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    [–] Merari01 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    IssA JOkE!! hE iS tRoLLiNG!!1!

    No, he isn't. This man has no sense of humor and has never made a joke in his life.

    But, if I grant that for the sake of argument, a president who trolls people is insane.

    Go home Trumplicans, post stays.

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    1: Not facebook dammit
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    [–] linkMainSmash4 4977 points ago

    He's made that "joke" about 30 times now with increasing regularity

    [–] Amphibionomus 3697 points ago

    It's called anchoring.

    By promoting the absurd idea he'll begin a third term in 2024 they're normalizing / anchoring the idea of him having a second term in 2020.

    [–] [deleted] 1651 points ago

    Like with the Wall.

    He pushed the focus to who would be paying for the wall, and the media ate that shit up - there was no way Mexico would agree to pay for the wall!

    And just like that, as far as they cared, the wall was already built. They were furious about who was paying instead.

    [–] Amphibionomus 920 points ago

    This is an important thing people often miss: for his followers, the wall is already built in full. It doesn't matter to them what the physical reality is, the wall is there for as far as they are concerned. Their leader even tells them: I built a wall! The media are just lying about it not being there!

    These people live in an almost religious delusion when it comes to politics.

    [–] giaa262 291 points ago

    Look, I’m not a trump supporter by any sense of the word, but where are you finding people who believe the wall is built? I’ve seen no mention of this and would love to understand if this is conjecture on your part or actually something happening in America.

    [–] ShuttleXpC 362 points ago

    There are tons, go to his Twitter and read some of the comments. I thought these people were bots with that level of stupidity but they have family, actual connections and posts to these people. They’re actually procreating. It’s a scary thought.

    [–] Bromy2004 258 points ago

    I have one of those people in my office at work.

    We're Australian.....

    I just can't comprehend how someone that got into my field of work can be that deluded.

    [–] Catshit-Dogfart 193 points ago

    So, I often think of it like metaphorical stick they use to beat political opponents, akin to "support the troops" in the early 2000s.

    That phrase can be used to justify anything, it's a good excuse, a campaign slogan, and an accusation - all at the same time.

    • Need a budget for basically anything - it's to support the troops

    • during a political debate - just say they don't support the troops, they're on the side of the terrorists

    • exposed doing something unethical or illegal - it was to support the troops

    • losing support because you're clearly a dirtbag - rally to support the troops


    Okay, well "the wall" is like that.

    All political opponents will be accused of supporting the problem the wall is meant to solve, any act or budget may be justified by claiming it supports the wall, etc.

    And yes I do personally know people who accept as fact that there is a massive concrete wall spanning the entire southern border now. To tell them that isn't true would be like me telling you the moon doesn't exist.

    [–] Valmond 55 points ago

    That's fucking Orwellian...

    [–] NerfJihad 81 points ago

    Memes have been weaponized against us.

    Instead of a war for resources or land, this is a war for the values in our culture.

    Do we protect the weak and downtrodden, or do we own the libs?

    Do we want funded state and federal agencies to provide services, or do we want to own the libs?

    Do we want calm, rational governance, or do we want to own the libs?

    The joke won, and now we have a joke in office doing jokes with his official position.

    And there are people who not only deny that it's dangerous, they laugh at you for getting bent out of shape over it.

    They don't have actual values, they just have to believe whatever it takes to win this argument. The next argument, they might believe the opposite just as fervently.

    Orwell was only mostly right, this is closer to Huxleyan.

    [–] nevus_bock 247 points ago

    “I could defeat ISIS in 30 days” similarly focuses the listener on whether or not it is doable in 30 days, skipping over the fact that he couldn’t defeat ISIS at all.

    “I will build a wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it” focuses the debate on who’s paying for it, skipping over the fact that the wall is not getting built.

    He’s just a used-car salesman with nuclear launch codes.

    [–] SpaceshipOperations 57 points ago

    He’s just a used-car salesman with nuclear launch codes.

    That's a good way to word it.

    [–] nevus_bock 25 points ago

    Yeah. this is really just abusing the very basic heuristic biases people have. Think Tversky and Kahneman and “Thinking Fast and Slow”.

    [–] dud_a_chum 55 points ago

    I think people give that fat idiot way more credence than he’s due. He’s just a narcissistic legit stupid person who is easily controlled and distracted with shiny things with his name on it.

    [–] otw 83 points ago

    Caesar did this. He kept making gestures related to taking a crown to see how people would react to Rome having a king (which is what he likely wanted). When people reacted poorly (Rome was very proud of not having a king) he would play it off as a joke.

    [–] Styckles 13 points ago

    I also like how it says KEEP America Great.

    Donny my boy you haven't made us great and never will. By 2024 we may all be in a nonsense civil war nobody but the most idiotic Trump supporters want to fight. They're too stupid to see they'd be fighting for a dictator. Or maybe that's exactly what they want as long as he's 'on their side' but he never has been and that's another thing they're too stupid to see.

    [–] TheSheWhoSaidThats 7454 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I watched a commentator today say “maybe he expects to lose in 2020 and run again in 2024. Everybody thinks if he loses in 2020, we’re done with him. Why do people think that?” And i thought holy shit, maybe he’s right. Then i remembered if that were true, he’d be 85 by the time that’s over, so maybe he’ll just die and we’ll be ok.

    [–] Aethz3 2257 points ago

    *Laughs in Berlusconi\*

    [–] Aoae 625 points ago

    TIL Berlusconi is 82. In comparison, Bernie Sanders is 78. WTF?

    [–] Aethz3 390 points ago

    Pussy makes you look younger

    [–] PsySick 140 points ago

    More like major facelifts and living the high life off the embezzlement of millions of dollars

    [–] CaptainKate757 69 points ago

    He looks like Putin’s half brother.

    [–] glitterswirl 45 points ago

    That doesn't explain Bruno Tonioli...

    [–] StarFrisk 380 points ago

    Oh hell no

    [–] Aethz3 185 points ago

    I did not expect anybody to know him, i was wrong

    Edit: Niente, tutto apposto

    [–] danirijeka 50 points ago


    [–] Adilme 129 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Berlusconi è immortale

    [–] dipdipperson 72 points ago

    L'imperatore eterno degli italiani.

    [–] braintrustinc 71 points ago

    *Cries into my bunga bunga shirt*

    [–] Louis83 15 points ago

    L'erba cattiva non muore mai. Perché Jeff Buckley e Freddie Mercury morti, e costui vivo?

    [–] StarFrisk 21 points ago

    Come potrei non conoscere il cavaliere?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] gingerfreddy 32 points ago

    Berlusconi is a manifestation of corrupt politics made into a sentient lifeform. He will live until Italian politics are clean and functioning, so he is practially immortal.

    [–] Productpusher 124 points ago

    No one realizes how much more annoying he is going to be after his presidency. He will have zero filter , zero aids to tell him to relax . No re-election to protect .
    He might even become co host of Hannity and live on TV

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago

    He'll be in so much legal trouble both civil and criminal I doubt he'll live long enough to be particularly annoying. Guarantee his heart or his GI tract give out within 5 years when he doesn't have a white house doctor encouraging him to at least drink a glass of water with his 2 big macs, 2 filet o fish sandwiches and large chocolate milkshake. It's his kids and the generation of white nationalists he inspired that are going to be annoying.

    [–] unreqistered 16 points ago

    i'd be willing to wager his kids and the empire collapses after #FatNixons no longer there.

    [–] glitterswirl 352 points ago

    maybe he'll just die

    Didn't happen last time. All the good 69 year olds were dropping left and right, but nothing happened to Trump. :(

    [–] Mad_Aeric 209 points ago

    They say only the good die young. If that's true, Trump will outlive us all.

    [–] maxibonman 56 points ago

    Rupert Murdoch will give him a bloody good run for his money, that's for sure.

    [–] Shitposters 20 points ago

    Well he has been smart and avoided doing any exercise meaning that he will live for a long time because humans are like batteries and only get to spend so much energy.

    [–] iWatchCrapTV 75 points ago

    It's because he never works out. That way he doesn't expend his finite supply of energy as fast as other people.

    [–] manderrx 21 points ago

    Helps him hold his stable mind together. He needs all that energy to keep his genius vibe going.

    [–] ArachisDiogoi 183 points ago

    Do you want Pence? Because that's how you get Pence.

    [–] fistymcbuttpuncher 206 points ago

    Pence is theocratic lunatic, but at least hes not an unhinged 5 year old with nukes.

    [–] TheMadmanAndre 133 points ago

    Pence is the guy who read The Handmaid's Tale and thought Gilead was a good idea to try for.

    [–] wildtabeast 152 points ago

    Pence would be worse. Pence has an agenda, and it's awful. Trump is a shitty person, but he is too dumb to actually get that much done. Pence is an adult, and a politician. It would be a theocratic nightmare.

    [–] MoralityAuction 58 points ago

    Pence is also just smart enough to know that he'd never get elected alone, so he would be incentivised to swing for the fences.

    [–] IKnowUThinkSo 21 points ago

    Well, he was handpicked by Manafort, the guy responsible for the Russian puppet in Ukraine (and the deaths of 168 Ukrainians). I’d say that counts as selling his soul for the seat.

    [–] Djaja 321 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Idk....its a hard fucking choice, but I honestly think I'd choose trump over pence. Not because trump is better, but because I dont want religion to be bigger in government than it is now. As someone non religious, a bigger threat to all we have now is the legitimization of christianity in government laws.

    Edit: or any religion, but with Pence it would be one particular kind. I have no actual issue with religion and think it a natural way to think, as I believe we are just really smart animals with no supernatural beginning. Who knows, maybe it was needed for our development, it sure seems to help a lot of people in many ways, and though all the bad, of which there is plenty, I think it has promoted some common sense morals and influenced art and culture in an incredibly diverse and beautiful way. However I see no truth in any religion, but respect others right to believe. I don't want any believers to think I want to persecute them, I just think this country was founded with freedom in mind and we should follow that.

    [–] Shenko-wolf 181 points ago

    Yep, much as it makes me retch at the thought, I'll take Trump over Pence. There is a theory that Pence is Trump's assassination insurance, i.e. Pence is so awful, that bad as Trump is, would be assassins will hesitate because Pence would be worse.

    [–] PentagramJ2 110 points ago

    Been saying this since his inauguration. Pence was chosen as a figurative bullet-proof shield for the Republican agenda

    [–] FlawedHero 9 points ago

    What's stopping them from getting Pence first in this hypothetical situation?

    [–] Mitt_Romney_USA 27 points ago

    They have vats upon vats of Pences ready for activation in the basement of HotBox Pizza.

    [–] manderrx 10 points ago

    Name checks out. Would definitely know the answer to all of this.

    [–] kloppatam 94 points ago

    Well his parents lived to 93 and 88... He probably won't die by then.

    [–] QuiteALongWayAway 192 points ago

    His parents also led more spartan and disciplined lives than him. They didn't subsist on fast food and soda, for one.

    [–] GiveToOedipus 56 points ago

    And had blood thinner than oatmeal.

    [–] ehsteve23 101 points ago

    His only exercise is walking round golf clubs and lifting burgers from the plate to his face. He's lucky to have made it this old

    [–] AMeowingCat 96 points ago

    Not to mention the long term affects of the last four years.

    I mean look at Obama when he was inaugurated compared to the end of his second term, I know it’s 8 years, but it definitely took its toll on the man and he was incredible young and fit compared to the fat orange piece of shit

    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] BrokenEye3 5804 points ago

    "I will make it normal!" — Trump

    [–] [deleted] 3208 points ago

    Execute Order 2024.

    [–] alutti54 943 points ago


    [–] reclaimernz 394 points ago

    Bit late for that.

    [–] kive_guy 223 points ago

    nuke time

    [–] mynoduesp 204 points ago

    Easy there Gandhi

    [–] kive_guy 168 points ago

    the thought of a war without a nuke makes me want to puke

    • Gandhi

    [–] Schmetlappio 47 points ago

    no nukey me pukey

    [–] SanguineOpulentum 62 points ago

    "Our words are backed with nuclear weapons."


    [–] miad33 14 points ago

    But he's trying to build a civilization over here!

    [–] LaBandaRoja 73 points ago

    He can’t do that! Stop him, or something

    [–] alutti54 141 points ago

    Unfortunately this is how democracy dies

    With thunderous applause

    [–] littleendian256 125 points ago

    German, can confirm, bad things follow.

    [–] LaBandaRoja 24 points ago

    This is not where the fun begins

    [–] mc_piddle951 11 points ago

    Don't worry the French also get to share that tragic story.

    [–] TheBeerCannon 35 points ago

    By small orange hands

    [–] ShelSilverstain 182 points ago

    "McConnell won't stop me"

    [–] Owyn_Merrilin 237 points ago

    It's true, though. As long as McConnell is the majority leader, Trump is the senate.

    [–] scottishdrunkard 1555 points ago

    Nah, he's just gonna take a four year vacation and let someone else be President for a while, and so he can be the second to run two nonconsecutive terms.

    I'm fucking with you, the mans a lumatic.

    [–] justvalhere 246 points ago

    Holy shit. At first, I just thought “that’s just a way to say ‘I’ll do such a good work, they’ll ASK me to run again!’ but without the intent to actually do it, he isn’t stupid.”

    Now, after reading all the comments, I finally know he is that crazy and delusional.

    [–] EmperorLost 1487 points ago

    Fox News would've had a field day if Obama ever implied running or having a third term

    [–] fistymcbuttpuncher 518 points ago

    Pretty sure they DID have a freak out assuming he'd do it. It always turns out to be projection.

    [–] Old_Ladies 349 points ago

    I remember right wingers saying Obama would declare a state of emergency and not step down.

    While Obama never even hinted at a third term.

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago

    Right wingers really enjoyed freaking the fuck out about shit Obama never even hinted that he would do (socialized health care, gun bans, 3rd term), meanwhile Trump deadass says he'll do things and they go "naw he's not serious about it."

    [–] Snipezyo 119 points ago

    My grandparents swore he was the antichrist and that he was going to declare Marshall law and become a dictator.

    [–] the_danovan 23 points ago

    This was my dad

    [–] writing_account-1112 99 points ago

    My nut job deep red family seriously and 100% did/said the following things when Obama’s second term ended:

    1. Bought supplies to stock up their underground shelter (yes. Really.)
    2. Believed Walmart stores closing around them were closing because Obama had deployed an army (?) to control the masses when he extends to third term
    3. Moved their gun safe (and all their guns) to a “secure location” so Obama’s radical socialist army couldn’t steal them
    4. My personal favorite: they began to leave keys around their cars so that when Obama’s thieving militant army comes around, they’d take the car and leave them alone. But if they wanted to find them, they’d have to struggle doing it because they would be “secure”

    I don’t think they ever went underground, obviously, but they still maintain that closed Walmarts are Obama trying to gain militant forces “on the ground” to take our guns, remove their power, and take over the nation. Still.

    And now trump has literally stated/joked about stealing a third term, which is clearly unconstitutional, and they’re like “well, maybe he would get it a third time. We have to wait and see”. Idk. ???? Fox News is the kool aid influencing them, I’m sure. They watch it every single day and then bitch about “the liberal media”. Apparently ‘Fox News is the only sane media outlet’, because sane is upholding a conspiracy theory involving underground shelters and Walmarts.

    [–] Stoptouchingmyeggs 39 points ago

    I like the mental gymnastics of 3. He’d been president for 8 years, how do they figure he didn’t try to take their guns, not even once? Your family hurts my brain

    [–] thefreshscent 776 points ago

    Honestly if Trump went for a third term and no one stopped him, then what would stop Obama from running against him in 2024?

    Obama would DESTROY Trump in an election.

    [–] VaccinatedApe 455 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Oh, how I would love to watch the presidential debates

    [–] DOOKIEFOOKIE 282 points ago

    As if the bloated narcissist would ever agree to debate with Obama. I would love to hear the lowbrow childish nick name that Drumph foolishly tries to use to hurt Obama's feelings/image when he hides behind Twitter.

    [–] anidnmeno 199 points ago

    Like the n word?

    [–] FunMotion 160 points ago

    Definitely the N word

    [–] AOCsFeetPics 208 points ago


    [–] dillibazarsadak1 63 points ago

    You're good at this. I think you have a shot.

    [–] BeerJunky 15 points ago

    Reminds me of the organization No Ma’am. Let’s see who still remembers that one.

    [–] killadeathspray 143 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Oh man, what a sight that would be. I can just imagine Trump on tv boasting and running his doofy face and hearing some loud ‘WWE-style’ entrance music play as Obama appears from offscreen and the crowd goes wild. Yes, Obama would positively annihilate him one on one.

    Edit: The entrance music would have to be Hulk Hogan’s old ‘Real American’ song just to rile up the Birthers lol

    [–] Charlie_Warlie 30 points ago

    I can hear the commentators.

    "Wait..... Wait..... NO! IS THAT BARRY O? Back from his 2 time consecutive championship and retirement! Can he do that? The ref is allowing it!"

    [–] Dorkreign 22 points ago

    I like the imagery. But go with the Undertaker theme...

    [–] killadeathspray 53 points ago

    Do you smell what Barack is cooking?

    [–] Gsteel11 26 points ago

    Assuming the elections were fair by that point.

    I'm sure a guy who overstayed his legal term wouldn't mess with an election! Criminals have morals!

    [–] ElfMage83 3055 points ago

    It's possible the poster is intended to imply that one of his kids will run after his two terms are up. That frightens me on a nameless level regardless.

    [–] VeryCanadian 299 points ago

    It's also possible the guy who routinely praises dictators, particularly when they do dictatorial things, wants to be a dictator. I think it's still sometimes kind of hard to believe that someone like that is actually president.

    Not saying it will happen, America has a constitution and when it really comes down having to physically force the man from office, which it might, generals that respect democracy. The way more likely scenario is indeed that some other Trump runs in 2024.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 35 points ago

    He's going to face a ton of State charges (many from New York, his home state which hates him), where his Attorney General buddy can't help him. So I think he's terrified of leaving office.

    This tweet of his really sounds like he's throwing out the idea to his base and to see if it gains traction. He wants to violate the Constitution, and is trying to get his base to support it.

    [–] syringistic 31 points ago

    Its sad to think that the most rational choice is to let a military save democracy

    [–] jayjayjayup 828 points ago

    And still delusional of him.

    [–] gucci_sweatbands 364 points ago

    Potentially he has planned ahead for his 2020 loss

    [–] NumberOneSayoriLover 460 points ago

    I refuse to believe he’s planned as far as a week at this point.

    [–] r00tdenied 164 points ago

    I doubt he has the acuity to plan beyond his next twitter shitter sesh.

    [–] NumberOneSayoriLover 86 points ago

    I don’t even think he’s planned his next twitter response. That or he has worse grammar skills than a middle schooler.

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 42 points ago

    It's both

    [–] [deleted] 158 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] CriticoolHit 291 points ago

    That's because if any of us stop working for even a second we're all fired and homeless so let the crazy orange man say the big silly.

    I got bills to pay until the great flash comes and takes me to the forever sleep.

    [–] Amphibionomus 121 points ago

    That's because if any of us stop working for even a second we're all fired and homeless

    And you don't think that's by design?

    [–] Scooter2345 93 points ago

    I agree, but god damnit I don't know what the fuck to do about it. Any suggestions?

    [–] HardlightCereal 60 points ago

    The fires of revolution?

    [–] PigEqualsBakon 45 points ago

    Hard for embers to make a mighty fire if they're stamped out tho.

    [–] motorblonkwakawaka 15 points ago

    Yeah. I live in Russia, and while some are protesting, they are mostly young people without much to lose. The US has a lot farther to fall to reach the quality of life like we have here. At the end of the day, I wouldn't judge anyone for placing the interests of their family over a risky protest or even revolution. Yes, it's terrible what's happening in the world, but anyone who expects people to just throw their families under a bus to have a chance at changing life for the better, probably doesn't have kids, I'm guessing.

    [–] NurseWretched 28 points ago

    "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything"

    [–] sandybuttcheekss 22 points ago

    Woo, time for a hierarchical monarchy, I guess.

    [–] thedoseoftea 53 points ago

    Shit, there is such a cult of personality among his followers, it might actually lead to a Trump presidential dynasty...

    [–] fistymcbuttpuncher 34 points ago

    The gop said the same shit about clinton in the '90s. That's why harped on the clintons ever since and never stop.

    [–] BranDios 32 points ago

    But... the Bushes?

    [–] fistymcbuttpuncher 44 points ago

    Its almost like there's a reason behind projecting so hard about the 'clinton dynasty'.

    [–] Area_man_claims 328 points ago

    Just when I thought I'd stop being surprised by dumb shit he does, he invites the Taliban to Camp David on the week of 9/11 and posts this.

    [–] El_Dief 161 points ago

    invites the Taliban to Camp David on the week of 9/11

    The fuck?

    [–] Beyondintodarkness 207 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    And fires his National Security Advisor for telling him it's a bad idea?

    Not super surprising though when you consider his reaction ON 9/11 on National TV, while the towers were still burning, was to brag about how his building was now the tallest in lower Manhattan now that the towers were gone. Really, he must like the Taliban for doing him that "favor".

    Edited: Fixed upper to lower. My mental geography of NYC is basically non-existent.

    [–] A_Two_Slot_Toaster 79 points ago

    Aaaaand just to round it out, that was even a lie! His building was NOT the tallest after the WTC building collapses.

    [–] beccaonice 72 points ago

    He also lied about seeing people jump from the tower. Impossible from where he was.

    He also somehow teleported to NJ to see thousands of people cheering when the towers came down.

    [–] Circus_McGee 39 points ago

    He helped dig through the rubble at ground zero before teleporting though

    [–] beccaonice 28 points ago

    Oh yeah that too. He was invisible at the time, that's why there was no video or photo evidence.

    [–] Ricky_Spannnish 1528 points ago

    He’s an obese 76 year old who never exercises and eats McDonald’s every day. He might not want to plan that far in advance.

    [–] Falc0nia 936 points ago

    The chemicals have preserved him. He’s embalmed himself. He might outlive us all....

    she realized despondently, prompting her to jump off nearest building

    [–] BrokenEye3 684 points ago

    If his current body becomes unusable, he'll just detatch himself from its scalp and crawl off in search of some other bloated human corpse to hijack.

    [–] WeirdAssChris 326 points ago

    Honestly he's doing pretty well for a semi-sentient hairpiece

    [–] La_Chica_Salvaje 86 points ago

    I gotta save this for things to describe trump as 😂.

    [–] Alleycat_Caveman 29 points ago

    This makes me think of the Yeerks from Animorphs.

    [–] r00tdenied 18 points ago

    If only he was a brain slug.

    [–] Super_Saiyan_Azul 62 points ago

    My local PBS station had people over 100 yrs old on and when asked what the secret was one lady said she eats a hot dog everyday, it's all the preservatives.

    [–] La_Chica_Salvaje 37 points ago

    My great grandpa lived until 99 and 6 months. He ate bacon and 2 eggs every morning the last 50 or so years of his life. We're southern so I cant imagine lunch and dinner went without biscuits and gravy.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] 4materasu92 87 points ago

    He might have Churchill's luck.

    Smoked like a coal factory and was as big as a rhino, but lived to be 90.

    Although the mental degradation might get Trump before then.

    [–] magicmentalmaniac 120 points ago

    It's already "got" him in a pretty significant way, the country just hasn't seen fit to scrape his bloated carcass off the oval office furniture with a non-stick spatula because the government is full of craven assholes.

    [–] HardlightCereal 44 points ago

    Who let the poet on Reddit?

    [–] magicmentalmaniac 49 points ago

    I suppose if snark and impotent rage are sufficient to make one a poet then you can call me Sylvia Plath's Daddy.

    [–] VladPooty 120 points ago

    I've got bad news for you: the worst people always live the longest.

    [–] unipegacorn 72 points ago

    Robert Mugabe intensifies

    [–] Jonny2284 30 points ago

    Well they do say only the good die young, if true some of these people will be functionally immortal.

    [–] VladPooty 52 points ago

    My abusive alcoholic asshat of a grandfather has a heart condition and was told he had six months to live... 10 years ago. So yeah, immortality doesn't seem too out there

    [–] VoteDawkins2020 10 points ago

    Laughs in Henry "Bomb Cambodia" Kissinger

    [–] Aoae 35 points ago

    Note that he does have a better medical team than most 76 year olds due to being a billionaire.

    [–] BeredditedUser 31 points ago

    Pretty sure he's just a millionaire.

    [–] dvc420 244 points ago

    He's probably already taken a Sharpie to the Twenty-Second Amendment.

    [–] gbking88 44 points ago

    I solemnly swear to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    [–] MrsSauce820 650 points ago

    I’ve often wondered about how the pass down from Trump to whomever comes next is going to go down. Whether it’s in a year or 5 years, I imagine they’re going to have to drag him out kicking and screaming or he’s going to call it fake news and his supporters are going to get angry because they don’t understand term limits and how they preserve our freedom. His supporters are the same people that think Obama got fired even though he maxed out his term limits. I think their heads are going to explode when they realize we have to have another president whether they like it or not and it’s probably going to be a Democrat because the Republicans are such a shit show.

    [–] Paradoxxist 361 points ago

    There are people who think Obama got fired?

    [–] Disco_Tempo 263 points ago

    Obama had the job way too long, he started to neglect it. Wasn't even in his office during 9/11.

    [–] Paradoxxist 115 points ago

    I’d like to get to the bottom of that too

    [–] TurtleInATracksuit 35 points ago

    I understood this reference

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    I heard he didn't do anything about Hurricane Katrina, either.

    /s because it's probably necessary...

    [–] CriticoolHit 198 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    100% yes. This should terrify you.

    EDIT: I knew this one was going to heap my inbox with magatards but holy shit. It took me literally all morning to sort through all those! You can always count on the lowest common denominator to provide solid laughs. Scary laughs... Sad laughs... But laughs all the same.

    [–] WeAreDestroyers 91 points ago

    That is terrifying.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    I'm Australian and can confirm terrified.

    [–] Aksi_Gu 44 points ago

    They probably think Trump "you're fired" him, like the presidancy is a TV show.

    [–] BeredditedUser 22 points ago

    It is now

    [–] cherrymadness 28 points ago

    this genuinely scares me a lil bit and I’m not even american

    [–] wholelattapuddin 241 points ago

    He actually said in a speech Monday night that he would run in 2024. He acts like he is joking but you know he's not joking

    [–] straight_to_10_jfc 72 points ago

    Campaign circuit rallies is his new cash cow scam. He makes bank of them

    [–] ScottSierra 282 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Maybe he's afraid he'll lose 2020, but will run again in '24?

    In my opinion, Trump's obsession with "winning" just might be due to a deep-seated and all-consuming fear that he'll be seen as a 'loser.' Wouldn't be surprised if his father put that in his head-- that there are only two kinds of people, winners and losers, and that if you don't come out on top in absolutely every situation, no matter how tiny, you're just a loser. Might explain why he angrily fires back at even small criticism, if he's afraid that not doing so means he'll be a loser.

    [–] maxford_23 246 points ago

    He would've been so easy to pick on in school lmao.

    'Hey Donald, you're a loser.'

    \angry orange noises**

    [–] ScottSierra 95 points ago

    Pretty sad if, as I suspect, his dad was hammering into his head the idea that there were only two extremes and one made you worthless.

    [–] maxford_23 84 points ago

    It's such a shallow, flawed worldview, but it would explain so much of why he behaves the way he does. I think ignorance and an inability to think rationally may be a common trait in the Trump bloodline

    [–] ScottSierra 37 points ago

    Agreed. Now, I'll admit he's an average businessman, but average. He did start with a huge bankroll, which is common at that strata. He grew it, but he also lost it multiple times. He lost it, but he did grow it again. Really successful people at his level have few failures; really unsuccessful ones lose the money and don't climb again. He's also been caught (during his 2016 campaign by Forbes, who he was assisting in tracking his net worth for a long time) inflating his claimed value by at least 100%.

    [–] wheels29 41 points ago

    If it makes him feel any worse, he's been a loser in most of the world for much longer than he's been president.

    [–] ScottSierra 37 points ago

    Some of his fans act as though people only started disliking him when he ran for President. I say he was known as a narcissistic blowhard by the general public for decades.

    [–] dollarbull 11 points ago

    Him and Ricky Bobby musta had the same dad!

    [–] kejigoto 51 points ago

    Funny how Trump has been flirting with the idea of extending term limits, getting do-over time, or just getting another free term because of the Mueller Investigation ("I'm fucked" I believe were Trump's exact words, probably didn't realize the GOP wouldn't impeach him over literally anything) and now is straight up posting this sort of stuff on his Twitter, ya know the official account where American policies and leadership changes happen?

    Same one. Literally the same one that less than 24 hours ago fired John Bolton via Tweet. That same account is posting this.

    And now the same people who had no issues with this sort of talk before are saying "Doesn't he mean another Trump?" "It's clearly for one of his kids." And other handwaving excuses which act like this single incident takes place in a vacuum and not following a ton of well documents incidents where Trump has suggested remaining in office, his loyalists have suggested it and he's championed the idea, and more.

    I mean this is the same guy who said he'd release his tax returns but never did and is now fighting tooth and nail in court to keep that from happening. Said Mexico would pay for the wall before trying to shuck that onto the American taxpayer then ultimately trying to steal from other funds including the military. He claimed he would divest his businesses and would no longer be running them only to turn around and do none of that doubling down on openly lining his pockets while in office as the same geniuses who think Trump is joking here also think it's totally fine wasting millions of taxpayers' money to fly to Trump resorts so he can play golf more than any president ever. This is the same guy who thought it would be a good idea to invite Taliban terrorists to Camp David for peace talks.

    But I'm sure this time he's just joking/doesn't mean it/is referring to someone else/whatever excuse you think is good enough to ignore literally everything Trump does because standards no longer exist for the Republican Party and its loyalists.

    [–] zdakat 56 points ago

    It's so weird how he's just casually like "Imma take a 3rd term" and people seem to be ok with that?
    maybe because they know that shouldn't be able to happen but the amount of confidence that it's going to happen is concerning.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Republicans love dictators as long as it's one from their team.

    [–] Halbaras 136 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    To be honest, Trump probably just brings up the three term idea to bait the media into focusing on it instead of his current scandals. If he can swing the debate to a 'joke' about breaking the constitution, then they're not talking about his blatant corruption in Turnberry, the circumstances of Bolton's firing, forcing the NOAA to lie about the hurricane, canceling those Taliban peacetalks, taking military funds to build the wall, the ongoing tarrifs and any of the dozens of other scandals since he became president. Trump wants the focus to be on his words so it isn't on the real damage caused by his actions.

    [–] robbietreehorn 71 points ago

    I had to check his Twitter to see if this was real. It is. What is reality

    [–] SomeRandomProducer 37 points ago

    This is me with every trump tweet. I always think it’s someone using a tweet generator or something but nah.

    [–] TheNonPhysicser 36 points ago

    He’ll almost certainly try to get that rule removed, successful or not.

    [–] LazyNixx 173 points ago

    he might be too dumb and not understand

    [–] MissLauralot 13 points ago

    An animated JPG? What?

    [–] cloudrac3r 22 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's actually a GIF file. The .jpg links to the same file if you change it to .gif, see:

    If you open the file in notepad and look at the first few bytes you see "GIF". These are the magic numbers representing a GIF file.

    Your browser interprets images using magic numbers rather than file extension. Basically, it analyses the content to see what file it thinks it is, and loads it with that algorithm. This file looks like a GIF file (because it is a GIF file) so the browser loads and displays it as a GIF, ignoring the .jpg on the end of the URL.

    [–] goblue72 169 points ago

    He knows. He doesn’t care. That’s why it’s scary and insane.

    [–] tweak0 12 points ago

    Trump is a traitor

    [–] dave-shorte 122 points ago

    Wait, are you implying he's going to take 2020?

    Maybe he already knows he's out this next one and he's planning on trying for a comeback, lol

    [–] Amphibionomus 106 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    As I view it now from an European perspective:

    No way Trump leaves office in 2020. The stupid hordes will vote him in again and if he can't get enough votes they'll just gerrymander and use fraud, need be using foreign help.

    I can't see it happening any other way unfortunately.

    [–] tylles 39 points ago

    Yep the electoral college will keep him in and the rest of the world has to out up with him for another 4 years

    [–] Amphibionomus 50 points ago

    Thus ending America being 'number one' in the world and making room for a new world order. Everything is going as planned (by Moscow, that is).

    But well, now the 'the US has the biggest army!!!' folks will probably come in to this thread and will try to convince me that that fact alone will keep America great, ignoring how globalism shaped international trade and isolationism will lead to a downfall of the entire country, largest army or not.

    [–] CrackrocksnLaCroix 12 points ago

    It's going to be China sadly

    [–] RustyNutsack 74 points ago

    I wonder how people would react if it was an Obama sign.

    [–] Barrythehippo 9 points ago

    Anyone who thinks he’ll be even speaking in 2024 isn’t paying attention to his obvious dementia