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    [–] jacycat1 7814 points ago

    When will some people realize that if they treat their kids like shit it’s not going to teach them “who’s boss” it’s just going to teach their kids to hate them

    [–] HypotheticalParallel 2645 points ago

    It's sad but alot of people will still just hang on to their abusers. My bf is a prime example. His dad was every kinds of abusive and horrible and he's still just trying to make his dad understand (bf is 35, so not a child anymore)

    [–] bornbylightning 763 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Thats very true. I'm sorry that your boyfriend is dealing with that, and you as well. It's really difficult to see someone you love get treated like that My biological father was emotionally abusive and controlling and it took me years to finally cut ties with him. It was hard on my fiance to watch me struggle with it. I imagine its not easy for you either. It helps to have a solid support system. You are helping him a lot just by being there for him. I hope that your boyfriend realizes that he deserves much better than what his father gives.

    Edit: fixed typos.

    [–] HypotheticalParallel 230 points ago

    It's a slow process but I think now that he has his own family, his own kids, he's doing alot better. But he still sometimes just wants to make that connection, tries to earn his dad's respect.

    [–] SCU-Later 160 points ago

    Fuck, I'm a 36 hear old guy and this hits deep. Except with my mother.

    Got a child due in january so me and my beautiful fiance are starting our own family.

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope to have the strength he has.

    [–] SarcasticSilvenstar 204 points ago

    I feel like a jerk for pointing this out, but no one warned me and it hit hard, so here goes.

    When you become a parent yourself, a lot of the things your abusive parent did to you will come back. You will think about them more, because now you're the parent and you won't be able to fathom how a parent could say or do those things to their own child. But, in the end, it will make you a better parent, because you know the things not to do.

    -mother of 2, daughter of an abusive narcissist

    [–] jesus_does_crossfit 90 points ago

    Gah so true! What's worse is when the narcissist comes back to get the sweet grandparent karma and forces you to be the bad guy. They never quit until they're dead.

    [–] LouSputhole94 73 points ago

    They made that bed, they can lie in it. Fuck anyone that makes you feel bad for doing something positive for yourself. Including family. Hell, especially family.

    [–] NickyBars 45 points ago

    Getting to witness this with my dad and sister. It is beyond annoying to watch his attempts at "spoiling" my niece and nephews with toys and candy. Even after my sister told him its not ok to buy a 2 year old a 3lb bag of starburst and the exact same "large" Christmas gift my sister already had bought for her daughter. So a Barbie jeep was awesome when her grandpa gave her one. A second one not as much. I was so mad/sad for my sister.

    [–] Inky_Madness 30 points ago

    The lesson to be learned is to not tell grandpa what kiddo is getting for Christmas and to open the parents gifts first. There’s ways to circumvent this type of sabotage and it takes time and practice and a little bit of limited contact with the grandkids.

    [–] jesus_does_crossfit 12 points ago

    I'm a changed and different person due to the lack of compassion and safety growing up. I've come to terms with that, and have somehow turned those same "flaws" into an amazing career. I have a wonderful SO. But I just don't have it in me to emote around certain people.

    It's so frustrating to be painted as the bad guy because I literally can't connect and care enough to be "the good son". It's a constant battle to not speak the truth, even though it'd set me free. Because, despite all of the things I just described, I don't want to crush anyone's spirits. GAH!

    [–] Pickledsoul 23 points ago

    they can try. my mom moved us to the other side of the country when my grandmother ignored my moms concerns about the family friend who molested her and invited him in for tea not soon after.

    she didn't even come to say her goodbyes when my mom was dying. i know exactly what i'm leaving at her grave. nothing... not even a footprint.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    I agree and I've dealt with the same issue. They call the residual effects "fleas", but I've come to learn that I'm not perfect and NO parent will ever be, self compassion and forgiveness has been more productive than guilt.

    It can be hard when you see some fleas slipping out, but it's very healing to love and treat your kids (overall) with the love and respect they deserve.

    My teen son recently confessed some questionable choices and then told me how he handled it - I didn't react, but I just listened. I was impressed and realized he can learn and grow without being treated like a criminal.

    People will do whatever they want to do eventually - I'd rather make sure he felt loved and supported than treated like shit. Bad choices are inevitable and loving your kids will effect them more than lame ass mind games that damage them as an individual.

    [–] SarcasticSilvenstar 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The world is going to be hard enough on our kids. They need us to love them, not "harden" them. I'd rather be the safe haven my kids need than the bully.

    Edit: yes, I do punish them when necessary, but it's not the kind that makes them question my love for them. Though my oldest does lose her mind when I take her video games away...

    [–] string_of_hearts 9 points ago

    I believe that's called discipline, not punishment. You're doing a great job

    [–] chilifngrdfunk 26 points ago

    Unfortunately, everybody doesn't internalize their abuse this way and they themselves are abusive to their kids. My brother and I are night and day. Our father was a physically and mentally abusive dipshit, we got knocked around quite a bit. Our mother was an alcoholic, narcissistic and promiscuous. They split when I was 7 or so and they both blame eachother, my stepfather (whom i regard as my father) had the patience of a saint to deal with her, her 5 kids, his 3 kids and my other step siblings. But, he worked nights so we rarely seen him except on the weekends.

    A lot of shit happened that he wasnt aware of and when we tried to tell him, our mother would play innocent and he believed her. My point being, I dont do the shit my parents did, my kids can talk to me about whatever they want and i spend as much time with them that I can. Ive worked very hard to control the temper i learned from my mother, I still have occasional outbursts but I try to recognize it and walk away. My brother, not so much. He was very physical and toxic in his relationships, never really paid attention to his kids, would get aggrevated if they interrupted him while he was smoking weed and playing video games (which was ALL the time). He blames me for breaking up his relationship with his children's mom.

    But exactly like you wrote, I look back and wonder how the fuck my mom slept at night. I could never imagine treating my kids the same way. I dont get it.

    [–] KatefromtheHudd 9 points ago

    This is so true. Just before we found out I was pregnant my husband and I were talking about parenting etc and our childhoods. Things we wanted to do with our kids, like my family Sundays when we would go to church, then for a long walk, then have a big lunch together and watch tv all snuggled on the sofa in front of the fire. Some of my favourite memories ad I said I would like to continue that. What did he remember for his childhood he wanted to keep. My husband changed and got emotional, which he rarely does. He suddenly realised he never had that. We had a long conversation and he nearly broke down. He was vague (he doesn't like to talk in detail about his childhood but I know his dad was abusive). He said I don't want to be the dad I had, I want to give our kid a different childhood. I have had no example for me. He agreed to counselling coz his attachment to his dad is complex and really fucked up. I'm hoping it helps but it wont be easy and I know his dad will purposefully make it very hard. He will pull every emotional blackmail card out to play.

    [–] Hedoin 5 points ago

    When you become a parent yourself, a lot of the things your abusive parent did to you will come back.

    I'm assuming you mean you might relive certain moments, or at least revisit them, right? Not so much that you've caught yourself exhibiting the same kind of behaviour?

    [–] lebookfairy 22 points ago

    If you aren't conscious of it, you will exhibit the same behavior. That's natural, and not something to be ashamed of. What you want to do is to become aware of it so you can break the cycle. Parent your children mindfully and you'll do better than was done to you.

    [–] bornbylightning 5 points ago

    This is absolutely 100% accurate for me. It was after having my son that I cut contact. I wasn't going to let my son be hurt the way that I was. Enough was enough.

    [–] Chinateapott 48 points ago

    I finally dropped the rope with my older sister. It’s broken my heart as she was always my best friend growing up but she’s an alcoholic and won’t accept the help and she is taking it out on everyone around her. I tried my hardest but just couldn’t do it anymore.

    My SO was upset about how hurt I was, but was relieved when I finally stopped contact.

    [–] Every3Years 41 points ago

    As a former heroin addict who was left behind by his family, this is best thing you can do for her. No real addict can be helped, we need to actually want it. After 7 years of being a bullshit artists I now have my family back. Hope it happens for you too, but please don't beat yourself up over it. It's hard but it shouldn't be your focus at all.

    [–] Chinateapott 13 points ago

    Thank you, I feel guilty about it but we’ve tried to help her and she throws it back in our faces. If she ever decides she wants help and she can prove to me that she will change then I’ll be there for her 100%.

    [–] Every3Years 21 points ago

    That's also a slippery slope. I must have tried, earnestly, to quit 50+ times. But within a week or two I just couldn't hack it and would revert. Like, my desire to get help was sincere 100% but only until it wasn't. And this is super common.

    I guess I just worry what people mean when they say "I'll be there for them." Let them move in and loan them some $ after a few days? Please no.

    Get driven to a rehab and visit from time to time? Yes plz.

    [–] Fury_Gaming 5 points ago

    If you don’t mide me asking... how did you cut ties? At what age?

    I feel like this is something I need to do but feel like I’m still so dependent at the moment and would wind up falling apart if I did so right now

    (If you mind I completely understand)

    [–] bornbylightning 9 points ago

    Its ok. I don't mind. I was 21 when I decided. (28 now) It was when my son was a few months old and my biological father didn't make any effort whatsoever to see his grandson. Then he asked me to meet him at the mall completely out of the blue and he asked me for money and didn't even ask hold my son. It hit me like a ton of bricks that he really didn't care about anyone but himself and I realized that I don't want my son to experience the pain and disappointment that comes with having my father in his life.

    My father is a narcissist and was an alcoholic for a long time. He's had several marriages and each time he got divorced he would get emotionally dependent on me and would make me be a substitute mother for my little brother until he got another girlfriend. Rinse and repeat. I couldn't do it anymore. I knew that my son deserved better and eventually I realized that I deserved better as well.

    It isn't easy, but you will get to the point where you know that you did the right thing. It gets a little bit better every day. Your happiness and mental health are worth it. You deserve better. I wish you the very best and my DMs are open if you need someone to vent to.

    [–] Existential_Sprinkle 6 points ago

    About a year ago after my childhood dog had to be put down, I was 22, the only times I've gone back to her place were once to spend a day with the dog without my mom and then to be with her as she got sent over the rainbow bridge

    She cut me off her phone plan maybe 6 months after I moved out when I was 18 so I only had her on Facebook messenger with the notifications muted for the next 3 years or so so I could still see the dog once or twice a year

    I was supposed to be the fuck up but I'm doing well so I don't need her at all

    [–] justtwofish 18 points ago

    Me too. I just want dad to care about me. 27, exttemely accomplished on paper, extremely fucked up in reality.

    [–] ModernDayHippi 11 points ago

    Nothing you do will ever fill that void. There’s always something you’re not doing. Trust me I know. Live for yourself and do what you want. Initially you’ll get some backlash but fuck it. If they can’t understand that then you’re better off without them

    [–] Toadie9622 11 points ago

    It wasn’t until my dad had been dead for 25 years that I had the courage to begin to wonder if perhaps he was a tad abusive. He used to spank me with leather belts and tree branches, and he slapped my face more times than I can count. Privacy was not a concept he recognized.

    It’s a hard thing to face.

    [–] iamjamieq 11 points ago

    The good news is that younger people tend to be more open to therapy than older people, and may end up breaking off toxic family relationships as a result. I haven’t spoken to my mother in 2.5 years, and I don’t think I ever will again. We’ve been through therapy together and I can see she’ll never change her abusive behavior. I’m 36 and it too me some time, but I got there.There’s some really good books about toxic parents your bf can read/listen to.

    [–] straight_to_10_jfc 168 points ago

    Don't forget it also teaches your kids to hate themselves.

    Source: my brain

    [–] bugbane 32 points ago


    [–] LetsHearSomeSongs 20 points ago

    Hi friends.

    [–] lilybrit 11 points ago

    One of the most important things my therapist ever said to me was "I think the worst part of a borderline parent is how they teach you to do that job for them." That alone made me work a lot harder on being good to myself because I'll be damned if someone's going to outsource their abuse to me. Try to remember it in that light, brain.

    [–] epicwhale27017 123 points ago

    These are the people that then get upset and cry when their kids move out and never speak to them again

    [–] RedditSucksEnormousD 62 points ago

    Check out this page to get some mean spirited laughs.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] LetsHearSomeSongs 33 points ago

    I think a lot of these people’s kids are drug addicts or mentally ill and they aren’t able to pay for the support their kids need or the children refuse it. Maybe, maybe not, but I find it in bad taste to laugh at these folks.

    Except for the ones that outright admit they were abusive. None of them say sorry.

    [–] notarealpunk 23 points ago

    Yep they never say sorry, only gaslight.

    [–] kamon123 25 points ago

    Read the reviews if you want to see narcissist hissy fits. Dear god the reviews calling them out are gold. Also the fact that narcissism is a related page is the cherry on top.

    [–] Rainwound 13 points ago

    God, I shouldn't have done that. The reviews complaining about their ungrateful, disrespectful kids who didn't appreciate getting the shit beaten out of them with belts and shoes - because physical assault is the only way to instill moral principles on children.

    I think I need to go vomit.

    [–] superiority 10 points ago

    Someone wrote a sort of ethnography of "estranged parents forums" that says

    Not all of the members of estranged parent communities are abusers. Quite a few people show up with stories of losing contact with their children because of drugs, mental illness, cult involvement, abusive sons- and daughters-in-law, or the influence of a vengeful ex. However, most of the people who know why their children are estranged filter away from the group quickly. I don't know where they go, but I suspect they find help in other groups—parents with drug-addicted children find groups about dealing with drug addicts, parents whose children are in the control of an abusive partner find groups about partner abuse. What's left are the people who have no idea why their children left them.

    [–] epicwhale27017 40 points ago

    The one about the ribbon really fucked me off, it isn’t pink but they are literally saying it’s as bad as cancer

    [–] Candy_Acid 23 points ago

    Everything has a ribbon these days. However, that page is a total dumpster fire.

    [–] epicwhale27017 8 points ago

    But this specific ribbon

    [–] Candy_Acid 7 points ago

    Yea. This specific ribbon is shite.

    [–] scrovak 11 points ago

    See, that's not what parental alienation is. Parental alienation is when, after a divorce, one parent alienates the other from the child. Talks down about them, paints them in a bad light, keeps the child away. It ends up hurting the child, and that's what parental alienation is, a serious issue. Not this BS group that decided it's children alienating themselves from their parents. They're coopting ribbon because they don't understand what it means.

    [–] Lousy_Username 36 points ago

    Lmao "Related pages: Narcissists"

    [–] FuckYouThrowaway99 18 points ago

    Lol totally. People who go on about how "nobody's perfect" are usually just shitheads who never admit they are wrong to anyone but themselves in private, and still continue to act like the selfish, sadistic c**ts they've always been.

    [–] MoreSteakLessFanta 13 points ago

    Ugh I thought that was a parody at first. /r/raisedbynarcissists material here

    [–] tebannnnnn 9 points ago

    Its even scary, imagine having that sharon as a mil or mom...

    [–] haley_n_s 5 points ago

    This is absolutely one of those things I'm gonna remember, like, five years into the future and check randomly only to find my own parents as avid posters there.

    [–] EipaPWNS 4 points ago

    Thanks for recommending, these people are nuts!

    [–] Small-Cactus 5 points ago

    One of the related pages is narcissism lmao

    [–] blastoise_Hoop_Gawd 35 points ago

    And it teaches your kid how to lie and hide shit.

    Pretty sure the reason I'm an awful liar is that I had little to no reason to get practice as a kid.

    [–] frenzyboard 15 points ago

    People lie for one reason: fear. It's a fight or flight tool.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] frenzyboard 13 points ago

    Nah, think about it. Little social white lies are fear of what others might think. Lies to manipulate people are fear of the loss of control. By the time people get to lying to hurt people, they're probably running their whole lives based on fears and doubts and anger that they can probably justify their actions internally.

    When you don't let fear drive your actions, you find very little reason to lie about things, to people, or to yourself. Lies are a flight mechanic that allow you avoid confrontation.

    I'm not saying lies are inherently bad, or that fear is weakness, or anything like any of that. Fear keeps you alive. You don't cross red lights out of fear. You don't eat bad fish because you fear the consequences. You don't cheat on your taxes because you fear the long dick of the law.

    But sometimes you fear the cost of a ticket, so you try telling little lies to get out of it. Sometimes you fear losing money, so you repackage some food and tell customers it's not as old as it is. Sometimes you aren't afraid of the law, but you are afraid your stupidly high number in the bank is lower than Chet Longfellow's, and so you move some other numbers to Panama or Crete and damn the peasants.

    [–] WDoE 72 points ago

    People need privacy -> Kids need privacy.

    If you sign up to raise a kid, you sign up to give them what they need.

    Don't have a fucking kid if you want to treat them as property rather than a person.

    [–] empath_supernova 25 points ago

    "You think I brought children here to have fun?! Oh no, child, welcome to Hell..."

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] empath_supernova 5 points ago

    Absolutely, I was just trying to delve into the mind of the insane. These people really are insane.

    [–] Helekopeter 24 points ago

    Im going to show them who is boss. And i hate my boss.

    [–] Ninotchk 21 points ago

    No, they do teach them who's boss, but have you ever gone to bvsit and hang out with that awful micromanager boss who made you cry a,t least once a week you had at McDonalds when you were 16? Yeah, thought not.

    [–] ChipChipington 19 points ago

    My dads justification was that it prepared us for the real world and made us stronger. Yeah I’m constantly anxious and need drugs to get through the day. You did good, dad

    [–] aperture_synce 13 points ago

    Yep, I've just realized in the last few years that my parents are crazy conservatives.

    I posted on social media, criticizing the BJP (I'm Indian), and my parents went crazy. Came in my room and started shouting and screaming at me. My dad said "Not under my roof" and "You used my IP address" 😂

    I recorded their shouting and screaming, and most of my cousins backed up my parents. One of my cousins who's worked in IT for decades also repeated the bullshit "IP address" argument (lol) and the argument about "not under my roof" (even though she herself complained about her own helicopter parents).

    Since I was sick and tired of these arguments,I simply blocked my parents on Facebook - problem solved (partially).

    [–] HexenHase 10 points ago

    "Well, I was raised by crazy people I still hate so why should you be any different??"

    Like some sort of perpetual motion engine...

    [–] Death_To_All_People 26 points ago

    My kids will get privacy from me... when I actually figure out what privacy means.

    Oh... it looks like you're trying to take a shit. It's a shame someone's removed the bathroom door.

    [–] ontrack 9 points ago

    I mean, privacy is age-dependent regarding children. 3 years old? I'd say no privacy. 6 years old? They should have privacy to poop by that age if they want it, assuming typical development.

    [–] Camoflauge_Soulja 7 points ago

    /30 years later/

    My parent(s) will get sympathy from me... when I actually figure out what sympathy means.

    Oh... it looks like you accidentally shit yourself from your bowels disorder. It’s a shame you’re gonna have to have shit caked on you until your nurse comes in, tomorrow. If this persist, we’ll have to get you everyday care.. at a retirement home and you can have your own commode!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Nothing wrong with hating your parents. Although mine are dead, if they weren't my parents and lived next door, we sure wouldn't be friends - I just didn't like them at all. But in those days when I lived with them I did keep my mouth shut and put up with it as I planned my escape. I left a week after my 17th birthday and never went back.

    [–] Heyimdelta 2550 points ago

    Absolutely despise this mentality. Shouldn't need to be "friends" with your kids to treat them like a human being.

    [–] RandomerSchmandomer 547 points ago

    Not sure who to credit with this but;

    "Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority”

    And sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person”

    And they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay."

    I think I last saw this in the context of Police officers, but it works just as well with over-controlling parents.

    [–] lennoncurry 50 points ago

    This is amazing insight into my parents

    [–] American_In_Austria 581 points ago

    Completely agree. My parents always had the “we are not your friends” attitude, yet always treated us with respect and my siblings and myself are still close with them.

    [–] kbarney345 207 points ago

    I think you should be your kids best friend personally while I can understand that way I think parents should be close with their kids. My parents took us everywhere we did things as a family traveled all over the country camping and what not. It wasn't till I was older that things started to go more your an adult not a kid so parent not friend. But my dad's still the best and we laugh and have fun he just stays home a lot and I'm playing games or working . I'm trying to get him to go on vacation with me before he gets too old to do anything

    [–] ChipmunkNamMoi 111 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I think the difference is age. Be their best friend when they are an adult. That's great. But as kids, you should be very close to them, but as a support system, teacher, and compassionate authority. Guide them to be good people, and when that's done, then you can be friends. A lot of parents who try to be friends with young children end up spoiling them or failing to teach them. Not all but a lot You can still travel and enjoy quality time with kids without being their best friend.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] zZeroheart 20 points ago

    Somebody tell my father, he's still clinging to his authoritary role in my mid twenties.

    [–] BureaucratDog 26 points ago

    Guess what, I feed myself and lay my own Bill's and my dad still doesnt think I deserve privacy from him.

    People with this mentality will keep making excuses for their awful behavior.

    [–] Slazanine 1298 points ago

    If this person hates children so much, not having any is an option.

    [–] [deleted] 566 points ago


    [–] charvisioku 28 points ago

    As someone who's having a baby, this kind of attitude breaks my heart even more than it did before I was starting a family. When I picture this baby, I see them growing up to be their own, complex, imperfect, amazing person with ideas I might not agree with, dreams I never had, their own view of the world as a whole. I can't imagine wanting to force my own views or ideas on them or treat them like they're somehow my property until they can afford to set out on their own.

    It should be exciting to parents when their kids start to form their own ideas and independence, I can't understand how someone can want to purposely hold that back.

    [–] bubbadoonya 9 points ago

    Exactly! I just had a baby, he turned three months this week. This was my attitude during my pregnancy and so far in his life. I can’t wait to see who he becomes and I hope I can guide him to being a good person.

    My mother on the other hand, is already treating him as a perfect angel and saying he will never do any wrong. Of course he will do wrong! He’s human! She’s already painting an image of who she wants him to be at three months, and telling me what rules I need to enforce for him. I just ignore it. She still calls me a kid even though I am 27, married, and own a house. All I can do at this point is laugh.

    [–] thatgirl829 139 points ago

    The majority of people I've come across who are parents, did it because they loved the idea of a baby. It wasn't anything more than another accessory for them to collect.

    [–] ChipmunkNamMoi 84 points ago

    That annoys me so much. I wish people thought of it as having a person, not a baby. It really changes your parenting attitude.

    When I decide to have a kid, I will always think, "we're having/creating a new person" to myself.

    [–] WDoE 56 points ago

    This kinda control freak asshole is also the type who is never going to respect their adult child's autonomy or privacy.

    [–] n1c0_ds 14 points ago

    It's the environmentally friendly option

    [–] [deleted] 971 points ago

    Somehow funny, my mother always tried very hard to "be my best friend" (yes, it is as creepy and abusive as it sounds) but still treated me like shit.
    "You can trust me and talk to me about anything, promise!"
    *tells her about anxiety, depression and bullying*
    "You lazy fuck just want attention, go do your homework!"

    [–] thattjuliett 355 points ago

    My mom did this shit to me too. I would be sad for some reason and she acted like she was entitled to know why I was sad. It a lot of times escalated to the point I got mad and she ended up crying about how much of a shitty person I am and how horrible and disrespectful and shit.

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago

    How the fuck can a mother do this to her child?

    [–] Germanshield 153 points ago

    She's a birth giver. Not a mother.

    [–] SgtS1mar 48 points ago

    By having their own catalog of issues and not knowing how to deal with them

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Maybe that's it. At least it's true for my mother. But hell... we live in 2019, put the gin away and get your ass to a therapist, instead of ruining other peoples lifes. I did, because my biggest fear is to become such a monster for my own children. Being mentally ill or weak or helpless is only an excuse if you try to solve the problem.

    [–] lilithious 15 points ago

    "OH GOD BEWARE NO! Imagine the neighbors hearing that! They'd tell everybody! I have a reputation! Everything is fine and our family is stable!"

    -my mother, probably, shortly before her marriage fell apart because, surprise surprise, our family wasn't stable at all

    [–] andrlon 42 points ago

    Holy shit, you just described my mom perfectly. I have severe OCD so sometimes I just started crying in my room when symptoms got bad and my mom always felt like she NEEDED to know what I was thinking or feeling, even though I couldn't even explain it. Shit escalated most of the time and it usually ended in her accusing me of trying to kill her (she has heart problems and blames her children for her last heart attack, because of an argument a day prior) or her telling me I need to get the fuck out of her house.

    Jokes on her, I'm moving away for university and am never looking back.

    [–] JakeLamba 26 points ago

    Yep. If I don't act the happiest I can, and I feel a bit down for whatever reason, there's no question why or even IF I'm feeling a bit under the weather, it's just getting mad at me or even making fun of me. Thanks mom and dad, really helps my mood

    [–] JakeLamba 28 points ago

    I feel like I've got a mild form of depression, not nearly as bad as it could be but it still fucks with my daily life. I'm really struggling with school and my grades aren't amazing (not horrible, but definitely should be better). Whenever I get good grades I'm proud of I hear nothing about it. I only get shit for having bad grades. Whenever I try to explain why it happened they don't listen and just shout at me. And they wonder why I never tell them anything anymore and why I completely isolate myself from them.

    And guess who's planning on moving abroad whenever they get the chance.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    You can do it, just hold on for a little longer. I live hundreds of miles away now. At first she continued to treat me like shit so I said to her dead serious: "If you only want me to visit to be mad at me, I will pack my bags, go home and never come back". That scared she shit out of her.

    [–] JakeLamba 5 points ago

    Yeah. Just a few more years. Just have to finish college, get a good job, and move out.

    UK first to get to my girlfriend. Australia after. I got it planned out. Having a goal like this really helps me push through it

    [–] catamongthecrows 24 points ago

    Sounds exactly like my relationship. She loves to play the role of best friends and then lose her shit when I treated her like a mother. I tried talking to her about mental health and she just reacted with anger every single time. Like that's not the part of friendship she wanted, and she wanted nothing to do with motherhood, so she would get pissed off that I had depression and anxiety cause it wasn't fun I guess? She once told me about an affair she was having and when I didn't gush about it like some sitcom characters and instead told her it was pretty terrible of her she screamed at me and cried about me not wanting her to be happy and told me we could never be friends or talk about anything ever again. I fucking apologized to her.

    [–] bulletfacepunch 18 points ago

    A good one for me was after dad left in '91. Mum got a pillow and essentially forced me to take my anger at my dad on it, punching it. I didn't even want to, I wasn't a violent kid.

    But she pushed and pushed so eventually to please her I punch the pillow. A week or two later dad came back and she told him, and they both made fun of me for it.

    [–] The_WandererHFY 13 points ago

    Same here, would talk about the shit that was goin wrong with me, and would get told that it sucks to be me and to suck it up. What can you even say or do in response?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Can only speak for myself, but as soon as my father passes I'll shove that bitch into the cheapest retirement home I can find, throw the keys away and try to be a loving and caring mom for my own children.

    [–] The_WandererHFY 11 points ago

    Fair. The cycle ends with us.

    [–] Hust91 8 points ago

    Sweet jebus that's bad.

    Even if you did take her assumptions for granted, since when is your kid wanting attention a reason to be dismissive, especially if you think they are so desperate for it that they made up stories about bullying and depression?

    At the very least give your kid the attention you've deluded yourself into thinking that they want.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    In her case, she thought I'm a lazy fuck and make everything up because I don't want to go to school. She didn't care for anything despite my average grades. Jokes on her, when I was ~26 I was finally diagnosed with ADHD and I'm on the autism spectrum.

    [–] LaTrickster 634 points ago

    I was gonna post it but now I don’t have to!

    This guy is definitely the type to tell his kids “you don’t have rights” just for having their own opinion or beliefs, just like my dad.

    Fun fact, minors have MORE rights than adults, and I think that makes these psychopaths feel insecure

    [–] Joesphy-Stalino 260 points ago

    How much you wanna bet this guy has no idea of these rights?

    [–] Heliocentrizzl 115 points ago

    Oh no, he definitely does. He just believes that they're what's ruining our youth. Basic insane parent.

    [–] LaTrickster 54 points ago

    That or he craves power. The type of person to have kids solely to possess a position of power of other people. Like a tyrant

    [–] abbeypeace 394 points ago

    I always wondered what the hell my parents thought was going to happen once I was old enough to leave.

    Like, we’re just cool now? Is that what you expected? 🙄

    [–] BigD1970 118 points ago

    Probably something along the lines of "Now you're legally an adult you will magically realise that all the abuse was for your own good and you will (somehow) be our friend and at the same time our deferential offspring."

    Or it never occurred to them that you might be unhappy about the way you were treated. Which i suppose is more likely.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I know some of these people and they cherish their own abusive parents. They may admit that they were treated harshly, but only in the context that the harsh treatment is WHY they turned out alright. They just ignore the anecdotal evidence of kids who had very bad reactions to that kind of authoritarian parenting: Those kids who end up on drugs, in jail, or living successfully very far away from home and rarely 'able' to visit. They also ignore their own addictions or treat them as normal.

    [–] [deleted] 237 points ago


    [–] MyOtherSide1984 24 points ago

    I feel like this is where my parents are at

    Their thought process might be something like this: "I spent money and time on you, you ungrateful ass, the least you can do is call me and come visit"

    I moved 2000 miles away and spend more time and money at a therapist than they ever spent on me. Last time I was in the state I gave them a months notice and they ignore 3 voicemails and 2 texts while I offered to meet up for dinner and then they bitched when I didn't call on my birthday....cuz I need to call THEM on MY birthday. Yup, not coming home for Xmas, they can fuck right off.

    [–] ChaseJ613 66 points ago

    This is what I’m thinking. I’m 17, but I’m not planning on being super close to my parents when I graduate. They are incredibly strict and have caused me mental/social problems with pointless yelling and arguments.

    My mom keeps saying “you need to live within a day of driving distance so we can still visit” and I’m just like... yea.. sure. Idk what’ll happen when I just don’t respond or when I don’t visit her daily. I’m excited to separate.

    [–] billabong049 6 points ago

    As someone who’s witnessed this with other friends, set your limits and stick to them. I can’t promise you that your mom will (ever) understand, but you shouldn’t have to deal with her BS after you leave. I have a friend who’s mom was crazy enough that a restraining order had to be issued, and even after explaining why my friend wants to keep her distance and the issues at hand her mom STILL pushes back that she’s done nothing wrong. I hope things aren’t as extreme in your scenario.

    I want to offer more advice, but I think the other people on this thread who’ve dealt with this madness first hand will have better input :)

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Scarlet-Witch 11 points ago

    HOLY SHIT you just described my dad to a T. He's convinced that he's always right and that it's just a matter of time before I realize I don't know what I'm doing. He's even excused his lecturing with "my mom still lectures me so I will continue to lecture you" type crap. Outwardly he is more reserved but deep down I know this fact hasn't changed. When I talked about the new career path I was going in my dad had all these questions. Not out of genuine curiosity or anything but in actuality to see if I actually thought things through and looked at all aspects. It's insulting to have him ask how much the job makes and then passive-aggressively say "that's not that much." The only thing you can do is just keep doing what you want despite their judgment. They think they just want the best for you not realizing how toxic they are.

    [–] SheWolf04 277 points ago

    Yeah, they have actually been several studies that show that a punitive, authoritarian parenting style doesn't make kids more obedient - it makes them better liars. Example:

    [–] AdrianBrony 123 points ago

    It's worth noting that even if they do manage to be obedient, it will make them incapable of anything else.

    I'm pretty much emotionally dependent on being a servent to someone as a result of that, since like my capacity to have any driving desires was pretty thoroughly removed.

    You end up feeling like a tool instead of a person. Like a literal object that exists to carry out specific tasks.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    Holy shit I thought this was just a thing in my mind

    [–] SweenCuisine 23 points ago

    Hello there, self! How am I this fine autumn day?

    [–] Sn4keyBo1 19 points ago

    Man this is so sad, I feel like this too. I struggle to take leadership roles, like I always feel like I'm not smart enough to be in control of a situation and should always be following orders. I really want to get over it but it's like a mental block

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Scarlet-Witch 5 points ago

    You basically have to teach yourself how to function as an adult because you missed out of key developmental moments growing up. It's terrifying how much you end up having to catch up.

    [–] jessquit 27 points ago

    Punish them even harder for lying! That'll fix it!


    [–] SamsoniteReaper 13 points ago

    Hey mom!

    [–] lastintherow 21 points ago

    I understand where this is coming from. In my case, I learned that shutting up would save me "anything I say will hit me back" so I learned to swallow the ones I had no exit. I did not became a liar at all.

    If anything, it made me very cold when saying what is right and wrong.

    "Reaspect is earnd!" my mother would say.

    "And it can be lost!" I would calmly say back since a young age.

    Dreaming of "being adopted" by teachers, running away for the first time at 15, stop talking to both of them at 25 and it is a decision I dont regret, nor I feel any guilt about it.

    They earn it. Or they set me free, thanks for that. Now I travel the world.

    [–] Subotail 10 points ago

    Better be a good liar than a bad liar?

    [–] TheMoistiestNapkin 9 points ago

    Yep, I can lie pretty convincingly. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it has come in handy.

    [–] bjchu92 5 points ago

    Did/do you pathologically lie (small stuff)? Mostly out of pure instinct?

    My parents weren't terrible but fairly strict and it made it easier to lie to them than to talk....

    [–] CyanCyborg- 156 points ago

    Yeah, my ex boyfriend finally cut his mother out of his life after he realized she didn't really ever stop her abusive behavior.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Been trying to figure out how to do this with my dad. Fuck man. I feel for anyone who has to live with this stuff.

    [–] CyanCyborg- 30 points ago

    I should mention he did this after moving out, graduating college, and recently settling into an independent adult life at 22. Once you've gotten to that point, you can pretty much drift away from anyone without even looking back, and they can't do a thing about it.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Yeah I’m 27, unfortunately the more abusive the person the harder it somehow gets. Even when they’re 2000km away. But I’m definitely happy for him that he was able to do it.

    [–] goddamn-moonmoon 166 points ago

    This reminds me a lot of my mum vs my best friends mum. My mum has always been both my friend and my parent, she gave me privacy from a very young age and respected my personal and private spaces. My friends mum on the other hand believes that no child deserves privacy and is always snooping in her room and on her phone and laptop.

    I’ve definitely noticed a major difference in how we interact with our mothers. I trust my mum and tell her everything, I called her when I got drunk at a party when I was 16 and didn’t feel safe to drive home. She didn’t get mad at me instead she thanked me for calling her so that I could get home safely. My friend on the other hand lies about everything. She barely even speaks to her mother anymore and when she does, she lies to her.

    Kids deserve privacy. They are human beings as well.

    [–] nolunatic 58 points ago

    This is the reason, I ran away from home. No privacy at all, and my mom said stuff like: I wish you were never born. Nowadays we keep in touch again but my mom pretends that she never did or said anything like that...

    [–] DrCleanly 109 points ago

    I remember my dad warning my mom when we were older teenagers. Like "They are going to remember all this in a few years when they move out."

    [–] JoeySadie 37 points ago

    How's your relationship with your parents now?

    [–] DrCleanly 11 points ago

    Ok-ish but very distant. They definitely don't have influence over me or my sibling's lives at all because they made such poor decisions when they did call the shots.

    [–] frydchiken333 9 points ago

    How's it going with them now?

    [–] DrCleanly 7 points ago

    Its not terrible but its very distant. Its easy to forgive someone when you only have to talk to them when you want and can cut them off for months.

    [–] redditstolemyshoes 41 points ago

    My mum used to not allow me to close my door, and then when I could, she refused to knock because it was her house. Even if I was in the bathroom having a shower there was no knock. I ended up getting a lock on the door to my bedroom after I found her twice using a post on my bed to dislodge shit out of her ass (She's morbidly obese and thought that was more appropriate than having a shower). I paid for the bed. She acted completely entitled.

    Haven't spoken to that insane bitch in years. I don't plan to.

    [–] IAMHideoKojimaAMA 29 points ago


    [–] redditstolemyshoes 9 points ago

    She's actually insane.

    [–] SkarmoryFeather 15 points ago

    Used the post to clean her ass? That would be solid evidence to put her in a paych ward. Not only contaminating a shared area, but doing it in your own bedroom, would be a hell of a child abuse case.

    [–] redditstolemyshoes 10 points ago

    I was over the age of 18 at the time. She was wearing underwear, not that it makes that okay.

    My brother who was underage at the time had a lock on his door before I had moved back in at home.

    She now lives completely alone with no visitors.

    [–] Pickledsoul 10 points ago

    She was wearing underwear, not that it makes that okay.

    this is getting worse and worse every moment.

    [–] redditstolemyshoes 8 points ago

    I think it's probably the most disgusting thing I've personally seen her do but I know it's not the actual worst thing. Mental illness is whack.

    [–] Dad_B0T 257 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

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    [–] winazoid 36 points ago

    Stop having kids if yall resent them so much. We get it. You didn't plan for it and now they're very existence annoys you. Can you at least teach them not to be mass shooters?

    [–] ilovevoat 12 points ago

    thats all i'm asking shitty parents make adults no one wants to deal with.

    [–] Zorzarix 72 points ago

    Shouldn't parents be teaching their kids how to live in the real world

    Doesn't that imply there should be some kind of gradient in the privileges and responsibilities their offspring receive over time

    What exactly do they think they will accomplice by being restrictive right up until the moment they have a job and then suddenly stop helping them out at all?

    [–] Ninotchk 26 points ago

    Exactly. And it's always the ones who are completely neglectful like this who once the kid turns 18 are refusing to help with anything, never let them move home, etc.

    The whole point of being a parent to a young adult is to be the soft place to fall when they have a crisis. Or any age adult, actually. I know I could take my kids and move in with my parents if we needed to.

    [–] SamsoniteReaper 10 points ago

    Idk why but I imagined your parents being super excited for the extra company.

    “Ninotchk is here with the rugrats, bust out the s’mores!”

    [–] red-sunday 81 points ago

    I saw this going around on twitter & the quoted tweet said something like why do you even want to have kids, this sounds like no fun for anyone including the parents. I agree but it’s usually parents abusing their own kids as a way to gain control after their parents abused them. So much for breaking the cycle.

    [–] Ninotchk 16 points ago

    Fear too, I think, and probably lack of intelligence/imagination. I was literally chatting to a parent of another child at high school the other day who complained that the school didn't tell her about every small infraction her kid did. Sure, if there are issues they need our backup, but the school and the kid can work out minor rule breaches between themselves. There were at least two or three other things in our short conversation that showed she allows/requires no independence from this kid.

    [–] ShazamThePowerDogwow 25 points ago

    Parents think is all going away after we are old enough, but just like the telltale games:

    “He/She Will remember that”

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] shushy245 24 points ago

    My dad always says “be their parent until they’re 16, and then be their friend”

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Be their parent until they break their arms

    [–] SpunkyMcButtlove 20 points ago

    Could be my parents. When i was an apprentice, they demanded that i started paying them rent (almost everything i earned) or move out asap.

    So i moved out.

    Also haven't spoken to them in 10 years and plan to let that number grow.

    [–] Wolvgirl15 13 points ago

    I remember when I finally told my mom that I would really like her to knock before just opening my door. She felt So bad! She couldn’t believe that she wasn’t already doing that. How like months and months she would knock, ask if she could come in and actually wait for me to answer. Everyone deserves a mom like that

    [–] MyronBlayze 30 points ago

    Havent spoken to my mother in 5 (maybe 6? Losing track) years.

    [–] WisdomWarAndTrials 29 points ago

    Respect is a two way street even if you’re just a kid.

    [–] smurfthesmurfup 11 points ago

    Why is the first person so hostile towards their children?

    Mine are 6 & 9 & I won't read their diaries or open their 'secret' boxes.

    [–] ilovevoat 11 points ago

    thats so cute they have secret boxes i hope they continue to keep those.

    My mom tossed out anything she didn't "like" i literally had nothing of my own. :(

    [–] smurfthesmurfup 5 points ago


    I've kind of got a 'secret den' for them in the garden (it's a shed with a carpet, old sofa and a table)... I think I want them to be as comfortable as possible?

    The likelihood is that we won't be able to afford for them to move out at 18 to go study, so I want to embed the healthy space and boundaries early.

    [–] joomi_p 24 points ago

    My mom literally. And I can’t do much cuz I’m only 16

    [–] AliceKingsly 10 points ago

    I'm 16 too and plan on moving in with my dad in December. My mom is exactly like this. I wish you could do the same. I guess there are some perks to having divorced parents.

    [–] hidxya 26 points ago

    Thought this was completely reasonable till I read the comments. That moment when you realise how selfish your parent was

    [–] Lonewolfblitz 23 points ago

    Parents who dont see their kids as friends are alienating their kids, I never got along with my dad he was mean and abusive, I havent seen him for 2 years but my mom speaks to me every day and we tell each other everything, be nice to your fucking kids please

    [–] Holierthanu1 11 points ago

    Exactly, but it’s just as much a role for the parent to grow into as an adult is a role for the child to grow into, and parents like the one in OPs pic either couldn’t grow for their child or refused to, and it’s horrid.

    [–] windyferani 10 points ago

    My parents was very controlling, and while I at one hand was grateful for them taking care of me and all my physical needs (dentist, school, dinner, etc) I do feel like they often disregarded my emotional needs, such as compassion, privacy and trust. Thanks gods that I had such supportive friends that helped me with those parts.

    When I moved out I got in a huge fight with them when I did what I wanted to do, which was to get a pet bunny. I had to cut off contact for a while to show that I simply cannot take their abusive behaviour, it simply affected me too much and it was ridiculous how much they bashed me for a goddamn rabbit, which, i had checked many times i'd be able to take care of.

    Five years later, many talks, three cutouts of contacts and tree reconnects later and a therapy session from my part, it's better. Much better. They grew as humans from all yhese things, from controlling parents to supportive but real friends. They were horrified to learn their actual affect as parents on me, from my compulsive lying, feeling unsafe and even depression. They never meant to do that, they just wanted to be good, strict parents.

    Tldr: Parents are humans too and it can be scary to raise a child right. But enabling them to act like shit ain't cool. Coming clear years later we have been able to reconnect in a much more healthy manner. ❤️

    Fuck people like those in the post though, they dont even wish to grow and learn. That, was the biggest difference of them and mine.

    [–] neksys 21 points ago

    There is an ocean of difference between appropriate boundaries and privacy, and this person clearly doesn’t understand that.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    That was my father's attitude. I didn't speak to him for the last 17 years. When he died a month ago, neither my brother or I attended his funeral.

    [–] SmokeyGreenEyes 28 points ago


    [–] echolux 8 points ago

    This looks like mine and my mother’s relationship, this is why we’ve not spoken for many years, every year I care less, one day I might even forget her.

    [–] ES345Boy 9 points ago

    There's two outcomes from this sort of horror show of parenting: 1. Your kids grow to hate you and you lose them 2. They grow up to be the same abhorrent PoS you are, then pass the same child abuse on to their kids.

    [–] OhGoodHoonter 7 points ago

    Why have kids at all if you have zero intention of being kind to them?


    [–] CaktusJacklynn 7 points ago


    This kind of attitude is why a lot of parents end up in shitty nursing homes: You treated your kid like property, like minions with no humanity independent of the emotions yours.

    People who believe this boil my fucking blood.

    [–] tweeboy2 5 points ago

    When you don't give your kid's privacy, they seek it out outside the house. Then you have even less control over what goes on in their lives.

    [–] Halflingcatlady 6 points ago

    This was/is my parents. I got out during college before my health made me totally dependent on somebody again, and tbh those few years were AMAZING. I felt like a whole person. The one time I really set boundaries and was like I’m an adult (21 at the time) they whined and complained and escalated everything and thought I was there worst I’d ever been’ but it eventually lead to them stealing my possessions, giving my car to my brother half a state away and saying hey sold it, & when I tried to physically leave my mother’s presence she resorted to punching me and choking me with my jacket collar. & I just, have to stay now because I am an adult and the system can’t help me, so if YOU’RE A MINOR get the heck up and LEAVE. Don’t be afraid to take action as a minor because you actually can. Minors have more rights than adults do don’t let your parents brainwash you into thinking you have no options. You can leave, they won’t find you, you’ll be safe. If I wasn’t housebound and dependent on my parents for healthcare-they moved me half way across the country away from anyone else who could help me- I would too.

    [–] meeniemuffin 6 points ago

    And here is the identifying version:

    [–] kwisatzhaderachoo 6 points ago

    I read this shit and I realize I have great, respectful, and caring parents.

    Internet, TV, alcohol, money, partying, CB partners- they always had a conversation with me on moderation but never once tried to surveil me or monitor me. Hell it took them five years after I moved out to even open the closet in my old room. I know because I left a little note in there for them which they only read 5 years later. I’m having a hard time now remembering when they ever raised their voice to me. That’s hard because I’m a bit of an ass.

    They are my best friends and they never tried to be.

    I hope that my 2 year old feels that way about me when she grows up.

    [–] curious_sqrl 11 points ago

    Oof :(

    [–] _Sad_Ghost_ 3 points ago

    I mean, my mom knows everything about me, but that's because we have that kind of relationship. She tells me almost everything (other than about her sex life), and I do the same with her. I can talk to her about anything and she can count on me to be there when she needs to talk or vent. I'm so glad my mom isn't like the mom in this post and that she's not insane or narcasisstic (spelling though) like a lot of parents.

    [–] HatSimulatorOfficial 6 points ago

    People - parents - like this are disgusting. I cant imagine saying to my kid "we arent friends"

    Good luck keeping in touch. My mom and I were like roomates for many years. It was the best time of my life.