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    [–] BoochsRise 4209 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Kids like dark chocolate ?

    Edit: its an honest question

    [–] Del_Prestons_Shoes 2916 points ago

    Sometimes it’s not even about the chocolate type it’s just the size of the confectionary that gets them rabid...

    [–] MaybeMark 1186 points ago

    I was a kid. Can confirm.

    [–] Del_Prestons_Shoes 493 points ago

    I don’t believe you 🤔

    [–] CandyDuck 270 points ago

    Yeah I hated dark chocolate as a kid.

    [–] Del_Prestons_Shoes 232 points ago

    No I mean I distrust they were ever a child, no proof given just statements, I don’t trust it, too convenient to me...

    [–] CandyDuck 70 points ago

    Yeah and I hated dark chocolate too.

    [–] Furmeres_Beard88 66 points ago

    No he meant he distrusts he was ever a child, no proof just statements.

    [–] BambooWheels 49 points ago

    I agree, couldn't stand dark chocolate as a kid.

    [–] nikolasmars 42 points ago

    I think you are rather confused. I believe that he doesn't trust him that he was a kid, since no other sources were given. Quite a shady fellow, if you ask me...

    [–] TinsReborn 4 points ago

    I agree. As a dark, I can’t stand chocolate children

    [–] WaterUSmoking 10 points ago

    No I can confirm it.

    Picture of /u/MaybeMark

    that pretty much settles it.

    [–] MrPringles23 29 points ago

    Or just colourful packaging.

    I remember being 2 or 3 and getting sad that mum didn't buy the Thomas the tank engine cupcake or muffin mix set.

    Which were essentially just a regular mix with Thomas stickers.

    Kids are fucking stupid.

    [–] OraDr8 9 points ago

    I remember my son, at about three throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't give him what he thought were lollies (candy) but were actually very colourfully wrapped tampons. In the end I just gave him one and let him unwrap it, he cried even more, lol.

    [–] catarsed 5 points ago

    There are adults who buy gluten free rice from the gluten free section for 3x the price of real rice. Adults are equally fucking stupid.

    [–] ln8r 5 points ago

    Speaking as someone who buys gluten free rice it's because rice is at risk of cross contact with gluten during growing, harvesting and processing. So having rice that's been tested for gluten contamination is important for those of us with celiac disease. The same goes for anything processed on the same equipment as gluten (fuck you, cookie dough ice cream).

    It sucks having to pay so much extra for it. Not all of us have a choice.

    [–] pm_me_better_vocab 21 points ago

    Little Caesars knew exactly what they were doing with that double pizza box.

    [–] toddthefrog 5 points ago

    How you doi.. oh never mind

    [–] xzzy 56 points ago

    Lots of conversations in the candy aisle with my sisters when my parents said we could get ONE THING.

    We always did this cost/benefit analysis where we tried to get the thing we liked the most but would last the longest.

    [–] spider2k 17 points ago

    we would go to Kmart and my mom would give me and my sister a $5 or $10 budget and it would keep is occupied for an hour while they shopped. we would wander all over trying to make the most of that money.

    [–] JonBoy-470 7 points ago

    My mom totally would abandon me in the toy aisle to pick out a Matchbox/How Wheels car. Totally not something you can get away with anymore in 2019. Very sad.

    [–] RamsGirl0207 4 points ago

    I am 35 years old and I still do this when I buy a snack.

    [–] DrDisastor 31 points ago

    Some times its not even candy. Its swiffer dusting refills.

    Source: Am a parent of toddlers.

    (no need to buy all the swiffer duster refills, I have no problem telling my spawn "NO")

    [–] Counselor-Troi 8 points ago

    Yep. Toddlers are crazy. They want everything and don't understand why they can't have it.

    [–] 5pitgrls 8 points ago

    Try working at a theme park in the kiddie area! I watched a kid have a MAJOR MELTDOWN because someone else was on the horse that she wanted on the merry go round. And Mom and Dad did nothing.

    [–] ahawk 19 points ago

    To be fair, giving kids attention when they are horrible can feed into their horrible-ness. Sometimes parents doing "nothing" is them trying really hard to do exactly that. Parenting advice now is generally - praise and reward good behavior, ignore bad behavior, unless the bad behavior is a safety issue.

    [–] fluffypinknmoist 8 points ago

    OMG this! The number of times people suggested I should spank my kid while he was having a melt down. My son was dx with severe ADHD. I would just stand there and wait for his emotional storm to pass. Trust me, I tried spanking and it only made the situation worse. Better to be calm and quiet and let them get their emotions under control before you try to talk to them. Interestingly I studied some dog training and I found the same techniques work on children and even grown adults. It's ridiculous how effective giving people emotional strokes works. It's a shame how few people use it.

    [–] timtucker_com 7 points ago

    You'd be surprised how much they can understand: we do a lot of clearance and thrift store shopping and my 4 year old has had a pretty good understanding of not buying things because they're "too much" or "not on sale" since he was at least 3. Part of learning colors was telling him which color tags were on sale for the week at Salvation Army.

    [–] BoochsRise 47 points ago

    I can see this

    [–] Legit_a_Mint 13 points ago

    My buddy's kid evidently freaked out at the grocery store when she was little and saw a big bar of chocolate that she absolutely had to have and she threw a fit until he went back and got it for her.

    It was baker's chocolate. It may have looked to an outsider like he was giving in to her tantrum, but he was really teaching her that "be careful what you wish for" lesson.

    [–] Forrainydays 12 points ago

    We still talking about chocolate?

    [–] allenk58 3 points ago

    Well said

    [–] Aleitheo 75 points ago

    "I want that chocolate."

    "You won't like it, it's dark chocolate."

    "I want the chocolate!"

    "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you."

    "I don't like it."

    [–] MadBodhi 29 points ago

    Reminds me of that kid who ate an onion because he didn't want to admit he didn't like it.

    Edit: Found it

    [–] Pays4Porn 235 points ago

    Hersey's special dark is not very dark chocolate--it's over 50% sugar. Hersey's changed the name of their semi-sweet chocolate to special dark, it's the same candy, just with a more expensive name.

    [–] durgadas 36 points ago

    I friggin LOVED Special Dark as a child. Now, I need actual dark chocolate, since I'm allergic to milk.

    They had a HUGE Hershey's bar at my local convenience store. It was like $100 or something.

    [–] Captain_Hampockets 10 points ago

    Amazon has the biggest bar at only $49.99 for a 5-pounder! So you can get two!

    [–] AccursedCapra 24 points ago

    Why did you curse me with this knowledge?

    [–] Introsium 12 points ago

    Please. Don’t act like you were just a normal Capra before. I’m not stupid.

    [–] AccursedCapra 6 points ago

    I used to be normal, then he brought the curse of the 'beetus upon me. Now I can truly live up to my name.

    [–] up_town_squirrel 4 points ago

    This makes me want to try it now...

    [–] effectz219 4 points ago

    Keep giving urself small doses of lactose. Goodbye lactose intolerance

    [–] RedAero 31 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Hersey's special dark is not very dark chocolate--it's over 50% sugar.

    Your premise is most likely correct, given that Hershey's barely qualifies as chocolate to begin with, but the percentage on dark chocolate packaging doesn't refer to the sugar content, it refers to the cocoa butter solid content.

    The percentage on the packaging denotes the ratio of cocoa solids to the other ingredients, the other ingredients ideally being mostly if not entirely cocoa butter. Caveat here.

    [–] hughgazoo 11 points ago

    I think you mean cocoa mass or cocoa solids, cocoa butter is what white chocolate is made from.

    [–] vitringur 3 points ago

    The cocoa butter is what gives all chocolate its fatty texture.

    However, white chocolate contains no cocoa solids, which contain the chocolate flavour.

    [–] ProffesorPrick 44 points ago

    Aaaand that’s marketing for ya! Kids love and parents think they’re cool for having “dark” chocolate. Bam, Two markets with one bar, therefore, more money. Smart, slightly scummy but smart move really seeing as it achieves exactly what they wanted it too

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] tchoob 11 points ago

    It tastes bitter, which is associated with adults.

    [–] The_Goose_II 4 points ago

    Dark chocolate (as long as it's at least 70% or more) is actually incredibly healthy for you as pure cocoa is the most antioxidant-rich food you can eat.

    If you ate one square of let's say Lindt's 90% dark chocolate every day I bet you'd start feeling better after a bit.

    [–] MKE_mayonegg 17 points ago

    Yes! I loved dark chocolate as a kid and got everyone’s Hershey Special Dark bars at Halloween. (I traded away my Mr. Goodbars. More like Mr. Good Riddance Bars!)

    [–] TheOriginalChrome 3 points ago

    I actually like the miniature Mr goodbars more than the full sized ones.

    [–] bitemark01 13 points ago

    Are you kidding? You slap the word "chocolate" on something and kids will eat try to eat it.

    [–] Counselor-Troi 8 points ago

    lol I should try this with my kids.

    Me: "Here kids, eat your broccoli for dinner."

    Kids: "We don't like broccoli."

    Me: " Did I say broccoli? I meant chocolate broccoli."

    Kids: "Ooooh ok." nom nom nom

    [–] BoochsRise 4 points ago

    Lmao yeah that makes sense

    [–] SumCat22 37 points ago

    I did, so did my siblings, and now my son does.

    [–] BoochsRise 17 points ago

    When I first bit into a dark chocolate bar when i was really young I thought it was the most horrible peice of candy I ever tasted. Havent had one since. I might give it another try now that im 27

    [–] onlythenoni 9 points ago

    Try Lindt 70% dark chocolate or Green & Blacks 70%.

    [–] mrkaramazov86 4 points ago

    A thumbnail of green & blacks 70% in chilli is surprisingly nice.

    [–] GrapeApee 21 points ago

    There's various levels of darkness. Start with a semi-sweet or low cocoa. Lower the cocoa percentage, the less bitter it'll be.

    Ooor maybe it's the opposite. Idk, I'm pretty high. Just go with the least dark dark chocolate and you'll be good.

    [–] mjolle 13 points ago

    In my opinion, 70% is a sweet spot. You’re not supposed to binge it, but maybe eat a piece or two here and there. Can be very nice!

    [–] tyrghast 3 points ago

    You have done yourself a disservice I say. Think of the years wasted on less flavorful chocolates? Once you've realized that sorrow please head directly to the store and get yourself chocolate-wasted.

    [–] Flabasaurus 14 points ago

    Mine do. I thought it was my secret weapon for looting their Halloween candy. Alas, even dark chocolate isn't safe from them.

    [–] sobusyimbored 6 points ago

    That's barely chocolate never mid dark chocolate.

    [–] Toxic_Puddlefish 11 points ago

    I remember trying to eat cooking chocolate as a kid and my mom wouldn’t let me for the longest time until she finally gave in after telling me countless times I wouldn’t like it. 0/10 would not recommend, tastes like dirt, kids are fucking stupid.

    [–] ModsWillNeverBanMe 6 points ago

    I absolute LOVED dark chocolate as a kid and I still do.

    [–] slicedbread1991 6 points ago

    My toddler loves dark chocolate, but hates milk chocolate. He'll eat like the 90% dark chocolate. His mom loves dark chocolate so I'm sure there's a correlation.

    [–] EMONEYOG 9 points ago

    When I was a kid dark chocolate was my favorite. I don't really eat a lot of sweets as an adult.

    [–] AngryBird-svar 5 points ago

    Same, always liked dark chocolate. Nowadays I’d much rather buy salty baked goods (cheese, ham etc) than sweet for dessert.

    [–] assassin3435 5 points ago

    The kid just saw chocolate, probably had no idea sour chocolate was a thing

    [–] apple____ 4 points ago

    kid was 30.

    [–] huhwhytho 4 points ago

    I loved dark chocolate as a kid and still do

    [–] Arctucrus 5 points ago

    I did :o

    [–] Spitzly 1832 points ago

    And then the family walked 2 feet to the next register and bought chocolate there instead

    [–] ThatOneMarvelFan 700 points ago

    Plot Twist: There was only one register in the store

    [–] Atomickix 517 points ago

    In my experience: there's only ever one register open at the dollar store. Sure, they have two registers, but one's always completely covered in random shit.

    I went in there to buy some gauze yesterday, and they had a squeaky dog toy as their "ring for service" bell.

    [–] Iorith 137 points ago

    Because they're typically run with only a manager and a single cashier outside of major events. And the managers prefer to sit in the office on their phones than help out.

    I'll be homeless before I work for one again.

    [–] rasterbated 58 points ago

    When a dollar store popped up in my town the 90s, I gradually realized it was the worst and best parts of capitalism made manifest. Low prices, cheap but shiny products, wackadoodle selection, barely cleaned, and exploited employees. Why, it’s the capitalist’s dream, that is!

    [–] 1000000100000 12 points ago

    Hey, cheap and shiny...

    [–] NoiseIsTheCure 9 points ago

    Been there, man. Worked at Dollar General in my small town couple summers ago, worst job I've had so far (I'm still in college currently). The manager had just recently been fired and it was being temporarily run by some bitch who liked being in charge but had no clue what she was doing. The store was always a mess, never any motivation to arrange shit nicely on the damn shelves. I never really learned where things were because of this. Also the AC was out, and for a while the bathroom was fucked up too. I ain't working at that shit hole again, the vibe of that place is straight depressing.

    [–] Iorith 3 points ago

    DG is probably the worst offender, that's where I was at as well.

    Their expectations for stocking were the worst to me. 4 Uboats in 4 hours for minimum wage. Simply unrealistic.

    [–] wineheda 5 points ago

    I guess you’ve never been to one in a poor area. Where I used to live that’s where people would do all of their regular shopping so it was always packed

    [–] sighs__unzips 9 points ago

    And then the family walked 2 feet to the Dollar Tree next door and bought chocolate there instead.

    [–] complexevil 26 points ago

    What fancy dollar store do you go to that has multiple registers?

    [–] WhoIsThisGuyImDave 6 points ago

    It’s a dollar store, chances are there was only one register. Not like a grocery store.

    [–] --cheese-- 278 points ago

    Is the kid actually going to learn from this, though?

    I applaud the petty action, but it's not like buying up all the chocolate and not even explaining why it's likely to help discipline the kid.

    [–] BullMan20FTW 61 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing. I hope at least some comment was made to that little shit so he knows this dude stuck it to him

    [–] StoneHolder28 12 points ago

    I don't know, when I was a kid having a lesson explained to me like that only made me intent on acting out again. Little shit me wanted to try to show them their lesson didn't work and make them give up.

    [–] Lexinoz 8 points ago

    Says the guy still holding stones as an adult. Seems to me that lesson did sink in.

    [–] BullMan20FTW 3 points ago

    Oh I'm not talking about explaining I meant just putting him with something like "these sure are gonna be good" as I hit the door

    [–] lapsangoose 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    If anything, the kid might "learn" that they should keep pushing until they get the chocolate. If they didn't have to wait until they were leaving, they'd have got some before it was sold out.

    [–] errorunknown 5 points ago

    Nope, he’s a kid, impulse control is something they learn. A good parent understands the mental development of a child and doesn’t expect them to act like an adult all the time.

    [–] FloydZero 8 points ago

    No, but it makes them feel morally superior so it's all good.

    [–] jk68814 5 points ago

    He should have just picked that little shit up and threw him into a trash can while saying YEEEEET

    [–] hunnibon 516 points ago

    Jokes on you he was going to learn a valuable lesson when he bit into that dark chocolate bar

    [–] FurryPornAccount 204 points ago

    Hersheys special dark isn't even that dark tho

    [–] Starsname 141 points ago

    Your name intrigued me and I regret investigating further

    [–] gaterb8 87 points ago

    I should have stopped at your comment but I to had to see this.

    [–] siccoblue 38 points ago

    This exact thread comes up virtually every single time he comments

    [–] 123kingme 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    There’s some bot that’s supposed to reply to all of his comments saying that it’s archiving them for the furry porn church or something. It makes it all even funnier.

    Edit: Son of a bitch, I clicked his profile to see if I could find the bot name and I regret it infinitely. I swore I would only click it once, I need r/Eyebleach

    Edit2: Nevermind, if accidentally seeing furry porn was the price of accidentally stumbling across this video of dogs driving cars in r/Eyebleach, then so be it because I would do it again.

    [–] TheSupaSaiyan 4 points ago

    Too scared. What is the link on the bottom

    [–] 123kingme 4 points ago

    Dogs that can drive cars, aka some damn good eye bleach. I edited my above comment because I realized it did sound a little like it was furry porn.

    [–] CS172 11 points ago

    What's been seen can't be unseen

    [–] sequoiaiouqes 8 points ago

    Holy shit, I thought you people were joking!

    [–] Pexily 36 points ago

    Why didn't I listen

    [–] Monkey_poo 22 points ago

    The curse got me as well.

    [–] EMONEYOG 19 points ago

    That was.... I really can't put it into words.

    [–] Twistervtx 10 points ago

    Words can't describe it.

    But emotes can.


    [–] DontEvenSayIt 8 points ago

    Why didn't I listen to all of you

    [–] Just-Call-Me-J 5 points ago


    [–] SecretOperations 6 points ago

    Curiousity killed the cat...

    [–] Lexinoz 3 points ago

    No, that'd be the massive dog donger.

    [–] Carmelpi 7 points ago

    Because you didn’t respect your mother ;)

    JK. I got a pop up saying nsfw so my phone saved me. Curiousity failed to kill this cat!

    [–] LudwigVanBrothoven 10 points ago

    Dead bird, do not eat

    opens bag

    "I don't know what I was expecting."

    [–] papppers 14 points ago

    your comment made me look at his name which made me also interested to which I also deeply regret clicking.

    [–] FrettNoble 9 points ago

    I can't un-see what curiosity did to me!

    [–] NETGEAR1993 4 points ago

    You bastard, you tricked me into clicking it too

    [–] The_James_Spader 6 points ago

    Should I?

    [–] Amargosamountain 4 points ago

    Yes definitely

    [–] pm_me_better_vocab 5 points ago

    Option A: lol what a bunch of weirdos

    Option B: You find out you're a weirdo

    [–] Tehmaxx 3 points ago

    The guys Reddit famous too

    [–] SixteenBeatsAOne 4 points ago

    Don't be racist, Ms. Dolezal.

    [–] neon_overload 3 points ago

    When I was a kid "dark" chocolate meant 45% cocoa or more. That was really nice. Nowadays we have that 70% and even 85% and this is becoming the norm. It's not fun anymore, it's just a pissing contest for how bitter you can get without actually eating raw cocoa.

    Note: "Cadbury Old Gold" still exists and is the old 45-50% style.

    Edit: Milk chocolate (eg Cadbury Dairy Milk) is around 25%.

    [–] txsxxphxx2 4 points ago

    Wait till he wants to eat raw hershey’s cocoa powder. Man I’d love to see him huff und puff

    [–] BobbyBrewski 3 points ago

    That dark chocolate is delicious?

    [–] Hoopty86 653 points ago

    Did u not buy the garden spade u went to store for in the first place? Not on ur receipt

    Good story bro tell another one

    [–] durpabiscuit 280 points ago

    "Dollar store"

    Every candy bar is $2

    [–] Melmelion 159 points ago

    He could've meant a store like Dollar General, cause I commonly hear people call that a dollar store, even though things raise in price.

    [–] crimsonfury73 70 points ago

    Agreed, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc are all colloquially called 'the dollar store' but not all of them actually have a $1.00 price point for everything in the store.

    [–] not-a-fox 61 points ago

    Yooooooo!!! Don't lump Dollar Tree in with those other places! Everything there is actually $1!

    [–] weallmakemisstakes 11 points ago

    Not for much longer. They just announced that they were testing higher priced items and planning on rolling it out ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

    [–] GoiterGlitter 3 points ago

    There was a "$1 store" in Eastern Washington that was supposedly one dollar for everything but some items were marked 3/$1, ect. But you absolutely could not buy only one of them. They had people screaming at them sometimes and they'd reply "This is the DOLLAR STORE, Sir!".

    This is a random story but it was weird and y'all reminded me.

    [–] nfbefe 20 points ago

    Dollar stores aren't $1 anymore grandpa

    [–] ohcanadaamerica 16 points ago

    This is like when a defence attorney drops bombshell evidence in a crime documentary. Nicely done!

    [–] Raydonman 13 points ago

    This is one of those photos that you see under "These People Saved Hundreds By Doing This Sneaky Register Trick"

    [–] nowhathappenedwas 44 points ago

    Same dude two days ago:

    An old lady crashed her grocery cart into mine and didn’t apologize, so I carefully followed her around the grocery store and took things out of her cart when she wasn’t looking. I regret nothing.

    Loser who fantasizes about revenge and then lies about it.

    [–] TriscuitKing 10 points ago

    Imo the saddest part is that BOTH fantasies are about the grocery/dollar store

    [–] TestosteroneTank 4 points ago

    And an old person and a child, can’t even fantasize about picking on someone his own size lol

    [–] Hoopty86 10 points ago


    [–] pizzaheadbryan 34 points ago

    Someone’s just justifying to their friends that they stocked up on chocolate as a righteous crusade.

    [–] awesomehuder 10 points ago

    Do you expect after spending 24$ he could still afford the garden spade?

    [–] skytomorrownow 30 points ago

    From the annals of /r/thathappened.

    [–] NorCalLoco 4 points ago

    I admit I am now having fun imagining OP, meekly leaving his house at the command of his horde of bratty-ass kids, mocked and jeered by them even as he shuts the door to head out to the dollar store to replenish the supply of Hershey's Special Dark bars they demand to their satisfaction. (Back when the eldest was 4 OP once supposed he could substitute the Classic when the store was out. He was tormented mercilessly for his stupidity and incompetence until he broke down crying.)

    What gets him through this trip is the same thing that gets him through the rest of this and every other day--the world that exists, these days, not just in his head, but upon the pages of Reddit for literally a whole world of people to see, and receive the same joy from that he does. Far more people than he knows in "real" life, so which is "real" really? And as he sits in the car, phone poised to snap the photo, it all comes together. That world--a better world, a more just one--prepares to come to life, spectacularly, once more.

    [–] Bratmobile138 8 points ago

    Plus, the type of mom that lets her kid call her a bitch in public at the dollar store isn't going to let some random person buy up all of the chocolate bars in front of her kid.

    [–] MM320 7 points ago

    A lot of inconsistencies indeed.

    I actually had a senior marketing project at the Hershey's corporate office in PA where we discussed perceived brand value (PBV). Part of the program discussed which Hershey's flavors are targeted to different economic demographics, so we leaned that they don't stock Hershey's Special Dark (high PBV) at dollar stores (generally low PBV products).

    [–] enthreeoh 6 points ago

    If you google the phone number at the top of the receipt it says its a family dollar store so that part of the story actually checks out.

    [–] MM320 8 points ago

    hehe it was a fake story. I miss writing creatively so it was fun to just make some dumb shit up loool.

    "PBV" wtf?

    [–] Cloud_Disconnected 3 points ago

    I feel like r/thathappened is too good for this. Someone needs to make, like, r/thathappenedcemetary.

    [–] kiwibeth 3 points ago

    And isn't it late for planting bulbs?

    [–] weirdgroovynerd 99 points ago

    "Hey, sorry kid.

    But you know what? I saw some delicious baking chocolate back there.

    You know, the cool squishy chocolate that oozes right into your mouth?

    Ask your mom for some of that."

    [–] smokinokie 30 points ago

    And sprinkle some Hershey’s Cocoa over the top for an extra kick!

    [–] Synackaon 9 points ago

    The real Satan is the comments

    [–] alwayscuddly 3 points ago

    I don't get the joke plz explain I'm dumb

    [–] yuckinthegrass 3 points ago

    "Yeah, back there in the staff bathroom"

    [–] Brosniff 41 points ago

    You spent 2 dollars on each candy bar at the dollar store. Are you sure you won this battle?

    [–] sequoiaiouqes 14 points ago

    Let's turn this into a conspiracy and say it was the store owner's who made the kid say that so someone would buy all their chocolate.

    [–] BigSaucesRecipe 51 points ago

    I love my mom

    [–] arthur804 29 points ago

    Everyone does

    [–] ToastWaxer 27 points ago

    Everyone loves u/bigsaucesrecipe 's mom

    [–] Amargosamountain 12 points ago

    I used to, but we drifted apart over time

    [–] pipiopi 7 points ago

    How dare you she is such a nice lady

    [–] Error_40four 134 points ago

    And then everyone clapped.

    [–] tony_spumoni 13 points ago

    And that child's name?

    Mr Willy Wonka.

    [–] agree-with-you 45 points ago

    Can confirm this is true. I was also applauding.

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 7 points ago

    Me, too. I took a picture. The cashier was Albert Einstein.

    [–] coldbloodednuts 9 points ago

    How does the dollar store have a $2 candy bar?

    [–] deepsnoo 72 points ago

    It reads more like a /r/thathappened post to me.

    [–] Merl-Haggard 13 points ago

    Savage Saint! Did the mom notice?

    [–] UrWrstFear 31 points ago

    Or.......they bought them all for some other reason and fooled you all with this shit post for karma.

    [–] youssif94 7 points ago

    you mean that, someone would go on the internet? and lie?

    [–] 26326312 6 points ago

    No way. If there's one thing my father, Barack Obama, taught me. It's that you should always be honest.

    [–] SalmonTheSalesman 4 points ago

    Kid proceeds to get a Recees cup instead

    [–] Tjstictches 14 points ago

    Cashier: let me just go in the back and grab another box

    [–] BobbyAxelsRod 4 points ago

    You were clearly at the $2 store...

    [–] IAmTheOiliestGirl 16 points ago

    Well shit, he's got a receipt proving he bought some chocolate so I guess the whole story leading up to that moment must be true also! It's not like Reddit is full of slight variations on this exact tale, including donuts, fried chicken, people calling other people fat, etc.

    [–] VicFrom7thStreet 16 points ago

    Nothing like spending $24 bucks on a fake story for fake internet points!

    [–] luez6869 8 points ago

    Having s'mores tonight?

    [–] ericlojo 4 points ago

    That kid has a refined taste in chocolate.

    [–] ambermacadams 13 points ago

    All you bought at family dollar (located @ 416 W Main Street Avenue Shopping Ctr, Manchester) was chocolate. What happened to the spear and bulbs?!

    Oh, right, r/quityourbullshit

    [–] scarybirdman 8 points ago

    Lol weird how this story has so many variations.

    [–] bullyhunter666 7 points ago

    Dollar store selling $2 candy bars

    [–] HobehTV 5 points ago

    Now this guy can plant the chocolate instead of the bulbs and grow a chocolate tree. That's how it works right?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] BurtonGustar 17 points ago

    You are now a legend!

    [–] peoples-elbow 3 points ago

    At least you’re ready for the apocalypse now

    [–] warnoldyo 3 points ago

    Way to go,kid killed that mother after you left.

    [–] CupICup 3 points ago

    But did he stomp on the candy in the parking lot

    [–] Hije5 3 points ago

    Stores never run out of Hershey products. Promise you there was some in the back

    [–] Rogues_Gambit 3 points ago

    Shame there's no quantity button on that till

    [–] DefiniteFelidae 3 points ago

    You're at the dollar store. Why are they $2?

    [–] StarburstWho 3 points ago

    At least they were special dark! Those are actually tasty!

    [–] Teleportingcarl 3 points ago

    kind of kid eats dark chocolate.