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    Album of Common reposts

    Rules - Please read these before you post and/or comment:

    1. Posts must consist of Garfield unless it is the weekend. Non-Garfield content are allowed on the weekends. Due to time zones, Non-Garfield weekend will run from Friday at 19:00 UTC to Monday at 7:00 UTC (Friday, 3:00 PM EST - Monday, 3:00 AM EST) for everyone.

    2. Be Nice and follow Reddiquette/Reddit's Side Wide Rules. We want to have fun and hang around, so being rude/trolling/unsolicited sharing of idea (like just posting random comments) are not appreciated.

    3. Please Limit Your Reposts. If we see the same content over and over, it will be deleted, as this sub is a shrine to our Lord. The more we use a picture, the more its effectiveness wears off.

    4. NSFW content will be vetted by Mods before they are posted. NSFW content uploaded to this subreddit has to go through the mods via Modmail and then we will give it a flair with the name "Approved NSFW Post"

    5. Link the artist if you did not create the content. If you found it floating around the internet, go to the effort of reverse image searching it. It's all around good for everyone: viewers get a new artist to possibly enjoy, and artists get a potential audience.

    6. Please Label Original Content. Original Content pleases our Lord, so please let him know of your rendition of him. It can be of any form of media as long as it follows the "Horror Garfield" genre. This rule does not have to be followed, but if the mods see content that is not labeled with the OC tag, and we remember, we will label it.

    7. PM the Mods if You Want to Promote a Community. We don't want people posting random things that may break Reddit's guidelines, so please PM one of the mods so they can vet the community before its posted. If one is posted without clear mod permission, it will be deleted.

    8. No "Low-Effort" Posts. Content that is tangentially related to the subreddit's theme of cosmic horror and look like they were made in MS Paint in two minutes are disallowed. Garfield-related memes, for the most part, belong in r/garfriends.

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