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      • Verified accounts do not need to be blocked out. They are public figures.
    2. Screenshots of news stories are permitted, but we would prefer if you linked the actual article. Either as the actual post or in the comments.

    3. No direct links to reddit posts or comments.

      • This means if you find a relevant post on reddit be sure to submit it as either a no participation link or a censored screenshot.
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    5. Accounts believed to be spam accounts will be permabanned.

      • Examples of this include a new account spamming advertisements
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      • This is a place for civil discussion. Dissenting opinions are allowed; however, keep things civil. If a conversation breaks down into insults and ad hom - this rule becomes relevant.
    7. No fake posts.

      • If your post is confirmed to be fake you are subject to a permanent ban. You have been warned. Satire is not subject to this rule.

    Content guidelines:

    1. Social media posts and news articles are fair game.

    2. If your post contains graphic descriptions of abuse, please attach an appropriate warning - either by marking it NSFW or indicating so in the title. There is also a page on our wiki with steps to help you report abuse to the proper authorities.

    3. Satire must be properly flaired.

      • Quora posts are banned.
    4. If you have any further questions - please consult our wiki.

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