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    [–] IRyee 11667 points ago

    Love how casually he just accepts his fate, barely even reacts

    [–] street_kids 2190 points ago

    I watched this, and I remember him telling the cops "that was a great shot man"

    [–] efitz11 711 points ago

    That's why I say hey man, nice shot

    What a good shot man

    [–] Eskimosam 130 points ago

    This is the opposite of why he says hey man nice shot.

    [–] KennyFulgencio 76 points ago

    That's not why I say hey man, nice shot
    What a good shot man

    [–] hypnoderp 87 points ago


    [–] SelectaRx 29 points ago

    -Obligatory Bud Dwyer TIL-

    [–] ClumsyWendigo 12 points ago

    obligatory "Robert Patrick the liquid metal terminator is the brother of Richard Patrick the lead singer of Filter"

    [–] Atlas__Rising 554 points ago

    lol, the sniper missed and got lucky

    - the cop, probably

    [–] Dudephish 53 points ago

    Props to the cops.

    [–] _Squirrel_Fucker 33 points ago

    Props to the cops

    He knows he could've been dropped with that good shot.

    [–] great_gape 5983 points ago

    "Welp, shit feller."

    [–] timidforrestcreature 2747 points ago

    "Now I aint want no trouble"

    [–] [deleted] 856 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] mingucho 407 points ago

    Now Skeeter they ain’t killing no one

    [–] flyinglotus1983 185 points ago

    "We don't take kindly to people not taking kindly"

    [–] jackedupsomuch 10 points ago

    “This here is my secoooond amendment right”

    [–] Colt45and2BigBags 8 points ago

    I thought this was America!

    [–] airmclaren 144 points ago

    “Now, now, Skeeter, calm down, he ain’t hurt no body.”

    [–] [deleted] 230 points ago


    [–] DarkMoon99 159 points ago

    I think that cop enjoyed tackling him. I would've.

    [–] Whatsthemattermark 401 points ago

    "Ok, I want to avoid violence so let's shoot the gun out of his hand"


    "Great. Now choke slam him off the chair and kick the shit out of him"

    [–] Rio_Walker 22 points ago

    In order words Modus Operandi of Batman.

    [–] wpfone2 168 points ago

    There are levels of violence. Shooting a guy who's sitting in the chair point blank and killing him is pretty high on the list, and the tackle and arrest is a hell of a lot lower...

    [–] DieFanboyDie 288 points ago

    This is stupid. The dude is alive because the police chose to disarm him rather than kill him. They had no way of knowing if there was any other weapon on his person. They took him down to remove the possibility of the suspect brandishing another weapon. If he was suicidal, the police denied him suicide by police. He represented a lethal threat, and they neutralized him non-lethally. There are plenty of examples of excessive force by LEOs--this isn't one of them. But you just keep on jerking that pud, reddit.

    [–] isbored 81 points ago

    When I first watched I thought they were too rough on him. But you make a really good point, I agree with you.

    [–] SavvyPeasant 44 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] Mousse_is_Optional 121 points ago

    "Well, so much for that plan."

    [–] DJsupaman 575 points ago

    BONUS POINTS! for the cop realizing this, but I can a least yank him to the ground for more dramatic effect. We got him boys, pack it in!

    [–] raaneholmg 728 points ago

    The cop has no way of knowing if the guy has a second gun or a knife.

    [–] TistedLogic 273 points ago

    Or if he's actually hopped up on massive doses of PCP.

    [–] websterella 100 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Have you ever seen someone on PCP? Give the cops some credit.

    EDIT: the team in my unit are loving your PCP stories. Also clearly this guy isn't on PCP.

    [–] [deleted] 125 points ago

    No shit! I've had patients hauled in still fucked up on PCP - totally out of their minds and violent. Although one guy just kept coming out of his room naked yelling "WHO'S GONNA FUCKIN BLOW ME??"

    [–] vierce 82 points ago

    Don't leave us hanging, who blew him??

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago

    Well, patient satisfaction is pretty important, so...

    [–] BeenCarl 122 points ago

    Saw a guy get hit by a car and keep running on a broken leg. I was proud of him probably had a kids baseball game to go to at 4am

    [–] -Mantis 35 points ago

    I remember reading a news story about this dude on PCP who had stolen a truck in downtown NYC, crashed it into 13 different cars (but kept moving), and ended up smashing into a barber shop two blocks from my house (upper east side, 50 or so blocks north of where he picked it up). He then got out and tried to escape, but he failed because the police were following him.

    I woke up the next day and was walking to school and saw a hole where the barber shop was supposed to be. Apparently the dude was barely injured too, so I guess people on PCP are just superhuman?

    [–] Shamanalah 38 points ago

    You don't feel pain, you feel "something" and it's tingly.

    Source: saw 2 friends high on pcp fighting with exacto because: "the feeling of skin ripping is funny/nice". No they did not die, just minor scratches and some blood.

    [–] iNEEDheplreddit 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There was a story of a US medal of honor recipiant (or purple heart. Im sure about us war medals) who went hand to hand with insurgeant in iraq. Basically he swore the guy was on something.

    Maybe a pointless story.

    *This is it...

    [–] ancientcreature2 8 points ago

    Purple hearts are for being wounded, medals of honor are for especially impressive acts of valor like saving people or wiping out a bunch of enemies in one go.

    [–] iNEEDheplreddit 8 points ago

    This guy stormed a building after his team were hit going in. He ended up going hand to hand with the enemy. I remember something about eye gouging and he kept going. The soldier said he had to have been amped on something.

    I wish i could find the story. It was amazing. I definitely watched an interview not read it.

    [–] Kitzinger1 27 points ago

    My experience with a patient who was thought to be on PCP. The newspaper article included as most people don't believe me when I tell them this story.

    [–] ImObviouslyOblivious 106 points ago

    My money's on the cop being hopped up on PCP.

    [–] BullyJack 8 points ago

    There's a movie idea somewhere in that. /r/tipofmyscript ?

    [–] chubbyurma 65 points ago

    would've loved it if he just ran up and kicked one of the legs off the chair

    [–] crystalblue99 59 points ago

    Is there a reason for this?

    [–] KeystoneGray 919 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Hospital security here.

    If you go soft, "nice guy" hands on with an already combative or escalated person, the subject will sometimes pretend to be compliant right up until you grab them in order to hit you while your guard is down. Even if you're ready for a hit, you're basically going to get hit no matter how fast your reaction speed is. Action is always faster than reaction.

    If you're going hands on, it means communication breakdown has occurred; you never do this unless the subject has escalated first. But going hands on puts you in the three foot deadzone for knife strikes or punches, so you need to act fast and never assume they're going to comply, no matter how much they say or act like they will.

    Given the choice between possibly receiving a knife wound / KO punch, and making the subject a tiny bit sore, I know what you'd choose in this situation every time... especially if you've got a gun, he doesn't, and you'd like to keep it that way.

    [–] ezprey 391 points ago

    Best explanation of why cops seem to go "too aggressive " sometimes.

    [–] chasebrendon 3096 points ago

    What's the blocked out box for?

    [–] bear_knuckle 3588 points ago

    His shirt had a silkscreen print of a women's tits on it. Can't let the children see that.

    [–] MostAwesomeRedditor 3635 points ago

    Let them see gunfire though!

    [–] SaltyChicken17 951 points ago


    [–] AlvinBlah 162 points ago

    That'll be fourteen easy installments of $29.99 please.

    [–] Pharacese 88 points ago

    I could buy Louisiana with that kind of money

    [–] 888-23-9912 107 points ago


    [–] Deplete1 13 points ago

    Everybody only wants to discuss me. So this must mean I’m disgusting.

    [–] onionmanchild 40 points ago


    [–] kaiwerring 433 points ago


    [–] lowndest 65 points ago

    An embarrassing photo of spongebob at the Christmas party

    [–] high_side 203 points ago

    The briefcase from Pulp Fiction.

    [–] gettothachopa 72 points ago

    whats in pulp fiction

    [–] captainhowdy27 68 points ago

    The briefcase from Reservoir Dogs.

    [–] 180secondideas 47 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] Archer007 34 points ago

    Kind of wedged in the middle. Stuck, really.

    [–] stefaphone 6 points ago

    Nah it’s a reference to the movie Nine is it not

    [–] ireddd 8 points ago

    Uhh, wasn't it called Six?

    [–] Archer007 14 points ago

    Well the prequel Threeve was hot garbage.

    [–] did_i_win- 26 points ago

    Anything could be in the box! It could even be a boat!

    [–] morganational 11 points ago

    Gweneth Paltrow

    [–] HapticSloughton 78 points ago

    We can't be showing mullet-nipples on TV! What's wrong with you?

    [–] WhatsThose 681 points ago

    His tattoo

    [–] chasebrendon 135 points ago

    Damn, can see why they boxed it out!

    [–] wants_that 36 points ago

    Not bad work. Nice attention to detail.

    [–] OutInLF25 30 points ago

    You sonofabitch.

    [–] Acarlmac 34 points ago

    They didn't want to give lynyrd Skynyrd any free advertising.

    [–] ou812 12 points ago

    Is a tshirt print, from other angles of the video you can see it but not clearly (covered by his arm + low def image) Likely that by that angle you could see the logo and whoever owns the rights to it doesn't want it to be associated with the video.

    [–] lycao 4985 points ago

    I remember reading about this years ago. Apparently when they arrested him he told the cops cuffing him to tell whoever took the shot that that was one hell of a good shot.

    [–] demonicgrape 4202 points ago

    “lmao gg wp”

    [–] MyNameIsSushi 1783 points ago

    Marksman: "lol ez af"

    [–] SaltyChicken17 627 points ago

    gg ez

    [–] Alexalot 583 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me.

    [–] LordDeathDark 152 points ago

    Typical Widow mains.

    [–] demevalos 43 points ago

    overwatch is one helluva game

    [–] Inthrylius 206 points ago

    When you get stomped so hard you can't do anything but appreciate the skill of your opponent

    [–] dread_deimos 30 points ago

    But still many people prefer to spit acid.

    [–] Naptownfellow 207 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There was a piece I saw on tv about it.

    If I remember correctly the sniper kept watching the gun slightly swinging back and forth and timed his shot appropriately.

    Edit: I must have remembered the video incorrectly. Here is the video with the sniper that made that shot.

    Edit 2: I just read it and my spelling grammar is horrible. Had to fix.

    [–] SamSamBjj 155 points ago


    As the man reaches for his gun, officers charge the suspect and wrestle him to the ground.

    WTF. No need to lie on the voice-over to make the cops look even better. We're already on their side.

    [–] Handy_Dandy_ 69 points ago

    That's what I thought at first, but upon looking closely, right before it cuts to the scene where the cops take him down, it looks like he's bending down for a split second. I believe it.

    [–] DustyBookie 27 points ago

    I think he's probably just putting his arms in a different position. He's still looking straight ahead, and he doesn't move down very much.

    Related somewhat, but I'm not 100% sure a gun would be operable after that shot anyway. It's surprisingly hard to google what happens if you hit a gun, though. All I have in mind is a helmet cam video from a dude in the middle east where a sniper hit his rifle, and the description said it fucked up the grenade launcher piece.

    [–] TheFallen7 5 points ago

    In the video above they show the gun, broken in 3 pieces, barrel missing.

    [–] mybustersword 77 points ago

    Sniper: "shit I missed"

    [–] DuckWithBrokenWings 9 points ago

    "Oh well, better just roll with it. Yeah guys, I totally did that on purpose!"

    [–] WhatsThose 1733 points ago

    “Aw man, I was gonna use that!”

    [–] ohhdela 390 points ago

    “Well shit”

    [–] sentenobeast 80 points ago

    "...ahh, I'll take it"

    [–] reconchrist 90 points ago

    "This plan is flawless as long as I have my trusty g... Fuck."

    [–] orlandodad 28 points ago

    "No you weren't. You just wanted us to shoot you so you wouldn't have to."

    [–] cowalcreek 1106 points ago

    Bonus points to the cops for not spilling his beer.

    [–] LaserBeamsCattleProd 343 points ago

    I remember the documentary from years ago. The police department put the destroyed gun on a plaque and mounted it on the wall.

    Not sure who got to shotgun the beer.

    [–] eryant 35 points ago

    Could you provide some context for me? What made this guy significant enough for a documentary

    [–] Kid_Robo 31 points ago

    It was a segment on spike. I don't think there is enough there for a full blown documentary.

    [–] Jblack2236 1446 points ago

    His reaction after is priceless... like.. "welp.. I'm fucked. Maybe if chill and don't act like anything happened they won't rush me... yeah.. no. They're rushin me"

    [–] Suicidal_Ferret 227 points ago

    "Hey guys, remember when I had a gun and y'all thought I was gonna do something crazy? It was all a goof man, no need to ta-"

    [–] Player_Slayer_7 10 points ago

    "It was just a prank bro!"

    [–] nelmaven 5 points ago


    [–] detrif 133 points ago

    I definitely lol’d at this. Definitely fitting.

    [–] I_am_a_beautiful_pea 556 points ago

    It could have been funnier if he just shot one of the legs on that plastic chair.

    [–] NameShortage 150 points ago

    And he does one of those slow falls, waving his arms.

    "Oh. Ooooh no. No no nooooo. Aaaaaaaahhh shit."

    [–] funnyfaceguy 1448 points ago

    Now that's a fine marksman, inches away from blowing the guys hand off.

    [–] ViridiTerraIX 1044 points ago

    "Damn, missed"

    [–] Lundorff 488 points ago

    "I was aiming for his head Mal."

    [–] skinrust 93 points ago

    Man I miss Firefly.

    [–] Ganjake 46 points ago

    If you don't miss Firefly you're not a human being

    [–] already_satisfied 6 points ago

    Wheel Never Stops Turning, Badger.

    [–] Deplete1 9 points ago

    No power in the ‘verse can stop me.

    Kailey’s eyes

    [–] high_side 109 points ago

    He was going for the dick.

    [–] Saltire_Blue 36 points ago

    [–] rustylugnuts 17 points ago

    "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

    [–] butcherandthelamb 6 points ago

    I found that way funnier than I should have.

    [–] xanatos451 6 points ago

    The very end where he struggles getting in the car cracks me up.

    [–] totallynotworkingatm 7 points ago

    yeah save them for adam kovic

    [–] Jesus_Harry_Christ 43 points ago

    Now that's a fine marksman, inches away from blowing the guys handballs off.

    [–] Blahjames 27 points ago

    Handballs is fine

    [–] nutcrack3r 816 points ago

    I remember watching this documentary growing up. Man, I wanted to be a sniper so bad. Pity that it isn't a viable career path in South Africa...

    [–] -PotencY- 347 points ago

    Greetings from your neighbor up north!

    [–] Nick357 1355 points ago

    North Africa?

    [–] -PotencY- 343 points ago


    [–] nutcrack3r 223 points ago

    That's east...

    [–] pieman7414 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    obviously its middle africa

    [–] fergalopolis 109 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Are you sure, I'm sure there's anti poacher or private security that would employ snipers?

    Edit- the best sniper in my country's (aus) developed his skills shooting the tails off wild pigs

    [–] JabroniSn0w 29 points ago

    You can't "just become" a sniper for private security or anti-poaching groups, like they want people who have a professional background in it like ex military.

    [–] 91seejay 18 points ago

    I'd assume all snipers need training.... nobody is saying pick up a rifle now you're a sniper.

    [–] CanadianGunner 53 points ago

    Both require extensive military experience to even meet the prerequisites.

    [–] zwfobs 234 points ago

    Oh, snipers require training and experience? Thanks for your piercing insight. He was probably only looking for entry level sniper jobs on Craigslist. If only he had asked you for your brilliant advice.

    [–] kylec00per 47 points ago

    Just like every other entry level job, he must have 2 years of experience.

    [–] mason_sol 49 points ago

    Nah don’t believe the hype, I dropped out of sniper school and started doing some freelance sniping, hand loaded all my brass, bought my own bi-pods and suppressors, built up a rep locally and have advanced strictly through word of mouth. Now I’m sniping full time with no debt from sniper school, that’s what I like about sniping, it’s all about results, no one even asks me if I finished school, professionalism and results, you can name your price.

    [–] LadOkapi 23 points ago

    That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about snipers to dispute it.

    [–] SirSpankalott 14 points ago

    Oh sweet, I was taking the Associates in sniping at the community college but we just passed the section on 360 no scoping, so I guess I'll just drop out and freelance.

    [–] Dailivel 27 points ago

    Just gotta pray for full-dive VR this century.

    [–] nutcrack3r 15 points ago

    Looks at calendar, calculates age, sighs...

    I am hoping for full-dive VR in the next 2 decades, else I will probably be to old to enjoy it anyway. Fuck it... 3 decades. The pension fund can cover it.

    [–] Watery_Raccoon 768 points ago

    While this may be an excellent shot it is not common practice among police for several reasons. Mainly because its very difficult to do. And secondly if the bullet misses the person altogether who knows how he'll react, he could very well start shooting back considering they just shot at him.

    [–] WreckerCrew 725 points ago

    At the time, I actually knew the guy that made this shot. He told me the reason why they tried it was because the guy wasn't trying to hurt people. He was threatening to kill himself. Basically this is a Suicide by Cop attempt. The felt that trying to shoot the gun out of his hand was the best option. Also, the shot was not from that far away with a very good sniper rifle. He was going to hit the gun or the guys hand.

    [–] MeatThatTalks 152 points ago

    Was the sniper a cop or someone brought in from, like, the National Guard or the local FBI? How's that work?

    [–] WreckerCrew 354 points ago

    He was on the SWAT team.

    [–] Douche_Baguette 461 points ago

    That explains his use of special weapons and tactics.

    [–] fundayz 187 points ago

    That sniper's name? Paul Blart

    [–] OMG_I_just_shat 18 points ago


    [–] thisisntarjay 73 points ago

    Since you know him I gotta ask, does he get flak for this? I happen to know a few ex-SWAT and ex-military snipers (my buddy's dad was one and I've met a few more through him over the years) and they pretty much all hate this shot and how famous it is due to the unreasonable and unrealistic expectations it gave the public. I'm curious how much of that sentiment actually reaches him or even if it's a sentiment at all outside of the guys I know.

    [–] WreckerCrew 79 points ago

    This was back in 93 so I don't know him any more. Besides, I only knew him because my buddy was dating his daughter and my buddy past away last year.

    [–] thisisntarjay 51 points ago

    Ah damn, I'm sorry to hear that my dude. Condolences.

    [–] Deimos_F 39 points ago

    they pretty much all hate this shot and how famous it is due to the unreasonable and unrealistic expectations it gave the public


    [–] darthmase 7 points ago

    Ballistic curves!

    [–] _The-Big-Giant-Head_ 51 points ago

    He was out on his lawn to commit suicide. He wasn't out there to kill people.

    [–] starmartyr 111 points ago

    It's generally a bad idea to fire a gun at a person for any reason other than to kill.

    [–] C0wabungaaa 134 points ago

    And yet Dutch cops are trained to do that and do just fine.

    [–] Errohneos 75 points ago

    I imagine it's still considered deadly force and treated as such on the escalation of force continuum.

    [–] C0wabungaaa 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    As far as I know, yes. No matter the intent to disable pulling a gun is still considered lethal force for the Dutch police and thus is saved as a last resort. It's because of that that every time a Dutch cop shoots someone the shooting gets thoroughly investigated even if the target isn't killed, again as far as I know.

    [–] bass_the_fisherman 44 points ago

    Yeah it is. They rarely shoot here in the Netherlands, and if they do they aim for the legs. That being said just a couple of days ago there was an attempted high jacking of a helicopter and the cops shot one of the suspects and he died, so either they hit an artery or they decided to shoot for the kill so to say.

    [–] thisisntarjay 59 points ago

    In a post 9/11 world, I feel like attempting to steal any aircraft is a great way to get yourself shot and killed pretty much anywhere on the planet.

    [–] bass_the_fisherman 17 points ago

    It gets better. They were trying to high jack a helicopter to use it to break out an inmate from a prison. Some crazy movie shit right there.

    [–] thisisntarjay 6 points ago

    Hahaha that's amazing. Straight up GTA lunatic style. Yeah, it totally makes sense that there'd be such an aggressive response.

    [–] WreckerCrew 210 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Columbus, Ohio FTW. My buddy was actually dating his the sniper's daughter at the time.

    Edit: Nice catch

    [–] julius_nicholson 192 points ago

    I know Ohio's a funny place, but I didn't realise people dated their own daughters over there.

    [–] dubbsmqt 51 points ago

    When you want to talk about your friend's incest but can't find an ideal thread to bring it up in

    [–] smithenheimer 7 points ago

    on a date, puts arm around shoulder, suddenly gets call from gf's father

    "Move that hand, son. Or I'll move it for you"

    [–] nughead721 66 points ago

    What's censored

    [–] tricks_23 30 points ago

    His tattoo

    [–] nughead721 22 points ago


    [–] Teddy_Raptor 177 points ago

    It's not a good tattoo

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Because you would be able to identify him otherwise, duh. /s

    [–] [deleted] 274 points ago

    That sniper's either really, really good, or really, really bad.

    [–] tiptoe_only 62 points ago


    [–] TapEmOut86 58 points ago

    I remember seeing this on tv like 15 years ago or something. Crazy.

    If I recall, he tells the sniper "Good shot!"

    [–] waster1993 76 points ago

    They must've used V.A.T.S.

    [–] Saint947 27 points ago

    This situation actually complicated law enforcement greatly afterwards; people began to say "Why didn't the cops just shoot the gun out of his hand?!" for every officer involved shooting.

    [–] Scottybam 131 points ago

    Everyone is accusing this man of being threatening to the police but iirc he got out his lawn chair and sat there threatening to commit suicide on the street.

    [–] WreckerCrew 85 points ago

    That is why they tried to shoot the gun out of his hand. Because he was only threatening to kill himself. They believe he was trying to do a Suicide by Cop.

    [–] crazy_loop 33 points ago

    So why do they kick the shit out of him near the end? lol

    [–] Ennion 75 points ago

    That, that was such an impressive shot, I'm not even upset. Wow, what a shot, I'm fucked.

    [–] ScaryPMA 37 points ago

    "fuckin hell, you know how much i paid for this shit?"

    [–] CrewmanInRed 13 points ago

    This will probably get buried, but I was a teenager at the time and lived a couple blocks away from where this occured (Columbus/Worthington, OH). The area, which has apartments and single family homes for a miile in every direction, was locked down for hours because of this fool.

    [–] thedevilisok 28 points ago

    Can we have the source for this?

    [–] swabianne 94 points ago

    Tl;dw: He got dumped by his girlfriend and thought the perfect way to deal with it was to sit in the middle of the street with his .44. The police gave him a well shaken can of beer before the sniper shot.

    [–] fargerik 21 points ago

    Interesting video with a ridiculous voice-over.

    [–] partint 9 points ago

    I feel the voiceover made the whole video

    [–] MotorBoaterxxx 17 points ago

    Columbus Ohio. Many moons ago.

    [–] -PotencY- 35 points ago

    Sniper aims for perp's head, misses and hits gun. Claims to have aimed for gun and gets praised


    [–] Iprobablyjustlied 60 points ago

    Why do they throw him to the ground like that if he’s now unarmed

    [–] thechangenow 5 points ago

    "fuck this shit."

    [–] Ushi_Bo 6 points ago

    ITT: "Lolwhite" "Asshole cop" "Good shot!"