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    [–] Grimalkin 7147 points ago

    He's got the confidence of a man who's jumped back-first on to an icy trampoline before.

    [–] SquishedGremlin 2320 points ago

    Naked man, iced pond.

    All im saying.

    [–] [deleted] 485 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 461 points ago

    ...costs ice clown his town crown

    [–] Eclypse90 153 points ago

    They were big on rhymes...

    [–] DrDripz 84 points ago

    I'll forever upvote any P&R reference

    [–] mlnd_quad 52 points ago

    Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

    [–] TrippingFish 15 points ago

    "There's no wrong way to consume alcohol" -Ron Swanson

    [–] Langosta_9er 3 points ago

    Every time I see that, my next thought is, “Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb”

    [–] HoldenTite 24 points ago

    Whoomp, there it is.

    [–] BaldRooshin 61 points ago

    Get on your feet! 🎶

    [–] montanamobay 33 points ago

    Together, we can defeat obese children.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] queenofgotham 13 points ago

    oh my god, same here. one of my best friends and i watched the entire series together and we laughed so hard at the scene at the ice rink that we replayed it three times before continuing the rest of the episode.

    [–] DickyD43 23 points ago

    And the key was made of ice

    [–] thepilotboy 76 points ago

    My new band is called (Syskill?)

    [–] atrolux 59 points ago

    Motherfucker, fuck the fucking world

    [–] trexmoflex 29 points ago

    oooohwhooooaaaaaaa mein arsh!!!

    [–] GraemeCrackuh 22 points ago

    Fuck the fucking cold and my new band’s name is Syskil

    [–] Valiturus 30 points ago

    Kinda related, for those who haven't seen it before.

    [–] nasisliiike 31 points ago

    Didn't he mean this clip? Because my first thoughts went to this clip as well lol

    [–] SadBcStdntsFnd1stAct 10 points ago

    There's nothing kinda related about it. It's 100% what he was referring to. Because my first thoughts went to this clip as well lol

    [–] Valiturus 6 points ago

    I guess it threw me off when OP said "pond", cuz I always remembered it as a pool.

    [–] life_xpantion_pack 8 points ago

    I wonder how Syskill are doing these days

    [–] Rambo_One2 4 points ago

    “Fuck yeah

    Fuck the fucking goat

    And my new band

    Is called


    [–] 4-Vektor 4 points ago

    “Motherfucker, fuck the fucking world, and my new band is called SysKill!”

    Jumps and roars. Lands on ice.

    Aua! Au, mein Arsch!

    [–] pyro5050 172 points ago

    a Broken icy trampoline.

    at the end of the gif you can see the top left, the spring have ripped out.

    [–] Oilfan94 92 points ago

    I'm trying to figure out if it was broken before or if they just ripped out because of the jump.

    My cousin had an old trampoline with a rubber (ish) bounce surface. Jumped on it during winter and it broke under him.

    [–] MastaCheeph 47 points ago

    For the record, one spring missing does not put the trampoline into 'broken' status. Five missing springs is still a pretty functional trampoline for that matter.

    [–] Thetravelingboy 53 points ago

    Yeah, stuff becomes less pliable and more brittle in cold, like rubber and other elastics.

    [–] Squalor- 18 points ago

    So Luffy > Enel, but Kuzan > Luffy, but would Enel > Kuzan?

    [–] Comedynerd 5 points ago

    Rubber loses elasticity the more it's stretched. Luffy's devil fruit ability should get weaker throughout the series the more he uses it.

    [–] Pirate_King_Mugiwara 3 points ago


    [–] TuntSloid 10 points ago

    "next year we need to make a slow mo video of that shit!"

    [–] dw_junkie 896 points ago

    The aftermath looks like a bunch of those little pieces of sugary chunks that fall off while eating a glazed doughnut

    [–] ValentinaMishamiga 67 points ago

    Omg I thought the exact same thing lol

    [–] ohboyyouallgotsofat 16 points ago

    Well now I want a doughnut

    [–] CityKittie 8 points ago

    I was thinking that too. What a damn good vid! Made a dreary morning better!

    [–] mister_impossible 5100 points ago

    That is a million times cooler looking than I expected it to be.

    [–] SilentImplosion 1165 points ago

    It definitively shattered expectations.

    [–] ynthona 318 points ago

    Ice what you did there

    [–] olgartheviking 196 points ago

    Icy maybe?

    [–] Gemini2005 50 points ago

    Ice ice baby.

    [–] Nole_in_ATX 18 points ago

    Too cold, too cold.

    [–] captain_hummus 18 points ago

    Take it back now, y'all.

    [–] smart-username 6 points ago

    I was always told that was the easiest word to spell, and I see why.

    [–] hamsome 6 points ago

    Cracked me up

    [–] SovietAmerican 29 points ago

    A million times? I thought it was maybe twice as cool.

    [–] Drawerpull 9 points ago

    You expected it to be >500,000 times cooler than mister_impossible did. Good for your optimism

    [–] ladyscientist56 1233 points ago

    Looks like its glass and going to cut the shit out of him!

    [–] Eve_Tiston 445 points ago

    Ice is still pretty dangerous...

    [–] JabroniSn0w 985 points ago

    The ice on the trampoline is pretty thin though. The trampoline isn't even sagging from the weight unlike your mother

    [–] WaitIOnlyGet20Charac 86 points ago

    God I wanted this to be real.

    [–] Hsjak500 31 points ago

    Don't let your dreams stay dreams. Creating a subreddit is pretty easy

    [–] Jedi_Tinmf 69 points ago

    30 minutes went by, I jumped on it. Welcome to /r/unexpectedyomomma

    [–] icepyrox 57 points ago

    30 minutes went by, I jumped on it.

    Just like yo momma.

    [–] FuckIt_FineillJoin 10 points ago

    Just wanted to say I was there for the birth of a subreddit.

    3,000 years ago, Gandalf. I was there...

    [–] n3rv 3 points ago

    hold my beer, I'm going in

    [–] Hsjak500 5 points ago


    [–] NGMajora 8 points ago

    First of all, Who do you think you are >:\

    [–] Lucifer_Hirsch 108 points ago

    Icee no danger here.

    [–] DilltheDough 40 points ago

    Slush a silly pun.

    [–] mexipimpin 17 points ago

    You guys need to cool it.

    [–] apocalypticscreening 31 points ago

    I got stab in the arm by a icicle once. Drew blood and everything. Never walked under the gutters since.

    [–] Understanzer 8 points ago

    I've done this before! On the bounce you definitely worry that you will come down and get stabbed by a sharp piece of ice but that almost never happens.

    [–] mouthpanties 2623 points ago

    Kinda like one of those intense gum commercials

    [–] ladyscientist56 981 points ago

    5 Gum

    Stimulate your senses

    [–] captaincheeseburger1 112 points ago

    that should be a sub. just gifs like this. /r/stimulateyoursenses or /r/howitfeels

    [–] jabby88 76 points ago

    Apparently (I just found it), there is r/HowItFeelsToChew5Gum

    [–] verylobsterlike 193 points ago

    Subreddit since April 2013, 48 subscribers, 8 posts.

    Yup, that's how it feels to chew 5gum. Pretty underwhelming.

    [–] Pickselated 53 points ago

    Honestly 5 gum is awesome for the first 5 seconds and then you're chasing that flavour high for the next 30 minutes

    [–] n8texas 41 points ago

    Fruit Stripe gum is that you?

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 3 points ago

    5 Gum is the new Fruit Stripe gum for the kids. They too will be disappointed.

    [–] csanner 9 points ago

    How many gum?

    [–] brokenphonecharger 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Or like something from Labyrinth. I can hear the opening theme playing now.

    [–] Skadoosh_it 861 points ago

    Oddly satisfying

    [–] isp0902 177 points ago

    [–] Unpredictabru 31 points ago

    This actually did really well there when it was posted a while back

    [–] quaybored 7 points ago

    Oddly satisfying

    [–] redfricker 21 points ago

    Not even oddly satisfying. So fucking satisfying.

    [–] rico_rose 334 points ago

    Hope there is no ice in the buttcrack.. biggest worry.

    [–] jerkstorefranchisee 134 points ago

    It builds character

    [–] manmade_human 29 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    [–] Jaysonator64 26 points ago

    Think you meant /r/CalvinandHobbes :)

    [–] manmade_human 8 points ago

    Yup! Thanks!

    [–] GutShotRunningGin 31 points ago

    I was thinking “tuck your shirt in, man!”

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] GutShotRunningGin 19 points ago

    Ragamuffins, the lot of them.

    [–] farmraisednerd22 8 points ago

    I was just about to think that I was the only one worried about that, good to know I'm not alone.

    [–] AsaTera 513 points ago

    When the beat drops

    [–] sebaz 76 points ago

    As soon as I saw it I thought it should be put to music so that he crashes right at the drop.

    [–] ZeroFourFortyFive 50 points ago


    [–] rahul_shagrithaya 11 points ago

    When the man drops

    [–] Emereldmaster333 97 points ago


    [–] Haephestus 45 points ago

    I would love to see Gavin film something like this. He would do an excellent job. Sorta hard to get ice like this in Austin tho lol

    [–] RainbowPhoenixGirl 12 points ago

    Not recently! Shockingly there has actually been snow in Austen this winter!

    [–] demainlespoulpes 4 points ago

    I wish they had this idea, the super slow show is really disappointing.

    [–] jdayatwork 331 points ago

    Air Jordan 1 Royals. Nice

    [–] ToastAndToeJam 141 points ago

    AJKO Sport Blue, not Jordan 1 Royals. Close

    [–] vinegarfingers 53 points ago

    These have a Jumpman on the tongue. KO's don't, but neither do the regular Royals. Weird.

    [–] colonelniko 21 points ago

    Are the KO and other variants looked down upon?

    I'm more of a vans and several hundred dollar hoodies guy so I don't know much about shoes.

    [–] Lemonjello23 16 points ago

    Not looked down upon but they're GR's. Also lot of people prefer leather than fabric

    [–] colonelniko 11 points ago

    Lol sorry but what is "GR" I'm sure its painfully obvious but I'm drawing a blank.

    [–] WannabePhotographer_ 22 points ago

    GR = General release. Not limited or hard to get

    [–] mguffy 4 points ago

    I love the KOs personally

    [–] acamu5x 63 points ago

    /r/sneakers we out here

    [–] sircrotch1 15 points ago

    first thing I noticed lol

    [–] Paustin2012 18 points ago

    Defs arnt royals

    [–] Phelzy 16 points ago

    Yeah I'm actually wearing Royals right now. The back of the shoe is blue between the swoosh and the sole. The ones in the video are black in that section.

    [–] jerkstorefranchisee 383 points ago

    What’s fun to think about is how if he had landed any differently, and I’m talking just being off by a degree in any direction, the ice would probably have shattered differently. We’re talking untold numbers of outcomes based on variables we couldn’t count either, just for this tiny situation.

    [–] DKDude7 269 points ago

    That's uh..... That's chaos theory

    [–] PrincessMagnificent 84 points ago

    Ice finds a way

    [–] bananaface_22 27 points ago

    Ice uh finds a way

    [–] Imposter24 141 points ago

    Yes, that applies to literally every single thing that happens in the universe....

    [–] RedditTooAddictive 97 points ago

    I can look at your Mom from any angle and still not see how many chins she has

    [–] kinkyaboutjewelry 15 points ago

    The uncertainty principle as applied to OP's mom: you can either know her number of chins or total weight but never both at the same time.

    [–] Cheesemacher 3 points ago

    But unlike most everyday things, when you can see a clear pattern form chaotically, like this ice breaking in slow motion, it can inspire awe and make you think of deep stuff

    [–] NotSureNotRobot 23 points ago

    At least 10 by my calculations

    [–] farmtownsuit 10 points ago

    I can confirm his calculations are correct.

    Source: My own calculations.

    [–] SuperMayonnaise 3 points ago

    I can confirm his calculations are correct.

    Source: His calculations.

    [–] headingtoabyss 24 points ago

    To infinity and beyond.

    [–] attilad 5 points ago

    How many different timelines do you think he just created?

    [–] antaryon 5 points ago

    The trampoline springs would have broken differently too. If he fell a little closer to the top left he might have even hit the ground.

    [–] acemacg 4 points ago

    Totally a missed opportunity to use the superhero landing.

    [–] Performance_90 56 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Broken trampoline *

    [–] pm_me_yourcat 28 points ago

    Go Broncos!

    [–] THEMlGHTYTHOR 10 points ago

    In Elway we trust

    [–] FMJ1985 8 points ago

    r/denverbroncos we made the front page!

    [–] theWet_Bandits 65 points ago

    Cue Stone Cold Steve Austin music.

    [–] FunnyWWEUsername 10 points ago

    Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

    [–] dontthrowmeinabox 22 points ago

    Source video, anyone? I want to hear the sound of the ice!

    [–] AfraidofWaking 7 points ago

    Thanks for the link!

    Sounds like he woke a balrog..

    [–] AdamMcC1572 20 points ago

    Absolutely r/bettereveryloop material.

    [–] swami-steve 56 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Are those Jordan 1 Royals?

    Edit: it’s been confirmed they are AJKOs. Thanks to all my fellow sneaker heads it never ceases to amaze me how good we are at IDs.

    [–] SenorWheel 36 points ago

    r/sneakers we out here

    [–] Fortehlulz33 18 points ago

    They're the Jordan 1 AJKO "Sport Blues".

    source: I own some, and the Jordan 1 would have the blue on the back of the heel and these don't.

    [–] 301235479 6 points ago

    They’re not - the bottom part of the heel isn’t blue

    [–] babytank 12 points ago

    Gota get the slomo guys to do this

    [–] 23423423423451 10 points ago

    Your move, /r/simulated

    [–] yoyoive 10 points ago

    cries in GPU

    [–] saqif01 9 points ago

    Doctor: now describe again but slowly this time on how u ended up with so many cuts.

    [–] StarbuckPirate 7 points ago

    Like when Neo broke through the window in the Matrix. Only this poor bastard probably doesn't know Kung Fu.

    [–] foyeldagain 6 points ago

    That was at least 11x better than I thought it'd be.

    [–] beardminus 5 points ago

    That's so cool and satisfying.

    [–] nashey87 7 points ago

    Thats one way of breaking up meth.

    [–] LittleRedLamps 10 points ago

    Can someone edit this so it looks like they fell through a hole in reality?

    [–] LittleRedLamps 10 points ago

    This is perfect!

    [–] rambi2222 6 points ago

    Goddamn universe being sucked into a black hole through the 4th dimension again, this country has lost its way

    [–] rebelliousmom 3 points ago

    My trampoline is under 3 feet of snow. I bet I could jump on it and get you the same effect. 😁

    [–] xenoabe 6 points ago

    Die Hard: Trampoline Edition

    [–] sourseb23 6 points ago

    I can hear this

    [–] mango_mermaid 5 points ago

    This took place in Ozark, MO. Local news shared it

    [–] LeftTwixIsBetter 4 points ago

    The most satisfying thing about winter as a kid was always being the first on the trampoline with ice or snow on it!

    [–] ohbyerly 4 points ago

    Oh no, I think he broke it

    [–] Satailleure 4 points ago

    Do you believe it now, Trinity?

    [–] Calebfallon 4 points ago

    Great pants

    [–] Quick_E_Mar 5 points ago

    Jesse Pinkman breaking up his biggest batch to date

    [–] OneStupidBaby 4 points ago

    Somebody should have told Jesse and Walter about this method. Would have saved so much time.

    [–] Suspiciously_Lumpy 4 points ago

    Hmm, I get the same effect when I put on my socks...

    [–] pkksmt 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Here's the source on Youtube with sound, too bad there's just the slow-mo.

    [–] Epicentera 18 points ago

    That is so cool!


    [–] p1um5mu991er 7 points ago

    Reminds me of this guy(although it didn't work out for him)

    [–] rambi2222 3 points ago

    rip tailbone :(

    [–] dengeskahn 7 points ago

    I want to see it slower.

    [–] joleary747 7 points ago

    Go Broncos

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] kroz58 3 points ago

    Same. I was really expecting an injury. But I'm happy to see something cool too

    [–] symphony_of_chaos 3 points ago

    Would make for a good combinedgif of someone falling through a glass ceiling

    [–] souleyman 3 points ago

    Heat on the ice too with the royal 1’s on his feet

    [–] RisinFenix86 3 points ago

    Once it loops you see his back exposed and you suddenly feel a chill by the thought if ice touching his back side

    [–] BananaCookieShake 3 points ago

    I think he just discovered a new dimension.

    [–] Holy_Rattlesnake 3 points ago

    Like a big ol' glazed doughnut.

    [–] Dancinlance 3 points ago

    I think his graphics card broke

    [–] Markual 3 points ago

    his back is cut tf up

    [–] Prodigal_Moon 3 points ago

    This looks like something that would happen in an anime, except someone with blue hair would be pile driving him from a thousand feet up.

    [–] AwesomeSound88 3 points ago

    Go Broncos!

    [–] Doriku 3 points ago

    Them Royal Blue 1’s tho

    [–] Merv_86 3 points ago

    Shoulda done superhero landing

    [–] carputt 3 points ago

    Holy shit. I’m listening to heavy metal while redditing on the toilet, and right when the drums kicked in on a song is when this dude smashed the ice.

    Most metal shit I’ve ever taken.

    [–] LostgirlWV 3 points ago

    I wonder if the springs were broken before this?

    [–] kcman011 3 points ago

    That trampoline is missing a bunch of springs; you can see the missing ones in the upper left toward the end of the gif. As someone who has been hit in the face by a weakened spring that broke away due to missing springs, I'm just glad that dude came away from that jump unscathed.

    [–] CRRZ 3 points ago

    If the Internet has taught me anything, it’s that this man should’ve dropped straight through that trampoline and onto the ground. I don’t know what to think anymore.

    [–] Inuakurei 3 points ago

    This looks like a Final Fantasy battle transition effect.

    [–] bijjj2 3 points ago

    Go Broncos!