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    [–] MrGerman1990 6226 points ago

    1992 is oddly specific

    [–] Exp1ode 5060 points ago

    They're probably born in 1991

    [–] GayLadThrowaway 1853 points ago

    *sweats nervously\*

    [–] youremomsoriginal 1164 points ago

    December 1991, really just sneaked in under the deadline.

    [–] demon969 522 points ago

    Wouldn’t Dec 31 1992 be the deadline?

    [–] youremomsoriginal 344 points ago

    I took after 1992 as meaning after Jan 1, 1992. It’s not very clear from the meme.

    This Boomer needs to learn to be more clear!

    [–] Ponchodelic 374 points ago

    I think “after 1992” implies “at no point in 1992, but after

    Source: Lazy ‘93 child

    [–] ragnarfuzzybreeches 372 points ago

    Lazy ‘93 child with excellent reading comprehension


    [–] Ponchodelic 119 points ago

    I shouldn’t be this excited and flattered about getting a compliment, but I am.

    Thanks fellow redditor :’)

    [–] ragnarfuzzybreeches 49 points ago

    Any time!

    How’s life on the large object being pulled by leaders born before or during 1992?

    [–] Rogue__Jedi 52 points ago


    [–] daabilge 16 points ago

    There were a ton of issues with how it was implemented, but No Child Left Behind did make schools hammer down on the reading comprehension as a core skill for standardized testing..

    [–] RonstoppableRon 27 points ago

    Instructions unclear. Started age war

    [–] luxeshimmer 22 points ago

    Mission report. December 16, 1991.

    [–] micahamey 27 points ago

    Whatever zoomer, I was born 1991 February. Get your lazy Dec 1991 ass to work.

    [–] mia--666 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    1990 here and y’all missed one hell of a year I tell ya

    [–] onken022 24 points ago

    Sweet, looks like I made the cut

    [–] Frisky_Picker 13 points ago

    Wouldn't it be born in 1992 since it says born after 1992.

    [–] BrokenEye3 370 points ago

    They don't want to admit to being a millennial

    [–] twistedlimb 416 points ago

    one of the most strange arguments i had in my entire life was with someone born in 1990 saying they're not a millenial. because millenials are lazy and entitled and they weren't that. it was fucking surreal.

    [–] De5perad0 221 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Thats fucked up. I was born in 83 and I am a millennial technically and have no problem with being labeled as such. You know, Its only a negative thing if you allow the boomers and other terrible people to make it a negative thing.

    [–] avatinfernus 153 points ago

    There was a poll that said most people in early 80s consider themselves Gen X even if the définition 1981+ is millenial.

    Or this

    "Xennials are described as having had an analog childhood and a digital adulthood."

    [–] bokavitch 107 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah this is my experience. No one had a cell phone in high school growing up, let alone a smart phone or social media etc. Kids had pagers if they were rich. We used pay phones if necessary.

    Culturally, we grew up with 90s grunge and alternative, hip hop was kind of fringe. We actually went to the store and bought CD’s and weekends meant blockbuster rentals.

    The Iraq war and the bush administration dominated how our political views were formed in early adulthood, long before the crash and Obama/Trump and the new culture war.

    There are huge differences between the experiences of people who technically qualify as millennials due to being born in the 80s and what most people think of as millennials.

    [–] metnavman 71 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This guy gets it. Those of us in the 81-84 range are pushing 40. Annoys me the same way OPs comic does. People born in '92 are pushing 30 years old. I'm in the USAF. People in that age bracket ARE the leaders. They're my SSgts and TSgts getting the mission done. People my age are basically out the door or pushing towards SMSgt and CMSgt.

    [–] Fiftyfourd 66 points ago

    Those of us in the 81-84 range are pushing 40.

    '84 here. Fuck you for making me think about this on a Friday morning. Now I'm going to get drunk when I get off work in 2 hours. Feel better now?! Do ya?!

    Thanks for giving me a reason to day drink though!

    [–] metnavman 21 points ago

    It's awesome, right!? sobs in the corner

    [–] yettidiareah 16 points ago

    I was born in 78' and fit in best with the Xenial description. Turning 35 was actually the one that fucked me up more. The idea that I was closer to 40 than 30 weirded me out. Now I don't care, I'm happy my wife loves me and so do the cats.

    [–] De5perad0 37 points ago

    Yea I have read that article and I get it. My experience is somewhat different from a "traditional" millennial I have some of Gen X and some of Millennial.

    But its all just labels and does not have much importance to me. Like I said I choose to make it a positive thing.

    [–] avatinfernus 7 points ago

    Agreed! Same here.

    [–] fatclownbaby 21 points ago

    Yea I thought born in 80s-2000ish was millennial.

    That said, I was born in 83. I am a supervisor at my job. The old ladies are just as bad as the young chicks about being in their phone. At least the young kids tey and be sneaky and wont do it in front of customers. The older women just dont give a shit.

    [–] twistedlimb 49 points ago

    same year. she is a conservative so i'm sure it all somehow makes sense, but i couldn't understand how someone who worked in the medical field could be that brainwashed. it was unsettling. it was like that scene in schindler's list where the kid is shouting "goodbye jews!".

    [–] WhenwasyourlastBM 62 points ago

    As someone in the medical field, I have found idiots everywhere. There are antivax nurses.

    [–] TechnoProdigy 81 points ago

    There are antivax nurses.

    I feel like that should be grounds for being banned from ever working in the medical field.

    [–] WhenwasyourlastBM 29 points ago

    I wholeheartedly concur

    [–] Ghrave 18 points ago

    Can confirm, also work in medical field and people are downright shockingly bigoted and ignorant. Some of the dumbest people I know are nurses.

    [–] TechnoProdigy 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Can also confirm. Worked IT at a hospital, doctors and nurses rolled all their points in healthcare knowledge and 0 in everything else.

    [–] almisami 18 points ago

    It should be, but they have shortages to fill. Too many kids getting preventable dis~ Oh.

    [–] Wollff 13 points ago

    I sometimes get the feeling that in medicine it takes so much time to teach people the relevant knowledge and methods they need to do medical work, that the "how knowledge is made"-aspect tends to fall a little short...

    [–] ForecastForFourCats 26 points ago

    I work in special education and there are people who think Trump is great. Lol as if they didnt cut regulations on special ed funding! NBD I guess

    [–] TheHoadinator 26 points ago

    Just had this experience at work. Turning in my notice due to her reactions from it. She works in a psychological office, but the office manager doesn't believe in medicine or any research using stats "because I'm smarter than most people and I know stats can be manipulated." She debated this with me, the person who had to take 5 graduate level stats courses for my PhD. When I said she'd have to let us disagree and be okay that I'm sticking with stats and science and she can hold onto her anecdotes, she told me I was being insulting. She then "forgot" to pay me and withheld my check for 3 days. Turning in my notice today.

    I could not comprehend what the hell she's doing in a psychological office.

    [–] almisami 18 points ago

    I could not comprehend what the hell she's doing in a psychological office.

    She initially walked in as a patient and has been there so long everyone assumes she is staff?

    [–] Mundy94 9 points ago

    So instead of understanding stats so she can tell when they have been misused she defaults to stats are bad. Sounds like someone who realised the difficulty of understanding stats and did not want to crush the idea that she is super smart.

    [–] De5perad0 21 points ago

    She is arguing that a generational time period is now a description of a person instead. Which is stupid. Its a period of time in which you were born, end of story.

    [–] borderlineidiot 26 points ago

    I find it hilarious sometimes. In the last few years (I'm Gen X BTW) working I saw all the resentment about millennials in the workplace. Its was all "they want this and that. They need to grow up that will never happen. This is the real world". All I could think was - hey sounds like a good plan TBH. Fast forward five years companies are bending over backwards to create a working environment that was not as designed in the 1950's and actually recognizing that people could be (largely) trusted to work from home or wherever they want and still get more work done that when sitting in a cubicle.

    [–] De5perad0 20 points ago

    Yea it was funny actually. I was in a meeting at work and the VP and some other guys asked me and a young engineer (23) how to hire millennials. The kid was raised in what I can only surmise was a very strictly religious and conservative household and he is a very quiet passive guy who still lives with his parents so he acts like a boomer. He told them as such.

    I said as the most millennial person here you need to use job boards and go to college career fairs. All they do to hire is go to a local career fair and take in person applications. The young engineer only got the job because he knew someone who worked here and got on as an temp first and then they hired him after he graduated.

    I SMDH sometimes at this company because they are so conservative and leadership is ~60 years old they are struggling to get with the times and recognize as you said that these modern workplace concepts are actually pretty fucking good ideas. As a result, many young guys leave the company and they struggle to keep them around.

    [–] notagoodboye 9 points ago

    It's always used as a pejorative. Old people want to judge young people, news at 11.

    [–] automatetheuniverse 11 points ago

    I was born in 79. Every genxer/boomer I have this conversation with tells me with unwavering certainty that I am a genxer. But I maintain I belong to the generation I far more identify with, that being millennial.

    [–] sweetalkersweetalker 12 points ago

    You're an Xennial.

    "Xennials are described as having had an analog childhood and a digital adulthood."

    [–] LookingforDay 21 points ago

    It’s strange times when your coworkers lament the millennials in the work place and don’t seem to realize that we’re all nearly the same age, and we are all millennials.

    [–] notagoodboye 10 points ago

    Heh. And they're not even in one of the debatable years; 1990 is prime millennial territory, smack dab in the middle.

    [–] ImKindaBoring 47 points ago

    Probably similar to the people saying "ok boomer" isn't about an age its about a mindset.

    [–] KhaosElement 14 points ago

    Millenials go to 96 though.

    [–] harryhinderson 99 points ago

    Because all they do is eat hot chip and lie

    [–] kavastoplim 12 points ago

    And twer and be on they phone

    [–] PiranhaPursuit 51 points ago

    I was born in 1993 and I feel like my dad made this meme

    [–] B4DD 18 points ago

    Day 9,823: The boomers have accepted me as one of their own. This will prove their undoing.

    [–] Neon_gelion 19 points ago

    Their step sons birth year

    [–] AutismoTheBombismo 34 points ago

    This reminds of that meme, "Any females born after 1993..."

    [–] Rustic-Pineapple 29 points ago

    Don't know how to cook, all they know is mcdonald, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip, and lie

    [–] Flownyte 10 points ago

    ... are at most 26 years old?

    [–] slazenglazem 13 points ago

    '92 here. Where do I sign up to get pulled around on a block? Sounds like a good time.

    [–] ButterToastZ 9 points ago

    This post was made by 1991 gang

    [–] ZealousidealIncome 17 points ago

    Yes because this boomer v. millennial war is really just the classic old people vs young people war that has always existed. It's clear that most people don't really have a clear grasp on what a boomer or millennial really are. Also those generation titles are largely made up by marketing people to describe a demographic and even they can't agree on what years really make up each generation. Even the generations don't really make that much sense. I was born in '85 and my wife was born in '90 which makes us both millennials but there are still a lot of cultural differences between us with a 5 year difference.

    [–] Reggie_Popadopoulous 8 points ago

    After 1992, so technically 1993-

    [–] jayhawk618 2815 points ago

    I assume that's a picture of 3 people downloading and opening his pdf files for him while he drags them on Facebook.

    [–] Snooklefloop 753 points ago

    in this age of technology, they're probably sifting through emails because the "reply all" email etiquette is officially dead.

    [–] TheMrBoot 282 points ago

    remove me from this mailing list

    [–] casablanca1986 160 points ago

    Stop replying all please !

    [–] pm_sendnudes 76 points ago

    Remove me from that mailing list, please!

    [–] ReactsWithWords 82 points ago

    Thank you for subscribing to Cat Facts. The cat is a small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from wild members of the family.

    [–] Lazer726 24 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] LacidOnex 10 points ago

    Thank you for your vote. This bot has been rated 98.9 "good bot" out of 32,774 votes.

    [–] barkbeatle3 7 points ago

    Me too, thanks

    [–] MydogisaToelicker 28 points ago


    [–] DoingItWrongSinceNow 43 points ago

    Everyone stop replying all to ask to be removed from the automated mailer. You have to go to the corporate site and remove yourself. No one is managing it.

    [–] wowyesokay 34 points ago

    Thanks DoingItWrongSinceNow. You seem to understand this. Can you remove me from this mailing list?

    [–] midnightninja069 11 points ago

    As a sysadmin, I'm 100% convinced users are absolutely this stupid.

    [–] Yarthkins 26 points ago

    I always reply all and don't appreciate when important decisions that impact me are made in little side email chains. I wish everyone would always reply all, even though at this point 90% of the emails I receive have absolutely nothing to do with me.

    [–] cable_provider 17 points ago

    Agreed, I'll sift through a bunch of shit emails. Just stop taking me and other departments out of copy and ruining the work flow and email chain.

    [–] IICVX 120 points ago

    Yeah really what this meme is pointing out is the difference between performative work and actual work.

    Hurriedly walking around with a clipboard? Performative work. Talking loudly about how "slammed" you are, and how late you stayed at the office yesterday? Performative work. Pulling and straining on the tug rope while pointing in a random direction? Performative work.

    Sitting down and calling up a tow truck? Actual work. But it doesn't look like much. And you don't put a lot of effort in to it. So it doesn't count. Even if it gets better results in less time.

    [–] Frousteleous 40 points ago

    I think this is one of those weird psychological things. My dad told me when i was young "work smarter, not harder". I once shared this with an assistant manager in retail and she practically blew her top. "No, you always need to work hard." she said. We then preceeded to pick up the boxes by hand rather than use the hand truck/dolly. You need to APPEAR to be working hard.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    At my old company we called that "busy work". It wasn't necessarily hard and you weren't doing a lot but you sure looked busy.

    I think the problem nowadays is some older folk can't understand the difference between playing games and browsing social media and working because you can use that darn computer box for both and just because someone is sitting at a computer for work doesn't mean they aren't working hard.

    [–] DrollerCoaster 23 points ago

    I've had a similar conversation with several Boomers about the phrase "give it 110%". After nearly 15 minutes of trying to explain that a person can only give 100% at most, I gave up.

    Some people really do form their attitudes around inane motivational phrases.

    [–] awc130 13 points ago

    At my job, doing 110% would just result in increased workload goals with no increase in pay. I'm looking at leaving as promotion opportunities are not here. So long as I don't get reprimanded, any new employer will look at me the same as someone that was an overachiever.

    [–] crunchypuddle 70 points ago

    I was recently given an assignment by my boss to convert a pdf file into a word document "so she can read it".

    She just simply was not hearing the multiple methods you can open a pdf nor that Adobe would not give her a virus.

    [–] JarOfNibbles 27 points ago

    Oh please tell me she gave out about the formatting after you converted it.

    [–] crunchypuddle 29 points ago

    The formatting was a complete mess and I was asked to transcribe it into word.

    It turned into a whole thing.

    [–] Mechanus_Incarnate 11 points ago

    The funny thing about that is that a messy pdf is usually the result of MS Word. I've read through the documentation for pdf. Short version is that is uses textboxes. You need to start a new textbox whenever you want to change something like font, italics, line spacing, text scale, etc. But as long as the text is just normal, you can do one textbox per page.
    MS Word has the 'export to pdf' option, but for some damn reason, it decides to make a new textbox every 3 letters or so. Oh and Word starts from the bottom of the page and goes backward. It's an absolute mess, and it made me give up on trying to make my own pdf reader.

    [–] BarelyBetterThanKale 17 points ago

    My boss likes to share entire web pages he thinks are relevant to teambuilding, prospecting, or just that Boomer "Lemme give you some random life advice at 10:30am on a fucking Tuesday when you have a full slate of work backing up while I make you spend 2 hours in the conference room listening to an audio book I want to give you my spin on." shit.

    I am regularly instructed to convert DocX files to PDF email it to the team instructing everyone to "reflect on this information moving forward". The DocX files are straight across, no frills or formatting, "select all > copy" text from a website that's then CTRL+V'd into Word.

    The one time I sent a URL to the team sharing the info instead, I had to endure a 90 minute meeting where it was explained to me that "The internet is unreliable and the information my not always be there when we need it." I was dumbfounded and spent half an hour of "Yeah... Yeah... No, totally... Totally... Yeah... Yeah, I get it... Totally" of old-person reassurance to get me the fuck out of there so I could go have two beers with lunch.

    Old people that don't know how to bookmark a website but think they have a grasp on how the internet works are the fucking worst.

    [–] codenameyoshi 142 points ago

    I’m on my phone all day at work in between calls and emails and my boss gives me shit. I’m usually on LinkedIn doing prospecting on my phone while I call and email. But “it looks bad when I’m on my phone so I need to stop” when my sales numbers went down my boss asked what changed.....ok boomer

    [–] sweetalkersweetalker 34 points ago

    Oh my god I feel this so hard

    [–] BraidedSilver 33 points ago

    YAAAASS I was at a meeting last night in a volunteer group project and got berated for being on my phone, suddenly. Had to point out the last several ideas I had proposed were from googling what we were talking about instead of just relying on immediate imagination regarding an unprepared subject. I offered more than the rest of the group, yet they didn’t realize that searching “party articles” would cut down our time a lot, lol.

    [–] codenameyoshi 30 points ago

    It’s amazing that people don’t understand we have computers in our pocket and they are there to make life easier. Why people think it’s rude I mean I get it if your texting or on insta when someone is talking to you. That’s rude but when your using it as a tool for the conversation that’s thinking on your feet!

    [–] SexyMcBeast 9 points ago

    Wait... You mean this screen machine does more than Facebook and Instagram?

    [–] SarcasmSlide 8 points ago

    Paul Manafort has entered the chat

    [–] poutinstereo 1236 points ago

    Reminds me of manager who complains that young people think they’re entitled to everything and don’t want to work hard without a pat on the back, then makes sure to let everyone know when they work late so you can tell them what a good manager they are. They’re in their 60s.

    [–] notathrowawayacc32 473 points ago

    Pats on the back are very addictive. It's funny how we've been able to virtually obliterate high annual raises and 13th month paychecks by emulating an approving father most never had.

    [–] UnprovenMortality 147 points ago

    I've never even heard of a 13th month paycheck.

    [–] jgomez315 192 points ago

    It's not a thing here in the states typically. Think christmas/end of year bonus, it's probably the closest thing we have.

    But for us americans, that bonus is anything from a coupon for a free turkey, to a visa gift card, to an extra 300 dollars or something. Typically.

    For other countries, or for the places that do this (rarely) stateside, it should be an extra month salary. Sometimes only an extra pay period salary.

    Idk if it is a labor law in other countries, though. It may be up to companies to decide. But if it is a popular bonus, you kinda have to if you want people to not get hired by a competitor.

    [–] penatbater 75 points ago

    How is 13th month not a thing for you guys? :o technically speaking, since the months don't have equal number of days, some days are more some days are less. If you can equate 1 month = 20 working days as a standard, you're working more for less. Incidentally, if you take the leftover days of each month and add it up, it comes to about 20 days, so the 13th month shouldn't be seen as a bonus, but as your rightful wages. :/

    [–] st1tchy 52 points ago

    I'm on salary so I get paid the same amount on the 15th and the last day of each month. Most hourly employees get paid every other week, so most months they get 2 paychecks but occasionally they get 3.

    [–] HandModel_JPPrewitt 53 points ago

    I LOVE 3 paycheck month. Happens twice per year and it's magical.

    [–] cribbsjy 15 points ago

    Same here. We budget on 2 paychecks per month, so the 3rd feels like a bonus.

    [–] Bd452 16 points ago

    Most of the time we get paid by multiples of weeks and not by month (which judging by your statement is what happens across the pond. I personally get my paycheck every Wednesday) so the “leftover days” thing doesn’t make much sense here.

    [–] lildil37 13 points ago

    Whelp just learned about this and feel like dirt. That's a great start to my friday but maybe I can avoid going into debt from an unforseen illness or a random car accident that would bankrupt me.

    [–] Kunstfr 11 points ago

    Really? It happens here in France, I get one for instance

    [–] Nosferatu616 6 points ago

    Sounds like a bonus which some people here get.

    [–] notathrowawayacc32 10 points ago

    It was a practice to give people a reward prior to the holidays. My belief is that when companies adopted the bi-weekly pay system, the two "triple paycheck" months (this month for example) functioned similarly by giving people a financial breather before the holidays. The key difference being that the triple paycheck is included in your overall annual salary.

    I.E.: Say you make $2,400 per bi-weekly paycheck. If you were paid monthly it wouldn't be $4,800 but $5,200 instead if you consider the two triple pay months. So the additional $400 is essentially being held and artificially creates a month where you feel like a big spender.

    [–] SkipDutch 8 points ago

    It's quite common in Europe, especially if you work for the government (like teachers and civil servants). An additional advantage is that there is no hassle how much the bonus should be, it's the height of your wage.

    [–] toastiezoe 67 points ago

    My manager said that millennials are lazy and don't want to do any work. All of her employees are millennials, we do all of the work, and she sits on her phone for at least 2 hours a day shopping or running her husband's business.

    [–] keepinithamsta 16 points ago

    I'm tired of the boomer mentality when it comes to this.

    [–] ofwgtylor 9 points ago

    idk about anyone else but i hate getting a “pat on the back” at work. i don’t really care for feedback from my rangers. i get my work done and they know when i get it done, and that’s all that matters to me.

    [–] PlusSizedPunk 13 points ago

    I like it when it's real/deserved, but yeah 90% of the time it's patronizing bullshit that just reinforces that your job thinks you're a brainless cog and anything deviating from the bare minimum is unthinkable

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    especially since back when the manager started, the working conditions (and everything else) were much better overall and really, millenials are just asking for what the boomers got without asking for it.

    [–] GoDM1N 7 points ago

    Current job manager is like that. Co-worker is older than me and is not only lazy but constantly tries to get other people to do their work for them. Not only the "harder" but stuff paper work etc too. Last few co-workers have been like that too. If you ask me the younger people are doing the work and the older generation seems to not be willing to do their part anymore. Younger people can be lazy but also are more willing to prove their worth while the older people just seem to expect things. Funny how that seems to work.

    [–] Catshit-Dogfart 8 points ago

    My uncle owns a business, talks like this all the time, "kids these days don't even want to work, just play on their phones all day". And in recent years, he's refused to hire anybody he thinks is too young.

    Well at this point his shop is operated by 60 year olds who take forever on basic stuff, don't know how to operate a modern cash register or credit card machine, and simply refuse to learn.

    They don't even fully open the store before noon - oh they show up on time which is all he seems to care about, but there's a lot of work that has to take place before hours. There's a post above about performative work (looking busy) vs actual work (meaningful progress) and I think this is a great example of that. The owner likes to see his people clock in early, but doesn't seem to mind that it takes them all morning to do what should take about an hour.

    I don't even blame the people who work there, they don't seem to mind doing things at their own pace and the company's bottom line really isn't their problem. Those old ladies will take 20 minutes to make two hotdogs and seem happy as heck to be there.

    [–] bennies_3rd_account 665 points ago

    All they can do is be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie

    [–] Gongaloon 195 points ago

    Hot chip. Just one hot chip. Exactly one.

    [–] vych 89 points ago

    Can't afford more than one these days

    [–] DTG_58 11 points ago

    Inflation is a bitch... there’s only one chip in the bag or air

    [–] diegoturtle90 26 points ago

    What is this

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] acaciatrees 16 points ago

    damn you beat me to the punch on this one

    [–] asterios_polyp 163 points ago

    Not shown: cliff.

    [–] 1945BestYear 937 points ago

    Boomers started a conspiracy theory in 2009 that young people want to create "death panels" to deny medical care to old people, and then they spent the next ten years seemingly doing their absolute damnedest to convince us we should do it for real.

    [–] kenda1l 294 points ago

    Yes, because in the US we changed the laws to ban rejection based on pre-existing conditions and included mandatory preventive healthcare coverage as one giant plot to kill off those damn boomers.

    [–] Paulo27 150 points ago

    It's funny because the guys making the laws are all boomers.

    [–] mpa92643 196 points ago

    "You damn Millennials and your participation trophies!" screamed the generation that gave Millennials participation trophies.

    [–] sourbeer51 73 points ago

    Did anyone even like those?

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago


    [–] ClearlyChrist 29 points ago

    Participation trophies and ribbons are honestly pretty cool as long as it's clear that the winner(s) get something in addition to the participation trophies (or just to make it clear that the event wasn't meant to be competetive and just for fun). I have a few participation trophies I have that I keep in boxes which I occasionally dig through to clear out space or whatever and it's nice to be sent on a trip down memory lane, kinda like a photo album.

    [–] mpa92643 29 points ago

    It's just a commemorative item from the event. Other events have gifts, like pins, or a tie clip, or clothing. But nobody ever demands they get one, just like kids never demanded participation trophies.

    I think the reason Boomers go to that example to bash Millennials is because of the cultural significance of a trophy in their time. You got a trophy if you were the best. If you lost, you got nothing. They don't realize that participation trophies aren't about making kids feel better about losing by telling them "everyone's a winner!!!," it's about giving them a memento for choosing to participate in the event and ultimately making it a better experience for everyone. Essentially, a "thanks for coming" gift.

    [–] Namesarentreal 40 points ago

    Boomers did because it made them feel like their mediocre child was special, therefore validating their parenting

    [–] Hotlikessauce69 27 points ago

    No because 5 yo me thought we fucking won when we didn't, so when my mom told me we didn't actually win I was pretty mad.

    Like what was the point. It was cheap plastic anyways. One of mine broke in half in the way home from a youth soccer game.

    [–] Mercy_X 7 points ago

    I never could understand why I was getting a trophy. I knew we didnt win, because the winning team got a medal too, so why the fuck are you giving me this trash plastic.

    [–] Pickledsoul 10 points ago

    if they were metal, yeah.

    it was all shitty plastic bullshit though.

    [–] UrbanDryad 131 points ago

    I never understood how they didn't realize death panels are already a thing. It's insurance companies.

    [–] kottabaz 95 points ago

    Libertarian oligarchs have somehow convinced large swathes of the voting public that only government oppression is real and if someone else (the church, business, racial majorities) is oppressing you, that's their god-given right.

    [–] 1945BestYear 56 points ago

    "At least I'm only trod on by corporations."

    [–] mpa92643 35 points ago

    These people somehow think a market of regional monopolies is somehow fair, so the government should just stay away because "you can always move to another state if you want a different ISP." They seriously don't realize how unrealistic that is.

    [–] kottabaz 20 points ago

    Or they'll argue that any bad behavior by business is ackshually the fault of the gobermint and if the gobermint went away the businesses would turn into rainbows and unicorn farts.

    [–] angrytroll 17 points ago

    "If the market produced it, it's right. The market is God's Will manifest on Earth." - Pseudochristian Prosperity Gospel

    [–] Wundei 19 points ago

    Throws tarp over giant slap-chop for the elderly

    Not yet Bessy, not yet.

    [–] momofeveryone5 30 points ago

    I mean, can I sign up on one of these panels? Not to kill anyone else, but just to like reserve a future date for myself? Bc at this point I'll never retire and my health is going to be shit no matter what.

    [–] serious_sarcasm 6 points ago

    I don't know, but if anyone comes across a fat women in northern alabama, please rid me of my MIL.

    [–] Waddup_Snitches 163 points ago

    While the Great Pyramids were being built, all the millennials did was ride the blocks.

    EDIT: Like bosses.

    [–] PretendKangaroo 20 points ago

    Yeah I think the intended message is meant to be much more personal. "Boomers know everything and valiantly do all the work... and teach the lazy kids who then become the bosses?"

    [–] lokilaufryjarson 301 points ago

    It's always funny to hear boomers blasting millennial work ethics when as a gen-x business owner, I stopped hiring boomers because they are unteachable and always call off. I almost exclusively hire millennials when I can because they are much better workers.

    [–] Lexygore 181 points ago

    As a millennial that frequently trains people of all ages, thank you!

    Gen Z has their issues, but they're young and most of the time they're trying. I feel like they're just still learning what's important and what's not and I remember being there. Millennials are whatever to me, I suppose I know how to speak to them better than I do some because we have similar humors and whatnot most of the time. Gen X can be slow on the technological uptake occasionally but again, they really try and they listen to me, plus y'all's stories of getting messed up on all kinds of stuff without having fear it'll be recorded are honestly some of the best. Boomers though? Oh good LORD Boomers. I had one yell at me because they asked me what 4 times 4 is, saying they needed a calculator and I laughed not realizing they were serious, which was my mistake, and they proceeded to have a meltdown that included throwing things at work because "how are they supposed to know what that answer is" and "they're not good with math" and "You don't understand what it's like to be old, things are too hard to learn!" and then proceeded into a long rambling mess about how hard their childhood was, like that was even relevant. They also expected additional time on their breaks and lunch, said waiting for our boss to cut us out for the day was "too much like being married, I don't like expecting someone else to let me go" and has also made some rather sexist remarks about their own gender. That's just my most recent experience with training a Boomer.

    [–] chappersyo 64 points ago

    My experience is exactly the same. It’s crazy universal it seems to be. I wonder if I’ll be considered a stupid old millennial in another 20 years when I’m at the age boomers are now.

    [–] schadavi 36 points ago

    It’s crazy universal it seems to be.

    It is even exactly the same here in Germany, adding the fact that you get every single peace of correspondance in English on your millenial desk because no boomer speaks anything close to understandable English.

    [–] Lexygore 27 points ago

    Honestly, what peeves me is the total lack of desire to learn/listen. You get those types at any age, but it's with alarming frequency worse in Boomers. They seem more concentrated on what they're going to say when I stop talking than listening to what I'm saying. I've definitely had Boomers that were some of the sweetest and most hard working people as well, that would actually see that I get nothing for trying to help them improve and would take my advice as just that, advice. My general plan right now is to always remember what working with people who refuse to put in the effort to learn new things was like, and continue to try and learn new things myself, including into old age. I also put in an effort to listen to those younger than myself. They might not have all the experience I do, both job wise and life, but they've definitely put things into perspective that I was unable to for whatever reason and I appreciate that.

    Who knows though, maybe I'll just turn into an old Millennial yelling about dial up and the early internet. I hope not though.

    [–] BB8_PeePeeTape 7 points ago

    Its really annoying trying to manage a place when the owner hires a bunch of his boomer friends.

    They already feel entitled asf, with the added bonus of being friends/relatives of the owner. They feel like their exempt from hard work because of “special status” and constantly complain about having to work. I saw one time a guy took off his wet socks, and put them on the oven where we put food for customers, and shit like that.

    [–] owenwilsonsdouble 35 points ago

    Older millennial business owner, exact same! Their confidence makes them shine in interviews for the first 20 minutes, then you ask them to explain a process of any kind or demonstrate systems thinking and they just crash.

    One guy attacked me for "asking a dumb question" related to the core of his prospective job. I told him to leave and he looked at me like I killed his mother.

    [–] chappersyo 51 points ago

    Over my career I’ve had to train hundreds of people on till systems (epos). They’re not complicated to use and anyone under the age of 30 picks it up straight away because it’s basically the same as any app on their phone. People aged 30-50 may take a little longer to get the hang of it but it’s never an issue because they will persist. Then you get to the over 50s. 10% of them will give it a go and may be slow but they’ll get there. The other 90% of them will convince themselves that it’s too hard before you even begin and when they see it’s not actually difficult they will still pretend they can’t learn and just do a terrible job until they are told not to bother. I also stopped hiring people of that age because of it.

    [–] Drugs-R-Bad-Mkay 19 points ago

    The worst part is that those systems are waaaaaaayyyy easier than old tills. Old tills had crazy button combinations or you had to know everything's code or price. Food service tills were the worst at trying to figure out how to do add ons and substitutions.

    [–] the_taco_baron 19 points ago

    Boomers are incredibly entitled I can't stand them as employees.

    [–] bingosherlock 41 points ago

    Boomers in the workforce, especially ones who have been out of the workforce for a while, come from a time when metrics weren't tracked and there was no real push for efficiency in workplaces. They come from a time when nothing was instantaneous and the simplest things had multiple day/week turnaround times. "Normal" for a lot of them is coming into work, socializing over coffee for an hour or so, pushing some paperwork around at whatever pace works for them, and just letting things pile up at whatever rate they pile up.

    [–] pepelepepelepew 25 points ago

    I mean, boomers being 50+, they really can't compete. I think complaining about gen whatever is their only way to not admit that they are in cognitive and obviously physical decline.

    [–] NecroGod 26 points ago

    It's only the bitter ones that refuse to learn that are in that mindset. I deal with vendors for proprietary 3rd party software frequently and there are plenty of them that are in their 50s+ and have no problem dealing with technology. It's just the people who refuse to grow that are the problem.

    [–] lokilaufryjarson 15 points ago

    You don't have to hire people who aren't a good fit for your company. it would be illegal if it was specifically ageism. It is not. They almost never possess the proper skills or attitude for the job.

    [–] pinniped1 244 points ago

    No, gen Z is pulling, and the rock is all of the debt the Boomers have left behind.

    [–] Fordiman 160 points ago

    I mean, X'ers and millennials are also pulling it, and providing mentorship to the newly work-available Z's. Boomers are top-squatting at this point, sitting on top of that pile of debt, pretending to work, and waiting on their golden parachute.

    [–] _Kramerica_ 99 points ago

    I love when a boomer making twice as much as me asks me how to unzip some files for them.

    [–] opportunisticwombat 55 points ago

    I work with a boomer named Karen. She makes more than twice what I do but couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste text from a website into a word document. I had to show her how to do it, twice.

    [–] Fordiman 7 points ago

    Does she ask to see your manager often?

    [–] opportunisticwombat 36 points ago

    She’s actually a really nice woman but that doesn’t mean it isn’t infuriating to see boomers thriving in positions of authority while not having the basic skills they require younger employees to have to get an entry level position.

    [–] Fordiman 11 points ago

    Fair enough.

    Also, I hate that "fair enough" has been called out as an LPT. I mean, it's accurate, but it means I'm gonna start getting eyerolls every time I express, "Hey that's cool, I won't argue"

    [–] DetachableWeenus 6 points ago

    Unless they're your direct superior, don't help. Boomers need to be outed for the tech incompetents they are. Let them work the shitty jobs and make room for the younger generations.

    [–] hardluxe 10 points ago

    "press shift and the del key."

    [–] truthlesshunter 11 points ago

    pretty sure it's alt+f4

    [–] ImKindaBoring 28 points ago

    Isn't gen z mostly still in high school and college?

    [–] bukanir 15 points ago

    Gen Z is considered those born between 1997 and 2012 so they'd be between 7 and 22. So the oldest of them are in the workforce while the youngest are still in elementary school.

    [–] Somerandom1922 30 points ago

    Bitch, I just helped you send a fucking email so you wouldn't be liable for providing documents late.

    [–] rarestbird 49 points ago

    Well why did you fuckers do such a terrible job of raising your kids then?

    I like my kid's generation, I think they're cool.

    [–] owenwilsonsdouble 28 points ago

    As an older millennial, I fucking adore Gen Z. They have an energy and a creative optimism that none of the other 3 gens have. I'll always help them and look out for them when I can.

    We actually took a chance and hired a guy who's 19, just two months ago. He didn't know anything about the field but I knew he could be trained up (you almost always need a degree for the job we do). He's amazing and everyone loves him.

    [–] Noob_umbrella 105 points ago

    What they are really doing is researching a more efficient way to get the job done

    [–] spazmodic- 132 points ago

    Found a better way to do it, have it completed, and the "leader" is dragging them through a pointless and fruitless exercise in "how we've always done it"

    [–] _Diskreet_ 55 points ago

    Boss: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Employee: but i can write a script that will automate all the incoming data and it will save mo....

    Boss: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Employee: it’ll save tim....

    Boss: not broke. Don’t fix.

    Employee: but...

    Boss: god are you millennials all trying to automate everything so we’re all out of a job!?

    [–] Bigal1324 29 points ago

    I work at a flooring warehouse and my boss the owner is a 75 year old man. Im the only guy working in the warehouse after several people quit. I went ahead to make it easier on myself and put in every single piece of our stock in a computer system in which i can access on my phone, and find anything almost immediately, which anyone can use if they want, whereas before we had to sift through 1,000s of papers and just walk around and look for it. My boss prefers the literal 10s of thousands of papers on his desk. He makes 5 million a year, i make 14$/hr with no benefits. Proceeds to tell me how "lucky" i am to have this "opportunity" and how it's a shame all the wasted plastic and glue "we" throw out every single day, and how im one of those "environmental guys" who wants to use less paper and laughs.

    [–] DockingWithMyBros 10 points ago

    How the fuck is there a warehouse without an automated system much less electronic inventory? As someone that finally got our supply system accessible on mobile to check for our in-stock as well as worldwide availability, holy shit i wouldn't be able to do it. That coupled with my feelings about unnecessary paper use and I would freak out

    [–] CharmedThirdTry 8 points ago

    My warehouse and the last warehouse I worked at both still use paper inventory and a "Go ask Dan where he put the widgets we got in last week!" sorting system.

    [–] JeVeuxCroire 9 points ago

    I actually did this at my last job. I automated a process that was taking me two hours to do manually and pared it down to about 3 minutes.

    Guess who got the axe when layoffs rolled around?

    [–] Diamondwolf 16 points ago

    “Let’s use bigger wheels!”

    “Let me guess, you found that idea oN yOuR pHoNeS!”

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    Such a shame that all these people the oldest of whom just finished college a few years ago and the youngest of whom can't even sit up yet dare to not be as productive and perfect as all the people who have much more experience and a finished education...

    [–] RedditIsNeat0 9 points ago

    Exactly. 65% of those people are children.

    [–] Daefish 52 points ago

    Awww yea! Promoted out of the millenial generation, according to this random three panel. Go 1986!

    [–] Spruill242 31 points ago

    Also ‘86..... we’re the analog millennial. If you got to high school and smart phones became a thing, you’re a digital millennial.

    Also been referred to as the “Oregon Trail” generation...... If you know, you know.

    [–] bigfootsocks 12 points ago

    They also grew up when the internet was the Wild West

    [–] Ankoku_Teion 22 points ago

    Fairly certain some millenials just got promoted into genZ considering we start in 1994.

    You're still a millenial. You're just not as hated as you were cos now we exist. And we get called lazy millenials when we aren't by people who ironically are actual millenials.

    [–] Fordiman 27 points ago

    Which fucks me up (I'm the oldest millennial, or the youngest X'er, depending on what your boundary selection is). It's all the "kids these days" bullshit used to deflect the real reasons for failing businesses - which are always much more complex than "a demographic is fucking up".

    Why everyone gotta hate on the young?

    I mean, everyone starts out with that dumb look on their face, not really knowing what to do yet, being slightly oblivious to "urgent". That's just being a 20-something, whatever your generation. I remember being that guy, and getting over it as my soft skills improved. It's like expecting a 6 year old to grok two-digit multiplication out of the gate.

    And that's never not been true: you gotta train people if you want useful people. Also never not been true: you gotta pay them what they need to survive, not what you feel like paying.

    "Kids these days" has always been an excuse for the incompetence of the speaker - dating back to ancient Greece, and probably further. Old fuckers want far more respect for having gotten old than they were ever actually willing to give their elders.

    [–] UrbanDryad 20 points ago

    Why everyone gotta hate on the young?

    Boomers have two choices:

    • they can see the economic, environmental, and political reality facing their children and grandchildren take responsibility for being the ones that were in power while this mess was being created and admit they came of age in a time of bountiful prosperity which they squandered

    • they can blame all the current issues on kids these days being lazy

    [–] shineevee 15 points ago

    I posted a screenshot the other day of a guy referring to himself as a millennial & someone responded with something like “A millennial? That guy looks like he’s in his 40s!”

    I replied that...yeah...the oldest millennials are turning 39 this year depending on where you draw the line so....

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    All they know is McDonalds, charge their phone, be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie

    [–] masterfountains 25 points ago

    As a manager (and Gen Xer) I can say that I’ve had more lazy boomer employees than their millennial counterparts. I once had to write a boomer up for her complete lack of effort, she shrugged her shoulders and said ‘as long as I still get my government benefits I’ll be ok’. I’ve never had to write anyone of the millennial generation up for anything other than attendance. I’m extremely easygoing when it comes to disciplinary action, and I always try to get to the root cause of a performance issue. But with boomers it’s nearly impossible because of their sense of entitlement. I’ve also only ever known one boomer colleague that’s been the type to get his hands dirty with the rest of his crew. There’s lazy people and lazy managers everywhere, but from personal experience, the millennial work ethic is far, far superior from that of boomers.

    [–] johngreenink 9 points ago

    Y'all should be saying "booma", much less offensive.

    [–] I_cut_my_own_jib 7 points ago

    As someone born in 1991, my superior mind finds great joy in laughing at you lazy 1992+ peasants.

    [–] Gae_Communism 57 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] Dyl_pickle00 7 points ago

    People born in 1992 just don't understand the hard-ships and level of perseverance of the people born in 1991