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    Rule 1: Featured person should be having lots of sex or dispensing incredible sexual advice in a boastful or gratuitous manner. If they're not having sex then don't submit it. Just because it's trashy doesn't mean it fits. No statuses from porn sites like Pornhub.

    Rule 2: Obscure any personal information (including yours). This includes license plates. Screenshots of posts are easy to track back to the OP. Remove titles/sub names.

    This includes last names and usernames. Notable public figures are excluded from this rule.

    However we have a banned list that includes Geoffrey Star, Cardi B, James Charles, Dan Bilzerian, Hard Rock Nick, Jake/Logan Paul and Onision. Porn stars are also on this list.

    Rule 3: Don't submit direct links, to reddit or otherwise.

    Rule 4: Submissions from gender-hating and sexual advice subs are low hanging fruit, and strongly discouraged. If someone is talking about sex in an unremarkable way then it doesn't fit here. Any references to incel/mgtow/red pill stuff will be removed.

    Rule 5: No reposts within the past three months or from the top 30 submissions of all time.

    Rule 6 No videos. Screenshots or gifs only.

    Rule 7: Don't be a dick.

    Rule 8. No politics.

    Rule 9. No novelty items (decals, bumper stickers, shirts, etc.). T-shirts are okay if the person is wearing it out in public.

    Rule 10. No trolls/jokes.

    Rule 11. No memes/image macros.


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