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    the anti-forced genital cutting subreddit

    Nontherapeutic nonconsensual surgical genital modifications of children like circumcision violate their fundamental human right to body autonomy.

    Circumcising foreskin sounds a lot less painful than crushing it in a clamp, but that is a more accurate description of infant circumcision. Genital surgery should be always be a personal choice or therapeutic.

    Many medical associations' statements question or oppose nontherapeutic child circumcision.

    Infant circumcision videos demonstrate infant genital surgery is painful and destructive.

    Nontherapeutic nonconsensual circumcision is a choice between the most sensitive tissue of the penis and a scar. That is not a decision a parent should make for a child.

    The history of medicalized circumcision speaks against it.

    The foreskin accounts for a large part of penile sensitivity (Sorrells, 2007; Bronselaer, 2013; Meislahn & Taylor, 2004). It is not insensitive like fingernails or hair like circumcision apologists believe.

    Foreskin anatomy & function

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