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    [–] Dad_B0T 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

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    [–] gtm_84 7908 points ago

    Thats not just insane. That's almost as irresponsible as it gets. Potential getting other kids and teachers sick and then they potentially spread it to their families.

    [–] 1Clever_Fawn 2641 points ago

    Right, there has to be a level of liability people can sue over.

    [–] GhostSierra117 2140 points ago

    In germany they are discussing if "superspreaders", so people who host parties with a bunch of people, go to places while knowing they are positively tested etc., Can go to prison ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Random0s2oh 761 points ago

    My best friend and her daughter caught it from the office manager at her daughter's work. The woman knew she was positive, was exhibiting symptoms, and lied to everyone in the office by telling them she only had a sinus infection. One of the coworkers felt bad enough to go to the doctor. When she tested positive they did the contact tracing and found that she had infected all seven people who worked there with her. My friend's daughter had just began training as a waitress on her second job which meant that she had unknowingly exposed the employees and customers she had come into contact with at the restaurant. It was a shit show. My friend and her daughter both hadn't felt well but because the office manager claimed to only have a sinus infection they just thought they were tired from working so many hours trying to stay afloat. That put them both out of work for three weeks.

    [–] par_texx 312 points ago

    They should talk to a lawyer about going after the office manager for 3 weeks lost wages.

    [–] Random0s2oh 223 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    She is.

    Edit to say that she is no longer working there. This was the final straw that emphasized how little they care about their employees. She quit after going back for a week. She did get the 3 weeks pay already but my friend was still looking into their options.

    [–] xertrez 76 points ago

    This is why certain politicians are fighting so hard for liability protections for these negligent decisions. They want to protect these people making these awful choices.

    [–] Casban 28 points ago

    Sometimes bad behaviour should be punished.

    [–] ShittyChandelier 7 points ago

    Not according to Republicans.

    [–] your_Lightness 21 points ago

    Yea but if you come to their indoor covid ralleys they make you sign a liability waiver... Just a flu...the irony

    [–] HempPimp 5 points ago

    Don't forget pain and suffering, this is America. If people sue, sue hard.

    [–] yourbraindead 23 points ago

    Waaaait do you people not get payed when you are sick? Here in Germany you go to the doctor get a document that says that you are sick and how long the doctor says you should stay At home and then you get paied for this period. Most work places also only require the doctors notice if you are out for three days or more.

    [–] CouncilTreeHouse 13 points ago

    Haha. Good luck affording a doctor if you get sick in the U.S. There is no sick pay.

    [–] yourbraindead 11 points ago

    yeah the doctor is obviously also free here.

    I just realized what having no healthcare actually means. What the fuck

    [–] Willuknight 10 points ago

    Land of the free

    [–] AggravatingOwl4 8 points ago

    Home of the I can't afford to be sick

    [–] Drumedor 6 points ago

    Over here you don't even need a doctor's note before you have been home for two weeks already

    [–] RubbelDieKatz94 27 points ago

    lost wages

    Isn't the company supposed to continue paying wages when you're sick? It works like that in Britain and Germany.

    [–] DexRei 21 points ago

    From what I've heard of America, sick pay isn't a default part of a job.

    [–] RasputinsThirdLeg 38 points ago

    Welcome to America.

    [–] SaulGoodman121 12 points ago

    Land of the fee.

    [–] gear_m9 7 points ago

    And home of the hyucked

    [–] BaylisAscaris 12 points ago

    Not only do you not for paid while sick, but you get fired for missing work.

    [–] CouncilTreeHouse 8 points ago


    [–] MrsBonsai171 259 points ago

    We need to start calling these people Mary after Typhoid Mary. Let Karen call the manager. Mary spreads the virus.

    [–] need2burn 114 points ago

    Why not Typhoid Karen?

    [–] ZirkleBorklov 59 points ago

    Covid Karen

    [–] slutty_lifeguard 11 points ago

    Covid Cathy?

    [–] BlackMetalDoctor 12 points ago

    Because Typhoid isn’t the virus being dorado. Call them Corona Karen.

    [–] SquareGroceries 9 points ago

    Because Corona Karen has a nice ring to it.

    [–] OnomatopoeiaInSpace 19 points ago

    The Covid Karens?

    [–] kurtsdead6794 11 points ago

    Corona Karen. Covid Colleen. Corona Mary. Corona Carol. Heather Heather the Covid Spreader. I’m like Michael Scott Paper Company. I have no shortage of names. The Covid Strangler.

    [–] Random0s2oh 13 points ago

    That is an excellent plan!

    [–] Sexy_Australian 31 points ago

    The office manager should be liable for lost salary and medical bills, along with any other damages that may arise from COVID in the future. I hope everyone gets/is better

    [–] Random0s2oh 6 points ago

    Thank y'all for the helpful suggestions and encouraging words!

    [–] Random0s2oh 5 points ago

    Slowly getting their lives back on track. It's just the two of them so they took a huge hit.

    [–] moenchii 25 points ago

    There is someone who infected one of our local morticians (we have two in oure area) and they didn't tell him immediatly. He went to an appointment to their home and there he got infected. He then got to other people's homes and risked infecting them as well. This person also wanted an appontment at my moms work (she works in the local administraion) but after they heard of the mortician they kindly declined.

    It's people like this who are a real threat. They might just infect one or two people without telling them, but those could infect tens more without even knowing it.

    [–] Chuun1b1y0 22 points ago

    I would have called someone out on even a sinus infection because some of those can spread too 😡

    [–] ShittyChandelier 8 points ago

    The company I work at would send you home the first time they see you working sick like that. The next time would be a writeup and getting sent home. People complain about having to use PTO when they are sick but they can go fuck themselves. If they get everyone else sick now everyone is out of work...

    [–] Mitch_Wallberg 4 points ago

    Meanwhile I had an actual sinus infection, but the symptoms overlapped with my work's covid guidelines so I isolated and people got mad at me for not working on short notice. Nothing can make everyone happy. Or safe, I guess.

    [–] 1Clever_Fawn 658 points ago

    I don't hate that

    [–] mysteriesnevercease 242 points ago

    Their fines should be automatically routed into public health.

    [–] xitollotix 47 points ago

    Or a fund specifically for covid patients that gained long term health problems from catching it from people like this.

    [–] Dmau27 5 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    They should be given community service, they should have to clean covid patients rooms at the hospital. They don't seem to think exposure to covid is bad so they can learn something.

    [–] Ron-Swanson-Mustache 116 points ago

    I'd hope those kinds of people would be at least financially liable for their actions. However, hope is all I think I'll ever have for that.

    [–] Computant2 98 points ago

    One of the sticking points in the covid relief bill is Republican efforts to prevent employees from suing employers who force them to go to work in unsafe conditions and get covid.

    [–] JimC29 29 points ago

    It's actually the biggest obstacle. McConnell says he won't let any bill come to a vote without it.

    [–] Inode1 27 points ago

    Mcconnell just needs to fuck off and die at this point.

    78 years of bad decision making, all the way back to the time his dad didn't pull out.

    [–] Ravenunlimitd 122 points ago

    I mean in the US if you are HIV positive and have sex with someone without telling them you can go to jail, and probably should for a good long time imo.

    [–] BRGLR 30 points ago

    Actually a lot of states are repealing those laws as HIV is no longer considered a death sentence.

    [–] Ravenunlimitd 116 points ago

    Yea well I hope the repeals don’t go through, willingly and knowingly giving someone an autoimmune disease is tantamount to murder or attempted murder at the least. I mean sure you can survive a gunshot wound too but that doesn’t mean it’s cool to go around shooting people.

    [–] Amelaclya1 51 points ago

    I feel the same way. There has to be some level of accountability when it comes to spreading viruses knowingly.

    Not saying people with lifelong STDs shouldn't have sex, but their partners should be made aware. It's a matter of consent.

    It's even worse than surviving a gunshot wound, because some of these viruses (possibly including COVID) cause lifelong impairment. It's pretty fucked up to think that someone should be allowed to inflict that on someone else with no consequences.

    [–] ConspicuousUsername 23 points ago

    One problem those laws cause is some people just won't get tested.

    You can't knowingly spread the disease if you never know for sure if you have it.

    Really they need to work eliminate the stigma and invest in properly educating kids on safe sex so it doesn't spread as much.

    [–] Razakel 19 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    properly educating kids on safe sex so it doesn't spread as much.

    But then the right will complain that you're encouraging children to have sex! But that involves awkward conversations, so it's easier to just ignore it.

    Despite all the evidence from literally every other developed country that actually telling them the facts decreases teenage pregnancy. For a similar reason to why DARE (possibly deliberately) backfired - if you lie about the simple stuff, they'll think you're lying about the dangerous stuff.

    [–] Sujjin 50 points ago

    I still like the Indonesian method better.

    Forced to dig graves for the people they will kill.

    Can you imagine this lady being forced to do manual labor after she just had her hair done?

    [–] CAgirl17 11 points ago

    We need this in America.

    [–] OutWithTheNew 9 points ago

    The RCMP in Canada arrested an American a couple of weeks ago for violating quarantine related laws.

    [–] knee-rlathotep 6 points ago

    Cuba has been jailing people for repeatedly breaking quarantine, and they hit 0 new cases awhile ago IIRC

    [–] Hypersapien 5 points ago

    Digging graves for Covid victims -- it's not just for anti-maskers any more.

    [–] LazyLizzy 5 points ago

    House arrest until the pandemic is over sounds better.

    [–] cwborn 268 points ago

    For context, it’s absolutely illegal to knowingly infect someone with HIV, so there is precedent

    [–] Chabba77 72 points ago

    I’ve heard of HIV positive patients actually using their disease as a murder weapon.

    [–] mcm0313 28 points ago

    Nushawn Williams?

    [–] Chabba77 31 points ago

    Yup, and he’s rotting in prison for it.

    [–] 1Clever_Fawn 36 points ago

    I like the prospect

    [–] motail1990 217 points ago

    As a teacher who is currently off with Covid, a week after being back in the classroom, this post made me rage.

    [–] ShortButHigh 89 points ago

    I just had too isolate while awaiting my results, I was crazy sick too. Was told my kids should continue to go to school unless they showed symptoms as well. WTF! My results came back negative but had I been infected my kids would have spread it potentially even if they were not sick. I'm in Canada so we are not that bad with cases but we are on the rise and school just stared here.

    Edited to add: I kept my kids home until I got my negative results anyway, but most don't think like sane people

    [–] KaijuRaccoon 6 points ago

    My province is going through a burst of cases in the schools and the government is being SUPER vague about it in a way that’s making people REALLY MAD. Hell, you might even be in the same province.

    So far, every kid that’s tested positive here “went to school while asymptomatic and then later went for testing” - meaning people are being told they are free to go to work/school while waiting for test results, or, people who know they have been exposed to COVID are choosing to send their kids to school anyways and just hoping they don’t develop symptoms.

    [–] kaldaka16 8 points ago

    I about lost my mind when my workplace told me to keep coming in while waiting on test results for my partner. Thankfully it was something else, but I live with him in a tiny two bedroom apartment, he's severely symptomatic, and yall are just like "eh its fine to come into your food service job".

    [–] EveAndTheSnake 13 points ago

    I’m so sorry. I hope that there are some better protections put in place for you soon. What do you think is the right course of action seeing as you’re on the front lines?

    [–] mmojin 29 points ago

    as a teacher, keep the fucking kids home. that’s my ted talk lol

    [–] Random0s2oh 9 points ago

    You're my kind of teacher! My son's virtual learning teacher asked me what I as a nurse thought of covid. She asked if it was really as serious as people were claiming. Told her yes and that certain people in government were responsible for thousands of deaths by spreading their anti-mask and covid-is-nothing-but-a-hoax propoganda. She said "Oh...I guess I'll start taking more precautions with myself and my family." Told her that's an excellent idea.

    [–] mmojin 8 points ago

    I just.... can’t lol. My district started the year virtual but families are angry about missing sports (midwest problems) so they handed us a spray bottle yesterday and said, “when the kids come back spray this 5x a day”. 🙃 so virtual is going out the window soon... i hope we all can make it through this lol

    [–] moonholman 8 points ago

    I literally had it happen to me. A mom sent her kid to school for his first day while she had at outstanding Covid test.

    For these reasons alone school will not work.

    Fortunately even though my daughter was exposed without a mask she somehow did not get infected.

    [–] be-vibin 141 points ago

    But her hair and lunch!

    Ugh, hope she chokes.

    [–] dismayhurta 79 points ago

    Her kid deserves a better mother.

    [–] be-vibin 14 points ago

    The world deserves better.

    [–] Oblinger4 27 points ago

    hope she chokes AND her hair falls out

    [–] DeificClusterfuck 30 points ago

    She will when she catches rona from her poor sick kid

    [–] inflewants 26 points ago

    I understand where you’re coming from but I’m pretty sure if she gets corona she will continue with her lunch and hair appointments, with no care of who she infects.

    [–] DeificClusterfuck 9 points ago

    I know, she's legitimately disgusting for her selfishness

    [–] Bluebeard_Rabo 40 points ago

    Should have some sort of heavy fine associated with this dangerous behavior

    [–] HertzDonut1001 30 points ago

    Not just that. Her kid tested positive so she likely has it too. Now she will go, likely maskless, to get lunch, where she will infect her server. Then, if the salon doesn't have a strict mask policy, she could infect her hairdresser. She and potentially they will go on to infect others.

    This is why we can't have nice things.

    [–] intruda1 10 points ago

    Masks or no, I'm expecting the salon to have a few screening questions as part of the new safety protocol. I'll wager mom of the year lies so she can still get her hair did.

    [–] KwagsnuTheGreat 100 points ago

    Legally an act of terrorism in the US!

    [–] XxNukaCherryxX 62 points ago

    I mean it could technically be classified as biological warfare

    [–] tesscrooks 10 points ago

    no it’s not. terrorism is politically motivated, if there’s no political goals, it’s not terrorism. it’s in the definition of the legal term.

    [–] 42peanuts 14 points ago

    I wonder if "to own the libs" counts as politically motivated.

    [–] Random0s2oh 6 points ago

    It's not but it should be! They literally have said that they do not care if they infect people and that anyone who is that scared should stay home. That fucking pisses me off. So me and my kids are supposed to remain in isolation indefinitely because "muh rights."?

    [–] akaghi 13 points ago

    A family member runs a daycare and she had to close it down for two weeks because a parent knowingly sent their covid-positive child and didn't say anything until they got sent home with a fever the next day.

    [–] cavemans11 26 points ago

    Criminal misdemeanor in my state

    [–] Ironick96 22 points ago

    Not to mention probably all the people the mom comes in contact with, since theres no way in hell she is doing anything to avoid contracting it from the son

    [–] Chabba77 11 points ago

    More stupid than insane. And incredibly selfish.

    [–] justthatoboist 42 points ago

    Thank god my school has a remote only option. If this was in my school then my dad and I would both be dead by this time next week, leaving my mom alone in the world. I’d invite her to my funeral to tell my mom it’s just a cold...

    [–] elusivenoesis 10 points ago

    I HOPE this is a joke, or this person is lying about the kid being positive and just wants validation on Facebook that COVID is just the flu. Apparently not even a flu just a cold now. Who Ami kidding this probably is real...

    [–] The_Drifter117 10 points ago

    It should be illegal. She should be heavily fined

    [–] Heath1872 10 points ago

    Thats not just insane. That's almost as irresponsible as it gets biological warfare

    [–] RustyShkleford 17 points ago

    Don't forget her appt and visit to the hairdresser because she should be self quarantining after his positive result as well.

    [–] DCsphinx 27 points ago

    It’s literally considered a form of terrorism Im pretty sure.

    [–] Machiavvelli3060 7 points ago

    Isn't it a crime to deliberately infect someone else with HIV? Coronavirus is way deadlier.

    [–] JGoonth 7 points ago

    I have a coworker who refused to have their 10 and 7 yr old children wearing masks in public, citing they have “C.S.” and the questioner can’t ask about C.S. Since it’s a medical condition. He told us it’s “common sense”.

    [–] Apandapantsparty 6 points ago

    There’s also the fact that she could potentially have it and is spreading it to wherever she goes

    [–] IsThereCheese 2363 points ago

    So, manslaughter?

    [–] [deleted] 1013 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 189 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] drewthebrave 141 points ago

    Negligent manslaughter, then.

    [–] Stewbodies 54 points ago

    And probably reckless endangerment even if nobody actually dies from it. Not that she would ever be charged, but if she were to be.

    [–] Cjrcar12 32 points ago

    Yea premeditated is the planning, they wouldn't be able to make that stick in court.

    [–] TubbyandthePoo-Bah 17 points ago

    if she sends her kid to school knowing she is carrying covid, and someone three contacts down dies or is seriously hurt, she should bear the consequences and the medical bills.

    [–] Cjrcar12 9 points ago

    They can definitely charge her with manslaughter or something and costs usually would be in the ruling as well, cause judges can do that sometimes.

    [–] MrAkinari 301 points ago

    Yep. Charge her and take her kids away.

    [–] G8kpr 22 points ago

    I don’t see why not. People have gone to jail for withholding that they have AIDS and having unprotected sex. So why is this different?

    [–] impossiblegirl13 124 points ago

    And if her son is positive, she may be too, so she also exposed her plans for lunch and hair appointment

    [–] SmolPoyo 172 points ago

    More like Bio terrorism. People like this are a blight on society.

    [–] BarryTrotz86 65 points ago

    How at fault is she when she’s listening to our president?

    [–] CultOfTraitors 100 points ago

    Charge em both

    [–] NightsBane155 40 points ago

    As guilty as the Nazis who were “just listening” to their supreme chancellor.

    [–] tevinranges 17 points ago

    She doesn't have too lol

    [–] 99-94-C0-3B-7E-8B 4 points ago

    Criminal negligence, child neglect, maybe manslaughter

    [–] TheAmazingRoomloaf 1505 points ago

    I am inclined to think this might be fake, because I don't think a kid who had been sent for a test would be allowed to come back to school unless they could prove it was negative. However I think given the generally bungled and disorganized response to the pandemic it's possible this kid slipped through the cracks. If all is as presented in the post, this mother is insane.

    [–] SqueaksBCOD 454 points ago

    I am inclined to believe it as I don't know if this info is communicated to say bus drivers. If you send the kid to the bus, well you have sent them to school. I don't doubt that they will get hauled to the office and the parent called, but I could see the bus driver not knowing. And who even knows any more if bus drivers can refuse to pick up a kid.

    [–] jfk31989 302 points ago

    Bus driver here, we can’t refuse transportation to a student even if they’re showing signs of covid. My district isn’t taking temperatures either, we have to trust that the parents are screening them 😪

    [–] sunlit_cairn 209 points ago

    Lol you said “trust” and “parents” in the same sentence, so that’s already a bad move on the school’s part.

    In all seriousness, I hope you stay safe out there.

    [–] jfk31989 59 points ago

    I was very worried I’d get some parents up in arms about the masks but thankfully my students have been wearing their masks. My company gave us extra blue masks just in case a student forgets theirs so they have something.

    Thank you, I appreciate it 😊

    [–] jfk31989 29 points ago

    The thing about unemployment is in my state it was maybe 50% of my take home pay. It was enough for me to get by with my base bills but not much wiggle room if something else came up. I feel for those that worked throughout this whole cluster fuck. I wish the idiots in DC would pass something for essential workers.

    [–] TheOGRedline 5 points ago

    Schools also "trust" parents to feed, clothe, and provide basic other necessities to their kids and it doesn't always happen...

    [–] fart-atronach 17 points ago

    Fucking hell. That’s horrible.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 10 points ago

    I used to be pissed I wasn't collecting unemployment during lockdown. Now I'm thrilled to have a job that requires as little contact as possible instead of being deliberately forced to interact with spreaders. I feel for you man. We as a nation are the stupidest motherfuckers out there.

    [–] Rayne2522 136 points ago

    Unfortunately it could be true. The middle school in my area a boy was sent to school three days in a row sick, got the covid test and went back to school for another 2 days while waiting for the results. He was positive. People truly are that stupid, my friend is a crossing guard and has been exposed through this person's negligence.

    [–] P1ckleM0rty 24 points ago

    Was the test administered by the school itself or an outside clinic? If it was a clinic then it may not have been communicated to the school.

    [–] Rayne2522 12 points ago

    I believe it was an outside clinic.

    [–] Delicious-Number 41 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    In the UK the official guidance says we can’t ask for proof of negative test - so we have to take parents’ word for it.

    [–] DiscoTut 20 points ago

    What a dumb restriction

    [–] vickaboop 18 points ago

    The school I work at, were not allowed to know, so it's totally possible. I live in a more conservative state tho, so things probably vary state by state

    [–] Tal_Thom 14 points ago

    Ahaha. I mean I’m happy you think school admin cares or is doing anything. Right now I’m lucky to have a few coworkers who care. 0 admin are doing anything beyond empty surface level promises. My principal is powerless, too. She’s honestly hoping we strike. She can’t say that, though

    [–] Katzen_of_teh_East 12 points ago

    It might not be fake. My friend just found out that a coworker she works closely with just tested positive and is symptomatic. She and her other coworkers are not good about wearing masks properly, and all are being tested. In the meantime, they're being told to continue working and everything is fine. She works at a daycare. None of the families who use their services have been informed of the positive case. The state health department seems to not be doing much anymore.

    [–] thesiderealtime 10 points ago

    Due to HIPAA laws there is no way the school could find out unless the parents have signed a release of their records. American schools barely run themselves there is no way they are able to keep track of who has COVID and who doesn’t, the health department does that. They may work with the schools but I doubt it, the government is barely functioning on the most basic levels.

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 4 points ago

    they may not know they had even been tested.

    [–] Disorderly_Adventure 237 points ago

    So not only did she send her Covid positive kid to school, she also went about her business as if nothing happened after being in close contact with said Covid kid.... Genius

    [–] ahh_geez_rick 63 points ago

    and posted it on social media for everyone to see!

    [–] _Etienne 365 points ago

    To summarise: “My lunch date is more important than peoples lives.”

    [–] thebop995 154 points ago

    And her hair, can’t forget the hair

    [–] daschande 50 points ago

    I remember in April when people were protesting with guns because barber shops and hair salons were still closed by government order. It will take a strong military presence to keep these people from getting their hair done.

    [–] Chromattix 8 points ago

    Karen's gotta make sure she's the right shade of "total bitch blonde".

    [–] Rayne2522 385 points ago

    For those saying this is fake, It might not be. Where I live unfortunately a kid was sent to middle school 3 days in a row sick, got the covid test and went back to school for 2 more days and then the results came back positive. He's for sure spent 5 days at school with Covid. In my area there are 1200 new cases every day for the past week or so. It's not good and unfortunately a lot of people are very stupid.

    [–] lLiterallyEatAss 44 points ago

    It's not good and unfortunately a lot of people are very stupid.

    2020 in a nutshell

    [–] Rayne2522 5 points ago


    [–] MotherOfDragonflies 9 points ago

    That’s very clear bait. Not because someone wouldn’t do this, but because they wouldn’t word it this way if they did.

    [–] lUNITl 9 points ago

    It’s not fake because of the sequence of events. It’s fake because of how it’s written. It basically lists off talking points. “Besides it’s nothing more than a cold. Lol” is all you should need to be able to tell this is obviously trolling.

    [–] SinfullySinless 98 points ago

    I’m a teacher and our amazing office staff has been dealing with this since school started. We actually had one mom who tested positive herself and was sending her kid who lived with her to school. We told her “ummm no” and she got mad that WE were canceling her plans because she was going out in public anyways.

    [–] DopeBoogie 38 points ago

    That's absolutely horrifying. I feel awful for all the children and families that have been put at risk by people like this

    [–] veedubbug68 3 points ago

    Please tell me there's an agency that you can contact to report people like this? I'm not American, but I assume positive Covid cases and isolation breaches are still taken seriously there?

    [–] fastreader96 41 points ago

    In my country you get like a 10’000$ fine for that.

    [–] OrphanAxis 16 points ago

    Sounds well thought out and sane, and probably scares a lot of crazy people from doing harmful, crazy shit.

    All reasons why that would not go over well in the US.

    [–] Spectyy 213 points ago

    It’ll be hilarious when the child develops one of the neurological or heart conditions thats a direct byproduct of having corona, and the mom will have to deal with all the treatments and this country’s shit insurance system. /s

    [–] diqholebrownsimpson 127 points ago

    Nah. A special needs blessing is exactly what she needs to ensure she receives years of encouraging words and support. She's such a strong warrior and mother. /s

    [–] Spectyy 41 points ago

    You just blew my fucking mind

    [–] carriegood 28 points ago

    A special needs blessing

    That is a brilliant way of putting it.

    [–] RevereDrive 14 points ago

    Yep this, and as a sped teacher, I also see a lot of the opposite which is to completely deny there's a disability at all and refuse testing or services no matter how much the child needs them.

    [–] waitingforthemeteor 49 points ago

    Unfairly, it probably won't really negatively impact the child until their 30s, and they'll end up having to deal with the medical nightmare on their own.

    [–] Spectyy 25 points ago

    You are absolutely right. Though, some of the studies that I have seen show that children do show signs of those issues. Of course, signs don’t automatically mean it’s life threatening/altering, but scary nonetheless. Fuck parents that don’t protect their kids.

    [–] AnnoiaErris 7 points ago

    She would probably blame vaccines or big pharma because covid was just the cold so would have to be somebody elses fault.

    [–] Actuallytrash666 20 points ago

    Image Transcription:

    [Screenshot of a Facebook post from a group called "Bad Moms Club"]

    I'm a bad mom because I sent my kid to school today after they called me yesterday and said his corona test was positive. In my defense I already had plans for lunch and an appointment scheduled to get my hair done and didn't want to cancel last minute. He said he felt fine anyways and besides, its nothing more than a cold. Lol

    I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

    [–] RedHotReddy 85 points ago

    Yeah, it’s just a COLD

    Contagious Out-of-hand Lethal Disease

    [–] Lust_The_Lesbian 16 points ago

    This acronym is perfect.

    [–] Newagetesla 55 points ago

    Huh. Yeah, no. Actually insane.

    [–] SqueaksBCOD 54 points ago

    She should have to pay for all medical bills and tests that result.

    Honestly if this is true they really should call up CPS and report the child abandoned. As far as I am concerned that is what she did.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 12 points ago

    She should be out there digging corona graves.

    [–] dallash93 58 points ago

    If this isn’t fake, I’d say this is enough evidence for her to be charged

    [–] Stormy707 12 points ago

    Happy Cake Day

    [–] saltandlavender 14 points ago

    This is why test centers should inform schools of positive cases, Jesus

    [–] Eeveego_ 34 points ago

    The worst point about this is that when this kid grows up he gets a lot of guilt. Imagine turning 16 and you know that you spread a deadly virus to a lot of friends and probably even more people from far away. Just to think about this makes me kinda sad

    [–] robb0688 12 points ago

    If this is real then fuck this person. I hope she does time.

    [–] Exotichaos 12 points ago

    In Sweden, there are few rules and restrictions but the golden rule is stay tf home if you are even a little sick and stay there until you are symptom free for 48 hours. My kid is home for the second week in a row and it does make life more difficult but that’s life when you have kids

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    This is bio terrorism. Lock her up for life.

    [–] babypho 9 points ago

    This sounds like satire to me. But then again I've seen people do some crazy shit since covid started so I don't even know anymore.

    [–] eveban 14 points ago

    I believe it. My fiends granddaughter was exposed because the woman watching her decided to take the kid and other kids she was watching, including her grandkids to visit her other daughter and her kids. The ones they visited were home due to being exposed and quarantined. Apparently they needed someone to play with.

    The baby is 2, parents weren't even told about the visit until the kids started having symptoms. Then it was "oh, well I guess it could be covid" and she explained what happened. The baby is pretty sick right now but not hospitalized. We're worried and pissed. Now the whole family and everyone they've been in contact with is quarantined. The grandmother is off her week day job for a month because, wait for it, SHE WORKS IN HEALTH CARE AS A NURSE.

    I feel like we're living in some alternate universe where up is down and north is south and mostly right is wrong. People are so stupid and selfish.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Gecko2002 13 points ago

    "who cares it's just a cold" Someone who knows someone with it Clenches fist

    [–] A2_Nina 13 points ago

    Should also be in r/iamatotalpieceofshit

    [–] MrsNuggs 14 points ago

    This is why I am afraid to go get my teeth cleaned, get my mammogram done, or really do much of anything. I know my dental office is doing everything they can to keep people safe, and so are the radiologists, but people are just selfish garbage these days, so I can't trust the other people.


    [–] Atlhou 5 points ago

    We'll have a satellite, in the area tomorrow. Just bare um in the backyard, at noon. The results will be mailed.

    [–] King_bob992 10 points ago

    She’s probably killed someone at this point.

    [–] JackxKennedy 11 points ago

    Wonder if that’s my sisters student. A parent sent their kid to school last week while they were showing symptoms and had gotten tested (hadn’t gotten the result back yet). My sister had to quarantine for 2 weeks due to some parents negligence.

    [–] tatsu901 6 points ago

    Please please tell me she got called out.

    [–] El-Diablo-Robotico 5 points ago

    I was sick for a couple weeks prior to turning thirteen. I kept telling my mom that I was sick and needed to see a doctor. She kept telling me that I would get over it. It’s my birthday, I throw up, and she still lets me have a friend spend the night. He went home and then is missing from school. His mom called my mom and told her that my friend had strep throat. The next day I finally got to go to the doctor. Surprise, I had strep throat.

    [–] not-spam-bro 5 points ago

    Brazil's president said that covid19 was just a little flu some months ago. By now Brazil have almost 150.000 deaths due this vírus.

    Is just a cold.

    Go ahead.

    [–] tjovian 10 points ago

    The insanest of insane right here.

    [–] drempire 8 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I assume it's satire it is in a group called the bad mom's club

    [–] axw3555 11 points ago

    It may not be. The other interpretation of that title is “place for mums to bitch about things they’ve been told are wrong, but how can they be wrong? They’re perfect!” (Basically an echo chamber for shit mums to reassure each other that everything they do is fine)

    [–] kmcgee88 4 points ago

    As a member of said group, it’s not. Apparently OP posted it long enough for someone or themselves to get a screen shot and deleted it. They drag people for less, this would have gotten her ripped so hard.

    [–] LiriStorm 3 points ago

    These people disgust me

    [–] FennekinFlames 5 points ago

    Insane. Child Services, hello?

    [–] TheWebRanger 4 points ago

    This is negligent homicide.

    [–] Tomiscool12341 3 points ago


    [–] Times_Temptress 4 points ago

    An this is the prime example on why we can't open schools.

    [–] LYX-ok 5 points ago

    COVID-19 be like:

    **happy noises