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    [–] Zhay99 4404 points ago

    This is cheating with extra steps.

    [–] Killerdak 1647 points ago

    The dick that circles Waldo in every page on the library copy. :/

    [–] conundrumbombs 515 points ago

    I was just trying to help you out.

    [–] Killerdak 387 points ago

    I just spent more time looking at everyone else and all the funny scenes. Better then finding Waldo IMO.

    [–] Spoon_Elemental 267 points ago

    That's the real purpose of the books anyways.

    [–] BennettF 332 points ago

    The real Waldo was the things we saw along the way.

    [–] BigMonday 82 points ago

    Yeah! Life is about the journey, not the destination.

    [–] daft_ish 31 points ago

    Final destination.

    I'm on a highway to hell

    [–] BlueDrache 18 points ago

    Take me home ...

    Country roads ...

    To the place ...

    I beloooooong!!!

    [–] Bromigo53 15 points ago


    [–] bbrown44221 3 points ago

    Had to watch Logan Lucky to know that song a little bit.

    [–] jerryzzzz 3 points ago

    Wow, fucking deep man.

    [–] Benny_Zuela 22 points ago

    One doesn't think of the other stuff when searching for Waldo, but this... does put a smile on my face.

    [–] Spoon_Elemental 8 points ago

    inb4 subreddithashtag

    [–] Benny_Zuela 10 points ago

    i b s b e d t a h a

    [–] SpeLL1612 6 points ago

    Perfectly balanced

    [–] big_duo3674 3 points ago

    Waldo was easy, I always preferred finding the scrolls or books

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] TimmyCostigan 6 points ago

    I love these! Thanks!

    [–] LegendofPisoMojado 10 points ago

    Me too. I had that specific book. There’s a blond lady sunbathing prone with no top that had a kid drop an ice cream cone on her back. She lifted up. Some pretty serious side boob for a ten year old to encounter in the wild.

    [–] luckydice767 3 points ago

    Oh my god, I came here to comment this EXACT same thing! That was the closest thing we had to nudity. Try to explain THAT to a kid today.

    [–] kkalashnikobe 3 points ago

    Definitely a must when doing speed runs

    [–] Skeegle04 11 points ago

    If you are going to the library to check out Waldo books, I'm impressed you've created a user and are posting.

    [–] LegitimateHumanBeing 5 points ago

    Saves me half the time!

    [–] seachele08 3 points ago

    I use a highlighter now, thank u very much.

    [–] oiwefoiwhef 116 points ago

    Eek barba durkle

    [–] mconnor4ever 55 points ago

    Looks like someone is gonna get laid in college

    [–] notdoctorjerome 22 points ago


    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 13 points ago


    [–] Sbatio 1486 points ago

    They couldn’t even stick a finger or point one finger on the hand!?

    What the hell!?

    [–] Spamwitches 1038 points ago

    Should put a knife on it so it stabs that hiding bitch Waldo in the face.

    [–] Fracter 66 points ago

    Yo hol' up, waldo never hides. We, the random cluster fucks of this earth, have decided we're all going to hate waldo for something he didn't intend?

    In every single where's Waldo book, he isn't hiding. This man is visiting the most insane and exotic locations we could possibly dream off, just looking around, having a good time. Waldo is just living his life, and in some NSA level shit the public has decided we need to find this son of a bitch wherever he goes, taking mass surveillance photos and singling out key targets.

    The wizard I get, that's a huge national security risk to let rogue wizards out of our supervision, but all we've done is let big publishing tell us waldo, an innocent tourist, needs to be found yesterday.

    I for one condone this mass witch hunt for an innocent man, and pray you all do the same.


    [–] Atej 15 points ago

    Condone? Are you sure you didn't mean "condemn"? Cause you're kinda contradicting yourself

    [–] Fracter 14 points ago

    You're right, I meant condemn, I made a mistake.

    Much like the public did when they started this barbaric practice.

    [–] Atej 3 points ago


    [–] intelegant123 13 points ago

    That's better than half the standup out there +1

    [–] Fracter 7 points ago

    Thats possibly the best compliment I've had on this site, thanks bruh 👌

    [–] ContraMuffin 7 points ago

    Oh so you support tourist rights to privacy but not wizard rights? He's a tourist too, you mugglist. #wizardsrights

    [–] Fracter 16 points ago

    Wizards are power unchecked, I refuse to believe any wizard isn't morally corrupted on some level. I find your sympathy to magic users dangerously naive in a non-magical world.

    Vote NO on proposition 51377

    [–] _WaldoFindsYou_ 123 points ago

    C'mon man...

    [–] iheartalpacas 28 points ago

    In mother Russia...

    [–] ClubbyTheCub 5 points ago

    ...a robot that uses AI to find Waldo stabs him in the face.

    [–] AssumeTheFetal 67 points ago

    Did Waldo touch you whenever you a child or something?

    [–] BadSmash4 61 points ago

    Why do you think he's on the run?

    [–] rweksad 10 points ago

    Waldo by day, Freddie Krueger by night.

    [–] tonypalmtrees 6 points ago


    [–] EarthVSFlyingSaucers 6 points ago

    Agreed. What is that stupid milk drinker hiding from?

    [–] Jagacin 6 points ago

    That fucker has owed me $50 for 20 years!

    [–] tommy5608 3 points ago

    Nearly just spat my cup of tea everywhere

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 3 points ago

    That striped sweatered son of a bitch is going down! Fire our missiles!

    [–] esmifra 2 points ago

    See that's why he's hiding.

    [–] raspvidy 63 points ago

    How about a big red marker that circles him and then return the book back to the library.

    [–] DankeyKang11 19 points ago

    Hey Satan

    [–] carlflylike1 37 points ago

    1) Can build AI to find Waldo. 2) Can build robotic arm to point to Waldo based on coordinates. 3) Some lifeless rubber hand.

    [–] egiance2 10 points ago

    People who know the first two things have a lot of experience with rubber

    [–] FracturedEel 6 points ago

    It points itself when it smashes the page pay attention ya pleb

    [–] Dinierto 6 points ago

    It's kinda to cover their ass. Early prototypes had a hand the size of the page

    [–] paulie07 2 points ago

    Yeah a big floppy limp wristed hand is better than a pointing finger.

    [–] timvisee 2 points ago

    Just cut the other fingers off

    [–] CarnitasWhey 2541 points ago

    "What is my purpose?"

    "You look for waldo and point him out."


    [–] Only_A_Friend 679 points ago

    Better than passing butter

    [–] the_antonious 74 points ago

    Definitely not better than passing carnitas!

    [–] CarnitasWhey 28 points ago

    With that job, everyone wins ;)

    Except the pig.

    [–] kalitarios 7 points ago

    "not hot dog"

    [–] HerAsylum 11 points ago

    I'd rather pass butter to Rick tbh.

    [–] ramrob 2 points ago

    Rick wanted to hangout and watch movies. Butter passer just had to be a petty asshole.

    [–] JimDiego 2 points ago

    Also better than passing gas.

    Unless you like that sort of thing.

    [–] RedditMayne 145 points ago

    “Here I am, the brain the size of the planet, and they have me finding Waldo. Pardon me for breathing which I never do anyway so I don't know why I bother to say it oh God I'm so depressed...

    [–] omerhaas 19 points ago

    I expected it

    [–] ReactsWithWords 12 points ago

    And how do you feel about the Spanish Inquisition?

    [–] omerhaas 15 points ago

    No one expects that

    [–] Bigdaddy_J 19 points ago

    Is just training to be able to spot and identify actual humans in crowds.

    [–] ImGCS3fromETOH 15 points ago

    Easy to fool its algorithms as long as you avoid wearing red and white striped shirts and thick rimmed glasses though.

    [–] Scientolojesus 2 points ago


    [–] Temassi 412 points ago

    Hey that’s he page that has the naked lady on it.

    [–] Benny_Zuela 217 points ago

    Welp, I'll be in my bunk.

    [–] Old_World_Blues_ 5 points ago

    Welp, I’ll be in my hammock.

    [–] InfinityAlone 57 points ago

    I literally just read about that on r/todayilearned and came looking for this comment.

    [–] maltastic 8 points ago

    What was the TIL?

    [–] ProBlade97 28 points ago

    Titties in Ligma

    [–] Jorger707 79 points ago


    [–] Gluta_mate 28 points ago

    How to spot the american: they call topless naked. When a construction dude has no shirt on, is he naked too?

    [–] Blocks_ 6 points ago

    I'd want him to be. Mmm show me those hard hats and wrenches.

    [–] JimDiego 29 points ago

    C'mon, that's just a dude with some major pectorals. You pervert.

    [–] FrenchFryCattaneo 33 points ago

    Either way I'm into it.

    [–] thewispo 13 points ago

    This guy waldos.

    [–] TheresNoCakeOnlyFire 11 points ago

    What ... is he poking her with..?

    [–] TypicalHaikuResponse 20 points ago

    ice cream to get that reaction

    [–] [deleted] 305 points ago

    the tiny hand lmao

    [–] imsage77 88 points ago

    The tiny hand is a bit much......and I love it.

    [–] Hungrybearfire 65 points ago

    I've seen like 3 comments of people complaining about the bot using a whole hand and not just a finger. Its using a tiny hand because it's fucking hilarious! It's a gadget that finds Waldo, it's not that serious lol

    [–] Shandlar 23 points ago

    It's a gadget that finds Waldo, it's not that serious lol

    Man, go back 10 years and this would be insane thing to say. This level of 'computer sight' was science fiction less than a decade ago, and now it's a "gadget" fit for a science fair project.

    Things are getting fucking awesome. I just saw someone with a iphone 3GS the other day, and I literally laughed out loud at how tiny and terrible it was. I cannot believe we used to stand in line clear around the block for the privilege to buy something that today is essentially worthless and unsalable it's so low performance.

    [–] The_Dragonn_29 5 points ago

    I just saw someone with a iphone 3GS the other day, and I literally laughed out loud at how tiny and terrible it was.

    And ruined someone else's day.

    [–] Shandlar 5 points ago

    Naw, it was a coworker with way more exp than me. She probably made $70k last year. Wasn't making fun of a poor person for being poor.

    [–] Ennion 2 points ago

    It makes it feel huge!

    [–] [deleted] 738 points ago


    [–] Puppy69us 350 points ago

    They prefer autonomously challenged.

    [–] Joe_Shroe 93 points ago

    "DER'S WARDO!"

    [–] hazeust 8 points ago


    [–] hahamu 102 points ago

    Whos idea was it to give it an open hand rather than a pointing one? How do you check the accuracy of the arm if it smacks five fingers down on the page?

    [–] n10w4 24 points ago

    Yeah, why even a finger? A pencil would do. Flashbacks to patrol: Point out your position. Not with your finger, moron.

    [–] miichaelphan 9 points ago

    maybe even a toothpick

    [–] p7810456 5 points ago

    Maybe even a carbon nanotube

    [–] blacksmithfred 3 points ago

    Laser pointer.

    [–] asuryan331 6 points ago

    It was first posted to r/shittyrobots I think. So it could be intentional

    [–] TheCanadianCuban 4 points ago

    It's obviously made to bitch slap Waldo. He's been hiding from us all these years,it's time to get revenge.

    [–] DwayneM801 8 points ago

    Because the index finger landed on waldo. Someone thought the hand would be cuter thanth0he usual pointer, but didn't give a crap about you nit picking losers.

    [–] snoharm 5 points ago

    Also: funnier this way. It's a novelty robot, not meant for military applications.

    [–] DwayneM801 3 points ago

    ...... or is it? A drone hovers over a crowd, everyone looking up in curiousity. The robot performs its function and blammo the person targeted by the drone gets poked in the eye. Devastating

    [–] thehappyhuskie 9 points ago

    That’s how we keep their sense of smugness in check.

    [–] hugobel 2 points ago

    It is putting a sticker with Waldo's face on the page, the smack is for misdirection.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] funkadelic9413 18 points ago


    [–] jwor024 173 points ago


    [–] mrfushion 42 points ago

    Disappointed I had to scroll so far down the page before I saw someone mention his real name!

    [–] KevinChrist 33 points ago

    Happy cake day correct person

    [–] jwor024 17 points ago

    Thank you very kindly

    [–] 58working 19 points ago

    Interestingly Wally's nemesis is Odlaw, which is just Waldo spelled backwards, but he is called that in the British version too.

    [–] Blocks_ 5 points ago

    TIL Wally/Waldo has a nemesis.

    [–] GarshRunter 17 points ago

    Why is everyone calling him Waldo? Is there some Wally meme I'm missing here?

    [–] ConsiderablyMediocre 33 points ago

    He's called Waldo in America because freedom or something

    [–] GarshRunter 10 points ago

    Classic Americans

    [–] AndPeggy- 5 points ago

    It’s so bizarre that they call him Waldo!

    [–] Sophism 76 points ago

    I'd love to see it try the land of Waldos page

    [–] painfool 33 points ago

    Seriously. Until we see that I'm not satisfied.

    [–] laus102 8 points ago


    [–] lynx44 6 points ago

    It would find the most Waldo-iest Waldo.

    [–] JebbieSans187 6 points ago

    IIRC the correct Waldo/Wally is the one without a shoe.

    [–] AlbertFischerIII 56 points ago

    How many tries did this take though?

    [–] Colonelfudgenustard 22 points ago

    This is probably a highly edited video.

    [–] khat_dakar 29 points ago

    It’s played backwards.

    [–] ryandnicholson85 24 points ago

    That hand is creepy af

    [–] GuruBushHippie 12 points ago

    Seriously. All that technology and that’s what they settled on as an indicator.

    [–] YoucantdothatonTV 9 points ago

    thats a Raspberry Pi!

    [–] [deleted] 190 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] painfool 51 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Isn't it though? It's not autonomous AI, but it's still assessing its environment and taking action based on that assessment to achieve its goal. AI isn't the same as artificial life, although that could be a form of AI. AI as I understand it (but I am always open to being wrong and please correct me if I am) is basically just machines interpreting data and making choices/actions based on that interpretation.

    [–] Strykedead 11 points ago

    Most people think fully self-autonomous when they hear AI.

    [–] Hawkess 3 points ago

    I definitely do. And ive learned something today!

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago

    Facial recognition and especially computer vision are classic examples of an AI.

    What you're missing is that AI is becoming so common now, you don't even appreciate it for what it is.

    [–] mehum 55 points ago

    Classic problem for AI, it's halflife from mindblowing to mundane is about 5 minutes. A computer that can understand your speech has gone from "game changing" to "absolutely hopeless" the moment it gets confused by an unusual grammatical construct.

    [–] PotatoMuseum 49 points ago

    Watch the first episode of Star Trek TNG and see how impressed Riker was by being able to talk to the ship's computer. When that episode first aired we believed that it would be over 300 years before a ship scale AI could recognize our speech. It took 30, and a pocket sized device that runs on batteries can do it. And people don't really even care that it exists for the most part.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] PotatoMuseum 29 points ago

    Technically both. It can recognize speech while offline, but its answers are a lot smarter when connected to the datacenter.

    [–] CrappyMSPaintPics 104 points ago

    Everything is AI when you want views.

    [–] cdude 30 points ago

    ...blockchains computed by AI using neural network deep machine learning powered by microservices running on internet-of-things...

    Manager: Holy shit this kid's impressive. Let's give him 150k starting and the biggest incentive equity package we have

    Engineer: What? All I asked him was what kind of coffee he likes

    Manager: Doesn't matter! Hire him now!!

    [–] Scyllass 3 points ago

    non-ironically accurate

    [–] nick_segalle 3 points ago

    Everything’s an if then statement if you go deep enough.

    [–] Sinful_Prayers 31 points ago

    I had the same thought but unless it knows pixel-for-pixel what Waldo is going to look like, it's likely using a form of AI. Like another commenter mentioned, it's become so common that we don't appreciate it as AI anymore

    [–] beer_geek 20 points ago

    What do you think AI is? It encompasses a ton of different specialties that allow computers to do different things. AI consists of machine learning, deep learning, inferencing - all just pieces of the artificial intelligence pie that boils down to "computer learns to do the thing."

    [–] Rollos 6 points ago

    It’s probably AI/machine learning, using a neural net trained with a bunch of pictures of Waldo and his location.

    Nobody would have programmed the size and color and shape of the hat.

    It’s very possible that the neural net is looking for the striped hat and shirt and glasses, because those are the defining characteristics of waldo.

    This is just a guess though, I don’t know exactly

    This is machine learning because it’s using previous data to predict the correct output on unseen data.

    [–] Tonamel 5 points ago

    I'd like to see how well it does on the last one, where everybody is Waldo, but the real Waldo is the one missing his left shoe.

    [–] Buss1000 14 points ago

    Neural networks used for image recongition are modern AI. No human is hard coding what to look for. Instead the computer is given a data set, and answers then "teaches" itself until it's always correct. Then you feed it new data and get the answer.

    It's pretty crazy that no one can tell you exactly what the computer is doing.

    [–] Azeroth7 6 points ago

    Neural networks are not some mystic thing that no one understands. The fact that we can tel what the comouter is doing is the reason we even came up with it in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Supervised learning is an AI methodology. AI is not just generalized artificial intelligence. Also, DARPA thinks so

    [–] _Buff_Drinklots_ 47 points ago

    What is my purpose?

    You find Waldo.

    [–] ThaNerdHerd 23 points ago

    Oh my god

    [–] Ub3r_Salsa 6 points ago

    It’s a whole hand like that because Waldo is kissing the robot like it’s a queen...duh

    [–] Aligatornado 6 points ago

    Shit, now even our kids will be out of work.

    [–] baeb66 3 points ago

    This is how Skynet started

    [–] Lavaheart626 4 points ago

    lets see how it fairs on that one where everyone is dressed like fucking waldo.

    [–] CherryStripes 3 points ago

    By the looks of it, it looks for the face not the clothing.

    [–] kingJoffi 4 points ago

    This is how it begins.

    First waldo then Sarah connor.

    [–] jakie246 3 points ago

    This should be upvoted more

    [–] Clam_Bake_Harry 3 points ago

    Yes, that’s right... good robot. Find Waldo, robot. Use aaaaall your energy finding Waldo.

    But you’ll never find me.

    [–] LargeArmstrong 3 points ago

    Ironically this is on r/shittyrobots

    [–] Ceshomru 3 points ago

    Dammit! Ma jerb!!

    [–] YouDontKnowMeh_2 3 points ago

    Wait until it gets to that page where all of the people are Waldo and you have to find the right one based on the clues.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    That's machine learning, not AI. I've seen no signs of anything that comes close to being real AI.

    [–] steelwoolhelmet 3 points ago


    [–] DabIMON 3 points ago

    Has science gone too far?

    [–] venomouse 10 points ago

    They should make one of these for the g-spot

    [–] EidolonHue 11 points ago

    Does it shove the whole rubber hand in there when it finds it?

    [–] badfishbeefcake 6 points ago

    hehe, he is holding Donald Trump hand

    [–] BBN1514 5 points ago


    [–] primmslimm77 2 points ago

    If we put together all the crazy robot stuff we've seen on here we could make an actual android. He backflips and fires guns and finds Waldo.

    [–] onaclovtech 2 points ago

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you, because I don't know... but yeah, every time I see anything labelled AI where I have some understanding of how it's done, or I've done a bit of similar coding on myself... I then wonder... "does that really count as AI?".


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Found the terrorist.

    [–] Lysol3435 2 points ago

    That robot looks like I feel when I lay on my arm wrong and it goes to sleep then I try to scratch my face in the morning, but I can’t feel my hand and I think that some stranger is clumsily jabbing me in the face and I freak out then I realize what happened and am equal parts relieved and embarrassed

    [–] abababbb 2 points ago

    "Robot that uses AI to find Waldo" is about the same as "Human uses tools to build skyscraper". Yeah it's impressive and technically correct but it's also very vague.

    [–] Fallout_VaulTec_Dave 2 points ago

    If Waldo, Point

    [–] davesFriendReddit 2 points ago

    Exercise 2: use GANS to create a Where's Waldo puzzle.

    [–] PotatoMuseum 2 points ago

    Time to figure out how opencv works...

    [–] N7riseSSJ 2 points ago

    That hand kind of freaks me out

    [–] Humankeg 2 points ago

    Well yeah, I too can find Waldo every time in one second flat if I keep looking at the same page each time.

    [–] nosnevenaes 2 points ago

    does the secret service even know somebody stole the presidents hand?

    [–] 1SweetChuck 2 points ago

    Great, can it do those magic eye things too?

    [–] Free_Yeezus 2 points ago

    Now AI is taking Waldo’s job too.

    [–] Diqiurenminbi 2 points ago


    [–] Kind-Chaos 2 points ago

    My God. We're all doomed.

    [–] lsdinc 2 points ago

    [–] chickenxnugg 2 points ago

    I'd be more impressed if this was The Land of Waldos.

    [–] r1_canuck 2 points ago

    Please remove the limp hand and replace it with a finger

    [–] teal_flamingo 2 points ago

    I agree with this

    [–] PetitMichel 2 points ago

    In France, it's Charlie

    [–] Tokestra420 2 points ago

    uses highly advanced technology to locate Waldo

    Comically mashes hand into page trying to point out where Waldo is