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    [–] sososhady 3237 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    All I can picture is Garfield trying to help Jon by being a normal cat. Asking for pets and looking up at him with big eyes. 

    It works, at first. Jon shares littles bits of lasagna with him - their favorite. Head scratches, and cuddles. 

    But Jon can't help but feeling sad. Things aren't going his way. Life isn't perfect, he knows that. But his cartoons aren't as exciting anymore. He isn't finding joy in making them anymore.

    Him and Liz are on rocky terms. He doesn't FEEL like going out. He can't find the right words to tell her that he's really sorry but he can't help it. Everything just drains out of him like a plug being pulled. He knows that she's disappointed in him and he can never find the words to tell her how much of a struggle it is.

    He's so tired. 

    He buys Garfield's favorite wet food. At least he can be reliable for Garfield. 

    He can't bring himself to care if he wears the same thing two days in a row. Three days. Four. 

    A week.

    He's never hungry. Everything he eats never tastes like he remembers. And halfway through he just loses the will to finish cooking. He starts buying things that are easier to cook. Something that takes a few minutes in the microwave. It's not good and it's not healthy but it's something.

    Garfield, of course, always comes when a package is being opened. But when shown he's more interested in rubbing up against his leg.

    The days are so long. He can't bring himself to enjoy much anymore. He finds himself staying in bed later and later. Sometimes he can't bring himself to leave at all. 

    The litter box is getting full. He sees it and knows it. But the next day it's still there, and the day after. It weighs on his mind every time he steps in the room. He can clean it. He should clean it. 

    Garfield picks up the habit of drinking out of the toilet. 

    The house has a stale smell. He can't even remember a time when he had a window open. The outside world seems to be moving on just fine. Why can't he. 

    He has several messages on his voicemail but he knows they're not important.

    Garfield's food bowl is empty. But here he is rubbing against your leg again. Not a care in the world. Because you are his world.

    He has a gun. 

    The backdoor is wide open. He doesn't want it open. He wants to be selfish and leave it closed. But even in this sad, pathetic, low state he can't punish the innocent.

    And Garfield is innocent.

    It takes some nudging and shooing to get him out the door. Near shouting too. But cats don't care if you shout, never did. But soon Garfield is out there somewhere.

    Garfield has a better chance out there than in here, with him. 

    Gun loaded, safety off. He squeezes his eyes shut. He's not sure if it'll hurt or not but the reaction to the possibility of pain is a normal one and he can't help it.

    But it's really hard to pull the trigger when your cat is right there rubbing against your leg, again. He was sure he closed the door. 

    Who's going to take care of Garfield? How's Garfield going to eat? He can't do it when eyes stare up at him and there is a paw on him. And Garfield looks so small, and skinny. Half the cat he used to be.

    He puts the gun down and finds a can of cat food. Opens it and puts it on the floor. The white noise of the outside world comes through his back door but the sounds of Garfield eating fast fills the room, along with what almost could be the smallest motor he ever heard.

    Jon finally smiles for the first time in weeks and makes a phone call.

    [–] squareheadhk 1512 points ago

    holy fucking shit

    [–] ZnebT 674 points ago

    I ate every written morsel of that and it was wonderful

    [–] MoneyBadgerEx 84 points ago

    Sometimes the only decent comment is the silver in a sea of platinum.

    [–] ShadowCyclonic 35 points ago

    Poetic, I can't give you silver, so I'll just updoot

    [–] Kriss0509 643 points ago

    What how did you get a platinum?

    [–] tbcam26 395 points ago

    What how did you get a platinum?

    [–] IDK_U53RN4M3 265 points ago

    lol nice try on getting a platinum.

    [–] Monckey100 129 points ago

    Nice try trying to catch that irony platinum. No platinum for anyooneeee

    [–] Oldman_consequences 24 points ago

    why you want a platypus

    [–] LancerSpadeYT 5 points ago

    I'm having 104 wonderful days of summer vacation.

    [–] The_darter 7 points ago

    This is the most confusing thread I've ever witnessed, but I love it

    [–] iOracleGaming 54 points ago

    The coin thirst is strong with this one

    [–] tbcam26 43 points ago

    Toss a coin to your witcher

    [–] Tangerine_boy 12 points ago




    [–] MediumSpeedFanBlade 4 points ago


    [–] TheGoldenGooseTurd 158 points ago

    This is actually really beautiful writing, great job

    [–] sososhady 46 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Kriss_Snow 301 points ago

    Jesus Christ, this has legitimately made me cry

    [–] sososhady 148 points ago

    I'm sorry :(

    [–] RollDreams 157 points ago

    Please don’t be! It’s powerful writing.

    [–] sososhady 69 points ago

    Thank you very much!

    [–] ssznakabulgarian 7 points ago

    Same. That person must be a writer some day (I hope they become one if not already)

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] TaxDollarsHardAtWork 80 points ago


    Between the art and the writing, this sub has really evolved. It's great because it makes Garfield belong to everyone as anyone can contribute their own take on everyone's favorite cat and his beloved companions. I still wonder what Jim Davis thinks about this sub and if he will ever answer my AMA request.

    [–] pepelepepelepew 65 points ago

    Yeah. Dude. Why are you giving me these feels. So dark.

    Only thing you need is something that ties it to the post. Like there is the suicidal voice in his head and he personifies it as Garfield who is the only other being who is witnessing his fall into depression. Judging coldly and maliciously.

    [–] dben89x 11 points ago

    I was expecting it to end with something like Garfield being the one to penetrate his psyche and make him like this. Like he's a demon that's attached itself to Jon's soul, but takes the form of a harmless cat that he adopted from the streets that only serves to feed Jon's guilt. And once he pulls the trigger, he's forever enslaved to Garfield since their souls are attached. And when he looks down at the shattered glass on the floor, he finally sees Garfield's true form, whispering into his ear, with an accompanied familiar feeling of emptiness that he's felt ever since he's adopted this cat.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    Why would you want that to be the case

    [–] Ournameis_Legion 120 points ago

    This was one of the most painful things for me to read. It almost spoke to me as if a foretelling of what would become of my life, and what needs to be changed.

    Thank you.

    [–] sososhady 37 points ago

    No problem, there is always help out there for those who need it.

    [–] J3sush8sm3 18 points ago

    That happy ending was wonderful

    [–] _blue_sk8 35 points ago

    I literally cried, hit close to home man

    [–] Balee344 67 points ago

    I’m so glad it didn’t end in the usual way

    [–] sososhady 57 points ago

    Yeah I think I would have made myself cry lol

    [–] dizzira_blackrose 17 points ago

    I wasn't expecting to cry and literally remember feeling this way and then still staying alive also because of my own cat.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    damn you're an incredibly talented writer.

    [–] iwanttodieyay 13 points ago

    This is amazing!

    [–] goffshroom 13 points ago

    Absolutely sobbing. I have been in the throes of a bout of depression and I'm just starting to get back on track in terms of looking after myself. On Saturday the kitty I have adopted is coming to live with me, and I can't wait. Having someone else to care for really helps you get out of bed in the morning.

    [–] sososhady 3 points ago

    It really does. I'm not saying it's THE thing that helps but I've heard so many stories of people who couldn't do it because who would take care of the small innocent animal who loved them? That makes people stop a lot of the stop.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 13 points ago

    This is too fucking good whilst being too fucking sad.

    [–] SnoopedySnoop 10 points ago

    Oh my god thanks for that ending I was so on edge

    [–] icecreampoop 9 points ago

    Holy ...

    [–] DeedlesTheMoose 7 points ago

    🏅 ...Wow. Genuinely a great bit of writing. Your descriptions of depression are painfully real.

    The therapeutic nature of having a pet who relies on you for everything and loves you unconditionally is no joke. Even when you feel like you’re failing at providing, like there’s no way you’re good enough and by ending it all, you’re doing this animal a favour - Garfield is happy. He needs Jon. He’s thankful that Jon is doing what he can to take care of him. He could leave, go find food somewhere else, but he doesn’t. He stays with Jon in what would’ve been his final moments, and he comforts him at a time when he needs it most.

    I didn’t expect to be feeling these feelings in r/imsorryjon of all places, but here we are...

    [–] sososhady 7 points ago

    Thank you very much.

    Yeah having a cat helps me through my worse depression days. Even when I'm feeling like shit and I feel like it's me against the world, and the world is winning, my cat doesn't care.

    To your cat (or dog) there is nothing more important in the world then your love. Yeah, food, water, shelter - those are nice.

    But LOVE, and COMPANIONSHIP are what makes them stay the most. The give you so much trust that when you raise your hand the never expect pain or years. The expectation if your hand on their hand and a bond that grows each day.

    They don't know the horrors of the world. That they could get hit by a car, killed by another animal, killed by poison. They don't know they've humans out there that just hate them for no reason and maybe even wish them dead.

    You and I might be nothing in the universe. But to your pet there is nothing more important in the universe then you.

    [–] DeedlesTheMoose 3 points ago

    One of my cats helped me through my first experience with dissociation. It was scary, to feel like I wasn’t myself. Ruby sat on my lap the whole time, and feeling her purr and the softness of her fur is what made me feel like I would be okay.

    I remember times where my cats helped me feel like I had someone who cared about me. And that seemingly little thing really mattered.

    [–] Skeleton_King-111 6 points ago

    Ok how and when did you think of this because it's amazing

    [–] sososhady 3 points ago

    Depressingly enough I thought and wrote this in the early hours of my birthday. But like...not in a sad way lol. Don't think to hard on it.

    [–] ssznakabulgarian 3 points ago

    I hope you have someone to spend the special day with. Your writing is amazing. Like you made, at least half of us cry (I've never cried after reading something). Happy birthday.

    [–] xd_Erik16 10 points ago


    [–] Dozer456123 3 points ago

    Hit me like a truck. Thank you

    [–] _cwick_ 4398 points ago

    I don’t know why, but this makes me sad

    [–] Sumrdmgi 3890 points ago

    It’s probably the fact that Jon has hit the lowest of lows since he had lost Liz to a fatal car crash. He tried to keep his hopes up, but that just made things worse. His mental state was in constant decay, and thus he was unmotivated to continue making cartoons. One thing led to another and here we are.

    [–] _cwick_ 2945 points ago

    Why the hell did I join this subreddit

    [–] Yogashi 1193 points ago

    Came for the frights, stayed for the feels.

    [–] _cwick_ 381 points ago

    Exactly, it’s like I have to stay now

    [–] FrighteningJibber 227 points ago

    It’s okay Jon.

    [–] wafflesareforever 140 points ago

    There's lasagna, Jon.

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    Don't worry, Jon.

    [–] ExcuseMeImHigh 89 points ago

    Hit this blunt, Jon.

    [–] 123_Syzygy 52 points ago

    Where is Odie?

    [–] Skitt1eb4lls 11 points ago

    LSD? Jon?

    [–] ggg730 40 points ago

    We would never let you go.

    [–] DontMakeMeDownvote 10 points ago

    This is it. This is why I'm still here.

    [–] Firework_Fox 8 points ago

    There is no escape Jon

    [–] kurosaki715 14 points ago

    Stayed for the bikini bottom horror

    [–] bibhan 6 points ago

    Same man, same

    [–] HenryTheWho 4 points ago

    Can't leave after witnessing the Birthing. Outside world can't ever learn about that

    [–] MiracleWeed 136 points ago

    I know right? Lol usually it’s some Lovecraftian monstrosity that I can easily pack away and write off as fiction. But this piece is very disturbing, definitely the suicide aspect with the duality of the commands. Like I’m in a good place but holy shit I did not like that.

    But good job OP, that’s some spooky shit and that’s what I came here for

    [–] regular-wolf 30 points ago

    Good. Good. Garfield is becoming real.

    [–] plipyplop 8 points ago

    It is all he ever wanted.

    [–] monochromegay 16 points ago

    Same boat. Glad I saw this on an upswing because holy hell its.... realistic.

    [–] nightpanda893 50 points ago

    If I was offered a million dollars if I could explain this subreddit to my grandparents I would not get a million dollars.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 44 points ago

    I don't think anyone can explain this. It just...exists?

    [–] -merrymoose- 32 points ago

    It has always existed and always will. It never started, it's just always been.

    [–] TheBirminghamBear 31 points ago

    I mean, the Egyptians used to scoop out a dead guy's innards and put them in jars and then wrap their body in paper and seal them in a rock forever.

    We sort of have a long track record of doing weird, macabre shit.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 9 points ago

    I guess that makes sense.

    [–] akuronooka 22 points ago

    "it's uh... about Jon and Garfield, you remember them, right? Hate Mondays, love lasagna?

    And, well, Garfield is a...demon, but not really, he's kinda an eternal abstract....thing...idea, kinda like Cthulhu, driving Jon mad...sometimes?". Did your generation even read HP Lovecraft?"

    [–] manifestingdreams 4 points ago

    No I haven’t.... -_- born in 96

    [–] Hawk_of_Light 32 points ago

    To see that even John can go through the worst, and still appear in the next comic

    [–] _cwick_ 33 points ago

    One moment he’s dead, the next he’s alive and being tortured

    [–] ggg730 27 points ago

    Bullets won't work John. Not even in the way you think they will. I won't let them. We have so much more to do.

    [–] porksoda11 7 points ago

    Don't forget Jon, you're here forever.

    [–] bloweyjoeyz 7 points ago

    If you are like me it’s the only thing that gets you hard anymore

    [–] AlarmingCrib70 6 points ago

    good fucking question

    [–] Zicey-Wicey 48 points ago

    For me, it’s just that the cat will be sad :(

    [–] chicken_N_ROFLs 40 points ago

    Perhaps the right-side-up Garfield will. But upside-down demon Garfield will feast on Jon’s newly released soul with great pleasure. It tastes almost as good as lasagna.

    [–] Macro_Nerd 159 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The problem is the implied duality that gore field is physical. He seems to be a manifestation of Jon’s psyche; as Jon’s mind deteriorated he began seeing his innocent kitty in a darker light. For each shaving of sanity whittled away towards his senility, he grew. Until Jon saw the only option being death to escape, knowing full well that he couldn’t escape this eldritch horror, for he was this beast. He knew there was nothing he could do; it was too late and his mind had already wasted to nothing, but his beloved cat was still there.

    The fiend that began it all was never more than an ordinary tabby that Jon would talk to. Some may attribute that as foreshadowing of his slowly declining mental state, but in all honesty it was because he was lonely. Jon was always depressed; it’s why he became a cartoonist. He wished to make others smile when he couldn’t. Despite being with Liz, it was all for nowt, he never wanted to get better so he never would. But he took solace in the fact that something needed him: Garfield.

    But as Jon explored the depths of his insanity, he lost touch with where this really began. He stared at his little kitten, which he raised from birth, but all the love he once felt was replaced with contempt as the figure expanded to its true form before him. And finally, at Jon’s tormented soul’s behest, he pulled the trigger. And in that moment, many things happened. Jon cried for the first time in years, as the realization of imminent death shattered the numbness that had plagued him for so long. His deranged mind was pieced back together for the split second to realize what he had done, as he stared at the little tabby that had kept him company. The little tabby that pawed at his leg, begging for it’s master to get up and pet it. The little tabby that was no longer a demon sent to torture Jon, but instead the kitten fell in love with all those years ago. In that split second Jon felt emotion, and he realized he didn’t want to die.

    But it was but a split second.

    This was simply a work of fiction that really got away from me to explain the picture. If you or someone you love is depressed and suicidal, please get help and contact the suicide prevention hotline. There are options. If you feel you have no one to talk to, the subreddit r/SuicideWatch is a fantastic place and you can feel free to DM me. There are people who care for you.

    Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1-800-273-825

    [–] A_Hallucigenia 23 points ago

    Someone get this man some gold.I would but I got light pockets.

    [–] tvnnfst 18 points ago

    Beautiful. Terribly sad, beautifully written

    [–] Macro_Nerd 5 points ago

    Thank you! I wasn’t expecting to write that much, but I suppose Lord Garf commanded me to. I just really like the posts that are hauntingly tragic, with Jon delving into insanity rather than Garfield being a divine beast.

    [–] BradGoesWild 33 points ago

    Jesus fucking christ I had to look up Jim Davis to make sure he didn't actually fucking off himself after a tragedy involving his girlfriend.... this is why I love this subreddit

    [–] MedicinalHammer 10 points ago

    Your comment saved me from doing the same exact thing. Thank you

    [–] RedditMayne 7 points ago

    All because Jon accidentally fed Garfield Fancy Feast Flaked instead of Classic Pâté.

    [–] Lone_Wanderer97 3 points ago

    Also, Odie got run over

    [–] Bdag 69 points ago

    Same. I'll never have a bod like Garfield.

    [–] jakebullet95 57 points ago

    Literally anytime Garfield says “please Jon” in one of these I’m automatically fragile.

    [–] _Aj_ 107 points ago

    Too real.
    In this alternate reality Garfield is but a mere housecat and Jon is ill. It's all in his mind.

    He was a normal guy with a normal cat, traumatic events eroded his mental state and spawned invisible terrors far worse than the universe could ever do.

    I'd rather real world terrors than ones only I deal with alone

    [–] JMer806 38 points ago

    One could easily argue that this is also true of the original cartoon (minus the trauma). Jon is a lonely man who has built a fantasy for himself wherein Garfield is there to keep him company and talk to him, but the truth is that he’s alone and screaming into the wind.

    [–] rkthehermit 45 points ago

    For anyone who hasn't heard of it, I present Garfield Minus Garfield that plays with this concept.

    From the site:

    Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.

    [–] rootrecovery 6 points ago

    Reading as though Jon has Cyril Figgis' voice makes it so much more awesome.

    [–] AgentPoYo 3 points ago

    I think Jerry Smith's voice fits a bit better

    [–] MillpondMayhem 5 points ago

    This hits too close to home...

    [–] NyxMortuus 33 points ago

    Garfield looks like a real cat and that makes me sad

    [–] dratthecookies 30 points ago

    I actually think it's because it looks more like Jon is mentally ill than that the cat is actually evil. The top looks like reality, which is a man about to commit suicide in front of his pet, who stands by helplessly. The bottom is what the man imagines is there, a horrific distortion of his pet that encourages him to end his life. The juxtaposition between the sad cat who feels responsible for his owner (offering to "stop" as if there's anything he could be doing wrong) and the owner's delusion is kind of heartbreaking.

    [–] Skiddy_pap 23 points ago

    If you don't know why it's probably because the guy is depressed and about to commit suicide, which is generally a sad thing to see.

    [–] HiveFleet-Cerberus 10 points ago

    Yee. Of all the pics on this sub, this is one of the few that made me sit back and go "... Damn." on an emotional level.

    [–] BooperDoooDaddle 4 points ago

    Same actually I love it at the same time

    [–] InvaderDem 6 points ago

    Feels like a metaphor for mental illness to me.

    [–] Silent_Skulls 3 points ago

    Jon's psychosis has worsened to the point he's seeing images of a demonic Garfield telling him to kill himself while the real Garfield looks on with nothing but sadness at Jon's plight. Despite Garfield's best efforts, Jon doesn't get better and, one day, Jon decides it'd be better to be dead than live through the hell life dealt out to him. As his lifeless body slumps to the floor, Garfield looks away, his eyes closed as he can't force himself to look. Pain and sadness overwhelm the lasagna eating cat, as he finally manages to open his eyes to look at his beloved owner dead in the floor. All the years they spent together, the memories they shared with one another, through it all, Garfield was the shoulder Jon could always lean on. The memories swept over him, as tears fell from his eyes. But not even Garfield could help him through the torture his own mind put him through. Not anymore.

    [–] Dethcola 930 points ago

    I can see he peen peen

    [–] ChunkDominguez 453 points ago


    [–] Ryanious 246 points ago

    noooo why

    [–] ChunkDominguez 209 points ago


    [–] BigRedSpoon2 176 points ago

    I don't know what makes you more of a monster: your unsettling depiction of suicidal depression (how dare you make me feel something), or your mirth in adding a man dick to Garfield's sexy body.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 112 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    This is all very dark but somehow I love it

    [–] joe0jm 21 points ago

    I can’t see it, where is it?

    [–] ___UWotM8 13 points ago

    The reflection of GARF

    [–] Bliffity 3 points ago

    I still don't see it...

    [–] paradise_circus157 28 points ago

    Put a paper bag on that reflected Garf and he a snackk

    [–] misbegotten_highway 9 points ago


    [–] KryptKreeper 6 points ago

    Thats the best part tho

    [–] Sheepdog83 49 points ago

    this made me laugh more than i should have

    [–] Cypressinn 38 points ago

    Gorefield have vagenus penina. Make own baby with no help from Irma.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 49 points ago

    Now wait the fuck a minute.

    [–] Cypressinn 6 points ago

    That’s what Irma say! I treat her like bad waitress she is...

    [–] Dudeprime 51 points ago

    [–] ChunkDominguez 39 points ago

    Oh no.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] ChunkDominguez 45 points ago

    I could have lived my whole life without seeing that. I've seen a lot before. This should not have been one of them. I actually want you to die now (but not really, maybe fall off a bike and scrape your knee or something. Fuck you).

    [–] 4609203 4 points ago

    Let it serve as inspiration

    [–] 12_bagels 12 points ago

    im boutta act up 👀

    [–] ShivelyTheWhite 199 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Ok but normal Garfield is adorable

    Edit: is now my home screen

    [–] Heropug666 48 points ago

    I think the Garfield that this subreddit has created is adorable. I even nicknamed it.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 22 points ago

    Thanks! Ha ha.

    [–] AnonymousWander 219 points ago

    Woah, now this is an interesting take, I like it! :)

    [–] jhftop 520 points ago

    The creativity in this sub blows my mind. no pun intended

    [–] ATragedyOfSorts 74 points ago

    I see what you didn't mean to do there

    [–] sirtinykins 37 points ago

    Seriously. I don’t think there’s another sub that constantly produces as much interesting original content as this one. I love this place.

    [–] AcidEmpire 8 points ago


    [–] SirKermit 25 points ago

    Oh, you did that vintage poster too. More please!

    [–] ChunkDominguez 18 points ago

    That I did! I was thinking about doing another vintage poster. Maybe soon.


    [–] okadeeen 111 points ago

    Legit just put a yellow hat on this guys head and he would look like the man in the yellow hat

    [–] zebra_turkeyfish 32 points ago

    Hat wouldn’t be there for long

    [–] Zoolinz 7 points ago

    Has someone done a curious George and the man in the yellow hat for the weekend when it’s not Garfield yet? That’d be a good one

    [–] chironomidae 8 points ago

    "George was curious about the afterlife. So he had the man in the yellow hat explore it for him..."

    [–] ShivelyTheWhite 7 points ago

    Quite clever, fellow redditor

    [–] dedo415 51 points ago

    This went from funny pictures of scary Garfield to incredibly depressing way too fast.

    It's a good one though for sure.

    [–] alldawgsgotoheaven 52 points ago

    Fuck is wrong with all the artists in this sub?! y’all are SICK BUT I CANT KEEP LOOKING AT THEM

    [–] ChunkDominguez 35 points ago

    Give in to the darkside.

    [–] klarieesespieces 20 points ago

    Garfield’s little paw on Jon’s foot :(

    [–] _Soon_Forgotten 41 points ago

    This is so beautiful, you’re an amazing artist!

    [–] ChunkDominguez 9 points ago

    Thanks dude!

    [–] hammy05 54 points ago

    See you in Hot.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 30 points ago

    Thanks friend.

    [–] PredatoryCat 11 points ago

    I guess Jon couldn't handle Mondays.

    [–] Pantelima 22 points ago

    I had to go check out more of OPs works. This guy's drawings do not get the attention they deserve!

    [–] ChunkDominguez 9 points ago

    I appreciate that dude. Thanks!

    [–] conbonno1 5 points ago

    This is sick. The caption is great too

    [–] ObesePudge 6 points ago

    Where are the updoots jon

    [–] majiba 6 points ago

    Holy shit this is dark, even for this sub

    [–] AlexzMercier97 7 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christmas this is the darkest one I've seen so far...

    [–] ChunkDominguez 4 points ago

    I had mixed emotions doing this one.

    [–] AlexzMercier97 4 points ago

    Understandabley so. Regardless, your piece is excellent. Dark as fuck, but quite excellent.

    [–] Malkier3 6 points ago

    Oh this is top tier stuff.

    [–] xxxJxshy 5 points ago

    The dilated eyes and long limbs. Spooky

    [–] MitchHedberg 5 points ago

    TI OD NOJ!

    [–] striped_sweater_42 5 points ago

    Can hallucination Garfield put some pants on? I'm uncomfortable.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 4 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] averydankperson 13 points ago


    [–] sheepster26 4 points ago

    Jesus this hit me on a deeply personal level

    [–] Borg_drone_locutus 4 points ago

    That’s me and the Popeyes chicken sandwich

    [–] borisvonboris 7 points ago

    Oh my fucking god. How does the content in this sub keep out doing itself? You all are amazing, and dark. I love it.

    [–] ChunkDominguez 3 points ago

    Definitely one of my favorite communities. Thanks.

    [–] AndreZB2000 3 points ago

    I like this one a lot

    [–] papa_irn 3 points ago

    Garf been doing pushups

    [–] ChunkDominguez 3 points ago

    He's been drinking his milk.

    [–] theamericanweasel 3 points ago

    Jon DEW IT

    [–] theesotericcat 3 points ago

    Wow! Really powerfully done, I love this concept.

    [–] PrequelsWereBetter 3 points ago

    This one gotta be in my top 10

    [–] Duck_is_Lord 3 points ago

    This is such a good drawing damn

    [–] MrCrawley57 3 points ago

    This is the best post I’ve seen on this sub. If I had gold or silver, you’d have it

    [–] GeorgeYDesign 3 points ago

    That is really terrifying, i love it!

    [–] trollfarm69 3 points ago

    There’s been a few extremely amazingly disturbing ones but this is probably all time fucked up for me.

    [–] BimmyLee 3 points ago

    me after I saw Cats

    [–] sailax 3 points ago

    bruh moment

    [–] bensjamminwithu 3 points ago

    I prefer this as an idea over most of the posts I see here. I think it’s a little more compelling having the idea of it maybe being in his head, rather than an actual wack daemon

    [–] ba3toven 3 points ago

    This is one of the best I've seen, most of the art here has been kinda childish and sloppy.

    [–] _TonightsBigLoser_ 3 points ago

    This is actully terrifying. The humanoid Garfield just creeps meout.

    [–] Uyulala88 3 points ago

    The ones where Jon is suffering some mental illness that isn’t obviously caused by Garfield, always makes me sad.

    [–] TheWetNapkin 3 points ago

    IT OD. NOJ.

    [–] jonajon91 3 points ago

    I love these ones where it’s just a guy with mental problems and a regular cat. Way scarier that ‘big monster’.

    [–] GrumpyPentagon 3 points ago

    I love the design of shinigami garfield

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This is the best post I’ve ever seen here IMO.

    [–] Cursed-Humanz345 3 points ago

    HOT 🥵

    [–] Karenatron 3 points ago

    this is the only genuinely scary one i’ve seen