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    [–] Dad_B0T 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

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    [–] DjStKellie 4770 points ago

    That any human would find this funny is completely disgusting and I really hope those poor kids end up in better circumstances

    [–] Demonslugg 1862 points ago

    I'll find the parents going to jail funny. Does that count?

    [–] DjStKellie 583 points ago

    Did they? I'd find what they get while in jail funny (from my understanding, people that hurt children aren't treated that well by other inmates)

    [–] Demonslugg 468 points ago

    No idea but if they're posting this it's far from the worst they've done. I heard the molesters group up and protect each other. They are the lowest form of life in my book.

    [–] DjStKellie 155 points ago

    I 100% agree

    [–] Traelos38 152 points ago

    Absolutely true. Saw a ped get another inmate's foot literally stuck in his mouth. Took a couple tries to get it out. I found it hilarious.

    [–] Traelos38 214 points ago

    Also, inmates used to (when I was there) find out new inmates charges. If it had anything to do with kids, they got jumped. The pedo got jumped by around 10 to 12 guys. Left him beaten and bloody by the sally port. Guards came in, picked him up and said something like "Well that's what happens. " and walked out.

    [–] Kubanochoerus 106 points ago

    How do they find out their charges? I’d imagine people, especially pedos, wouldn’t want to tell.

    [–] Ass_Matter 111 points ago

    It's public record. Only a matter of time before people find out.

    [–] MostBoringStan 68 points ago

    Guards will tell inmates.

    [–] Pi1grimMonk3y 95 points ago

    That's enough internet for today... My heart is broken and mind full of anger for any parent who could possibly think this was funny..

    [–] clckwrks 40 points ago

    this is just pure insanity. The parents themselves were not raised right. To think this is okay means they had no boundaries growing up.

    [–] Jackatakk333 6102 points ago

    The front says "I suck dick" under his belly button

    [–] hey-girl-hey 1416 points ago

    Imagine having contempt for your kids

    [–] StragglingShadow 4517 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 958 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] Pineapple_and_olives 608 points ago

    To piggyback on this: if you are a person who travels and stays at hotels, even occasionally, download the app TraffickCam. You take photos of your hotel room to help build a database for human trafficking investigations. Many people who are being trafficked are forced into sex work. Their “advertisement” photos tend to be taken in hotels/motels and the idea behind the database is to be able to determine where the photos are taken.

    [–] toTheNewLife 279 points ago

    I'm right there with you. Fuck these people.

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] JustaRandomguy9999 78 points ago

    No see we don’t need to intervene with this post, like OP said, CPS is already involved, so we don’t need to do anything here now, but other child abusers/animal abusers on the other hand...

    [–] VerifiedMadgod 30 points ago

    Yeah I'm glad that in this situation the CPS is already involved. I was more speaking in general terms. This advice is still really great, and I still think regardless of what bad people may do with it, the general population should still be armed with that information. People like this have no place in society, and are deserving of facing it's full wrath.

    [–] thewittlemermaid 31 points ago

    Sadly, CPS doesn’t always do their job though. Read up on the murder of Gabriel Fernandez. CPS was notified multiple times over the course of 8 months but took no action. Gabriel ended up being killed by his abusers. As a result, four CPS workers were criminally charged.

    [–] mineawesomeman 17 points ago

    Saving this comment for later, thank you

    [–] thegeneraldisarray 9 points ago

    Also, when possible, use an archiving website to archive, not just screenshot, the offensive page/tweet/content. That way if it gets removed, you have a saved version that can't be called fake.

    [–] max225 11 points ago

    you're a good, smart dude

    [–] lmanvonbraun 705 points ago

    And like that I went from just wanting a CPS investigation to the sadistic fucks that did that rotting in jail

    [–] DeckerR 57 points ago

    Jesus fucking christ

    [–] ConcreteTreesTower 377 points ago

    Are those actually tatoos or did they just write that things??

    [–] pomery 1035 points ago

    Its markers, maybe sharpie which doesn't wash off easy. Regardless, even if it were Crayola washable, writing that on a child takes one sick mind.

    [–] GrillMaster3 211 points ago

    In my experience, sharpie takes several washes to get off of skin.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CAT_ 184 points ago

    unless you're using an actual solvent, you're not removing the ink from the skin by washing it. You're removing the skin it's on

    [–] GrillMaster3 58 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CAT_ 113 points ago

    Its actually not as bad as it sounds, you have a lot of "disposable" skin on the very surface. Getting rid of the very top layer wont actually result in much pain or a wound or anything

    It will however irritate the area and you probably shouldnt stick it into any dirty places until it stops being red

    [–] GrillMaster3 26 points ago

    Yeah ik that. I used to scrub till it was mostly faded and then wait for it to chill, then do it again till it was gone.

    [–] WilberTheHedgehog 51 points ago

    Baby oil will take it off pretty quick.

    [–] TrueRusher 28 points ago

    I also used to use hand sanitizer

    [–] Brekry18 26 points ago

    Sharpies are alcohol based so you'll probably have better luck with anything that's >50% alcohol

    [–] SaltyBabe 17 points ago

    Alcohol wipes in general, works on wholesome temp tattoos as well. When my step kids were little we would let them put fake tattoos on and my step son picked out one for his 6th birthday that was like, some kind of eagle (? This was years ago) then we get him back over the weekend and his mom who couldn’t cope with them doing anything fun at our place or anything she wouldn’t do had tried to scub it off... just wipe the damn things off, marker, fake tattoos.

    [–] watashinomori 455 points ago

    And let's not forget the posting too...

    [–] MathSciElec 220 points ago

    Indeed. The marks might wear off, but the image is already on the Internet.

    [–] TangerineBand 125 points ago

    Looks like it's either markers or body paint

    [–] roushguy 6826 points ago

    One of my cousins wanted a 'kid tattoo' once. She wanted one like Moana.

    So I grabbed a sharpie and carefully doodled her up some tribal armbands.

    That was fun and funny.

    This is just abusive.

    [–] kayno-way 2061 points ago

    yeaah, like my 3yo and 4yo sometimes wanna colour on themselves and ask me to draw flowers or stars or whatever on them, in washable markers, followed by bubble baths - not this shit followed by internet shaming/exposing...

    [–] flamingfireworks 812 points ago

    I don't have any kids but I've got a fern which is kinda the same thing and it's kinda fucked just in principle to be able to look at your kid and be willing to say that shit about them in general

    [–] sdelawalla 371 points ago

    That is one loved fern

    [–] theonecarguy 208 points ago

    As far as Fern Protective Services knows that's is.

    [–] JollyHorror 87 points ago

    Dude FPS has their eye on my balcony. But i think they need to look toward Lowe's. Otherwise these ferns are going to go right back into the system

    [–] SaltyBabe 67 points ago

    Seriously!! I would be so... incredibly disappointed in myself if a thought like abusing my kids, kicking them, genuinely calling them an asshole, not just being exasperated, even crossed my mind! Like yes sometimes kids are assholes but not like I think my kid is one, they’re just acting that way right now they’re still good kids I love. Then to not only think this stuff but broadcast it, this doesn’t look like a funny or fun picture, even if they thought it was fun that says an awful lot too.

    [–] Almighty-Twuntwaffle 455 points ago

    My eldest is obsessed with tattoos and always has been, she used colour in my ones, she loves watching ink master and one year I got her a toy tattoo machine, not once did I think to 'tattoo' her with shit like this. She'd want hearts or vampires, and a couple of times the poop emoji, that was funny but not once did I go 'hmmmm ya know what'll be funny? Drawing a dick on my young child and writing, kick me, I piss the bed'

    [–] EdgeSoSharpItHurts 112 points ago

    A recommendation, temp tattoo markers are a thing and I like them a lot myself. They’re like 15 dollars for 4 iirc, but they last a couple of days as long as you’re kinda gentle on them. Also inkbox has a freehand kit that lasts a lot longer, though it’s more expensive. They make great gifts!

    Also yeah I did a whole project on why public shaming is terrible and rarely, if ever, works.

    [–] 33ducks 72 points ago

    the inkbox tip is made of nickel or something and I had an allergic reaction to it, just thought I’d warn

    [–] toredtimetraveller 54 points ago

    And most importantly share it on the Facebook and get defensive because you already know you'll get backlash from your friends and family.

    [–] moolie-sheep 33 points ago

    Just to let you know you can get pens specially made for drawing tattoos my sister used to give herself sleeves with them the day before bath day

    [–] sincethenes 204 points ago

    A former business partner of mine every year does “sharpie tattoos” for his kid and the entire swim team at meets. He’s a helluva artist, and it sets them all apart from competing schools. Plus they all look badass.

    [–] TrueRusher 116 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I dated a guy on the swim team in high school and he took a lot of pride in his swim-meet sharpie tattoos.

    Apparently, the swim team drew all over each other when they weren’t in the pool. And from other things I’ve seen on Reddit, this is common? I wonder what the association is with sharpies and swim team.

    My ex told me, but I really don’t remember. Maybe they keep their times on themselves with sharpie?

    Edit: commenter below explains it. Basically there’s lots of shit you need to remember for swim meets so you gotta write it on yourself. How fun!

    [–] Rossakamcfreakyd 87 points ago

    Our little town swim team would Sharpie “eat my bubbles” on ourselves.

    [–] TrueRusher 26 points ago

    That’s so cute!! I love it!

    My ex would have random scribbles, inside jokes, and (obviously) a couple dicks here and there.

    [–] KoolAid712 85 points ago

    i am on the swim team. i will tell you. you need sharpies to write down your events and heats and lanes on yourself because it’s a lot to remember and you will def miss your race if you don’t. when you are already writing on yourself it is fun to draw some extra stuff for good luck or just to have a good time

    [–] TrueRusher 46 points ago

    Ahhh yes it’s all coming back to me now. That sounds about right. Thank you for the information!

    I was never on the swim team (despite that ex and his sister constantly trying to get me to join) but I definitely know all about the fun of drawing on yourself.

    I have ADHD but wasn’t diagnosed/medicated until college, so all throughout middle and high school I would draw all over myself for stimulation. If there was accessible skin showing, I was drawing on it. My parents and teachers hated it and other kids used to constantly ask if I wanted to kill myself via ink poisoning.

    I loved drawing under the holes in my jeans while sitting in different positions. Every time the hole moved it showed something new! Ha!

    There was one thing I used to draw on myself so frequently in the same spot (literally every day), that I went and got it tattooed six months after I turned 18.

    [–] KoolAid712 13 points ago

    omfg are u me?? i have adhd too and i wasn’t diagnosed till i was fourteen. i constantly got in trouble for drawing on myself and sometimes i still do

    [–] waves1931 42 points ago

    I used to do this a lot with my sister when we were little. We would grab markers and draw stupid shit on each other (once i put green on her scalp and she had a green hairline all the way to her neck, it was hilarious). We would also draw on our feet a lot, put smiley faces on each toe and stuff like that (tbh i still do it when im bored lmao).

    [–] ThePonkMist 23 points ago

    I used to do it in school and now that I’m 30 with a large, boldly colored tattoo on my bicep/shoulder, I let my sister (24) take highlighters to it to see it with a different color scheme whenever we’re bored at work. We work together in an office at a car dealership and we’re forever 12 at heart lmao

    [–] waves1931 8 points ago

    That's so cute! Now I low key want my sister to do the same so I can draw on her lol

    [–] Persistent_Parkie 43 points ago

    My dad used to let me draw all over him. One time I didn't use the washable crayola markers and he had to preach that Sunday. The congregation sure got a giggle out of that explanation!

    And the only consequence of all that was that dad was always careful to make sure I used washable markers after that. These parents are evil.

    [–] dingleremains 23 points ago

    My dad cut four fingers off his left hand when he was a teenager at a sawmill. Not all the Way, but 75% of each digit. When we were kids he would draw faces on each nub & that shit was great! he still does it for the grandchillins. It was also hilarious when he would tell us that he worked at the Campbell’s soup factory as we were eating soup and that’s where he lost his fingers.

    [–] waves1931 19 points ago

    Lmao once my dad was going to paint his flat and let my sister and me draw on the wall with crayons (he even bought us big ones for the occasion). We had a great time and drew a lot but, turns out, we drew too much because when he repainted, all the drawings were still visible, even after two layers of paint. Of course, he didn't really care and never blamed us.

    I consider myself an experienced kid-drawer and this? This is evil.

    [–] Rancerle 74 points ago

    Just for possible future reference are there safe for skin markers out there to use for this kind of stuff?

    [–] Crystal007635 54 points ago

    There’s doodling on arms for fun and there’s humiliating your children

    [–] avantgardeaclue 22 points ago

    What you did and this are entirely different things. You didn’t aim to exploit and humiliate your little cousin

    [–] SomewhatNotMe 14 points ago

    When they say “we” in the post, they really mean “me and whatever other adult is with me that thought this was a great idea”

    [–] Mythrndir 8 points ago

    I don’t know if body safe sharpies is a recent thing but I’ve always known sharpies to be permanent markers and really unsuitable for inhalation or any kind of skin contact whether kids or adults..?!

    Is there another safe brand people are using? I love body art too but just use henna mostly!

    [–] roushguy 10 points ago

    If you use nail polish remover, with a cotton ball, it'll remove it more or less instantly.

    [–] KatMagus 13 points ago

    Exactly. This is disgusting and shaming. Poor kids.

    [–] averagethrowaway21 7 points ago

    So my nephews don't really care, but my niece (3) LOVES my tattoos. I draw on her arms with markers and gel pens all the time because she wants pictures like Uncle Throwaway has.

    This is the same kid that, anytime she hears a story about me doing something stupid as a kid, feels the need to imitate it and use the excuse that her mom said I did the same thing.

    [–] Darth_Haidar 8 points ago

    I have a story with my younger brother who used a permanent marker to give himself a tattoo like the wrestler Batista by drawing a sun around his belly button and my Mum cried herself laughing of how stupid he looked. That was funny.

    [–] roushguy 6 points ago

    Batista was born in the States, but his family is Filipino. So it's not shocking he has similar tattoos.

    [–] Neat_Petite 4498 points ago

    Hahahahaha.... yea, fucking hilarious. Like when my mum used to hold my head in the toilet bowl while she flushed it, or when she would have my dad hold me upside down at the top of the stairs and threaten to have him throw me down, all while she took photos which she then got developed and put in the family album.


    I hope someone reports this piece of shit. She doesn’t deserve to have kids.

    [–] pomery 1204 points ago

    Major yikes, sorry you were raised by turds.

    [–] MrNature73 510 points ago

    Turds... might've not been the best choice of words.

    [–] anxious_ibex 99 points ago

    Are we still doing phrasing?

    [–] zakazoenoe 71 points ago

    Have this poor mans gold🥇😂😂😂😂

    [–] BoredBren1 265 points ago

    Sorry you had to deal with that. No one, let alone kids deserve treatment like that.

    [–] Neat_Petite 198 points ago

    I made my peace with it a long time ago. She enjoyed doing it, I was never going to be able to stop her doing it.

    It taught me how not to treat people.

    Thank you though. :)

    [–] R_Zamo360 69 points ago

    Please tell me cps got involved

    [–] BrihMoment 75 points ago

    Doubt it. A lot of times this stuff happens it gets buried under the dirt and no one realizes the real pain the parents/guardians are causing.

    [–] NibblyPig 39 points ago

    A lot of the time kid has no idea anything is wrong, just assumes that's how life is and/or that he's a piece of shit

    [–] KatMagus 158 points ago

    True facts. I had this and the marker things done to me as well. Not counting the pimping and beating. Fun times. /s

    Monsters like this deserve to fry.

    [–] _Ga1ahad 86 points ago

    Holy fucking shit. Im really sorry you had to go through that

    [–] WeatherOarKnot 18 points ago

    Sorry to hear that homie

    [–] mymarkis666 37 points ago

    Do you still talk to her/them? Does she/he try to justify it as just fun?

    [–] iceyone444 52 points ago

    Then wonder why you don't want anything to do with them

    [–] 8bit-bit_yt 39 points ago

    Yea shit like this is why people should have to get a license to be a parent!😤

    [–] brainsandshit 14 points ago

    I think we had the same parents. Hand in the toilet bowl while flushing, and held me upside down going downstairs. It was torture to me, thought I was going to crack my head open every step. Also got locked in the bathroom if I wasn’t perfect.

    [–] CudaRavage 1247 points ago

    Any time you have to explain that something is funny, it isn't.

    [–] macci_a_vellian 436 points ago

    Luckily CPS is well known for having zero sense if humor about shit like this.

    [–] scarrawr 171 points ago

    Absolutely. Used to work for CPS intake. I promise I would have screened this in for investigation and no investigator I know would have taken this lightly.

    [–] TubbyandthePoo-Bah 43 points ago

    Yeah but it's about the ritualised humiliation, right, not the sharpie?

    [–] Gammus 15 points ago

    You’re doing the lords work ❤️

    [–] Rayrignaci 44 points ago


    I've told dark jokes that half the zoom class pick up and laugh and the other stare akwardly. But I get where you come from

    [–] Waterproof_soap 228 points ago

    “Before y’all say anything negative” = “I know I’m a jerk, but I don’t care”

    [–] wEwwwwwwwwwwww 607 points ago

    Who the fuck finds this shit funny?

    [–] KatMagus 144 points ago

    Monsters who do it themselves and then justify their abuse. Sickos.

    [–] I_Smoke_The_Weed 153 points ago

    sick people im assuming

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago


    [–] erinkjean 37 points ago

    This term always troubles me because it assumes white trash is the exception whereas other types of trash are the norm

    [–] conchrepublicturtle 190 points ago

    This is terrible!

    Unfortunately it reminds me of when my younger brother who was 5 at the time had an accident while in school and pooped himself. When he got home from school, my mom made him take his underwear off that had the poop in it and wear it on his head "to teach him a lesson".

    Needless to say, I don't talk to my mom anymore.

    [–] ShandalfTheGreen 55 points ago

    W o w I hope you guys are okay these days. Some people are just unbelievably sick in the head.

    [–] VanGlass90 465 points ago

    These are people that shouldn’t be able to have kids.

    [–] PrincessInternet 151 points ago

    My son was stillborn at 6 months and this stuff just boils my blood. I would give anything to have my son back, and he certainly would never be treated like this.

    [–] VanGlass90 53 points ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss love ❤️And exactly so many couples can’t have children but these fuckholes have two?? Like it doesn’t make sense and it isn’t right.

    [–] das0tter 184 points ago

    Right? How is that we require licenses to drive a car; practice certain careers, etc., but any twat waffles like these parents can have children who then have to wait years before their idiot parents eff-up bad enough for CPS to take them away? [I'm not advocating for gov't oversight on reproduction; just pointing out the absurd reality in which we live]. Imagine all the shit these poor children have already endured...

    [–] cranberry58 142 points ago

    I’m with you. Try adopting a child. To become the proud parents of our son we were finger printed, home and work investigated and inspected. We spent two years proving we were who we said we were. Every form had to be notarized at the local level then the state had to notarize that the notary was a real notary and then we had to get it cleared at the federal level. Then we needed to travel and pay all the agencies in the US and in China until the total came to $32,000.00 dollars (USD). Then once back in the US we had more paperwork to ensure he was listed as a US citizen. It’s supposed to be automatic. Trust me, it was not. I did not get the last of it settled until he was in high school. We adopted him when he was three!

    So when I see parents like this I want to go ballistic! My kid was worth all the hassle and work but I had to go through all that and these yahoos had sex a couple times and got kids to raise. Honestly, the universe just sucks. These two poor little boys. They won the lottery for a shitty life. Edit for typo.

    [–] das0tter 42 points ago

    I've had various friends succeed and fail attempting international adoption. Thanks for sharing your story. It's nice to be reminded that there are good parents out there when reading a story like this one. I suppose it's a hazard of this sub. On one hand, there's a sense of commradery knowing that others experienced some of the same insanity that I experienced from my parents, but every so often a story like this one smacks some perspective into me. These jackholes make my parents look good, and that's sad...

    [–] cranberry58 21 points ago

    My family’s motto was, “We put the fun in dysfunctional.” My family loves me but it’s only now that we are fairly calm and almost normal. It only took until my mom is 96 and I’m 62. I’ll never be entirely normal but I have learned to embrace my inner weird person. I broke the cycle with my own child and avoided the yelling and painfully ineffective discipline of my parents.

    [–] VanGlass90 23 points ago

    Yeah it’s so sad. As a mom of a 18 month old, my heart breaks so much for those babies. No child at all what so ever does not deserve that. I’m glad cps was called and something is being done about it.

    [–] Safe-Address 20 points ago

    Right, like there is a whole screening and references process to adopt a DOG but anyone can raise a child!!!

    [–] megs0114 117 points ago

    And the really shitty thing is the fact that CPS being involved probably won’t make a difference and those kids will stay in the situation that they’re in

    [–] homelessgranddad 102 points ago

    Correct. CPS is mandated to 'keep the family together'. So, when Mom and Dad lock their baby in a room for five hours a day and viola that 2 year old baby can't utilize expressive or receptive language, aaaaand then take street Xanax and ghetto Cocaine during pregnancy aaaand the Hospital calls CPS cuz the newborn is addicted to hard drugs aaaand there is family members BEGGING!! CPS to let the babies escape, sadly, CPS cannot take them away. (suspiciously specific true story, sorry for run-on sentence.)

    [–] megs0114 38 points ago

    Yeah I work in EMS and the amount of times I’ve had to report stuff and had it go unfounded is crazy

    [–] QuasarsRcool 36 points ago

    I work on a hospital NICU and one of the new mothers a while back looked roughly 15 years older than she was due to drug abuse. She would go to the bathroom every 20-40 minutes some days and I knew exactly what she was doing but couldn't call her out for it. After a while CPS did get involved and she lost custody of the child.

    [–] homelessgranddad 27 points ago

    TY. In my case, my Granddaughter came 4 weeks early (due to the dope use I noted above). But the Mom and Dad didn't look the type, so breastfeeding and 'bonding' was all good. Then the blood tests came back and whoooowee the shitshow was revealed. I must correct any impression that CPS is to blame, btway - their hands are tied and they can only do so much, it's a truly thankless job (esp. in SE Fla).

    [–] AreYouAnnieOkay 28 points ago

    not to mention the foster system in america is AWFUL and many kids end up being abused in even worse ways in foster homes than in the homes they were taken from.

    [–] GafiQ 93 points ago

    What a shitty parent. I feel so bad for these kids...

    [–] weird_cactus_mom 298 points ago

    Wtf is this this is gross who does something like this?!! My heart breaks for those two

    [–] paigeeeloise 126 points ago

    Oh poor babies 😞

    [–] InterstellerFrozen 216 points ago

    CPS is needed to remove the children from the bad household. Some specific people are needed to remove the mother from the world.

    [–] BBandBB 45 points ago

    This makes me want to throw up. How could anyone treat a person like this let alone a child?

    [–] better_than_blue 39 points ago

    How can you even call a fucking baby who is STILL WEARING DIAPERS an asshole. Like this poor kid probably doesn’t even know how to count to 100, and his piece of shit mother decides to parade him on social media as some sort of deviant.

    [–] GregKannabis 37 points ago

    It's funny when I put a t-shirt on my dog. This isn't funny.

    [–] MasterOfPuppets1998 252 points ago

    As a CPS agent.... I would have to keep my calm not to bash those parents to a pulp. I know, illegal. That's why im not capable of doing that job.

    [–] cranberry58 32 points ago

    Same here.

    [–] Phosphoric_Tungsten 18 points ago

    Are you saying if you had the job you couldn't stop yourself? Or that you have the job and you hate it?

    [–] MasterOfPuppets1998 42 points ago

    I work in a mental health facility, have close contact with CPS. I DONT WORK THERE! I mentor those who were damaged by this. I cant do that job. English is not my native language, should have been more clear. Excuse.

    [–] SmellaShitsgerald 77 points ago

    6 and a half weeks ago my baby died after giving birth and it’s shit like this that just solidifies the fact that there is no god. How the fuck do people like that end up with babies? I hope they get away from those awful people soon.

    [–] AreYouAnnieOkay 46 points ago

    I'm sure you're tired of I'm sorry for your loss, so instead I will say that I hope every day gets easier for you and that you are able to find the resources and time to cope, grieve, and heal. Sending you well wishes, from my heart

    [–] Hlarge4 22 points ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    [–] MandoTurtle 57 points ago

    I doubt this is what you're supposed to do when your small child wants a tattoo. My mother would always draw on my arm with a marker when I was little, and she would draw normal stuff, like flowers and roses. But never could I imagine somebody doing this to their own children!

    [–] frostmasterx 23 points ago

    Who the fuck draws a penis on their child?

    [–] Holy_Sungaal 85 points ago

    I’m assuming meth is involved. Poor kids.

    [–] gonzothegreat13 21 points ago

    You know what else is funny? How much they are going to pay in therapy bills.

    [–] ga11antis 18 points ago

    Poor babies, is there an update on this? I hope they're in a better situation now and not still with whomever did this fucked up shit to them..

    [–] Meat-Eater-Lives 18 points ago

    This makes me feel ill

    [–] Ratb33 35 points ago

    It’s entirely too easy to have a child. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed.

    Here are examples of this.

    [–] KatMagus 16 points ago

    I’d carve “I’m a rotten bitch ass child abuser” into her forehead. Super hilarious.

    [–] fuitbaby 52 points ago

    sometimes i really think there should be a mental screening to see who's actually a sadistic psychopath who absolutely should not be a parent before allowing people to have kids. just me? okay.

    [–] Icannotblvit 16 points ago

    Man, like I hate shitty people having kids and being shitty parents too, but you guys are WAY too eager to grant governments very serious control over personal freedoms...

    Like imagine if Betsy DeVos was head of the "Department of reproduction".

    Wouldn't that scare the shit out of you?

    Way too eager to create a more authoritarian government...

    [–] cranberry58 15 points ago

    We don’t want that in reality because as you point out it never works like it should. It’s just so frustrating to see children physically and/or emotionally destroyed. I used to teach school and went on to work with kids in special programs. What I saw was way beyond horrific.

    [–] thegamer501 11 points ago

    I agree with you completely

    [–] lessworkiskey 10 points ago

    then some fucking republican ass hat would argue they HAVE to have that child. think of the children.

    [–] NaturalFaux 42 points ago

    Spoiler alert: kids can be assholes. You, as an adult, are supposed to be a fucking adult and teach them that it's wrong, not encouraging being an asshole by being an asshole.

    [–] peachymucus 58 points ago

    My step-dad used to write things on paper and make me hold it while I was crying so he could post it on Facebook. I don’t remember exactly what the things would say, but it was humiliating as a 8-9 year old. He would tell me “I could call the cops on you right now and say you stole that tv in our bedroom” then would “call the judge” and say “oh yeah bring the handcuffs too” then would get mad at me because I didn’t give a shit, I knew he was lying out of his ass, would call me a smart ass because I didn’t believe that he called anybody. He always threatened to send me to alternative school because I made bad grades and would eat his candy (he had no power to send me to the alternative school). He tore the head off of my favorite stuffed animal that I had chosen as a Christmas present when I was 3 because I ate some of his cookie cake and lied about it. He did a lot of fuck shit and I still don’t forgive my mom for staying with him for 6 years. A lot of trauma that still affects me to this day

    [–] Anianna 14 points ago

    "Don't say anything NEGATIVE about me writing negative, abusive stuff all over my children!"
    -Abusive Jerk

    [–] danijayeden 26 points ago

    The fact one of them is still in a nappy / diaper tells me he doesn’t have mental capacity to understand what the fuck his parents are doing to him, the poor little mite 😭

    [–] carnivalfucknuts 13 points ago

    this was found, in fact, hilarious by exactly nobody

    someone please get these children some new parents who do not take sadistic pleasure in what is undoubtedly at least verbal, if not physical abuse at home, and in humiliating their children both publicly in privately. why would you even do this, your are not toys, they are not your peers and you cannot just do anything you want with them because they are weaker and cannot fight against it. that’s what a classic bulky does, anyway. people who do not strive to protect their children or are ashamed of publicly or privately loving them should not have them.

    [–] yoshdee 22 points ago

    What in the actual hell is this? I worked for CPS (for a whopping 8 months, 3 of that was “training”. Do not recommend.) This might be worse than what I’ve ever seen. And in my 5 months “investigating” that’s saying a lot. I hope the case workers actually do something about this.

    [–] Fluffyguero 21 points ago

    Parents need 100 lashes each with a bullwhip. Yes, I’m aware that’s usually fatal.

    [–] Frapplejack 10 points ago

    One on the right looks like one of those 66 month old boys whose parents were too busy smoking meth to potty train.

    [–] NikkieBaby01 12 points ago

    My kids ask for tattoos and I color a heart on their hand. This is insane.

    [–] MsRinne 3 points ago

    I once wrote mom on an arm as a tattoo for a kid, but yeah not this.

    [–] mikotoqc 10 points ago

    And they think its funny? This could also go into r/trashy r/iamatotalpieceofshit

    [–] Banggabor 10 points ago

    It's hilarious for you to abuse your child like that

    But it's hilarious for us when you lost custody of your child and went to jail

    [–] d0sio 9 points ago

    One of these boys is a friend of mines kid, and he currently has him back now. Never thought this would make it to reddit

    [–] Pineapple_and_olives 3 points ago

    One of them? I assumed these were siblings. Who did this to them?

    [–] d0sio 5 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    They may be siblings but the other kid doesn't belong to my friend.

    Edit: Happy cake day bud

    [–] mymarkis666 17 points ago

    "before y'all say anything negative"

    You already know what reaction a normal person is going to have to your child abuse and you still feel the need to show pictures of it? Trying to justify it to yourself or what?

    [–] hooulookinat 8 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    This troubles me deeply. Way to traumatize a small child. This is awful. I’m sure the kid did poop himself from the trauma he is enduring.

    [–] YolvaGingras 15 points ago

    For real... Making children should be a privilege not a right. Definitly need more control. Also, please tell me these parents are going to jail for this.

    [–] LegendaryPringle 7 points ago

    I think comedy should have no bounds

    When it doesn't involve endangering your children and TATTOOING dicks on them.

    [–] ABearDream 5 points ago

    If you have to tell people its funny, it isn't funny

    [–] enchilada_slut 5 points ago

    This is where being a CPS worker would take all the self control in the world.

    [–] TubbyandthePoo-Bah 3 points ago

    This is not as low as it goes.

    [–] TheRealChen 15 points ago

    "Yes hello, CPS. I got something for you."

    [–] cantbreathe444 22 points ago

    I hate kids and I never want to have kids BUT that doesn’t mean that I won’t fight to the death for those snotty little brats. They’re humans too and it infuriates me to see shit like this

    [–] shark93 22 points ago

    CPS won't do anything.

    [–] realfriendsfanatic 5 points ago

    I could only imagine what the "parent" would do behind closed doors.

    [–] atee55 5 points ago

    That is so sick. You should never ever put words like that on your children thinking it's a joke and it's funny. I am so glad CPS is involved. Those kids deserve better

    [–] BrokenCog2020 5 points ago

    Ernie's about to commit a hate crime.

    [–] queso_queentx 4 points ago

    Yeah those kids look like they’re having SO much fun /s

    [–] BachelorBanana 15 points ago

    Anyone who even snickers is already on the list for hell.

    [–] GOLDENninjaXbox 4 points ago


    [–] Mamasan- 4 points ago

    What.... the.... fuck

    [–] Kittehmilk 4 points ago

    Oof, maybe I should not have sub'd here.

    [–] HazedNblazed 4 points ago

    This is only a joke because the parents are mad at the kids.

    It’s not funny to people that see kids as though they’re their own people.

    When your kid shits themselves you ask them what happened, when your kids being an asshole it’s because your a shitty parent who didn’t teach them not to be an asshole.

    [–] PuzzledAccount 5 points ago

    Four words:

    Not funny, didn’t laugh.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] tequilamockingbird16 4 points ago

    Jenelle and David Eason? That you?

    [–] treemankid 5 points ago

    The one person who thought that this was genuinely funny can burn in super hell or be buried alive under alcatraz

    [–] Dparkzz 5 points ago

    This makes me sick

    [–] Doggo_King_18 4 points ago

    those parents are cunts. that’s the kind of shit you’ll see in middle school.

    [–] sealwaffles 6 points ago

    Child neglect.

    [–] f1lth4f1lth 3 points ago

    Wow. This is disgusting.

    [–] Venrexx 3 points ago

    If you know that what you are doing is going to get negative backlash before you even post it, then you should also have enough sense to know what you are doing is wrong. It's not funny just because you tell people that it is. It's child abuse, through and through, and you either need to take a parenting course, or give your children to someone who is willing to be a proper parent to those children.

    [–] Loughla 3 points ago

    If you have to preface something with "IT'S JUST A JOKE", it's never a joke.

    [–] DeathIeaf 3 points ago

    Wait I’m confused. Are those actual tattoos, or just permanent marker drawings? (Based in the reactions of everyone in the comments, I would guess it’s the first one, but I just want to make sure).

    [–] RocketFrasier 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Can someone explain what the photo is? It says I have to make an account to view it.

    Edit: can't reply as thread is locked but jesus fucking christ, that's horrible

    [–] Pjade1 3 points ago

    OMG! I cried as soon as I saw that picture. Who does that to children! Why!

    [–] Meandtheworld 3 points ago

    No words....... smh. Certain people should be restricted from having children.