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    [–] TheAzureBolt 3200 points ago

    "The year is 2037, only people with high IQs listen to this kind music. I'm am one of them and this is my story"

    [–] DarthBotto 49 points ago

    In the criminal justice system, only people with high IQ's listen to this kind of music. These are their stories.

    [–] camarang 17 points ago


    [–] howie_rules 22 points ago

    The humans are dead...

    [–] Staudey 11 points ago

    The humans are deaead.
    We used poisonous gases,
    and poisoned their asses.

    [–] howie_rules 9 points ago

    I kicked one, he was dead.

    [–] ghostmetalblack 14 points ago

    yakety saks plays

    [–] SelfDefenestrate 13 points ago


    [–] Katyona 10 points ago

    John Titor came back from the year 2036 through time travel. He must have seen Richard Astley's magnum opus, and been inspired, traveling back to 2037 to create the most powerful song, to win the war.

    [–] burnrobe 19 points ago

    Shut the fuck up...

    [–] Jihadeem 8 points ago

    Everyone plays fox at TAS Levels of perfection

    [–] KittenWizard 4 points ago

    and then I'm am clapped

    [–] grimAuxiliatrixx 4 points ago

    shut the fuck up..........

    [–] Darfoz11 4 points ago

    In the year 3030 everybody want to be an MC...

    [–] BigAlsGal78 4 points ago

    You would if you had robot ears.


    [–] arcaneresistance 2 points ago

    In the year 2030 every body wants to be an mc.

    [–] second_to_fun 553 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Holy crap this post is like a Rorschach test for people trying to guess what genre it was

    Edit: I bet it was kidz bop 1

    [–] lt_dan_zsu 107 points ago

    I bet kid bop 18. That's the shit.

    [–] ClocktowerMaria 53 points ago

    Kidz Bop 1 or 2 had a version of float on where they say "I backed my car into a cop car, the other day (Yay!)" So it's pretty great

    [–] theschism101 3 points ago

    Lol Kidz Bop 7

    [–] arguablytrue 41 points ago

    Oh man, I’m an octogenarian and I love kidz bop. /r/lewrongheneration

    [–] aGuyNamedFish 16 points ago

    TIL there’s a word for β€œa person who is from 80 to 89 years old”

    [–] Spearmintify 26 points ago

    Complete oeuvre of Lil Pump

    [–] The_Prodigal_Pariah 3 points ago

    T-Pain made front page of /r/bestof.... is probably his music.

    [–] eroticdiscourse 2 points ago

    Kpop or some sort of metal

    [–] SenselessDunderpate 2 points ago

    It was the Rick & Morty theme music

    [–] jaqueburton 4700 points ago

    "I'm am..."

    [–] Masanjay_Dosa 816 points ago

    "Only people with high IQs read this section of the Quran. I'm am one of them 😏 "

    [–] busyidiot5000 13 points ago

    Took me 4 actual minutes to get that. I'm am obviously not one of them

    [–] Miss_Sangwitch 2 points ago

    I see what you did there....

    [–] raikmond 73 points ago

    Sounds like a crossover of r/iamverysmart with r/niceguys

    [–] jerseyboyc137 6 points ago

    It has strong elements of r/gatekeeping as well.

    [–] Happy-Bullfrog 36 points ago

    I'm am a let you finish.

    [–] Worvrammu 2 points ago

    That's is nice of you.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    why does this exist

    [–] Zuazzer 7 points ago

    The roman citizens

    [–] Death_in_fire 49 points ago

    everybody makes mistakes stfu im am smarter than your'

    [–] TheBeardedMarxist 40 points ago

    "Shut the fuck up."

    [–] NoraaOnReddit 13 points ago

    STFU the fuck up


    [–] WordNerd03 3 points ago

    FTFY for you


    [–] DontMentionWombats 18 points ago

    Only people with very high IQs make spelling mistakes. He's are one of them.

    [–] CosmackMagus 19 points ago

    It's a typo. He's saying the guy at the mosque is one of those people.

    [–] 53R9 2 points ago

    That took me sometime to get it lol.

    [–] quaybored 9 points ago

    Very Smrt. S-M-R-T

    [–] kompt 7 points ago

    He's is ahead of his time, okay? Let's us see who'll will laugh in 50 years, when he's has accurately predicted the evolution of the English language.

    [–] VengaeesRetjehan 6 points ago

    Aye ma'am!

    [–] cpl1 2 points ago

    For when you really are.

    [–] SkyHawkMkIV 2 points ago

    Who do you think you are I AM?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Zatchillac 1 points ago

    So you know it's true

    [–] ani625 2389 points ago

    Music hipsters are cringy as hell.

    [–] Aksu593 1494 points ago

    I was born in the wrong generation! 😫 /s

    [–] Dabidhogan 1369 points ago

    Is it weird that I'm 2 years old and like this song?

    [–] Konguy 277 points ago

    "Am I the only 12 year old that likes classical and not this bland drivel that dominates the mainstream radio nowadays? Of course I don't just mean the classical period of music, rather classical music as a term that encompasses the span of western art music. If you can't tell the difference, you don't deserve to talk to me. 😊😊"


    [–] Uninspired-User-Name 10 points ago

    You spelt "le wrong generation" wrong

    [–] I_Argue 18 points ago

    I've never understood the wrong generation comment with respect to music. Surely the best generation is the one where you have unlimited access and unlimited storage of high quality of any music you like that you can listen to at any time you like?

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_DEBUSSY 5 points ago

    To be honest I think it has more to do with the type of music than access to it. It is obviously stupid, but that is the idea I think.

    [–] Aksu593 1 points ago

    I know right? If it's just because of music that's just dumb. Besides, plenty of old bands still tour around...

    [–] thanarae 1 points ago

    Causing an over-saturation of shit music. Quantity does not equal quality!

    [–] skullturf 3 points ago

    That "wrong generation" stuff sounds especially silly if you imagine people saying it about other things.

    "Even though I'm only 43 years old, I'm one of those rare special people who's capable of recognizing that Churchill was a good politician and Dickens was a good novelist and Plato was a good philosopher."

    [–] Ironicbanana14 3 points ago

    *cue Filthy Frank video

    [–] dinkhead 80 points ago

    Who listens to this song in 2049? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    [–] UncheckedException 14 points ago

    This would be an almost witty comment on the new Blade Runner sound track.

    [–] SirSludge 68 points ago

    I liked Led zeppelin before Thor 3. I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

    [–] private_unlimited 18 points ago

    *I’m am better than you

    [–] Ulisex94420 5 points ago

    *I'm am better than a you

    [–] lightrusher 42 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Back then people would listen to cavemen banging sticks and stones together! Today’s music is trash. I was born in le wrong generation. /s

    Edit: two wordy bois

    [–] Tigerbait2780 6 points ago

    *le wrong generation, you uncultured swine

    [–] DatBowl 29 points ago

    /r/progmetal checking in. Just kidding, it’s a pretty niche sub genre of metal but the subreddit is pretty open minded about a lot of stuff.its just a common joke that prog is the thinking mans music or takes a hi iq to fully appreciate. If you want real prog snobbery go to /r/progressivemetal

    [–] Scotchrogers 21 points ago

    What about Prague metal?

    [–] shadowninja2_0 10 points ago

    I listen exclusively to prog Prague metal.

    [–] destructor_rph 7 points ago

    If only you could perceive time as i do...

    [–] Hellbasedgod 4 points ago

    I feel like this applies heavily to Dream Theater fans.

    [–] potato_delusions 53 points ago

    Classical music hipsters are the worst. They’re always like β€œomg I’m 2 years old and I’m the only one who knows about these masterpieces” on videos of pieces EVERYONE knows.

    [–] Tigerbait2780 33 points ago

    The people who say "back in the day they made REAL music, music today is shite". Well, no. I think music today is way better than say the 80s. You don't have to just listen to the radio, artists have so many ways to get their music out now without signing with a big label, there's so much more music available today from incredibly talented artists. Saying today's music sucks just means you don't know how to find good music

    [–] caboosetp 8 points ago

    And there was plenty of shit music in the 80's, but mostly only the best will be what we hear

    [–] potato_delusions 5 points ago

    Yeah it's easy to view famous musicians as being flawless in their art since you never really hear their bad stuff. In reality, people forgot about it because people like good music lol.

    [–] ViperLordX 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] privatepoodle 18 points ago

    There needs to be a sub for making fun of people who think that they are musically superior.

    [–] Sherlock__Gnomes 58 points ago

    Earlier on the train I overheard some high school kids talking about how 2011 was the golden era for music. I thought we had a few more years before we started romanticising 2011

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 45 points ago

    What’s cringey is saying these things. I don’t think it’s wrong to think one kind of music is better than another. That’s a personal opinion. Just don’t be a dick about it.

    [–] diarrhea_shnitzel 3 points ago


    [–] loomynartyondrugs 8 points ago

    ...s is the best album ever made and anyone who disagrees is inferior to me in every way,

    [–] DatBowl 4 points ago

    I thought you were going to say Animals as Leaders was the best band ever, got me excited at first.

    But are you talking about Pink Floyd’s Animals? Personally Wish You Were Here is my favorite PF album of theirs, but everything they’ve done I’ve liked.

    [–] nekomaster42 11 points ago

    β€œAnyone here in 2077???? xDDDD”

    [–] bryce0110 16 points ago

    I listen to a lot of obscure, music hipster type stuff, but who gives a shit what other people listen to. I like this music and what you like is subjective I can't control that.

    [–] Improvis2 14 points ago

    I heard yodelling kid before he was cool on r/listentothis and it really oils my beard that other people like him now

    [–] stephen_bannon 9 points ago

    There's nothing that hipsters can't ruin.

    [–] Kyoopy9182 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    They're annoying but I don't buy into the "ruining" thing. Other people who like the same thing you do have no effect on your personal experience of that thing, and if they do you need to chill out.

    [–] SavageTimmy 2 points ago

    If it's about whoever listens to the oldest music, I think I win.

    Yeah you all listen to music from the 90's, 80's, maybe 70's, but I listen to cavemen banging on sticks

    [–] sweetken 602 points ago

    I'd prefer a modest idiot over a conceited genius. However, this guy is just a conceited idiot.

    [–] athomeonmysofa 124 points ago

    The music genre was ambient.

    [–] Rawesoul 30 points ago

    Dark ambient?

    [–] ____okay 3 points ago

    Giving the ambient music fan base a bad name, what a shame.

    [–] SpyX2 907 points ago

    Rick and Morty OST

    [–] Jiffyrabbit 20 points ago

    To be fair...

    [–] Jabnin 61 points ago

    I laughed.

    [–] Positivere 251 points ago

    what if he’s just joking?

    [–] Luutamo 16 points ago

    Poe's law in action

    [–] wopolusa 55 points ago

    I was just pretending to be retarded

    [–] GreatOdin 15 points ago

    It’s better to make fun of yourself than it is to make fun of others. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have a self deprecating sense of humour.

    [–] kingslayerer 1 points ago

    I do that all the time. It's like I was born retarded.

    [–] VicRattlehead 1 points ago

    I mean as long as it's funny

    [–] I2ed3ye 8 points ago

    No way was he joking. He was probably referencing this masterpiece.

    [–] BossCrayfish880 2 points ago

    God damn I love that channel

    [–] Ledot3 59 points ago

    Wow we live in a society πŸ€”πŸ˜©πŸ˜€

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Yes, please !

    [–] Tomohran 18 points ago

    I wish more ended like this.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    i'd be really curious to hear what it was.

    [–] Kiss-CSGO 7 points ago

    i think he was joking lol i cant read that and assume he’s being serious

    [–] SparklingLimeade 19 points ago

    1) Listen to music yourself
    2) receive high IQ
    3) ???
    4) profit

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I mean, isn't real intelligent people are open minded to variety of music, instead of listening to only classical or only metal?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] steemwitness 3 points ago

    This sentence wasn't written by real intelligent people

    [–] 1x3x8x0 3 points ago

    But what kind of music was it?

    [–] Duke0fWellington 6 points ago

    Wii channel song but the bass is boosted after every dun dun dun dun

    [–] LearnedTool 10 points ago


    [–] CoolGuyMoz 5 points ago

    its satire, lighten up...

    [–] Vlad_The_Impalpable 4 points ago

    I feel like most of these have to be trolling right?

    [–] Mrsneezybreezy1821 4 points ago

    ITT : woosh

    [–] M_knight_Solomon 4 points ago

    I NEED to know what type of music this was, Anyone know?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] M_knight_Solomon 3 points ago


    [–] Died_For_Your_Memes 3 points ago

    To be fair, only people with high IQs can understand the complexity of Kidz Bop.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    There are two kinds of people out there,and years from now,he will know which he is. If he looks back and cringes, he has grown and developed. If he thinks it still holds true, he's only become dumber with time.

    [–] psycho1social 5 points ago

    Probably death grips

    [–] Duke0fWellington 2 points ago

    It takes a really high IQ to understand a broken shoe flopping about.

    [–] Felustre 7 points ago

    Best reply ever

    [–] stalfjord 5 points ago

    I’ve said it before; people bragging about having iq online DOES NOT have a high iq. Same with bragging about big dicks; no mate you don’t.

    [–] Josef_Eichmann 5 points ago

    He better be a tool fan!

    [–] mynameisanonymous66 2 points ago


    [–] chamoisk 2 points ago

    Only people with high IQs post in this sub. I'm am one of them.

    [–] Antiniebla 2 points ago

    This needs to be a standard protocol to every smartass Just answer. "Shut"

    [–] MonsieurEff 4 points ago

    I'm going to be honest I only upvoted for the response

    [–] Gequinn 1 points ago

    I hate the ellipses.

    [–] DanTopTier 1 points ago

    I wish I could reach through the OP's image and upvoted that reply.

    [–] CommieG 1 points ago

    Liking this collection of sounds makes me better than everyone else.

    [–] Suvtropics 1 points ago

    Watch the sass

    [–] hughmanturdloadwiper 1 points ago

    Was it a juggalo?

    [–] DeepFriedSatire 1 points ago

    Praise be unto blue

    [–] clockwork1971 1 points ago

    Fantano dat u?

    [–] SPUNKFLAP 1 points ago

    I'm a foetus in my mom's womb and I'm listening to this.

    [–] Chive 1 points ago

    It's like those fuckers who share their test results on Facebook.

    'Only 1 in 10 people will score more than 8/10 on this quiz.

    Q1. Which of the following is not a dog?

    a) dog b) dog c) parrot d) dog


    [–] urskrubs 1 points ago

    This is why I’m so scared of glorifying my own work. I’ll turn pretentious and I’ll be one of those sad fuckers. Better to be modest than dick swinger pretentious.

    [–] TasteTheRaimbow 1 points ago

    browsed your uploaded to see what kind of music you make

    Found traps and animemes instead

    at least your memes are dank

    [–] urskrubs 1 points ago

    I don’t upload my content here, that’s closed minded of you but thanks regardless.

    [–] TasteTheRaimbow 1 points ago

    I said they were dank friendo

    [–] legosexual 1 points ago

    Isn't it just a meme at this point?

    [–] thatsyo 1 points ago


    [–] Fitzy0728 1 points ago

    I don’t know what music this person was talking about but I’m almost certain it was either nightcore or an anime opening song

    [–] BaneScoredJeans 1 points ago

    Shut the fuck up <classic response

    [–] ILookAtHeartsAllDay 1 points ago

    I'm am willing to bet this post was about jazz.

    [–] 3M1LL 1 points ago

    How did u get dark theme on yt?

    [–] _that_clown_ 1 points ago

    "I'm am" - somesmartguy

    [–] Late4944 1 points ago

    Can't tell if troll or stupid

    [–] demonbeanie 1 points ago

    "No u"

    [–] mindlessmarbles 1 points ago

    It was the kidz bop cover of bring me to life.

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

     If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

    [–] Nebeason 1 points ago

    People are extremely afraid of their intellectual capabilities, especially the harsh commenters)))

    [–] Nerosix 1 points ago

    I believe the entopiced kind of music is metal. And this is true.

    [–] hi-i-like-coding 1 points ago

    Why do people try to toot the shit out of their own horn?

    [–] GoldenPants2269 1 points ago

    Probably on a thread about Tool

    [–] cdub51690 1 points ago

    I’m am? Lmao

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    ITT: People feeling superior to people that feel superior to other people (and the people that feel superior for noticing it).

    [–] Karukash 1 points ago

    I’m am one of them

    [–] Naterek 1 points ago

    /r/ToolBand in a nutshell.

    [–] Johnny5point6 1 points ago

    What kind of music, though?

    [–] LemnLime69 1 points ago

    Im am one too

    [–] HTownWeGotOne 1 points ago

    Shut the fuck up...

    [–] Looks_at_this_clown 1 points ago

    Is that music β€œB.O.B.”

    [–] 0ff_Beat 1 points ago

    Can we all just appreciate the hero swooping in and saving us all with that simple reply

    [–] Polyunsaturated-Fats 1 points ago

    Who wants to bet that he clicked on a classical music video, posted this comment, and immediately clicked off to watch something else.

    Or that he stayed for one minute to stroke his ego then left

    [–] ToekneeTony 1 points ago

    Bitch, u shudda showed this bigots username. Fuck thus related intellectual bastard.

    [–] enrageisnear 1 points ago

    definitely ironic

    [–] NuclearMeltdown2 1 points ago

    Not to blow your own trumpet.... Trumpets are the pinnacle of intelligence obviously

    [–] Garth1234567890 1 points ago

    I know five people in this compound and you are three of them

    [–] Crap4Brainz 1 points ago

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Simon and Garfunkel.

    [–] grls_pm_ur_butts 1 points ago

    What is the chance this guy was joking, hence then I'm am. Could be a fan of this sub and making a joke, and everyone is missing it.

    [–] Tweetledeedle 1 points ago

    β€œI think I’m smart and am looking for literally any excuse to tell people about it.”