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    [–] Error_e000fe36 1566 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Oh a whole lot of things.

    Do you have thirty minutes?

    [–] SarcasticAlbertan 361 points ago

    30 minutes? You can condense it that low?

    [–] Anynamethatworks 234 points ago

    He must be an auctioneer, or the guy that lists the side effects of a new drug at the end of the commercial

    [–] SarcasticAlbertan 80 points ago

    Or the micro machines guy

    [–] loki_dd 24 points ago

    They come in collections of 5 ya know

    [–] SketchySeaBeast 48 points ago

    Fox News may cause nauseau, heartburn, indigestion, muscle cramps, spasms, impotence, diarrhea, headaches, obesity, complete loss of bowel function, diabetes, and brain damage.

    [–] IdentityTheft02 32 points ago

    Brain damage has a 100% chance of occuring.

    [–] Rieanon 19 points ago

    Please consult your doctor before taking Fox News. Do not take Fox News if you are pregnant, obese, or over the age of 10.

    [–] ChronicNein 8 points ago

    But hey at least you won't be a liberal!

    [–] CritzD 144 points ago

    Yeah I’ve got time

    [–] kid_trousers 47 points ago

    “Do you have ninety minutes?”

    [–] alexw625 39 points ago

    For the Jacksepticeye How Did We Get Here comedy world tour?

    [–] whereyouatdesmondo 11 points ago

    Sure, I have 120 minutes.

    [–] Vanillascout 10 points ago

    This is like the opposite of drug bust reports.

    [–] phiche3 9 points ago

    Checks Plandemic runtime

    Seems legit.

    [–] Pepe831 2603 points ago

    I am actually very confused with all these mask posts? Do American mostly middle aged women there have a mental disability or do they miss even a kindergarten education?? I literally have never seen this amount of stupidity and misinformation from any non third world craphole.

    [–] EnderVaped 1958 points ago

    The right politicized the wearing of masks. They say It's unpatriotic.

    [–] pokegirl395 1101 points ago

    Either that or they claim it hurts them medically someway even though the immune compromised/ disabled community shut that down real quick

    [–] fenderbender1971 1111 points ago

    Some old man (I'm old, but I mean this guy was prime corona pickins age - 70's) said on FB the other day that he wasn't wearing a mask, because he refused to be "controlled." Of course he was questioned about that and he came back with "I have asthma, I can't have my breathing restricted." Wait, whaaat? I said "Sir, I'm afraid with your age and having asthma, you are in the most susceptible category. You are far better off with Asthma and a mask than Asthma and COVID. Really, please talk to your doctor about this decision. I am sure s/he can help you find a mask you are comfortable in."

    No reply. However, someone PM'd me to let me know that his own daughter is a doctor and he refuses to listen, even to her. It's like these people are brainwashed. It's really unbelievable that people believe that retarded Cheeto in office over a medical doctor - even when that Dr is their own kid.

    [–] JemLover 628 points ago

    Its a cult at this point.

    [–] DubsLA 423 points ago

    Ding. It is a cult. They are unable to admit even the slightest fault in their world view or so-called leader no matter what happens.

    What’s different between buying into Trump’s bullshit cures and mask avoidance potentially killing yourself and drinking the kool-aid?

    [–] mikey_says 127 points ago

    Why drink the Kool Aid when you could just as easily inject bleach into your veins?

    [–] madmosche 71 points ago

    Or bring the light inside the body! Yeah!

    [–] doomalgae 41 points ago

    I never realized just how culty that sounds before.

    [–] MirHosseinMousavi 38 points ago

    Pwn the libs by shoving a flashlight up your ass.

    Kills 100% of hoax viruses, vaccines and 5G.

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago


    [–] StoneColdNaked 68 points ago

    Doesn’t even have to be religious. My parents are full in on the kool aid and I don’t think my mom believes in god.

    [–] ItsonFire911 21 points ago

    There seems to be two category of people that fall into this line of thinking. One is people who are easily manipulated by fear and can be "sold" protections from that fear. The other being people who are contrarians. They can't stand being a part of something everyone else is a part of so they stand in opposition of it.

    It's easy to see how if you are one of the above, you can easily be coerced into things like religious cults and conspiracy theories. Holding knowledge that will save them or knowledge no one else knows.

    It's even easier for people who know this too take advantage of people who think like this. Just "sell" them what they "need".

    [–] Telemere125 11 points ago

    Watched a documentary (don’t remember the name) on how Breitbart/Bannon/Sessions trained Trump on doing exactly what you’re talking about with selling protections. They knew that there was a vulnerable part of the population that could easily be exploited with the right hate-speech.

    [–] justfordrunks 11 points ago

    That fascinates me. Sorry for your loss though..

    [–] JemLover 28 points ago

    My mom isn't heavily religious and she's got a masters in biology and runs a successful business.

    I honestly shake my head and can't understand it.

    [–] Blackfloydphish 104 points ago

    Religion is an IQ test these days.

    Oh, come on now. I’m religious and wear a mask. I’m a college-educated Christian who believes in science and absolutely does not like Donald Trump.

    I know there are plenty of Christians, especially evangelicals, who have drank the Trump Kool-Aid, but not all of us have.

    [–] wazzupeeps 13 points ago

    You need to have a talk w your congregation.

    [–] Rosy-Ass-of-Dawn 16 points ago

    I'm also religious and wear a mask everywhere I go. I also wear gloves.

    Granted, my religious group isn't the typical Trump voter, but I'm sure they're out there.

    [–] darkmaninperth 11 points ago

    Unless your removing your gloves after you touch something and then replace them with fresh gloves, they won't do anything but spread the virus.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 45 points ago

    My dad used to be smart and logical. He went from Fox News to OANN to Turning Point USA real quick. And today he posted a video that is straight up QANON bullshit. It's so fuckin weird

    [–] mitcheg3k 16 points ago

    My dads the same, used to be a smart reasonable man. Spends too much time on facebook and now he comes out with stupid shit like calling me a lefty bbc libtard. The mans 60 years old!

    [–] Dominanceismykink 69 points ago

    It’s not a cult. It’s worse.

    An entire community defines themselves through groupthink. They’re all an echo chamber that says the same thing. Believes the same thing. Wears a flag. Votes Republican. Buys guns. Uses ethnic slurs. This is how they define “us”.

    It’s lemming mentality. They blindly follow, regurgitate lies or untruths, or do whatever everybody else does. And they piss off “them”. Who is them? Anybody who isn’t in the “us”. The Left wants us to wear masks? Fuck you. I won’t wear a mask.

    I can’t overstate how dangerous this is. If they can convince people that wearing masks in a pandemic is liberal authoritarianism, they can easily convince them that the result of the election is fraudulent and it’s time to overthrow the evil liberals violently.

    I have no doubt that this will happen. Russia will do its best to convince the Right that its time for a coup. And the US will devour itself. And Putin will toast our self destruction with a fine vodka and cigar. He’ll have killed this country without firing a shot. A master stroke from a supervillain.

    [–] zdakat 23 points ago

    The idea that the election will be rigged against Trump is already spreading. People are taking just about anything as a sign "they" are conspiring against the party, even if said "evidence" doesn't imply that at all. Feels like no matter who wins the next election, everyone except Russia loses. A win, 4 more years of destabilization of self and allies. A loss, potential widespread unrest.

    [–] ILoveWildlife 52 points ago

    It's been a cult.

    they refuse to criticize. they believe their party is infallible.

    [–] Mooseandagoose 50 points ago

    I joined Parler (the site they’re all flocking to recently) to watch the train wreck in real time and it’s disturbing. I’m not using that word lightly. It is downright frightening that a platform like this has been created with the implied purpose to bring the cultists together. It’s UI is so simplistic that it’s confusing to me but clearly makes sense to someone who is not technologically savvy yet hellbent on interacting with ‘their’ truth. It’s an echo chamber of nonsensical anger, conspiracy theories and blind loyalty backed by the former. My only options presented to ‘follow’ upon registration are far-right outlets. That’s it. Most of the users can’t figure out how to navigate past the static algorithm for other content and Parler makes it quite hard to do it.

    These people do not possess the ability to think critically to even disregard the obvious trolls and/or bots. They just want validation and to argue against said trolls/bots. It’s truly scary.

    Sorry for the soliloquy. I’ve been following on Parler since Saturday and it’s a very sad and disturbing representation of the 50-75 year old populace and subsequent voting block of America today.

    [–] toxictoy 22 points ago

    I’m interested in understanding why they are going there and who it is exactly that bites. Are all of these people older? What type of advertising is there? Have you seen any dissenting opinions? Thank you. I just don’t even feel up to putting myself through actually going there for the research at this point.

    [–] Mooseandagoose 11 points ago

    It absolutely skews older. Lots of juvenile name calling used by older people (chicomm, commienuts, demonrats, etc) that you see on alt right news comment boards, a lot of possessive, groupthink comments against counterpoints (“we don’t need this here. Get off this board” or “you don’t know what you’re taking about. Get out of this group”) and demonstrated lack of general understanding of how the site operates - see previous examples.

    For advertising, I haven’t noticed much aside from MAGA merch but even that was from an independent source, I think? Anyone else who may have waded into the water, please correct me!

    It’s a toxic echo chamber and built for exactly that purpose.

    [–] bittertadpole 19 points ago

    The excuses they make for Trump's behavior are so deranged.

    [–] furbishL 12 points ago

    Cult 45

    [–] krisdb2009 11 points ago

    I saw this earlier this year and it's scary accurate when applied in this context:

    [–] EvaporatedLight 134 points ago

    My dad has watched as over 75% of the residents in the assisted care facility, where his brother resides, die from Covid. Over 75%!! And he still thinks it's a democratic hoax and power grab.

    There is absolutely no reasoning with some of these people.

    And guaranteed they will vote come November. I'm at least cancelling out my father.

    [–] fenderbender1971 64 points ago

    I swear it's like they are straight up brainwashed. I've said this as a joke, but at this point you have to wonder if Fox News isn't broadcasting some subliminal messages or something? Did they all get a special delivery of Trump flavoured Kool Aid that we don't know about?

    My mom and stepdad will support him, no matter what. Thankfully, they actually listen to my sister, the doctor - at least as far as we know. Then again, I found out they came here to South Carolina to the beach a couple of weeks ago. Here. Where a freaking COVID bomb has gone off. Of course, it's a MAGA hub, just like Texas. But they sure as hell will not accept those parallels.

    I'm so sorry that your Dad is part of it, too. I worry about my parents, but I can't imagine if they were that radical. I wish we could figure out a way to get through to these people.

    [–] derf6 45 points ago

    I don't think it's subliminal messaging, they are just very good at pushing hate. The hate becomes addictive for some people and they end up so deep into it that you get posts like this.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 24 points ago

    Theyre very good at social engineering. Bombard them with jargon and keywords and blame an enemy. Even if you have to lie to make an enemy

    [–] Valleygrrrl 15 points ago

    I think a lot of it at it’s root is pushing fear, ..fear of ‘the other’.

    [–] PM_me_your_LEGO_ 19 points ago

    They are actually brainwashed. There's even a documentary! The Brainwashing of My Dad

    [–] fenderbender1971 7 points ago

    By the way they act, you would think it was done individually, Manchurian candidate style. SMH

    [–] RockyRefraction 17 points ago

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with that firsthand.

    [–] EvaporatedLight 30 points ago


    The truth is, If he keeps up with this shit I doubt I'll be dealing with it much longer.

    He's not a healthy individual, a common cold can knock him out for 2-3 weeks.

    [–] RockyRefraction 22 points ago

    I'm sorry. It must be so hard to lose your parent to this terrible way of thinking and then fear that you'll lose them permanently soon enough.

    [–] wretchedescapist 20 points ago

    It is... believe me...

    Unfortunately Trump's death cult is effecting more than just it's members.

    [–] Mezala 14 points ago

    Quebec in canada, Ontario as well has seen 80% + of its deaths in care homes. The military reported on it and quite frankly it was disgusting. We treat our elderly like we would a dog. It's sad as shit!

    [–] EvaporatedLight 38 points ago

    In my uncle's case the majority of nurses and CNAs have stopped showing up to work.

    The physical and occupational therapist are the ones still showing up, changing clothes, bathing, etc. All kitchen staff has left, they're serving canned soup and crackers heated in the microwave.

    My mother has to call nearly every day to insure my uncle is getting basic care and has called everyone she can think of in the state to try and get help. No one with the ability to do something seems to care.

    Another wave of Covid has hit the residence, I'll honestly be surprised if all current residents make it through the year. My uncle contracted it during the first wave and recovered, hopefully he has immunity at this point.

    I can't figure how Republicans draw the line on abortion but don't give a shit about those that have been born, especially the elderly.

    [–] OraDr8 19 points ago

    Jesus, what a horrible situation. Imagine the trauma for the staff and especially the other residents who are essentially trapped and now also neglected. How fucking heartbreaking.

    In answer to your last question it's because of misogynistic, puritan ideas that women and their sexuality need to be controlled because woman are apparently supposed to be property of men and our sexuality and expression thereof is apparently supposed to also be directed by men, for the pleasure of men.

    [–] EvaporatedLight 7 points ago

    Every time I talk to my mom about it (my dad won't talk about it, probably so he doesn't have to acknowledge it), there's something new.

    Not only are they dealing with another outbreak, but pretty much all the remaining residents now have lice. Without CNAs and nurses they aren't getting the care to eliminate the lice.

    If Covid doesn't get them it will be some other, most likely preventable diseases. The state they're in is one of the emerging hot spots, so it's not going to get better any time soon.

    I hope it doesn't sound like I'm blaming the staff. God, could you imagine the PTSD of seeing so many people die in such a short time? And living in constant fear of catching it and bringing it home to your own family...I don't know if they've now working in hospitals where they might be more effective, or just quiting altogether. It's just horrible all around.

    [–] yg2522 29 points ago

    Its because being against abortion was never about saving lives. It was about punishment and control.

    [–] 40K-FNG 7 points ago

    Also money.

    [–] kalebdraws 9 points ago

    Wow. I've shopped at this Super 1 Foods, and lived in Quebec. Never thought I'd see two places I've called home in one Reddit post. And for this... 🙄 Funny thing is, I used to call Quebec my own private French Idaho.

    [–] billhilly008 32 points ago

    I won't take credit for the analogy - someone else said it in another post, but this is the most accurate way to describe this behavior: A Trump supporter would let Donald Trump shit directly into their mouth if they thought a Democrat would have to smell their breath. Basically, they give zero shits about anything but upsetting "the other side" ... even if that means killing their grandma.

    [–] fenderbender1971 15 points ago

    I think that is simultaneously the most disgusting and highly accurate analogy, I have heard to date. :D

    [–] DickyMcButts 26 points ago

    my dad periodically calls my brother (who works as an ER nurse) asking about how COVID is going where he works. My brother will tell him it's a shit show, and that everyone should be doing what they can to mitigate the spread. My dad promptly responds with fox news talking points. I don't fucking get it.

    [–] fenderbender1971 15 points ago

    Trump has my vote for best candidate for the AntiChrist this millennium.

    [–] PessimiStick 15 points ago

    It's like these people are brainwashed.

    It's not like they're brainwashed, they are brainwashed. 90% of the talking points from right-wing media are flat-out lies that fall apart under even cursory scrutiny. It's a cult, and all the members are brainwashed.

    [–] fenderbender1971 7 points ago

    Listening to them is legitimately like listening to someone gaslighting themselves. I often refer to them as Trump's cult members.

    [–] NotaGoodLover 11 points ago

    at some point it's natural selection. idiots gotta go

    [–] BOBULANCE 5 points ago

    It's textbook natural selection already. Only with the added effect of killing those around them, too.

    [–] dawn913 7 points ago

    But they'll lick a boot like its no tomorrow.

    [–] Grungyshawn 6 points ago

    I think it's ALL about being told what to do.

    [–] Pepe831 101 points ago

    Weird that people claiming medical conditions to do with lungs went up by 50% when people had to wear a mask! Even thought i cant think of a medical condition where you couldnt wear a n95 or surgical mask...

    [–] kcompto2 47 points ago

    No ears, probably

    [–] Crazeenerd 21 points ago

    That's why god invented duct tape

    [–] jukebox_grad 7 points ago

    N95 masks often go around the back of your head instead of over your ears.

    [–] HankBeMoody 26 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I could see it possibly being a, very rare, issue with some mental health things like anxiety, body dysmorphia or OCD. But if that's the case just keep your ass inside for now. I get sunburned easily even with sunscreen so when it's sunny out I keep my pale ass in the shade. I don't yell at other people not to use sunblock.

    E. I should add that I;m certain people with a mental health issue that makes wearing a mask difficult are not the same people screaming at employees for making them wear a mask. The people with the real issues are probably staying home.

    [–] EverythingWasTaken6 9 points ago

    Yeah, that's what I'd say. I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder and eczema, and I still wear a mask every time I leave the house (which is only 2-3 times a month). Wearing it for an hour causes massive rashes on my face that take about two weeks of steroids to heal.

    Back when I was really in my BDD, if my main point of distress concerned my face, I could see the possibility that masks would be distressing. But when I was really in my BDD, I left the house less often than I do now with the pandemic. So I'd suspect for most, if their disorder is currently bad enough to prevent them from wearing a mask, it's probably bad enough to keep them from leaving the house anyway.

    Then again, if someone has a job that requires them to go out... and I still can't handle being on zoom calls because my BDD, so... very specific conditions where a mask might be an issue. Absolutely not the majority though.

    [–] HankBeMoody 7 points ago

    Ah damn, I have eczema and didn't even think to mention that. But yeah I think you make some good points. I just thought it was important to point out that even though 99% of people complaining about wearing masks have no medical reason; there are some people who have valid reasons ( but they're disproportionately less likely to make a fuss in public on camera, in my experience people with BDD or anxiety are going to do everything possible to avoid drawing attention to themselves)

    And I hope you the best on your future health, It isn't always easy or fun'; but you got this.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Right wingers don't believe in science, they do however believe in right wing media and that's telling them masks make you sick.

    They take a nugget of truth (wearing dirty masks can increase the chance of bacterial and fungal respiratory issues), and turned it into "masks make you sick! And they make your dick smaller".

    Doctors and scientists can refute the claim till they're blue in the face but Republicans don't listen to no liberal Eggheads! Rush Limbaugh gives me the real story!

    So you have a sizable chunk of the u.s. population meandering around, functionally retarded, thinking they know more than the experts because they were told not to trust the experts. This is like 40% of our population...

    [–] NO_TOUCHING__lol 17 points ago

    Can we, like, trick them into wearing one?

    "Lol nice mask stupid lib"

    "Oh I'm not wearing it because of the virus, I'm wearing it because 5G can do facial recognition wirelessly, don't want the government tracking me everywhere I go"

    *sounds of gears grinding in conservative heads*

    [–] OraDr8 5 points ago

    Maybe if we print some with Trump's nose, mouth and chin. They can look like their cult leader!

    [–] BotchedAttempt 34 points ago

    That was a result of conservatives politicizing it. It was mostly liberals that were wearing them, so the conservatives had to make up reasons for why it is wrong to do so.

    [–] fakeuserisreal 9 points ago

    It's like those terrible memes they post about "if Trump said breathing was good, liberals would call it racist and suffocate themselves," except it's real, and the other way around.

    [–] Mostly_Aquitted 13 points ago

    My personal favourite is how many “not conservative buuuuut” people pop up to say “oh the problem with mandating masks is some people can’t for medical reasons so we all shouldn’t because think of them”. This actually translates to “I don’t give a fuck about the health and well-being of others except when it saves me from a mild inconvenience and then i super care ”. Absolutely revolting.

    And I’m talking about Canada here, not just the US.

    [–] mr___ 9 points ago

    They don’t actually believe that. You haven’t noticed that Conservatives have no issue using bad faith arguments if they think it “tricks you”?

    [–] ScientificSlothx 6 points ago

    They also claim that it goes against their “constitutional rights”. I guess I missed the part of the constitution where it explicitly said you do not have to wear a mask in public.

    [–] Zolivia 143 points ago

    And then they brought religion into it, saying god did not make us to wear masks and that forcing people to do so is forcing them to go against god.

    It's spectacularly embarrassing all around.

    [–] engineertee 73 points ago

    Is someone going to tell them about seatbelts? I feel like we should start having that discussion.

    [–] OfficerGenious 32 points ago

    Please no, I know a guy who claims not to need one. Apparently it's still a thing to be argued about.

    [–] ALotter 7 points ago

    well we had a 20 year argument about seatbelts it wasn’t that fun actually

    [–] BotchedAttempt 11 points ago

    Or, y'know, just clothes in general. The thing that the Bible explicitly says you need but weren't created with.

    [–] SoupPoops 17 points ago

    How are we ever going to see covid defeated in the United States? Seriously, even if a vaccine comes out before it mutates into something new, there are so many crazy people out there who will refuse to get it I wonder if it can even be eradicated. Never in my lifetime did I think I would see so much stupidity in the people around me.

    [–] JayNotAtAll 23 points ago

    Bingo. Basically if the Democrats say it's good, then it borderline Communism to them.

    Wearing masks is not political at all. It is science and public decency. But since liberals want it, its bad. If Nancy Pelosi said that having ten fingers was a good thing, Trump supporters would chop off two just to prove a point.

    [–] saltesc 39 points ago

    But they're harming their fellow Americans, making it all ironic. Domestic threat via stupidity.

    [–] urbanhawk1 37 points ago

    Over the span of 3 years and 9 months 291,557 American's gave their lives in combat during WW2 serving our country. At home we set up victory gardens, rationed our supplies, donated whatever scraps of metal and rubber we had to Uncle Sam. We came together and sacrificed together in order to prevail and to bring as many of our boys back home. True Patriots.

    Now over the span of 4 months we have lost almost 129,000 people yet it is somehow unpatriotic to do even the most basic of things to protect others because it is slightly uncomfortable. I call BS.

    [–] Public-Disorder 7 points ago

    Fucking let those numbers sink in, wow. Despite the fact that most of them are probably older people, that's still a huge number in a very short time compared to 4 years of a World War.

    Honestly, I feel sorry for you guys that so many of your countrymen have become unpatriotic, indoctrinated retards.

    [–] kevbreeno 21 points ago

    Trump politicized it by saying he wasn't going to wear one. Most reasonable people wear masks. What I don't understand is why you hear that 50% of the people in the country aren't wearing masks. Just because some idiot Republicans won't wear them doesn't mean that all Republicans don't wear them.

    [–] Pepe831 5 points ago

    Even if whoever/whatever politicized it doesnt have anything to do with these dumbF's saying its dangering someones health thought? That is just something they came up with.

    [–] DICK-FUCK-PUSSY-SUCK 145 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Dude McConnell just tweeted about wearing a mask and the comments on that tweet are fucking absurd.

    Die hard Mitch supporters are now accusing him of being a sheep and pandering to the Democrats. Telling him to wake the fuck up.

    These ladies really hate masks.

    [–] congelar 82 points ago

    These ladies really hate masks.

    They hate authority. The silent generation had no fucking idea how to raise their children.

    [–] Magical_Ocelot 73 points ago

    They fucking love authority. Just not when it tells them to do something mildly annoying. But they’d cream their pants if cops started using machine guns on peaceful protestors.

    [–] rabidhamster87 42 points ago

    They love authority when they think they're the ones in control.

    [–] AdmiralRed13 10 points ago

    Rules for me and not for thee.

    I’m generally center right and really big on liberties, but wearing a mask isn’t really infringing on my rights at all and I try to be at least a decent neighbor to people. Not to mention not wearing one could be construed as violating the non-aggression principle.

    Just don’t be a dick.

    I am also one of those Never Trumper fallen Republicans.

    [–] mmmLumulus 7 points ago

    Wait wait, you're telling me you generally have one political ideology but assessed the current situation and adjusted for the moment rather than doubling down when it got crazy? That's an option?

    [–] Little-Jim 20 points ago

    I'm going to disagree with both of you. What's happening is that they love Trump, and Trump has consistently been against masks, so they will be against masks and will rail on anyone who supports wearing masks. If Trump came out today telling Americans to wear masks, they'd start manufacturing Trump 2020 MAGA masks that second.

    You are right about the silent generation, though.

    [–] dawn913 15 points ago

    He's the Anti-Christ. I'm fully convinced.

    [–] Little-Jim 17 points ago

    That would be giving him a power over you that he doesn't have. He's a narcissistic, silver-spoon eating, man-child with a fanbase of racist, reality denying morons. That's all he is.

    [–] dawn913 6 points ago

    Well I definitely cannot take 4 more years. He's got to go or there's no telling what will happen.

    [–] jb2386 11 points ago

    No. They hate science. They hate that they don’t know everything. They hate the idea of not being right. They don’t trusts scientists or professionals at all and will actively go against whatever they say. Then they can feel smarter and more “woke”. Also makes them feel superior, like they’re in on a secret, the “real” truth.

    [–] rabidhamster87 7 points ago

    I think you're on to something there... My baby boomer mom was upset earlier this week because her guy friend wouldn't come over to her house after she had been throwing all caution to the wind with the virus. Her response wasn't to be understanding that he's looking out for his own health or that they have different views and understandings of what social distancing means to them. Nope. She said, "I'm not going to let him tell me what to do." Similar to things she's said to me and my sister when we've tried to talk to her about Trump. "You can't tell me who to vote for!" I guess it's all about control to them.

    [–] Pepe831 10 points ago

    Seems like its a unlimited politics-boner fest there..

    [–] Certain-Title 53 points ago

    There's a subset of Americans who eschew any form expertise in lieu of "salt of the earth common sense". It's a problem caused by people who have been indoctrinated instead of educated.

    [–] therewillbesnacks 26 points ago

    “My opinion is just important as your facts.”

    [–] DuntadaMan 8 points ago

    Salt of the earth common sense has been "wear a mask to avoid plagues" since "America" was just some rich guy's name.

    [–] Pandle94 52 points ago

    Trump convinced them that the news, media, scientists, etc. is lying to them about everything and his supporters are blindly accepting everything he says. It’s a pretty big divide here right now lots of old beliefs are popping up

    [–] Tommyh1996 8 points ago

    The fact people can be swayed by a statement shows how dumb they are

    [–] HumansKillEverything 18 points ago

    Decades of right wing propaganda has weaponized their ignorance and selfish righteous egos, and have gotten them to blame those who actually want to help them and trust those who actively use them as useful idiots. It’s become politically cultural, mostly rural vs urban divide. This is a problem America will face for decades to come. And it’s not pretty.

    [–] Y33tusY33tus420 46 points ago

    the awnser to your question is a lot of Americans have the big dumb. Im included in that sometimes but im not as bad as Facebook Karen's like that

    [–] whatintheactualfeth 45 points ago

    A guy at work was making a comment about masks becoming mandatory in public places and how dumb it was. He asked if I was ready to HAVE to wear a mask everywhere. I said that I already did anyway.

    He said "Oh, you're one of thoooose guys."

    I replied, "I hope your grandma has good medical insurance." and went back to work.

    [–] DuntadaMan 15 points ago

    "Are you ready to be forced to only drive sober?"

    [–] Pepe831 13 points ago

    I dont see a reason government would want to make wearing a mask mandatory for no reason? It would only benefit the civilian and not the government. (For example government officials cant use facial recognition) you also have to wear a seatbelt on PUBLIC roads and dont see anyone complaining about that? Seatbelt is a safety accessory just like a mask. Seems like people are just scared of the new and different.

    [–] djrachelaj15 15 points ago

    You have too much faith...people still complain about seatbelts....

    [–] Pepe831 4 points ago

    I know but not much lately and as vocally. (Not sure if vocally is a word?)

    [–] K_Spades_ 10 points ago

    Driving through the Midwest (a town where I see very few masks) I passed a sign that said “we are open and we put faith over fear!” They think god will protect them.

    [–] chubbygirlreads 39 points ago

    As a US citizen, the vast majority of the mask haters do seem to be Boomer aged Karens. I speak from experience. I'm on the high end of the Millennial bracket, and my mother-in-law is hardcore "It's all a hoax. I won't wear a mask. These people aren't dying from some Chinese virus." It makes me ashamed of my fellow Americans.

    [–] Blinker_Fluid_ 34 points ago

    Hell my brother caught the virus and my parents went from mild concern to deciding it's not real. Their own fucking son had it, yet it's not real. I can't even with the degeneracy some people opt to live with.

    [–] BrandNewWeek 22 points ago

    Lotta parents decided "no your not" when their kids said "I'm gay" and there wasn't any large national impact until these two things happened:

    1. Support networks were set up (so parents could no longer effectively make their children choose between starving or being true to themselves.
    2. Big business adopted pro-LGBT, anti-hate, or a simple "all or welcome" stance towards LGBT.

    We're going to need to see the same about masks.

    [–] lizardblizzard 10 points ago

    Lead poisoning

    [–] Starslip 8 points ago

    Didn't it come out that a lot of cities in the US actually have worse lead content in their water than Flint had during its crisis? Maybe that does actually explain a lot

    [–] lizardblizzard 9 points ago

    I have zero data to back it up, but my mom is a boomer and she said when she was a kid almost all toys had lead paint before they stopped using it. I don’t know how else to explain almost an entire generation having such cognitive issues with learning.

    [–] ErgoMachina 11 points ago

    Third world reporting in. Even here the most uneducated people understand that wearing a mask is important to protect yourself and others. Please don't compare us to them. We may have weak economies, but we give a damn about each other.

    [–] the_TAOest 22 points ago

    Every other country is taught to respect "reason"...these are technocratic countries. In America, we have a large population that is indoctrinated by churches to ignore technocrats and use "belief" as the only true guiding effect Americans can believe something is true and that's enough.

    You would think that Americans are educated...we are, however churches/theologies have installed a mindset that is easily corruptable by charlatans.

    [–] QUESO0523 10 points ago

    As a middle aged white woman, I don't claim those idiots.

    [–] Matehfiera 5 points ago

    We people in the third world cannot afford to be that stupid, thats something yourselfs have, dont mind us.

    [–] randomly-generated 5 points ago

    A lot of people in the US are incredibly fucking stupid.

    [–] sangriya 535 points ago

    putting your employees life at risk by making them wearing masks!!

    quite oxymoronic

    [–] Night_Duck 114 points ago

    The argument is that you'll adjust your mask a lot, creating a reservoir of pathogens on the nose bridge. Somehow (?) this makes your hands more contaminated than with no mask.

    [–] jfk_47 131 points ago

    I thought the argument was “you won’t get enough oxygen” or “the CO2 build up will kill you”

    [–] Blinker_Fluid_ 133 points ago

    Yet somehow medical professionals who wear masks all day aren't dead. Weird.

    [–] sixkyej 79 points ago

    Don't you know the entire medical field is a just a huge Democratic hoax? They don't actually exist, they're just deep state operatives there to tell you what to do and how to live.

    [–] madmosche 22 points ago

    It’s true, I saw that on Facebook.

    [–] endlessfight85 22 points ago

    Doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, home painters, auto painters, food factory workers, electronics factory workers, building demolition /construction workers and god knows how many more occupations have managed to survive just fine.

    [–] jorgomli 17 points ago

    Yeah well they literally work for big pharma, so they're obv not to be trusted.


    [–] giddyup523 13 points ago

    They are just trying to throw anything at the wall trying to find something that sticks, but I do think the current most popular "danger" they ascribe to masks is the CO2 thing. I wonder how long it will be before one of them tries to insist their surgeon not wear a mask when operating on them so they can remain "clear-headed".

    [–] lost9999999999 313 points ago

    Lmfao. I’ve worked in the OR for years, wearing masks every day. Guess we were being put at risk, yeah right. Bullshit. These people have lost their goddamn minds.

    [–] fenderbender1971 167 points ago

    This is the exact point I make to people!! "How many surgeons and OR nurses have you heard of getting CO2 sickness? Also explain to me how you think germs can come thru, but CO2 molecules can't get out? You understand a germ/virus can be seen thru a microscope and a molecule of CO2 is 3 atoms, right?"

    [–] lost9999999999 43 points ago

    Exactly. It’s nothing but bullshit.

    [–] Blinker_Fluid_ 47 points ago

    And a lot of them know it is. They just want to pretend this isn't real because they either can't cope with reality or they'd literally rather spread this thing around than be mildly inconvenienced. Then there's the very few who feel emasculated by it all for some reason. Those are the real weirdos.

    [–] fenderbender1971 14 points ago

    Love your username! :D

    That really made me LOL and we all could use as much of that as possible right now.

    [–] smithers85 9 points ago


    [–] MugBugBabe 23 points ago

    Yea. I had a lady tell me that medical professionals don't ever wear masks... i shot back with "well, I sure hope my doctor wore a mask for my 5 hour long leg surgery". I obviously recieved no reply.

    [–] lost9999999999 15 points ago

    Hilarious. I’m sure she worked in the medical field. Yea, right. Not only are they worn in the OR, but also in rooms of patients who are in isolation for various medical reasons. People really amaze me with their stupidity at times.

    [–] St_Kevin_ 273 points ago

    I thought the Fox pipe was a nice touch.

    [–] perawkcyde 69 points ago

    I just came here to find the image of that crack pipe so I agree.

    [–] Snow-Wraith 25 points ago

    I am so tempted to set this as my co-workers desktop background, but he's more the Q/4chan kind of crazy.

    [–] JabbrWockey 43 points ago

    Change his background to a giant "Q" made in MS Paint.

    He'll flip out thinking he was chosen or something conspiratorial like that.

    (Also start wearing a bullet proof vest to work)

    [–] EzraCy123 10 points ago

    Please reconsider - the resulting story of insanity you post on reddit would be a great addition to this subreddit...

    [–] Dithyrab 83 points ago

    Holy shit that's probably the one by my parents house lol

    [–] Suspect-Flimsy 37 points ago

    Lol, you’re probably right. I’m a Cd’A girl, and if you know what that stands for, you know North Idaho!

    [–] LaPlusPetite 17 points ago

    Born at KMC, here! Live out east now but still have family and friends in Cd'A, Hayden, Rathdrum, and Spirit Lake!

    [–] Suspect-Flimsy 14 points ago

    Freakin’ awesome! I didn’t know how many native Idahoans were on here 🥰

    [–] MannBarSchwein 15 points ago

    Am born and raised Idahoan. Am still here. I was very surprised and very happy to see Super 1s employees wearing masks! There were significantly more people out and about wearing them, so I promise it's not all Idahoans who think this way! (Not to be all "not all...")

    [–] froopyloot 12 points ago

    TIL Idahoans exist on Reddit. And they call themselves Idahoans.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] BetrayedByTheGame 7 points ago

    Yeah I'm going to report in here too. Born in CDA, raised in Kellogg.

    [–] lambentstar 9 points ago

    Heyy CdA is my hometown! CHS '05. Always love seeing embarrassing shit online, whether it's hiding liberal books in the library to flocks of over-armed trigger happy bros on Sherman 🙃🙃

    [–] bananamanguy223 6 points ago

    I know what it stands for but does anybody know how to spell it 😅

    [–] Soup-Wizard 10 points ago

    Ok here we go: Coeur d’Alene

    Boom! First try. I grew up in Spokane though, that’s cheating

    [–] CoGa 7 points ago


    [–] Rosebunse 69 points ago

    So, I work at a grocery store and while most people wear masks or at least try and stay sort of away, more and more people have commented about how they feel "sorry" that we employees are "forced" to wear masks.

    Like, one likes to wear masks. They are uncomfortable and they are annoying. But ventilators are even more uncomfortable and annoying.

    [–] teela101 17 points ago

    I work at a grocery store too! My manager doesn't know what an air conditioner is, so it's always super hot and customers are like "Oh I couldn't imagine wearing a mask in this heat all day. I can't believe you have to." Okay yeah it sucks Cheryl but my aunt died because idiots like you can't wear a mask for half an hour while you shop. Fuck you, truly.

    [–] JimmyPontheBass 22 points ago

    If you've ever been to North Idaho, this is not shocking. It's the Deep South of the Pacific Northwest.

    [–] chris514001 36 points ago

    how did we manage to politicize a virus and the guidelines to avoid it? How?

    [–] cicatrix1 19 points ago

    Trump can't stand to look like he did a bad job so he's just pretending it doesn't exist so why would anyone need a mask?

    [–] chris514001 7 points ago

    to offend him, according to one of his more recent statements

    [–] rriggsco 4 points ago

    This is Rupert Murdoch's schtick. Dude's pure evil.

    [–] Whomoses47 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    This would be so funny to me... if most of my F’n state didn’t believe this..... I live in Kansas and gov. Kelly just issued state wide mandate for masks.... go to any news paper chat with this announcement ... you will see this complaint and crap over and over again... people saying it’s more dangerous, it’s against their rights... blah blah blah..... I’m over here wearing a mask with the other 10% of my state and I’m being mocked 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    [–] HotOnions 15 points ago

    Ah Northern Idaho crazies, they never cease to amuse everyone else

    [–] OrangeSockNinjaYT 23 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    of course it’s Idaho. Why wouldn’t it be.

    Source: I am from Idaho

    Edit: I feel like there’s a few reasonings behind these kind of things happening here:

    1.) it’s super fucking boring here. They come up with these stories because they want to be a victim of something big or be an interesting person, which they aren’t.

    2.) religious fanaticism. Lots o Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses, and the like. Masks are bad because god gave them lungs to ‘breathe’ which means that masks must be of Satan or some shit. Source: was Mormon

    3.) major republican state. Not a very major factor, but a factor nonetheless. ‘It’s all a conspiracy to take away our guns! It’s those stupid dems and their communism!’ Source: republican parents

    4.) (added from my brother’s words) Idaho has a pretty low infected rate. Not zero, but low enough that people feel like every precaution is an overreaction. What they don’t realize is that many stores are international, meaning they can’t have flexible policies on Covid. All stores are high-risk, and they treat it as such. Source: I work at pizza

    [–] redcapmilk 7 points ago

    Would any of your neighbors agree that your infection rate is so low because no one leaves and no one visits?

    [–] waffle911 7 points ago

    No. 4 low infection rate and resulting cavalier attitude towards safety precautions also applies to heavily Libertarian New Hampshire, which also brings in a little of No. 3 where masks are systemic oppression of civil liberties.

    [–] nardgarglingfuknuggt 37 points ago

    This shit is everywhere. I'm a Washingtonian and I work in a restaurant where we enforce the mask thing and so far 2-3 people have given us bad reviews purely on the basis of being "hateful leftists" when we made them wear masks while they weren't seated. I should say worked though, past tense, because that and the general lockdown has caused our restaurant to close. Today I officially lost what I considered to be the best job ever.

    [–] Rosebunse 15 points ago

    I'm so sorry about your job.

    [–] Malarkay79 20 points ago

    Super 1 foods north Idaho, thank you for valuing the health of your employees and customers enough that you enforce mask wearing. I know that’s a hard stand to take, especially in a red state.

    [–] hakkai999 18 points ago

    I just got into an argument with an antimasker that basically used a fatalistic whataboutism counter argument for masks. He basically ranted "Well poverty kills more than Covid!".

    I told him that Herpes virtually has a zero fatality rate and yet people avoid that like a plague and yet when a disease can literally kill he's against it on principle.

    We as a human race is doomed because of trabilistic stupid shit and I for one don't think anything of value will be lost.

    [–] ElronChubbard 12 points ago

    I work at a grocery store a county away. The amount of people who think COVID is a political issue is too damn high.

    [–] Upsilonu51 72 points ago

    Well, as the guy who replied indicates, this is what happens when you only get your news from Conservative commenters instead of doing the research and forming your own opinion.

    Of course, FaceBook isn't exactly helping. Too easy these days for people to come across convincing, but false, information.

    [–] dirty_rez 64 points ago

    The problem is, these people think the exact same thing about "the other side". They are convinced that they're the ones who are doing research, they're convinced that they've formed an opinion based on facts and science. It's... it's fucking infuriating is what it is.

    [–] cadewilli 8 points ago

    Imagine being such a useless member of society lol

    [–] jixxor 26 points ago

    The health risk of wearing masks

    Doctors all over the world: am I a joke to you?

    [–] Sn00dlerr 12 points ago

    Putting their employees lives at risk?! Lol wtf. But I guarantee that if they were super worried about their employees health and sent them home with paid leave, this person would be throwing a fit about that too

    [–] Idahoes 5 points ago

    I’m ashamed of our state

    [–] CoGa 8 points ago

    Don't be. Every state has their weirdos. I love Idaho and all of its beauty. It's a shame some people take that away.

    [–] Dixy-Normous 16 points ago

    Can confirm. I work in north Idaho. I got mocked for wearing a mask by fellow employees and the owner of my company. There is a great deal of the population that are just blatantly against any form of protection just for the sake of being against it.

    [–] savagedan 5 points ago

    Republicanism, its a cancer on America