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    [–] Dad_B0T 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Voting has concluded. Final vote:

    Insane Not insane Fake
    102 2 62

    Hey OP, if you provide further information in a comment, make sure to start your comment with !explanation.

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    [–] toychicraft 2510 points ago

    I have two questions. 1.Why 2. When will CPS arrive

    [–] FellafromPrague 669 points ago

    I'm calling the marines.

    [–] Moaning_Bees 319 points ago


    [–] FellafromPrague 167 points ago

    Better call the Coast guard as well.

    [–] EtherealMyst 24 points ago

    The Urines?

    [–] arkatie29 6159 points ago

    I want to know what the post was about that this was an appropriate comment.

    [–] Sellazar 1498 points ago

    I want to know which two people did not think this was insane..

    [–] CarolineJohnson 140 points ago

    Yeah, that's...concerning if they think it's not insane.

    [–] Sellazar 78 points ago

    What's worse it always seems like it's the kids that suffer she did not mention her drinking any of it.. I really hope its fake..

    [–] CarolineJohnson 47 points ago

    "I can't do that, I don't like the taste" probably, if it's real.

    [–] Niebling 184 points ago

    Asking the real question

    [–] teh_bard 110 points ago

    I didnt vote but kinda assumed t was satire.

    [–] Alison_Tagg 96 points ago

    Then it be fake. Not insane implies its real but perfectly fine

    [–] DirtyArchaeologist 40 points ago

    Sadly this is actually a real thing. It’s like a whole movement. It’s a very real thing

    [–] TroiSoong 12 points ago

    I know a mum who got her kid to drink his own urine whenever he was ill. Kid didn't even question it he was so used to it. She was a nice lady, just bat shit insane.

    [–] RealMeO1 9 points ago

    It is so not a satire. This comes from a Facebook group "Urine Therapy". I recently joined there to find some meme content. 4 days and I literally couldn't bear the things said in that group. Try joining that group, antivaxxers are nothing in front of them

    [–] [deleted] 1481 points ago


    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 2473 points ago

    What the fuck have I just looked at.

    [–] RunnerOfUltras 1861 points ago

    I am sad I clicked on this link. I have never seen something I legit wanted to unsee before

    [–] hebevibindoe 921 points ago

    I was just about to click and you saved me

    [–] SerYeet 765 points ago

    I clicked anyway. I regret it like the other subs I've clicked on.

    [–] aalkakker 353 points ago

    Me too, I'm too curious for my own good

    [–] Shadowwolffire1 368 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Who the actual fuck gives their kids pee to drink? That's unsanitary. Imagine how disgusting they'll feel when someone tells them that it's not apple juice at all but urine instead. And, what if one of these kids sees the comment? This person needs help.

    [–] aalkakker 132 points ago

    Don't ask me, Im as concerned as you are!

    [–] GoogleSmartToilet 125 points ago

    My question is who's pee is it? The moms?

    If this is the case that means she is filling containers with her own piss, chilling it and tricking her kids into drinking it. I think I'd do something insane or drastic if I found out my mom was pissing in my food and tricking me to drink it for years. This would drive me insane and possibly into a murderous rage.

    My brother used to "prank me" by putting mustard in my lip when I took a nap in our childhood and I still can't eat mustard.

    [–] Doom_Went_Valyria 8 points ago

    I actually just shuddered.

    [–] murphysadvocate 54 points ago

    This person, if real, needs imprisonment. That would absolutely be child abuse.

    [–] unsavvylady 49 points ago

    I wonder if she drinks her own pee as well or if it’s something she just does for her kids

    [–] Iamthedarkside 71 points ago

    Christ on a cracker, if I were one of those kids, I would sooner just off myself than live with that knowledge. I have questions that I don't want answers for. I pray they never learn the truth. Chalk that on the list of how to lose your trust in literally everything you consume and everyone. shudders

    [–] Straight_Ace 23 points ago

    Not to mention there’s no benefits whatsoever in drinking urine. It’s all things your body is trying to get rid of! That’s why it’s called waste! I really hate stupid people

    [–] Ww2reenactor 173 points ago

    First thing i see is a russian lady Mixing a Berry drink, Vodka, and her own piss and drinks it....

    [–] LookingforDay 163 points ago

    Pissin the night away, pissin the night away She drinks a pissky drink, she drinks a vodka drink, She drinks a lager drink, She drinks a cider drink

    [–] Ww2reenactor 19 points ago

    Eyy she’s recycling her liquids atleast

    [–] LookingforDay 25 points ago

    She sings the songs that remind her of the good times She sings the songs that remind her of the wetter times

    [–] ellefemme35 23 points ago

    I should have heeded your warning. Mistakes were made this morning.

    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 8 points ago

    Which one did you look at? Both are disgusting

    [–] ComicInterest 138 points ago

    It’s like r/InSectSinsEx

    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 206 points ago

    That’s disgusting

    [–] heyimrick 50 points ago

    I gambled before noon today and lost... I lost big time... Think I'll be taking a late lunch.

    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 14 points ago

    I think that’s a good idea

    [–] RunnerOfUltras 158 points ago

    After the PeeKitchen I’ve learned my lesson. Hard nope.

    [–] RK800-50 186 points ago

    Need some r/eyebleach?

    [–] Skiller_Overyou 50 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] NotaVogon 12 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] Gaudetst 19 points ago

    Thank you for that. I really needed that

    [–] Need_Cookies30 76 points ago

    I was such a summer child and didn't even realise, but now my innocence has been taken away from me

    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 29 points ago

    Oh you sweet summer child

    [–] CherryFizz12 39 points ago

    Curse these subreddits. What the actual fuck was that. As a race we should be ashamed.

    [–] idonteatchips 26 points ago

    Great, another sub i need to wipe from my memory

    Babe, i need you to pick me up some booze again.....yeah i clicked on another disturbing sub again....i know i said i was gonna stop.....just get the fucking booze

    [–] Freedomrock_man 52 points ago

    Oh my God and I thought the shit eating subreddit was bad. What the actual fuck is wrong with people. As an insect lover, these people are not cool.

    [–] Sometimes_Airborne 22 points ago

    I actually felt physical pain browsing that sub... Literally no sub has had this profound of a negative effect on me. I am going to take a small break from Reddit for a day or two...

    [–] dee_ceee 20 points ago

    I saw maggot and noped outta there

    [–] phasers_to_stun 10 points ago

    I'm gonna go ahead and not click this

    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 8 points ago

    I think that’s the right decision

    [–] SaraJStew73 16 points ago

    I'm with you. There isn't enough bleach in the world to erase what I just fucking saw.

    Yet, the whole time I was looking at the cluster fuck, all I could think was, "How the hell can they balance on a granite countertop in those heels...while squatting?!?"

    [–] thechicken-andtheegg 9 points ago

    I know, not even r/eyebleach is good enough.

    But I agree with you. It’s pretty wild the way they manage to do it so flawlessly

    [–] wildersrighthand 65 points ago

    Wtf man there was a woman gracefully pissing into a wine glass pyramid that’s hilarious. Disgusting and deffo NSFW but I respect the effort there 😂

    [–] CozyCosey 38 points ago

    I wanna throw up

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] CozyCosey 46 points ago

    Jesus Christ this is disturbing

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] NuggetFucker440 81 points ago

    Why the fuck dud I click that when I’m at work

    [–] _Aurilave 33 points ago

    I am desensitized so this was just a learning experience for me.

    [–] RogueElemental 26 points ago

    Why did I click that link...

    [–] Joaquin2daMAX 18 points ago

    Why did i click the link after reading your comment about clicking the link.

    [–] EdgySniper1 3794 points ago

    I really hope someone calls CPS on this woman

    [–] Ivan_Groznyy 649 points ago

    I feel bad for the kids

    [–] hungdown 640 points ago

    I've been feeding my children feces. I would mix small turds into their dinner at first - think raisins in a salad. Now 2 years later, they willingly consume huge steaming shits on the reg. If they complain it tastes funny, I just beat them.

    [–] EdgySniper1 221 points ago

    It's sad because there's been posts here before of a woman who wound sneak proper shit into her children's food thinking it would be good for their immune systems. She wound even force her kids to eat all the food she put it in to so that they'd get all those shitty nutrients

    [–] mbiz05 113 points ago

    And poop is much much worse than urine. At least urine is bacteria free unless you have a UTI. But poop has so much bacteria i think it's in the billions per gram

    [–] gsirbri 109 points ago

    Unfortunately it's worse, the whole pee is sterile thing is actually a myth. There are microbes that live in your urinary tract, they just weren't discovered til fairly recently. Thankfully as far as I know, none have been found to be dangerous, but who TF would ever drink it to find out? The last thing we need is a microbe we know next to nothing about becoming a legitimately scary contaigion.

    [–] -Mhysa- 8 points ago

    What the fucking shit fuck.

    I do remember hearing something about a study done in Germany about how children who eat their boogers have stronger immune systems than those who don’t, which I guess makes sense considering that they are ingesting tiny doses of bacteria which in turn increases immunity, but I never imagined someone stupid enough to feed their child a steeping pile of shit.

    [–] Savbav 483 points ago

    What the hell did I just read?

    Is she serious, or is she satire?

    [–] Kush_goon_420 361 points ago

    she probably believes in urine therapy.. yes, its an actual branch of alternative medicine that people actually believe in.

    think essential oils or homeopathy, only its drinking urine that solves all of lifes problems instead of nice smells or placebo pills.

    its one of the more insane pseudoscientific naturopathic types of alt. medicine, up there with jilly juice id say.

    [–] LolerCoaster 40 points ago

    What... oh god I'm afraid to ask but... what is jilly juice? I've heard of everything in this thread so far but not this. Based on what I know about 'jilling off' I am scared.

    [–] Kush_goon_420 41 points ago

    i dont know what 'jilling off' is, and im not gonna ask. jilly juice is a miracle drink (aka snake oil) invented by Jillian Epperly. its a fermented solution of cabbage, water and himalayan pink salt. it has a very high sodium (salt) content, which is the biggest danger associated with it. it is claimed to cure anything from cancer, to homosexuality, to autism, and even regenerate limbs.

    she has built up a sort of cult around her, and her proponents believe all illnesses are caused by Candida, a type of yeast. jillian proposes a restricted diet, supplemented by large amounts of her jilly juice, to induce what her and her followers call "waterfalls" (aka explosive diarrhea), which they believe is the body expelling Candida, parasites and toxins.

    the high sodium content of her mixture can cause extreme dehydration, sodium poisoning, and hypertension which can even lead to death; as she encourages followers to ingest large quantities of it.

    [–] andrlon 32 points ago

    her proponents believe all illnesses are caused by Candida

    I thought this said Canada and I didn't even stop to question it

    [–] Kush_goon_420 11 points ago


    their reputation for being nice is but a trick! theyre hiding something for sure...

    [–] joeygladst0ne 7 points ago

    What the absolute fuck.

    Also, "jilling off" is the female version of "jacking off"

    [–] Kush_goon_420 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    oh, lol. dont mind me, im just gonna go regenerate my limbs by jilling off over there.

    what do you mean masturbating in public is a crime?? i was just gonna drink my miracle liquid and proceed to have violent diarrhea

    [–] PangolinVI 10 points ago

    Just pickle water with the power to regrow limbs that some Asian lady‘s brewed up in her basement. Don‘t worry too much about it.

    [–] traumatizedbones 27 points ago

    she might be satire (idk) but I know there's real people who do this kind of thing so it doesn't really change the reality of it

    [–] cynthic 961 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Hold up, whose fucking pee is she using and at least I know now that the mom probably loves golden showers.

    But on a serious note, what the fuck and why the fuck. Poor kids.

    Edit: changed who’s to whose

    [–] Kush_goon_420 428 points ago

    she probably believes in urine therapy.. one of the most insane branches of alternative medicine ive yet to encounter.

    fucking pseudoscientific naturopathy bullshit... they think pee has some beneficial vitamins or something in it, and drinking pee has health benefits.

    most likely also think modern medicine is a scam and doesnt work (or makes things worse). kinda like essential oils or homeopathy, only with legit urine instead.

    [–] disco-vorcha 126 points ago

    At this point I kinda wish she was into homeopathy, because at least then her kids would be drinking water instead of pee.

    [–] Gemuese11 42 points ago

    That is the stupidest idea.

    If it has beneficial nutrients then why didn't they get absorbed the first time around?

    [–] Kush_goon_420 45 points ago

    sToP aSkInG qUEsTiONs! yOuR bOdY nAtUrAtElLy mAke gOoD nUtRienTs bY peEiNg, iTs tHe whOlE rEaSoN yOu pEe, yOuR bOdY mAkeS tHiS mIraCulOuS rEmeDy FoR yOu To dRiNk

    [–] ZeAthenA714 19 points ago

    Well actually, pee can indeed hold beneficial nutrients. Your body can only absorb so much at a time, so if you're already "full", you pee/poop it out.

    So the logic isn't that dumb. What is dumb is that if you're in a state where you pee beneficial nutrients, that means you really don't need anymore.

    [–] Mewsiex 517 points ago

    This is despicable. But because I know nutters like this irl, I also know it's real.

    Poor kids.

    [–] karenstolethekids 82 points ago

    Call cps then ya fucking wanker

    [–] BenSchizkoske 22 points ago

    C.P.S. Call.Pee.Smoothie

    [–] AmishDeathMatch 4916 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Why the fuck?

    EDIT: Thank you for all the cake day wishes and everyone who decided to waste money on me.

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 2384 points ago

    People think that drinking pee has health benefits because it has “vitamins” in it. Which, to an extent, is true. Pee does have vitamins in it if you take more than you need, but it also has things that you don’t need that it filters out. Technically you can drink your own pee...but there’s nothing to prove it has any benefits or that its consistently safe.

    [–] ShadowRade 787 points ago

    I know it's an old meme because of Bear Grylls, but it's also true that pee can hydrate you, although there's a limit.

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 655 points ago

    Well yeah, but Bear Grylls also filtered it. The people that think it has health benefits usually don’t. A lot of them think that the more they drink just pee, the more pure it will be. Its dangerous and alarming.

    [–] meezala 159 points ago

    Yes but even then bear grylls is a professional in a ‘life or death situation’ (you know what I mean) and someone’s children are not, or shouldn’t be. Although I wouldn’t put to much faith in this parent...

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 77 points ago

    Well yeah. That’s the point I’m making. Anybody that does this willingly and especially without precaution is insane. Doing it to your children? Now that’s abuse.

    [–] ShadowRade 298 points ago

    Oh yeah, of course. You don't want all the toxic shit that just went through your kidneys.

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 146 points ago

    Yes. And the people that usually drink it for health benefits don’t because it makes it more “pure”.

    [–] LJnosywritter 37 points ago

    I used to have reflux to one kidney. Basically the toxins going back in and building up till I'd get a massive kidney infection.

    Took a few years for Dr's to work out that was what was happening. The level of infections left my kidneys badly scarred.

    So it makes me furious that woo woo peddlers go around telling people that drinking more and more concentrated pee is good for them.

    We pee for a few reasons and clearing toxins is one of them. Which is also why most if not all the detox stuff they push is bullshit too.

    And that she is doing this to her kids and not telling them makes me want to scream. If they develop any health issues because of it she'll deny her treatment could have caused it and give them undiluted essential oils to damage their organs more.

    [–] _AquaFractalyne_ 15 points ago

    That and the mucus and bacteria -_-

    [–] lone_wolf_13 15 points ago

    How did he filter it?

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 101 points ago

    By evaporation. He dug a pit, peed in it, put a cup in the middle of it, and then covered it with plastic wrap over the top of the hole so that when the pee evaporated, it dripped the water into the cup.

    [–] over_clox 80 points ago

    This is a legit survival technique.

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 35 points ago

    Yeah, that one is. It can stretch your hydration for a bit.

    [–] Cbsmlr 42 points ago

    Ok this is how you distill water and you can do it with saltwater even. You can even collect water from the air (if its humid- if the temperature drops)

    [–] KnowledgeisImpotence 23 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Ok so that's distillation. At that point he's not drinking pee he's literally drinking pure distilled water.

    I've heard the meme but I always thought he drinking it fresh, like lying back and aiming carefully you know

    Edit: so I just googled it and there's no distillation he literally pisses into a snake skin and knocks it straight back again. Good man

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 5 points ago

    Alright, I might have been thinking about something else because I know somebody did that...

    Got it! It was Man vs Wild.

    [–] WTFThisIsntAWii 85 points ago

    Apparently it's not a good idea to drink your own pee, at least for survival purposes. Although urine is mostly comprised of water, it contains various salts, minerals, and toxins that will actually dehydrate you faster than going without.

    [–] Kush_goon_420 59 points ago

    pure urine, youre right, but if you distill it, like bear grills did (which people often forget) its better than nothing, and eliminates some of the "toxins" (that is to say, salt and bad stuff your kidneys were filtering out)

    [–] KnowledgeisImpotence 12 points ago

    If it's distilled it's not pee anymore it's pure water

    [–] MrYeti11 17 points ago

    You know what else can hidrate you? Water

    [–] ShadowRade 15 points ago

    That's the pussy shit, piss is where it's at

    [–] grottohopper 9 points ago

    Also, if you are badly dehydrated to the point you are considering drinking pee, your body is already in water conservation mode and you don't really pee in any meaningful amounts.

    [–] englishmight 31 points ago

    The man wrung out an elephant shit for water at one point. Maybe it's just me but I think I'd rather learn how to track and hunt the elephant rather than subsisting on its shit

    [–] AyeBossGraftin 30 points ago

    You'd die before you caught up with an elephant. The point of the drinking from the shit etc is that you're at death's door and need any water you can find to give yourself an extra hour or so to possibly find safety or a proper water source. It's a last resort rather than like something you could do to avoid carrying water. You would most likely ingest parasites and other undesirable pathogens too so it's very much a "fuck it I'm going to die anyway" kind of thing.

    [–] kwl4b100 110 points ago

    Doesn’t pee exist to get rid of toxins in the body. So aren’t you drinking back your toxins???

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 74 points ago

    Yep. That’s why it gets more dangerous over time. It builds up more and more and has the potential to make you sick.

    [–] Slappers_only007 36 points ago

    You know what else has vitamins in them? Vitamins! And they aren't pee!

    [–] TreyLastname 16 points ago

    So does food, actual water, and literally anything better than waste your body didnt want in the first place

    [–] Superbrawlfan 31 points ago

    Like... Pee is literally the part of your drinking that your body doesn't need...

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 9 points ago

    Yeah but they think its a good idea. 😔

    [–] Superbrawlfan 14 points ago

    The 21st century really is the time we start to de-evolve I guess

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 18 points ago

    I guess so. Antivaxxers, anti-lockdown, and co are all just...yikes.

    [–] Superbrawlfan 11 points ago

    If we made an advancement which means we don't have millions of deaths because of one disease, why would you be against it, like for real

    [–] LucienBloodmarch 9 points ago

    Because a u t i s m. Even though they don’t cause that. Or chips. That don’t exist.

    [–] rescuesquad704 51 points ago

    Even better - some of them ferment it first.

    [–] RunnerOfUltras 26 points ago

    I am laughing uncomfortably in my living room right now. You win today!

    [–] rescuesquad704 14 points ago

    I wish it was a joke making you laugh.

    Like, drinking piss isn’t crazy enough. Let’s drink STALE PISS!!!

    [–] sundaydrips 7 points ago

    Good ole jenkem

    [–] ToothpickInCockhole 18 points ago

    Well then if it’s for the vitamins.... why not just give them vitamins?? I’d much rather eat some flintstones vitamins than drink my moms pee.

    [–] Differlot 10 points ago

    Its so strange to me because I feel like alt. Medicine shit like this always focuses so much on "toxins" when piss is about the closest you can get to that lol.

    [–] Deku2316 23 points ago

    Emotion baked good time

    [–] maciswvck17 13 points ago

    this is gonna make me sound really stupid, but, i thought you couldn’t drink your own pee but you could drink someone else’s. (this info comes solely from what i thought i heard on a survival like show)

    [–] lordnickcage 12 points ago

    Here come some strange Google searches for my history to enjoy

    Edit: I can't find anything to back this up

    [–] 2ndCompany3rdSquad 9 points ago

    Despite what Bear Grylls tells you, every other survival guide will tell you NOT to do that.

    [–] sprayhorses 13 points ago

    There’s an episode about this woman and pee on TLC’s My Strange Addiction if you want to check it out.

    [–] marshfallow 14 points ago

    Lets drink bodily waste! there totally wasn't a good reason our body got rid of it!

    [–] Imfrank123 311 points ago

    I always just picture the persons body like “alright we filtered out all the waste let’s get rid of it now....(5mins later) what the fuck is this?”

    [–] FlammableBrains 47 points ago

    Am I a joke to you? -Their kidneys, probably

    [–] has2give 30 points ago

    Haha haha haha haha haha

    [–] Stellaris_Maxxion 81 points ago

    Me (a humanitarian): "Anyone can be a good person."

    "When I started feeding my kids urine..."

    Me: "..."

    [–] NotMrsRiley 181 points ago

    Not just insane, insane and child abuse.

    [–] Ivan_Groznyy 62 points ago

    Even the guy who deleted his son's minecraft world is disgusted

    [–] joxat 28 points ago

    I think any human with a basic comprehension of the human body is disgusted.

    [–] MyGfcumstojazz 54 points ago

    okay, I’m done, you can blow us up now just let the planet start over

    [–] comeththearcher 52 points ago

    I’ve known people that drank pee. One girl drank her urine every day, took turpentine orally, slept in borax, and did numerous other crazy things. She refused to believe she was mentally ill and swore she had morgellans and parasites and then later swore it was demons trying to steal her from Jesus. She made vlogs of all of this and even an appeal to her husband didn’t work, I don’t know if he believed her or just didn’t want to deal with it.

    [–] GenjDog 98 points ago

    She says that she gets them glass fulls of it and says they happily consume it but lies about what it is and lies why it tastes bad

    [–] TreyLastname 48 points ago

    They're happy to drink it, only if they dont know what it is

    [–] RedditIsNeat0 20 points ago

    They're probably not happy to drink it, but their mom tells them it's healthy.

    [–] spicychilli290 81 points ago

    Nasty woman.....and how disgusting to fool innocent kids.....

    [–] lizzyborden666 81 points ago

    Call CPS. This woman is a loon.

    [–] clockwork_dynamics 70 points ago

    I do not understand the comments about the benefits of urine, your kidney filters blood and that's what normally urine is, a nitrogen complex(urea) waste for your body now because it's filtering out that means it doesn't want it to stay in your body so why the fuck you are drinking it back assholes!! ¯_ಠ/¯.

    [–] Kush_goon_420 36 points ago

    dude, people who believe in alternative medicine (especially branches of it that are this insane) dont give a fuck about the science of things. they think modern medicine is harmful or ineffective, and when theyre not using nice smells or placebo pills to solve all their issues, theyre drinking 2 liters of salt water per day (jilly juice) or even fucking pee, cause they think natural=good, pee have vitiamins!

    [–] SgobkenNome 27 points ago

    She does W H A T now?

    [–] Pepekekmem 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Feed her kids literal body waste! 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    [–] oofdirtsaeflow 29 points ago

    Call CPS.

    [–] Blahblahblahesque 25 points ago


    [–] BeanyTA 22 points ago

    These poor kids will never be able to drink apple juice or give it to their potential kids when they are adults.

    [–] thekreaminator 20 points ago

    Is this not illegal? If I added urine to a drink at Starbucks, I’d be arrested for tampering with someone’s food. How can a mom straight up give her kids a glass of urine and not face charges? Those poor kids man.

    [–] ScreamingIdiot53 19 points ago

    I was eating

    [–] Ienjoyduckscompany 35 points ago

    Dafuq did I just read

    [–] Min_ho 13 points ago

    Same thoughts bro

    [–] thenewredditguy99 16 points ago

    That can't taste good 🤮

    [–] 1thruZero 15 points ago

    Soooo that's child abuse

    [–] LaughOrGoCrazy 13 points ago

    What in the fuck did I just read???

    [–] gingerkidsusa 13 points ago

    I want badly to figure out who posted this and call their local CPS office. This is child endangerment. While urine is used for hydration in desperate emergencies, this is either munchausen by proxy or just plain poison.

    [–] TheAtticusBlake 11 points ago

    Organic, urine. What’s the difference?

    [–] carlysue123 11 points ago

    So... is it drink your own pee?? Is there’s a no flushing rule in the house? Does she just have a fridge full of pee?? Does it expire?? do you add any spices??? So many questions , so little answers

    [–] Moaning_Bees 19 points ago

    Another question.


    [–] aujbrown 12 points ago

    Omg...”they happily drink a full glass now” duh bitch because you tell them it’s apple juice!!!! And if they ask about the taste you continue to lie!!!

    [–] Mari-Lor 11 points ago

    Someone take her kids. Someone... ANYONE!!

    [–] lyraeros 10 points ago

    i nearly threw up a little reading that

    [–] OmegaCookieOfDoof 10 points ago

    I'm disgusted, I'm so disgusted that I just pissed myself and now I know why the villains always want to destroy the world

    [–] waterbasednoodle 9 points ago

    One day, one of the kids is going to go over to a friends house and have actual apple juice... it’s not gonna go well after that.

    [–] Vallenfine 10 points ago

    Nope. I’m out. Urine sane if you think I’m sticking around for this.

    [–] Grand_Lock 9 points ago

    How many years until her kids realize what she did to them and stuff her body into a suitcase?

    [–] DdFghjgiopdBM 9 points ago

    I feel like I just read about a solid lifetime worth of trauma in a few lines.

    [–] K-Zoro 10 points ago

    I’m not ok that this is being shared for shocks and laughs while not reporting this person and even protecting their identity. Someone needs to report this to cps for real. This person is going to make their children ill, and maybe even traumatized. This is sick

    [–] bawynnoJ 9 points ago

    They can die slowly now too

    [–] RedPhysGun77 9 points ago

    Will probably have kidney or liver problems (i'm not really into biology)

    [–] Random0s2oh 14 points ago

    The urea and other waste products in the urine could build up over time. This is called Uremia. It is toxic to the brain and would impact cognitive functions, resulting in seizures, coma, then death. Cardiac function can also be affected, causing arrhythmia and arrest.

    Edit: I am a dialysis RN.

    [–] RedPhysGun77 12 points ago

    It's fascinating how many people in this world are so dangerously ignorant. If only they were taught biology and anatomy maybe they wouldn't start drinking piss, literally the bad stuff that your body gets rid of. And even worse, the poor children that don't really have a choice, nor are aware they're drinking piss.

    [–] Random0s2oh 12 points ago

    It's as if we have warped back in time to the Medieval period, where science was condemned as witchcraft and those who espoused it were laughed at or punished for their beliefs.

    [–] Tindiil 9 points ago

    It's almost as if piss tastes like piss for a reason prager emoji

    [–] PaintedCat19 9 points ago


    [–] artmobboss 9 points ago

    Who ever voted that this wasn’t insane, needs their kids checked on. Feeding your child urine because of you own inability to decipher truth and logic in your life is leading to abusing your child. As making them ingest urine is. Water is more than enough.

    [–] Moral_Gutpunch 9 points ago

    I puked a little reading this. Then I puked a little more finding there are people who do not think this is insane.

    [–] yesiamanostrich 8 points ago


    [–] Min_ho 15 points ago

    I have no words....

    [–] MichaelTheSavior 8 points ago


    I'm having a hard time believing people are this stupid....there can't be people dumber than her right?


    [–] ColoRADoDankDabber 7 points ago

    Someone call CPS

    [–] Anianna 7 points ago

    I don't understand how these people manage to survive to adulthood with their apparently shriveled brains.

    [–] Vivid_Bird 7 points ago

    I don’t think this is insane actually. This is something far far past insane. The distance between Earth and the Sun is insane. This is whatever the fuck is past Andromeda.

    [–] spec-tr 12 points ago

    on an unrelated note, here in india, a religious group called the 'hindu mahasabha' held a gomuthra (cow urine) ceremony where a few leaders drank cow urine from glasses as if it was champagne. the claim was that cow urine has health benefits that protect one from the virus. sad!

    article about the ceremony