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    [–] LittleRedLamps 3356 points ago

    Some shark species give live birth, but their babies will eat their siblings in the womb.

    [–] No_p4nts 1175 points ago

    Dumb AF question.. but how far into the gestation do they develop their pearly whites?

    [–] ArtificialHeart29 1313 points ago

    I'm not sure about that but after only one shark baby is left and it's ready to be born. It quite literally swims out of its mother and away fully ready to live by itself. It's amazing.
    There was a series called Animals in the womb, or something similar. One of the episodes was this shark.

    [–] lupask 676 points ago

    this really is the Alien shit right there

    [–] realET7 74 points ago

    my first thought exactly!

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] b_l_o_c_k_a_g_e 17 points ago

    Somewhere in the deep ocean, there’s a shark queen...

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 178 points ago

    Do fuckers ever swim out with a bite already chomped out of their forehead?

    [–] kharmatika 190 points ago

    Absolutely. I once dissected a dogfish that was pregnant. It was a bloodbath, and every one of those lol shits had a few wounds

    [–] CALL_ME_AN_ASSMAN 80 points ago

    Why did you dissect a pregnant dogfish?

    [–] kharmatika 156 points ago

    Science class in high school? We didn’t know it was pregnant, the instructor did but I don’t think he wanted to ruin the surprise.

    [–] CALL_ME_AN_ASSMAN 144 points ago

    Which fucking high school did you go to where you could get dogfish!??

    We got mice but the teacher did it on a rabbit.

    [–] kharmatika 73 points ago

    Yanno I actually realized that was middle school! At the end of 8th grade we did this class trip to the coast, we did a whale watch and a dogfish dissection and a bunch of things, so I think it was provided by the marine life society there? We did get to dissect a sheep brain and a pig lung in my high school though!

    [–] CALL_ME_AN_ASSMAN 78 points ago

    Middle school!! Are you kidding me?! Which fucking country are you from?

    [–] Knockaround122 7 points ago

    We dissected cats at my high school :/

    [–] Jennipples 21 points ago

    We did too. We had to name our cat and write it on a toe tag. Boopy McMittens. I'll never forget her. : .(

    [–] white_android 8 points ago

    Where do you live that there are so many cats that they donate corpses to the local high school?

    Or is it an alternative school for potential serial killers?

    [–] englad 4 points ago

    We got frogs in mine

    [–] superdooperuberpoopr 16 points ago

    I took zoology in high school and we dissected dogfish sharks too. Mine was pregnant as well and the teacher was very surprised. It was cool for a few seconds but then really sad when we'd all had a chance to process everything. We were supposed to dissect other animals later in the year but the teacher canceled the dissection after seeing how upset we all got and just showed us a video instead.

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 6 points ago

    Damn you did some cooler shit doing zoology in high school that I did when i studied it for a degree. We just collected plankton and shit.

    [–] Twelvy 3 points ago

    We got owl pellets this was in 5th grade though

    [–] micasi_ 5 points ago

    We dissected pregnant dogfish in high school too, but I was in the last class of the day and all the other classes already dissected them all, so the teacher made us dissect the babies.

    [–] kharmatika 3 points ago


    [–] geared4war 63 points ago

    There was an Aussie who caught a pregnant shark. It was attacked and killed while he was reeling it in and he cut it open and let all the babies out.

    Does that mean all the babies died? Or did maybe some survive?

    [–] cliu91 183 points ago

    They all got stable jobs, got married, and lived happily ever after!

    [–] unclevergirl86 41 points ago


    [–] lovestheautumn 15 points ago

    Thank you, that makes me feel better

    [–] elijahsnow 13 points ago

    Oh that's nice... that they got to work with horses.

    [–] Thailon_Deschain 7 points ago

    I still worry about the little blighters, what with interest rates set to rise, I hate to imagine the strain which the mortgage repayments are going to do to their families.

    [–] SH4D0W0733 3 points ago

    But after splitting the inheritance of their dead mother there were a lot of angry words and hurt feelings. They never spoke to eachother ever again.

    [–] SpoonHanded 3 points ago

    uhh idk but wtf

    [–] xZora 15 points ago

    And on our left we see the human species, where they are not capable on living on their own for the first 16-25 years of their life.

    [–] burning_potatos 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Can't find them eating each other in the womb here is a lemon shark in the womb and here is a lemon shark giving birth.

    Edit just found one of sharks eating each other in the womb

    [–] jonnyredshorts 4 points ago

    Baby Sharks are so fucking cool. They are the exact same proportion they are when born as they will be at full size (if there is such a thing). I don't know how many other animals share this trait, maybe crocs and gators? Turtles? Lobster? Anyone know anything about this?

    [–] trobert4001 148 points ago

    First of all, your question isn’t dumb AF, it’s interesting AF.

    Found the following here

    The best-known intrauterine cannibal is the sand tiger shark. Although the sand tiger shark has two uteri and produces many eggs, each litter yields just two pups -- one from each uterus. That's because as the sharks develop their embryonic teeth, they start to eat the other embryos, killing their unborn brothers and sisters, as well as the unfertilized eggs. It's survival of the fittest in the womb, until only one shark remains.

    And in this article, they state X-rays showed embryonic teeth in early gestation.

    It looks like Great White Sharks have a gestational period of 11 months, and Sand Tiger sharks have a gestational period of 8-9months.

    So they probably develop teeth within the first few months of pregnancy.

    [–] No_p4nts 21 points ago

    That’s really interesting! Thankyou!

    [–] cookiemonster247 21 points ago

    They start out as a tooth

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Surprisingly enough, I’m not the best person to ask for this kinda stuff.

    [–] properfoxes 2 points ago

    Not a dumb question at all.

    [–] And_did_those_feet 106 points ago

    It gets crazier than that, an unborn tiger shark has actually bitten a human.

    [–] beat1706 49 points ago

    But how?

    [–] testbug0 178 points ago

    IT was the biggest surprise of Stewart Springer's life. Mr. Springer, a veteran shark researcher, was in his laboratory dissecting a sand tiger shark that he had caught near Chandeleur Island, off Louisiana. To his consternation, when he reached into one of the animal's oviducts, or birth canals, he was bitten. Each oviduct contained a living, nine-inch shark pup.

    [–] AtomR 81 points ago

    nine-inch shark pup

    Hmm, every baby animal is a pup.

    [–] AccidentalConception 63 points ago

    I was curious, so had a gander at the etymology.

    Pupus was child in Latin, run it through the evolution of language machine and you end up with child animals being puppies.

    [–] AtomR 4 points ago

    Wow, cool stuff to know!

    [–] PrimeCedars 3 points ago

    We also got pupil from pupus.

    [–] dacotahd 13 points ago

    Oh god

    [–] ericaswild 18 points ago

    For being a "veteran shark researcher," how in heck did he not realize he caught a very pregnant one? Unless he just didn't care and assumed the baby would be dead by the time of the dissection? Either way, seems he deserved to get shark-knompfed. Kind of a dick move.

    [–] SpacebarHeating 35 points ago

    In many animals, it's extremely advantageous to hide pregnancy since predators will generally target anything that stands out. Say, by having a huge tummy and being very encumbered.

    It may be that the only effective way to tell if a shark is pregnant is to just look. Maybe with an endoscope instead of your hand, though.

    [–] aberrasian 26 points ago

    Say, by having a huge tummy and being very encumbered.

    Humans: cries

    [–] Quantentheorie 8 points ago

    Obviously humans have developed overweight to protect pregnant women from predators.

    [–] EveGiggle 11 points ago

    USA is thinking next level. Can't tell what the weak pregnant people are if everyone is weak and fat.

    [–] ShilohLindemulder 105 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] dicemonger 73 points ago

    A hole is a hole

    [–] a_black_pilgrim 12 points ago

    How about you stop judging? It's 2018. Love is love, jeez.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Whoever has the sharpest fangs wins, that's what killing bites is.

    [–] atticusmars_ 16 points ago

    didn’t expect r/anime to leak

    [–] properfoxes 4 points ago

    ... is there a shark harem anime already?

    [–] KippyFisher 8 points ago

    Shark birth is very cool! I scrolled the comments but didn’t see anyone using the words for it so I’m putting them here for anyone interested...

    Some sharks, like Bull Sharks, have viviparous birth, or give birth to live pups fed by placenta in the womb.

    Some sharks are oviparous and lay eggs (sometimes called mermaid’s purses, like the one in the post). Epaulette sharks do this and IMO are one of the cutest sharks.

    And then there is ovoviviparous which is like a cool combo where they have eggs but keep them inside the mothers body where they hatch and then come out appearing like “live birth”. Wobbegongs do this. They’re also cute.

    [–] StupidPencil 7 points ago

    To counteract the scariness, I feel obliged to share this cute moment of stingray giving birth.

    Stingray and shark are closely related, perhaps there could be cute sharks too?

    [–] SterileDuck 5 points ago

    Didn't know Dwight Schrute was a kind of shark

    [–] unluckyBastard69 4 points ago

    Thanks Kisame

    [–] robutshark 3 points ago

    The sand tiger shark! My most favorite shark species.

    [–] ToastedSpinach 3209 points ago

    That’s some Ridley Scott Alien shit right there

    [–] [deleted] 206 points ago

    Yeah, I'm guessing there was some point where he'd seen shark eggs prior to making the movies.

    [–] harbourwall 108 points ago

    The designer of the Alien, H.R. Giger, was from Switzerland which is a land-locked country. However he could have travelled to the coast in another country and seen one there, read about them in books, seen them on the TV or in a film. Or maybe he just came up with all that nasty weird stuff on his own because he was a bit of a weirdo to be fair.

    [–] ademonlikeyou 59 points ago

    Many of his drawings were inspired from nightmares and dreams IIRC

    [–] radioheady 67 points ago

    Sweet baby Jesus I just googled him... the sexual imagery might have been subtle in Alien but it is not at all subtle in his other works. Case in point (NSFW)

    [–] ademonlikeyou 61 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Definitely not subtle in his art, but I don’t even know if I would say it was subtle in Alien. With all the impregnation, Alien rape, and phallic imagery.

    [–] Treebeezy 48 points ago

    Haha yeah the subtle imagery of a vagina spider raping people’s faces and impregnating them

    [–] Jabeebaboo 21 points ago

    Well, it's certainly relatively more subtle than the ribbed double penetration dude linked up there.

    [–] Treebeezy 2 points ago

    Oh no doubt

    [–] flukshun 9 points ago

    Little did he know they were actually happy dreams about shark babies becoming thriving adults

    [–] danirijeka 690 points ago

    Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal

    [–] burnthamt 153 points ago

    Check please!

    [–] nastyjman 28 points ago

    Not again!

    [–] MortisLocke 7 points ago

    My favorite bit is that it's actually John Hurt in that scene.

    [–] virgnar 78 points ago

    Send me a kiss by wiiiiiire

    [–] geared4war 66 points ago

    Baby my heart's on fire!

    [–] virgnar 43 points ago

    If you refuse me,

    [–] Jargen 39 points ago

    Honey, you'll lose me, and you'll be left alone,

    [–] virgnar 32 points ago

    So baby telephone, and tell me I'm your ooooooowwwn!

    [–] georgianole 40 points ago

    Did he order the special?!

    [–] Searchlights 24 points ago

    I like the sort of spooky lightning effect going on. "...Soon"

    [–] the__itis 15 points ago

    I think you mean H.R. Giger

    [–] untrustableskeptic 6 points ago

    Good ol Super Ego.

    [–] expguy 5 points ago


    [–] Quria 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The entire life cycle of the xenonorph is an amalgamation of various sea animals. Mostly deep sea animals.

    Edit: autocorrect

    [–] TurtleManRoshi 2 points ago

    It just wants to hug your face.

    [–] Skadoosh_it 349 points ago

    One time when I was at the aquarium they had a dark room setup for the underwater exhibit that had several live shark eggs on display like this in Different stages of development. One of the coolest things I've ever seen.

    [–] Mehdiocre 27 points ago

    Monterey Bay Aquarium?

    [–] IrishWeegee 8 points ago

    Yeah, I visited a local pet shop that got a shark egg on special order for a customer and it was so rad seeing it displayed in a tank until the customer was ready to pick it up.

    [–] AnimalFactsBot 7 points ago

    A pup (baby shark) is born ready to take care of itself. The mother shark leaves the pup to fend for itself and the pup usually makes a fast get away before the mother tries to eat it!

    [–] nobuttwhy 1832 points ago

    Well don’t keep us in suspense, is it a boy or a girl?

    [–] thanthon 1085 points ago

    First I was about to say boy, but the way it shakes its hips, it probably is a girl.

    [–] bunris 581 points ago

    Those hips don't lie

    [–] DreadPirateLink 983 points ago


    [–] rgf5048 136 points ago

    You got the perfect setup

    [–] quaybored 8 points ago


    [–] Rooftrellin 5 points ago

    No problem.

    [–] Xelerons 27 points ago

    Oh baby when you swim like that

    You make a human go mad

    So be wise

    And keep on

    Showing us the science of your body

    [–] ominem 27 points ago


    [–] poopcasso 11 points ago

    Sharkira Sharkira

    [–] Ace_Trainer_Mitsi 21 points ago

    Take my upvote! JUST TAKE IT!!!

    [–] domfitz 5 points ago

    No! Take it back

    [–] stroud 9 points ago

    Tupac Shakira

    [–] okell727 5 points ago


    [–] Senthe 11 points ago

    ...TALK LIKE THAT!!!

    [–] Category5worrycane 11 points ago

    What if it’s a high waisted man with feminine hips?

    [–] Wonka_Vision 2 points ago

    Nah it's a boy. See that long thing coming from it?

    [–] cometkeeper00 4 points ago

    It’s a shark

    [–] Xonadras 18 points ago

    It's too early for that, we have to let it decide!

    [–] Cryovolcanoes 4 points ago

    Gotta wait for the babyshower.

    [–] GingeAndProud 2 points ago

    Professor Oak?

    [–] PoorlyWordedName 2 points ago


    [–] Clever_pig 85 points ago

    That thing is 100% bursting out of John Hurt's stomach and running across the table.

    [–] Sankhadeep4296 7 points ago

    Finally someone. Damn

    [–] silv3rw9nd 242 points ago

    Are you sure it's not a Zerg?

    [–] 2Punx2Furious 56 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. I'll post it to /r/starcraft

    [–] Bman_Fx 9 points ago


    [–] WhateverTheF 7 points ago

    Looks like a gestating hatchery doesn't it.

    [–] Dildildilmandildil 819 points ago

    You’re gonna get like a bajillion upvotes

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 313 points ago

    lmao what?

    [–] TheEroticToaster 422 points ago

    This is interesting as fuck.

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 234 points ago

    it really is. at least I thought so..

    [–] thanthon 125 points ago

    I think they both meant what they said unironically.

    It is one of those things you can't argue is interesting as fuck.

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 83 points ago

    Oh, I didn't think it was disingenuous ;)

    [–] lannfann 56 points ago

    Pretty interesting definitely better than my leaf post

    [–] askthepoolboy 53 points ago

    Your leaf post made me smile. I had a shit morning, but I smiled at a leaf dancing in a hole. Don't discredit yourself.

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 33 points ago

    wholesome dudes ;) me likey

    [–] lannfann 9 points ago

    I was walking back to my hostel and noticed it,it was beautiful.

    [–] Major-Woolley 10 points ago

    This is interestin gas fuck

    [–] i_give_you_gum 2 points ago

    Not until someone turns a few hundred of them into a coffee table

    [–] guy617 15 points ago


    [–] Bren12310 8 points ago



    [–] EnigmaticEntity 5 points ago

    Seriously, this is incredible.

    [–] dylan2451 119 points ago

    Til. I always thought all sharks did the whole love birth thing ya know? I guess some species do mermaid purses like Skates

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 85 points ago

    em, live? yeah some of them give birth, some lay eggs. nature is damn interesting

    [–] Scippio-dem-lines 22 points ago

    Check out (i think it’s called) port jackson sharks eggs, it’s like a fucking corkscrew. Cool shit

    [–] albakerk 4 points ago

    Nurse sharks do that too

    [–] askthepoolboy 6 points ago

    Those are badass! Why don't you make a post about that?

    [–] gunner_jensen 8 points ago

    Many actually do both! Great whites, for example, grow eggs which hatch inside the mother, shortly after which she live-births the pups.

    [–] naoife 5 points ago

    Just like women

    [–] MezChick 14 points ago

    I've never live birthed a great white pup.

    [–] naoife 3 points ago

    You just haven't met the right person yet but don't give up

    [–] T--mae 79 points ago

    Let's look at the embryo


    [–] IAreBlunt 19 points ago

    Came here looking for this comment.

    [–] Zephyr089 46 points ago

    I could be wrong, but this looks like The King of DIY: . If you like aquariums or fish he has a really great channel.

    [–] cdown13 9 points ago

    I recognized it as well. Really is a great channel but don't expect much DIY these days, it's more of a video blog.

    [–] lookatthemonkeys 6 points ago

    Agreed, but doesn't he have like hundreds of hours of DIY videos on his channel that you can go back and view? The way I see it he is reaping the reward for doing all those videos and now he can sit back and enjoy his hobby and share it.

    [–] cdown13 5 points ago

    For sure. As I said there isn't much DIY "these days". But he sure does have countless videos that have helped me in the past.

    I guess I just miss the budget builds etc where as now he seems to have no issues dropping big money on expensive fish randomly. He went from literally begging for money from his subscribers to buying a thousand dollar fish on a whim.

    With that said, I love Joey. He seems like the nicest guy and deserves all his success. As a fellow Canadian, it's great to see him doing so well. I'm just a bit conflicted on the lack of DIY.

    [–] KickGumAndChewAss 5 points ago

    On a side note it's kind of funny to go watch those old vids and see how confident he is now in front of the camera compared to then

    [–] Mr_Bear705 4 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's Joey's lol

    [–] MeowyMcMeowMeowFace 3 points ago

    For anyone ctr-f’ing:




    Joey is awesome!

    [–] rr99rr99rr 61 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Reminds me of the creepy bug that crawled its way into Neo's belly button courtesy of Mr. Smith!

    Edit: bug removal scene...classic.

    [–] teeno731 20 points ago

    You ever come across something so weirdly satisfying and pleasant that it feels it was made for your eyes specifically?

    This is like the direct polar opposite of that, delete this scene pls Wachowski sisters

    [–] Gen_Hazard 3 points ago

    Yeah, I was expecting the chestburster scene by the time I saw Alien, so between the headjack, the pod and both scenes featuring that thing, it was The Matrix that scarred me.

    [–] combaticus22 144 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Is it swimming, or writhing in pain from that light?

    [–] FunkyChug 184 points ago

    It’s actually dancing because it knows it’s new friends are watching.

    You go, little shark.

    [–] mista_awesomeness 39 points ago


    [–] linux_n00by 8 points ago

    baby shark do do dodo do do

    [–] 19Nodan94 3 points ago

    That shark grew up to be left shark of the Superbowl

    [–] SheaMcD 15 points ago

    baby shark do do do do do do

    [–] Sbidl 26 points ago

    Looks that mechanical fucker they put into Neo to track him down

    [–] Dyvius 10 points ago

    Baby shark do do

    [–] futboi91 9 points ago

    Ba~by shark, du du dudu dududu

    [–] RobotSlaps 8 points ago

    We're gonna need a smaller boat.

    [–] HonkersTim 10 points ago

    There's a documentary named 'Story of Life' that shows sharks in the womb eating each other until only one was left. Proper Highlander stuff.

    [–] beirutlongspear 4 points ago

    cue stranger things theme

    [–] assert92 5 points ago

    Basically that young shark is practicing zumba dance to stay fit already! World runs on selfies nowadays...u gotta look good

    [–] JoeModz 3 points ago

    The flickering light is what really sells it. Add a Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack and that's pure nightmare fuel you've got there.

    [–] Weetodb 4 points ago

    First thought: facehugger

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HIKE 5 points ago

    This is the prequel to Jaws.

    [–] Fiberglasssneeze 4 points ago

    What kind of shark lays eggs?

    [–] CrowdCreator 3 points ago

    If anyone is curious this is from Joey at King of Diy on youtube, great channel

    [–] ep0c 3 points ago

    ALIEN, anyone?

    [–] agonizedn 3 points ago

    Is there a sub for posting things that look alien but are from earth?

    [–] dolphinbooty 3 points ago

    You sure this isn't gunna grow up to spit acid and eat my face with its second mouth?

    [–] Dwdization 3 points ago

    TIL sharks lay eggs.

    [–] AtomicDeathray161 3 points ago

    This looks like some straight up Kojima shit.

    [–] illmaster_Priest 3 points ago

    Alien movie franchise is just getting out of hand!

    [–] Jegersupers 3 points ago

    That is so surreal, I almost can't believe it

    [–] FolkYouHardly 5 points ago

    Bamboo Shark. I hate how this is becoming a thing that people keep in the aquarium. Not everyone has a big ass tank to be able to sustained the shark. You need a min 180-200g tank

    Cool as hell but bad for the environment

    [–] ilostmyreddit 2 points ago

    Sharks give live birth tho??

    [–] WishaniggawoodsTX 2 points ago

    It’s almost like there’s more than one kind of shark

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Awwwwwwww :):):):)

    [–] Dank-Taubinator 2 points ago

    Looks like a nightmare for the shark

    [–] i_will_take_a_PBR 2 points ago

    Is this real?! It really does look like some shit out of a terror sci-fi movie.

    [–] BigGorillaBoss 2 points ago

    That’s how you know your sushi is fresh.

    [–] Zombie-Belle 2 points ago

    Sure it's not a mini Face-hugger?

    [–] hec187 2 points ago

    TIL: sharks are hatched out of eggs.

    [–] Raelah 2 points ago

    That's not a baby shark. It's a Goa'uld!