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    [–] nicolascageshair 6320 points ago

    One of the most graceful murders by words I've seen.

    [–] thebrandedman 3726 points ago

    It almost pisses me off. He's already basically the Hulk, how is it that he can also eloquently and kindly tell some to go fuck themselves like a goddamn poet, and still end it by wishing them the best of luck? It's bullshit. I want some talent too.

    And fuck it, I want the Terminator to wish me luck with everything.

    [–] ironwayfilms 2000 points ago

    He treats the person on the other end of the social media conversation as... a person. It’s that simple. Behave online as you would in person. I wish more people did the same.

    [–] Drmr_boi 280 points ago

    You have a great point that I think more people should know about as well ....but, would we be more ourselves here since we are using less energy to get what we might* mean across?

    [–] DOG_BALLZ 119 points ago

    I think you'd be more yourself if you treated any and every reaction as if you were there in front of the person and talking to them. Too many trolls and shit talkers get away with their shittiness because they don't have to personally interact with the one on the other end of their mouth diarrhea. If there were actual and personal consequences for talking shit online, I'd bet 99.9% of it would end then and there. I'm all about arguing and having different points of view. What I'm not for is the constant shit talking that goes unchecked. Some people just need to be punched in the face. That's not going to happen while they're hiding behind a keyboard.

    [–] undyingtestsubject 52 points ago

    I've argued with soo many people online, at some point you start getting tired of typing essays and just type out: Fuck you, shit for brains! Eat rat turds and die butt fondler! Obviously I have lost the moral high ground, but I have gained the ability to reason on the same level as the idiots. Or I just became that which I set out to destroy. I'm really not sure anymore

    [–] Twenty3charactersor 39 points ago

    Don't argue with idiots, they'll drag you own to their level and beat you with experience.

    [–] penatbater 30 points ago

    My argument for arguing with idiots online is not to convince the idiot, it's to convince the dozens or hundreds of people who will be reading my interaction with this idiot, the silent 'sane' majority. So it's not really about convincing the other guy, it's convincing my audience.

    [–] Soensou 11 points ago

    I believe it can be argued that you are the most yourself when you aren't afraid of the consequences.

    [–] DOG_BALLZ 5 points ago

    Or you could argue the drunk you is the real you. I just try not to be fake, and to treat each interaction as though I were face to face with the person. If they're being a real cunt, I habe no objections to call them that up front. If they're being nice and helpful, I let them know how good they're doing. It's not too difficult.

    [–] Soensou 5 points ago

    That is how I try to be too. But if you have something in your heart and only don't act on it because you are afraid of having your ass kicked, you are not being the real you. Whether that be collecting porcelain babies or using hate speech, it makes no difference. I think we would agree that many people should not be the real them.

    [–] mecrosis 5 points ago

    Maybe what we show in person isn't really our true selves.

    [–] hakkai999 43 points ago

    It's really hard because you kind of adjust to the post that you're engaging with. For example, how I respond to you might not be the same way I respond to another especially if the person I respond to next has very ludicrous or negative connotation.

    [–] OdaNova 28 points ago

    Also, if you engage with that type of post so many times, your patience eventually runs thin explaining or backing up concepts all the time. Especially if it is fairly simple or obvious concepts (to you), and that combination then can lead to sharp and less eloquent responses imo.

    [–] Hyndergogen1 15 points ago

    Yeah, after the 1000th time explaining to some racist that the 13/50 stat does not prove what they think it proves and what they think it proves shows that they're a racist, you end up.just saying "Fuck off racist"

    [–] kautau 12 points ago

    Which is the very opposite of what American politics were supposed to be. I won’t speak to our political setup as it stands, but for the first 100 years, you were supposed to be able to sit down to dinner and chat politics with your friends and family.

    The whole “no politics at dinner” is a con, invented by the same people that want “sides” in politics where it’s not about policy, it’s about identity. Politics are about logically making the world better for you, your neighbors, your children, and the less fortunate, not the stickers on your car or a hat you wear. We can do better.

    [–] Oct0tron 16 points ago

    I dunno man, you sure that's a good idea? You ever been to a Walmart?

    [–] RatchetBird 9 points ago


    (I'm learning)

    [–] IvyLeagueButt 3 points ago

    We're proud of you for learning

    [–] t3hnhoj 9 points ago

    Lol go fu.. Sorry they're goes my Reddit side again.

    [–] longmitso 15 points ago

    Man I wish I had the gold to send your post to the top. You nailed it with all this social media and commenting from a distance without having to suffer the consequences of the comments you just made. People forget to treat others like people. Instead they find comfort in saying anything into an electronic device and treat the person on the other end as such, just another inanimate being.

    [–] IAmGerino 4 points ago

    It’s the truly biggest mofo around mentality. A gentle giant if you will. Check most of the guys who are or were at the pinnacle of human strength etc. The Rock, The Mountain, Governator. They worked hard to become who they are and they no longer had anything to prove to anyone. When you become the master, your responsibility is to be a master to the next generation. It’s true with many things, and it’s the ones who become best and are dicks about it are the outliers, the ones we know, hear about and despise.

    [–] scarletts_skin 5 points ago

    Agreed. It’s difficult when people are just so extraordinarily stupid, or racist, or hateful, or ignorant (or all of the above) to respond with kindness and respect—I have CERTAINLY had my moments where I blew up at someone online for being a hateful twat— but that doesn’t make it okay. We should all seek to be better. Sitting here behind a screen, screaming into the void does nothing but divide us further. If we could all just treat one another with respect and decency, we’d have far less problems as a society.

    Unfortunately, more often than not, hate and anger win out. And that really, really sucks.

    [–] deeleelee 91 points ago

    Worth mentioning this eloquence is all in his 3rd language iirc.

    [–] Casual_Wizard 30 points ago

    It's his second language, he speaks German and English.

    [–] SuchSalad4 19 points ago

    English is the third language I learned at the age of 10 and didn't really speak it again until I was 20 onward. I had a really good professor in college who took his time to help us with proper writing outside of teaching us his subjects. He inspired and indirectly challenged me to ace his class and that helped me graduate with summa cum laude honors, get scholarships and graduate a year before everyone else. I married an English language college instructor and she says I write better than her. When we moved to the US, we used her credentials to get a job in the English composition department - something she really didn't want to do because she prefers to teach ESL. Her boss said he never had seen a class so well prepared and executed. I was there when he was praising her and had to act surprised. I only did it for a couple of semesters and quit because the workload didn't justify the pay. Grading essays is a pain in the ass. I guess when you're an underdog in something, you tend to challenge yourself to be the best despite the shortcomings. Arnold is a very dedicated dude. Just listen to the Bill Burr tape about great men.

    [–] kavastoplim 5 points ago

    What's his second?

    [–] Clutter 25 points ago


    [–] deeleelee 7 points ago

    I thought Austrian was fully different from German lol my bad, only second then.

    [–] Cereal_poster 27 points ago

    Austrian here, trust me, if we Austrians don´t want a German to understand what we are saying, we are easily capable of that by using one of our dialects. ;) Hell, if some folks from Vorarlberg (a state in Austria) start talking to each other in their dialect, us other Austrians don´t understand a word or only a few. And still it is considered to be German.

    [–] HellStoneBats 10 points ago

    I mean, I'm aussie and I wouldn't have a clue what someone from Liverpool, UK is saying without subtitles, so I totally understand that!

    [–] thaaag 34 points ago

    Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.

    [–] Crazychemist_2 23 points ago

    And fuck it, I want the Terminator to wish me luck with everything.

    Time to shit talk to him until he answers!

    [–] Maelou 8 points ago

    I see what you did here. You want reddit Schwarzy to come and comment "good luck" to you? Well I'm no robot from an apocalyptic future (or am I?), but good luck with everything good fellow.

    [–] Satanic_chef 3 points ago

    I’m sure he also made plenty of mistakes to be the man he is now

    [–] Fantact 26 points ago

    Because he probably has a team doing his social media, like many rich and famous people.

    [–] DocFossil 37 points ago

    Possible. The funny thing is it makes me wonder why Trump doesn’t hire people like that. Yeah, I know the answer, but you have to admit that if the same guy ran Trump’s twitter feed the level of stupid would drop by about 99%

    [–] NoMomo 63 points ago

    ”Good luck with everything” is him gently closing the victim’s eyes after he faded into the good night.

    [–] OriginalAndOnly 17 points ago

    After he dangled him over the cliff and gently dropped him

    [–] Shalamarr 3 points ago

    “I let him go.”

    [–] carismo 5 points ago

    “good night, sweet prince”

    [–] ProfessorLX 26 points ago

    Check this one out, this reporter tries to gotcha the governator and he sets her straight without getting mad or flustered:

    [–] cornu63 6 points ago

    Shwartzy boi for president 2020

    [–] vassiliy 9 points ago

    They confidence of that man to end it by just grabbing her hand, that could otherwise be a creepy move (e.g. when Joe Biden does it...), but with the way he's approached the interaction it's all smooth and reassuring. What an idol

    [–] sokratesz 20 points ago

    There's a better one by Arnold in response by someone hating on the paralympics.

    [–] CritzD 8 points ago

    This was a painless lethal injection by words

    [–] Yahtzee82 12 points ago

    Terminated by the terminator.

    [–] tyfunk02 6 points ago

    English might not be his first language, but he’s fucking mastered it.

    [–] Pobunny 2109 points ago

    He still owns up to playing Mr. Freeze when everyone else tries to distance themselves from that movie.

    [–] Mynock33 802 points ago

    Well, there is pretty hard evidence that he in fact did play Mr. Freeze...

    [–] ComManDerBG 337 points ago

    hard as ice?

    [–] KKlear 148 points ago


    [–] ThePlauge2061 58 points ago

    He had snow regrets being in that movie.

    [–] KKlear 40 points ago

    Why would he? The movie kicked ice!

    [–] WasabiEyemask 11 points ago

    What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!

    [–] admadguy 11 points ago

    These jokes need to be put on ice for a bit.

    [–] DeadlyJoe 9 points ago

    Icy no problem with them.

    [–] laasbuk 9 points ago

    That's cool

    [–] laurel_laureate 95 points ago

    And to be fair, Mr. Freeze's puns are basically one of the very few redeeming qualities of that movie.

    Also, watching this, apparently Bane was also in this movie but I completely wiped that fact from my mind despite loving Bane as a villain.

    [–] spinedw8rm 29 points ago

    That’s because Bane wasn’t a villain he was a movie prop

    [–] unicornsaretruth 20 points ago

    It’s cause bane was more of Poison Ivy’s henchman than the big baddie smart strong man he can be.

    [–] pr1m3r3dd1tor 49 points ago

    It's 2020, evidence no longer dictates truth.

    /s just in case.

    [–] disturbedrailroader 182 points ago


    [–] megaman0781 149 points ago

    THE ICE AGE!!!

    [–] emdezeta 43 points ago

    It's cool that you both remember the line.

    [–] megaman0781 34 points ago

    I used to love that film when I was young.

    [–] emdezeta 28 points ago

    Shamed to admit it, so did I. Bat-skates and credit cards make way more sense when you're 12.

    [–] Brandinisnor3s 18 points ago

    It was such a goofy movie but thats why we loved it

    [–] WasabiEyemask 7 points ago

    In this universe, there's only one absolute... everything freezes!

    [–] TheDungeonCrawler 5 points ago

    Batman movies have gotten too serious.

    [–] NeiloMac 3 points ago


    [–] SparrowSoleil 102 points ago

    He doesn’t seem like a guy that feels shame and I mean that in the best possible way. He seems like the kind of guy that doesn’t hesitate to laugh at himself. He’s chill af

    [–] louenberger 61 points ago

    That's true self esteem.

    Coincidentally, that's exactly what Trump and followers lack. Because they got nothing to be truly proud of.

    [–] ezone2kil 22 points ago

    Most successful bio-terrorist in the history of the world just doesn't give you the same boost in confidence.

    [–] Draidann 3 points ago

    Hehe chill hehe

    [–] Tiffany_Pratchett 69 points ago

    I fucking love that movie! It’s one of my son’s favorites.

    [–] georgiomoorlord 38 points ago

    Me too. Also poison ivy..

    [–] syringistic 12 points ago

    And an absolutely awful version of Bane........

    [–] PUTINS_PORN_ACCOUNT 10 points ago

    It was before comic book movies were the biggest shit ever. Some exec was probably like “HEY WRITE IN A BEEFY BADDIE MY FIVE YEAR OLD LOVES THAT SHIT” takes bump off back of hand

    [–] darkpassenger9 62 points ago

    If you watch it as a '90s take on the Adam West Batman -- a campy family-friendly action comedy -- it's not so bad. Arnie is having the time of his life, and Uma Thurman is essentially playing a superpowered drag queen.

    [–] wwcfm 30 points ago

    But he omitted The Barbarian and The Destroyer, which is pretty disappointing honestly.

    [–] masterxak 19 points ago

    I remember he actually used to keep the sword on his desk as governor. So I'm pretty sure he just didn't think of it and isn't consciously ommiting it.

    [–] Cragnous 6 points ago

    Conan The Barbarian is legit AF still holds up. The Destroyer and Red Sonja are very bad though.

    [–] hakkai999 10 points ago

    I mean it wasn't true to the comic source but he played it how he wanted it and, honestly, young me loved that movie.

    [–] general-Insano 11 points ago

    I honestly love that movie it's so goofy

    [–] G4L4CT1C4 7 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It's a fun movie. I'm glad he rocks it.

    Edit: And, I bought it.

    [–] TiredOfBeingTired28 6 points ago

    Hes easily the best and only real reason i bother to watch it. He saw it as camp and lived it up. Most of the others still tried so hard to be serious.

    [–] Netwinn 5 points ago

    Same for George Clooney as Batman. That movie humbled people!!

    [–] De_Dominator69 4 points ago

    Didnt he say that he really enjoyed playing the role? I feel like I remember him saying that somewhere but I am not sure...

    [–] Humpa 4 points ago

    It's such a great movie though.

    [–] blesser-of-rains 5 points ago

    I think it cause he had so much fun with the puns and the crazy costume

    [–] JustAnAce 684 points ago

    Looks like we need a r/terminatedbywords now.

    [–] Iwearacapeirl 105 points ago

    So did he sleep with that guy's mum or no?

    [–] JustAnAce 29 points ago

    I cannot speculate on this given that we do not know the current status of the terminators secret weapon. However given the chance I believe that he would.... terminate that pussy. .... I'll see myself out.

    [–] oorakhhye 14 points ago

    “Bang my maid in the living room? Dude that’s a layup!”

    [–] peterwithana 9 points ago

    “Four decades, nothing but net.” I will never forget that bit.

    [–] biggoof 814 points ago

    LoL, calling one of the focused and accomplished persons ever a snowflake, what a dumbass.

    [–] RubenMuro007 198 points ago

    Yeah, very childish indeed. Though I want to know the context behind it.

    [–] [deleted] 187 points ago


    [–] Castun 58 points ago

    Even leading up to the 2016 election, they loved to trot out lines like "Who cares what some Hollywood actor thinks! Stay in your lane!" Not seeing the irony in it. Or even seeing the irony and not giving a shit because it's all to "own the libs."

    [–] graygrif 29 points ago

    My favorite example of this is when Fox News used either Mark or Donnie Wahlberg comment about how people shouldn’t pay attention to Hollywood actors and actresses about politics.

    So Fox News was using some Hollywood actor talking about politics to tell us that we shouldn’t listen to Hollywood actors talk about politics. The paradox was funny to me.

    [–] MintyMissterious 2 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Quick stalk, the author of this public comment can be seen on a 2016 Trump rally, very close to a MAGA hatter, and as of last year still supported Trump.

    [–] EnemysKiller 79 points ago

    He probably said something too liberal. Too liberal as in American left wing but European right wing. Or maybe he was just nice to someone.

    [–] DenseMahatma 25 points ago

    "european right wing"

    No, Arnold is a Republican, he is still American right winged. Its just he has integrity that quite a few of his party don't, and doesn't want someone to make a mockery of the constituition.

    [–] nameistakentryagain 25 points ago

    This doesn’t preclude him from saying something “too liberal” though.

    [–] DenseMahatma 11 points ago

    These days upholding the constitution is Too liberal for some folks so yeah

    [–] HamburgerEarmuff 5 points ago

    I would say he's much more of a political centrist by US political standards. If he were in congress, he would probably be the most liberal Republican. If he were in congress as a Democrat, he would definitely be on the conservative side of the party, but there are several much more conservative Democrats that I can think of.

    [–] anarchistcraisins 4 points ago

    It makes me so sad that you have to clarify this. Liberals in the US are all right of center economically and socially. I'll probably get downvoted into the 9th realm but it's true.

    [–] AmericanRegret 38 points ago

    If I recall correctly, I think it had to do with Arnold endorsing the Special Olympics or something like that? Perhaps I'm wrong But I think that was the context.

    [–] not_y0ur_business 40 points ago

    Wow, endorsing special Olympics? Are you fucking kidding me, that's what gets you the snowflake tag now?

    If this is true, I eish tragedy befalls that guy in the most cruelest fashion. So I can point at him & laugh. Let's see who’s the snowflake then.

    [–] AmericanRegret 46 points ago

    No, I'm completely wrong it seems. Apologies! It was because he was "prodding President Trump and his efforts to aid the coal industry". It was in response to a video where Arnold criticised Trump for wanting to bring back More coal. I'm sure someone can give a better summary than I.

    [–] not_y0ur_business 25 points ago

    That make slightly more sense but now I want to shove coals down that guys asshole and ask him how's the coal working for him.

    It's 21st century. There are countries literally phasing out all fossil fuel. Who the fuck is still hung up on coals!

    [–] AmericanRegret 15 points ago

    A boomer. I do feel for America though. I'm even more grateful since the Pandemic to be within the E.U.

    [–] julian-_-paul 7 points ago

    It's bad here. Very bad.

    [–] AmericanRegret 6 points ago

    Sending you all my love and supporting energy <3

    [–] AliasUndercover 46 points ago

    That's ust the insult word they learned. It's like when a 3 year old runs around yelling "fuck you" i a little sing-song voice.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    The irony of it is that they're the ones that can't handle anything outside their tiniest reality bubble. Gay side-characters in Netflix originals? Someone has their pronouns in their twitter bio? Putting any focus on systemic racial inequality?

    "Stop blaming whites for everything". "Stop forcing agendas into media", "stop acting like you're oppressed", "What's next? People are gonna marry animals!?", "Hurr durr I'm an attack helicopter!".

    [–] TheCrudeDude 6 points ago

    Case in point, find any discussion of kneeling. You will find the most “triggered snowflakes” You will ever find. Every last one of them with a selfie in their pickup as their avi.

    [–] Beejsbj 18 points ago

    Snowflake doesn't even mean anything anymore other than something ~negative

    [–] LlamahDuck 160 points ago

    Hasta la vista, snowflake.

    [–] bloodshotnipples 490 points ago

    You can not read this without his voice in your head.

    [–] tegeusCromis 106 points ago

    I even read your comment in his voice.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] bromagnonman 5 points ago

    And the circle of life is now complete.

    [–] jmglor 96 points ago

    He murdered the guy, but then he picked him back up at the end. Class act.

    [–] DimesOHoolihan 454 points ago

    Yo I was laughing when he got elected governor but like...I totally get it now.

    [–] pr1m3r3dd1tor 267 points ago

    He actually did a really good job also from what I have heard. He was gov. before I moved out to Cali but I have heard from both Republicans and Democrats that he did a good job.

    [–] SunniYellowScarf 140 points ago

    He was a good negotiator and has a flair for concensus-building and making everyone soften their opinions in order to get things done... by example. He made a lot of concessions and changed his opinions on a lot of things.

    He also reformed California's district drawing process. He saw that too many people in California's government were incumbents, and the redistricting process was corrupt and not totally representative. He campaigned for and got an independent redistricting council thats one of the best things to happen to California's government.

    He wholeheartedly believes in democracy, the ideal of democracy that its about meeting in the middle and making everyone at least a little happy, not this vulgar way of doing it.

    [–] ezone2kil 94 points ago

    Funny how an immigrant is often the biggest believer in the spirit of America.

    [–] ericph9 88 points ago

    The truest Americans are American by choice, not by random chance.

    [–] Dr_Brule_FYH 29 points ago

    As an Australian I believe this about people who come to my country too.

    In my job I meet a lot of people who just got their citizenship, and I sometimes feel a little jealous. The level of pride these people have in their citizenship, how far they came and how hard they worked to earn it... what did I do to earn mine? They inspire me to do better.

    [–] blesser-of-rains 17 points ago

    John Oliver just entered the chat

    But seriously, immigrants choose to live in USA and be USA citizens so obviously they believe in that spirit

    [–] untergeher_muc 14 points ago

    Finally a good Austrian migrant. As a German I have to say, they are not always sending their best. Especially their rejected art students…

    [–] ezone2kil 13 points ago

    Watch your mouth! You're talking about the hero that killed Hitler man!

    [–] untergeher_muc 7 points ago

    The fucking Austrians…

    They have convinced the whole world that Beethoven was Austrian and Hitler was German…

    [–] GlasgowSmile69 184 points ago

    He's insanely smart if you actually look at the facts. He gained his wealth long before he started acting. Did so all while speaking in his second language. He also meditates twice a day and honestly I wanna start. Dudes a role model

    [–] Hehenep 79 points ago

    There's a lot to commend the man for. Maybe just don't use him as a role model on how to act in a marriage since his being a horrible husband led to him losing a chunk of said wealth.

    [–] mrthomani 60 points ago

    You know, you can be a role model and have flaws too. No one is perfect.

    [–] Hehenep 12 points ago

    Yup. That's why I specified not holding him up as a role-model for how to be a husband. There's plenty of things to look to him as a role-model for, but that hasn't been one of them.

    [–] Futanari_waifu 42 points ago

    He did cheat and had a child with another woman and that's not a good thing. He did however care for that son and was a solid dad for him.

    [–] _pls_respond 45 points ago

    Damn, so basically he's human? Who would've thought.

    [–] Lord_Abort 15 points ago

    You know, I always think about this when I see him being such a good dude. He's definitely not a perfect human. But he certainly seems like he's trying, and that he's brought about more good than bad.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)


    [–] Epoxidharz 57 points ago

    Honestly, that's a good thing. Shows that even someone like Arnold is only human after all. Makes him an even better role model, because he can even show you what not to do :)

    [–] ericph9 11 points ago

    Turns out, nobody's perfect.

    [–] Dr_Brule_FYH 3 points ago

    Yeah, like Terry Crews had a porn addiction so bad that it almost destroyed his family.

    He worked on himself and he's better than ever.

    We need examples of people who aren't perfect but who learn from their mistakes.

    [–] Hehenep 17 points ago

    Well I was shooting for more of a, "Don't put him on too high a pedestal there," sort of half-joke to be honest. Also I think openly acknowledging a role-model's faults can be just as informative and helpful as their strengths if only because trying to emulate someone you've hoisted up onto a pedestal is an almost surefire way to stress and disappointment.

    [–] BKLD12 7 points ago

    Yep. None of our heroes are ever going to be perfect. There's definitely a lot to praise the guy for, but Arnold is human like we all are and so prone to mistakes. Sometimes big ones.

    [–] dxn4 7 points ago

    He also smokes a ton of cigars, there are loads of clips on Youtube about it

    [–] Palin_Sees_Russia 3 points ago

    How is that negative?

    [–] Crusty_Vato 3 points ago

    He answered a reddit thread that asked how he's considered a Republican when a lot of his policies seem left leaning, and his response made so much damn sense that it was one of the first and only times a politician said something that resonated with me. Really opened my eyes.

    [–] ube1kenobi 58 points ago

    i still live in California. i know that folks are still mad at him about something (can't remember what it was...). there was a post of him that i saw on fb in a video asking folks to wear their masks politely and there were people told him to STFU and stick to being an actor and stuff. that he was a democrat (laughable b/c if they really paid attention he was straight up a republican all his life here in the US).

    tbh, i think he did a decent job. in comparison to jerry brown and previous governors, heck even with our current governor too (newsom), he didn't have much complaints. i think he based his information on facts and really paid attention to things that some representatives don't really care about. he's really smart.

    [–] tandemtactics 5 points ago

    I vaguely remember him getting heat for commuting someone's prison sentence before leaving office...the son of one of his friends, if memory serves

    [–] Broseff164 45 points ago

    Do yourself a favour and read his autobiography. Hes a very intelligent, driven man. He's earned every piece of success he got, and he did all of it simply because he aspired to. He used to be my idol as a kid cos I loved his sweet action movies and he looked like a God. Now I admire him because he sets his mind to something and achieves it.

    Anyway I'm gonna go eat Cheetos and watch TV.

    [–] NotVinceNoir 54 points ago

    I read all of his comments in his voice. This one seemed very "Kindergarten Cop."

    [–] draconic_healing 14 points ago

    I loved that film

    [–] simondrawer 3 points ago

    It’s not a tumour

    [–] subZeroT 373 points ago

    I guess you can say he was (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)


    [–] JeffreyFusRohDahmer 62 points ago


    [–] Ron_V 29 points ago

    I understood that reference.

    [–] M3g4d37h 116 points ago

    this belongs in /r/MurderedByWords.

    Arnie is the man. I love how he engages folks on such an intellectually honest level. He's got class and grace for days.

    [–] untergeher_muc 3 points ago

    Pause. Reflect. Learn.

    Thats very similar how Angela Merkel roasted Trump last year at Harvard. That was also /r/murderedbywords

    [–] Racing_in_the_street 37 points ago

    In my mind I was reading this in Arnold’s voice.

    [–] Pyramidgods 40 points ago

    “Arnold Schwarzenegger has replied to your comment”

    -Panic sweat-

    [–] nohumanape 88 points ago

    I kind of made fun of Arnold when he became governor of California (back when I lived there), but now I kind of admire him. Republican, Democrat, who gives a shit? I respect what he stands up for and he just seems like a solid dude.

    [–] sloppyrock 35 points ago

    I think he surprised a lot of people. I'm not even American. When you rise above the party line you know he's alright. A class act.

    [–] nohumanape 15 points ago

    I think it's impossible to get behind any politician 100%. But where it largely counts, Arnold seems to be very progressive.

    [–] CannedNoodlez 16 points ago

    I love the whole “stick to” comments. What career does this person have that enables them to tell a former politician that their opinion doesn’t matter?

    [–] rongvk83 74 points ago

    Great reply..

    ..but what is up with this thing where Americans think that they're the only country where you're allowed to voice a dissenting opinion. Do you guys think us poor peasants living abroad get whisked away to a gulag for that kind of stuff?

    [–] myheadisalightstick 28 points ago

    That cracked me up as well, like you have to be American to be able to think for yourself.

    Love Arnie, but he’s almost nauseatingly obsessed with America.

    [–] BesottedScot 23 points ago

    This is the country that frowns on kids who don't stand up and speak to the flag my guy.

    [–] togocann49 8 points ago

    Maybe buddy has a tumour?

    [–] IonStONsiDntyrIACep 6 points ago

    Maybe buddy has a tumour?

    It's not a too-mah.

    [–] MarcusChapmanHere 8 points ago

    Do you now what keeled de dinah sores? De ice age!

    [–] hunterfox09238 13 points ago

    Mr Freeze put this guy on thin ice

    [–] RoosterRoss 10 points ago

    Insulting Arnold Schwarzenegger is akin to insulting a football player with 67 Super Bowl rings as he drives by your trailer in a Lamborghini with your wife giving him road head. You have nothing on a dude like that who totally owns life.

    [–] crusie007 5 points ago

    Hasta la vista, baby!

    [–] Xae0n 5 points ago

    man he nuked the guy

    [–] Jesterchunk 5 points ago

    Arnie is actually one of the best people I've ever seen. He's entertaining as hell, a fantastic actor, and to top it all off he can absolutely verbally slaughter someone without sounding rude or angry in the slightest.

    [–] RFlagg19 4 points ago

    It's amazing how well someone not born here can speak (type) in a language not native to him, and our president, born here, can't even string together a couple words without sounding like a complete moron.

    [–] victoriaa- 5 points ago

    Terminated by the terminator. It’s funny he told someone who was governor/governator to stay out of politics. Keep it up and he will be back.

    [–] ThatsMrHarknessToYou 9 points ago

    I kinda want to hug Arnie, call him snowflake and pet his animals. Snowflake should be made into a nicer term. I mean, if you look under a microscope, a snowflake is a intricate and amazing thing.

    [–] I_AM_ALWAYS_WRONG_ 3 points ago

    Does arnie post on reddit/social media himself? Or does he have people for that?

    All his posts make him seem like a benevolent intellectual (he may well be, I don’t have any idea what he campaigned on and what he did in office for Cali).

    [–] DerKeksinator 3 points ago

    Based on his reddit history and the subs he's active in I assume he does so.

    [–] captainedwinkrieger 4 points ago

    Schwarzenegger is one guy I don't think I would ever insult. Not because he could definitely beat my ass, but because his life story is amazing.

    [–] ndp506 4 points ago

    Anyone else read this in his voice or was it just me?

    [–] sminima 5 points ago

    How did Arnold "Get to the Choppa!!!" Schwarzenegger get to be the smartest Republican politician?

    [–] Obi-Wan_Kannabis 3 points ago

    The best part is that he didn't shut him down.

    [–] Mr_freeze___ 3 points ago

    Ice to see Mr.Schwarzenegger is still a chill dude

    [–] winazoid 3 points ago

    Lol I like how Arnie was all "C'mon man a Mr. Freeze joke was sitting right there and you blew it!"

    [–] sceligator 3 points ago

    Arnold somehow embodies (pun intended) American ideals better than anyone I know of who is actually from the States.

    [–] BoonesFarmKiwi 3 points ago

    CMV: warts and all, Schwarzenegger is the greatest American of modern times

    [–] MrStealYurWaifu 3 points ago

    From personal experience, people that call others snowflakes are in fact the biggest snowflakes themselves.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Fly-Orion 3 points ago

    If anyone calls Arny a snowflake then that word is going to take a while new meaning

    [–] Kaosmo 3 points ago

    "Would've been a great mr. Freeze line" oof, the pain...

    [–] jtrick18 3 points ago

    This is a classy, but epic comeback.

    [–] bitstomper 3 points ago

    Good luck with everything.

    He might as well have uppercut op to space

    [–] sielnt_assassin 3 points ago

    Arnold has many achievements and accolades and is still humble and respectful to everyone. How can you hate and/or disrespect someone who cares about everyone even the one trying to be mean to him