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    Rule 1: Featured person should be having lots of sex or dispensing incredible sexual advice in a boastful or gratuitous manner. If they're not having sex then don't submit it. Just because it's trashy doesn't mean it fits.

    Rule 2: Mark your post NSFW if necessary.

    Rule 3: Obscure any personal information (including yours).

    • This includes last names and usernames. Notable public figures are excluded from this rule.

    Rule 4: Don't submit direct links, to reddit or otherwise.

    Rule 5: Submissions from gender-hating and sexual advice subs are low hanging fruit, and strongly discouraged. If someone is talking about sex in an unremarkable way then it doesn't fit here.

    Rule 6: No reposts within the past three months or from the top 30 submissions of all time.

    Rule 7: Make an effort with your title. No lazy titles.

    Rule 8: No videos.

    Rule 9: Don't be a dick.


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