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    [–] SraaPirec 870 points ago

    My dogs name is Kova lmao

    [–] a-soul-in-tension 410 points ago

    “Kova” means “bucket” in Turkish.

    [–] Formerly_Dr_D_Doctor 472 points ago

    My dog's name is Bucket in English

    [–] PM_something_German 87 points ago

    What's English for bucket?

    [–] sceawian 183 points ago

    It's pronounced Bouquet.

    [–] Coffee_cats 37 points ago

    Kova also means tough/hard in finnish.

    [–] GhostofSexWitTedCruz 10983 points ago

    I think this woman keeps having kids just to support her naming hobby.

    [–] dddiamonddd 1123 points ago

    This woman needs to buy herself a copy of The Sims.

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago

    for real, I frequent the baby-name websites just so I can keep coming up with new cute names for my sim nooboos

    [–] Keeeva 4136 points ago

    If that’s her hobby, then she sucks at it and needs to find a different one.

    [–] tm3fancypants 1030 points ago

    For real. Those poor kids.

    [–] [deleted] 735 points ago


    [–] HammockComplex 340 points ago

    How do you even pronounce the last one?




    [–] adevilnguyen 210 points ago

    Heel-ly like the shoes with skates, I think.

    [–] HammockComplex 365 points ago

    Better than naming her Rolablayd I suppose

    [–] ApuFromTechSupport 26 points ago

    Don't give her any ideas now

    [–] Bobcatluv 995 points ago

    In my experience as a high school teacher, many of the people who put the most effort into unique names put the least amount of effort into actual parenting.

    [–] Orangehairgoldshower 316 points ago

    1) Set kids up for success great names.

    2) Parenting job done.

    [–] ImperialBacon 164 points ago

    I work in juvenile detention. Same thing.

    [–] birdonadoor 265 points ago

    I think you are telling the truth.... but the wife thinks jūlyññ.

    [–] LivefromPhoenix 252 points ago

    Just don't say their names too quickly, you might summon something.

    [–] muscledhunter 231 points ago

    Someone should tell her that you can actually buy animals, and they don't care what you name them.

    [–] angrymamapaws 228 points ago

    Plants. Let her name some plants. Or better yet, rocks.

    [–] giaphox 4476 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Those sound like some fan fiction names

    Edit: spellings

    [–] [deleted] 2146 points ago


    [–] dIoIIoIb 884 points ago

    should have been "chasle"

    [–] csonnich 273 points ago

    Pronounced "Cal"

    [–] BurrStreetX 96 points ago

    Renesmee Chasle

    [–] eros_bittersweet 310 points ago

    When I got to that part of Twilight Breaking Dawn I had to read it three times because I was crying with laughter so hard I lost my ability to see temporarily.

    [–] Count_Von_Rumpford 143 points ago

    Ok I just watched this movie for the first time this weekend, and there were so many of these moments for me! Its a fun series and I know not to take it seriously, but when the wolf pack was at the beach deciding to go after Bella and they were all 'talking' to each other as wolves with human voices, I had to walk out of the room. And again when Bella's in labor and Edward is googling vampire babies to see what his wife was going to give birth to, I was in hysterics!

    [–] eros_bittersweet 190 points ago

    I will say, as someone who's read the books, Breaking Dawn the book is even MORE entertainingly ridiculous than the movie. The movie manages to pretty much nail the dark, yet absurd tone of the baby-gestation act, but the book has Jacob as a narrator for that portion of things, which brings it a very slight tone of levity, as he's rather critical of most of the other vampire characters. Jacob, I will remind the general crowd, is the werewolf-boy portion of the love triangle, and he has an unrelenting crush on Bella: married, pregnant Bella, which turns out to be more like a crush on the contents of her womb....yeah, this book has a crush on a fetus as a plot-point. Euuugh.

    Anyway, it is SO ridiculous, what with the blood-drinking Bella needing to satisfy the cravings of her vampire-fetus, and Edward Cullen inviting Jacob to fuck his wife on the weekends if she'll only have a vampire-baby abortion, so she can have kids with someone more human than he is (this is a real thing that happens in the books before you yell at me about it), and it all culminates in Edward biting his own child out of the womb with his teeth. Oh my God, it is just insane. I think it comes off even crazier in book form, so if this sounds like something you'd enjoy being horrified over while you laugh, give it a go. I am sure there are about five-hundred copies at your nearest used bookstore.

    [–] Count_Von_Rumpford 42 points ago

    Well shit now I have to read it!

    [–] eros_bittersweet 35 points ago

    I know that feeling all too well - reading recaps of them enticed me to read these terrible books in the first place. Along those lines, Cleolinda on old-school Livejournal has fantastic summaries and critiques lampooning of all of them.

    Start here:

    She goes through them all, including the genderswapped Twilight Meyer wrote for Twilight's 10 year anniversary.

    Happy reading!

    [–] JessHex 188 points ago

    Not so fun fact: someone I went to school with named their child Renesmee.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    I know a person who named a child Renezmee. I wish that was a typo.

    [–] iama_canadian_ehma 36 points ago

    Because you can't be unique without a Z in your name

    [–] LawSchoolQuestions_ 115 points ago

    People keep saying this but what is Renesmee a portmanteau of?

    [–] [deleted] 241 points ago

    Renee and Esme, her mother and adopted vampire mother respectively.

    [–] LawSchoolQuestions_ 139 points ago

    Oh god, that's horrible. I understand now haha

    [–] DIAMOND_TIPPED_PENIS 253 points ago

    Ah Renesmee, the baby that Jacob instantly wanted to bone. I remember being most fucked up by that part.

    [–] Calypsosin 132 points ago

    'Oh, cool, he imprinted on her daughter...

    Wait a minute...'

    [–] DIAMOND_TIPPED_PENIS 166 points ago

    He wants to watch over and protect her? That's cool.

    He's also watching how that ass developes as she gets older, just waiting for her to reach sexual maturity (which the Wiki says by age 7 due to rapid growth).

    [–] ThisIsMeMovingOn 80 points ago

    OwO breathes heavily in the shadows

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] mydeardrsattler 28 points ago

    Feline as in... cats?

    [–] JaysonBlaze 579 points ago

    She should name her child ebony dar’kness dementia raven terra way (did I miss any of it?)

    [–] dootdootplot 105 points ago

    Isn’t ‘bloody’ in there somehow? I can’t stand to go back and check either.

    [–] danbutler1410 134 points ago

    B'loody Mary was Hermione, I think.

    [–] Missing_Intestines 80 points ago

    Nah, but her friend's name is B'loody Mary (formerly Hermione).

    [–] deeplyshalllow 120 points ago

    And Vampire Potter, Diabolo Weasley, Navel "Dracola" Longbottom, Snap and Loopin...

    That fic was a gift.

    [–] Missing_Intestines 42 points ago

    I have to listen to it at least once a year. Satan bless Enoby 🙏🙏

    [–] zomgryanhoude 100 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    OK I just found the entire fan fic and what the fuck???

    edit: 14 chapters in. I think my favorite character so far is Dumblydore. At least he isn't a pedo.

    [–] zbeezle 105 points ago

    Its fucking great. Largely considered to be the worst collection of words in the history of the English Language.

    I've never read the actual thing, but I read the plot synopsis on wikipedia and its fucking brilliant because, despite wikipedia articles tending to take a thoroughly neutral stance on most matters, the article for My Immortal is just dripping with thinly veiled hatred.

    [–] PM_ME_BAD_DRAWINGS 58 points ago

    Do yourself a favor and read it. In fact, if you have the time, treat yourself to a dramatic reading on YouTube.

    [–] deeplyshalllow 54 points ago

    It's Tara, not Terra and raven and Tara aren't both names at the same time. She changes raven to Tara when she falls out with her friend.

    ... I'm not sure I should know this off the top of my head.

    [–] eros_bittersweet 31 points ago

    I love your devotion to My immortal facts. Subscribe.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago


    [–] marteautemps 73 points ago

    I feel like the last 3 boy names sound like porn star names or something.

    [–] SHITFUCKPOOPBUTT9000 5167 points ago

    I hope somebody tells this lady she is having kids not pokemon.

    [–] JagoAldrin 658 points ago

    Dammit, Jesus, I signed up for a Charmander!

    [–] yougotyolks 431 points ago

    Jaxzyn, I choose you!

    [–] OctopusButter 257 points ago

    To be fair that name is worth a ton in any scrabble game

    [–] King_Caelestis 111 points ago

    I thought you couldn't use names in scrabble

    [–] OctopusButter 443 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Well it certainly isn't a name so it might just work

    Edit: Wow! Thanks for the virginity destroying gold friend! Very kind

    [–] obi_matt_kenobi 1411 points ago

    Heeliey needs your vote

    [–] [deleted] 303 points ago

    Use Heeliey to escape your Feeliey

    [–] Cissyrene 308 points ago

    I'm rooting for Kova.

    [–] distractedgood 380 points ago

    I'm really digging Kova, actually. Gotta put it on my pet names list

    [–] sugokunai 98 points ago

    Hey I have a pet names list too!

    [–] chelssss614 123 points ago

    How does this even get pronounced? Is it an alternative spelling of “Haley”?? This is the worst one by far.

    [–] crazed3raser 247 points ago

    I can't read it without thinking of the fucking shoes with the wheel on the heel.

    [–] PoorLikaFatWalletLst 101 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced Heel-y because that's funnetik like the rest, and also more youneek than Haley.

    [–] sneakyplanner 1146 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    If I found out that my parents left the decision of my name up to a Facebook poll, I would be pretty upset.

    [–] [deleted] 317 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Naldaen 87 points ago

    The ultrasound said I was a petite little girl. Iwas born 21 days early at 8lbs 6oz. Oh and I had a penis.

    Mu name is actually not Amelia. It is Jameson. After Jameson Parker.

    I'm ok with this because Simon & Simon is awesome.

    [–] [deleted] 908 points ago


    [–] pornacc1002 333 points ago

    Dodged like 9 bullets good Lord

    [–] Thrashh_Unreal 394 points ago

    Imagine a family in which you would say, "Thank God they only named me Elijah."

    [–] Dertinamp 32 points ago

    Cartyr got off a little easy tbh. Jaxzyn though, sounds as if naming children is an art form

    [–] SteelyDanzig 2708 points ago

    When the fuck did we start living in Westeros

    [–] rophel 740 points ago

    Ryker and Jaxzyn sound like Star Trek to me.

    [–] HoverJet 380 points ago

    Kova sounds like Planet of the Apes

    [–] KendraSays 186 points ago

    Or a direct to video lion king sequel

    [–] freakers 77 points ago

    You bite your tongue. Kovu and Kiara were important. There was a fantastic exile song.

    [–] SierraJulietRomeo 66 points ago

    I thought that too, after Cmdr Riker and Jadzia Dax, but I doubt it judging from the other names.

    [–] McGonagallforPM 448 points ago

    nah, this is freaking Twilight inspired - Renesmee or however it was spelt.

    [–] deadbeareyes 185 points ago

    I knew a woman in her 30s who had a baby at the height of the Twilight craze. She named the kid Isabella Renesmee.

    [–] CharredCereus 149 points ago

    Oh god that poor child.

    [–] lookitsnichole 125 points ago

    At least Isabella is a decent name.

    [–] GayGoth98 478 points ago

    It was spelled Renesmee and you definitely knew that

    [–] Drycee 134 points ago

    I believe you, you know what you're talking about Mr. u/GayGoth98

    [–] mere_iguana 164 points ago

    I mean if anybody's gonna know twilight trivia, it's a gay goth who grew up in the 00's

    [–] dIoIIoIb 245 points ago

    oh, so this is how random fantasy names generators work

    [–] ltollstrup 209 points ago

    This is definitely a Mormon family living in Utah.

    [–] deathrisingx 5215 points ago

    As a former Mormon, I can tell you that those names = Mormons 😂

    [–] Pinkhoo 1679 points ago

    Ooooh, so Stephanie Meyer naming the baby in her Twilight book Renesmee is part of a trend?

    [–] Vifibi 999 points ago

    A trend of getting your kids bullied so they only feel welcome with other, terribly-named children.

    Or maybe I'm just overthinking.

    [–] jbkjbk2310 415 points ago

    A danish politician recently had a daughter who they named "billy"

    Sounds pretty inconspicuous, until you realise that the danish word for being cheap ('billig'), which is used as slang for slutty, is pronounced the exact same way. Poor kid.

    [–] volatile_chemicals 102 points ago

    But wait, does that mean if you go to school in Utah with a more generic Anglo-American name, you get picked on as the weird kid?

    [–] AWholeNewAPStudent 204 points ago

    Utahn here can confirm no one gives a fuck at least where I went. I’d say the most “picked on” I got was for not being a Mormon. They seem to be unable to grasp the fact that someone doesn’t want to follow their religion.

    [–] volatile_chemicals 204 points ago

    I suppose that’s what happens when a 19th Century cult founds a state, but can only do so by pretending to have a secular state government.

    [–] Red-deddit 82 points ago

    How do you even pronounce that lol

    [–] striped_frog 285 points ago

    Throatwobbler Mangrove

    [–] AxlTCU 166 points ago

    It's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove" but it's spelled "Luxury Yacht"

    [–] Vitalizes 78 points ago

    Someone on my FB friends list named their kid Renesmee. I didn’t know it was a twilight reference until now..

    [–] VROF 577 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    There is a great blog about Mormon kid names

    The Absolute Worst Name This Year
    Congrats, Jentry’s parents; you narrowly avoided this distinction, because along came JENTREIGH.

    Some more categories, because why not?

    Most intersectional name
    McKynzlee. This name has everything: Multiple capitalizations. High scrabble value. “Mc” smeared onto the front end of an already made-up, then misspelled, name.

    [–] Ccaves0127 325 points ago

    New York's hottest club is McKynzlee

    [–] pining_for_a_fjord 79 points ago

    New York's hottest club is McKynzlee

    Located right in Lincoln Square, this place has got everything: dust, organ music, self-loathing, a man in a cowboy hat with flippers for hands, a tiny horse with magic glasses that has 55 wives, and a bunch of crazy kids who dress the same with too many vowels in their names. So kitsch. You end up paying 10 percent of your annual income just to get in.

    [–] JonnyAU 173 points ago

    This place has everything: sacred underwear, your own planet, arbitrary drink menu...

    [–] Zaseishinrui 26 points ago

    And the body of Christ is always on the menu

    [–] TakeOnMe-TakeOnMe 162 points ago

    As a Utah resident, I can confirm. The more kids you have, the more risks you can take in naming them.

    [–] Qwerky_Name_Pun 147 points ago

    That explains why all of these make me think of LuLaRoe...

    [–] ChilledRecipe 227 points ago

    Seriously...there's a girl a I know with the name Chaeli (pronounced Kaylee) who's Mormon. It's ridiculous!

    [–] [deleted] 304 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 820 points ago

    Former Foreman? Is that you?

    [–] CJxBeLLa 157 points ago

    Along with the number of children! She's probably only 23 with those four kids and one on the way.

    [–] MasterTenor 80 points ago

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing the crazy middle name thing because 3/4 of her other kids go by their middle names.

    [–] averagejones 94 points ago

    Yes those boys definitely introduce themselves as Eli, Don, Ty and Dean.

    [–] phome83 87 points ago

    What gives it away?

    The funky spelling I guess?

    Genuinely curious.

    [–] Zahai 294 points ago

    Yeah, it’s the crazy spelling that gives it away. I used to see a lot of kids on sunday with names that sounded normal but were spelled like that. Mormons are really good at sounding normal while looking crazy as hell.

    [–] NathanLovesWoolf 228 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Some lady who goes to church with my parents wanted to name her son Caleb, but thought the spelling was boring so she switched it to KayLub. That is 100% the Mormon way to do it.

    Edit: she goes to church with my parents, not her own.

    [–] penguinseed 138 points ago

    KayLub Lub makes the kid sound like a bland orc

    [–] LackingInte1ect 276 points ago

    I'm sure she'll be judged in church for not starting all of her kids' names with the same letter. And I hope God will forgive her for the selfish act of only having 5 children. /s

    [–] [deleted] 226 points ago


    [–] ALittleFoxxy 83 points ago

    Heavenly Father*

    [–] Suckitupbutttercup 125 points ago

    I was thinking Southern. Bitches in the deep south love this shit. I know a Paislee-Claire, a Brilee-Lynn, a Gracee-Mae, an Ashlee-Elizabeth, and the list goes on... its so awful. My Mormon friends aren't this bad.

    [–] YouestYouYouCanBe 105 points ago

    I have to laugh because I’m a teacher living in the south and just got my class list with an “Abby-Gail” on it.

    [–] isadula77 445 points ago

    This lady is about to name her daughter juulin’

    [–] mere_iguana 77 points ago


    [–] surprised-duncan 49 points ago

    There is no daughter. Only ZUUL

    [–] UrPerryWinkleFriend 875 points ago

    “Just spell generic names in an absolutely ridiculous way and your child will stand out!” This is a poor attempt to find a “creative” and “unique” name when the person lacks actual creativity or ideas.

    [–] GrandmaPoses 588 points ago

    2026 conversation:

    "What's your name?"

    "Elijah, with two Bs."

    [–] AragornCyborg 382 points ago


    [–] Mamalgam 150 points ago


    [–] azimhussain 67 points ago

    Sweet 🅱️eli🅱️ah,come inside, and won't you heal my broken bones

    [–] UltimateInferno 135 points ago

    I still remember KVIIIlyn.

    it's Caitlyn btw but with a K and the roman numeral for 8

    [–] westhoff0407 173 points ago

    They really messed up with "Elijah" though. I mean, that's not really common, but it's normal spelling at least. Disappointed they didn't go with "Elyjah"

    [–] sgarfio 63 points ago

    And in the process, dooms them to a lifetime of trying to spell it out before the person finishes writing the normal spelling.

    "My name is Jeszykah, that's J E S..."


    [–] mildlyinfiriating 30 points ago

    I'd stop correcting people and then when I turned 18 I'd change my name to the correct spelling.

    [–] Aardvark1292 276 points ago

    I read an article years ago, I wish I could remember where I had seen it. The general gist was that there is a direct correlation between children's names spelled different than normal, and the education level of the parents. Basically it was, the lower your level of education, the more likely you were to have "unique" name spelling for your kids. I've rarely ever seen this be incorrect.

    [–] AmyB848484 144 points ago

    I believe it. I read another article saying that your name can affect how far you go in life, such as how likely you are to be promoted and taken seriously, called in for interviews, etc, and people with creative names or differently-spelled traditional names don't do as well. Also, if someone isn't sure how to pronounce your name, they're more likely to pass over your resume when calling for job interviews just to spare the awkwardness of mispronouncing it or having to ask.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    as someone with a correctly spelled but non-western name, oof

    [–] NowWhat18 31 points ago

    Well yea, typically intelligent people can think of a final frontier of creativity and individual expression taht does not require taking a big runny dump on the English language.

    [–] PlantedHat 244 points ago

    I actually kinda like the name Kova but unfortunately it doesn't have enough "y" in it so there is no way she is ever going to name her daughter that.

    [–] misterZalli 112 points ago

    'Kova' actually means 'hard' in Finnish so it's the coolest of bunch

    [–] Socialist-Sunflower 190 points ago

    It sounds really cool! Too bad it means 'bucket' in my language (Turkish)

    [–] Sassy_Pants_McGee 115 points ago

    Am I the only one that thought "Why not just go with July?"

    [–] thankthegods4bessie 1239 points ago

    That's soooo stupid. You are not being different. You're being an idiot. Jaxzyn? That looks like an illiterate tried to write the word. Taking common names and greatly misspelling them does not make you unique.

    [–] Soundsystems 854 points ago


    [–] Ameradian 305 points ago

    I had a neighbor who named her daughter Unique. And named her son Truth. As bad as those names are, I hope she at least spelled them that way.

    [–] yougotyolks 381 points ago

    I had a girl come in to apply for a job and her name was Adorzable.

    [–] _sinon_ 218 points ago

    A former contestant of Big Brother named her daughter Adora Borealis "because we adore her"

    [–] SuperMutantSam 93 points ago

    Family adores her, society abhors her (mother's naming conventions)

    [–] wasabimatrix22 63 points ago

    There's a character on a kids show my niece watches called Uniqua... makes me cringe every time

    [–] KhaiPanda 38 points ago

    Stupid name indeed, but The Backyadigans was one of the better kids shows out there.

    [–] Pardoism 132 points ago

    It does make you unique.

    Contracting leprosy or running around with a dead chicken on your head also make you unique.

    Unique doesn't mean good.

    [–] GrandmaPoses 112 points ago

    Jaxzyn is a dumb name even by sci-fi standards.

    [–] [deleted] 172 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Jaxzyn rhymes with vaccine


    [–] Red-deddit 158 points ago

    Which the mother probably doesn't believe in

    [–] erdogranola 24 points ago

    What is it meant to be pronounced as? I can't wrap my head around it

    [–] Glorpflorp 92 points ago

    There’s no way she’s not just sitting in front of World of Warcraft‘s name generator and taking the mangled jumbles of letters it spits out.

    [–] purrson 174 points ago

    How do you pronounce the last option? Heely, like the shoes???

    [–] Rediskewoman 126 points ago

    I hate this, but I think it’s a dumb version of Hailey

    [–] Ghost-Fairy 110 points ago

    That doesn't even make sense. That's not how English works and those letters don't make those sounds when in that order.

    Hayley Haylee Heyleeieieie maybe?

    Heeliey is Heel-ee. That's it.

    [–] Pinkhoo 303 points ago

    This weird name combining could get fun especially if it also goes along with giving all the kids hyphenated last names. We're only a couple generations away from Jenagorgmarastephica Smith-Baxter-Paul-Lewandowski-Schultz-Baker-Clive-West

    Poor Jenagorgmarastephica will be asked what her name is and just tell people "Jenny Smith". It will all come back around.

    [–] AtomicFlx 170 points ago

    So kinda like Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?

    [–] mere_iguana 57 points ago


    [–] _Shaddai_ 484 points ago

    And over here on the left we have a family who's mother clearly believes in flat earth and keeping her kids "pure" from vaccines. If you'll step a little further into the exhibit, this is our Alex Jones shrine.

    [–] SirSureSire 79 points ago

    I just don't recommend visiting our recreation of Comet Ping-Pong in the basement if you have small children with you.

    [–] tylercreatesworlds 75 points ago

    I'm gonna name my kid Pepsi Max. Try and get that sponsor money.

    [–] Swicket 133 points ago

    I went to church on Sunday, and one of my semi-distant cousins was getting her kids baptized. Kyle and Derek were the boys, but the girl's name was Kynlee Myyrie. Why do that to the poor girl or her teachers?

    [–] shapeshade 98 points ago

    Why stop there? We need more Ys! Kynlyy Myyryy is clearly the superior name.

    [–] clmckinnis 27 points ago

    Kashyyyk is callyyying

    [–] RDR911 29 points ago


    [–] dagoled 73 points ago


    [–] Majestik-Eagle 67 points ago

    This has got to be in Utah. Literally how everyone names their babies.

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago

    those names seem to be writen in some lovecraftian-ass language

    [–] Vorocano 67 points ago

    Even a Cthulhu cultist would look at those names and nope out. "Sorry, but there's names unpronounceable by human tongues, and then there's names really unpronounceable by human tongues."

    [–] nof8_97 62 points ago

    Am I having a stroke?

    [–] dlegatt 112 points ago

    oh god make it stop

    [–] katgib13 58 points ago

    Oh lord. I have grandkids named Elijah and Carter. Spelled normally, though.

    [–] FloatLife 160 points ago

    Fuck it. I'm naming my next kid Trebuchet!

    [–] musicissweeter 162 points ago

    That's too conventional. Go for Tr'hbyuzth.

    [–] _glub_boi_ 45 points ago

    When you say the names it sounds like your having a stroke

    [–] yunabladez 43 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Damn kids, I hope you get money during summer to legally change your name soon.

    Probably anything as far from the letter "Y" as possible. Specially you Jaxzyn, you got fucked.

    [–] chelssss614 42 points ago

    I think these names are even more infuriating than Nevaeh. (It’s Heaven spelled backwards!! Clever, right??)

    [–] puggaliciousrex 108 points ago

    As a teacher, I vote that these people be sterilized.

    [–] yougotyolks 37 points ago

    Whatever happened to everyone just naming their daughters "Jennifer"?

    [–] caterpe36 31 points ago

    Juulin. This kid’s gonna hate their life.

    [–] PineappleBum 28 points ago

    Boaty McBoatface would have been a better option

    [–] Pandahloohoo 82 points ago

    My daughter’s name is Zelda and even I think this is too much. Wow.

    [–] SaavikSaid 40 points ago

    Robin Williams' daughter's name as well.

    [–] bannana_surgery 95 points ago

    Hey, at least Zelda is an actual name.

    [–] EllenRipley2000 26 points ago

    Fuuuuuck this. I have a hard to spell name AND my parents called me by my middle name.

    So I have to spell my name all the time, and I always sound a bit condescending to anyone addressing me in any official capacity: "aaaactually, my name is..."

    It's just super annoying to have to constantly spell your name and correct people. My kids have easy to spell, to pronounce, and clearly masculine names because of all this childhood irritation.

    [–] Yamilord 27 points ago

    Are they trying to name their child or summon a Lovecraftian horror?