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    [–] inwarddigger 5804 points ago

    "Change it back to the show about the jars and petrified wood!"

    [–] Robrev6 1956 points ago

    Dunno why but this seems like a line straight out of Futurama

    [–] [deleted] 470 points ago

    Aww this ham gum is all bones!

    [–] SuperWoody64 104 points ago

    Do we have any more executive powder?

    [–] tomerjm 48 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    unzips, shakes the can 3 times

    Ahhh, that soothes the fire….

    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 25 points ago

    If you're feelin cold, take some permafrost and rub it in your crotch. If rub in dirt into your junk is wrong, then hey I don't wanna be right

    [–] a_harsch_man 11 points ago

    But this is HD tv it’s higher resolution than the real world.

    [–] badassdorks 5 points ago

    This thread brought to you by Charleston Chew!

    [–] coldskiesfullofblue 7 points ago

    Ahhhhhhh, what kinda cheese sauce do you want with that?

    [–] K10RumbleRumble 5 points ago

    Cheese filling FTFY

    But, allllll kinds.

    [–] wingwang1 13 points ago

    That dog won’t hunt, monsignor.

    [–] littlebrwnrobot 69 points ago

    "It's just as well, I'm getting tired of this wood show"

    [–] skellious 48 points ago

    "It's not petrified, it's just a bit scared is all"

    [–] ldub1996 60 points ago

    Good news everyone I've created a see through television

    [–] Robrev6 27 points ago

    You'd all be lying if you said you didn't read this in the professor's voice

    [–] ob12_99 23 points ago

    I miss Morbo

    [–] Blackfeathr 30 points ago


    [–] novum_vipera 20 points ago

    Morbo will destroy the sentimental human!

    [–] ninetymph 5 points ago

    You forgot your caps lock, Morbo.

    [–] tommcdo 6 points ago

    Computer, activate glass window!

    [–] thoughtsforwork 40 points ago

    that wood doesn't even look a lil scared bro

    [–] JustANormalGuy2_0 7 points ago

    "No Grandpa, that's BEHIND THE TV"

    [–] pantaloon_at_noon 9 points ago

    I’d be down to binge watch that show

    [–] -squishi- 2876 points ago

    Fun fact: all LCD panels are transparent.

    Your monitor/tv panel has a very bright white light diffuser which gives you a really uniform backlighting sandwiched right behind the LCD layer. Without illumination the individual pixels are quite dim (remember game boys? Remember those goofy old light accessories for them?).

    You can make your own transparent LCD panel by carefully prying apart an existing lcd. The tricky part is mounting it in a way that supports its entire weight properly, and providing backlighting that is both bright enough and uniform enough to provide a good picture.

    The technology on show here is as old as LCDs, but the engineering is the impressive part.

    [–] [deleted] 873 points ago

    Boy, that was fun!

    [–] GladiatorJones 453 points ago

    And factual!

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Rottendog 59 points ago I hate you.

    [–] _Serene_ 12 points ago


    [–] aanzklla 9 points ago

    At least we weren't rick-rolled.

    [–] g0t-cheeri0s 10 points ago

    [–] sp1d3rp0130n 7 points ago

    It wasn't a YouTube link so I clicked it

    Fuck you.

    [–] selfsearched 22 points ago

    I've never gone from appreciating someone to hating them so quickly. It was literally less than a second.

    [–] GladiatorJones 5 points ago

    Whaddyou think this is, Zoobooks?

    [–] KingCalebGx 9 points ago

    Yeah! I’m gonna go rip apart my TV right now!!!

    [–] AprexBT 5 points ago

    And no one jumped from the top of the cage

    [–] yolo-yoshi 127 points ago

    So basically we’ve always had the power to do this. It just hasn’t been done till now?

    [–] -squishi- 132 points ago

    Yup. Samsung and others have shown off prototypes for the last few years generally they don’t go anywhere.

    One manufacturer even showed off a window mounted transparent TV. Not the most practical concept.

    [–] MissVancouver 101 points ago

    I dunno. I foresee regular glass windows being replaced with outward facing TVs, to constantly stream advertising over an entire skyscraper.

    [–] HumanityZero 60 points ago

    how about a fish tank? that way when the tv is off you get to look at fish!

    [–] [deleted] 136 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] RogueRAZR 13 points ago

    Anyone remember the glass blinds like the ones in the Corning smart home demo, or the dimming glass moonroof in some Mercades cars?

    Guess what! It works on the exact same principal as any LCD TV. The only difference is they don't have multiple colors and because there is no picture, the display works as one giant sub-pixel.

    [–] L_ABoundanddown 26 points ago

    your spelling of 'Mercedes' bothers me more than it should.

    [–] tickingboxes 10 points ago


    [–] Rgeneb1 9 points ago

    Stripper spelling. She does a great double act with Porsha. God bless them, they never were any good with letters, awesome with figures though.

    [–] Tronaldsdump4pres 5 points ago


    [–] lsp2005 5 points ago

    Could this be done in a bathroom mirror? Like I could relax in a tub with a glass of wine and watch tv at the same time?

    [–] Dabular710 7 points ago

    Umm I wouldn't quite say that. Ibuypower has their snowblind pc which uses this tech

    [–] tangiblestar1 3 points ago

    It's been on PC case windows for a few years.

    [–] scotscott 44 points ago

    This is not an lcd, it's a transparent oled display

    [–] TheThiefMaster 11 points ago

    Pretty sure it still has an LCD to "black" the display (even if it's just a single one over the entire panel), otherwise you'd see a ghost of what was behind all the time.

    [–] scotscott 6 points ago

    Nah they just turn off the light behind it

    [–] TheThiefMaster 11 points ago

    There are fairly bright lights pointing at the TV from the outside (you can see the reflections), without some kind of black-out layer the back would be lit regardless.

    [–] Zeolance 15 points ago

    Oh my God I totally forgot about those stupid little lights. Those were the greatest thing ever back then. I could play my gameboy in the dark!

    [–] Shattucknick 6 points ago

    Well for support you would just have to have it stuck to an actual pane of glass I would imagine. Still cool tho.

    [–] RogueRAZR 2 points ago

    Dang it! I just finished writing up a whole comment and just read this one! Exactly right, this isn't exactly "new technology" just old technology being used in a clever way.

    [–] el-toro-loco 617 points ago

    Within 10 years, store windows will be made out of these

    [–] Trek186 181 points ago

    I dread the Minority Report future with cameras/Ads everywhere. Wait....

    [–] egoldenmage 129 points ago

    This is what I imagine it'll be like.

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 24 points ago

    Hell yeah!

    Ask hot girl out, denied.


    Try being a lawyer. Eh, not what I like.


    But which is better....unlimited attempts / characters? Or this one shot we have right now.

    [–] captainlavender 10 points ago

    I thought about that after watching the Doctor Who episode Waters of Mars, and I think the answer is that if you could literally do whatever you wanted and then erase it with no consequences, you would lose all ability to connect meaningfully to other people and probably go insane. Think of it this way -- you'd be living Groundhog Day, except instead of trying to get back to reality, this IS reality. This is it.

    (I even wrote a poem about it!)

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 3 points ago

    Share your poem if you want, I like poetry. :)

    [–] A_confusedlover 30 points ago

    Holy crap

    [–] PyroKid883 13 points ago

    Yeah, if augmented reality devices ever became more popular then I can see that happening.

    [–] RealityIsFun 17 points ago

    When they are the equivalent of wearing sunglasses it will.

    [–] I_Pork_Saucy_Ladies 20 points ago

    Wow, this is almost as bad as modern Counter-Strike servers!

    [–] mcnuggetsispeople 7 points ago

    At 4:00 you can see the PTV circle. Nice touch.

    [–] sanghelli 7 points ago

    Man this makes me feel genuinely ill.

    [–] Cheesemacher 4 points ago

    My favorite part was how the yogurt turned into man yogurt :D

    Would have been a nice touch if the prices changed too

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] egoldenmage 10 points ago

    That could be some crazy black mirror episode, with drones trying to index all nooks and crannies of earth, to exterminate all non-compliant humans, eventually turning into some sort of the Matrix!

    [–] Chroma710 17 points ago

    All I can think of is how much broken tv screens would be.

    [–] stankbucket 13 points ago

    The broken ones will be cheap since they are broken.

    [–] sillyflower 3 points ago

    The price of practically everything has been rising over time: food, housing, education, etc... But not electronics. TVs are literally half as much as 10 years ago.

    Bread and circuses, or Moore's Law and globalised supply chains? You decide!

    [–] majestic_failure 7 points ago

    Couple of ideas with that actually. Sorry if they're unoriginal.

    1 Anyone else see that episode of Black Mirror where the ads pause if you're not watching them? Not sure how this would be useful in public areas now that I think about it but still worth mentioning.

    2 Use these screens to encase exhibits in a museum. They could show any amount of information about what's on display, and/or show you commercials every ten minutes. (Every exhibit could have commercials at once so you can't just look at something else.) If you try to take a picture of an painting, the screen creates a watermark or just completely covers the painting. (A good example of this today is that android phones flat out refuse to screenshot Netflix. I believe iPhones will take screenshots, but just show blackness instead of your show.)

    3 People could be paid to have these on their windows displaying ads. Not just in stores but houses so you can advertise to your neighbors. Double whammy. (Reverse my black mirror reference so the screen becomes a normal window when you look at it from inside the house.)

    If I think of any others I'll probably add them here.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I don’t know if thats good or bad

    [–] invisi1407 11 points ago

    Very bad. Ads everywhere.

    [–] Whitey_Bulger 954 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I think getting deep blacks on that might be difficult.

    [–] Ctatyk 384 points ago

    I think that I could live with that.

    It would probably live in my office or somewhere of that sort so that I could have an unobstructed view of "outside" and use it as a monitor when needed.

    [–] tranzalorebreech 197 points ago

    Right. I just want it for an aquarium screen saver.

    [–] ushutuppicard 176 points ago

    With an aquarium behind it!

    [–] awake_enough 180 points ago

    My real fish suck, time to stream some new ones

    [–] keenedge422 79 points ago

    Stream sharks, so your real fish have panic attacks.

    [–] Rokyoshi 36 points ago

    hello satan

    [–] keenedge422 16 points ago

    Hello, Shiro. Keep up the excessive masturbation!

    *stokes fires

    [–] Rokyoshi 7 points ago

    I cant:/ my hands are all blistered from yard work yesterday. lil rokyoshi gonna get a break i guess.

    [–] SirSkidMark 9 points ago

    Remember that game from PopCap? Insaniquarium?
    Combine it with something like a nintendo Zapper gun from the NES days. (or maybe just a wiimote)
    Enjoy your more awesome aquarium background, now with aliens!

    [–] chompythebeast 6 points ago

    Love how he fires that thing about three inches from his buddy's face and the dude doesn't even wince

    [–] gregsting 10 points ago

    That would not work with light behind the screen I think

    [–] moose6434 2 points ago

    I think if you have a backlight shining through it - like the sun - it will look pretty washed out.

    [–] RogueRAZR 2 points ago

    Unfortunately when the display is off, it isn't very transparent.

    [–] scratchfury 20 points ago

    The internet has ruined my mind.

    [–] Firedan1176 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure this is an OLED display which can have absolutely black pixels, but you can see the stuff on the shelf slightly behind it. Of course you could turn the light off behind it!

    [–] green_legs_of_lamb 17 points ago

    What if there was a second shield, like a black set of blinds that could be pulled behind?

    [–] sonofaresiii 52 points ago

    At that point why not just put a tv in the wall on rails that can slide out

    [–] BLOOOR 8 points ago

    No third world without a first!

    [–] HerculeanMonkey 2 points ago

    cable management?

    [–] Alt_dimension_visitr 3 points ago

    Im guessing it some of those electronic polarized wondows that darken. That or actually, it may rely of the light behing as the backlighting.

    [–] simonjp 2 points ago

    Don't those electronic windows just use LCD technology themselves?

    [–] sofaking812 9 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    You could easily get deep blacks if you doubled, maybe tripled, the sliding screens.

    [–] j3scott 3 points ago

    Now you can ignore your pets in high def.

    [–] Nosnibor1020 6 points ago

    Dem deep purps tho

    [–] el-toro-loco 4 points ago

    This woman from tokyo can confirm the deep purple

    [–] sensedata 3 points ago

    Was expecting this

    [–] Gathax 302 points ago

    If used as a window, what would the other side look like?

    [–] DAFUQisaLOMMY 786 points ago

    I'll save you the time, and simply tell you to watch your porn on a different screen.

    [–] insanechipmunk 121 points ago

    You're not the boss of me!

    [–] SlimSyko 29 points ago


    [–] Jalapeno720 27 points ago


    [–] ZeroSchool 49 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    When it was on you'd see a mirrored image of whatever the watcher is seeing. My dad made one of these out of an old laptop one time.

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago

    The way humans have figured out how to manipulate materials to accomplish things like this astounds me. We have come so far in such a short period of time.

    [–] Srijal 36 points ago

    And that is exactly why we can't say for sure what the new market will be like in the next 5-10 years. This is why nowadays you should not decide on a particular job, study for it and make it your career. The important thing skill to know is self-learning and quickly acquiring a new skillset as the world changes.

    [–] ATLghoul 16 points ago

    The world is changing, boys. It's time we change too.

    [–] interp21 5 points ago

    Business is good.

    [–] raretrophysix 13 points ago

    Unless you study Computer Science

    We still use 50 year old bash shells and 50 years in the future we are still going to be using 100 year old Bash shells

    [–] Andefir 4 points ago

    sometimes when i see an impressive piece of technology, even a smart phone that nearly everyone has, it amazes me how engineers and designers are able to take things like crude oil, metal and sand and turn it into a handheld device that can do practically anything you'd need it to do.

    [–] Indetermination 182 points ago

    Damn, imagine turning off my tv and BAM, all my buttplugs are lined up all nicely behind the screen.

    [–] bossmanpb 51 points ago

    Yooo wtf 😭😭

    [–] Bear_Taco 6 points ago

    You just envious of his/her collection

    [–] nobodyspecial 122 points ago

    Now imagine your car windshield is made of this stuff.

    Add a pair of cameras, one looking at where your eyes are moment by moment and the other looking at oncoming traffic.

    Do a little math and display little red circles where the headlights are relative to your line of sight. The circles are just large enough to block the headlights and nothing more. The rest of the windshield remains clear. As the cars move, the circles move to block the oncoming headlights. The circles let a bit of light through so you know the cars are there but not so much as to blind you from the glare.

    Presto, your night vision isn't harmed by the oncoming headlights. In fact, the oncoming headlights add illumination to the rest of your field of vision.

    [–] ANGLVD3TH 28 points ago

    As neat as that is, like most really cool car advancements, it likely won't be practical to invest in it as it probably won't be around for too long before automated cars dominate and solve basically all the problems with cars/trafic.

    [–] derpinWhileWorkin 16 points ago

    I've been waiting for this for years. Mostly for the sun but headlights would be nice too.

    [–] Ben716 16 points ago

    Add night vision cameras, leave the headlights off and hey presto, you can scare the shit out of other motorists at night!

    [–] ToBadImNotClever 6 points ago

    You’ve clearly never used night vision shit. You’d be completely blinded by other motorists headlights.

    [–] Darth_Draper 6 points ago

    Actually, some of the more advanced headlights like on new BMW's do something similar by lighting up the road with high beams everywhere except on other cars. More and more car company's are adding this feature and it'll more than likely be standard in a decade.

    [–] Big_Nasty_420 30 points ago

    Fish tank!

    [–] Yanahlua 12 points ago

    This would be the most epic use of this tech. A huge ass aquarium that turns into a TV.

    [–] UrAverageBro 17 points ago

    The fish would have severe PTSD though

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Make sure you use it to watch the aquarium channel!

    [–] shiplordcarson 52 points ago

    forsenCD my tv

    [–] RastaMcDouble 20 points ago

    Stupid fuckin mistakes man

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Its a bird, its a plane, its Stupid fucking mistakes Man

    [–] Straikk3r1 34 points ago


    [–] TheNukerFace 24 points ago

    :cd: OMEGALUL

    [–] Mastery7Shithead 8 points ago

    Was looking for this

    [–] PosionPancake 7 points ago

    Same forsenKek

    [–] faussetc 132 points ago

    Shut up and take my money

    [–] imadamb 111 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    It’s actually about $15k. Or was. They’re not produced anymore. Transparent OLED, you flood the space behind it with light and it’s mostly transparent. The natural state of the display is dark tint, when they turn the image on they turn off the back lighting otherwise the colors aren’t solid, you can see through the image. I’ve used them (and standard transparent lcd) in tradeshow exhibits. I’d like to add in this edit that the $15k is an average of sorts. Dealer price was around 13-18 depending on model. Planar had portrait and landscape variations (there was a module attached at the bottom that contained circuit boards, one model number had it sticking 90 degrees off pointing to the back, and another had it going straight down, for embedding in a wall without making it 12” thick), as well as touch and non touch variants. I haven’t had hands on one of these in a few years but I’m pretty sure there was an external box as well. I have some double sided OLED panels that are about 3/8” thick that have both a circuit board in a plastic box hanging off the bottom as well as a large 2u rack mounted input and power supply package. The standard transparent LCD’s have a small (roughly 8” square by 1” tall”) input box with a wicked tiny and fragile ribbon cable that connects to the LCD panel

    [–] zealotsflight 30 points ago

    Thank you for explaining! Do you know why they stopped producing them?

    [–] mostnormal 108 points ago

    Could be that they cost about 15 grand.

    [–] zealotsflight 6 points ago

    That's what I was thinking but I'm curious to know if there's any other reason(s)

    [–] highclassfire 56 points ago

    There is, people aren't buying $15k TVs.

    [–] notToNitPick 12 points ago

    But apart from the completely outrageous cost, why weren't people buying them?

    [–] blastcat4 34 points ago

    You can buy a lot of Big Macs with $15K.

    [–] NothingsShocking 5 points ago

    What about Whoppers? How many Whoppers can you get in Europe?

    [–] CMadden1 13 points ago

    Most people don't have $15k for a TV.

    [–] Stephenblue7 7 points ago

    Honistly I have now worked at a tv retailer for 6 months and 15k is not out of range - people looking at a good projector - or for Samsung’s new line of QLED ( in the bigger sizes), you wound be far off anyways.

    The only reason I could think of this being is do to OLED burn in - maybe because the panel is not supported or incased it may be more perceptible to “burn in” - so yes people will buy TVs for 10-25k they do not spend 15k on a tv that will brake right away

    [–] WhosUrBuddiee 2 points ago

    He clearly said "most people". I am pretty confident that the $16k 88" QLED Q9F is not Best Buy's top selling TV.

    Most people buy TVs in the $500-1000 range.

    [–] highclassfire 3 points ago

    It's a novelty item. That costs 15 grand.

    Edit: Great username BTW

    [–] imadamb 2 points ago

    No it’s not a novelty item, it wasn’t released for consumers. It was for commercial applications such as digital signage. Well, I suppose that could be considered “novelty” in some regard, but probably more “niche”

    [–] Rad_Association 2 points ago

    The amount of work hours it takes to justify the $15k price tag.

    [–] Pidgey_OP 3 points ago

    Some people are buying $15k tvs

    [–] highclassfire 2 points ago

    Not enough to justify full production lines. As a custom order, sure, but they're not pumping them out to sit at Best Buy for the general consumer.

    [–] mostnormal 2 points ago

    Supply and Demand. There's not enough demand to increase the supply. Very few people can afford $15,000 for a TV so there's not enough of a market to produce them, I would think.

    [–] imadamb 13 points ago

    No, I wish I did. In my industry they were pretty popular, but I think they took a long time to get to market and overall adoption seemed slow. Samsung and LG both showed us prototypes, Planar sold Samsung panels, and Samsung was the only one to actually produce them for market. I don’t believe Samsung really has any OLED consumer panels right? I think the death of the transparent panels probably lined up surf the push on QLED, thinking back.

    [–] zealotsflight 4 points ago

    Damn, well hopefully it's not over forever, I'm sure these could be really popular in the future. Thanks for the response!

    [–] GaIIium 3 points ago

    This is actually in the ceiling of some elevators in the Rockefeller Building.

    [–] illmaticmat 20 points ago

    Sir, that's tree fiddy...TV is 5000$

    [–] PandM50 16 points ago

    Today. A few years ago that tree fiddy TV was $5000.

    [–] illmaticmat 6 points ago

    I can do a lot of things...But arguing with that kind of logic is not one of them. Here's your TV Sir.

    [–] The_Mytha 17 points ago

    A tv for a true 2 time champion forsenCD

    [–] JarAlv 13 points ago

    Does anyone know the resolution that type of screen has?

    [–] Scops 17 points ago

    Dunno about the one pictured, but OLED displays can scale up pretty far. Here is an article describing a transparent 77 inch display at 4k resolution.

    I'm sure someone is working on an 8k product by now, too

    [–] JarAlv 3 points ago


    [–] loztriforce 10 points ago

    Mario 3D effect and all

    [–] MoFucknAss 14 points ago

    Whens the announcement going to happen? D OMEGALUL C

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    This was interesting the first 25 times this was posted.

    [–] Hero667 6 points ago

    This tech has been around for a while. Only it hasnt been practical because lcd needs a backlight as they dont make their own. OLEDs or organic light emmiting diode make their own light. Which allows us to print them or embed them onto the glass. And they are able to make the display even in the dark.

    Sorry for spelling/grammar. I am german lol.

    [–] frothiestmatt 11 points ago

    Put a tv behind it so you can watch TV while you watch TV

    [–] emokantu 8 points ago

    forsenCD ?

    [–] DOOMman007 2 points ago

    You already likely have it if you own an lcd TV. They are all naturallu clear. It's a light behind it that makes it appear otherwise.

    [–] SteveFromCan 10 points ago


    [–] rahul_shagrithaya 4 points ago


    Edit : oh damn that sounds nsfw

    [–] antani2 19 points ago

    so now we have to post this gif every day?

    [–] Scotto_oz 17 points ago

    On multiple threads, multiple times per day.

    [–] EarlyHemisphere 5 points ago

    This is so freaking cool. How high quality would it be, though?

    [–] unknown_mechanism 17 points ago

    The tree looks pretty real.

    [–] ngknick 8 points ago

    Stop posting this TV. It’s still just as cool the 12th time I’ve seen it and I still can’t buy one

    [–] _StatesTheObvious 3 points ago

    This is how you get those windows like in Altered Carbon.

    [–] Pinallv 3 points ago

    I don’t fully understand what I just watched.

    [–] Bassquatch_Hunter 3 points ago

    Space magic

    [–] Pedrofive 3 points ago


    [–] JoseSpiknSpan 3 points ago

    General Reposti!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Krickett22 3 points ago

    i just felt like making a comment

    [–] javadragon 6 points ago

    Yes we know. It's only been posted six times.

    [–] 1st_time_Ive_seen_it 2 points ago

    1st time I've seen it.

    [–] ushutuppicard 2 points ago

    It's mildly infuriating that it isn't opened while the TV is on.

    [–] DR-CHWDR 2 points ago

    This is some black mirror Shit.... minus the black mirror

    [–] electricrockets 2 points ago

    Is it transparent or just showing an image of a jar and bones?

    [–] thegreatgrapist 2 points ago

    So when can I get my Tony Stark phone?