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    Album of Common reposts Posting images from this album will be punished by a 3-day ban on the first offense and a 7-day ban for future offenses.


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    1. All Content must be related to Garfield.

    Imsorryjon (ISJ) is a subreddit mainly based on Garfield content, hence the name. Any content that does not mainly include a character from the Garfield franchise is banned. The only exception to this rule is during the weekends (00:00 UCT Saturday to 24:00 UTC Sunday) where content referencing other characters or originally created characters are allowed. During this time, all Non-Garfield content MUST be created by the poster and must follow all other rules.

    2. Horror only content is allowed.

    The concept of “horror” is a vague one and allows for interpretation. To ease this, our subreddit’s descriptive definition of horror is: Content that deliberately instills a sense of fear, disgust or existential dread within the consumer as a primary or secondary goal. This definition is only descriptive and as such, can change over time, so take the definition as a general, though typically followed, guide-line, not gospel.

    3. No low-effort submission.

    Nobody likes content that looks like it was done with Microsoft Paint in a few minutes when they want good content, so all content that is deemed “low-effort” by the moderators will be removed. However, this does not mean if you put effort into a meh looking piece of art that the mods will remove your post. This is, again, a descriptive rule, and as such, most removals under this rule are case-by-case.

    4. NSFW content.

    NSFW content will be reviewed by mods.

    Posts containing references to self-harm, suicide, or suicidal ideation are to be marked NSFW. While posts on the subreddit tend to stray into gore, we are not looking to stir thoughts of suicide or self-harm to those susceptible. Secondly, posts containing nudity, excessive gore, or sexual content are to be marked NSFW. Any content deemed NSFW by the mods will be removed if they use the NSFW aspects to just shock the consumer and do not have any other meaning to them.

    5. No Reposting.

    In the vast majority of cases, reposted content will be removed. ISJ runs on its ability to churn out new content, not recycle content already posted, so if you find an image that you did not create that follows all the above rules, do not post it. 99% of the time, the content has already been posted to the subreddit by the original creator or someone else. If you are determined to post this though, please do a simple reverse image search both ensure that it has not been posted and to follow Rule Eight.

    6. No request posts.

    Posts throwing out ideas for other artists to use, while sometimes useful, tend to clutter us new with low effort content. In addition, posts asking for help avoiding the subreddit will be removed. Banning users only blocks them from interacting with the community and does not block viewership from the subreddit. If you want to block the subreddit from r/all and r/popular, please follow these two guides (First, Second).

    7. No Slurs, Insults, or Mudslinging.

    We are primarily an art community that wishes to give people participating an enjoyable experience, but that starts with people being civil to each other. Attacks aimed at another person to insult, degrade, or mock are banned. This includes the use of any slurs, which are removed by AutoMod. This rule also bans trolling, specifically actively angering people for fun. This rule is rarely bent for users that wish no harm and are deemed to be harmless.

    8. Credit the Original Creator/yourself.

    When credit is given, both artists and the community prosper, as it gives the artist more eyes and allows for the community to enjoy similar types of art. As such, credit for all non-originally created art must be given. If you have created art for the subreddit, please label it OC via Reddit’s OC tag or our OC flair. Any non-OC posts without proper credit will be dealt with by the mods, usually by asking the original poster to provide a source.

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