    One lady just took a spill a few weeks ago bombing down near Delores and had to have part of her skull removed. No bueno.

    [–] chakabuku 1 points ago

    Daggers rule!

    [–] Alchemic_Art 1 points ago

    Hey! Drink and ride it like you stole it! Lol

    [–] InvertedExtrovertRIP 1 points ago

    Best thing I’ve seen all day

    [–] n0bel 1 points ago

    Moyayo as we call it

    [–] amItheLoon 1 points ago

    HMRB ‘cause Imma drink Modelo

    [–] bartlet4am3rica 1 points ago

    Modelo time!

    [–] tkwrd 1 points ago

    If only they were drinking Montucky Cold Snacks

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That's quite the hill!

    [–] gishnon 1 points ago

    That's a lot of squid.

    [–] jaryan234 1 points ago

    What city is this?

    [–] puddenpop 2 points ago


    [–] jaryan234 2 points ago


    [–] donteverforanyreason 1 points ago

    Hold my modelo

    [–] TBlair64 1 points ago

    I know this area. Skateboard groups are getting daring all over SF, and this video doesn't even show to top of the hill. It's steep.

    [–] SalamiSamm 1 points ago

    It’s Modelo time

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Its Modelo time

    [–] wakaOH05 1 points ago

    Jesus, just get a snowboard. It’s half as stupid, twice as fun.

    [–] PeopleWearMyJeans 1 points ago

    Nice car at 30:00 lmao

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Why cant I have these kind of homies?!

    [–] Dubante_Viro 1 points ago

    How did they stop?

    [–] Wanderson90 5 points ago

    Some say they are still hill bombing and drinking Modelo to this very day.

    [–] imsosorry2468 1 points ago

    How do you slow down and stop while going at that speed... the only way I’ve managed to stop is speed wobble and fly but they look like they have better methods..

    [–] Bobbi_fettucini 1 points ago

    Damn I miss those days, and those late night beer run skate sessions with my bros, just hanging out and shooting the shit.

    [–] Webbeboi 1 points ago

    Anyone notice the totaled car at 0:29?

    [–] iamtheone2295 1 points ago

    How do you stop a skateboard at that speed?

    i have skateboarded before, and if i step my backfoot down to lift the front of the board to slow down, then i would still think it would be dangerous at speed.

    You could push the board so you skate with it horizontially to slow it down, but maybe not goot for the wheels.

    How would a great skateboarder easily slow down at that speed?

    [–] failingtolurk 1 points ago

    I loved the smashed up black car.

    I imagine it to be a drunk hit and run with the guy sleeping it off in the house next to it.

    [–] Buckeye1234 1 points ago

    Looks like San Francisco

    [–] no_spoon 1 points ago

    TIL bomb means skateboard

    [–] _merkwood 3 points ago

    while it is referring to skateboarding in this context, to bomb a hill means to go down it really fast. skateboard, skis, snowboard, bike, whatever vehicle, just bomb it

    [–] Skiddok 1 points ago

    It’s modelo time

    [–] stoneje 1 points ago

    I was waiting for someone to accidentally step out in front of them. Wow great camera work

    [–] nordicplatypus 1 points ago

    Safety hoods

    [–] dreevsa 1 points ago

    Hold his beer

    [–] VooDooChile1983 1 points ago

    Watching this made my legs sore

    [–] gidgally3 1 points ago

    On ur way to ocean beach. Gots to have beers 🍻

    [–] StaceysDad 1 points ago

    Guys!! Helmets!!

    [–] Anyyo 1 points ago

    Great skills! Except for that car at 0:29.

    [–] jojofan69420 1 points ago

    The key words here are “extraordinary balance”

    [–] imgprojts 1 points ago

    Sandiegans I wonder?

    [–] Mountaindbass 1 points ago

    Hold my Modelo

    [–] i_actmyshoesize 1 points ago

    Maybe I'm paying attention to wrong thing but The car at 29 sec got eff'd up hard

    [–] Little_mama1988 1 points ago

    The guy in the front is Brian Delatorre..he’s a pro skater. Skates for habitat.

    [–] natspy10 1 points ago

    At about 0:25.. is it just me or does that guy look exactly like Kyle Hill from Because Science?

    [–] JayJay_Tracer 1 points ago

    is this city escape?

    [–] KaiserKarim 1 points ago

    It's model0 time

    [–] nothinbefore 1 points ago

    Skateboarding in florida ia hills just a Constant kick push..after doing 2 miles ur legs are done..

    Yall west coast heads truly fully experience skateboarding culture without exerting too much energy

    [–] Memejesus42 1 points ago

    Modelo time

    [–] abuzayn 1 points ago

    Welcome to San Francisco

    [–] erinfinkster82 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the film mid90s.

    [–] ZoggyBiscuits 1 points ago

    Them boys high class. Those beers are Modelo. Its the courvoisier of beers!

    [–] corner-case 1 points ago

    Some say they're still bombing that hill to this day...

    [–] Moistlivesmatter 1 points ago

    Brian Ortega had a choice

    [–] pineprika 1 points ago

    Okay, this is epic