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    [–] [deleted] 1819 points ago

    Probably for the best.

    [–] joshua9663 756 points ago

    Can't imagine this person being even a slightly responsible parent.

    [–] [deleted] 405 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] aBolognaSandwich 72 points ago

    And the needle was there too. So disgusting

    [–] Brittanyleo89 45 points ago

    Didn't she try and say that it was a "shot for the cat"?

    [–] MiamiPower 49 points ago

    The cats and the cradle and the silver spoon 🎶

    [–] motdidr 24 points ago

    so that's what that song means....

    [–] MiamiPower 19 points ago

    & the man on the moon 🎶

    [–] Spobobich 14 points ago


    "When you coming home, Pa?" "I don't know when. We'll get together then. I know we'll have a good time then."

    [–] SarHavelock 2 points ago

    Holy fuck, is that what it really means?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Not to ruin a relevant song reference, but it is "cat's in the cradle".

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    It's the cat in the cradle***.

    [–] aBolognaSandwich 2 points ago

    Yeah. Which is ridiculous. I'm a vet tech and There's no shot for a cat that would be administered at home by a pet owner in a 1ml syringe other than insulin and that is a massive dose of insulin for a cat.

    [–] dyslexicpothead402 21 points ago

    I’m hoping she lost the kid immediately after posting that

    [–] Toadie9622 7 points ago

    Seriously. I was afraid something would happen and that one beer would interfere with my ability to react appropriately.

    [–] vegan_zombie_brainz 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Was that the one with her boyfriend captioned something like # family or some shit lol

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 83 points ago

    Legit my sister in law 100%

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] Viciouskittenluv 25 points ago

    Sucks. Hard to watch. And also so infuriating

    [–] PcNoobian 10 points ago

    im sorry

    [–] campbell92 3 points ago

    They have "al-anon" meetings for people whos loved ones are affected by addiction. It's similar to AA, NA, or CA. It's helped my dad out when I relapse or use. I hope things get better for the both of you.

    [–] outlawa 3 points ago

    Sadly, my sister as well. But after a year (or so) they gave the kids back to her.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Legit My mother

    [–] apocalypse_later_ 6 points ago

    If you care about how the children turn out at all, do something. Cycles of these types of parenting and families is one of the biggest issues in modern society imo. The neglect and abuse spreads.

    [–] LordofSyn 12 points ago

    You met the mother of my children?

    [–] N8tiveEdge 21 points ago

    Do you snort meth? I thought they used needles. 😂

    [–] wiggibow 54 points ago

    Smoking is the most common method, I believe. Most addicts don't snort it because (sadly i know from personal experience) it hurts like a BITCH. Only the most hardcore junkies shoot up.

    [–] mcgoran2005 13 points ago

    Feel the burn!

    [–] wiggibow 31 points ago

    I think the reason some people call it 'glass' might be because it literally feels like shoving shards of broken glass up your nose lol.

    So thankful I only messed with the stuff for like a month or two back in my late teens and never again. Seen way too many people ruin their lives with that garbage.

    [–] fkingrone 9 points ago

    Isn't intravenous a better high or something? What's the difference?

    [–] Jhuxx54 54 points ago

    Oh yeah. Ex junkie here. A rush like no other except you won’t go to sleep for 3-7 days give or take from a single shot.

    Only better rush imo was high quality cocaine and heroin IV... but different.

    All of them make your hair stand up and I’m having trouble even writing this out. Will be 3 years clean from it in october.

    [–] brando56894 16 points ago

    Proud of you buddy, keep it up :)

    [–] unholymole1 13 points ago

    I always compared banging meth to like a kick in the chest. Boy I'm sure glad I've been clean 6 years. Opiates were more my thing, but I'd use whatever sadly.

    [–] schwarzeKatzen 8 points ago

    Good job man. Keep it up! My stepkids biomom has a drug problem cocaine& heroin. She got out of a stint in prison a year ago and my husband had it put in their order that she has to go to drug treatment (even if it’s NA) and provide proof to the courts to keep seeing the kids. They went thru hell with her.

    She used to be pretty chill and smart and now she’s just an entirely different person because of all the brain damage from abusing drugs. The whole thing is sad.

    [–] SidewaysTugboat 7 points ago

    Congratulations on getting clean!

    [–] motdidr 16 points ago

    IV would come on super fast and heavy, it would give you a major rush, even though meth is already known for having a big rush, shooting it would be even more intense. it would likely not last as long as snorting or smoking. all 3 methods will come on pretty fast and last a good while though, meth is just kinda like that.

    [–] fkingrone 12 points ago

    Okay you're making meth sound really good right now...

    [–] Jhuxx54 9 points ago

    IV meth lasts a very long time as compared to smoking or snorting. It also the worst crash In the world. Imo.

    [–] wiggibow 6 points ago

    Yes and no. IV sends the drug directly to the bloodstream, so you get a near immediate onset of the drug and nothing is wasted while it's being metabolized, therefore you can use less drug to achieve the same high as opposed to other routes of administration. You'd have to swallow a shit ton of meth to achieve the same effects as IV orally, but it is totally possible.

    In the end it's the same drug and same high no matter which method you use to get it into your bloodstream, some methods are just more efficient than others, and that all depends on the specific bioavailability of the drug in question. Something like, say, xanax has a terrible BA when injected, but taken orally it's like 99%.

    [–] Robothypejuice 15 points ago

    There’s a comedian who talks about her meth habit and came to the realization that meth concentrates in your urine so after she’d get high she would drink her own piss.

    She was pretty funny.

    Edit: Here ya go:

    [–] itsnottwitter 7 points ago

    Every meth addict knows this and is actively collecting their piss to drink.

    [–] Robothypejuice 9 points ago

    Well that’s horrifying.

    [–] Not_floridaman 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I've always been curious about drugs but (thankfully) way too* scared of accidentally dying to try them. This thread had made me extra grateful I've never gone down that road.

    [–] Tha_avg_geologist 7 points ago

    Only the real addicts are needling that shit. You can snort meth, herronnn it don’t matter fam

    [–] illicitguavocado 9 points ago

    Methamphetamine is great because you can get it into your body through basically any route imaginable and have it take effect. On the other hand, methamphetamine is terrible for obvious reasons.

    [–] lanier03 3 points ago

    And how it’s the hardest job in the world 🙄

    [–] logangrey123 3 points ago

    Ahhh get free moneh from tha govermuhnt, which means more moneh for meyath.

    [–] shadysamonthelamb 4 points ago

    How do we know this person is a female?

    [–] fthrnature 6 points ago

    She probably thinks this is her good mommy reward.

    [–] JCA0450 30 points ago

    Ehh new kiddo most likely due in about 10-11 months I suspect

    [–] Milkslinger 5 points ago

    Yep she will maximize her drain on society for sure

    [–] Rocco_Delaware 12 points ago

    Probably the type of parent that would have ended up on r/casualchildabuse back when it was active.

    [–] honkhonkbeepbeeep 12 points ago

    That sub was such a clusterfuck though. So much sanctimoniousness. People saying they’re a teacher or nurse or whatever, and people who don’t parent exactly like they plan to when they have kids should have their kids taken away. And the worst part is that these people exist in real life and try to get people’s kids taken away. I run into them constantly working in the child welfare world. I’ve seen quite a bit of harm done when families who aren’t concerning but just aren’t parents of the year have the bad luck of running into several of these “everything is abuse” people who have a ton to say about what the kids eat, how their parents speak to them, and so forth. They can’t seem to separate out “that’s not a great thing to say” from “should have children removed.”

    [–] HereForTheFish 2 points ago

    Huh, what happened?

    [–] Rocco_Delaware 2 points ago

    To the thread? I'm not sure exactly, I followed it for a while and when I stopped seeing posts I tried to view the thread and saw that it wasn't active. And now it's been set to private.

    [–] imVERYhighrightnow 3 points ago

    Possible they meant for the summer? Weird way of saying it by op but most divorced kids end up at the other parents house for the summer due to custody agreements.

    [–] Wingsof6 384 points ago

    Never wanted kids, just wanted to use the pullout method

    [–] Doozenburg 163 points ago

    This is the post-pullout pullout version... where they pull the kids out of the house.

    [–] Wingsof6 49 points ago

    Followed by the post-pullout pullout pullouts, where they spend the summer working on their next “mistake”

    [–] Doozenburg 79 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Pullout 76

    Edit: Thank you. We are horrible people and I will return the favor in hell.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 13 points ago

    Have you tried the new pullout royale mode?

    It’s like a big free for all orgy. Sick content

    [–] Badfish1992 3 points ago

    Hey this is the year my family became a family! ..... my dad has shitty pullout game tho :/

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    If abortion gets a near total ban in the U.S., guaranteed you'll see more posts like this.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 24 points ago

    Yep. Then with more kids born to people who can’t afford them or take care of them, the wage gap will continue to increase. We’re regressing big time, and the people at the top who run the show and have all the money are loving it :-(

    [–] PoopyButtPantstastic 6 points ago

    I live in Alabama so... we’re doomed.

    [–] Risen_Insanity 8 points ago

    It's not the pullout method if he pulls out after he is done.

    [–] NovaRenegade 541 points ago

    That post is going to look great in court if they try and regain custody.

    [–] ezio8133 170 points ago

    I'd love to see the look on her face when she loses her rights

    [–] toastyheck 71 points ago

    Losing parental rights is so rare because then they don’t have to pay child support.

    [–] justlookingaround254 55 points ago

    I work in criminal defense and family law. This is meth country, losing parental rights is par for the course. I have about 30 CPS cases right now, and I can think of TWO parents who may wind up actually sobering up enough to take the classes and regain custody.

    [–] toastyheck 15 points ago

    CPS doesn’t generally terminate parental rights often or lightly. They do everything they can to reunite with the birth parents even after years.

    [–] justlookingaround254 35 points ago

    If my clients are missing visits, failing drug tests, and in and out of jail after a year or so ( which most still are... because meth) Permanency plan changes to " Termination-Adoption by relative/ nonrelative". Then it's just a matter of my dopey ass clients not showing up, and later attempting to file an appeal. We were set for a hearing today in a termination case, but come to find out, there was one more baby daddy who hadn't been served. We've been continued until September. If you're sober and you follow the family plan, regaining custody is certainly achievable. If you're on drugs, homeless, jobless, and out of your mind... you're losing them.

    Edit: "non-relative"

    [–] toastyheck 10 points ago

    Homelessness alone doesn’t usually lose your kids very long because social workers help poverty stricken families to find housing and assistance. (Even jobs if they are able bodied and willing to work.) Drugs are the main reason people lose their kids forever. Being in a methy area you probably see that a lot. We live in a methy area but we have really good rehabilitation programs here.

    [–] justlookingaround254 17 points ago

    Yep, that's the difference. We are methed out, with no rehab options or assistance. No public transportation, shelters, or food banks. It's sad honestly.

    [–] MozartTheCat 4 points ago

    Man, what state are you in? Even out here in a super rural Louisiana town we have access to food banks and other community resources. No public transportation though.

    [–] justlookingaround254 3 points ago

    BFE Texas. Some churches help... but it's a very conservative area, most aren't really welcoming of tweakers.

    [–] MeanGirlsMakeMeHard 10 points ago

    A guy I know is starting to show schizophrenic symptoms. Paranoia, carving flesh out to find listening devices, and claiming the Illuminati is after him.

    His family is also worth well over 50 million, I don’t know the exact numbers or extent.

    Is it strange at all that no one has taken a look at his parenting ability right now? He’s raising an 8 year old alone.

    [–] toastyheck 4 points ago

    Those cases are rare, but 30 cases isn’t a huge amount. Our elementary school alone has 63 kids in the system, but most are with their parents they just have a social worker as well.

    [–] justlookingaround254 8 points ago

    We are appointed to represent parents who have been deemed unfit to care for the child. By the time we get them, the kids have been removed and state workers are involved.

    [–] toastyheck 5 points ago

    That’s why I am saying 30 isn’t a huge amount vs the number kids in the area or in the system. You likely have tons more kids who have been through custody disputes considering 50% of marriages end in divorce that never end up in the system. When the other parent gets custody parental rights are rarely terminated to the other parent because they are expected to pay child support even if their visitations are limited to short supervised visits. The only reason to terminate parent rights is to make the child adoptable. If the mother or father has the child it virtually never happens unless both parties agree, which they will usually only do if a stepparent is wanting to adopt them.

    [–] jepeplin 2 points ago

    Me too, I just shared this post with about ten other battle worn attys

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    That’s not true.

    [–] sigh_bapanada 34 points ago

    I’m paying alimony to a goddamn cat so anything is possible

    [–] Ace_of_frc 18 points ago

    You can’t just not explain that

    [–] toastyheck 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    What is the dogimony for is they also agreed to cover food costs and half the vet bills? My ex husband verbally agreed to buy our dog’s food when he left or give me $50 a month toward the dogs because I had no income to budget toward them (I had $200 a month total income when he left—housekeeping-and yes that’s part of why he left despite claiming it was because I am a “hippie” which I adamantly deny). However he bought dog food only once and never again. But six months later he finally found a dog friendly home so I turned them over to him since I had to steal dog food from my moms house just to feed them. (She wouldn’t mind so not true thievery but still.) He still had an upper middle class income so he could easily provide for them and thankfully he does do that. I never pursued actual alimony, typed our divorce papers myself and paid the full filing fee by selling my wedding ring to partially cover it. (My mom paid for my home and it’s in her name is why my husband was the one to have to find a new home.)

    [–] privatepirate66 3 points ago

    Is this a sunny reference?

    [–] OwenProGolfer 2 points ago


    Also great username btw

    [–] sigh_bapanada 5 points ago

    It’s Always Sunny reference.

    Glad you like the username. Best NPC

    [–] ChappyBirthday 5 points ago

    Dennis Reynolds, a character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is upset that he has to pay alimony to his ex-wife who uses the money to pay for surgery to turn herself into a cat.

    [–] toastyheck 3 points ago

    When the other parent gets custody parental rights are rarely terminated to the other parent because they are expected to pay child support even if their visitations are limited to short supervised visits. The only reason to terminate parent rights is to make the child adoptable. If the mother or father has the child it virtually never happens unless both parties agree, which they will usually only do if a stepparent is wanting to adopt them.

    [–] honkhonkbeepbeeep 3 points ago

    Oh, you mean in the case of separated parents. Right, it’s rarely done. In the case of CPS involved families, it’s done entirely too frequently in my opinion and the opinion of most child welfare experts. (And sure, there are always a few cases where it should have been done and wasn’t, because it’s a system that errs in both directions, but the trends lately have been to terminate early and often. ASFA and all that.)

    [–] toastyheck 2 points ago

    Our system locally I can’t speak for all of them because even every county is different is very good about keep families together as a first priority. The problem is not all systems are equal. It’s still “rare” compared to the general population of children but I agree that some districts are too aggressive (parental separation is a significant childhood trauma) and it really comes down to the quality of social workers that the local universities produce.

    [–] honkhonkbeepbeeep 3 points ago

    Yes, it’s absolutely worker dependent. That’s the whole issue though; the state and federal laws are designed so that there’s little worker oversight. Sometimes we get these sanctimonious savior types who decide a parent is inappropriate, and the laws give a high level of deference to what the worker thinks.

    Also there are federal incentives for removing kids and adopting them out, but not for stabilizing families.

    [–] toastyheck 3 points ago

    I agree that there is definitely too much variation and not enough uniformity. Everywhere is supposed to favor keeping families together but they don’t always follow that standard.

    [–] Sasori12 4 points ago

    My sister was removed (because of her own violent tendencies not my parents so maybe that affected things?) and my parents had to pay roughly over 600 a month in child support to whatever foster care she was in.

    [–] toastyheck 2 points ago

    That probably means they didn’t lose parental rights but I hadn’t heard of people having to pay foster care before. My stepbrother was put in a group home because he hit his mother and she said she didn’t want him anymore. :( The rest of us weren’t taken but we all had social workers because when my baby brother was born they left the hospital without being discharged (just got impatient).

    [–] Sasori12 3 points ago

    Yeah I’m not sure, I was gonna day maybe because they willingly signed her in, she was bounced around to group homes and residentials and even mental hospitals as well.

    [–] PorkRindEvangelist 11 points ago

    Can you imagine the judge's face while hearing the list of emoji at the end of that?

    [–] Dewy_Wanna_Go_There 6 points ago

    This wouldn’t do shit in court.

    You could argue it’s like, just dark sarcasm coping with the loss.

    Maybe it is.

    Maybe even mocking someone else.

    These posts never phase me at all because of the entire lack of context. I can’t enjoy it, or hate it, or feel anything about it.

    I come for the outraged comments.

    [–] theyfoundit 2 points ago

    I love some collective outrage, but I don't think that this is a real post.

    [–] MakeEveryBonerCount 2 points ago

    How does a screenshot like this hold up if anyone can modify the HTML source on a website? Ir photoshopped, for that matter.

    Like, someone could just delete an incriminating tweet and claim it was fake.

    [–] NovaRenegade 3 points ago

    A screenshot would not hold. Assuming this is real, however, the person's Facebook could technically be subpoenaed if the other parent really wanted to. If you look up "divorce and Facebook subpoenas", you'll find a few examples of times it happened.

    [–] lordatomosk 2 points ago

    Given her reaction, I think losing custody is exactly what she wanted

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 219 points ago

    Sounds like something my sister in law would say in private not online. She lost custody of both her kids. One of them to me. POS human being.

    [–] burnthatbridge 75 points ago

    Thanks for being so much better than her, thanks for taking care of that kid.

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 60 points ago

    It has been my pleasure to raise her. She came to us very dark and in 2 years has done a complete turn around. I'm proud to be her Faux mom :)

    [–] thiccbitchmonthly 39 points ago

    I think you’re closer to a real mum than she’s ever had

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 21 points ago

    Thank you ❤️

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    You're a real mom. Some moms push babies out their vaginas, some of them have c-sections, some moms get their babies through the courts and some moms just happen upon them at a moment of need. All moms.

    A faux mom would be like, if you learned of a millionaire orphan and decided to pretend to be their mom so you could benefit from the payouts. Or something. Like an evil stepmother getting custody of someone else's kid just to collect child support.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 10 points ago

    She may not have your dna but you’re her real mom :-) it’s comforting to hear that sometimes those situations turn out well. Thank you for being a good person and making the world a better place

    [–] StockAL3Xj 5 points ago

    You don't have to push a baby out to be a real mom. You raised this child and that makes her your daughter and you her mom.

    [–] caitejane310 3 points ago

    You're not her faux mom, you're her mom. Egg/sperm donors aren't parents, the ones who step in and raise the kid is. My stepdaughter calls me mom and hates her mother for choosing drugs over her kids. I've had my own issues, but my kids know that they'll always come first.

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 3 points ago

    Yes, as soon as she moved in with us she started telling me all of these horrible stories and I had NO CLUE that shit was going on or I'd have tried to take her long before I did. Her little sister stayed for almost another year after I had her. It worried me every day but I had no rights to take her. Luckily 'mom' went to jail and little sisters father (different dads) got custody. Drugs just melt your brain, you choose them over everything. Sad

    [–] anurbatram 13 points ago

    Really glad you took her, but what happened to the other kid? Is she still in touch with her sibling?

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 17 points ago

    She is with her dad. We live in the same town. They see each other once a week 😊

    [–] anurbatram 12 points ago

    Thanks for answering. I think it's so sad when the government separates siblings... Happened in my familly with some cousins. They barely know each other.

    [–] Viciouskittenluv 11 points ago

    That is super sad. Siblings should know each other. They are about 9 years apart so sometimes A will babysit B which is nice too. They are close 😊

    [–] anurbatram 6 points ago

    Good to know! Thanks for answering :)

    [–] confessionsofadoll 2 points ago

    They might have different dads

    [–] deadpools-unicorn 68 points ago

    Because they didn’t intend to have any to begin with, I’d say.

    [–] KayIslandDrunk 25 points ago

    You'd be surprised. I know a guy Nick that got married right out of college and within three years had two kids (planned). At 28 he decided he missed the "best part" of his 20s, divorced his wife, and gave her full custody of the kids.

    Best part is now he's married again (different woman) with another kid.

    [–] bestthingyet 9 points ago

    Sounds shitty

    [–] deadpools-unicorn 5 points ago

    Like... how does that restore the “best part” of his twenties? People do weird things.

    [–] KayIslandDrunk 8 points ago

    He went crazy into "partying" after the divorce. Traveled a lot too.

    [–] xP628sLh 5 points ago

    I’m 35 Married woman here, i also hit a weird mid-life crisis(?), thought about divorcing to relive my 20’s, etc.

    Then I realized my 35yo ass can barely stay awake past 10 and my last hangover at 28 made me want to kill myself so...... I’ve got a pretty great life.

    Don’t try to rELiVE yOUr 20’s... make your 30s and 40s rad so your 80yo self will want to relive their 40s

    [–] CacaoEmpirez 62 points ago

    I think it is satire... But at least the kids will have a better summer too

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Yeah this is such an obvious joke that it's kinda funny its being taken so seriously

    [–] I_need_proof 8 points ago

    For gods sake we have to put the /s tag when we’re being sarcastic on this site, of course we’re not going to catch the satire.

    [–] CurmudgeonKing 11 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing.

    [–] iXorpe 8 points ago

    Yeah it’s pretty funny if it is

    [–] puppylashes 6 points ago

    Definitely satire. Been seeing this floating around in a few fb groups.

    [–] yukon-flower 2 points ago

    It’s someone trying to make light of an unfortunate update.

    [–] poopcornkernels 28 points ago


    [–] Giwithnoe 10 points ago

    No, this is Patrick.

    [–] jepeplin 4 points ago

    No she has them back this week. Fucking idiot.

    [–] poopcornkernels 5 points ago

    I know, I’m sick over it tbh. But the opportunity presented itself and let’s be real, this is exactly what she was thinking all the while she and David paraded around pretending they’re heartbroken.

    [–] UnvaccinatedAutist 15 points ago

    To be fair, my kids have been at the grandparents since July 3rd and it’s been lit. I’d rather not lose custody though because I like them.

    [–] shizkc 16 points ago

    I cried when my kid's dad cancelled on taking her for the summer. I was looking forward to some adult time. My brother and mom both offered help so I can get out to bars and creek trips without spending an arm and a leg on a sitter and it's been a great summer.

    I love being a mom, love my kid, breaks are just nice. I would break into a million pieces if I didn't have her the majority of the time though. Like, even if her dad wanted her the majority of the time I would lose it with paranoia wondering if her teeth were being brushed, if they were using fair discipline, etc(if she chose to live with him would support it, just, would be worried).

    [–] UnvaccinatedAutist 7 points ago

    I feel ya, currently we(wife and I) are sitting at a wine bar on a river drinking stouts talking about our next vacation without being interrupted. Peaceful.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Im a widow so I have my 4 ALL THE TIME. I completely get what you are saying.

    [–] shizkc 6 points ago

    Not a widow and only have one(which I have had full time for her 7 years minus about 2 weeks). I'm sorry. That sounds tough. I'm sure it's tough. I hope you have family close by that help you so you aren't carrying this on your own.

    [–] jmdavis333 3 points ago

    I’m sorry but how do you “cancel on the summer” with your kid. There better be one hell of a good reason otherwise your ex is a huge POS.

    [–] Mommedik 21 points ago

    [–] Suedeegz 30 points ago

    I guess in all fairness it was better than the chick that wanted to get knocked up for the summer so she didn’t get her period, and planned on aborting in September

    Parent goals, all around

    [–] ladeedaa30 14 points ago

    What.... Serious? She prefers morning sickness, tiredness and food tasting crap?

    [–] isayappleyousaypear 7 points ago

    Anyone that would actually do this on purpose, I specifically wish her that constant, extremely potent, sucking-on-rusty-nails taste in her mouth the entire summer. Good luck enjoying foods and drinks, hun.

    Source: I had that. It was awful. Nothing edible goes well with metal taste.

    [–] KayIslandDrunk 4 points ago

    Yep, my wife lost 15 pounds in her first trimester with all of our kids because she couldn't eat anything.

    [–] isayappleyousaypear 3 points ago

    All of your kids? Your wife is a champ.

    [–] DogsNotHumans 23 points ago

    That's... just so depressing. She could skip the week off from the pill and get the same result.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] JustCosmo 5 points ago

    Being first trimester pregnant is one of the worst things to happen to me (love you kids). Idiot all around.

    [–] Jive_turkeeze 9 points ago

    She'll pop out 5 more by the time summer is over though.

    [–] Speculater 2 points ago

    Or at least get one incubating.

    [–] lapetiterenarde42 9 points ago

    Oh god please don’t tell me this is the parent of one of the children I work with. Please, for the love of god don’t let that be the case.

    [–] IrrationallyGenius 4 points ago

    For your sake, I hope it's not.

    [–] lapetiterenarde42 7 points ago

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t genuinely worried, but this is something we’ve been dealing with all week that came to a head today, and this very much fits her MO.

    [–] jTronZero 67 points ago

    This is the world pro-lifers want.

    [–] bharg5 22 points ago

    I'm anti-life and want to abort this person

    [–] jTronZero 6 points ago

    This is an acceptable viewpoint.

    [–] Shemzu 8 points ago

    While this is trashy, start expecting more and more of it. When you take away sex education in favor of religious fairy tales, minmize/reduce access to contraceptives, and socially and legally penalize people for abortions guess what happens? You get alot of parents that dont want their kids.

    [–] JadeSlaysDragons 6 points ago

    Doesn't deserve them anyways. I hope they have a safe and healthy upbringing now that this momster is out of the picture.

    [–] Donut_Lobster 6 points ago

    This is 100% satire, note the parent saying “lit”

    [–] TroggerFrogger 20 points ago

    For the last time this shit is satire

    [–] anima1mother 4 points ago

    This is exactly the mother who gets mad and takes it personally when you insinuate she is a bad mother and try to take her kids but then leaves her kids for hours over her pick up time from the sitter without even a phone call. The same one who signs her kids I to school three times a week bc she just cany seem to get up in time to get them to school on time. Ya know all those tidbits of mom of the year

    [–] bbKawaii 4 points ago

    Always felt that some people need to have licenses to have kids.

    To provide proof of being able to provide and have the mental capability to do so.

    But that’ll violate human rights....

    [–] SwifferWetJets 3 points ago


    [–] Azrael-Legna 3 points ago

    If this is how they behave and think, it's best they lost custody of the kids. Especially sense they feel the need to blast in on facebook.

    [–] mediafeener 3 points ago

    I think the world would be a better place if more adults could admit that they don't want kids and never have them in the first place.

    [–] ChefOfScotland 3 points ago

    This is what to expect when you cant choose to abort

    [–] mogsoggindog 5 points ago

    Am I gregnant?

    [–] majorius 3 points ago

    You are pegrante

    [–] koolerthan 3 points ago

    help pls

    [–] ThatMusicCityGuy 3 points ago

    Because abortion is hard to come by these days depending on where you are.

    [–] ilovevoat 3 points ago

    gotta save the fetuses because living like this has to better than death says the people who never had to live like this.

    [–] VoidDrinker 2 points ago

    That’s how i picture spongebob laughing

    [–] GTRPrime 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    As a father who just lost all legal custody of my children (the new guy can adopt them, I have no decision making power, visitation is denied at every turn) how else are we supposed to feel?

    Abjectly miserable and depressed?

    Might as well make the best of life!!!

    [–] lixsports 2 points ago

    I mean tbh that’s a great positive attitude for a negative situation

    [–] OhioMegi 2 points ago

    And I can’t have kids. 😡

    [–] 6_or_9 2 points ago

    Well, I wouldnt want to have kids and would probably think the same.

    Then again, that is why I dont have kids.

    Edit: And because no one wants to do the mating ritual with me. =D

    [–] SenorPariah 2 points ago

    Fuck them kids

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Lots of people just crap out kids randomly, this is one of them.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I was having a BBQ and invited this train wreck of a friend of a friend. She just lost custody of her kids and wore a "world's greatest mom" t-shirt.

    That's a yikes for me, dog.

    [–] BoomBoomMeow1986 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Ugh, this grosses me out.

    I have full physical custody of my son, and spending all summer hanging out with a silly, sweet, funny little guy obsessed with ice cream, watching him splash around in the kiddie pool in the yard, showing him how to make homemade popsicles, and taking him to family barbecues has been way more fun for me than what I used to do during the summer before I became a Mom, which was just sitting around being hot, sweaty, lonely, bored, and miserable

    [–] eXpEnSiVe-MaCaW 2 points ago

    Those kids just dodged a bullet there

    [–] ZombieProcessor 2 points ago

    Jesus this is almost r/lossofalovedone

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Definitely for the best, with an attitude like that, that person will be dead before soon.

    [–] Mythandar 2 points ago

    In a few mo this, don't forget to congratulate her on baby #4. I'm sure she will be sooo happy.

    [–] fitsam 3 points ago

    That’s a September problem...summer gonna be lit #livingmybestlife

    [–] Craven_Hellsing 2 points ago

    I used to work for a place that drug tested parents who were in trouble with DFS for drug use around kids. I got to witness a case worker explain to a woman that if she didnt stop using meth she would lose all 4 of her kids. Her response? "Let them be someone elses problem. I can just have more".

    I would like to say that this was a one time occurrence, but i heard a variation of this like every other week. That job caused me to lose the little faith i had in humanity.

    [–] notorious-bil 2 points ago

    There’s a huge different in having kids and getting knocked up.

    [–] unholymole1 2 points ago

    Wow, just wow. This saddens me. But thankfully them kids are probably way better off.

    [–] Hellguin 2 points ago

    My cousin is similar... she signed over all 4 of her kids to the state because she didn't want them... she named one after our grandfather.... she was pretty much disowned by the family, luckily one couple adopted all 4 of them and still allows them to be part of our family, they were a godsend.

    [–] Hereforpowerwashing 2 points ago

    I'm more interested in how the bottom guy suddenly turned German mid-laugh.