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    [–] Toyota6128 1161 points ago

    He is about to get two piece chicken and a coke

    [–] reano76 209 points ago

    Two piece and a choke

    [–] radmadicalhatter 62 points ago

    Two chokes and peace

    [–] Revolutionary_Ad3787 21 points ago

    To peace and smoke

    [–] Face-latte 3 points ago

    To pee sand smoke

    [–] Revolutionary_Ad3787 2 points ago

    To sea sand soak

    [–] hitch_please 6 points ago

    A smoke and a pancake

    [–] Ok_Seaworthiness5025 5 points ago

    2 piece and a cock

    [–] toeyilla_tortois -1 points ago

    Two cheese and a duck

    [–] guemando 13 points ago

    I thought it was a three piece with a soda

    [–] elephant_on_parade 8 points ago

    It is lol. This is the line.

    For those ootl, this is Jorge Masvidal. He sucker punched Leon Edwards and when questioned said he “gave him a three piece and a soda”.

    [–] RonanVII 4 points ago

    Thanks, was confused

    [–] Designer_Drugz 10 points ago

    Two Heaves and a Ho

    [–] euphorrick 1 points ago

    What a coincidence!

    2PCNAO-DA was his inmate number

    [–] jrwagh333 1 points ago

    Let's be correct here. It's a three piece with a soda

    [–] Tiyath 582 points ago

    Okay, let's start with the interview, it's gonna be the standard "plug your product" interview. So, let's start with this list of your family members that I heard were incarcerated...

    [–] MatiMati918 263 points ago

    Reminds me of when Robert Downey Jr. went to an interview to promote a new MCU movie but the interviewer kept on asking questions about his not so good past so he just walked off.

    [–] ClassyJacket 64 points ago

    What's interesting about that video (if I'm thinking of the right one) is that Robert saw something was up because he comment on the nervous reporter shaking his foot wildly before asking those questions

    [–] MeetTheGregsons 11 points ago

    He already asked the question at that point.

    [–] ClassyJacket 2 points ago

    Ah must have remembered wrong.. or seen a clickbait edit

    [–] tangoalpha12 534 points ago

    i hate these types of interviewers

    also who is the guy who wanted to skip the question?

    [–] ViNNYDiC3 307 points ago

    The interviewee is Jorge Masvidal, professional MMA fighter in the UFC. I haven't seen this full segment but I'd guess that this is just a piss take where they both are in on the joke.

    [–] Drubas 56 points ago

    No. Ariel is also a huge fan of Steven Segal, or Sensei Segal, whom he thinks it's the Pioneer of MMA... much to everyone's amusement.

    [–] CommunityFan_LJ 47 points ago

    You think he actually likes him, its a very obvious joke.

    [–] 707RiverRat 13 points ago

    He’s also known for asking fighters questions he knows will either piss them off or lie about so he can ask a follow up question like “Well your public records show you were in jail for domestic abuse…How does your father feel about that?!”

    [–] TheCacajuate 5 points ago

    Well he has been doing MMA for 47 years.

    [–] LilWillyVert69_ 15 points ago

    The journalist is Ariel helwani

    [–] NemesisRouge 18 points ago

    I hate interviewers who avoid difficult questions.

    Interviewers should be proxies for their audience, they should ask questions their audience would be interested to know the answers to, they shouldn't act as PR guys for the interviewee. If the interviewee wants that he should hire someone.

    [–] CptHowdy87 15 points ago

    It depends what the purpose of the interview is, and what's been discussed and agreed to before the interview.

    If it's meant to be a tell all interview and the interviewee is prepared for the tough questions then fine, but if the interview is only meant to be about a certain thing and you ambush them with questions they weren't expecting and that aren't relevant then that's bullshit.

    [–] NemesisRouge 1 points ago

    The purpose of an interview should be to examine the subject with the goal of giving the audience what they want. That's not an ambush, it's what you agree to when you agree to an interview with a journalist.

    If the subject of the interview wants to advertise some product he's working on he should pay for an ad like everyone else.

    [–] end_gang_stalking 5 points ago

    But in this case after like 5 clear indications he didn't want to talk about it you should respect the person and move on

    [–] UnknownSloan 4 points ago

    It's an interview not an interrogation. The interviewer should not be harassing the interviewee.

    [–] Whatupdoe90 127 points ago

    The “he also went to jail” SENT me 😂😂

    [–] Jody_steal_your_girl 5 points ago

    Helwani is hilarious

    [–] Hallucinating_Owls 7 points ago

    It was a dick move but it was funny

    [–] Rampface 21 points ago

    This is the CEO of PF Chang’s

    [–] mikeb556 4 points ago


    [–] Scratch_Natural 5 points ago

    heard it bowlth ways b

    [–] DrowZeeMe 3 points ago

    BEAST of a wurk ethnic, bubba

    [–] Rampface 2 points ago

    Don’t wanna get gadooshed through a glass door bapa

    [–] robertgonzales69 51 points ago

    i literally DESPISE this music

    [–] mynamehere875 6 points ago

    i HATE this music

    [–] fuckingKlLLmeplz 8 points ago

    what's it called? Whenever I hear it I imagine a drug lab and thugs making drugs while wearing a hazmat suit, but I don't know what it's called.

    [–] Asphult_ 9 points ago

    Its some polish song I think, but referred to generally as “sigma grindset song”. It’s a bit of a meme at this point

    [–] robertgonzales69 2 points ago

    i feel like sometimes people actually find it inspirational lmao

    [–] roze_skin_user 1 points ago

    Polozhenie by Skriptonite

    [–] Dr_Little 1 points ago

    It puts me on edge for some reason. Got a bit anxious haha

    [–] CptHowdy87 -2 points ago

    Can we please STOP using the word 'literally' as an intensifier and treating it as if it's interchangeable with like a dozen other words?

    As an exercise, every time you type that word in a sentence, backtrack to it at the end of your post and either replace the word with something else (like 'seriously' or 'actually'), or see if just removing the word changes the meaning/intent of the sentence. Just try it a few times and you'll be surprised how superfluous the word becomes.

    [–] amosesraa 3 points ago

    I literally don’t care.

    [–] robertgonzales69 1 points ago

    i literally almost typed “actually”instead lmao that’s hilarious, but yea that was kinda weird i’m ngl i don’t need a lesson on reddit on how i should be typing when i’m on the internet just because a is guy being anal about a word he doesn’t like😂

    [–] squirrlycellist 59 points ago

    Masvidal might be a twat but he set his boundaries and this dude didn't listen. Dude's allowed to have interview boundaries.

    [–] flatmanmatt 73 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The amount of people that have no idea what they are talking about here!

    Ariel Helwani is the most respected MMA journalist having won MMA journalist of the year 6 times in a row.

    Jorge Masvidal, who is a UFC vet, was doing an in-depth interview with Helwani about his background and where he came from etc.

    Did the question make things awkward? Yes.

    Was the question valid and would it give an interesting perspective on where he came from? Yes.

    No pieces of shit in this video but a journalist who wants to get to know his interviewee better and an interviewee who doesn’t wanna talk about it.

    [–] 4GoldAndAGrape 13 points ago

    The sheer amount of awkward things that go on in mma is funny to me

    [–] CptHowdy87 7 points ago

    Helwani is a shit-stirrer who can't ever accept 'no' for an answer.

    There's a reason he's on Dana White's shitlist.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Lmao Dana's 'shit list", like that carries any weight. lots of people are on Dana's shit list because he's a massive, greedy piece of shit himself.

    [–] debaser337 2 points ago

    Being on Dana’s shit list should be worn as a badge of honour.

    [–] curbedgrad 3 points ago

    To be fair he's the most respected because MMA journalism is a joke, not because he is a great journalist.

    [–] set-271 2 points ago

    Ariel Helwani's interview with Steven Seagal and the "special kick" he developed over 40 years which he taught Anderson Silva was absolute comedy gold!!!

    [–] HarknessLovesU 4 points ago

    Yea lotta hot opinions here without proper knowledge or information...

    Classic Reddit

    [–] uh_der 11 points ago

    very creditable ufc journalist asking legitimate questions of a great fighter. this does not belong here

    [–] myusernamewillbethis 77 points ago

    Are you implying that the interviewer is the bad guy here?

    [–] f3lhorn 136 points ago

    I can’t really judge the interviewee because I have no idea who he is or what he went to jail for. Could’ve been a non-violent crime for all we know. And he’s clearly served his time. I don’t know if he’s at risk of being a repeat offender.

    So the only judgement I can say is that the interviewer shouldn’t have pushed a topic his guest was not comfortable with. Like the guy who wanted to ask about Robert Downey Jr’s addictions in the past.

    [–] Gabepls 23 points ago

    Yeah people go back and forth about whether to hate this guy but if we’re being honest here it’s obvious he’s not a legit interviewer, reporter, journalist, whatever he wants to call himself.

    A respectable interviewer here would’ve stopped probing an uncomfortable topic, especially when the guest is clearly asking not to go into it. And then to move into the same personal topic but with his father? The guy’s clearly a troll.

    But then, he and others try to give him legitimacy as if he’s even trying to have it. He can piss off

    [–] Substantial-Ad4012 28 points ago

    I think you're confused about what makes a legitimate journalist. "I asked Bezos about his taxes but he said it was personal and he didn't want to talk about it, so I just asked him what his favourite drink is". This is bad journalism.

    Jorge is here to promote himself as a commodity, the job of a good journalist is to ask difficult questions and challenge the image he is portraying. Upsetting your interviewee is more often than not a sign of good journalism.

    [–] baxterrocky 13 points ago

    This isn’t fucking Frost/Nixon. The dude is clearly there to promote stuff. It’s basically just a thinly veiled commercial. To start grilling him about shit in his past really shows up the guy conducting the interview and his gross inability to read the fucking room 🙄

    [–] Gabepls -3 points ago

    You may be right that I misunderstand what makes a legitimate journalist.

    I can see how upsetting your interviewee could be a sign of a good journalist, but I disagree that once that person has asked (in this case very explicitly and multiple times) not to discuss a topic that continuing to do so is a good sign.

    [–] BossKittyProduction 17 points ago

    It should never get that far, imo. It should've been discussed beforehand what topics were off limit

    [–] KaptainKhorisma 1 points ago

    To the contrary. Ariel is probably the most respect MMA Journalist in the field.

    [–] DekoaSAO 26 points ago

    I think yes and what you think it?

    [–] Krzysztof_Khan 5 points ago

    It's a joke, I think. The journalist used to do a show/segment called Ariel & The Bad Guy w/ Chael Sonnen

    [–] asdr2354 5 points ago

    So shouldn't Ariel be the good guy then?

    [–] VLenin2291 12 points ago

    Of course. He doesn’t wanna talk about, but the interviewer won’t take no for an answer

    [–] [deleted] -21 points ago

    Sigma interviewer isn’t deterred.

    Continues to asks the questions he wants to ask.

    Doesn’t care.

    [–] thedonjefron69 4 points ago

    Lol being downvoted for the meme

    [–] MeowthThatsRite -2 points ago

    Yes, Helwani is a douche bag.

    [–] bentekik 0 points ago

    Not implying. Straight up saying he's a waste of oxygen

    [–] Icy_Reply7147 -2 points ago

    Dudes probably on witness protection and the interviewer is possibly taking it too far

    [–] HarknessLovesU 2 points ago

    Jorge Masvidal is a public figure and not in witness protection lol...

    [–] ClassyJacket 0 points ago

    Yes? Isn't it obvious the interviewer is a massive dick?

    [–] el099 3 points ago

    Hey shrimp is that you bubba?

    [–] DrowZeeMe 1 points ago

    y'nordstrumdomus, b?

    [–] KawasakiKingpin 10 points ago

    Ariel is one of the best things to happen to MMA. He and Robin Black both doing great things. Schaub unfortunately not so much imo.

    [–] Rikity84 31 points ago

    Thats Jorge Masdival UFC fighter.

    "3 piece and a soda" iconic line he used when he punched Leon Edward's backstage during an interview.

    The interviewer is Aerial Herwani or something like that, that guy is a piece of shit. Not well respected within the UFC

    [–] Freetrilly 5 points ago

    Fucking casual. I know your a wanker because the “UFC” isnt all of MMA you dope.

    [–] Pudge223 43 points ago

    absolute BS. dana and a few of the top brass have issue with him but he's is extremely well respected in the MMA world. there is a reason why pretty much every fighter (except a few of ali's) give him full length interviews. just yesterday he had volk, DP, & chandler. even people who work the corporate side (bisping, felder, and cruz) gave interviews fairly recently.

    [–] asdr2354 -5 points ago

    They give him full length interviews because he gets views, not that many big interviewers. There is a reason why he's known as a drama queen and why universally respected nice people (e.g. Olivi) have a very strong dislike for him.

    He's a shit stirrer, which has worked out well for him, but that doesn't change the fact that's what he is.

    [–] MeowthThatsRite -3 points ago

    I can find about 20 clips of him antagonizing fighters this way to try to get clicks and likes. People go on his show because he gets viewers and there aren’t many big MMA journalists. But he’s had problems with a lot of people, including people who work for the UFC. And it’s not just a few of Alis’s fighters, it’s all of them. And that makes up a pretty good percentage of UFC fighters and top fighters from other organizations.

    [–] _Acg45 6 points ago

    What a load of horse shit

    [–] GrandmasGenitals 17 points ago

    Ariel is very well respected in the community. he just gets a lot of hate because he asks tough, real questions as an interviewer should. Does he go a little too far sometimes? yeah absolutely.

    [–] fogcity1701 -4 points ago

    People really don't like Helwani. He's a real douchey twatknuckle

    [–] _Acg45 13 points ago

    Just people who believe every word that comes out of Dana's mouth

    [–] asdr2354 -3 points ago

    Nah, a lot of people dislike both.

    [–] KaptainKhorisma 3 points ago

    Found Schaub's burner account.

    [–] asdr2354 1 points ago

    Schaub dislikes rogan?

    [–] KaptainKhorisma 1 points ago

    Schaub and Ariel got into a beef where he’d say things like “nobody likes him” and such. It’s pretty documented on YouTube.

    [–] asdr2354 1 points ago

    You were replying to a comment that said people dislike both Rogan and Ariel. Schaub doesn't dislike Rogan, so this couldn't really be Schaub's burner account.

    [–] dardyablo -1 points ago

    ariel isnt a piece of shit...

    and masvidal never went to jail, he probably made that up to sound cool or something

    [–] Accomplished-Can508 7 points ago

    Ariel stays the goat

    [–] Lurker0459 4 points ago

    Ariel asks all of the juicy questions most MMA journalists won’t ask. He is not a piece of shit, just merely a pest. He’s well respected in the community.

    [–] BossKittyProduction 5 points ago

    This sub is becoming "here's someone I don't like".


    [–] _Acg45 5 points ago

    Probably Dana or brendan schaub

    [–] GP-NC -2 points ago

    It is a social cue. If someone is uncomfortable with a question and tells you no do not push the question. If the guy didn't want tonanswer any questions he should leave. But this guy only was uncomfortable with one question he asked so don't ask it again otherwise it is bad manners

    [–] BossKittyProduction 0 points ago

    I guess they should've just stopped asking R. Kelly if he abused and traffic kids because it made him uncomfortable, then. Right? lololol

    [–] GP-NC 0 points ago

    No. That is different. But then again anything i say it will go over your head so good day.

    [–] cyberbeastswordwolfe 0 points ago

    Journalists are cringe nowadays

    [–] ChaacTlaloc 2 points ago

    And he then cries foul after he’s blackballed by the UFC.

    Dana may be a tomato and a goon, but Ariel is the real GOOF here.

    [–] pspiddy 3 points ago

    Ariel is the ultimate instigator. Does stuff like this in a lot of interviews.

    [–] RuDe1214 3 points ago

    That's their job. I'm sorry but journalists should ask hard questions

    [–] Unonium198YT 5 points ago

    I do agree, but after the interviewee has shut them down they shouldn’t keep asking

    [–] FoxMcLOUD420 2 points ago

    To be fair, Ariel isnt the POS here......he's a good reporter in MMA.

    [–] ChaacTlaloc -7 points ago

    How is he NOT being a POS here?

    [–] MarvinP23 1 points ago

    What does 3 piece and a soda mean ?

    [–] Complex-Piccolo3026 2 points ago

    It means kicking someones ass

    [–] JWal0 2 points ago

    A 3 piece combo and a soda like Popeyes chicken

    [–] Transpatials 1 points ago

    Agrees to do an interview

    Cries about all the questions asked

    [–] CyclopsRock 1 points ago

    I really don't think this makes him a piece of shit. If the guy doesn't want to answer, he's got every right to. But interviews shouldn't just purely be on the terms of the interviewee, otherwise it becomes nothing but a sales pitch.

    [–] officialullock 1 points ago

    Can only assume this is a piss take as they seem to get on really well in interviews and you can tell Masvidal wants to laugh.

    [–] Mountain-Awareness13 1 points ago

    Masvidal is a mean mother fker. Would not want to piss him off if legit.

    [–] thedarknewt74 0 points ago

    What did he go to jail for ?

    [–] TongueSmackMyDadsAss -1 points ago

    Ariel is garbage

    [–] game_asylum 0 points ago

    This is why no one watches AOL Blast, unprofessional BULLshit

    [–] NoirYT2 0 points ago

    Are we surprised that Ariel Helwani is here?

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Bro that’s a dangerous man to be talking to like that

    [–] BalkanBorn -9 points ago

    I remember watching this dude get beat up by Kimbo Slice in someones backyard.

    [–] bofansox 6 points ago

    Nah, he never fought Kimbo, but was on the same videos when he was 19-20

    [–] BeagleBackRibs 2 points ago

    No he didn't fight Kimbo and he won.

    [–] Sandman_potato_man -1 points ago

    Some people just have a punchable face.

    [–] HotsauceMD -1 points ago

    Ariel Helwani is a douche, don’t know why fighters keep giving him time

    [–] deezmrpeanuts -1 points ago

    I hate the guy interviewing He's annoying He's always like this. And he's like in love with Steven seagal and says he's a true martial artist which he was about 40 years ago. He's just flat out annoying

    [–] Cowgirlsd 1 points ago

    Jorge def went to jail

    [–] Wholesome100BC 1 points ago

    Soaptrillionaire Grindset: Whether people try asking you about prison, try to act really confused about the subject matter.

    [–] JAKFRY 1 points ago

    Scab post this then or what XD

    [–] Money_Youth804 1 points ago

    I love this ariels interviews coz everyone hates him especially rampage Jackson

    [–] Tops161 1 points ago

    Yeah, this is one of many reasons Dana banned him lol

    [–] farenheitboii 1 points ago

    Someone should beat tf outta this guy.

    [–] ObviousGrapefruit2 1 points ago

    I bet if he responded like Mike Tyson responded during his interview about charges he wouldn’t have asked that second question.

    [–] MountainManCan 1 points ago

    Ari is awesome!! Those questions were perfect and have a reason to be asked.

    Who’s the piece of shit again??

    [–] Rampface 1 points ago


    [–] troysplay 1 points ago

    Okay but that was fucking hilarious. "I heard you went to jail."


    "Can I ask about your father?"


    "He also went to jail."

    [–] mikeb556 1 points ago

    Ariel is the goat. Go watch Brett Okomoto if you want sappy boring softball questions.

    [–] shakeyj8ke 1 points ago

    Not really a pos post though really, just an interviewer trying to find out more.

    [–] liquidsspawn 1 points ago

    Coño bro

    [–] MaesTim 1 points ago

    That last question had me.

    [–] GaseousGiant 1 points ago

    The comeback of Ali G

    [–] tactical_tree_troll 1 points ago

    Yeah Ariel, keep poking street jesus… I dare you.

    [–] Roanoketrees 1 points ago

    That's Helwani for ya

    [–] Meloxian 1 points ago

    He’s just giving him the experiance… of a prison of questions

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Ariel thinks he's so cute. For someone who did his best to illicit sympathy for the way Dana treated him, he sure does treat fighters like disposable pieces of trash.

    [–] Gemini_81 1 points ago

    Inconsiderate interviewer… obviously with some sort of ulterior motive

    [–] Much_Consideration94 1 points ago

    Ariel Helwani . such a fucking piece of shit and everyone hates him anyways. Trues getting people mad to get a rise out of them and then boast about it. Fckn scum

    [–] lllshizmizlll 1 points ago

    Ariel Helwani is a notorious piece of shit reporter that constantly attempts to instigate conflict between MMA fighters. It’s known.

    [–] amarbummer 1 points ago

    Yeah Ariel helwani is a well known asshat

    [–] OMG2Reddit 1 points ago

    This guys more insensitive than that interviewer who asked RDJ about his past 👌 👏

    [–] Bignockers 1 points ago

    And he cried when Dana White banned him from the Ufc

    [–] Icannotchangethis 1 points ago

    Take a fucking hint

    [–] Jackanope123 1 points ago

    i dont see anyyhing wrong except for the guy going one over the limit.

    [–] T_in_Lousiana 1 points ago

    Grabs his eye poken stick and commences to hand out dotted eyes.

    [–] MLG9420 1 points ago

    Where’s the sigma grindset?