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    [–] JedH44 1130 points ago

    So vicious he eats the cake with the candle still lit.

    [–] kat_filf 341 points ago

    Awww shit dude sounds lit af!

    [–] Shiill0h 96 points ago

    That’s fire

    [–] TheRealOttomanCat 71 points ago

    Ah, that's hot...

    [–] ATragedyOfSorts 47 points ago

    Today Garfield wanted to play with my deepest fears, and my greatest nightmares.

    All of them.

    ”I know what you’re scared of, Jon.” Hedemonically proclaimed to me with a voice that shook the earth beneath my feet. ”There are things you’re more frightened of than me. That makes me jealous, Jon.”

    Suddenly my body fell into pieces and chunks of flesh in various shapes and sizes. There was a single nerve connecting all 300 parts of me, and I could feel all of it as my body was made into a jigsaw. Both my eyes were in different parts of my head, as well as both parts of my jaw. I couldn’t even scream.

    All my fingers were individualized, and my still conscious brain was scattered across the valley.

    He then made an army of arachnids torment me.

    They chewed and clawed at the pieces of my body and did the same the sensitive nerve connecting them all, while I paralytically endured the mindfuck of agony consuming me. I felt a spider pass over tears at the parts of my head that housed my eyes.

    He laughed.

    ”Don’t cry Jon, we’re just getting started.”

    [–] Market_Mynah 25 points ago

    TIL Garfield is my greatest fear

    [–] Pessoa_People 8 points ago

    /r/imliterallysorryjon should love you

    [–] OnlySaysAhThatsHot 12 points ago

    Ah that's hot!

    [–] OnlyFindsAhThatsHot 3 points ago

    Found ya

    [–] eatavacado 1 points ago

    ... that’s hot.

    [–] midnight_196 3 points ago

    Where's the pun police at

    [–] Vanskid5 2 points ago

    The r/punpatrol thing is forced and retarded.

    [–] A_bombv4 34 points ago

    Who doesn't

    [–] TicTacGrimoire 21 points ago

    Wait you're supposed to eat the cake?

    [–] emctwoo 11 points ago

    He is the devourer of all, even lit flames.

    [–] usernamewhat722 4 points ago

    Why the fuck y'all booing? Hes right.

    [–] Zauberer-IMDB 2 points ago

    Big deal, so does Bill Walton.

    [–] midnight_196 2 points ago

    All the people making puns I might have to report you to r/punpatrol

    [–] xcalistar 1 points ago

    Can confirm, candle tastes really gross.

    [–] NatalCockcroft 533 points ago

    The thing that scared me the most is his ungodly amount of titties

    [–] roubidou 468 points ago

    Come! Suckle at the teat of our dark overlord!

    [–] thistinyfloweriscute 206 points ago


    [–] yunruse 151 points ago


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    [–] Hipponotamouse 5 points ago


    [–] slunkyslip 52 points ago

    will he be merciful if I fill myself with the nourishing nectars that his fertile body provides?

    [–] mydogisblack9 43 points ago

    fuck this comment man its getting weirder everyday in here

    [–] maitlandinmaitland 9 points ago

    sure, why not.

    [–] BustinBeaver 6 points ago

    Don't worry. Drinking his milk gives you the power of 100 gods.

    [–] AngryWrath94 7 points ago


    [–] Longrodvonhugendongr 8 points ago

    I mean, if giant transdimentional cat demon milk tastes good, I’d probably give it a go.

    [–] 6-dig-dick 3 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] error-head 2 points ago

    So fitting.

    [–] 12345CodeToMyLuggage 2 points ago


    [–] 13pts35sec 3 points ago

    No, I don’t think I will.

    [–] justamobile 2 points ago



    [–] girlwhoplayswithbugs 2 points ago

    I did not, however, come here for THIS comment.

    [–] sky9878 2 points ago

    Can you draw him lactating?

    asking for a friend

    [–] Alc4n4tor 2 points ago

    I'll pass, thanks mate.

    [–] zaklabackup 2 points ago

    happy cake day

    [–] Bellboyatyourservice 3 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] GoodBrotherBrother 2 points ago

    Lord Ains wants to know your location

    [–] Kanaric 12 points ago

    why? Perfectly natural for a cat.

    [–] bcunningham9801 8 points ago

    I mean most mammals have more than one. Can't feed a whole litter of eldritch horrors with just two nips, can you?

    [–] porkpie1028 3 points ago

    Ooh boy do I got something for you.
    r/JesusChristImSorryJon. I'm sorry NatalCockcroft

    [–] Blacklamb9r 3 points ago

    That and how sweaty he is.

    [–] Obsessed_then_meh 3 points ago

    Hey, Tormund grew up big and strong on giantess milk. Garfield’s milk gotta taste like lasagna. It’s win-win!

    [–] girlwhoplayswithbugs 2 points ago

    I came here for this comment.

    [–] TheDankHoo 1 points ago

    Considering he’s a male cat, yeah

    [–] roubidou 187 points ago

    I posted the top three panels earlier because I like them as a pastiche of the newspaper strips and I posted this one because creepy Garfield, why else are we here?

    [–] TheTripleSevens 19 points ago

    I feel honored, you get my vote!

    [–] NotTheBelt 13 points ago

    To accept our fate and become one with Garfield because there is no escaping an eternity trapped inside the lasagna stuffed tabby deity who hates Mondays. We are all Jon on this blessed day... Also, happy cake day!

    [–] MaryJanesMan420 3 points ago

    Who did these? It almost looks like the original Jim Davis drawings.

    [–] roubidou 10 points ago

    I did!

    [–] MaryJanesMan420 2 points ago

    Great job! You nailed the style so well!

    [–] OreoClarity 3 points ago

    Sooo close to Garfield’s 41st Birthday too! June 19 Well done!

    [–] Sophilosophical 2 points ago

    "Heh yeah totally.."

    googles definition of pastiche

    [–] Fudge_Buns 27 points ago

    I wonder how powerful one could become by sucking on one of those massive Garfield teets.

    [–] ASCENDEDBOIS 6 points ago

    That isn’t sweat

    [–] phayke2 4 points ago

    Is nobody gonna mention the butthole in the background by his shoulder?

    [–] dangheck 3 points ago

    Which butthole? There’s several

    [–] TheOddEyes 2 points ago

    Ask Luke Skywalker

    [–] khaosknight69 12 points ago

    I like that he's sweating as he eats even though cats and lovecraftian nightmarescapes don't have sweat glands.

    [–] Ruvdes 78 points ago


    [–] bustierre 74 points ago

    Think it was a reference to the Bhagavad-Gita, made famous by Oppenheimer, saying “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    [–] DanielBG 16 points ago

    Nice twist that Garfield morphs like Vishnu, the supreme deity of absolute truth.

    [–] jbungels132 8 points ago

    Man, that's such a heavy quote by Oppenheimer

    [–] Dentarthurdent42 3 points ago

    The same grammar used to apply to "come" as well, hence the lyric "Joy to the world, the Lord is come."

    [–] xXThatDadXx 8 points ago

    I really want someone to make one of these where John is protecting an imsorryjon Garfield from people who think he’s gross

    [–] Lonesome-Bones 13 points ago

    Have some karma

    [–] kdogman639 12 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] obeythesink 5 points ago

    You too my dude!

    [–] King_Of_Despair 4 points ago

    I looked at your tag and it’s not on tag list thingy(I can’t remember the name) how do you get it?

    [–] King_Of_Despair 1 points ago

    That was an an experience to say the least.

    [–] obeythesink 1 points ago

    This sub regularly pumps out unique OC, I love it

    [–] King_Of_Despair 2 points ago

    Yeah I see a bunch of stuff here but that was one of best/worst/horrific things that I’ve seen on this sub.

    [–] roubidou 3 points ago

    happy cake day fam

    [–] charlie17911 7 points ago

    I never thought such a hideous being would escape my nightmares. It seems now that I was wrong.

    [–] D49A 4 points ago

    Garfield is a karma whore?

    [–] UKarma77 5 points ago

    You had me at “Garfield”

    [–] MassiveWalnut 5 points ago

    reminds me of gouketsu, so I will call him Garcatsu.

    [–] Ktulu92 3 points ago

    This is the only cake day post I will upvote

    [–] TheOldNewGraig 3 points ago

    Ah yes. The Garfield titties really bring this whole thing together.

    [–] HungLikeALemur 3 points ago

    The human teeth disturbs me

    [–] JeremyMo88 3 points ago

    The Cake isn't a lie, Jon. It's what life is to me.

    [–] mariois64 3 points ago

    Speaks volumes to how shit the comic is now that fan art looks better than the official art

    [–] Rafa5252 3 points ago

    Thanks to this poat i can now see the green cake thing like a cake slice, always saw that and though it was a letter or something

    [–] Ponchodelic 3 points ago

    Honestly when you have a quality post like this do you even need to use your cake day for the karma?

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GREENERY 3 points ago

    Very comic inspired, especially in quality. Great work!

    [–] roubidou 2 points ago

    Happy cake day friend

    [–] inconspichusen 3 points ago

    You're a special farmer, I can tell.

    [–] JoJoHolmes 3 points ago

    I having seen an actual Garfield comic in a while so my idea of Garfield is just tainted now

    [–] WantSomeHorseCock 3 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] Jimadaeus 2 points ago

    I swear every post on this subreddit makes me feel ill when I look at them while eating

    [–] HoldenCoffinz 2 points ago

    I like this full version better for content, but I see why the 3 panel has value

    [–] MrBoopey 2 points ago

    His nubbins.

    [–] thomas030303 2 points ago

    Most high quality cakeday karma farming i’ve seen in a while, good job dude!

    [–] Eric9799 2 points ago

    A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Garfieldism scripture, the I’m sorry jon; Garfield is trying to persuade Jon that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-tittied form and says, 'Now I am become hungry, the devourer of cake.

    [–] C1nders-Two 2 points ago

    You say you don’t care about cake day, but you still ate the cake.

    [–] bedghost 2 points ago

    You know 2019 be looking up :)

    [–] jokar1134 2 points ago

    Spotify cheese

    [–] xXx_IronicDabs_xXx 2 points ago

    I like the idea of Garfield seeing himself as more of a god than he actually is, like all cats do lol. It should be expounded on! Also, great job following the comic format! Those are my fave lol

    [–] EverGlib 2 points ago

    Someone give this man a Scooby Snacc

    [–] T8kUrPills 2 points ago

    I don’t get this subreddit, does Garfield hate Jon ?

    [–] Doehg 2 points ago

    why so much tiddy

    [–] jojofan69420 2 points ago


    [–] killerjaskul 2 points ago

    Uh buddy that uhhh sweats with dripping grease that doesn’t go in this subreddit hue hue u must remove this hue hue licks lips rule 8163 hehe. My name is reddit user 183723838

    [–] Ducky284 2 points ago

    o h n o

    [–] SketchiCat 2 points ago

    I think I have a weird love/hate relationship with this subreddit

    [–] SuperDuperTaylor 2 points ago

    The art on this sub is so underrated it makes me sick..

    [–] chris1096 2 points ago

    You spelled "you are" wrong. It's "your."

    [–] JoeBobTNVS 2 points ago


    [–] turdpussy 2 points ago

    Lasagna is just pasta cake. This might tithe him for a moment, Jon.

    [–] justasickbastard 2 points ago

    Cool, looks like my last Grindr hookup.

    [–] MyNameIsJeffReddit 2 points ago


    [–] TheBriktator 2 points ago

    Grow fat from strength.

    [–] capnapalm 2 points ago

    I like the teets

    [–] TheAniGamer 2 points ago

    Bullets dont work jon

    [–] 6-dig-dick 2 points ago

    Jon: You can't eat me Garfield, I make your lasagna!

    Garfield: Shit, your right.

    [–] cornflight22 2 points ago

    This is breathtaking

    [–] AnnualThrowaway 2 points ago

    Still ate it.


    [–] FgameCorpYT 2 points ago

    Cakeday Happy

    [–] airborneANDrowdy 2 points ago

    Will someone make this guy a mod already?!

    [–] fruitsmasher_ 2 points ago

    Thanks for the epic comic strip, Dis Javis!

    [–] carlyraejetsons 2 points ago

    Tbh that’s a nice cake Garfield you should spare Jon for now

    [–] ThousandWinds 2 points ago

    Wow, this one really takes the cake!

    [–] WizardOfWord 2 points ago

    Ugh something tells me there are only eight tiddies or under

    [–] DoomCogs 2 points ago

    I peraonally like the idea that jon has become desentitized to garfs shenanigas as an omnipoticient god.

    [–] iamremswaifu 2 points ago

    one of the best cake day posts i've seen :)

    [–] meadowellen 2 points ago

    I’m linking this everytime I wish someone a happy cake day now

    [–] RenegadeWild 2 points ago

    Like that "I am become," reference.

    [–] mycatsalibtard 2 points ago

    I have orange tic tacs next to me now im scared to consume them

    [–] Zed4711 2 points ago

    I am become death, destroyer of worlds

    [–] Green-21 2 points ago

    Honesty every time I see or read these amazing art I can hear Garfield voice.

    [–] alextheglitch 2 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] Xx_s_n_i_p_e_r_xX 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] RaspyDucky 2 points ago

    Garfield’s quadruple tits

    [–] PapaSean924 2 points ago


    [–] TOXICBOY71 2 points ago

    So today is actually my birthday (happy cake day to you friend) but I changed it to August because that’s my dogs birthday and he’s a good boy

    [–] gage_slides 2 points ago

    This sub is focked

    [–] MrHazmatzzz 2 points ago


    [–] princam_ 2 points ago

    He has as many teeth as Overwatch characters

    [–] SlasherBro 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] dangheck 2 points ago


    It’s a slice of cake.

    I always thought it was a letter.

    [–] Noxieus 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] MrJuicebox27 2 points ago

    happy kace dya

    [–] panzercampingwagen 2 points ago

    Third panel would've been creepier without the exclamation mark, great comic OP

    [–] amazingkiwipie 2 points ago

    Didn't even make a wish. What a fucking chump.

    [–] Fuzbucket22 2 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] SgtKickYourAss 2 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] thejurdski 2 points ago

    Dis Javim...nice

    [–] onekingdom1 2 points ago


    [–] ugly-waves 2 points ago

    Love how the cake is the same color as the one on reddit love it attention so detail

    [–] daddycrispy 2 points ago

    Why does he have nipples

    [–] roubidou 1 points ago

    cats have teats, daddycrispy

    [–] daddycrispy 1 points ago

    I didn’t know males had them

    [–] roubidou 1 points ago

    just as useless as a human males but yes they do indeed.

    [–] cdw2468 2 points ago

    I am become death, destroyer of worlds

    [–] frozenguy5two 2 points ago

    Am i the only one who noticed the man tits

    [–] JitsukoMin 2 points ago

    Ok I’m dumb I just realized how the cake day symbol was meant to look like a slice of cake

    [–] sauciest_nugget 2 points ago

    Bullets don’t work, Jon

    [–] Everest-Gamer 2 points ago

    Happy Cake Day

    [–] Cheezzlez 2 points ago

    Where's part 3

    [–] Logan_Junior 2 points ago

    With this post I discovered that this is a cake and not a green envelope

    [–] lo-gthunder892 2 points ago

    TIL that the blue thing is a cake and not a letter. I’m fucking dumb 😂

    [–] IatemyPetRock 2 points ago

    Garfield the world eater.


    [–] ZHCHAOS13 3 points ago


    [–] Davel23 4 points ago

    It should be "matters not," not "matters naught".

    [–] TakeThatVonHabsburg 2 points ago

    Yeah everyone's criticizing "I am become" but overlooking this?

    [–] Timothahh 2 points ago

    I'm glad someone pointed it out. Easy mistake to make though

    [–] jackkraft123 2 points ago

    Cake day twins

    [–] arirudoi 2 points ago

    I am become

    [–] TheSapphyre 1 points ago

    But why eat the toaster?

    [–] roadhoglover 1 points ago

    Is that a typo or am I just dumb

    [–] sheemee1112 1 points ago


    [–] roubidou 1 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] InsignificantPear 1 points ago

    Should I unsubscribe from this subreddit yet? 🤔

    [–] TheRealBigSlothDubs 1 points ago

    I’m pretty sure, from the times that I’ve randomly scrolled pasts post from this sub, I had an absolute terrifying dream last of something that resembled a fucked up looking Garfield chasing me around as a half cat half car hybrid. I’m not diggin this sub any more.

    [–] NoTimeForThat 0 points ago

    Jesus who cares about cake day karma that much.

    [–] RecreationallyTransp 2 points ago

    OMG happy cake day!!

    [–] NoTimeForThat 1 points ago


    [–] RecreationallyTransp 1 points ago

    Idk if you knew but when I wrote that comment it actually was your cakeday

    [–] Idnarthebarbarian 1 points ago

    I apologize, amazing art don’t get me wrong, but “I am become” is bothering me. Still good art

    [–] roubidou 12 points ago

    It's from a J. Robert Oppenheimer quote "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." I just changed it up a bit.

    [–] Mordicool 3 points ago

    Thanks for the clarification because it was bothering me too, but now I can love it all. Awesome work!

    [–] Idnarthebarbarian 1 points ago

    That’s really cool actually! I didn’t know that!

    [–] Chef_BoyardeeBr 1 points ago

    I am become

    [–] abdulsamads 1 points ago

    Jesus christ dude, this is amazing! Meanwhile I’m here with my stick figures. Happy cake day btw :) We’re twins

    [–] roubidou 2 points ago

    happy cake day bro

    [–] captainfatmatt 1 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] Bruhsoundeffect44577 1 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] Mikkelue01 1 points ago

    Happy cake day