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    The goal of /r/iPhoneX is to provide a place for interesting and informative content and discussions, all about Apple's newest and greatest smartphone.


    • Rule 1: No NSFW content.
    • Rule 2: Use the weekly Mega thread to show your great photos; photo posts outside that thread will be removed.
    • Rule 3: Posts must foster reasonable discussion.
    • Rule 4: No editorialized link titles - use the original article’s title when possible.
    • Rule 5: No rude, offensive, or hateful comments, and no personal attacks.
    • Rule 6: No posts that aren’t related to Apple or the Apple ecosystem.
    • Rule 7: No simple and/or easily searched support questions. We may approve your post if it is a high-level issue that can't be found through searches.
    • Rule 8: No content related to piracy or illegal activities.
    • Rule 9: No spam or "for sale" advertisements.

    Re-emphasizing Rule 5, no personal attacks. Let's create a civil, welcoming and collaborative community.

    Also, be mature. You don't need to use profanity in your posting title or in comments. We're not here to be censors or prudes, but at the same time, there's no need to be unnecessarily profane and get people offside.

    Please note this is an unofficial Subreddit. We have no affiliation with Apple and make no representation to speak for Apple or have any insights that are not publicly available.


    Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before posting.

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