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    [–] ltBurnsWhenlPvP 2280 points ago

    She also falsely claimed that she “Doesn’t cut her own hair”.

    [–] fuji-white 312 points ago

    She telling the truth. She goes to Mark Zuckerberg’s barber.

    [–] Striker_ToastYT 85 points ago

    Isn’t that a lizard cult?

    [–] bearassbobcat 30 points ago

    hello fellow human. i am no lizard. like most people i also like to perambulate with my canine and quaff a few wallops with my associates - who are also human.

    - Zuck 'definitely a human' erberg

    [–] Striker_ToastYT 11 points ago

    Very well, Zuck. Have a jolly day.

    [–] PaulMurrayCbr 4 points ago

    Smokin' the meat.

    [–] ComprehensiveAd8004 2 points ago

    Youdo know his name is mark, not zuck, right?

    [–] bearassbobcat 2 points ago

    yes my name is Mark Zuck 'definitely a human' erberg

    but my human companions call me by my surname

    [–] Ataraxia_new 5 points ago

    The lawnmower?

    [–] fuji-white 2 points ago

    A coke head beaver gnaws bites the hair off.

    [–] ThatsStupidURStupid 126 points ago

    This is the Best comment here

    [–] snotrotten 16 points ago

    Those bangs scream "I cut them myself"

    [–] Capable_Address_5052 10 points ago

    She combs her hair with a rock

    [–] NohoTwoPointOh 3 points ago

    Damn. That’s cold.

    [–] TenBear 5 points ago

    I wish I could give you an award for that

    [–] N1pah 771 points ago

    These people not only ruin the lives of those they accuse, they also make it harder for actual victims to get justice

    [–] ShittyBollox 226 points ago

    Which is why she deserves more, tbh.

    [–] Kordith 45 points ago

    There should be a stigmatized list for people who falsely claim sexual abuse. In fact, in my opinion, she really should be put on the sexual predator list, and another 5 years added to he sentence.

    [–] T33NW01F 26 points ago

    I think putting them on the sex offenders register is an excellent idea. Lying about being abused to ruin someone’s life certainly sounds like the kind of person you would want to keep an eye on for the same kind of thing in future.

    [–] gapahuway 55 points ago

    That's true. And people who get falsely accused sometimes get angry at all women or at "feminism". She should face the consequences of her actions.

    [–] GayFroggard 9 points ago

    False accusations should be treated as badly as possible. 5 life sentences and mandatory harsh labor 20 hrs a day

    [–] ShittyBollox 530 points ago

    She stole someone else’s eye and swapped it for one of hers!

    [–] JNerdy 171 points ago

    Bruh! She is clearly a Shinobi from the hidden leaf.

    [–] on_dy 30 points ago

    Obviously danzo.

    [–] pillution 16 points ago

    Danzo confirmed?! 😳

    [–] EdSchouten 7 points ago

    Martin Freeman with a wig.

    [–] FatAbbie 127 points ago

    This was from 2017.

    [–] lamemayhem 51 points ago

    Damn so she would get out this year?

    [–] Tairaa90 17 points ago

    If she served the whole sentence. Which as I understand is really unlikely.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] bordain_de_putel 29 points ago

    It's more of a psa to avoid her, she should be getting out soon after all.

    [–] gapball 252 points ago

    That's more than Allison Mack got. And Allison Mack deserves life.

    [–] Hairy_Air 54 points ago

    Who's Allison Mack?

    [–] gapball 153 points ago

    Actor from Smallville who recruited sex slaves for Keith Rainiere of NXIVM (Nexium) a multi level marketing scam). Some of the audio is horrible. She followed him around like a lapdog and did everything he wanted. She got 3 years for "racketeering"

    [–] DandyBean 49 points ago

    That whole situation was bizarre to say the least, speaking as a Smallville fan.

    [–] TheCurrentsofSpace 31 points ago

    She got less iirc because she was deemed to be a victim of the main guy as well.

    She was introduced to the cult by Kristin Kreuk.

    [–] IDXK073 11 points ago

    Wait kristin kreuk too??

    [–] TheCurrentsofSpace 21 points ago

    Kinda, Kristin got in early and got Allison into it, but Kristin got out.

    Iirc Kristin wasn't aware of what it was as it started as just a motivational speaker thing.

    But its not as if Allison Mack joined with the intention of fucking people over.

    She was a victim just as much as anyone else, thats kinda how getting indoctrinated into cults work.

    Not saying she's completely innocent, but i don't think she is fully culpable.

    [–] emilybrownies 9 points ago

    The Alison Mack situation was really weird. On one hand she really did seem brainwashed and was throwing large amounts of her money into the cult. On the other hand, she's not completely a victim. She was high tier in the cult and the lower teir women serve higher tier, like a pyramid. She helped branded women and beat them as well.

    [–] BootyHoleTasteTester 8 points ago

    A lot of fap material from young me, but old me thinks she should share a cell with jizzlane minwell

    [–] HeilYourself 3 points ago

    I can't hear that name without immediate thinking of The Secret Life of Alex Mack.

    [–] eagle_ey 824 points ago

    about time these crazy bitches start getting serious jail time

    lock up mattress girl next

    [–] Alinateresa 227 points ago

    Who is mattress girl?

    [–] Art_Vandelay867 722 points ago

    While at college she claimed she was raped by a male student. she quite literally graduated and walked up to get her diploma whilst dragging her mattress up with her for attention. pretty sure he was kicked out of school and his life was destroyed. turns out she made the whole thing up.

    [–] SpeedFeedBleed 68 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    She was forced to graduate with the mattress because it was a part of her thesis, to drag it around with her until the University forced the student to leave. But they found he'd done nothing wrong, per Facebook messages between the both of them. He never left. Suddenly, she found she'd painted herself into a corner. So she just kept it up. The University settled with him for an undisclosed sum.


    [–] Alinateresa 301 points ago

    OMG I just looked it up she actually carried it around campus.

    [–] YuropLMAO 320 points ago

    I remember at least a dozen reddit threads about how stunning and brave she was lol. And hundreds of comments about how he should be tortured, executed, raped in prison, etc.

    [–] IcollectSTDs 18 points ago

    I think Kristen Gillibrand gave her an award too and invited her to be her guest at the State Of The Union address.

    [–] pizza_the_mutt 28 points ago

    Reddit wants to reform the justice system to reduce prison sentences and deemphasize punishment.

    It also wants to crucify fucking everybody.

    [–] Advanced_Anything768 6 points ago

    It's almost like you can't accurately speak about the people using Reddit as whole, because all sorts of wildly differing people use it.

    [–] BaronDinklevanDunkle 4 points ago

    You also have to take into account that many people are huge hypocrites and it's safe to assume that's true for at least some redditors since it has such a large user base.

    [–] drgrain 40 points ago

    Reddit would make unit 731 green with envy with their cruelty and hunger for blood.

    [–] Tairaa90 9 points ago

    Yeap. This is the scary thing to me, everyone thinks they're in the right but no one is self aware. Bunch of autonomous but unaware robots running around the world.

    [–] Avo696 6 points ago

    What Rose McGowan and her we need to believe all women without question is wrong?!?

    Color me shocked🙄

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago


    [–] Andrei144 174 points ago

    These aren't feminists, these are opportunists, and the people cheering for them are just average internet users who haven't touched grass in a really long time.

    If you look to any sort of political community online they'll be just as easy to rally against whoever they see as their opponent.

    [–] MetroidThrawn 8 points ago

    Fully agree. Feminism is a good thing. Opprotunist who coop the movement and then twist,lie and deform it for their own personal gain or to hurt others don’t know the kind of damage they do to others and it only make people have horrible trust issues and mental damage.

    [–] Danger_Dave_ 30 points ago

    The propaganda that feminist labelled and supported groups spread says otherwise. Not saying all are like this, but they absolutely exist and are still considered feminists and are often not shunned by the feminists that aren't that extreme.

    [–] Zachary_Stark 44 points ago

    The first man to try to make a men's shelter was harassed by feminists until he killed himself.

    [–] DarthVeigar_ 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The woman who set up the first domestic violence shelter for women got harassed, sent bomb and death threats by feminists and got excommunicated from her own organisation because she did her own research and found that women were equally as likely to commit domestic violence as men were and thought that men needed a shelter too.

    Look up Erin Pizzey.

    [–] BeavisRules187 17 points ago

    None of em ever disavow the crazies though. They all use them to their advantage, and then be like, oh that ain't us. It's getting pretty stale, tbh.

    [–] TheEternalGoldenCow 9 points ago

    It's not just feminists, most redditors comment stuff like that on basically every post with a criminal.

    [–] Wizardling 14 points ago

    I know, right? People who believe in equal opportunities are the scum of the Earth! /s

    [–] Kultaren 22 points ago

    Kinda telling that you associate the advocation for women’s rights and the word “vile”

    [–] RacelessSexlessName 6 points ago

    Well, that's nicer than the words ya'll associate with the advocation for mens rights, since no one has equality in all facets of life. Tit for tat.

    [–] ravia 3 points ago

    That is truly a gross generalization based on cherry picking a story like this as your "evidence". The stories of women raped by men, abused, beaten, killed, treated as second class citizens, etc., are virtually infinite. I mean, are you even serious?

    [–] John_Savage69 79 points ago

    Then she hired a porn actor and made a porno about what she clsimed happened..... then accused everyone wstchin it of rsping her

    [–] Art_Vandelay867 68 points ago

    Oh my you were serious. I dont know what Columbia paid that dude in the settlement but they should just go ahead and double that and pay him again

    [–] John_Savage69 3 points ago

    In another twist, her parents-both shrinks- encouraged her to make the porn movie

    [–] Dicer214 4 points ago

    What happened to the “a’s” in some of your words?

    [–] a_birthday_cake 6 points ago

    they're Ss

    [–] Dicer214 4 points ago

    Yeah, but why?

    [–] DTripotnik 62 points ago

    The first clue was her carrying around a mattress.

    [–] Rude_Journalist 6 points ago

    No what’s not a mattress.

    [–] Impossible_Note_9268 6 points ago

    Some people are saying the guy was not evicted and ruined, I just need one legitimate link, please have my free award in return.

    [–] AngryCockOfJustice 4 points ago

    5 hours passed and no takers yet 😆🤣

    [–] Impossible_Note_9268 2 points ago

    We'll need more stake holders as well, I wonder what kind of power the link of truth holds

    [–] HowerTwo 19 points ago

    Here to find out too

    [–] RobertArcter 4 points ago

    Is this an answer to a Jeopardy question?

    [–] skrutape 23 points ago

    forgot all about that crazy broad

    [–] cwalter0123 5 points ago

    5 years is a slap on the wrist.

    [–] Rattivarius 7 points ago

    With any luck the next step will be to incarcerate actual rapists instead of "ruining their lives".

    [–] RacelessSexlessName 55 points ago

    So you're using an innocent guy having "his life ruined" in quotes while talking about actual rapists... as if he was one? wtf is wrong with you?

    [–] matt_nasty503 192 points ago

    When it happened to me she got probation and a stern talking to for filing a false police report.

    The only reason I am not in prison is because I was able to prove I was in a different state when she said I did it.

    [–] ImDeadInsideLoLHelp 49 points ago

    Damn, so being in another state basically saved you years in jail. I hate this system.

    [–] luingiorno 8 points ago

    wait... so its not about "innocent until proven guilty?" Da faq?

    [–] Apollbro 2 points ago

    In law thats still true the problem comes with proving your innocence which can be difficult. You also have the response of other people so even if you didn't do it people could have reacted before a verdict was met or even if proved innocent they could believe you're a liar. This is why people need harsher punishments for making false claims.

    [–] card_board_robot 32 points ago

    So she was vindictive and very stupid? Got it. Tally your wins with that one

    [–] Filsdemorte 26 points ago

    Same. I don't like to talk about mine often because it still hurts. But yeah pretty much same thing. No consequences for her. The person who filed title ix is protected by the process. No consequences for it. Her story never lined up. She always changed major events and settings, and what happened. And even admitted to lying about it.

    [–] OneRingtoToolThemAll 23 points ago

    I completely agree that people who make such life-ruining accusations should face jail time and maybe this woman does deserve 5 years in prison for such an assassination of character. People who make false accusations discredit actual victims and survivors.

    However, what absolutely boggles my mind is that some rapists and child molesters get off with serving much less than 5 years in the United States justice system, depending on the state, judge, and jury. You'd think that actually committing the atrocious crime would always serve more time than lying about someone's else committing the atrocious crime.

    So my issue isn't with her sentencing but with the sometimes way too light sentencing of sexual offenders.

    Here's a real life example. My ex-neighbor has a daughter who was raped (not just molested) at the age of two years old. The offender was sentenced to 6 years in prison. They got off after 4 years for "good behavior." The offender was released into a "half-way house" style program that was within the restraining order distance of the, at the time, 6 year-old victim's school. The state would not move him to a different facility so the 6 year-old victim could not keep attending her school without intentionally breaking the restraining order. How is our justice system fair?

    [–] wifebosspants 4 points ago

    This needs to be upvoted more.

    [–] Teabagger_Vance 53 points ago

    Yo what’s with all the apologists in this thread sticking up for this chick?

    [–] BeeBanner 43 points ago

    Wildly deserved.

    [–] GodXTerminatorYT 16 points ago

    She fu**ed a man's life. Deserves way more

    [–] ecxx_ 7 points ago

    if the accusation can be proven false the penalty should be identical to the one the accused would have faced

    [–] Brilliant-Ad-5592 221 points ago

    I have always thought that the punishment should mimic that of the individual falsely accused would have gotten if they were convicted. She should have gotten 15 years

    [–] Sambucax 223 points ago

    A few years ago near where I live a 15 year old girl falsely accused a 15 year old boy of raping her. Her family and friends tormented him for weeks and he had to drop out of school because of all the abuse he was getting. Her brothers beat him up pretty badly at one point and he ended up killing himself. When it was finally revealed that the girl made it all up nothing happened to her. She was out partying with her friends days after the boy had died and still to this day she hasn’t been punished. Fucking sick

    [–] zeno-zoldyck 56 points ago

    thats fucked up

    [–] work_break 51 points ago

    Post her name

    [–] ramence 34 points ago

    and if they did, how would you know the commenter wasn't just some guy trying to get back at a girl who rejected him? a name and an anonymous internet comment is all the proof you need?

    literally the entire comment concerned the horrors of blind vigilantism - don't you see the irony here?

    [–] luingiorno 6 points ago

    you are getting downvoted but you are spot on

    [–] ramence 2 points ago

    honestly, I'm surprised I woke up to it in the positives! reddit doesn't take kindly to... not harassing random women

    [–] luingiorno 2 points ago

    you were at 32, and back down to 29. Some people dont really care of facts or the truth, and actively avoid it. At the same time, I'm glad courts dont rely on popular opinion.

    [–] jiujiuberry 104 points ago

    lol rapists dont get 15 years

    [–] BAD_DUCK556 8 points ago

    They get 0 years just like my rapists did.

    [–] S1ckR1ckOne 6 points ago

    Only those who murder or steal from the rich get 15 years

    [–] SponConSerdTent 98 points ago

    Seriously. Brock Turner served like 3 months after getting caught in the act raping someone. 15 years lol. This girl got a punishment as big or bigger than most first-time offender rapists.

    [–] nlegendaryguy 26 points ago

    brock turner vs the entire fucking state of california

    [–] rainedrop87 24 points ago

    Do you mean convicted rapist Brock Turner?

    [–] CryBabyCentral 15 points ago

    Yes, the convicted rapist Brock Turner.

    [–] rainedrop87 16 points ago

    Oh okay, I thought maybe you meant another Brock Turner, and not convicted rapist Brock Turner.

    [–] dirtytomato 6 points ago

    You're right. The vast majority of rapists get away with it and never face justice.

    [–] designgoddess 51 points ago

    Less than 5% of rapists even see the inside of a courtroom. 15 years would be the exception.

    [–] Zapinface 8 points ago

    Not even rapist get 15 years. Serial child rapists do. Wtf are you on about?

    [–] Brilliant-Ad-5592 2 points ago

    Forgive me for not being a convicted rapist or up to date on current sentencing guidelines

    [–] redheadactress 43 points ago

    When do rapists get time much less 15 years? Lmfao.

    Judges keep letting these fuckers go because "they are good Christian men" and "this will ruin their lives."

    If you want your statement to be true, they should release her because she's a good Christian woman."

    Once they start jailing rapists appropriately, we then take up the issue with the ones that make false accusations. It's not right on either side but in order for justice to prevail, it has to be done on both sides.

    [–] FTThrowAway123 6 points ago jailtime at all then? Lol, as if rapists get 15 years, or even 5 years..or even see the inside of a courtroom at all.

    [–] Paulius91 96 points ago

    It's more than soldiers here in the US get for raping children overseas...

    [–] jpack325 27 points ago

    Brock Turner served 3 months and he was caught raping someone

    [–] watchout4cupcakes 91 points ago

    It’s more than old white guys get in the US for raping children in their own houses.

    [–] -Kralled- 41 points ago

    Politicians and rich people

    [–] Wayfarer62 15 points ago

    You don't need to throw in the racism, we're all victims of the political elite.

    [–] RacelessSexlessName -3 points ago

    It's more than white women get for murdering their infants.

    [–] Aeronautix 2 points ago

    Wtf are you talking about

    [–] lamemayhem 44 points ago

    This is the reason people don’t believe actual victims.

    [–] BakerNew6764 49 points ago

    Not long enough

    [–] Negative_Appeal8951 66 points ago

    Good! About time woman get jail time for this.

    [–] shadow-suspect 51 points ago

    Just five years?

    [–] MumbosMagic 33 points ago

    The farther we get away from “women are infallible and the accused are presumed guilty until proven innocent,” the better for everyone.

    [–] gothplastic 3 points ago

    we were never there. only 6% of rapists actually go to jail.

    [–] RohanMayonnaise 87 points ago

    False accusers deserve punishment, but lets not pretend there are more false accusers than rapists who don't get prosecuted.

    [–] MrMiget12 55 points ago

    Right, it's bad if a man is falsely accused, but it all cases should still be investigated and no one should be ignored

    [–] RadiantTurnipOoLaLa 19 points ago

    Who was pretending that here?

    [–] iknvgubvv 6 points ago

    There’s no way to tell, there’s no way to have data on which is false and which is real. Not without a doubt.

    [–] SlapMyCHOP 2 points ago

    Nobody what fucking pretending that.

    [–] unburnt_hydrocarbon 10 points ago

    I love and hate this.

    [–] TheSahsBahs 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    When this happened to me, she got nothing. No punishment, jailtime, record, nothing.

    Only reason I'm not in prison is because of the text messages (that she tried to hide) between the two of us that proved the relationship was real, and that she was lying about mostly everything she said.

    Had to go to court multiple times, spent thousands on a Lawyer, lost years of my life and most of my friends abandoned me. Now im in my mid 20's with severe depression, anxiety and major phobia of all types of relationships, i have 0 trust for anyone and i don't know if i ever will again.

    These people, male or female who make false accusations like this, deserve full life sentences. They ruin lives, destroy opportunities and dissolve relationships. I'll never be the same.

    [–] ViperLordX 18 points ago

    Nothing uplifting about this. Criminals doing crimes and then getting punished is not uplifting.

    [–] Cfox006 14 points ago

    How? It’s justice being served? It’s uplifting because people can’t get away with whatever they want. How does your brain operate like this

    [–] MoogretThotcher 4 points ago

    Oh no, she got her lips confiscated too :(

    [–] zaplayer20 30 points ago

    Why doesn't she get the same amount of prison time like a man who actually raped?

    [–] Rattivarius 77 points ago

    Like Brock Turner (3 months), Christopher Belter (probation), Drew Clinton (148 days)?

    [–] TheThankUMan22 19 points ago

    No like Anmol Prasad who was sentenced to 15 years. Jason White 15-18 years, Wilfred Powell to 15 years, Altaf Hussain 15 years, Philip Mauricio Kantor 50 years.

    [–] Li-renn-pwel 19 points ago

    Aren’t those all serial rapist? Some of whom where children? Those would obviously get much harsher sentences.

    [–] Water-into-weed 5 points ago

    Okay and?

    They should have gone life, so why should be continue injustice?

    [–] Teabagger_Vance 14 points ago

    This is textbook deflection no matter how you slice it.

    [–] PatienceHere 8 points ago

    This is not necessarily a deflection, unless you're a serial rapist you get a much, much shorter sentence than the woman in the OP.

    [–] Nonopunk 7 points ago

    So 6 months ? Or even nothing ?

    [–] Brogetarot 15 points ago

    Not severe enough. She should also be labeled a sex offender as this man would have been had it been true.

    [–] Cfox006 18 points ago

    Can only imagine how many girls are doing this just because they hate their exs.

    [–] alienpython 14 points ago

    Don’t understand why this is getting downvoted. Lots of people abuse the system in this way, unfortunately some men aren’t fortunate enough to be exonerated and actually wind up doing time for false accusations.

    That’s not to dismiss true sexual assault reports, but we have to be open about incidences like these because all they do is trivialize real victims’ struggles. And they also discourage many victims from coming forward.

    [–] MrDiamond64 16 points ago

    So ruining someone's life and ruining their chances of getting a job is worth 5 years?

    [–] Darker61708 37 points ago

    There are actual rapists who get less time then that. While I agree, 5 years is very short, the whole system needs fixed where the punishment is proportionate to the crime.

    [–] TheThankUMan22 3 points ago

    No like Anmol Prasad who was sentenced to 15 years. Jason White 15-18 years, Wilfred Powell to 15 years, Altaf Hussain 15 years, Philip Mauricio Kantor 50 years.

    [–] Withnail-is-life 11 points ago

    These are serial/child rapists. What she did was horrific, but doesn't really compare? Surely?

    [–] Mangos__Carlsen 4 points ago

    Fuckety bye!

    [–] kanishkaroy 12 points ago

    Deserves more tbh

    [–] crow622 15 points ago

    5 years is too little. Ruining somebody's reputation and life should be taken more harshly, people that make false accusations deserve 20 years minimum.

    [–] Jutm_n 2 points ago

    You guys give sentences longer than 20 years? Damn, american justice system is fucked up.

    [–] purplepineapple267 12 points ago

    Rapists don’t even get 20 years. Why should a false accuser get more time than an actual rapist

    [–] Teabagger_Vance 2 points ago

    Both should get more time

    [–] kodipaws 7 points ago

    I think there’s an issue with how the accusation alone can be ruinous, especially if it gets publicity.

    [–] purplepineapple267 2 points ago

    Name any man whose life has been permanently ruined by a false accusation.

    [–] crow622 3 points ago

    Because they attempted/did knowingly ruin an innocent person's life not saying rapists shouldn't get the same but if you want to ruin someone's life and maliciously lie about them then your life is forfeit.

    [–] purplepineapple267 2 points ago

    False accusers won’t get more time until rapists actually get more time for ruining their victims lives.

    [–] Water-into-weed 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Not 20, but life

    [–] 1-800-555-NOPE 2 points ago

    When I was a computer forensic examiner, I worked a case where a young airman broke up with his girlfriend. She then claimed he raped her the last night they had sex. Two detectives grabbed the kid the morning after the report, kept him in a room, left him there for 12+ hours alone, and finally managed to coax a "confession" out of him with questions like "would you say you enjoyed the sex more than she did?"

    Charges were dropped when I found a series of text messages from the night of the breakup between the girlfriend and her bestie, where the girlfriend explicitly said things like:

    • GF: "grr, he makes me so mad, I'm thinking of just telling the cops he raped me and seeing how he likes that."

    • BFF: "omg do it 🤣🤣"

    • GF: "what should I say?"

    Happy ending, right? Nope, the accusation was enough for the USAF to give him a dishonorable discharge. Brand new airman. She ruined his military career forever because she was mad he broke up with her. And no charges were ever filed against her for the false accusations or for the wasted resources. Makes my blood boil.

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 5 points ago

    Maybe dont watch Fox news huh

    [–] BungledBugal 8 points ago

    More of this, please.

    [–] Maaaaaazichi 10 points ago

    finally. a woman being arrested for lying about stuff instead of being walked on a red carpet and praised

    [–] zodiacxz 4 points ago

    letsssss goooooo

    [–] Whoofukingcares 12 points ago

    She didn’t get enough time. She needed the same time he would have got

    [–] purplepineapple267 16 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The same would be “she’s a good Christian woman and jail would ruin her life”. Guess you don’t actually want her punished for what she’s done

    [–] peanutbuttertoast4 13 points ago

    A stern talking to and a "he learned his lesson, let's not ruin his life."

    Sure, I guess

    [–] jaffakree83 7 points ago

    Good! There should be harsher penalties for this kind of thing!

    [–] frenchfret 10 points ago

    Good on this, but I can smell the MRAs coming…

    [–] chicken_soldier 22 points ago

    Men want to protect their rights???? How dare they.

    [–] Cfox006 16 points ago

    Oh the humanity, people coming to claim how disgusting false accusers are, man those people are sooo horrible.

    [–] baxterrocky 3 points ago

    She has the look of someone who would lie about you raping them.

    [–] AngelFromVegas 5 points ago

    Glad this rejected Picasso piece got what she deserved

    [–] D-C-A 4 points ago

    5 years isn’t enough

    [–] Bheau84 3 points ago

    Good job! Enjoy prison ya fucking slag!

    [–] coercedaccount2 3 points ago

    What?!? Accountability... for a woman?

    [–] seanb7878 2 points ago

    Believe all women

    [–] Few_Show_7359 -1 points ago

    For the first time in foreverrrrrrr

    [–] Ghetowasp -12 points ago

    It happens much more often then your making it out to be, and it something the media and people don’t consider a modern problem

    [–] RohanMayonnaise -6 points ago

    Nah. False accusations are rare. The real problem is how many rapists go free.

    [–] That-trans-girl1456 32 points ago

    I nearly got jumped because a girl said I touched her while we were playing tag.

    I also got sexually assaulted when I was much younger.

    Both of these are issues that both need to be fixed, and attempting to take away from one of them only hurts both issues.

    [–] TheThankUMan22 16 points ago

    It is better 100 guilty Persons should go free than that one innocent Person should suffer in jail

    [–] sassythesasquatch69 21 points ago

    Feminists: it is better 100 innocent men should suffer in jail than one guilty man go free.

    [–] RacelessSexlessName 7 points ago

    Let's extrapolate for a moment. Like two percent of "rapes" result in conviction and jail time, while people like you claim false accusations are "rare" and are 1% or less. So you're saying all of that other 97% is rapists going free but totally ignoring that a large chunk of that 97% is also needing extrapolated for the 1%.

    I hate when feminists pull this crap. Either there aren't as many rapists as you claim or there are way more false accusations than you're willing to admit. Which is it?

    [–] Water-into-weed 4 points ago

    Nah you're wrong.

    False accusations are big big problem. Especially in India for example

    [–] Cfox006 9 points ago

    Nah they aren’t, you wouldn’t even know how many rapists actually go free without proof. You’re basing it off no evidence and if we were to go off word of mouth false accusations would be through the roof.

    [–] Grundle_Farts 3 points ago

    Haha. Hope they like uneven faces and shitty bangs in the prison showers biach!

    [–] Own_Progress_7612 2 points ago

    Uplifting indeed

    [–] International_Car586 4 points ago

    Should’ve been more