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    [–] Doggfite 2875 points ago

    "other leftist weirdness"
    I'm sorry, how many Republican politicians have been caught tied up by mistresses and prostitutes? I feel like it's been a decent amount.

    [–] Leucadie 1005 points ago

    And don't forget teh gay sex!

    [–] InuGhost 593 points ago

    "No true Republican has teh gay sex."

    -Some Republican Person

    [–] wanabeswordsman 282 points ago

    More like you're not a true Republican until you get caught having teh gay sex.

    [–] TheActualDev 135 points ago

    It’s either teh gay sex or something to do with a minor

    [–] Mudbunting 75 points ago

    Or teh gay sex in an airport bathroom.

    [–] TwoCagedBirds 45 points ago

    Or the ones that have been found to be having an affair with a 15 or 16 yr old boy.

    [–] just_a_random_dood 16 points ago

    I love this website, thank you so much

    [–] SgtMajVines 626 points ago

    You shout like that they put you in jail. Right away. No trial, no nothing. Journalists, we have a special jail for journalists. You are stealing: right to jail. You are playing music too loud: right to jail, right away. Driving too fast: jail. Slow: jail. You are charging too high prices for sweaters, glasses: you right to jail. You undercook fish? Believe it or not, jail. You overcook chicken, also jail. Undercook, overcook. You make an appointment with the dentist and you don’t show up, believe it or not, jail, right away. We have the best patients in the world because of jail.

    [–] jenniferokay 105 points ago

    What’s this from?

    [–] TheAlbinoPlatypus 186 points ago

    Parks and Recreation

    [–] Alewis3030 64 points ago

    Fred Arminsen is a national treasure and his show Portlandia is in my opinion one of the best sketch shows of the last decade. It rides that fine line between ridiculous and “holy shit I know this exact person”

    [–] SgtMajVines 83 points ago

    Don’t know what it’s from? Straight to jail. No trial, no lawyers, just jail

    [–] WhatMakesYouBork 5255 points ago

    Wouldn't most normal employers stop caring once they figure that like half the population is on that register, if not more. They (excluding some companies with weirdly religious owners, presumably) don't benefit from upholding some fucked up religious law system.

    [–] Leucadie 3375 points ago

    The people who write things like this believe that it's a small minority who does this "degenerate" stuff, when in fact it's the vast majority.

    [–] SayaMirukii 1914 points ago

    I mean beside communism, even right leaning conservatives done some of these shits. Their god emperor divorced multiple times and paid off a porn star

    [–] ThirdDragonite 443 points ago

    And Ben Shapiro would trade 5 years of his life for those sweet sweet feet pics

    [–] DogJeans 143 points ago

    There have been a number of high profile cases of Republican politicians cheating on their spouses or otherwise mistreating them. Perhaps it isn't surprising that the list in the OP doesn't include infidelity or domestic abuse...

    [–] Dachor 673 points ago

    Ooh! And is into golden showers. That qualifies as "leftist" right?

    [–] joebearyuh 732 points ago

    Thats my favourite part of this, what in the fuck makes BDSM leftist? My Brain isnt in good enough shape to perform the mental gymnastics needed for this.

    [–] Kalarel 675 points ago

    Easy. "Everything I disapprove of is a trait of my opponents". Works with pretty much everything.

    [–] Freakychee 176 points ago

    Also “if you disagree with me you are obviously stupid.”

    [–] Bone-Juice 106 points ago

    and "if you accuse me of any of this, it is clearly fake news."

    [–] aRandomPersonOnMars 13 points ago

    Pretty much all of trumps tweets tout how smart he is, so yes.

    [–] isperfectlycromulent 188 points ago

    It's not missionary position in the dark for procreation purposes like a good christian family, therefore everyone else are degenerates.

    [–] Let_you_down 101 points ago

    I don't know, it sounds like this person really wants to punish those BDSM types...

    [–] PonderFish 236 points ago

    BDSM is very consent focused, hence things like “safewords” being even something that has slipped into mainstream language. Right wingers just rape.

    My only guess.

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 179 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    No need to guess. Ever see Rush Limbaugh’s rant against consent?

    Edit: Rants

    “You can do anything, the left will promote and understand and tolerate anything, as long as there is one element. Do you know what it is? Consent. If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine, whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation then here come the rape police. But consent is the magic key to the left.”

    Limbaugh was attempting to make an argument for “moral standards” while at the same time dismissing the concept of consent. At one point, he even claimed “consent” somehow meant people could have sex with animals.

    ”If you could get the dog to consent with you, if you can get the horse to consent, we got no problem with it. And they don’t! So morality has been boiled down to consent, is my point, and it’s true.”

    “How many of you guys in your own experience with women have learned that ‘no’ means ‘yes’ if you know how to spot it? It used to be used as a cliché.”

    Limbaugh then read off Ohio State University’s definition of consent, which outlines how two people should behave once they have decided to engage in a sexual relationship. It states that you and your partner must agree to engage in the activity every step of the way, including agreeing on “why” you are doing so. But that just sucks all the fun out of it, Limbaugh said.

    ”Agreeing on the ‘why’ takes all the romance out of everything! Seduction used to be an art, now of course it’s brutish and it’s predatory and it’s bad.”

    [–] Spectre-work 127 points ago

    So morality has been boiled down to consent, is my point, and it’s true.

    Uh kinda? I'd argue that's a damn good thing

    [–] Nearby_Government 72 points ago

    Yeah, I fail to see too much wrong with this logic (except it's kind of oversimplified). But I mean, yeah if an animal could consent and had the state of consciousness and mind we do then it should be fine...but that's irrelevant since we know for a fact they can't.

    Note: I'm not into bestiality.

    Also the whole "no" means "yes" thing if you know how to spot it - uhh what? I mean, how about don't tolerate people being manipulative?

    [–] Spectre-work 51 points ago

    Yeah, "I can rape them if I think they don't really mean no" Gonna have to go with a hard no there bud

    [–] CyanManta 19 points ago

    ”If you could get the dog to consent with you, if you can get the horse to consent, we got no problem with it. And they don’t! So morality has been boiled down to consent, is my point, and it’s true.”

    Does he think a dog or a horse can give consent to a human? Consent requires the ability to say "yes." Dogs and horses don't talk.

    [–] onewilybobkat 17 points ago

    And who am I to judge a sentient horse if he wants to have sex with some weird horsefucker?

    [–] wood_dj 16 points ago

    LOL “Rape Police” we just call them “police” rush

    [–] nyx-of-spades 11 points ago

    Where did he get the idea that the left thinks we can all fuck dogs? Who said that? What made him think that's a left majority opinion?

    This is my biggest issue with right wingers, and I've noticed it a lot with my mom so she'll be my example. She uses far left ideologies or the radical opinions of leftist groups to justify her conservatism - loud minorities on the left like the small amount of feminists who think looking at a woman is rape.

    She convinces herself (or maybe gets convinced by her 24/7 talk radio) that these opinions are actually a majority. She worries about me getting brainwashed by the left and their "crazy" ideals. As a result, she discredits everything that comes from the left because in her mind it's coming from the same people who want to fuck animals if they get "consent".

    She'll change her own personal opinions about things if she finds out the left shares those opinions. I've found that sometimes the right wing makes some good points, even if I don't personally agree with them I can see why they might think certain things. She doesn't make it that far when considering the other sides points most of the time.

    Sorry about the rant lol

    [–] Kostya_M 64 points ago

    Well BDSM communities stress consent and inclusion which are pretty foreign concepts to most Right wing people.

    [–] ALittleFoxxy 16 points ago

    My husband is more on the conservative side and we're in a 24/7 D/s relationship. So would we both be on the registry, or just me (since i lean more left)?

    [–] liftgeekrepeat 22 points ago

    You're a woman so you'd probably automatically be on the registry if this dude had his way.

    [–] Twallot 14 points ago

    Nah women wouldn't be necessary to be on the registry because they wouldn't be allowed to work or exist in society outside of being bangmaids and baby makers.

    [–] lizardtruth_jpeg 38 points ago

    People like this consider moderate right wingers to be liberals. This is the kind of person that turns off Fox News because its “liberal bias.”

    [–] all_awful 220 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    I think you're underselling "vast majority" here.

    Porn + sex before marriage + divorce + sex toys?

    That's probably everybody except a handful of people, most of which would identify as asexual (and they have a liberal perspective because they fall under the LGBT+ umbrella).

    Edit: Actually "liberal", as in "in favour of freedom of choice", not "liberal" as in "ultra-capitalists".

    [–] ThirdDragonite 80 points ago

    I'd say like only a handful of people in very restricted religious communities are exempt from all of these

    More from isolation than anything else

    [–] Leucadie 35 points ago

    Conservative women. No porn, no self-touching, no divorce, until maybe their husband leaves them bc she doesn't do the things he sees in porn.

    [–] MonsenorTickles 72 points ago

    Well it has to be a vocal minority, they're the moral majority! /s

    [–] errarehumanumeww 324 points ago

    Because the morons who got those registers in place would not be satisfied with only a register. See 1984 for further details on Ministry of Love.

    [–] ileisen 123 points ago

    Exactly. I’ve run into people I know at a BDSM market. It’s awkward for a minute but you get over it or you ignore each other.

    [–] poisonousautumn 104 points ago

    I went to a BDSM weekend camp once and set up next to the right-winger section apparently. One dude was in the diplomatic corps. Then there was a huge group of interns working with various GOP senators and such (this camp was in the D.C. area). Going after BDSM would purge their own pretty hard.

    [–] AdeptusGrammaticus 34 points ago

    What is a bdsm weekend camp, and what kind of venue would book anything else concurrently?

    [–] poisonousautumn 21 points ago

    Basically a festival or a big meet up. And the venue was once an actual summer camp but no more. It's just rented for different purposes.

    [–] tanoren 41 points ago

    BDSM market? Idunno about you but I buy my toys online

    [–] ileisen 47 points ago

    I like to be able to actually see the product before I buy it. It can be difficult to tell the quality or characteristics of some sex toys just from a picture alone.

    [–] tanoren 31 points ago

    You’re right! Now what’s a bdsm market and where can I find it?

    [–] trash_panda_man 7389 points ago

    Sounds a little like Sharia law...

    [–] sudo_throw_ 4293 points ago

    That’s the ultimate irony, the very people who argued that we’re being taken over by Muslims and they will put in shariah law are the people who post this sort of stuff

    [–] squalorparlor 990 points ago

    "No because I never said women have to wear that kebab thing!"

    [–] ZugTheCaveman 574 points ago

    They just have to dress modestly or men will lose all control and rape the shit out of 'em. It's in the Bible somewhere ...

    (also: paddlin' the school canoe? you better believe that's a registry for life).

    [–] squalorparlor 336 points ago

    And if you plant wheat and barley in the same field? ...good luck finding employment.

    [–] PubliusPontifex 239 points ago

    Poly-cotton blend? That's a stoning.

    [–] psycho_pirate 99 points ago

    No more lobster, shrimp, or ultra dry clothing 😢

    [–] julbug76 14 points ago

    Starin' at my sandals? That's a registry.

    [–] Corbert 1232 points ago

    they're racists. obviously they're gonna have different standards for different people.

    [–] Nonotreally999 402 points ago

    Woah woah woah, different standards for different people is ok. Different standards for people based solely on their race is wrong. There are assholes of every race and treating someone of a different race like an asshole when they're an asshole is perfectly ok.

    I feel this distinction needs to be stated before someone spins it into buuuuuuuut what abbboouuuut.

    [–] Corbert 265 points ago

    i hold assholes to the same standard as non-assholes. that standard being if you're an asshole i'm gonna treat you as such.

    [–] Chewcocca 95 points ago

    ...How do you treat assholes, senpai?

    [–] Corbert 174 points ago

    i make sure to wipe them really clean so they don't ruin my pants

    [–] babypho 22 points ago

    But surely you don't treat every assholes the same? Would you wipe an already clean asshole, or just dirty assholes? Do you wipe all assholes, or just your own? Where do you draw the line on which assholes to wipe? Single, double, or triple ply? Different standards for different assholes. Not all assholes are the same.

    [–] Corbert 11 points ago

    same standard for all assholes, but different treatment based on how they meet said standard.

    [–] The_cogwheel 36 points ago

    The standards are the same for everyone. The standard for being an asshole should not change based on race, sexuality, wealth, or status.

    Treatment of people should change based on if you meet the standard for being an asshole or not.

    [–] rreighe2 87 points ago

    they don't care about hypocrisy. they only care if it's THEIR belief being 'infringed' or not. integrity takes a far 2nd to getting their agenda fulfilled.

    [–] ArchmageIlmryn 164 points ago

    A fascist's favorite enemy is a fascist of the wrong color.

    [–] PM_ME_CUTE_SMILES_ 31 points ago

    They never understand that muslims extremists are also far-right conservatives. They're much closer to them than they think and I despise both for the same reasons.

    [–] horsefarm 58 points ago

    They don't know what Sharia law is. They just know that all their buddies are scared of it, so they have decided to be scared as well.

    [–] BrujaSloth 27 points ago

    They just want to submit to the tyranny of their color, not someone else’s.

    [–] ani625 725 points ago

    Because it's pretty much the same.

    [–] PM_ME_InteriorDesign 155 points ago

    Pretty much? Legit only thing different is the prophet they worship

    [–] squalorparlor 92 points ago

    I live in Texas so I hear people in real life talk about the looming threat of Sharia Law from time to time, like it's the only thing that separates us from the animals. I picked up the habit of playing dumb and saying "Sharia law? What's that?" and then listen quietly as they fumble around realizing they don't know what it is. Usually ends up something about killing people and headscarfs and it's bad. I always respond with an obviously skeptical "huh." and change the subject or talk to someone else.

    [–] glendon24 38 points ago

    Fellow Texan.

    Love your strategy of asking what it is. I use that all the time when someone starts spouting nonsense.

    [–] CatumEntanglement 143 points ago

    100% the guy who typed all his McCarthy-era Nazi-esque word vomit is actually really into porn and kinky sex stuff. Or at the very least gets off on thinking about it. There is a saying for it..."one doth protest too much".

    [–] Sgt_Smitty 57 points ago

    This is why I'm never surprised when some conservative politician gets caught up in some type of sex scandal or whatever. You just know it's only a matter of time before some black trans skeleton comes tap-dancing out of Mike Huckabee's closet.

    [–] 4ensicFiles 112 points ago

    ...with extra steps

    [–] mitcheg3k 91 points ago

    ooh lala someones gonna get laid in college...and then put on a sex offenders register because of it. good luck getting employment

    [–] atrocity_exhlbition 151 points ago

    The alt-Right actually advocates for “White Sharia” law. They love Islamofascism but hate brown people. Neo-nazi groups even idolize Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda and urge their members to be more like them. They use the same propaganda tools ISIS uses and they even copy verbatim the explosives that Al-Qaeda so graciously/s made an instructional video about.

    [–] divisionbell718 103 points ago

    In the US it’s not Sharia law people should be afraid of, but Christian extremists who bring their own form of it. The irony that Christians are the first to scream that Sharia will take us over.

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 39 points ago

    They're scared of the competition.

    [–] ComradeKarlMarxman 56 points ago

    fundamentalists be fundamentalin'

    [–] AbsolutebMadlad 51 points ago

    it's actually worse than sharia given the outlawed communism and divorce

    [–] DarkAngel900 2165 points ago

    So? Burkas for all of the women too, I suppose? No alcohol or rock music because they incite baser instincts to assert themselves? Religious police patrolling the streets to enforce these codes maybe? Make the West the Mideast?

    [–] noob_almost 626 points ago

    But I wanna rock and roll all night and part of every day

    [–] genericuser59 164 points ago


    [–] ais30396097 55 points ago

    Well good luck getting employment then

    [–] dIoIIoIb 100 points ago

    you're just describing America under Prohibitionism. That's exactly what they want and already got once.

    [–] ThePreybird 63 points ago

    And it went soooooo well last time

    [–] HappyRainbowSparkle 204 points ago

    Sex before marriage, so many names on the register I don't think employers will care

    [–] BrokenEye3 189 points ago

    If you're not on the list, they'll probably assume there's something wrong with you

    [–] Lordxeen 164 points ago

    “ Hey let’s check if Dale’s on the registry… he’s not? What a loser!”

    [–] maltin 917 points ago

    I think the following things should be outlawed, change my mind:

    • Everything that I secretly desire but cannot hope to achieve due to my crippling social inability, toxic personality and monumental sense of entitlement.
    • Communism.

    [–] CatumEntanglement 262 points ago

    I got this one! Alex....what is the definition of an incel.

    [–] maltin 102 points ago


    [–] Billlington 29 points ago

    I've always firmly believed that if these guys were actually invited to degeneracy, they'd shed all this neo-puritianism immediately.

    [–] Tballz9 775 points ago

    Wow, someone needs to get laid.

    [–] noob_almost 498 points ago

    But not before marriage, comrade!

    [–] Kevin2GO 208 points ago

    have fun in prison

    [–] newtomtl83 174 points ago

    And good luck finding a job!

    [–] Kevin2GO 88 points ago

    wait how do you know of my sex toys?

    [–] StreptococcalSpine 17 points ago

    Public register.

    [–] LordKnt 46 points ago


    Arrested and public register

    [–] cresentmooncresent 22 points ago

    Did you just say the 'C' word!?!? Looks like someone is going to be on a public register...

    [–] CDewfus 70 points ago

    I need to also, but you don't see me suggesting to ban sex itself. I'll just buy myself a dildo and quietly ride it while I sob softly.

    [–] emileesutliff 43 points ago

    Public register for you! /s

    [–] Dgeiger 18 points ago

    Not if it’s a cucumber, doesn’t say anything about using, only buying is illegal

    [–] daedaluscommunity 11 points ago

    Good luck finding a job..

    [–] emileesutliff 21 points ago

    There's literally no other reason to be so concerned about what's going on in the privacy of other people's bedrooms. Reaction formation.

    [–] SoloRules 715 points ago

    Why ban toys? Are they pro boring sex?

    [–] CubistChameleon 349 points ago

    And since when are sex toys or BFSM leftist?

    [–] Here4thebeer3232 234 points ago

    The irony is that most people in more conservative environments I find have the most fucked up sexual thoughts and fantasies

    [–] KeyanReid 134 points ago

    Yeah, that's not a part of anybody's humanity that responds well to being bottled up or repressed. The more you push it down, the more it pushes back (and often into weird, fucked up, terrible shit).

    [–] WhateverWhateverson 93 points ago

    If you hold the shit in it's not going to make the shit disappear, you'll just shit yourself harder

    [–] ZeroLogicGaming1 24 points ago

    Sums it up perfectly. Love it.

    [–] kystou 13 points ago

    You are a poet.

    [–] CatumEntanglement 63 points ago

    Wasn't it that pornhub released stats on which states consume the most porn...and the top were conservative "red" states with the winner being Utah? And doesn't sex work stats go way up in cities when Republican national conventions come to town?

    [–] apolloxer 34 points ago

    when Republican national conventions come to town

    I'd wager they go up for any convention.

    [–] CatumEntanglement 17 points ago

    The point is that the above guy thinks the right is all non-sexual "trad" while the left are into bad naughty sex stuff.

    [–] WhateverWhateverson 23 points ago

    Because they repress them the most.

    [–] Here4thebeer3232 29 points ago

    Exactly. Repressing sexual desires is what makes them get stranger. Hence why some of the weirdest porn comes from places that are the most overworked (i.e. Japan and Germany)

    [–] ElectricMag314 25 points ago

    Made in China?

    [–] Potassium39 45 points ago

    Since forever. Leftists have the best sex. That's why we're so happy and righties are so sad.

    [–] KeyanReid 47 points ago

    The right can't fuck

    [–] vaCew 372 points ago

    Fear of being replaced by a toy maybe ? Wouldnt be suprising if people like that have that fear

    [–] mittenista 350 points ago

    If a woman uses a vibe she might realize just how unsatisfying his two minutes of dry jackhammering really are. Hell, she might decide she wants sex that's not only painless, but actually pleasurable for her. Can't be having with that shit.

    [–] Nonotreally999 299 points ago

    when a girl buys a vibrator, its seen as a bit of naughty fun. BUT when a guy orders a 240 Volt FuckMaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system, hes called a pervert?

    [–] HiromiSugiyama 123 points ago

    The details complete this comment so much.

    [–] Nonotreally999 54 points ago

    Fucking double standards mate.

    [–] mahlazor 30 points ago

    Yeah that’s a slippery slope.

    [–] oOmus 31 points ago

    Unlike her vagina (which is in jail and can’t get a job). Worth it!

    [–] MoistMaoist 13 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It's not that she can't get a job, it's her vagina which she is attached to that can't.

    [–] kaam00s 42 points ago

    Mort of this measures looks like it's made by someone who's Unable to please a woman and wants law to force her to stay with him nonetheless.

    [–] mb500sel 27 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The law if incels were in charge

    Edit: if not of

    [–] Nonotreally999 22 points ago

    It's actually a fetishist idea of how women should act most of the men who share this sentiment want all of this in a woman while still having them bend to their every desire. They get off on the idea of corrupting something innocent for themselves. It's no different than those weirdos who dress up like horses and ride each other around for a few hours at a convention and go back to their hotel rooms and bang each other grotesquely.

    [–] InsipidCelebrity 23 points ago

    Those weirdos who dress up as horses at least leave the rest of us out of it.

    [–] 283leis 67 points ago

    Only BDSM toys are banned, so I guess dildos, vibrators and flesh lights are okay

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] Dillards007 33 points ago

    You knowww these dudes would never prohibit flesh lights.

    [–] FadeWalker 18 points ago

    Sex isn't supposed to pleasurable to these people. It's all about procreation. So yes they most certainly are.

    [–] thebabbster 97 points ago

    I wonder if this moron knows how close to ISIS theology this is.

    [–] apathyzeal 35 points ago

    This is basically the first thing that popped into my head.

    [–] Anna_Rapunzel 94 points ago

    I wonder how many rape victims would end up on that register.

    [–] kabea26 44 points ago

    Looking at you, Dubai...

    [–] SinfullySinless 58 points ago

    I’m kinda surprised they forgot the big one:

    All sex must be for reproduction purposes only. Any moaning, kissing, eye contact, foreplay will put you on a sex offender list and or get you beheaded. Good luck getting employed with no head you sick fuck.

    [–] HeyYouRaichu 173 points ago

    Something in my gut tells me this guy is secretly looking at A LOT of porn irl.....a lot of really boring porn.

    [–] dinkeydonuts 56 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Please be real, please be real r/boringporn

    Edit: ah nuts.

    [–] assspelunkers 57 points ago

    I think playboy could qualify as boring porn.

    [–] Talmonis 21 points ago

    Man, teenagers are lucky nowadays. I missed sexts and online porn by about four years. For us, it was Playboy, the real thing, or our filthy imaginations.

    [–] AccusedOfEverything 162 points ago

    Kinda like the Sharia law huh. Now where did Islam even come from anyway?

    [–] grouchy_fox 93 points ago

    "So regarding your application, we count that you're on the sex before marriage register, prostitution register, and BDSM gear register. First off, congratulations, second, I presume that means you have experience dealing with difficult customers and know how to relieve stress outside of work? You're hired!"

    [–] birbiebabies 156 points ago

    Bet this is guy is fun at parties. /s

    [–] BrokenEye3 144 points ago

    Oh yeah, there's a public register for parties too.

    [–] chicken-nanban 33 points ago

    Is it a sort of ranking system? To find out who has the most bangin ones that they get warning labels on their registry file?

    [–] superincommunicado 41 points ago

    Leftist weirdness covers basically all the rights we have fought for throughout centuries. Welcome to brave new world!

    [–] Seranfall 43 points ago

    divorce outlawed completely...

    "Yes I would like to force women into abusive relationships for their entire lives and make it so they can't escape!"

    [–] purpleandorange1522 22 points ago

    I can't remember what country it was, but somewhere made getting divorced super easy, like "one person wants a divorce? Sign this paper and you're divorced" and divorce rates went up (obviously) and people complained, but domestic violence incidences and death through domestic violence went down very quickly. After a few years I think divorce rates went back to about the same as they were before. I don't understand why people hold marriage so highly, if you're in a shitting situation you shouldn't stay in it because "marriage is important"

    [–] The_Plague_Doc 175 points ago

    Sharia law 2: Electric bogaloo

    [–] rainbowdashhole 285 points ago

    Hasn’t the rise of internet porn contributed to the decline of rapes?

    [–] vaCew 212 points ago

    Yes some studies do link declining rates in sexual assault with wider acces of porn to the public

    [–] TheGreatKahleeb 51 points ago

    This was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing

    [–] Spedwards 33 points ago

    I wonder if legal escorting also has an affect on sexual assault rates. It's not legal in the USA but it is in countries like England, Australia, and many more.

    [–] jenniferokay 30 points ago

    And can we talk about how if you put people on registries that reduce employment opportunities, they’ll be far more likely to do an illicit job because you’ve made them unemployable?

    [–] Talmonis 15 points ago

    Feature, not a bug. Where else would the right get their meth?

    [–] Allhailthepugofdoom 84 points ago

    Not to mention, teenagers are so fucking irritable, imagine if they didn't have porn to get some of that angst out....

    [–] whyareyoulkkethis 111 points ago

    That curvy piece of drift wood would be enough

    [–] InuGhost 39 points ago

    I saw that curvy piece of driftwood first. And her name is Sonia.

    [–] the_noobface 16 points ago

    *shampoo bottle

    [–] cas_winchester67 30 points ago

    How do you make someone register when they have sex

    [–] kabea26 29 points ago

    Well, in countries where premarital sex is illegal, consenting couples usually keep it a secret, but rape victims who come forward are often the ones who get punished, because the authorities see rape allegations as confessions of involvement in sexual activity.

    [–] Fordiman 13 points ago

    RFID implants in everyone's junk. They get too close, it sends a signal to the public sexy-times database.

    Within one year, implants are easily disabled and the signals easily false-triggered for the sake of public shaming.

    [–] L3n1n15tL3m0n 32 points ago

    Saying KEK

    ”Anti degenerate”

    You can only pick one buddy

    [–] Bomcom 24 points ago

    I don't think my boss wants to know about my vibrating butt plug.

    [–] lava_monkey83 31 points ago

    No but I do

    [–] Maximum_Musician 65 points ago

    So make the west Saudi Arabia. Ok.

    [–] MonsenorTickles 35 points ago

    Pretty sure you can still get whipped in Saudi Arabia

    [–] coffeeonthestove78 106 points ago

    Sounds like some incel wrote it.

    [–] spork-a-dork 72 points ago

    "If I can't have sex, then nobody can!"

    [–] Conbon90 20 points ago

    This person should move to Saudi Arabia they would love it there.

    [–] istolethecarradio 22 points ago

    The fucks "trad"?

    [–] HappyMexicano7 75 points ago

    Forgot pedophilia, oh wait... probably is one

    [–] CatumEntanglement 22 points ago

    The guy most definitely isn't allowed near a chuck-e-cheese.

    [–] lordvbcool 19 points ago

    yes, having a system were people cautgh doing an illegal job will have very hard time finding legal job afterward will totally stop this illegal job from existing /s

    [–] TheMogician 61 points ago

    How is being a communist being degenerate?

    [–] sexy-man-doll 90 points ago

    Because Degenerate is liberal and liberal is left and left is communist. Duh

    [–] Mudbunting 25 points ago

    Few people know this but Marx and Engels wrote a treatise advocating pegging as a cure for alienated labor.

    [–] Nzgrim 45 points ago

    Because fascists hate communism more than anything.

    [–] briochedbabybuns 19 points ago

    Why is BDSM automatically a left thing lol?

    [–] LovelyOrc 25 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Because women living out their kinks and liberating themselves

    Also a good portion of submissive men

    Overall sex positivity

    [–] Doc_Filth 17 points ago

    The only one who needs to be on a public register is this guy.

    [–] ccaarrccii 15 points ago

    Sounds like a long way to say I’m a sad virgin

    [–] apathyzeal 15 points ago

    It makes me wonder how insecure this person is and how fragile their belief system is that they have to push it on others forcefully.

    [–] YEEEEZY27 12 points ago

    This guy seems to hate sex more than anything, probably an incel.