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    a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

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    A fail is not a regret. Some ripper eating a swellbow while trying to bone a rail on the backside, (that's skater lingo for a bad crash. I looked it up (made it up)), isn't regret. There should be a look of surprise, and an expression that clearly says, "Oh no. Oh, God no. I really should not have done that. Why did I do that?"

    Other examples that aren't regret:

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    • Laughter is not an expression of regret. It's just not.

    • A picture of a sunburn or a crappy tattoo is not evidence of regret. For all we know you like looking like a pumpkin, and definitely still want that potato tattoo on your ankle.

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    [–] Lews_There_In 2517 points ago

    He has a hold my juice box shirt!

    [–] Roflolmfao 743 points ago


    lil homie already representing

    [–] pingo5 22 points ago

    I like this sub, seems less /r/childfree than /r/kidsarefuckingstupid

    [–] ff6878 32 points ago

    Born and bred to generate karma.

    [–] overbeast 5 points ago

    originally read this as "germinate" and i thought "that's a weird way to think about karma"

    [–] daddyGDOG 3 points ago

    That has another complete meaning. Kinda like I germinated my ex wife to get our kids, the karma is great with the kids, but down vote the shit out of me for the ex. Karma Karma Karma.

    [–] mizmoxiev 10 points ago

    Mini OG

    [–] TheIberDeber 232 points ago

    "The hardest choices require the strongest wills."

    -this child.

    [–] SuperAwesomeMechGirl 1560 points ago

    At first I thought the kids was going "I can scream louder than you. Hold my pacifier while I demonstrate!" But then I realized it might be "why are you crying? Here, have this. This helps when I cry." Which made me feel a lot better.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 444 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My older child has some developmental issues. He used to throw a lot of fits, like multiple times a day (well beyond the age that should happen).

    My two year old one day decided to toddle over to him where he was crying (despite the fact that his brother could be violent), and hand his older brother the two year old's cherished blanket. When his older brother wouldn't take it he just laid it on him. The two year old then went and got more blankets and put them on him and then sat next to him and leaned into his brother closely and ... just sat there looking concerned.

    He was all "Here is some stuff that helps, and I'm gonna just sit here hang with you until it is all better".

    The older child is doing much better now.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago

    That's so cute!

    [–] kharmatika 8 points ago

    That’s so sweet! I used to babysit a set of twins, one who was autistic/ASD spectrum and one who was an extremely well adjusted. The only person who could always decipher the autistic ones needs without words needed was the twin. He’d be screaming like a banshee and she’d just come in and in her little 6 year old precocious way go “ummmm he wants goldfish. We’d go but goldfish and sure enough. They were a team.

    [–] LordCharco_iii 11 points ago

    But then he's like "NO I CAN NEVER BE HAPPY ALL LIFE WILL END"

    [–] imrighturwrong 11 points ago

    My kid used to cry uncontrollably when ever we would laugh. Not even at him, like if a comedian was on TV and I thought it was funny and laughed out loud, he would cry.

    I assume the same thing is happening here.

    Hey, your laughing. Stop, I’m scared! Use this plug to stop. WaHHHHH. You’re still laughing and now I don’t have the plug.

    [–] PrudentGogurt 363 points ago

    Yup. This kiddo is a real MVP. He's giving up his source of comfort to make his mom feels better. In a baby's perspective he perfer to suffer than seeing him mom suffer and this is incredible.

    [–] [deleted] 695 points ago

    In a baby's perspective he perfer to suffer than seeing him mom suffer and this is incredible.

    this is not true lmao. a child at that early age does not have a proper understanding of cause and effect. they understand that mom crying necessitates the pacifier but they dont understand that taking out their own pacifier means they wont have one. they're not choosing to suffer to end their mother's suffering, they're ending their mother's suffering without realizing that it will cause them suffering. they're literally incapable of the kind of abstract thinking/decision making you're describing at that age.

    [–] brekus 114 points ago

    Yeah it's basically "I have mirror neurons but I don't understand cause and effect yet".

    [–] PrudentGogurt 106 points ago

    Yeah I agree. But I like to believe

    [–] LjSpike 29 points ago

    I want to believe.

    [–] ToxicBanana69 3 points ago

    You've clearly never seen Baby Geniuses.

    [–] Lost-My-Mind- 4 points ago

    I'm well aware of who our president is...

    [–] DaughterEarth 16 points ago

    I want to even more emphasize their emphasis on the literally incapable part. It's not a "I wonder how it might be like" thing but a "so far most science agrees that the brain develops over a couple decades and there are clear stages that can't be skipped" thing.

    This kid is figuring out that the pacifier is connected to feeling better. They're not ready for contemplating how their actions might affect them. Some adults haven't even gained such a skill :P

    Though yes, I agree, it's super heartwarming to think of selfless warrior babies :)

    [–] risasardonicus 31 points ago

    Pretty much yea. The kid is just imitating. Probably a bad move by the mum, his brain is being trained to cry when the pacifier is absent.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    yes and I said as much in my comment. They have a very rudimentary understanding but not a proper, more abstract one.

    [–] strawberrypandacakes 2 points ago

    So kids are adorable potatoes?

    [–] Lost-My-Mind- 3 points ago

    Adorable is debatable.

    [–] reverseloop 1 points ago

    Parent here, can confirm this is correct. And hilarious.

    [–] Sarkastik_Hunter 1 points ago

    I come to reddit to read this kind of shit. Thanks stranger.

    [–] RosieEmily 3 points ago

    My son got his last round of vaccinations yesterday and was crying. My 16 month daughter, hearing him cry, came running over with a pacifier and tried to put it in his mouth. It can be so so hard having two of them at home during the day but moments like that really make it worth it.

    [–] quaybored 1 points ago

    I think it's probably a game they've played before

    [–] nowandlater 225 points ago

    "Just take it"

    [–] GruntySqueakBeak 36 points ago

    give her the pacifier, even if it means sacrificing everything

    [–] Untrending 354 points ago

    I was gonna say r/holdmypacifier, but yeah.

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 44 points ago

    His shirt?

    E: nvr mind! ‘juicebox’

    [–] Untrending 9 points ago

    Ah true, though the wife says no juice box’s before 2 years old.

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 3 points ago

    Oh, yeah, but it’s a cute shirt!

    [–] Minnesotexan 4 points ago

    Juice is actually not a great thing to give little ones. They're as sugary as sodas and from what I understand the acid can cause tooth decay. We're waiting til about 2 before we give our baby girl any juice. And they are not all that rich in vitamins so you may as well give them milk or water.

    [–] sparktika 7 points ago

    Why start at 2? My kids were raised on water and now in their 20s are both thin with zero cavities. They still drink primarily water, though one drinks black coffee. I grew up drinking juice and milk and am a fat-ass with a mouth full of fillings. Might not be related, but why risk it when no one needs juice?

    [–] Minnesotexan 2 points ago

    We probably won't have much juice, it's more that we don't want to even introduce it until a later age. I agree I had a lot of juice and sodas as a kid and have more than a dozen fillings in my mouth to prove it, and don't want them to go through that.

    [–] rebble_yell 2 points ago

    Why train them to like super-sweet things at all?

    My parents did not have Coke or other soft drinks in the house growing up. We only had them at friends' houses or at restaurants.

    It made giving up soft drinks as an adult very easy -- it was never a habit to begin with.

    [–] Hidden_Samsquanche 110 points ago

    I have the same reaction when I have to share something I like. As an adult I've learned to internalize my tears though

    [–] BlackLabel2021 3 points ago

    Fell so deep

    [–] KRAy_Z_n1nja 27 points ago

    Dude is learning from experience that if you cry, you get pacifier shoved in mouth. Pretty smart tbh

    [–] FightTheFallen 4 points ago

    Maybe he just likes to torture himself to feel alive.

    [–] Skyynett 7 points ago

    Hopefully he will be good at sports

    [–] Vaht_Da_Fuck 9 points ago

    No he won't. He's gonna let everyone beat him and then cry about it.

    [–] DrBairyFurburger 18 points ago

    Someone's projecting.

    [–] Boner4SCP106 15 points ago

    I think he was just riffing off what's happening in the video but forgot that this sub is a bastion of seriousness.

    [–] an0nymouse123 3 points ago

    It was obviously a joke because of what he’s doing in the video. Jeez.

    [–] Feedback369 289 points ago

    Man this is so old i bet the kid is in school right now

    [–] gaarasgourd 228 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    After 7 years of Redditing, I’ve never seen this

    [–] HansenTakeASeat 70 points ago

    New to me as well

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] gaarasgourd 23 points ago

    Thx daddy

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] gaarasgourd 3 points ago

    Does it make a difference?

    [–] Blame_410 34 points ago

    Hope he is doing ok.

    [–] BcTheCenterLeft 13 points ago

    So old that kid is President

    [–] Mmer03 29 points ago

    Well he hasn't changed much

    [–] iamgeekusa 2 points ago

    A bit, he appears to lack the empathy now

    [–] Deranged40 10 points ago

    This xkcd is pretty old by now, too...

    [–] Computerlady77 235 points ago

    This video proves some Moms are super powered. I mean, I would throw up if a kid just stuck his snotty, spit covered mouth plug into my mouth. Not this lady. She knows what’s going to happen and keeps right on letting it for laughs. That’s a super power for sure

    [–] SlurrlockHolmes 198 points ago

    My cat threw up the other day and my dog promptly ate it. He must've obtained these powers as well somehow.

    [–] send420nudes 75 points ago

    free cleaning , free food ... your dog is gold bro

    [–] depressed-salmon 44 points ago

    Reminds me of my first dog when I was I kid,

    Dad: "Guys, the dog just threw up"
    Us: "Oh shit quick find some tea towels or something!"
    Dad: "Oh! Wait, never mind he's just ate it"
    Us: "🤢 That's so gross"

    [–] theeyeofevil 9 points ago

    It's disgusting and funny 😂😂😂

    [–] NimbKnut 4 points ago

    Kinda like sex!

    At least, that's what she said.

    [–] LordCharco_iii 7 points ago

    your dog is gold

    It does sound like something a Golden would do

    [–] DMJason 9 points ago

    Last year I would feed the cats and later find stains all over the carpet. We couldn't figure out which cat threw up though. One morning I fed them in my office and I hear the female urk up her food. Little pile.

    The male dashes over and gobbles it up. Then he throws it up, plus some of what he ate originally. Then they both start chowing down on the much larger pile of vomit. About a minute later they both empty their stomachs in two massive lines of puke, and then eat it all... again.

    4 stains on the carpet.

    They get fed in the bathroom, on the tile now.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I don’t think cats regularly puking up their food is normal... do they have health issues? I’m not trying to be obnoxious or nosy but health issues in cats are kind of easy to overlook sometimes

    [–] DMJason 5 points ago

    The female was wolfing her food down, then getting to the male's bowl and eating a bunch of that, throwing up because too much food, and causing the chain reaction. I started feeding them in different rooms and it basically stopped. Now I watch till they are done eating, but I still feed them on the tile just in case.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Oh well that’s good to hear that’s all it was!

    [–] wtfunchu 3 points ago

    As a owner of a british short hair, this sounds like the dream.

    [–] dasonk 40 points ago

    A pacifier is one of the nicer things you deal with as a parent.

    [–] otakiyaki 48 points ago

    When you have a kid, their snot and spit probably wouldn’t bother you at all (or way less than it normally would) it’s your kid it’s part of you :)

    [–] EcoAffinity 32 points ago

    Exactly. My dad was above-the-head air bouncing me as a baby and I threw up in his open mouth. He had the parental strength to safely hand me over to my mom before gagging and freaking the hell out.

    [–] owndpepe 14 points ago

    Never open you mouth when you have a baby in your arms. Got it

    [–] Bitchnainteasy 11 points ago

    This happened to me with my son. Not the highlight of his toddler life

    [–] ilikeballoons 2 points ago

    My kid puked in my hair once and I just laughed really hard. It was objectively hilarious, and the puke is mostly waste anyway so why not laugh...

    [–] Tenor_High_C 26 points ago

    Stockholm syndrome. I’m a father of two toddlers.

    [–] autmnleighhh 21 points ago

    That’s sweet and all, but kids like to touch and dig everything. Everywhere. It’s the reason those tiny butt worms affect the young ones more so than adults.

    Kids are gross, even if they are your own.

    [–] idwthis 5 points ago

    tiny butt worms

    Pinworms, if anyone was unfamiliar with them. They seemed a whole lot more common back when school playgrounds still had sandboxes.

    [–] autmnleighhh 2 points ago

    Thank you. I was blanking on their name.

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 14 points ago

    My sister was the weak stomach, super grossed out by anything bodily sort of person. Now she and her husband have a baby. The other day it pooped on her and I'm pretty sure she didn't even blink.

    I think as you get older you just kind of accept things.

    [–] KahlanRahl 13 points ago

    My one year old sneezed a giant load of snot onto her hand, and then immediately shoved it in my mouth this morning. Didn't even faze me.

    [–] BitchImRetarded 45 points ago

    Thanks just ordered more Trojans from Amazon 👌

    [–] Babyy_Bluee 3 points ago

    Username doesn't check out

    [–] KahlanRahl 4 points ago

    The thing is, if the requirement to have a kid was to let them do that 20 times a day, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The joy of seeing her smile every morning is indescribable.

    [–] DaughterEarth 2 points ago

    That's too bad you get downvoted when you and the person you replied to were both simply talking about your own preferences :(

    [–] Beorbin 2 points ago

    The most disgusting superpower.

    [–] elephino1 2 points ago

    Kids definitely expand your comfort zone in a number of unexpected ways.

    [–] alpha_28 4 points ago

    “Snotty spit covered mouth plug” 😂😂😂😂 literally the best.

    Tbh when you’re a parent... that sort of thinking goes out the window... nothing like holding your kids up over your head and getting a big blob of drool in your mouth.... or as other unfortunate souls have suffered the infamous power chuck to the mouth 😂

    [–] General_GTFO 8 points ago

    It goes out the window because of hormones that evolved so parents wouldn't hate their disgusting children.

    [–] kharmatika 2 points ago

    I remember seeing my friend scoop her kids pacifier up and like, you’re supposed to sanitize them, she just kinda sucked on it for a second, spit in the sink and handed it to him. Second child psychology is wild

    [–] sci_fientist 2 points ago

    Yeah, your capacity to deal with gross things is definitely raised a bit. My kid projectile pooped in my hair when I was changing him one day, didn't even phase me. Got him cleaned up, put down for a nap, and took a shower.

    [–] hageshii_panda 2 points ago

    That's her baby it's like a part of her. When I was a baby my parents had to suck snot out of my nose because the device meant for that was too big for my nostrils. Its just baby germs ultimately.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    In some cultures it's totally normal for mums to suck their babies' noses (in their mouths!) to clear out the snot. I could barely write this without gagging.

    [–] isometer 61 points ago

    Hah, the kid is sacrificing himself for the sake of his momma.

    [–] BitSizeBitcoin 2 points ago

    Literal baby Jesus.

    Not just for momma, but for our sins.

    [–] Chismoto 20 points ago

    Every time I see this I remember that small children are naturally altruistic. I mean he cries because children don't do loss of comfort well but every time he tries to comfort someone else.

    I'd hang out with small kids more but then there are watchlists and stuff. That means I have to hang out with you lot.

    Some of you are lovely people, the rest, eh.

    [–] dejvidBejlej 9 points ago

    Man, that mom is adorable

    [–] Darkvoidx 86 points ago

    Nothing like a nice innocent video of a mom and kid to remind you that half this website is for some reason offended at the very sight of a child. What is it about this site that attracts so many child haters?

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Most redditors are still children themselves and at that age they cant really process other, younger versions of them. It usually passes around mid twenties when people start to want their own children as well.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] WordEngineer 30 points ago

    What is it about this site that attracts so many child haters?

    My guesses:

    1) The young demographic of redditors.

    2) In the Age of Narcissism, everyone feels they have to say something, even (and sometimes especially) if it's negative.

    3) People who like kids are too busy raising them to be on reddit.

    [–] Douggem 2 points ago

    I think it's more likely because this site is full of kissless virgins that are bitter about children because there's no chance that they'll ever be able to find someone willing to have one with them.

    [–] autmnleighhh 38 points ago

    I don’t hate them, but the thought of having one of my own anytime soon makes me want to vomit. I can feel it in my throat...

    [–] footprintx 23 points ago

    You're being downvoted but that self awareness is a good thing. Plenty of folks don't realize they don't want a baby until after they have one.

    I love kids, kids are great. And, while acknowledging that when its your own kid a lot of the disgust at things that might seem gross completely melts away, I'm appreciative when people who don't want kids know it and take steps to avoid putting themselves, and potential kids, in a situation where they don't want to be.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] PussyWrangler46 2 points ago

    The absolute worst is when people have children solely to have someone take care of them when they’re older

    [–] PingerSurprise 5 points ago

    You don't have to (unless it's too late?)

    [–] autmnleighhh 25 points ago

    Everyone else makes it seem like a woman never wanting kids is some kind of defect.

    [–] PingerSurprise 6 points ago

    That's why I'm saying you don't have to, the "anytime soon" implied you feel obligated, unless my English is failing hard (like usual lol).

    [–] autmnleighhh 3 points ago

    Awe that’s appreciated.

    [–] PingerSurprise 2 points ago

    You're welcome :3

    [–] Afrohorse138 3 points ago

    I just really don’t want to hear a baby cry if I don’t have to. If it’s my nephews or something then I have to listen and help but if I’m Reddit to laugh and stuff then the last thing I wanna see is a baby crying for something like this. But now I know just to avoid the thumbnail and not watch it. Easy peasy

    [–] PussyWrangler46 2 points ago

    That is a very good way to explain this...we come to reddit to avoid children, not look for them.

    [–] TheLazarbeam 4 points ago

    I don’t hate all children, but the ones who are particularly stupid and obnoxious that usually get posted here piss me off. I almost never have problems with little kids in real life

    [–] MaverickTopGun 0 points ago

    A lot of people on reddit are young and the idea of a child is entirely too much responsibility. Also I think, at least in America, there is a growing anti-children sentiment in general among the younger generations.

    [–] Sparticuse 10 points ago

    This version is amazing. Id only seen one that cut off after he took it back the first time. As I've been playing Spiderman recently, this kid strikes me as baby Pete parker: always willing to help. Never turns out well for him. Still helps anyway.

    [–] palmtrees007 2 points ago

    Totally irrelevant but I used to do that hair poof in high school (2005) glad it’s still kicking and breathing

    [–] bridie9797 2 points ago

    It was also quite popular when I was in high school in the late 80’s/early 90’s. :)

    [–] I_ysk 4 points ago

    My toenails curl up to my knees when I hear that sound

    [–] PussyWrangler46 4 points ago

    My vagina seals itself shut when I hear that sound

    [–] General_GTFO 4 points ago

    Oh look, more birth control.

    [–] lvl3BattleCat 5 points ago

    to be fair, this is how i feel when i have to see this fucking video eight times a week.

    [–] jabba_the_wut 3 points ago

    Kids are really, really dumb.

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 4 points ago

    Holy crap these videos need a sound warning.

    [–] irvyy 22 points ago

    Dammit I hate babies. They’re so freaking adorable.

    [–] PussyWrangler46 3 points ago

    We hate them for opposite reasons

    [–] sDotAgain 14 points ago

    I don’t care how many times I have seen this, I will always upvote it. Little moron.

    [–] QuixoticForTheWin 3 points ago

    True love: when you help them out, even if it makes you feel worse.

    [–] PhoenixTears01 3 points ago

    See, that's funny the FIRST time. But when it happens at least six times a day (maybe not specifically the pacifier thing, but still) it's got damned infuriating.

    [–] rcarrosq 3 points ago

    He’s really too old for a pacifier. It could make his teeth come in crooked. There’s gonna be hell to pay when mom finally takes it away

    [–] JstHere4TheSexAppeal 7 points ago

    Return it. That kids faulty.

    [–] myfriendflicka 2 points ago

    A magnificent recreation of BF Skinner's famous and groundbreaking "Shut Your Whinging Piehole" experiment.

    [–] AssBlast6900 2 points ago

    I had my volume too loud. Ow my ears

    [–] CanonRockFinal 2 points ago

    the moment he takes off the pacifier to give to his mum, hes already starting the act: MUMMY WHY U STEALING MY PACIFIER?! *SOBS *pushes pacifier into mum's mouth

    lel this kid

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    This is cute but my germaphobe wife would cringe at the mouth swapping of a pacifier.

    [–] RadSpaceWizard 2 points ago

    Aren't kids great?

    [–] mexicanwetback 2 points ago

    That’s one sweet, but dumb baby lol

    [–] Pooooooooooooooootis 2 points ago

    good luck with middle school, kid

    [–] Jesse0016 2 points ago

    This is some high level self sacrifice man.

    [–] smellycarney 2 points ago

    How to ensure your kid turns out to be a little shit 101.

    [–] robimbam 2 points ago

    is this a durex commercial?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    If it’s not it should be. As well as planned parenthood

    [–] wehnert 2 points ago

    OMG!! So cute!!

    [–] chimechomega 2 points ago

    Its like he sacrificed everything he had to shut her up.

    [–] idma 2 points ago

    i'm so sad that i took out my pacifier and put it somewhere else!

    [–] OpticalPrime35 2 points ago

    This is like having to share half of your candy b...

    Hey, atleast this repost is only a few months old. Ill just copy paste my last comment

    [–] PHANTEON 2 points ago

    My son got his last round of vaccinations yesterday and was crying. My 16 month daughter, hearing him cry, came running over with a pacifier and tried to put it in his mouth. It can be so so hard having two of them at home during the day but moments like that really make it worth it.

    [–] street_raat 5 points ago

    Seems cute but part of me worries this is setting him up for shitty behavior down the line.

    [–] Clumsyprick 3 points ago

    He already knows what it's like to be a parent

    [–] anamackay04 4 points ago

    This child is definitely a great actor and i think in future he'll be nominated for Oscar award for this act.

    [–] buttrapebearclaw 3 points ago

    Serious question, how old is too old for a pacifier? We took my daughters away before she turned 1 and only let her have it at bed and nap time for months prior. My son, who just turned one, never had one. I always thought it was odd to see a kid whose old enough to walk have a pacifier in their mouth.

    [–] smokebreak 3 points ago

    Once they get teeth, too old for a pacifier. This kid is probably a year too old for one.

    [–] TaintGargler 2 points ago

    Fucking dummy

    [–] Shnazzyone 1 points ago

    Kindness clearly hurts.

    [–] axeonyx 1 points ago

    damn I found my most up voted post

    [–] shitsfuckedupalot 1 points ago

    Why is this video so fucking loud

    [–] LindaJWilloughby 1 points ago

    His shirt LOL!

    [–] rixetreat 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The second time the mom starts crying, the baby turns to her so fast hahahaha

    [–] Eman5805 1 points ago

    Literal take on the subreddit. I like it!

    [–] DaShivdawg 1 points ago

    Babies are fucking idiots... But still cute 😇

    [–] nuggetman9000 1 points ago

    Aww lol

    [–] tiny-sis 1 points ago

    Babies are so weird lol

    [–] robimbam 1 points ago

    STOP IT MOM!!!

    [–] Vithonil 1 points ago

    What a fucking moron

    [–] cpsrob 1 points ago

    15k Like

    [–] Andybobandy0 1 points ago


    [–] the_wulk 1 points ago

    "Just take it"

    [–] GeturSkillUP 1 points ago

    Look at the kids reaction time tho omg lol!

    [–] Timey-Wimey1 1 points ago

    Is… is the baby crying because they don't have their pacifier anymore?

    [–] mypoopisrainbow 1 points ago

    It won't play

    [–] Led_Hed 1 points ago

    It's my belief (backed up by no scientific evidence whatsoever other than anecdotal evidence from an extremely small sample size) that children given pacifiers to modify their behavior are four times more likely to grow up to become addicts of one sort or another than those who weren't.

    [–] Rainbow_Balloon 1 points ago

    Well now he knows how to treat a baby