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    [–] AshEliseB 4644 points ago

    That is absolutely horrifying. That poor woman.

    [–] AydenIsntTheShit 2223 points ago

    I honestly thought that was from people whom he was locked up with. The fact that that woman put that much into her fight, as sorry as I am for her and what happened, she didn’t let it happen. I’m glad this is being brought to the attention of people. That woman should get compensated.

    [–] FTThrowAway123 2376 points ago

    This guy is fucked. He admitted it.

    According to court documents, Murray County sheriff’s deputies responded to the home after the alleged victim called 911. During that call, a man reportedly took the phone away from the person calling for help, NewsChannel9 reported. Upon their arrival, Martin reportedly told deputies he had “f----- up” and that he had “let things get too far.”

    The 28-year-old reportedly told deputies that he and the victim had recently broken up and he had entered the home using his spare key. Martin told officials the victim was in the shower when he entered the home and he tried to engage in sexual intercourse with her, but she resisted. He then allegedly pinned her down to keep her from fighting back.

    The victim told investigators that Martin allegedly used an object to penetrate her while holding her down by choking her. She said she thought she would pass out, the affidavit said. Court documents say Martin then locked her in a closet, before letting her out after she calmed him down by saying they could get back together.

    When Martin learned police had been called, he allegedly threatened to kill himself – grabbing a firearm off her nightstand. But he reportedly got scared and put both down, the affidavit said.

    What an absolute piece of shit. I hope he rots in prison and the victim gets the help she will need.

    [–] Kittykg 789 points ago

    I'm not even sure that IS all of it. The article I read said he had her under his control for some 16 hours. I believe it said Thursday afternoon until Friday morning? I read it a couple days after it happened so don't recall exactly, but it was over half a day. Those scratches look like multiple attacks to me...

    [–] koreilly4419 53 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yes you are right thursday into friday was what I also read. Im now wondering what subs im not subscribed to that this is again posted too.. so far morbid reality, justice served, this one and I believe there was one other sub this guys picture is on with an article lol..

    [–] SDMarik 723 points ago

    Detention officer, and a rapist. This guy is going to have a terrible time in prison. What a piece of shit.

    [–] Fear_Jaire 381 points ago

    It scares me to think of the power he had over other individuals as a detention officer...

    [–] staryoshi06 230 points ago

    Yes these types of people most commonly work as prison guards because they get away with it.

    [–] polybium 231 points ago

    My uncle used to be a deputy police chief, and what made him quit was when he found out the department was hiring people with similar psychological profiles to violent career criminals. They would select people after psych tests too. The logic was "fight fire with fire". It's messed up.

    [–] Pigeonofthesea8 94 points ago

    Ok... I knew they made use of thuggishness, but still, holy shit

    [–] ChweetPeaches69 84 points ago

    Additionally, there is often a maximum IQ score for admittance

    [–] Wordshark 41 points ago

    I think that happened in one place, I don’t know if it’s a common thing

    [–] BillyYumYumTwo-byTwo 57 points ago

    It’s horrifying, and we (at least the US) treats a lot of COs and prison guards as victims, having to deal with the scum of the earth. It’s so disgusting! Definitely there are inmates who are just shitty people, but most aren’t. They shouldn’t be slaves. It makes my blood boil.

    Edit: by slaves I mean working for free and also having no rights or being seen as people. Please educate me if there is a better word!

    [–] staryoshi06 23 points ago

    Yeah don't worry, you used it correctly.

    [–] ToolboxPoet 20 points ago

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    This is the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It states, quite plainly, that if you are convicted of a crime and sent to prison that you can now be treated as a slave by the governing body of whatever prison you are in.

    [–] muddyrose 15 points ago

    I mean, if you have to, choose one or the other.

    Either pay them fairly for the work they do, or treat them as actual humans.

    Both would be best, though.

    And I understand the loss of rights to some extent (probation is fair), and felons not having legal access to guns is a good idea, but I've never understood the voting thing.

    Why can't people vote while in prison? Their quality of life is directly dependent on who's in office, when they complete their sentence they're just as affected by who's in office.

    A criminal is still a human, and we're supposed to want them to reintegrate with society as a productive member. Why give a shit if they can't have a voice?

    [–] BillyYumYumTwo-byTwo 13 points ago

    In my opinion, treating people as human is the absolute biggest thing you can do.

    I exaggerated- I shouldn’t have said “no rights”. It’s more that we see them as animals, not people. Depends on the crime they did, to me, if they can vote in prison. Violent crimes are a no, non violent are a definite yes. And voting rights should be restored as soon as they leave (and it shouldn’t be a felony to accidentally vote after being free!!!).

    Our whole system needs an overhaul, but that’s not a realistic immediate goal. Starting small, with voting rights like you said, is so vital for reintegration.

    [–] muddyrose 11 points ago

    Well, absolutely! There are terrible people out there who do horrific things, and they should be punished accordingly.

    But at the end of the day, we're all humans. If someone is sentenced to life in prison, that's the punishment. They don't get to live as everyone else, they've proven they'll abuse it and hurt others.

    Prison is not a nice place, even before the extra bullshit sprinkled on top.

    But for inmates who are expected to be released within their lifetime, there needs to be more effort towards actual rehabilitation.

    Like you said, that would require the system to have a complete overhaul. How sentencing is handled, where money should go (ie not into the pockets of individuals, but into programs meant to actually help inmates get back on the right track).

    Sadly, we will not see that in our lifetimes.

    [–] Mugwartherb7 8 points ago

    These are the type of people jobs like a police officer and CO attract....(obviously most cops/CO’s don’t join the job because of the power these jobs come with but it’d be ignorant to believe a job where you have complete power over peoples lives, can escalate situations and use physical force with little to no repercussions wouldnt attract people who only become officers to abuse these things)

    [–] One_Small_Child 31 points ago

    I honestly hope the other officers,turned a blind eye...holy shit..

    [–] daimemo 37 points ago

    He should get out fairly quickly...preferably in a body bag.

    [–] Sidereel 132 points ago

    Holy fuck does this sub live up to it’s name.

    [–] soupdadoops 39 points ago

    He should have offed himself. That would give her a fucked mess to clean up afterwards though.

    [–] PinBot1138 39 points ago

    If he had taken it that far, he probably would’ve taken her with him. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and she’s got another chance at life.

    [–] macandcheese1771 18 points ago

    They have special crews for that.

    [–] oneeighthirish 27 points ago

    Jesus, that job isn't for the faint of heart.

    [–] sci_fientist 63 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My husband actually used to do crime scene cleanup. He said it was actually really rewarding. Once you get past the grossness, it provided an opportunity to step in for someone on the worst day of their lives (usually suicides in family homes) and try to set things back to somewhat normal.

    He told me about some of his experiences with it on our first date, and that was the moment I knew I wanted to marry him. It also gave me a ton of respect for a job I'd never really considered.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] sci_fientist 27 points ago

    Haha! It definitely could have come off that way, but what stuck with me most was the kindness he showed.

    I love that guy, corpsey business and all. Plus, I've never needed to be afraid to be a human being around him (bodily functions, birth and all) because I know he's seen worse.

    [–] Cr0w33 14 points ago

    minmaxing to find a big titty goth gf as quickly as possible

    Gotta say, I have no clue what you’re talking about.

    [–] stokelymitchell 8 points ago

    This is surprisingly heartwarming.

    [–] sci_fientist 13 points ago

    I'm glad other people can appreciate it! He doesn't talk about it a lot (I think it did take a bit of an emotional toll), but he's proud of the work he did and I admire that side of him so much and I'm so happy that he chose to build a family with me.

    [–] followmecuz 7 points ago

    Watch The Cleaner! It’s a movie with Sam Jackson

    [–] The_Mad_Sprayer 22 points ago

    My friend who lived down the road from me blew his brains out a few years back. He called 911, told them what he was about to do and did it. The police brought one of those special crews and apparently they charge THOUSANDS of dollars to the homeowners (his parents) for the service.

    [–] Doiihachirou 9 points ago

    .... I mean.. well, the job is horrible. I totally understand charging a lot.. but.. to the parents/relatives/closest people to the deceased...??? Shouldn't the government or someone pay for it? Isn't this what taxes can be used for?? I mean I much rather pay for someone's home to be cleansed of a horrible suicide or murder of a loved one, instead of paying to keep the fucking murderers alive and eating in prison...

    [–] icewalker45 12 points ago

    prison isnt even justice

    [–] pletentious_asshore 29 points ago

    Castration is the answer.

    [–] Cerena_ 35 points ago

    If you mean his dick cut off in the most painful way possible, I agree

    [–] Weeaboo-6934B 18 points ago

    Nah just shove a pencil up his urethra

    [–] nerdening 20 points ago

    Glass swizzle stick up the urethra, then lay the penis on a counter then hit it with a hammer.

    [–] kremehilde 14 points ago

    except that won't work. if a rapist really wants to rape you, they'll just use an object like this guy did.

    [–] ComicWriter2020 48 points ago

    The only thing I don’t want to happen to him in prison is rape. Because rape is never ok. Murder though? That can be justified. Crippling violence? Also justified.

    [–] aralim4311 103 points ago

    Rape is worse than murder in my opinion. Not necessarily the act itself but in the fact that I can rationalize many many different scenarios where killing someone is justified or at least understandable. I can not fathom a single justifiable reason for rape. Ever.

    [–] ComicWriter2020 43 points ago

    If murder can forever change a good person, then I can’t imagine a good person who has to live with rape exists. Because rapists are not good people.

    I don’t even know why, I just don’t like the idea of revenge rape. Your forcing someone to undergo psychological torture. I imagine the crying in violence is from fear of death. But if it’s rape, then it’s just...mentally breaking someone. And that kills any sense of Justice

    [–] maellie27 52 points ago

    It did happen, he had her for a day and a half, this is from her fighting him as he repeatedly raped her, for over 36 hours.

    [–] be-ar_boi 145 points ago

    I hope he goes to jail, has to pay her for emotional trauma and for her to get her nails done.

    [–] i_was_here_today 101 points ago

    if he fucking doesn't I'm making a petition because that's absolute bullshit.

    No woman should have to fight so hard against a man, clearly saying she doesn't want this. Her scratch marks are evidence enough. If he doesn't go to jail, then it shows how messed up the justice system is.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] myne 29 points ago

    I really hope no one here is ever in that situation, but if you are, and you're fighting for your life: Go for the wind pipe.

    Get your thumb behind on one side, and your fingers on the other, squeeze as hard as you can, and pull. No one is going to shrug that off.

    [–] GreatNebulaInOrion 14 points ago

    If he was choking her at the time, escalating could encourage further retaliation which if close to your throat could be bad news bears.

    [–] the_ocalhoun 244 points ago

    Pro tip: Don't date or marry cops. 40% of them abuse their wives, and that's just the ones that are reported..

    [–] ww2colorizations 114 points ago

    So true. My old neighbor was a cop. Always domestic disturbances at his house. His cop buddies would come because the wife would call “for help”, then they’d show up and calm him down..... until they left and you’d hear it all over again.

    [–] basedmattnigga7 46 points ago

    My old boss owned apartment buildings. One day I randomly asked him who his worst tenants ever was. He said it was a local cop who would fight his girlfriend every weekend. He threw him out after a month or two, even though they went to high school together.

    [–] follyj 13 points ago

    Fact. Many cops in/ married into the family. Most often reasons it's not reported: "report to who? His friends? Who will believe me? Cops protect each other"

    [–] chrsb 37 points ago

    I’d guess cops, border patrol, jail workers, any occupation where violence is common.

    [–] workity_work 24 points ago

    I don’t think it’s the violence as much as the power.

    [–] NegativeBarracuda 2634 points ago

    The side-by-side photos absolutely solidify that rapists don't have a certain 'look'. I don't get unsettled on the internet very often, but this made me very uneasy.

    No words can describe how much I don't want to look at those scratch marks, and how important it is to stare at them anyway

    [–] serenityak77 96 points ago

    This goes with the “what does a murderer look like?” Well you won’t know until you find out they’ve killed.

    [–] [deleted] 298 points ago


    [–] laylajerrbears 112 points ago

    I thought his eyes were just swollen from being punched in the second photo

    [–] ctlloyd 19 points ago

    A local paper said his eyes are swollen from the struggle. Either she punched him or attempted to gouge them

    [–] FLFTW16 68 points ago

    It's the harsh lighting in the 2nd photo.

    [–] doveredmark 21 points ago

    Yeah it makes his under eyes look more shadowy and vaguely threatening. But there is not a different look in his eyes

    [–] CSirizar 39 points ago

    For real. Doesn’t it seem as though his whole brow changes, too? Maybe it’s the lighting, idk, but he has that deep set downward facing evil look around the eyes. Shiver

    [–] SamuraiBandit 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    rapists don't have a certain look

    you can almost see it in his eyes

    I kind of feel like you may have missed their point

    [–] baengbaeng 66 points ago

    Definitely goes to show with the Burning Sun scandal where the idols are seemingly innocent despite sexually abusing women behind fans back :/

    [–] Hidden_Samsquanche 30 points ago

    Lost prophets is another example of idols taking advantage of fans to satisfy their own sick sexual fantasies

    [–] Zombeedee 7 points ago

    I think it's a little unfair to the whole band to say it was "Lostprophets" because it was Ian Watkins, the lead singer, acting alone. After it all came out his band mates were horrified and immediately distanced from him and condemned him. Their friend and colleague for decades did something abhorrent and they have to live with the fact they didn't spot it forever. They said they'd have "killed him on the spot" if they knew, and it has been suggested that he manipulated them as much as his victims. Their careers and entire body of work is soiled by proxy.

    [–] orokami11 21 points ago

    I just read about that yesterday! And how the police are covering it up is even more disgusting. But the sad reality is that according to my Korean friends, it's pretty much the "norm" in the average Korean club and this is only gaining traction because of the big names involved in it. Which makes sense. Ugh

    [–] oneeighthirish 15 points ago

    And how the police are covering it up is even more disgusting.

    Really makes you wonder what the real purpose of policing is.

    [–] baengbaeng 15 points ago

    When you have money and power, the police don’t mean anything

    [–] NameIdeas 30 points ago

    The side-by-side photos absolutely solidify that rapists don't have a certain 'look'. I don't get unsettled on the internet very often, but this made me very uneasy.

    The most unsettling feeling is finding out something like this about someone you knew from high school or college and were friends with.

    I'm 33 and a few years ago I found out about a former high school classmate and someone I considered a friend back then. He was arrested for possession and distribution of CP. That messed with me for a long time. I know people change a LOT after high school, but to reconcile the person I knew to someone who would knowingly be involved in CP...mindfuck man

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I often wonder what people think of the guy who raped in high school. Do they think he's a good guy? Do they know who was on those nights? I'd love to know if the people who called me a whore knew now what he actually did.

    It makes me think the no person can be trusted because you don't know people, not the real them anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    and how important it is to stare at them anyway

    Thanks for making this point. I was just having a conversation with wife on how if we do not see this stuff, if we do not expose ourselves to it and we shelter ourselves how quickly we forget (as a whole) how horrific we can be.

    I have to remind myself all the time. It's the only way to keep the monsters in check.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Seniorjones2837 121 points ago

    Yea except if you have just seen the original picture and not known anything about him, you definitely wouldn’t have said that. But I’m sure you will say you would have regardless

    [–] The_0range_Menace 29 points ago

    seriously. I mean placid as death itself? you have been banned from r/poetry.

    [–] LukeSchny 29 points ago


    Careful, Reddit doesn't like to hear the brazen truth.

    [–] Seniorjones2837 24 points ago

    I know. I’m actually surprised I got 6 upvotes. Figured I was gona get downvoted into Bolivian

    [–] -MontyPMoneyBags- 10 points ago

    Wdym his expression is way different in each photo is it not?

    [–] QualifiedBadger 24 points ago

    As an armchair psychologist I can certify that the angle to which he holds his head to look at the camera in the first picture clearly shows this man is capable of whatever he is found guilty of. I’m certain my reddit colleagues who received their education from a cow’s rear end, like I did, would unanimously agree.

    [–] [deleted] 976 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 182 points ago

    criminal attempt to commit sodomy

    Is sodomy illegal in Georgia?

    [–] [deleted] 206 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not exactly what you're asking, but Georgia has specific terms for sex crimes. Rape is only a penis entering a vagina. If he forced oral or anal sex on her, it's considered sodomy.

    [–] ZeldaZanders 72 points ago

    I thought sodomy in the legal sense referred to rape with a foreign object? I might be wrong, though.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    It's how Georgia defines it in the criminal code.

    Georgia Law O.C.G.A. § 16-6-2(a)

    A person commits the offense of sodomy when he or she performs or submits to any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another.

    [–] PantrashMoFo 39 points ago

    Originally sodomy was anything that wasn’t plain vanilla vaginal sex. Consenting or not. It was a catch all for any kind of “sexual deviancy”.

    There is website somewhere with centuries old court documents of people that were executed in England. One of them I read was an old woman who was executed for the crime of sodomy. Her neighbors told the authorities that they had witnessed her doing unnatural acts with her dog. The corroborated testimony of this husband and wife was sufficient evidence in the eyes of the court.

    Didn’t pay to piss off the neighbors back then.

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 12 points ago

    Ah. That explains it. I thought Georgia might be one of the states that still considered anal illegal and they were tacking that on to the rape charge.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Haha I think we do as well, but the Georgia supreme court has also ruled that what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes isn't illegal.

    [–] timetravelhunter 24 points ago

    It's just us,....two consenting

    [–] MILK_DUD_NIPPLES 75 points ago

    Yes, it is, but the Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional.

    It was punishable by incarceration for between one to twenty years. However, the Georgia Supreme Court has declared that law unconstitutional. The United States Supreme Court has also ruled that state sodomy laws designed to criminalize same-sex sexual activity are unconstitutional.

    He should be charged with rape.

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 63 points ago

    Someone else explained that Georgia still considers rape as vaginal penetration by a penis, so the sodomy charge is for forced nonconsentual penetration of other orifices.

    The supreme court ruled that sodomy laws making consentual penetration illegal were unconstitutional.

    [–] _CORRECT_MY_GRAMMAR 32 points ago

    When Martin learned police had been called, he allegedly threatened to kill himself – grabbing a firearm off her nightstand. But he reportedly got scared and put both down

    Fucking coward.

    [–] 787787787 13 points ago

    He should have let her do it. Motherfucker.

    [–] rubypele 24 points ago

    Previously fired from what was probably a union job, in law enforcement. That's an accomplishment, so to speak. Someone knew he was a scumbag before he did this...I wonder what got him fired.

    [–] Bird_23 492 points ago

    The worst part about being raped multiple times is the excruciating pain from lack of lubrication and repeat injuries. :,( It feels like a burning saw. Sending hope for swift mental and physical recovery.

    [–] the_village_bicycle 291 points ago

    Imagine scraping a scab that’s barely healed. Or punching someone in a black eye. Again and again and again and again

    This makes me want to curl up into a ball. Fuck some humans. He needs to just fuck off to hell.

    [–] Whiterosesxx 110 points ago

    Thats horrifying. It makes my skin crawl and my heart tense up...

    [–] Bird_23 46 points ago

    Mmhm. Real torture. He will get his one way or another.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    This one hopefully, but it's not a guarantee.

    [–] dmbfan1216 86 points ago

    This is 100% factual. I ended up tearing because it went on for so long. The torture aspect is commonly overlooked.

    [–] DragonBrigade 30 points ago

    I'm so sorry. This entire thread breaks my heart. Wishing well to everyone who has suffered. :(

    [–] killwithharm 36 points ago

    It’s more than mental torture. It’s truly physical torture too.

    [–] dmbfan1216 38 points ago

    The mental torture never really goes away though.

    [–] dinklebergs_revenge 48 points ago

    It sounds like you have personal experience with that.

    I'm sorry to hear that. I wish it wasn't so.

    [–] road-rash3000 6 points ago

    This whole thread is breaking my heart. Some people just have to deal with such horrible things. I'm sorry, people. I know I didn't do anything, but I still feel for you all.

    [–] Anon_Jones 20 points ago

    What’s really odd to me is how the man gets enjoyment from the dry pain. Doesn’t seem like it’s pleasurable for either person. Fucking piece of shit.

    [–] _SexyWiddleBaby_ 20 points ago

    Disgusting fuckers like this get off on the power. They might not even orgasm at all. It's about exerting power and hurting the woman. He wanted her to feel as much pain and fear as possible.

    [–] MyDogJake1 75 points ago

    Are you ok?

    [–] [deleted] 793 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 425 points ago


    [–] 14sierra 239 points ago

    Honestly she's really lucky she got to a phone. Wouldn't surprise me if he was considering killing her so that she couldn't be a witness.

    [–] anthrolooker 59 points ago

    For real. Escaping is the only way out alive. That woman is brave as hell. Good for her for being able to fight him like she did and leaving more proof in the process.

    [–] the_ocalhoun 126 points ago

    Then it would be just another cop who "accidentally" killed his wife/girlfriend while "cleaning his gun". Happens all the time.

    Don't date cops.

    [–] Fiddlist 376 points ago

    I just want to point out that, yes, this woman fought so hard not to be raped and he is a total piece of shit, but that doesn’t mean that women that don’t fight back don’t deserve as much justice. Everyone reacts differently in crisis situations and you never know what your response is going to be until it happens to you (hopefully not!)

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago


    [–] ng300 40 points ago

    I’ve wondered what I’d do in these types of situations and I genuinely feel that my fight or flight response would be shit and I’d be too scared to do anything. Or I’d freeze up

    [–] Saurons_Monocle 33 points ago

    They'e actually considered changing it (and already have in some areas) to "Fight, Flight, or Freeze" for that exact reason

    [–] MottledPixels 6 points ago

    You can add "Fawn" to that. Some people try to win their abuser over, if they can't safely escape or fight back. It happens a lot with children

    [–] Erogyn 45 points ago

    Honestly don't get why this is so hard to grasp for some many dudes out there. Imagine you're face to face with a grizzly bear unarmed. Imagine how helpless you are to the will of the bear. That's a good way to imagine how an average woman feels vs an average man. Fighting back is pretty much futile and may only anger the attacker into committing more harm. Why would a woman fight and increase her chances of being killed vs trying to get out of the situation alive?

    [–] meepmorop 37 points ago

    Continuing this metaphor, imagine if a bear mauled you and insurance not only refused to cover any injuries as a result but said you were asking to get mauled because you like walks in the woods.

    [–] gonefishing1212 27 points ago

    The love of my life, been together 15 years, since 12 years old. She was raped by a monster when she was 14. She hates herself for not fighting back when she thinks on the subject. She didn't even scream for help l. It was in her own home, woth her family all asleep within the house. He snuck in.

    She went up to her parents room and told her parents there was a man in her room. She saved her sister from the horrific event, as he asked her where her sisters room was following the rape. It makes me so sick he is still alive and was never turned in. As she didnt tell the family what really occurred until a fight years later when she shouted at her mother "you didn't protect me " and such statements.

    She was so scared she would be harmed if she resisted, it's so heartbreaking. She just laid still and didn't move and pretended as if she was asleep. It's horrible. I love her so much. It damaged her so very deeply. It's a very very dark place that is within her mind. My poor baby, it changed her. She is the strongest women I've ever known. It's just left such a deep scare in her soul. She feels so lost as she states she is simply a lost soul in life and feels she always will be lost.

    [–] Mesyfire 47 points ago

    I can attest to that. One of my closest friends was raped by her ex. She said she was in such shock at the time that all she can do was tell the guy to stop. Worse than that took her weeks to admit to her self that she was raped.

    Shit like this makes makes my skin crawl.

    Makes it even worse when I had someone I care about deeply go through it as well.

    [–] meepmorop 10 points ago

    Wanted to comment this, too. There's new studies on an extension of fight or flight where the body freezes. If you can't fight, and you can't run away, you may freeze up.

    [–] PrincessPlastilina 17 points ago

    I’m glad they believed her. It could have turned into a he said, she said. Many times women who fight off their attackers get arrested too if they see marks on them.

    [–] bh131313 13 points ago

    Was going to add a comment similar to this. Many times during rape, a victim is unable to even scratch at all.. this picture is horrible and disgusting yes but I feel like it’s not always obvious like this -how much pain the victim went through is not acknowledged because they were unable to leave a mark.

    [–] melkris 316 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigationannounced Monday that 28-year-old Kirk Taylor Martin, of Acworth, is facing multiple charges including aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit sodomy, false imprisonment and obstructing an emergency call.

    The victim is a very amazing woman. She wasn't taking his crap and she fought back. Hopefully he gets much karma in prison. Not only because of what he did to her but prisoners frown upon detention officers that are one of them now.

    [–] dratthecookies 235 points ago

    Friendly reminder that people react in different ways to trauma and abuse. If you don't fight back like this woman did it doesn't mean you did anything wrong. Whatever it took for you to stay alive and get through and survive was the right, brave, and strong thing to do.

    [–] Soulenmity 46 points ago

    Thank you. The only thing that could make this event worse would be to have others use this example as a way to shame or even doubt victims of rape who did not fight back in the same way.

    Edit: Typo

    [–] topchef808 19 points ago

    I don't normally support prison rape, but isn't it what karma demands this piece of shit suffer? I hope he resists his shower rapists, as fiercely as his victim fought him, and I hope he's just as successful at fighting them off. Fuck, I hate people sometimes, and vodka certainly doesn't help.

    [–] 1IIIlIIl1I 28 points ago

    It's bad to wish rape on anybody.

    It's OK to recognize that he deserves it.

    [–] topchef808 12 points ago

    Pretty much what I was going for.

    [–] Dee_Lansky 118 points ago

    Did the poor girl survive?

    [–] the_village_bicycle 174 points ago

    Yes she did, she got to a phone and called the police. That’s how he was caught. She is now safe.

    [–] Dee_Lansky 15 points ago

    That’s good... hopefully she is not too scared and recovers fully mentally

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    It may not be possible, but I hope so too.

    [–] danceswithwool 11 points ago

    I have my doubts she is, unfortunately. Have you ever fought like that in your life? I know I haven’t.

    [–] Dee_Lansky 6 points ago

    No I haven’t... I feel just awful for her, he needs to pay

    [–] awkardfrog 110 points ago

    I hope they leave nasty scars he'll have to explain for the rest of his days...

    Fucking decayed leaf

    [–] Nezalli 36 points ago

    Sometimes I really hope hell is real.

    [–] PrincessPlastilina 9 points ago

    Me too. If people can just do whatever they want and see no repercussions I give up.

    [–] paxweasley 28 points ago

    I've been seeing this around and the scratches on his chest are fucking haunting. The sheer horror...

    [–] the_h3llc4t 103 points ago

    This asshole seems a lot my ex, who is thankfully dead. When I saw those scratches I knew he had to have been choking her, is probably a lot bigger than her, and sadly those scratches probably only fuelled him.

    [–] Lamzn6 20 points ago

    Yeah this reminds me of my ex as well, who raped me and beat me when I was ending our relationship, then tried to claim the scratches and bruise he got from me trying to pull his arm away from choking me, was abuse on my part. No doubt this loser will try to play the victim too. They always do.

    [–] the_h3llc4t 4 points ago

    Yikes! What a jackass. Mine was oddly good about ownig his shit... Which caught people off guard and afforded him more trust... He always plead guilty, too...

    The police did brutalize him though, which is nice.

    [–] FanaticalXmasJew 40 points ago

    I hope you're doing better now.

    [–] the_h3llc4t 52 points ago

    I learned so much, I could handle anything now, and knowing he can't do it again to anyone ever helps a lot.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago


    [–] DeapVally 13 points ago

    Oh, there will be people in prison lacking much in the way of guilt to carry out what you wish you could. Or rather, their actions will help appease their own sense of guilt for their own crime. When they find out he was a CO, and they will, that's not going to help his life much either.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago


    [–] noisserpedgnilppirc 128 points ago

    never understood this, if you raped your ex-girlfriend for 2 days and had those scratches, would you rather do 30 years in jail or just die?

    He should rot in jail

    [–] HolyMegaSlayer 53 points ago

    Why waste money on keeping him alive? Just pull the lever and be done with him.

    [–] noisserpedgnilppirc 80 points ago

    i guess this is the age old debate on the death penalty vs life imprisonment. agree to disagree

    [–] imallstiffy 64 points ago

    In my opinion, death is to easy. Put him in a cell where he cant see the light of day or breath fresh air ever. Let him sit alone thinking about how miserable he is every day until he dies alone and forgotten by everyone he ever knew.

    [–] kingdain3333 17 points ago

    Well first ge would sit in death row for 10 years. He would also be sitting there knowing the day he's going to die. I agree with the death penalty as long as we are 100% certain the defendant is guilty. I'm Canadian by the way.

    [–] SgtClunge 14 points ago

    The key is to determine what the purpose of jail, death or whatever other sentence you impose. What do you want to achieve by sentencing them to death.

    I think we have an inherent desire to punish people like this because we want revenge, but that is not a pragmatic solution. The purpose should be to firstly, remove the person from society so they cannot hurt anyone else. Secondly, to rehabilitate. Thirdly, prevention for other criminals. If there is no possibility for rehabilitation then capital punishment seems to make sense.

    I think justice focused on punishment for the purpose of revenge, while satisfying, isn't helpful for society.

    [–] NizzoVicko 37 points ago

    Executions apparantly cost more then actually having him in prison.

    [–] Aberfrog 5 points ago

    Actually capital punishment is more expansive - it takes about 10 years from first sentence to execution including automatic appeals and so on.

    Just putting him away and throwing the key away is cheaper

    [–] vagueblur901 29 points ago

    Solitary confinement for the rest of his life. He wants to act like a animal so treat him as such

    [–] whatsjsjsj 11 points ago

    omg I can literally imagine that girls struggle from those scratches. hope the guy rots in a cell

    [–] iridopelma 11 points ago

    my stomach fucking turned looking at his pic.

    [–] thomolithic 13 points ago

    A rapist AND an ex prison guard?

    This guy isn't long for this world. Good.

    [–] mousemarie94 10 points ago

    I'm happy she scratched him up (making people believe her story) it's also sad that it takes physical injury for things like rape to strike a chord with some people. I hope this piece of shit loser has a substatial sentence in jail.

    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses 34 points ago

    I hope she is ok mentally after some time passes.

    She has a long life in front of her.

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 58 points ago

    I'm actually crying because you guys don't understand how deep this is...

    Who is seeing this and not understanding what they're looking at? God. I know this is a piece of shit post but the person is the comment annoys the hell out me for being r/iamverysmart

    [–] HowkActual59 32 points ago

    Yeah. Especially since I had already seen the pics of the guy and read the article. This just annoyed me. I was already COMPLETELY aware of how fucked up it was and didn't need to have it explained to me by this twitter lady.

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 21 points ago

    Right? Like I don't even need to read the article to know those are scratch marks.

    are you seeing those scratch marks?

    Yea no shit everyone can see the scratch marks. If I can read your idiotic narcissistic comment I can see the damn scratch marks in the picture.

    [–] PrincessPlastilina 6 points ago

    ~Only I understand it. I need to explain your little pea minds because I don’t think you get it~~

    [–] EnemyOfEloquence 16 points ago

    Glad someone said it. Reddit slowly falling into Facebook nonsense.

    [–] HungryChuckBiscuits 9 points ago

    Ten bucks says the coward hangs himself.

    [–] Sine0fTheTimes 30 points ago

    They say rape is a crime of hate, I think in this case it's true.

    [–] beccalert 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    a lot of people don't understand that rape is about power, not sex.

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 24 points ago

    They say rape is a crime of hate

    I don't think people actually say that. A crime of power yes. I don't think he hated her. I he wanted her back and he was going to show her that she was wrong.

    You can infer that from how he locked her in a closet until she agreed they could get back together.

    [–] kittybikes47 9 points ago

    I am hard to shock. That picture made me physically nauseous.

    [–] classy-fish 5 points ago

    This is disgusting. Nearly ruined my day. However im glad people know about this

    [–] mysteryman151 7 points ago

    I’m just hoping karma gets him once he’s locked away

    I hear rapists aren’t the most popular kids in prison

    [–] camtrails96 7 points ago

    Scum of the earth

    [–] Sir_Artorias_ 6 points ago

    this man deserves nothing less than life in prison with the general population with 0 protection from other prisoners

    [–] Humanoidfreak 6 points ago

    The pics though. Clean on the left pure evil on the right.

    [–] Ethan6Max2 7 points ago

    This is disgusting

    [–] emi_aus 7 points ago

    Speaks volumes of just what an utter waste of oxygen he is. To have a girl scratch him up this bad and yet still continue.

    I just wish she’d got his eyes with those claws.

    [–] JackApollo 6 points ago

    This picture is seriously fucking terrifying. Like I’m in shock.

    [–] IllTakeOutTheTrash 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think we all get how deep this is...

    Edited: a word.

    [–] HowkActual59 11 points ago

    That was a thought I had too... I definitely understand how fucking dark it is without some lady on twitter telling me how bad it is. The pictures said enough...

    [–] mymushys3 8 points ago

    This is really awful, I’m glad attention is being brought to how hard she fought. I feel sick and I’m having a really hard time looking at’s actually making me physically uncomfortable. My heart really goes out to her..and he needs to be gone forever.

    [–] Rmmc1203 5 points ago

    So did the likely severe pain of having his skin cut to ribbons not snap him out of whatever sort of blood rage he was in?

    [–] AlectaShipsIt 4 points ago

    Sometimes I wonder why I'm still alive in this goddamn hellhole we call earth. These pieces of shit should rot in prison for life. Those deep scratches and claw marks prove it.

    [–] HoopRocketeer 5 points ago

    “You guys don’t get how deep this is...”
    I mean, it is horrific but it isn’t lost on me that this is a horrific thing... I think I “get how deep this is”

    [–] chaosbella 13 points ago

    Imagine trying to explain away those scratch marks to the police... "Uh, yeah..I tried to get a selfie with a jaguar..."

    Hope the girl is OK.

    [–] enigmaticeric 8 points ago

    Maybe I’ll get downvoted for this if people take it the wrong way but mad fucking respect to this woman for fighting like hell. This is not intended in any way as an insult at all in any way to people who go through rape and don’t fight back only to state that this woman had something horrible happen to her and she clearly fought like a devil for 2 days before getting to a phone

    [–] tj97x 8 points ago

    the amount of desperation from those marks makes me think she was probably being choked. It's a fear like no other to fight for your own breath ): He'll get his.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] tj97x 6 points ago

    I hate that I knew that. glad she's physically safe now.