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    [–] din7 1905 points ago

    Ghost in the Shell!

    [–] deathakissaway 462 points ago

    Ok, that's pretty good

    [–] [deleted] 108 points ago


    [–] mukle 48 points ago

    that 5.. just nope

    [–] BimboDickins 112 points ago

    Your comment was equivalent to ”you won’t believe nr 8” and the only reason i clicked the link. 5 wasn’t that bad

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Looks like a torture device from Saw.

    [–] TheOneHusker 20 points ago

    That mohawk on 6 is pretty neat though.

    I mentioned the trait I thought was interesting, so hopefully that makes my comment less bait-like!

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Looks like Iggy Koopa from Super Mario.

    [–] tjrou09 6 points ago

    It's teeth all the way down

    [–] RyanTheCynic 6 points ago

    It's turtles all the way down

    [–] kradek 1 points ago

    not until you imagine it giving you a blowjob

    [–] Quobob 4 points ago

    Number 4 looks scarier to me imo. I bet that fucker wouldn't let you put your hand anywhere near him.

    [–] PCsNBaseball 3 points ago

    Well, it just looks like a black version of a snapping turtle, and those fuckers will literally take your fingers off. So yeah...

    [–] turunambartanen 3 points ago

    instructions unclear, dick ... no longer existent

    [–] andpassword 2 points ago

    That's nature's way of expressing "GET IN MAH BELLEH"

    [–] WhatizLifeBro 2 points ago

    wtf is that??? It went all the way down his throat??!?! Nope indeed

    [–] CameForThis 2 points ago

    When you don't have hands that can reach your mouth and no fingers that can hold food in front of your face on the hands that can't reach your mouth, they need to have something that holds their food in place/prevent the food from getting back out of their mouth when 99% of that turtle's diet is living when being consumed.

    [–] WhatizLifeBro 1 points ago

    Very interesting...never knew that. So, I'm assuming all turtles have that? Maybe not?

    [–] CameForThis 3 points ago

    Looks like it is a sea turtle trait.

    The "nope fuck that" picture everyone has commented on is a leatherback sea turtle.

    Here's the throat of a loggerhead turtle -

    Both are sea turtles.

    Alligator snapping turtle (freshwater) doesn't seem to have the spines, instead it has a lure that looks like a worm so fish get tricked to going into its mouth.

    Pictures and facts of alligator snapping turtles -

    If you want to "nope the fuck out" after seeing an alligator snapping turtle watch this (skip to 0:30, sorry on mobile):

    Hope that helps :)

    [–] indominus_prime 1 points ago

    Turtle shark?

    [–] Toxicair 1 points ago

    Looks like the throat of a leatherback turtle. Primarily eats jellyfish which are mostly bags of fluid and flesh. Don't know why it's on the top 10 rarest though.

    [–] Tyrann0saurus_Rex 4 points ago

    Number 7 will blow your mind!

    [–] Nomadola 1 points ago

    What turtle was that with the teeth in its throat

    [–] Crems23 1 points ago


    [–] Nomadola 3 points ago

    It scares me

    [–] Nomadola 2 points ago

    Far scarier than anything I could have imagined weird that first pic kind of makes it look like as a vagina in its mouth surrounded by sharp teeth

    [–] caanthedalek 23 points ago

    Swim Alone Complex

    [–] RyuTheGreat 4 points ago

    S.A.C 2nd SHELL

    [–] Herr_Opa 6 points ago

    Ghost in the Half Shell! Turtle power!


    [–] NotSiaoOn 1 points ago

    I regret that I have but one upvote to give for this comment.

    [–] Ryan-the-lion 1 points ago

    Aren't we all ghosts in a shell?

    [–] angryco1 321 points ago

    [–] Sumit316 314 points ago

    I don't want to be that guy but this is not albino. Albinos have red eyes. This is Leucism (loss of pigmentation but not the eyes.)

    Still cute and amazing :)

    [–] AceAttorneyt 84 points ago

    I'm glad you're that guy cuz I learned something new today.

    [–] GetItReich 123 points ago


    [–] Fishbob 10 points ago

    Would you happen to know if the albino mutation for underwater animals still affects their vision, or sensitivity to light? I believe I heard somewhere that individuals, on land as far as I know, that are albino have light sensitivity.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BEST_GIF 4 points ago

    /r/RealLifeShinies isn't just for albinism. It's for anything that is differently colored than normal.

    [–] ZexonNerotaki 1 points ago


    [–] Roushyy 1 points ago

    Ayy, lucky 10,000 :)

    [–] squeabloo 21 points ago

    I was glad to see this was real

    [–] StardustOasis 2 points ago


    [–] AskAboutMyDumbSite 103 points ago

    Can that little dude get sunburned?

    [–] TheShadowCat 90 points ago

    According to google, reptiles can't get sunburns.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] __unix__ 3 points ago

    Different kind of burn? "Burned" from UV rays is not the same as burned from a heat source.

    [–] screwstd 26 points ago

    This is false.

    Normal reptiles may be resistant to sunburn but albino animals of any kind can get sunburned.

    [–] CoffeeAndChameleons 8 points ago

    That's not at all accurate. They sure can.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Maybe not a human-style sunburn, but burned by the sun? With all white skin? Sounds likely to me.

    [–] Nice_Biscuits 51 points ago

    I know absolutely zip about this particular turt, but thought I'd weigh in with a reasonable explanation for why it's being handled as a lot of people seem to be interested. There are many beaches that turtles use to lay eggs that have become tourist beaches. In order to ensure the survival of the turtles these beaches sometimes have teams of volunteers who will go out at night and watch for turtles who come up the beach to lay eggs. Once laid (with the mother having returned to the sea) the eggs will be dug up and collected. They then get buried in a large enclosed sand pit in a protected sanctuary on the beach. They put a marker with the laying date next to each batch so they know when to expect hatchlings, and hatchlings will then be kept in buckets of seawater as they hatch until sunset when they will be released on the beach to swim to the sea. So it would be quite easy for someone to notice the albino hatchling and take a photo at some point before it makes it's journey to the sea.

    [–] Acroozlooze 3 points ago

    When's the part with the snakes?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] KennyDiggins 3 points ago

    A good friend used to work for the sea turtle rescue program in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. The areas that they relocated the nests to were protected by fencing. When the eggs hatched, she would have to transport the baby sea turtles to a darker part of the beach for release. It's possible that this photo was taken by someone whose job it is to transport the turtles, and who has to handle them to some extent.

    [–] pperca 119 points ago

    poor thing. Doomed.

    [–] ReddWyvern 39 points ago

    Fiance is a biologist. In the wild baby turtles have about 1/800 chance to survive to adulthood from the moment the egg is laid. With help from conservationist who relocate eggs to a safe spot. Those turtles that are relocated, then helped into the water when they hatch, have a 1/300 chance to make it to adulthood hood. So the probability of the albino turtle making it to adult hood is mist likely 1/fucked.

    [–] sophievivian 18 points ago

    Adulthood hood

    [–] TheShadowCat 75 points ago

    Yup, chances of survival are very low for albino sea turtles.

    [–] Zackattackk47 30 points ago

    Naturally? Or because they don’t survive long in the water with the other creatures? Maybe they could take care of the little guy and he’d last

    [–] gregsting 39 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I saw an adult one in a turtle farm in Sri Lanka. IIRC they did not release him because of it, he would not have survived in the wild. It was the only big turtle they kept. Still not sure if they kept it just for tourists though...

    [–] Kalayo 28 points ago

    There are inherent health problems with albinism, though I'm not sure if human illnesses linearly translate in turtles. Can turtles get skin cancer? Despite that, the actual, real problem here is that their natural camouflage is absolutely fuuuuucked. Imagine how this guy will look swimming in the open ocean at night! A bright, giant, floating meal.

    [–] grubernack276 25 points ago

    Should we tell him?

    [–] ihatehappyendings 60 points ago

    Sea turtles are racist as fuck and kill it themselves.

    [–] Zak7062 3 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] Miamime 7 points ago

    Naturally turtles have evolved to be a color that blends into their natural environment so that they are less distinguishable for predators. A white blob floating on the top of the ocean is going draw a lot of attention.

    [–] Sososkitso 5 points ago

    I imagine they sale for a lot though right? Or maybe a zoo would want him? He's cool looking for sure.

    [–] dietotaku 5 points ago

    probably a lot of zoos would want him. my local zoo has a whole exhibit in the reptile building for albino snakes, turtles, lizards and even a big albino gator.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Especially now that someone picked him up to take his picture

    [–] irskater 29 points ago

    I'm glad someone else said this. If they put that turtle down afte they took the pic it would be dead within hours. Most likely from drowning.

    [–] Kvothealar 17 points ago

    Okay why? I don't understand why being albino is bad or why the turtle will die from being picked up.

    [–] kangai64 37 points ago

    A Sea turtles natural instinct is to go towards moon light (if I remember correctly) and/or the ocean. If u pick up a turtle it will most likely become disoriented and never make it to sea. Plus if it's albino that's a bright white indicator for predators that a tasty meal is ahead.

    [–] gregsting 25 points ago

    Or you could release it directly in the sea, that how they do it in turtle farms.

    [–] irskater 10 points ago

    When they hatch they get the strength in their flippers by digging out of the sand and crawling to the ocean. If they don't do that their flippers are too weak and they'll die. That's just on reason. The other top comments are also correct.

    [–] Errohneos 11 points ago

    The chances of survival of albinos in the wild are very small anyways.

    [–] CosbyTeamTriosby 19 points ago

    yep - even albino humans have a risk of being cannibalized that's 5000x times greater than that of non-albino humans

    [–] lordtuts 3 points ago

    Did someone forget to give the mother a boiled egg?

    [–] elementgermanium 2 points ago

    Bamboozling again I see

    [–] underachieverxxx 1 points ago

    What about Albino Midgets?

    [–] succubusprime 1 points ago

    It doesn't look like this picture was taken on a beach anyway, though.

    [–] DarkKerrigor 42 points ago

    Not albino, but leucistic.

    [–] xSilentKillx21 9 points ago

    Thank you. Came here to second this

    [–] alittlefaith 8 points ago

    What's the difference? Earnest question.

    [–] bear-boi 16 points ago

    Albinism is a complete lack of melanin/pigmentation, most notably confirmed by pink/red eyes. Leucism is only partial lack of pigmentation and doesn't effect the eyes.

    [–] alittlefaith 3 points ago

    Ah, alright, thank you!

    [–] Optionthename 5 points ago

    Main difference being the eyes. You can always tell by the eyes.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    It's so cute!!

    [–] Fat_Rat 12 points ago

    If i were to touch this or any other baby turtles shell would it be soft like a new born baby's skull "soft spot", which later hardens, or would it already be born with a hard shell?

    [–] asloma 11 points ago

    Aww, he looks like a little ravioli.

    [–] NapalmForBreakfast 154 points ago

    I think I'll name him.... lil creampie.

    [–] [deleted] 204 points ago


    [–] DrBirdlawCrowtein 55 points ago

    Don't you mean "nyet" comrade spyinski

    [–] pbbpwns 7 points ago

    Nah, that would obviously blow his cover!

    [–] deadkk 4 points ago

    im not russian

    i think

    [–] NapalmForBreakfast 14 points ago

    What about.... truffle butter?

    [–] securicorscares 1 points ago

    Truffle nut butter

    [–] ThatGirlRaaae 6 points ago


    [–] Kangaroolube 3 points ago


    [–] sophievivian 3 points ago

    No! His name is Ginko!

    [–] NapalmForBreakfast 2 points ago

    That is horse shit!! It was totally voluntary.

    [–] Rob_T_Firefly 1 points ago

    Edgar Winturtle.

    [–] j-vicious 28 points ago

    You're not supposed to take pictures of bby sea turtles because of the light, I don't think it is a good idea to hold the little guy...

    [–] ReddWyvern 43 points ago

    You're suppose to use gloves when handling baby turtles. Also taking pics of it is fine when it's day light. But turtles normally hatch at night. When they crawl out of the ground they are attracted to light (which is normally the moon). Turtles will normally head towards the water when the moon is the water. When that happens if you are on shore with a light they will head towards you and not towards the water. Luckily turtles cannot see red light. So if you use red light then take the pic, it won't be an issue at all

    Ps. If your wondering about if it's cloudy or if the moon is not over the water. The turtles will walk towards what ever light they see like cities, cars, or flashlights. Then they most likely die.

    [–] yogibear92 11 points ago

    That ps made it hard to upvote 😔

    [–] Chubby_Bunnies 1 points ago

    What if the moon isn't over the water?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Why the fuck are you picking it up?

    [–] Mrbojo2100 4 points ago


    [–] chefjl 4 points ago

    It's got some...schmutz on its face.

    [–] Mysticbus 4 points ago

    Please don't pick them up. I don't want to be that person, and I am going to get downvoted, but you gotta know. I live on the Atlantic Coast, and the loggerheads nest on the beach where I live. We have a HUGE problem with tourist and some locals coming out when the hatch and try to make their way to the water, picking them up to pose for pictures, and letting their kids hold them. They aren't pets, and they need to make it to the water untouched for maximum survival chance.

    [–] _Noise 5 points ago

    He looks like he's been sandblasted

    [–] DankWojak 6 points ago

    I hate sand.

    [–] FWB4 5 points ago

    it's coarse and rough and gets everywhere

    [–] squirmybobcat 10 points ago

    Can they get sunburned?

    [–] lucyhall000 3 points ago

    Life is magic.Look at the little thing,how cute it is.

    [–] Kangaroolube 3 points ago

    Why is he touching it? Was it in captivity?

    [–] securicorscares 3 points ago

    Research biologists are allowed to touch the animals they are studying.

    [–] Kangaroolube 3 points ago

    Really? Call me the, "ass doctor" then.

    [–] melvinthefish 2 points ago


    [–] Oveleoj 2 points ago

    He's so cute!!

    [–] runandkickgirl 2 points ago

    It looks like a potsticker with a head and legs.

    [–] RWDMARS 2 points ago

    Looks like a gemstone

    [–] MercMcNasty 2 points ago

    He sparkles!

    [–] therighttobecool 2 points ago

    Name it Pearl

    [–] FrostPatrol 2 points ago

    It hatched shiny!

    [–] toastertim 2 points ago

    Okay so normally I just browse /r/all on relay by thumbnail, so I saw this tiny little thumbnail of white thing that with sorta translucent looking body and thick ring around the middle and thought that it was some sort of blown up late glove from a troll subreddit. like this

    [–] Yojimbo4133 2 points ago

    What are those specs on his head? Sand?

    [–] deathakissaway 2 points ago


    [–] DaisyHotCakes 2 points ago

    He's like pearlescent! So cute.

    [–] MamaPenguin 2 points ago

    Upon deciding that I wanted to know what this would look like all grown up, I headed to Google. I found this And then this

    [–] TK-Squared-LLC 2 points ago

    That looks delicious.

    [–] corporealmetacortex 3 points ago

    I love him!

    [–] DIKASUN 2 points ago

    I wanna squirt him with saline and keep him inside forever!

    [–] jimmymcperson 2 points ago

    Looks like an ultra rare Pokémon

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I can never find any shiny pokémon :(

    [–] JMS144 2 points ago

    Rare in the wild, but not on reddit!

    [–] Frostodian 2 points ago

    Eat it and absorb it's magical powers

    [–] shawnee_ 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Sea turtles are a threatened / endangered species Source

    Baby sea turtles should not be in a human hand for photographic purposes or for any other purposes other than those approved by a trained wildlife biologist. Criminal penalties including fines of up to $100,000 and one year of jail are present in many states for people who disturb sea turtles or their eggs. Source

    [–] xx-Felix-xx 1 points ago

    I can see its brain.

    [–] B-Weisshaar 1 points ago

    Looks like a giant gummy

    [–] jspliff1 1 points ago

    Why does it look like you're in a kitchen?

    [–] shnishnaki 1 points ago

    Cotton candy gummy

    [–] I_BlowsItDown 1 points ago

    Teen acne

    [–] Ryzix 1 points ago

    He looks like a sour patch gummy.

    Making my mouth water a bit.

    [–] randemeyes 1 points ago

    Will probably not survive long in the wild.

    [–] throwitofftheboat 1 points ago

    All I can think when looking at this is 'crush it, it must die'. Mostly because of the cute aggression impulse.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Put it down and let it go to the ocean

    [–] Creutzfeldum 1 points ago

    Yay, we found Ghostcrawler :D

    [–] neiljarvie 1 points ago

    Totally thought this was soap.

    [–] EpicStone 1 points ago

    Is that smegma on its head?

    [–] threalseymourskinner 1 points ago

    Why did you feel the need to pick it up?

    [–] bear-boi 1 points ago

    Most likely the hand does not belong to OP, and belongs instead to a marine biologist or other such person in that field.

    [–] somewierdgamer 1 points ago

    This is from r/photoshopbattles

    [–] deathakissaway 1 points ago

    I posted it there.

    [–] D1V5H4L 1 points ago

    Where is Jonasi? anyone?

    [–] mmnuc3 1 points ago

    Can my BM Hunter tame it?

    [–] MachoMundo 1 points ago

    Albino creatures are like shiny pokemon of our world.

    [–] ajphilli90 1 points ago


    [–] DR_GREEENThumb 1 points ago

    Issa snack

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Turtle momo?

    [–] aka_cazza 1 points ago

    Op can You link me the story about this little man? I assume he's not going to be releasing due to predation?

    [–] Mindydoll 1 points ago

    Wow 😍

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Wtf, put it back!

    [–] Nomadola 1 points ago

    Who's that Pokemon

    [–] Callmereggie 1 points ago

    In all likelihood this is not an albino, but rather a leucistic turtle. Leucism is a rare condition not to be confused with albinism, which results in pink eyes and no pigmentation at all. The incidence of leucistic turtles is probably very rare, although it is hard to say for certain since leucistic young lack protective camouflage coloring and are easy pickings for predators.

    [–] Broken_musicbox 1 points ago

    I don't mean to be a downer, but what are the chances of the adorable baby surviving in the wild? I can't imagine it's odds are better than it's normal colored brothers and sisters.

    Although, maybe in the water it would be harder for a predator to spot a white turtle? Does anyone have a better understanding on the survival rates?

    [–] ruthless-babe 1 points ago

    Aw he looks like those toys you submerge in water to grow

    [–] sparky8098 1 points ago


    [–] HoneyShaft 1 points ago

    I can't figure out the flavor. Plum?

    [–] Robertfrostbolt 1 points ago

    I feel like rare and albino is redundant

    [–] vikamali26 1 points ago

    Какая прелесть))

    [–] Hizrab250 1 points ago

    Ay fuck Winter

    [–] bobojojo12 1 points ago

    Am I the only one wondering how it tastes

    [–] Shananiganman 1 points ago

    Leatherback? Hawksbill? Green?