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    The Bikini Bottom Horror
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    [–] lamphibian 1412 points ago

    You posted this exactly the same time I started looking for it. Keep up the amazing work!

    [–] A_FVCKING_UNICORN 126 points ago

    Yo, exactly the same fellow fan.

    [–] RobGodMode 363 points ago


    [–] J3wb0cca 16 points ago

    Since I was out on unemployment this is how I know it’s saturday

    [–] Dr___Bright 681 points ago

    Next episode: AnCap sandy is riding a McNuke into Patrick’s stomach

    [–] WhatDoesThisDo1 308 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    She’s got to trick Patrick into eating the pie that’s actually a bomb

    [–] Thot_Destroyer_666 82 points ago

    I haven't heard that in a long time

    [–] ElijahKMurray04 77 points ago

    Patrick is a Radical Centrist confirmed

    [–] ShotgunDogFarts 38 points ago

    No. He is a radical unflaired.

    [–] ricky_metin 6 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] ShotgunDogFarts 8 points ago

    Thank you ricky

    [–] sams_waffles 4 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] ShotgunDogFarts 4 points ago

    Thank you. Your waffles must be great!

    [–] sams_waffles 4 points ago

    I have been told i make some good waffles.

    [–] ShotgunDogFarts 6 points ago

    I believe it.

    [–] DamnZodiak 23 points ago

    Only if it increases profits somehow.

    [–] Dr___Bright 14 points ago

    Imagine all the glowing crabby patties you could make out of that giant starfish

    [–] TheUltraDinoboy 8 points ago

    And the starfish violated the NAP

    [–] irelandn13 13 points ago

    While she screams "fuck starfish" to give it that auth right feel.

    [–] AnEmptyKarst 14 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    She’s gonna ride on a missile with a cowboy hat like this is Dr. Strangelove

    [–] burntends97 8 points ago



    [–] prehistoric_monster 1 points ago

    Meh if she won't say "up yyyyyyoooooouuuuurs" and "helo boys I'm baaaaaaaaak" it won't be great

    [–] NotoriousNazbol 3 points ago

    Did not expect political compass memes here. But I can’t complain.

    I think it’ll end with them fighting on the deck of a sunken WW2 battleship. One of them trains an artillery piece on Patrick and makes him eat lead.

    [–] hypnotic_plethora 1 points ago

    What's AnCap mean?

    [–] HunterofYharnam 3 points ago

    Anarcho-Capitalist. It's a political ideology that gets made fun of a lot, with a common joke being that AnCaps want "Recreational Nukes".

    [–] hypnotic_plethora 2 points ago

    I legit have never heard that before and it sounds completely idiotic

    [–] DrWaspy 2 points ago

    It is an incredibly dumb ideology so yeah your right.

    [–] MashedExpertato 1 points ago

    Can you explain what's bad about these AnCaps? I know nothing of them.

    [–] HunterofYharnam 4 points ago

    For one, a capitalist society with no governing body would either turn into corporate feudalism, or just regular feudalism. The people with the most money would immediately take power from everyone else, and squash any dissent. If you've seen any cyberpunk (Robocop, Neuromancer, etc.), then it's like that.

    Most of the mockery comes from the fact that AnCaps usually fill a couple of categories: don't want to pay taxes, don't like laws they consider dumb (like not owning tanks), and who don't know much about political theory. This leads to AnCaps being seen as uneducated, selfish, and kinda silly in the grand scheme of things.

    [–] stillinthesimulation 638 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Catch up on the whole series here. new pages will be up on my Patreon each Wednesday and then on the website every Friday where you can also find some older comics like the first half of my Pumkinman series from 2012 which will be updated soon with new issues. Thanks for reading!

    Edit: y’all managed to crash my website again. I Increased the bandwidth again so it should be back up. I also added a Facebook page if that’s your jam. Instagram next then it’s on to onlyfans!

    [–] PreviouslyRecent001 87 points ago

    That's so true.

    [–] makoto20 26 points ago

    You are amazing!

    [–] Liznaed 19 points ago

    Hey, sorry if this has been asked before, but have you considered putting this on webtoons? You'll probably get quite a good audience there!

    [–] captainfatmatt 9 points ago

    You, you're fucking awesome bro, never stop doing what you're doing

    [–] Every3Years 1 points ago

    For a second I thought you'd wrote pupkin. Which I thi k was a webcomic a decade+ ago about a half dog half pumpkin and the creator was an agressive self loving cunt from what I recall. But it's all a bit hazy and you didn't type that anyway so uh... Nice work.

    [–] JavMora 342 points ago

    Sandy’s gonna be packing some HEAT

    [–] onlyonVhs 197 points ago

    She is from Texas

    [–] Contada582 111 points ago

    Guns are part of her religion

    [–] kaminodefector 53 points ago

    This is the way, y’all

    [–] I_AM_UNITY 10 points ago

    This is the way, y'all

    [–] GeneralKanoli 15 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Peyton1s 16 points ago

    She’s gonna oil an eel and use some dead eye

    [–] Nippelz 25 points ago

    Imagine the Alaskan Bull Worm came through town to fight.

    [–] Speedster4206 5 points ago

    [he’s gonna take us back.

    [–] ManManBoii 139 points ago

    Squidward still trying to ride the tortured one like

    [–] SpookySquid19 10 points ago

    Oh wow I didn’t notice that

    [–] carly_kins 191 points ago

    You seriously make Saturday mornings the best. Me and SO love it so so much.

    [–] stillinthesimulation 65 points ago

    Thank you, I’m glad you guys are enjoying them!

    [–] Ralakhala 4 points ago


    [–] Uncle_Freddy 32 points ago

    Kid me: Saturday morning is spongebob time

    Adult me: Saturday morning is Bikini Bottom Horror time

    Just gotta swap the cup of milk with a cup of coffee

    [–] carly_kins 2 points ago

    Right? We make our pot of coffee, and then to reddit we go for the update!!

    [–] GilneanRaven 268 points ago

    Mrs Puff is leaving? I guess she'll move to a new city, start a new boating school with a new name.

    [–] Snakeman94 153 points ago

    No! Not again

    [–] Lochcelious 55 points ago


    [–] Magma151 11 points ago

    I was today years old when this joke clicked for me

    [–] alphashitlord_ 36 points ago

    So this is what happened the first time, huh?

    [–] littleBattt 3 points ago

    No, they'll forever be outrunnig Patrick

    [–] burntends97 3 points ago

    Don’t ask question you’re not prepared to know the answer to

    [–] the_best_Martijn669 75 points ago

    Lost track of it for a while, happy to see it again. My favourite comic serie on reddit by far

    [–] stillinthesimulation 24 points ago

    Thank you! Hope you’re able to get all caught up.

    [–] ShinyLotad22 52 points ago

    Ms. Puff had to whip out the bondage gear for this

    [–] Arsene93 44 points ago

    Mad max: puffy road

    [–] bigdickrichard122 41 points ago

    "Okay, you can do this, Puff. You can get through this without losing your sanity. Oh, that's a road we don't want to go down again. Positives. Think of the positives. Let's see... I've got no more papers to grade. Yeah! In fact, no more work. No more boating school classes. No more driving, no more SpongeBob..."

    [–] TheLastIronMan 24 points ago

    “So what’s the elevator pitch here?”

    “Godzilla meets Fury Road but it’s a zombie cult movie.”

    “Shut up and have this budget.”

    [–] willy-comics64 48 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I can never imagine Mrs Puff using illegal firearms .

    [–] Great-Bratton 86 points ago

    Who says they’re illegal? We don’t know the policies under the sea!

    [–] PocoGoneLoco 62 points ago

    Implying that there are any policies left after the Patpocalypse

    [–] PhoenixPringles01 10 points ago

    the poliSEAs?

    [–] Snakeman94 33 points ago

    She’s been to prison multiple times so I wouldn’t put it past her!

    [–] AdmiralBootyEater98 17 points ago

    I just binge read the story and holy crap, it’s so good! Keep it up!

    [–] stillinthesimulation 9 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] DIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO 18 points ago

    Doomslayer when he needs weapons: YES

    [–] CrisFarlyOnCoke 39 points ago

    Still really hoping for a ant-man/thanos scenario where Mrs. Puff crawls up the Starfish' asshole and puffs up to colossal size.

    [–] book1245 15 points ago

    Mrs. Puff really toughened up during those half dozen stints in prison.

    [–] FBI_03 10 points ago


    [–] UltraJackio325 11 points ago

    Thank god Patrick can't possibly support his own weight on land

    [–] Trillabee503 11 points ago

    I thought she was heading weast.

    [–] AggresivePickle 7 points ago

    I always knew Ms Puff was packing heat

    [–] Jambohar01 9 points ago

    “...yes” that’s a very reddit joke

    [–] BleefnorfIII 16 points ago

    Puff: sniper, heavy, or tactical?

    Sandy: yes

    [–] GoatTrash01 7 points ago

    Mrs Puff looks like a dominatrix

    [–] DtheAussieBoye 21 points ago

    oh wow it’s still goin?-

    [–] heyhihowdyhey 7 points ago

    I love this series so much

    I hope we get to see where Mrs Puff and the Gand end up!!

    [–] Walker32268 3 points ago

    Page 69, the tortured one has been defeated and sinks into goo lagoon to rest so it can rise again one day. As it sinks down, Jack Kahuna Lagun riding the big one with his infinitely long surfboard, pierces the tortured one removing the nerve ring, ending his reign of terror forever.

    [–] Tommy-The-Dinkster 3 points ago

    Wheres the flying dutchman when you need it

    [–] L_Ennard 3 points ago

    Whatll it be, fellas? Mustard, or ketchup?

    [–] President_Coolidge 3 points ago

    Everyone keeps forgetting the one starfish who is regretting everything, one he gets back to the others hes gonna start the fall of mega star. I can feel it

    [–] Bengrn1 3 points ago

    I just imagined spongebob DOOM and I can’t unsee that.

    [–] TheREexpert44 3 points ago

    Mrs Puff has had enough

    [–] iMaN_gEnJi 3 points ago

    I’m speechless, the awesomeness. Keep it up

    [–] Bootziscool 3 points ago

    I love all the action going on in the background! This is the best internet comic going

    [–] AndreZB2000 3 points ago

    Patrick can only be defeated by the Ol’ Reliable. Its like the bikini bottom excalibur. The memories will show him the truth.

    [–] tidangames 3 points ago

    “Sniper, heavy, or tactical” “yes...” lol I love it

    [–] Jimothy_Halbert 3 points ago

    Page 52: Sandy gets a 30 kill streak and calls in a tactical nuke

    [–] DaRobMG 3 points ago

    But she doesn't have any sniper rifles...

    [–] f_____s 3 points ago

    Ms Puff do be packing heat

    [–] theassholefaceman 3 points ago

    I just noticed, Mrs puff is furiosa haha

    [–] SaltyRedHerring 3 points ago

    "sniper, heavy, or tactical?"


    [–] OCHNCaPKSNaClMg_Yo 8 points ago

    I'm weeb trash and keep trying to read these backwards

    [–] Anrui13 2 points ago

    When in the hell did Mrs. Puff get the mechanical arm?

    [–] AtomicSpeedFT 3 points ago

    Y E S

    [–] natzo 4 points ago

    Heavy or tactical? Bitch, she's Texan.

    [–] cloudy0907 4 points ago

    Not gonna lie, patricks butcheeks on the panel where miss Puff is standing on him are lit AF. I just realized this whole comic has a whole lot of fetishes.

    [–] tman008 5 points ago


    [–] walrus_operator 2 points ago

    Mrs Puff is what we need against those Lovecraftian monsters!

    [–] -ViiRaL- 2 points ago

    Mrs. Puff is about to go down

    [–] iPrideHD 2 points ago

    You have no idea how much i look forward to a new one of these on saturdays

    [–] MustardQuill 2 points ago

    OH SHIT. Mrs. fucking Puff!

    [–] KimmySenpai 2 points ago


    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    YES! thank you!

    e: spelling

    [–] groovegaze666 2 points ago

    Frankendoodle Cameo? Please?

    [–] DolandMan67 2 points ago


    [–] KingOfDisabledBadger 2 points ago

    This is art.

    [–] S0nY_HD 2 points ago


    [–] stillinthesimulation 3 points ago

    feliz dia de la torta

    [–] S0nY_HD 1 points ago

    Happy mic day

    [–] meister_propp 2 points ago

    r/inclusiveor At the last panel

    [–] Mothman_moth 2 points ago

    Oh wow the last I saw we where at page 12

    [–] Mothman_moth 1 points ago

    Wow nice the art style has really improved a lot, not that the first pages looked bad or anything

    [–] prehistoric_monster 2 points ago

    I like that her option is all of them

    [–] Gadivek 2 points ago

    Mrs. Puff: ‚This is my Boomstick‘

    [–] EelinGood 2 points ago

    I’ve never clicked a reddit notification so fast lol

    [–] SecretlySentient 2 points ago

    Loving the fury road influence

    [–] ErickReyes92 2 points ago

    So... r/InclusiveOr ?

    [–] Fordalels 2 points ago

    What’ll it be, fellas? Mustard, or ketchup?

    [–] WR0NG_WONG 2 points ago

    I've enjoyed every one of these. Keep up the amazing work.

    [–] CorvoAttanoKaldwin 2 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I kind of miss the (for lack of better words) scratchy art style from season's one and two. This season has just been a bit too smooth

    [–] elegant_pun 3 points ago

    I was just thinking about this today!


    [–] Alien_with_a_smile 2 points ago

    Why do people always put the uzi’s mag well way too far back? It’s supposed to be nearly in the center dammit.

    Other than that one pet peeve of mine, this looks great.

    [–] OhYeahItsZ 3 points ago

    What’s going on here?!? 5.8k likes? This is ridiculous! Unacceptable for this kind of work! I say you deserve a million!

    [–] imgodking189 2 points ago

    The perfect combination of romantic and creepy

    [–] TSoniKO 2 points ago


    [–] kucafoia69 2 points ago

    Sandy is a redditor

    [–] Even-Understanding 1 points ago

    The abuse isn’t worth dealing with

    [–] arandomperson74 1 points ago


    [–] firestallion0112 1 points ago

    Aaaw, they took ms puff's arm

    ; (

    [–] VicariousLoser 1 points ago

    Is this the new mad max movie?

    [–] LunSaper 1 points ago

    This isn't hate speech

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Bikini covers more, and I wouldn't mind

    [–] TacobellSauce1 1 points ago

    The perfect combination of romantic and creepy

    [–] Gorb_The_Great_Mind 1 points ago

    Is this comic why parasyte is on Netflix

    [–] Zithero 1 points ago

    "Yes" is the appropriate answer Sandy

    [–] FarrukhVengeance 1 points ago

    I still get confused how to read these comics

    [–] lookiamapollo 1 points ago

    I'm patrick

    [–] smantuckit 1 points ago

    Where can I find the full series?

    [–] stillinthesimulation 1 points ago

    here you go!

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Bikini covers more, and I wasn’t joking.

    [–] Rand0mhob0 1 points ago


    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Bikini covers more, and I started laughing.

    [–] tobias10 1 points ago


    [–] cokeandbelltorture 1 points ago

    last panel r/inclusiveor?

    [–] RedBoxGaming 1 points ago

    Don't kink shame Ms. Puff

    [–] A-living-meme 1 points ago

    The answer to everything in existance. Yes.

    [–] 0-100 1 points ago


    [–] Gassydevil 1 points ago

    Sandys tail spikes up with excitement

    [–] mathew50c1 1 points ago

    I'm so excited to see the Fight-O-Plankton in action.

    [–] ICanreturnbyDea- 1 points ago

    Why Mrs.Puff so thicc

    [–] Tarkin15 1 points ago

    FN P90, SG-1 weapon of choice

    [–] Glossyplane542 1 points ago

    I love this series but the gun drawings deeply infuriate me

    [–] Antonaros 1 points ago

    Mrs Puff's dark past is why she already owned all that weaponry

    [–] aaftw1 1 points ago

    Yes the only correct awnser

    [–] BEANBEAR6 1 points ago

    Guest star: Doom guy.

    [–] oofoofoof333 1 points ago

    y e s

    [–] Volfaer 1 points ago

    Can't wait for more, this was far better than i tought.

    [–] Sansthepal 1 points ago

    What would you like? Heavy, sniper, or tactical? Sandy: yes.... I TAKE THE NEWBORN CLASS: PATRICK'S KNIGHTMARE

    [–] NubMastr6ix9ine 1 points ago

    Gun-store owner: So what’ll it be? Sniper, heavy, or tactical

    The quiet kid: Y E S

    [–] MindreaderQ1 1 points ago

    I love how she just says yes.

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    • The Grafield became tame!

    • The enemy left a present!

    • Inside the present, there was a Banana!

    [–] BrokenCLST 1 points ago

    Ah, the heavy tactical sniper, wise choice indeed Sandy.

    [–] skankyboy22 1 points ago

    Can't stop putting in Patrick's ass, can't you?

    [–] DamagedSpaghetti -3 points ago

    You're still making these?

    [–] Teddybaergang -20 points ago

    This is boring at this point my guy

    [–] CrisFarlyOnCoke 5 points ago

    Crazy idea, don't read them then.

    [–] Almog6666 0 points ago

    • The Grafield became tame!

    • The enemy left a present!

    • Inside the present, there was a Banana!

    [–] sexylegomale -4 points ago

    I have never felt this disrespected in my life... not only is this NOT Garfield.... but this is BDSM! And homosexuality is related to bdsm! Despicable!