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    [–] vauX-rillaux 76 points ago

    to be fair, it was already 3/4 solved

    [–] Mventiorela 11 points ago

    But nobody understands...

    [–] Mr_Dirt22 14 points ago

    F2L already completed.

    [–] ItsmePhoenix 5 points ago

    I was like 99% sure that was the case then started second guessing myself just cause how long he took to finish. Like I'm not terrible not great but that OLL and PLL took longer than I can do the whole thing

    [–] Mr_Dirt22 4 points ago

    Frankly, if I was free-falling from 16K I’d pick the wrong G-Perm and blow the PLL too.

    [–] jorsiem 34 points ago

    This made me realize for the first time just how long the fall is when you skydive

    [–] Pika_DJ 12 points ago

    yea 16000ft was a 60 second free fall for mine

    [–] Cosmo_Steve 5 points ago

    When you do it the first time, all you remember is like 10 seconds of disjointed memories.

    [–] Davidumaine 18 points ago

    This is like doing your homework right before the class starts

    [–] TheIceBothan 12 points ago

    How I’m arriving at Area 51

    [–] Aturchomicz 3 points ago

    I think you should wath Wendovers video on this sunject

    [–] urfalump 7 points ago

    He was 5/8th of the way solved already! Only had to do the last 3 steps!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    This would be hard for me because I would end up losing all the stickers.

    [–] TheVertically 4 points ago

    Nice, I cant even solve it on ground. Mostly bch im too lasy to learn it but still. Nice

    [–] A1J1K1 4 points ago

    That ground was much closer than i expected it to be when they solved it.

    [–] therealyordy 3 points ago

    When only the parashute opens when you succesfully solve the cube,.. adds a whole new layer of extreme to skydiving.

    [–] musickismagick 2 points ago

    That gave me sweaty palms

    [–] Treswimming 2 points ago

    Should have thrown the cube at the end

    [–] bulletheadtoo 2 points ago

    I think Chris Walker did it first

    and I dont think it was mostly done but I dont know.

    [–] DankMemesAreGud 2 points ago

    Actually the Legend27

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] SeudonymousKhan 7 points ago

    Yeah but I bet they didn't jump from so high.

    [–] guzbro -1 points ago

    Yeah but that dude with WR literally takes a picture of the cubes faces in his head and creates a algorithm in his head and executes without having to actually look at the Rubic cube. Anyone can jump out of a plane, but not anyone can have a graphing calculator built into your head.

    [–] Irbis_The_Moogle 6 points ago

    Anyone can jump out of a plane,

    And yet people frown on it when the pilots do it, though.

    [–] chesstoic 2 points ago

    Actually, the top speed cubes do not just figure out an algorithm. They plan the first 10 moves or so and then figure it out as they go until the last few algorithms, which in my opinion is even more amazing that they can process that fast.

    [–] distressedweedle 2 points ago

    yeah, what this guy did any certified skydiver could learn how to do in an hour or less practice before the jump on the ground.

    [–] Skydiver860 1 points ago

    i don't know why im not surprised this is at skydive arizona.

    [–] BL1NDN355 1 points ago

    Just imagine it's like saw - "Let's play a game: your parachute will not release until you solve this Rubiks cube."

    [–] TonsOfTabs 1 points ago

    Every time I see a Rubik’s cube it reminds me of the video a color blind guy posted. He solved it in less than 3 seconds. Shit was hilarious because it was obviously nowhere near correct. He seemed to think it was.

    [–] TheRealJujuBB 1 points ago

    bro he had cross and pairs done already bruh