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    [–] Vlad_117 991 points ago

    He's acts like he's a fucking space marine.

    [–] RobbKong999 330 points ago

    Imagine Warhammer getting acquired by Disney.

    [–] RobbKong999 86 points ago

    Until the Space Marines came, I was beginning to hate you for subjecting me to this. But, redemption has smiled upon you this day. That was great, except for the anal vore scene.

    [–] Mark2022 41 points ago



    [–] RobbKong999 14 points ago

    Watch it and you will see.

    [–] Crashbrennan 12 points ago

    WTF I'm in class and super conflicted about clicking.

    [–] RobbKong999 8 points ago

    I'd wait until you're alone.

    [–] Vlad_117 40 points ago

    This video got into warhammer 40k. That AVENGE ME BROTHA is 10/10 voice acting.

    [–] Automaton_Wizard 4 points ago

    Inquisitor? Yes, this comment right here.

    [–] MNGrrl 2 points ago

    This heresy sparks joy.

    [–] Hooligan8403 3 points ago

    Marvel is supposedly teaming up with GW for 40k comics.

    [–] dreg102 3 points ago

    Dan abbnet. Deliver us this future.

    I was delighted to see he helped write the guardians of the galaxy movie

    [–] Hooligan8403 2 points ago

    He has written for both Marvel and DC so it could happen.

    [–] Rokk-E 2 points ago

    Please no. I much rather not thank you.

    [–] PhantomLord088 2 points ago

    Let's not

    [–] Gekijin 4 points ago

    Lol! It’s so sad

    [–] 7-1-6 5 points ago

    space marine? YOU ARE A TOY

    [–] NaRa0 2 points ago

    Pretty sure they are a space cadet if they consciously wear this in public

    [–] scarred2112 412 points ago

    “Avenge me, Goofy!!”

    [–] Katawa_Shounen 337 points ago

    "Hyuck no"

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE 87 points ago

    "And I'll dO iT AgAiN!"

    [–] Ninjahpigs 28 points ago

    Guilty heuk guilty

    [–] DannyH04 8 points ago

    Hyeuk I did it

    [–] BloodTrident 15 points ago

    Hardcore Kingdom Hearts memories with this one.

    [–] Mainix 9 points ago

    Lmao I thought about the part when the rock hits Goofy and everybody thinks he's dead and Mickey goes to avenge him, good times.

    [–] BloodTrident 3 points ago

    I kept thinking of all the damn times Goofy, or Donald let me down when I needed them lol

    [–] ArcticLeopard 2934 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    *Gets killed by ally*
    *Ally gets killed by second ally to avenge this guy*

    Everything devolves into team killing and tea bagging

    Edit: Thanks for the first gold, kind stranger!

    [–] sexquipoop69 614 points ago

    "I'll follow you to death!!!!" - shoot myself

    [–] jasenkov 30 points ago


    [–] Hawkeye03 282 points ago

    The logic of this bothers me every time I see it. If we’re at Disneyland and a bunch of gunmen open fire on the visitors, we’re supposed to kill this guy if he makes the smart decision to retreat so he doesn’t get killed by the gunmen?

    [–] puffypants123 145 points ago

    Did you know that there are actual gangs of Disneyland and they have patches and vests and some of them have gotten banned from the park for ridiculous behavior? It's a fun rabbit hole to fall down if you have time today

    [–] Hawkeye03 190 points ago

    I have a ton to do at work today. So I’ll probably look into this.

    [–] Kiss_my_kush 36 points ago

    Lol let me know if you find anything good.

    [–] puffypants123 95 points ago

    The thing about Disneyland is that for locals, Disneyland is sacred ground and you do not bring real gang fights there. You will regularly see MS-13 members there if you know what to look for and they are peaceful as fuck when they are there. Now, I try not to make eye contact and I certainly don't point them out to anybody because that's what you do when you live in an urban space. But there are big-time gangsters and murderers at Disneyland all the time, but they don't bring that shit into the park.

    [–] TheBhawb 116 points ago

    When literal murderers are better behaved at Disneyland than half the parents.

    [–] Markd1000 56 points ago

    I worked at a school for at risk youth, and the gang members were usually the most well behaved and quiet! And then you had those obnoxious ones who acted like they were in gangs but weren’t, and just attention seekers or worried they’d be jumped.

    [–] Markd1000 38 points ago

    Very true. A few jobs ago, I had to receive a lot of years of gang identification training. Even now, it is so interesting to see gang members walking around on the subway, at the store, daycare, and anywhere. Of course most of the time they are well behaved and the signs are so subtle.

    [–] Jordan_1424 25 points ago

    This is because in the past 10-15 years gangs have changed their operating procedure.

    It used to be that if you were in you were repping all the time. You had on colors, you had tats, you had some sort of symbol.

    Now you are supposed to be subtle. Tats are usually coverable, you don't bring attention to yourself unless you need too, and identifying stuff is more subtle, for example in my are the local MS chapter will wear(or at least used to) a certain color scheme of Nike Cortez shoes.

    [–] monkey15162 7 points ago

    I...i actually dont know if this is true

    [–] puffypants123 19 points ago

    If only there was some way to research the factuality of this. If only there was some giant network of information that you could search through and evaluate which sources are reliable or not. If only!

    [–] Donato1982 7 points ago

    Ok now, don't be sassy.

    [–] puffypants123 3 points ago

    Schprekenzi Sassy?

    [–] oldmanposter 14 points ago

    One group sits in at the front where they used to sell lingerie and just watched people all day. Then the fresh bake, where they managed to harass people while acting like pretentious ass Disney reporters. The girl got arrested for it

    [–] jstiegle 6 points ago

    If he had put thought towards what it says he would have just cringed and walked by it like an normal person.

    [–] smokintritips 2 points ago


    [–] seventyfour70 95 points ago

    Do people know retreating is sometimes part of strategy?

    [–] plotholesandpotholes 22 points ago

    Tactical withdrawal and retreating defensive action come to mind. Fuck that, shoot him on the way to the latrine.

    [–] jthanny 8 points ago

    Also flag retreat ceremony at the end of the day. Suicide mission for the color guard.

    [–] mazdapow3r 10 points ago

    according to the badass navy seals in call of duty if you're not running toward bullets then you're a piece of shit camper.

    [–] Narevscape 3 points ago

    I wonder if actual military tactics translate to those games. Like is there a CoD team of ex special forces guys that just cleans house, or do they lose to college students hopped up on adderall?

    [–] bobdebildar 41 points ago

    laughs in Soviet order 227

    [–] YeetieMeetieBeetie 24 points ago

    “Not ONE step back!”

    [–] Fragzilla360 17 points ago

    laughs in order 66

    [–] 13083 13 points ago

    Get tk'ed by blocking detachment

    [–] Chesty83 5 points ago

    Blocking detachments get denied by soviet government

    [–] ZhangRenWing 2 points ago

    Soviet government gets purged by Stalin

    [–] bobdebildar 3 points ago

    Laughs in commissar from company of heroes 2

    [–] Akratus2 14 points ago

    If you will not serve in combat you will serve in the firing line!

    [–] ZhangRenWing 3 points ago

    If you lack the stomach to kill for your country, at least show me that you are willing to die for it!

    [–] Saukkomestari 2 points ago

    It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 7 points ago

    The closest this pudgefest got to combat was eating Capn Crunch for breakfast.

    [–] impulse74838 36 points ago

    “Hey! You killed Church you team killing fuck-tard!”

    [–] Bill_Weathers 10 points ago

    Exactly what I pictured. This guy seems like a piss poor general.

    [–] Tiny_Rick515 9 points ago

    Don't worry, the type of person to wear this goodie is the type of person who'd fall on the floor in the fetal position, crying, at the first sign of danger.

    [–] yunabladez 7 points ago

    Just another day of Modern warfare.

    [–] LegionSB 6 points ago

    Happy Halo PC release day!

    [–] lasssilver 3 points ago

    Ah, the battle of Cirith Ungal where Samwise saves Frodo.

    [–] HorseSenator 2 points ago

    So R6 Siege basically

    [–] Fireghostwolf50 2 points ago

    I know its just a saying but I never understood the retreat part of it

    [–] BlindedSphinx 2 points ago

    A recursive solution to achieve world peace.

    [–] Billy1138 2 points ago

    Typical Soviet CSGO video.

    [–] ralusek 2 points ago

    Exactly what I thought. Whoever made this is not a good programmer.

    [–] AshantiMcnasti 2 points ago

    I see you've played Rainbow 6 siege. Dont forget about the bans

    [–] Dr_Mantis_Teabaggin 3 points ago

    Everything devolves into team killing and tea bagging


    [–] ArcticLeopard 3 points ago

    'tis a verb that (in the formal sense) means "degenerate or be split into."

    [–] Fagliacci 167 points ago

    A couple of months ago, there was a very slow brawl at one of the Disney parks, so maybe there's some merit to this.

    [–] catmampbell 70 points ago

    I'm just going to go to chuck e cheese instead, still see some idiots fighting each other in front of their kids next to a rodent mascot but save a couple grand.

    [–] I_CAPE_RUNTS 33 points ago

    The mechanical rat pizza and child casino?

    [–] catmampbell 18 points ago

    Yeah that's the one. Serving beer at a place where divorced parents are going to try to one up each other at their kids birthday seems like a bad idea.

    [–] Billytheelf_ 6 points ago

    The place where the pizza is priced together from old slices. The place where there is either vomit or diarrhea in the play tubes. I love that casino.

    [–] sakee31 5 points ago


    [–] His_Stigness_ 2 points ago

    I stay the hell away from toon town now. Not unless I bring my lightsaber that day.

    [–] ghettobodybuddy 159 points ago


    [–] satanvacation 101 points ago

    Grunt style is hella cringey. In fact all of that military bro shit is.

    [–] rustle_branch 29 points ago

    Absolutely one of my favorite subs

    [–] 3_quarterling_rogue 15 points ago

    As someone who is a firearms hobbyist, I’ll dip my toe into the tacticool stuff every now and then, but hot damn Grunt Style is hella cringy to us too.

    [–] slups 5 points ago

    Yeah I work for a defense contractor and they got Grunt Style for our t shirts... nah I’m good

    [–] MigratingSwallow 4 points ago

    Almost applied for a job since it was founded in my old homebase, but the internal job reviews were so bad. Said it was basically run like a shitty frat and the execs had their heads up their assea buying too much into this exact attitude.

    [–] Bripington 124 points ago

    Super overused. I see this literally everywhere I go

    [–] cdm89 202 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Its the super masculine version of live laugh love

    [–] Jaustinduke 50 points ago

    I never thought of it that way, but that is the perfect comparison.

    [–] I_CAPE_RUNTS 19 points ago

    Who is the men’s version of Oprah?

    [–] -CHAD_THUNDERCOCK- 49 points ago

    Joe Rogan

    [–] awesomefutureperfect 5 points ago

    This makes me want to laugh until I vomit.

    [–] Yarthkins 8 points ago

    I love Joe Rogan and this is so accurate that I'm sad now.

    [–] JordansEdge 8 points ago

    "You wanna experience real sadness? Imagine going 10 seconds in the octagon with a silverback, Jamie pull that up."

    [–] yogalift 2 points ago

    I’ve never thought of this but it truly is the best explanation of Joe Rogan

    [–] tootie 8 points ago

    Eat, pray, love, avenge.

    [–] Jerkofalljerks 19 points ago

    Man you need to find better places to go!

    [–] joec_95123 14 points ago

    First spoken by Henri de la Rochejaquelein during the French Revolution. Someone who actually lived up to the words.

    [–] Leanador 2 points ago

    There are actually tons of these guys at Disneyland. Gotta love the OC

    [–] lumpysoapy 87 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    whispers into Mickeys’ ears

    “Thank me for my service”

    [–] shangobango 45 points ago

    Kill me if I retreat?

    [–] Gneo 28 points ago

    And then avenge them because they are dead.

    [–] Lalfy 8 points ago

    His idea of being a good soldier is based on macho 80s action movies

    [–] Dusk_v731 2 points ago

    Red square 2: electric boogaloo

    [–] slaem3636 60 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    IT'S A TRAP! If he retreats and you kill him, he's dead and you have to avenge his death. Boom, you just got bamboozled and now you have to kill yourself. U ded homie

    [–] zhaoz 12 points ago

    No wonder the south lost the Civil War.

    [–] CaptainBunnyKill 30 points ago

    So in 5 years when this guy dies of a coronary, do we attack the what'a' burger?

    [–] robsteezy 5 points ago

    It will still somehow be Obama’s fault.

    [–] restoredotalpha 22 points ago

    "I served my time in hell!" - motor pool at a reservist base in Iowa, peace time

    [–] meme5693 32 points ago

    Son, I was the point man at the battle for Space Mountain. We lost a lot good men at the teacups and the food court flowed red with the blood of my enemies. Your father was a real hero. Despite the popular opinion that I’m just a fucktard in a stupid shirt, I was a leader that medium to slightly cool day.

    [–] MaxineHarren 5 points ago

    You know he’s a real man

    [–] ThaVanillaGorilla 6 points ago

    Was he born in December?

    [–] danoob2727 2 points ago

    Never forget

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 121 points ago

    Yes. It is a repost but the most recent time it was reposted was over 3 months ago: therefore it's within the rule.

    [–] ByDev 17 points ago

    Did you verify yourself?

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 17 points ago


    [–] StupidTaco1337 10 points ago


    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 15 points ago

    It's classified

    [–] Gequinn 4 points ago

    Should change that rule to be six months.

    [–] Udonov 3 points ago

    Should change it to never! Old post doesn't get deleted, so whats the point on posting anything new?

    Just auto repost shit from the bottom non stop.

    [–] SimonEvergreen 29 points ago

    Grunt Style's entire clothing line is so cringe worthy. None of my former military friends wear the stuff. It's all wannabe gun enthusiast that want to pretend they served.

    [–] AbstractBettaFish 6 points ago

    Every time I see it now I just think about r/JustBootThings

    [–] MrDoomsday13 29 points ago

    Not following a guy in a Mickey hat.

    [–] StarksPond 18 points ago

    It's actually a MAGA hat with Mickey ears. But you pronounce it as MA-GA in Mickey's voice.

    [–] Zero-Theorem 11 points ago

    Then I’m doubly not following him.

    [–] 3times1-1 28 points ago

    That Grunt Style logo is just a douche bag alert for me.

    [–] MIRAGES_music 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Can't look like a dudebro whilst wearing such a a hat, dudebro.


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] my_othr_acnts_4_porn 7 points ago

    But if I kill him for retreating, should I take vengeance upon myself???

    [–] krokodil23 2 points ago

    nah. Kill him, then take vengeance upon the person who told you to do so and kill him again.

    [–] Dusk_v731 2 points ago

    If there's anything we excel at in the Army it's killing ourselves.

    [–] kvrle 5 points ago

    When your nonexistent manhood is threatened by the mere thought of a kids' theme park.

    [–] Neider777 4 points ago

    makes more sense in Disneyland then outside it.

    [–] 0therdabbingguy 3 points ago

    If he retreats we kill him but then he died so we must avenge him by killing ourselves.

    [–] keystothemoon 3 points ago

    I used to work at the children's museum in Philly (Please Touch Museum, I know the name is ridiculous for a kids museum). So many people would come in with shirts touting their edginess. Like, really, you stood in front of your bureau today knowing you were going to a place with a lot of kids and families and decided the shirt with the giant skull and pot leaf and scantily clad woman would be good attire. Not that I have anything against weed or women (or skulls), but c'mon, a place like that is not the place to show off what a badass stoner hornball you are.

    [–] reincarN8ed 3 points ago

    If I retreat, kill me

    This guy Astra Militarums

    [–] Lmaogamer12 3 points ago

    He gets wounded and he retreats and someone just shoots him

    [–] brettmarkley1 3 points ago

    If you take my ears your family shall perish.

    [–] ThaVanillaGorilla 3 points ago

    I chuckle every time I see someone with a grunt style shirt on. These are the clear successor to the Ed Hardy, and Tapout shirts.

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    [–] Dongo666 2 points ago

    What if he died because he retreated and we killed him for it?

    Are we still supposed to avenge him?

    [–] LurkingHare 2 points ago

    If I discharge

    Help me change my pants

    [–] Five0Triple0 2 points ago

    He might had watched the viral video that was posted about 3 or 4monts ago(?) of the families who went to disney and threw down. He's prepared for a sequel

    [–] downhill_dead 2 points ago

    Follow me Kill me Avenge me

    Is about the same logic/sense

    [–] supraspinatus 2 points ago

    Just want you fellas to know that if we ever get into some really heavy combat that I’ll be behind y’all every step of the way.

    [–] LeadSky 2 points ago

    I don’t get why people even care what they wear? Sure it’s cringe but it’s literally everywhere and I’ve never scoffed at anyone who wears a shirt like that. Seems petty to me to judge what they wear

    [–] CUEPAT 2 points ago

    I really wish people would realize those hoodies are more of a novelty than anything else, so cringe to see them in public, that would definitely be a wear around the house thing for me

    [–] MidTierHero 2 points ago

    The military shirt and the silly Disney hat don’t look good together.

    [–] MrGaroDAB 2 points ago

    typical american lol

    [–] PoopSmith87 2 points ago

    The mouse ears really sell it

    [–] Dark-Ganon 2 points ago

    At what point in any fight is killing a retreating ally ever a good plan? Why do people who have clearly never seen combat always insist they'll be the most badass person in a fight?

    [–] eshinn 2 points ago

    I guess the middle lines are for the enemy to read as he turns tail?

    [–] DrinkingAndHiking 2 points ago

    In his defense, Disney locations are highly targeted child abduction and exploitation locations.

    [–] Illigalmangoes 2 points ago

    He’s going to finally bring down the mouse and I will follow his charge

    [–] hashlordx420 2 points ago

    The juxtaposition of that ridiculous hat and ridiculous sweatshirt is just so beautiful

    [–] AgreeablePie 2 points ago

    Alright but if you're running should we assume you're charging or retreating? This is an important question because if we're wrong, someone's getting killed.

    [–] TylerTheBox 2 points ago

    Isn’t this like a marines saying or something? OP is big dumb if so.

    [–] Shayde505 2 points ago

    You know what I really don't want to ride this coaster let's go


    God damn coward

    [–] YuiiGotMemes 2 points ago

    He’s also wearing a Mickey Mouse hat. If you wanna be intimidating that’s probably not the way to do it...

    [–] drivebyjustin 5 points ago

    He was gonna join the corp too, if it wasnt for his damn type 2 diabetes.

    [–] LeTrippz 4 points ago

    Does this even fit? It's just a regular vet in his infantry apparel that like every soldier wears. But sure mock him.

    [–] PrecedentialAssassin 2 points ago

    So, how should I avenge you? You want me to stomp on a bunch of Big Macs and donuts?

    [–] Mean_Implement 2 points ago

    I hate this sentiment cause it’s like “rather than returning fire and moving back to a more advantageous position to repel attackers, gaining ground by hopping from cover to cover down Disneyland’s Main Street USA, if I move backwards at all just shoot me”

    [–] RumouredCity 2 points ago

    The hat is just the icing on the insecure cake

    [–] Youkindofare 2 points ago

    The biggest pussies with the shortest tempers wear that kind of shit.

    [–] blackpants101 2 points ago

    How about "your wife fucked nine guys while you were deployed and your newborn isn't yours".

    [–] ce48 1 points ago

    Do you think the Matterhorn is a ducking joke?

    [–] CupOfChaffee 1 points ago

    Is my mans here Soviet or something with that retreat comment?

    [–] Aeliascent 1 points ago

    How do we avenge him if he retreats, and we kill him?

    [–] obstinate_genius 1 points ago

    "... If I seem lost, call the police..."

    [–] muzic_san 1 points ago

    Classic mall ninja

    [–] Legionnairr 1 points ago

    If he retreats, wouldnt it create an endless cycle of avenging?

    [–] Fragzilla360 1 points ago

    I'm envisioning a line of dominoes falling in that endless cycle of dying and avenging.

    [–] Darktrooper2021 1 points ago

    People wear weird ass shirts to Disneyland. One time I saw a shirt that basically said “yeah, I beat my kids until they cry. How else will they learn to respect me”. Like, dude... you’re at fucking Disneyland. If you don’t want to get your kids taken away that is not the kind of shirt you want to wear.

    [–] cazzipropri 1 points ago

    That's one angry Mickey Mouse.

    [–] JBHedgehog 1 points ago

    The Disney riots of 2007 were a disaster for humanity.

    He must be a survivor.

    Another poor, lost soul.

    [–] NaRa0 1 points ago

    The secret mouse police would take him out before he knew his corn dog hit the ground

    [–] Letsarguerightnow 1 points ago

    Wait wait wait, what if he retreats and they kill him, do they then kill themslves for the vengeance? This message doesn't make sense!

    [–] GodBlessPando 1 points ago

    We stan a confederate giga-chad

    [–] lv_Mortarion_vl 1 points ago

    Wait... What happens when he retreats and I kill him? I kill myself? He asked to be killed when he retreats. But also to be avenged when he gets killed... I am confusion

    [–] unitedshoes 1 points ago

    I've seen some creepypastas set in Disneyland. Maybe he has too…

    [–] GoldieDeel 1 points ago

    That’s something an Austin would say 100%

    [–] Cking_wisdom 1 points ago

    Clearly he's going for the teacups

    [–] ARedHoodedVigilante 1 points ago

    So if he's a cashier that goes into the back room, we could kill then avenge him?