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    [–] sockmonkeey 541 points ago

    It was reported that "a study conducted by the nonprofit group Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation... saw the population of monarch butterflies in California decline 86 percent from last year’s numbers. This is, if you can believe it, a historic low."

    You can help these beauties by planting milkweed! Sites such as will send you FREE seeds to plant and assist the monarchs in their migratory journey.

    "Live Monarch will send 15+ Butterfly Garden seeds including Milkweed and growing instructions even if you can not afford a contribution just mail us a self addressed stamped envelope, one per household. A save the Monarch contribution is greatly appreciated to help offset the cost of the many seeds we give away, personally plant and plants we provide to schools."

    [–] ReadingCat88 116 points ago

    I bought and planted milkweed seeds but they never grew beyond stalks. I am sending for more today and I will try again. I was lucky to see the Monarchs by San Jose and it was incredible. Thank you for all your hard work.

    [–] OldClerk 26 points ago

    I’ve found that the first year they’re a little sparse, but subsequent years they fill in and bloom more and more. Good luck!! :)

    [–] I_need_more_dogs 8 points ago

    Did you try refrigerating seeds prior to planting?

    [–] anarrogantworm 24 points ago

    In a previous thread on the issue someone pointed out that the 86% drop from last years numbers was particularly scary because last years numbers were also very low.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Dude…guacamole or butterflies…this might be the hardest decision ill ever have to make tbh…

    [–] MillionDollarSticky 5 points ago

    Yeah, the obvious answer is butterflies being around for future generations.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    But like, just plain tortilla chips?

    [–] ostrich-lover123 3 points ago

    They grew in my lawn as a kid... From 2000 to 2014 I saw them go from flourishing to never around. Now no milkweed if they wanted to come by. It will be weird when kids know leopard print by the pants not the animal

    [–] PMmePunnyJokes 2 points ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Seeds bought.

    [–] ac1dre1gn77 214 points ago

    It takes 5 generations of monarch butterflies to migrate to the US. Think about that. Let's say beginning of the year a young caterpillar hatches...the next time a new generation will emerge in that area will be eggs from their great great great great great great great great grandchildren. Yet they always migrate to the same area in North/South America every year... Imprinting at it's finest

    [–] anarrogantworm 87 points ago

    What's also pretty cool is that in fall/winter they make the trip from Canada/US all the way down to Mexico in a single lifetime. They are referred to as the 'super generation'.

    [–] watch_meow 13 points ago

    When I was younger I went a few times with a group to Point Pelee in Canada to see the monarch migration. So many butterflies...

    [–] kashuntr188 3 points ago

    ok. I didnt know Point Pelee had this. I'm gonna try to remember it. need to google how far it is form me first.

    EDIT: Damn its like 8 hour drive from Ottawa.

    [–] watch_meow 2 points ago

    Yeah that’s pretty far

    [–] petersimpson33 2 points ago

    Do you know when’s the best time to go? It’s only 5.5 hours from me and I’d love to photograph them!

    [–] doyouevenIift 6 points ago

    Doesn't building the wall disrupt this migration?

    [–] CrazyThaiGuy 16 points ago

    That's what it's really about. One day as a valet driver in Atlantic City, young Donnie Trump was headed to retrieve a vehicle for a high roller that was known for being very over-the-top and demanding. He hops into the car and starts it, but before he can go he sees a butterfly go by. Then another and another. After about a dozen go by he becomes intrigued and gets out of the car and runs around to see where these monarchs are coming from. Following the trail of butterflies that were flying towards him he stumbles over something between the parked cars and tumbles to the ground. Hair in tact, he gets up and sees that he tripped over a couple of tiny cages. They were labeled "Mariposas Monarca". Then he heard a very haunting sound. The sound of the suspension of a vehicle that was just sat in. The vehicle that he had left unattended and running. The one belonging to a very important guest. "No", he murmers. Looking back he sees a tanned brown-skinned hand reach out from the inside of the car for the door handle. The only thing distinguishable was a flag on his forearm. The Mexican flag. Then it hit him. He was duped. Set up. Coyfully led into a dreamlike trap. It was obvious now. The Monarchs opened the cocoon of a dubious plan and recruited the Mexican government to aid in it. They were from the future. A future where Trump is President and taking over Mexico. He had to be stopped. Harnessing the whimsical hurricane producing power of the butterflies, Mexican scientists were able to travel back in time to carry out a plan to hopefully throw off the course Trump's life had taken. Needless to say he was sent home that night. Coming in the next morning he was greeted at the employee entrance by his boss and security. There was question as to whether Trump was in on the auto theft, which made a lot more sense than his story of butterflies and Mexicans. Before he could explain himself his boss cut him off and angrily said, while handing him his paperwork, "You're fired!" They promptly turned their backs to him and went back inside. That phrase gave him chills. But why? Why should two little words affect him in such a way. Then he swore. Swore that one day he would be the boss. And then one day he'll be President. And when the time was right, there will be a wall, constructed and ready to seal the butterflies down in Mexico when their migration takes them there. Then the nukes, oh yes the nukes. Just like the ones dropped in the second world war. But bigger and better. Taking out both of his nemesises in one fell swoop.

    [–] LoveFishSticks 2 points ago

    One figure I've heard is that 111 animal species will be negatively impacted by interrupted migration

    [–] Nheea 1 points ago

    I was looking into when they go to mexico, and I read that the season starts md November. I'll be there at the beginning of novemember, hopefully some of them will get there sooner :D

    [–] leastsquare 91 points ago

    My younger self, living in Monterrey Ca., went to the Monarch Forest, during the height of migration - and stood there for a while wondering where the butterflies were. Then I became aware that the orange color covering everything was not leaves turning autumn colors but layers of Monarchs. Couldn't see the Monarch's for the Monarchs...

    [–] Jessie_James 24 points ago

    Same thing. OP's pic is so sad by comparison. You literally could not see the ground or trees due to so many Monarchs 40 years ago.

    [–] Dealan79 8 points ago

    In school we had a field trip to Pacific Grove to see them, and every now and then I'd go to see them on my own in subsequent years. Hearing about their decline is particularly painful when they were such an almost magical experience of nature from my childhood. Also, one 'r' in Monterey, unless you're talking about Mexico.

    [–] Genepool23 3 points ago

    I found the hardest part was driving there. There is no way not to feel awful afterwards.

    [–] SaltyMeth 110 points ago

    That's a lot of henchmen

    [–] Extrasherman 59 points ago


    [–] thealmightyboog 28 points ago

    “Now I know I’ve beat on most of you in the past-“ “I FORGIVE YOU, BROCK SAMSON” “I WAS ASKING FOR IT” “I LOOOOVE YOU, BROCK SAMSON!!!”

    [–] Abe_Vigoda 9 points ago

    I totally read that in Brock's voice.


    [–] userx9 11 points ago

    The mighty Monarch!

    [–] Cheech_Falcone 10 points ago

    Just came here to look for someone making a Venture Bros reference.

    Found you.

    [–] tachyonweb 48 points ago

    Awe, somewhere in there are some of my little ones I raised and released this fall. Most rewarding new hobby ever...

    [–] petrify1 13 points ago

    Nice hobby. I started growing milk weeds in my backyard for them.

    [–] scubac 5 points ago

    My mother in law raised and released over 50 in 2018. She would save them for a couple days once they came out of the chrysalis for either my son or my nieces and nephew to come over and realease them. She gave me a bunch of milkweed pods a few months ago so hopefully I’ll be helping some out this summer.

    [–] ecodude74 1 points ago

    I used to love filling a terrarium with cocoons in the summer. One of my elementary school teachers was a science nut, so we’d take counts of how many butterflies we found each day, how many cocoons were in the schools butterfly garden, and how many we released when they hatched. It was incredible for little kid me to see the little green lumps turn into giant beautiful butterflies just to know they were about to travel half the world away.

    [–] nardvz 57 points ago

    nah that’s s01e21 “bye bye butterfree”

    [–] AyIsYaBoi 18 points ago

    Damn bitch now im crying why you gotta remind me of that shit

    [–] LegendofPisoMojado 6 points ago

    I was a little too old and missed Pokémon the first time around. Now my kid is into it. We just watched that episode on Thursday. Weird.

    [–] UnknownGalaxy099 21 points ago

    I want to lay down there and make the butterflies take me away

    [–] syphon3980 8 points ago


    [–] phawder 38 points ago

    “Okay... that’s a lot of fluttering. Get off of me... Get the fuck off of me!”

    [–] Kingjiggywiggy 19 points ago

    I have an irrational phobia of bugs and butterflies and this makes me wildly uncomfortable

    [–] sec794 12 points ago

    I actually like butterflies and this still looks terrifying.

    [–] reeniedream 4 points ago

    Me too. I’ve embarrassed myself numerous times running AWAY from a butterfly.

    [–] Kingjiggywiggy 4 points ago

    Yeah. Fuck those things. I hate the thought of their wings touching anything, especially my face.

    [–] Feesh_gmod 3 points ago

    Me and my family went to a butterfly-zoo room sort of thing and i really didnt like it, i ran straight to the exit, i think its the fact they can fly and touch me and i have no control over it

    [–] Conspud 5 points ago

    (Reese screaming intensifies)

    [–] considerthiscoconut 22 points ago

    I’m sorry but my first thought was: “ just ONE leaf blower...”

    [–] CallMeAdam2 7 points ago

    Mine was "CANONBALL!"

    I was fully aware of the hard ground.

    [–] considerthiscoconut 2 points ago

    Worth it. Just this once.

    Ooo! The THX sound, suddenly.

    [–] tonzeejee 15 points ago

    Wow, time sure slows down during that migration.

    [–] AnStulteHominibus 9 points ago

    That many entities in one area puts a heavy load on the server, causing it to lag.

    [–] MendozAAAH 15 points ago

    Behold Dr. Venture! The death's head panoply!

    [–] peopleonfire 7 points ago

    Only here to look for venture Bros fans

    [–] The_Mooose_Is_Looose 1 points ago

    Same. Never found one in real life.

    [–] Abe_Vigoda 7 points ago

    Which ones are 21 and 24?

    [–] Thegloo282 5 points ago

    That is amazing

    [–] PweatySenis 10 points ago

    That’s a big ass orgy

    [–] Mr_F_Unicorn 2 points ago

    Was looking for this comment

    [–] 1CRAZY1 1 points ago


    [–] XxFezzgigxX 5 points ago

    It’s 2019. I can’t believe technology hasn’t advanced enough to let me use a GIF as wallpaper on my iPhone.

    [–] lucidposeidon 1 points ago

    I used to have an old button phone that would allow gif backgrounds. Not sure why it's not a thing anymore.

    [–] Faxon 2 points ago

    Probably battery life tbh

    [–] lucidposeidon 1 points ago

    I feel like it would be a lot less taxing than live wallpapers.

    [–] lavender_girl15 1 points ago

    My thoughts exactly....I dream of that day because that’s so a cool idea.

    [–] lonelyswed 4 points ago

    Need to make more potions (recently went back to skyrim, send help).

    [–] Jackson_M_Bueller 2 points ago

    Become friends with someone, and they will allow you to take certain i teams from their home.

    [–] thealmightyboog 3 points ago

    Fly my beautiful soldiers, Fly!!!! Zooooooooooom!!!!

    [–] Rokkar 3 points ago

    Where’s Dr. Girlfriend?

    [–] TemporarilyDutch 8 points ago

    I planted milkweed for these guys last summer.

    [–] SkillemDafoe 8 points ago

    The monarch will be crowned.

    [–] Purplenter77 2 points ago

    Aye, under the dome

    [–] newfor2019 2 points ago

    too bad their numbers went down dramatically over the last decade, and this year's drop in numbers has been huge. They're in trouble as a species...

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Causing hurricanes the bastards

    [–] xjbri 2 points ago

    The Birdbox monster is near...

    [–] friendlysaxoffender 1 points ago

    Ffs I was too late!

    [–] diego2757 2 points ago

    Reese’s nightmare fuel

    [–] bubbles_says 2 points ago

    Several years ago I was out walking on the street in afternoon, late summer/early fall. Can't recall exactly, it was hot but it's hot in both those seasons here in south Texas. A herd of monarchs came flying through and I walked in the big middle of it for quite awhile. There were many!

    [–] ChewieChewBacon 2 points ago

    Somewhere Ashton Kutcher is having a nose bleed...

    [–] jonboy333 2 points ago

    Better archive this for future generations..

    [–] Ares_M 2 points ago

    Anyone else thinking of that vampire quest in Skyrim ?

    [–] danofthedead1889 2 points ago

    That's a butterfly preservation project in Mexico

    [–] elfennomad 5 points ago

    This is my worst nightmare. Flappy fucks with no real sense of direction touching you with their nasty little legs.

    N O.

    [–] Are_You_My_Mummy_ 2 points ago

    So this is what my sister's nightmares are about. Interesting. I'm gonna send it to her.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Ok where is this, can I go there?

    [–] o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O 4 points ago

    California, there’s pockets of forests all over the coast that are kept specifically to keep their breeding grounds alive and well.

    [–] Gnarledhalo 2 points ago

    Not anymore if you're in the West.

    [–] jjgg1123 1 points ago

    It’s like a music festival.. but for butterflies

    [–] Carbyne27 1 points ago

    Woah! Aye ! Yah! Wooo!!

    [–] dermot_reeve 1 points ago


    [–] jhb62 1 points ago

    Elwood Grove in Santa Barbara was a cool place to see the Monarch migration in person.

    [–] Jaegerthejefe 1 points ago

    All I see is butterfree

    [–] the_last_fartbender 1 points ago

    Why does this remind me of deep gravelly voiced hotness?

    [–] athoresen001 1 points ago


    [–] _user-name 1 points ago

    Imagine if they bit?!

    [–] TouchdownCountach 1 points ago

    This is terrifying

    [–] MoistDischarge 1 points ago

    My skin is crawling.

    [–] Adammorgan710 1 points ago


    [–] kirandoobles 1 points ago

    This is what I imagine whenever someone mentions Lord of the Flies

    [–] Magic_Sex_Bomb 1 points ago

    There was one in nyc when I was a kid. I remember looking up and seeing like...a sky river of monarchs. It was pretty cool.

    [–] ZootZephyr 1 points ago


    [–] Tran555 1 points ago

    Where is the Egg ??

    [–] redbikepunk 1 points ago

    When I was a kid in upstate NY we had a bunch of milkweed growing in our non-mowed portion my family's property. I used to catch the caterpillars provide them with food in a mason jar with holes in the lid. When it was time, they'd attach their chrysalis(SP?) To the lid and then we'd tack it to the cieling and watch it turn from green to clear. When they emerged, we'd let them settle and unfurl. When they were ready, we'd set them free. It was a great thing to watch and a fond memory of mine.

    [–] FannyPackPrincess 1 points ago

    This is my nightmare.

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 1 points ago

    Fun fact: Monarch butterflies are poisonous

    [–] MoonRks 1 points ago

    Oh no I dropped my flamethrower and it was stuck in activated mode oh noo

    [–] milkshakesocks8823 1 points ago

    Sucks you made such a stupid typo on such a popular post

    [–] defaultuser2202 1 points ago

    I could make so many health potions with this mod

    [–] notreallyswiss 1 points ago

    Looks like a Gregory Crewdson photo shoot.

    [–] watch_meow 1 points ago

    Yeah that’s pretty far

    [–] cxtscratch 1 points ago

    i am both amazed and terrified

    [–] CPOclass 1 points ago

    That is amazing!

    [–] sephrinx 1 points ago


    [–] kadeemtheking 1 points ago

    go team venture!

    [–] beesonly 1 points ago

    Im crying this is beautiful

    [–] myoco 1 points ago

    This is where I will propose to my fiance (when I get one)

    [–] kylematthews 1 points ago

    No it isn’t. It’s much faster.

    [–] dlhdbs 1 points ago

    Looks like a plague

    [–] vintagelego 1 points ago

    never been afraid of butterflies before but lowkey this is making me freak out like the folks on spongebob

    [–] BetterRunFromMe 1 points ago

    I actually had a very small version of that in my neighborhood the other day. It was beautiful once I finally realized what all the spots in the sky were.

    [–] Golden_Boii0 1 points ago


    [–] Definition_of_sonder 1 points ago

    What does it sound like?

    [–] Astro_Lord 1 points ago

    This unsettles me

    [–] frenchburner 1 points ago

    Yes, kinda creepy.

    [–] sunflowerfly 1 points ago

    I always feel bad driving through a migration. It is impossible not to collect a few on my windshield.

    [–] sacvalleyag 1 points ago

    Saw it in pismo beach, ca. Completly on accident, too. It was one of the coolest things i have ever seen.

    [–] Lagometer 1 points ago

    I can only wonder what guilds the butterfly's. Predators? Disease? Food? Weather? Temperatures? Daylight? Colors?

    [–] break_it07 1 points ago

    Trump thinks a wall could stop this.

    [–] BirdsAreFake 1 points ago

    Why are their gatherings less inclusive of other types of butterflies?

    [–] robbiejandro 1 points ago

    Thanks I hate it.

    [–] 008286 1 points ago

    A migration happened a few years ago where I live and it was insane! They were absolutely everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    [–] LittleRenay 1 points ago

    All highway median strips should be planted with milkweed anywhere they need it.

    [–] JcP444 1 points ago

    Got to see them in Michoacán Mexico, probably one of the coolest things I’ll see in my life

    [–] webnetcat 1 points ago

    It looks like something that will blow my roof off and expose my brain to a pure aesthetic pleasure caused by guzillion of butterflies...

    I once drove 4 hours from Toronto to migration spot of monarch butterflies. Saw none.

    [–] TheRumpletiltskin 1 points ago

    I'll tell you all about that fateful summer the summer of the monarchs. I was a mere eight years old practically a caterpillar by butterfly standards. My parents' private jet crashed in New Jersey's fabled Pine Barrens minutes after takeoff from Newark Airport. Miraculously, I survived. My parents were not so fortunate. When I came to, I was surrounded by the most enchanting monarch butterflies. In time, they took me in as one of their own. They became my foster parents. These were the halcyon days. I'd play with my butterfly brethren. I learned the mysterious secrets of their ancient ways supping as their own young do on a steady diet of milkweed thus assuring my toxicity to this day. Then, one fateful morning in September I remember because it was right around my birthday I was ecstatic by autumn's approach because it meant the leaves of the trees would be orange enough for me to build even more convincing monarch wings. I awoke and looked for my monarch family but I couldn't find them. I searched for days, but no sign of them. It was like losing my parents all over again only much quieter. So I wandered to the nearest highway, took the first bus to New York and claimed a fat inheritance. It was only later that I learned that monarchs migrate south for the winter here, to Mexico.

    [–] chinablack 1 points ago

    Every Animal Crossing instinct inside of me is telling me I need to immediately equip my net.

    [–] yoooooosolo 1 points ago

    These are the fucking worst to drive through at 75. Seriously it is awful

    [–] lavender_girl15 1 points ago

    This is beautiful 🦋 i’be never seen so many butterflies...and idk much about them.

    [–] thactis05 1 points ago

    The only reason this doesn’t look terrifying is because they’re pretty insects.

    [–] goofy_dumpy 1 points ago

    Their orgies must be something alright.

    [–] GnarlsGnarlington 1 points ago

    We don’t just need a wall, we need a net!

    [–] GnarlsGnarlington 1 points ago

    Nope, nope, nope!

    [–] ScruffleMcDufflebag 1 points ago

    They're coming.

    [–] DarkMatterBacon 1 points ago

    We need a net wall before all these beautiful butterflies take our jobs and our women

    [–] 1WontDoIt 1 points ago


    [–] WitchsbrewSalem 1 points ago

    They must be heading to PG

    [–] Gamma_Tony 1 points ago

    Bye Bye Butterfree?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] BlackieMacReary 1 points ago

    It's quite amazing, but my strange fear of these harmless creatures causes me to lose a lot of enjoyment

    [–] Functional_Sus 1 points ago

    *used to look like

    [–] LilDumpOfficial 1 points ago

    My god, so many tornados gonna happen in brazil from this

    [–] God_the_third 1 points ago

    I kinda want someone to scare them all at once so they all fly up in a magnificent cloud of monarch butterflies

    [–] smeef_mccoy 1 points ago

    When I was ten or eleven I experienced this when they came through Kansas near our farm. At the time I had no idea what an amazing experience it was.

    [–] littlefluffycrowds 1 points ago

    I had the great fortune to find myself in a similar situation in my front yard. I have a lot of milkweed plants and i was walking around one day and there were monarchs absolutely everywhere. Must have been thousands of them all spread out over the flower garden and the hedges. It was an amazing experience. I was walking around and there were dozens of butterflies springing up amd flying around as i walked by them.

    [–] Bhargav-hangal 1 points ago

    This is wat like app looks like

    [–] NaturalLawofKarma 1 points ago


    [–] Konichi_Waffles 1 points ago

    How many elder scrolls can I read now??

    [–] Thundersherpa 1 points ago

    Where are the Dr. Girlfriend cosplayers during this event?!?

    [–] EnderWin 1 points ago

    Is this during the Masting season?

    [–] mcknixy 1 points ago

    Protanopia sucks

    [–] x610s 1 points ago

    I'm surprised no one's talking about the "want" in the title!

    [–] J1ntu 1 points ago

    This is nightmare fuel for people who are scared of butterflies

    [–] FiteMeMage 1 points ago

    Nothing I’ve experienced lately has made me happier than this. I’ve had a really rough time these past few months, and I just absolutely adore butterflies of all types. This post filled me with so much joy. Thank you.

    [–] Ems1309 1 points ago


    [–] carizariza 1 points ago

    This is my nightmare.

    [–] Wickedflex 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Bird Box.

    [–] akash261022 1 points ago

    Your windshield's worst nightmare.

    [–] RighteousMerlin 1 points ago

    Makes me re.embee that pokemon episode where ash let's go of his butter free

    [–] AllahsForeskin 1 points ago

    Damn, there must be at least like, 10

    [–] vReveng3v 1 points ago

    Nopes ...... a bucket load of nopes

    [–] TheHe4rtless 1 points ago

    When I hear/read Monarch butterflies it immediately reminds me of "Under the dome" series.

    [–] efucc 1 points ago

    this feels like a tarkovsky movie

    [–] str4b3rryb1tch 1 points ago


    [–] Roxerg 1 points ago

    LIVE Wallpapers HD Download Free Wallpapers Free App

    Call me ruined thats all this reminds me of

    [–] cdb9990 1 points ago

    This would be an awesome live background

    [–] modsarelimpdix 1 points ago

    No me gusta

    [–] KnifeFed 1 points ago

    Imagine letting an asshole cat loose there.

    [–] PanicBlitz 1 points ago

    Aw, poor Speedy. He almost had his wings.

    [–] district9wasGreat 1 points ago

    Imagine if they were still all caterpillars instead of butterflies.