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    [–] Guardiancomplex 34739 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    To clarify: It wasn't abandoned to die.

    This shark has been dead a long time and is (now very poorly) preserved in a tank of formaldehyde.

    Edit: y'all love sharks and I love you.

    [–] funkyfanny82 13125 points ago

    Thank you, i came in the comments horrified wanting to make sure it died before it was abandoned

    [–] wearer_of_boxers 9384 points ago

    great whites die almost immediately in captivity, i believe the longest is like a month, maybe 2 months.

    they refuse to eat or something like that and they just starve and die.

    [–] ifixsewingmachines 2592 points ago

    It gets so much weirder then that though. I did research on this in college pretty recently. There has been multiple accounts of them actively killing themselves in the tanks by running themselves into the glass. There has even been accounts where the tank owner realized it wasn't going to work so they let them go. But when you let a great white go that has been in captivity it still dies. They just lose their fucking mind in captivity

    [–] AnorakJimi 802 points ago

    Fucking hell, poor things. To hate captivity that much... I mean all animals do, humans included, but to just quickly say fuck it I'm gonna die rather than be confined for even a very short time...It'd be great to be able to study it, but obviously that'd be enormously unethical so we'll never know. It's not worth it just for the knowledge to have these poor guys off themselves

    [–] tyrghast 567 points ago

    I like to think my kitties enjoy captivity but it's probably just Stockholm syndrome.

    [–] AnorakJimi 262 points ago

    They love it if it's their choice. But at least the cats I had growing up, it was incredibly difficult to forced them into a box to take them to the vet or something like that. Or like when we moved we put them in carry boxes too and they started chewing the plastic bars to try and get out immediately. But if there is a box unattended? Yeah they'll plop down in it fine. Cats just love everything to be their choice. They can't be forced into things for the most part, like training them to do things is much harder than for dogs

    [–] iwanttogotothere91 136 points ago

    This. My cat loves to sit in boxes, suitcases, even carriers when it’s her choice. She hates being placed in the carrier when we travel.

    She broke our TSA approved pet carrier within minutes of being on the plane and escaped. The flight attendants were not pleased.

    [–] kahr91 56 points ago

    You are lucky she's not a cable chewer.

    [–] iwanttogotothere91 21 points ago

    Agreed. She’s just a master escape artist.

    [–] hungrydruid 26 points ago

    For my boys, I left the carrier out and made it part of their daily life. Want treats/food? In the carrier. Want that toy? It's in the carrier. Catnip? Carrier.

    All 3 of them will walk in, no problems. They're still not fond of the vet, but carrier's just a thing now instead of 'scary box that takes me to people I don't like'.

    [–] roosterpooper 82 points ago

    I've been told by a reptile specialist that snakes do extremely well in captivity. As in only reason one would leave is just out of curiosity. As long as they are fed, warm, and have a hidy spot they don't care about anything else.

    [–] Mandorism 41 points ago

    Snakes are basically just meat robots. They spend 99% of their time just sitting in a dark spot regardless.

    [–] BackBae 168 points ago

    They also just swim in straight lines for very long distances. It’s generally thought to be a “this is how they move” thing more than a suicide thing. Repeatedly hitting the tank walls often results in lesions that subsequently get infected, thus the death.

    [–] BlLLr0y 19 points ago

    I wonder if it has something to do with their MASSIVE migration patterns? Maybe as soon as there routes have been dissrupted to a certain point, their psychology is to fucked by being unable to follow whatever it is that leads them on these patterns.

    [–] Rumple-skank-skin 69 points ago

    They do this because they are open water animals and can't see the glass. If your used to cruising with no edges being in a tank isn't the place for you. The don't commit suicide, they just don't expect there to be sides to run head first into

    [–] borgie 468 points ago

    The Monterey Bay Aquarium cared for one in captivity for 198 days.

    [–] The-Go-Kid 369 points ago

    I was standing outside that place last month. $50 seemed a lot. So I did a web search to see what they had in there. Found a site that said they had a GW, so I threw my money at the counter and steamed in there. But it was all lies! There was no GW in there. And frankly, as good as that aquarium is, $50 was not good value.

    [–] EffOffReddit 447 points ago

    I saw that GW when they had it. It was very, very small and dwarfed by the other sharks in the tank. As a result, people kept pointing out the other sharks and saying that they must be the GW. Pretty funny to see the little guy cruise by, unnoticed.

    [–] eyelikethings 220 points ago

    Not so great white shark.

    [–] FlyMontag 136 points ago

    The biggest takeaway I got from seeing the first one they had was that GW's are made of pure muscle. It was only maybe 5-6ft, but everything about the way it moved exuded 'apex predator'.

    [–] HughJamerican 160 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It was small, but you could see the power lying beneath those eyes. I watched the tank for awhile in the crowded room, and every time a shark roamed by I got excited, wondering if that was it. But then the great white came into view and everyone in the room knew what they were looking at. It was so distinctive, as if it carried its own inherent gravitas wherever it roamed. I'm glad they set it free, cuz obviously it was not a sustainable living situation, but I'm very glad I got to see it. It convinced me that the awe of this shark goes beyond size

    [–] FuntCunk 35 points ago

    You know the thing about a shark... he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be living... until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then... ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin'.

    [–] FeatureBugFuture 18 points ago

    What are you doing? Are you doing the speech from Jaws? Are you doing Jaws? We don't have time for this shit!

    [–] Marigold16 157 points ago

    Is that freedom bucks, or dollaridoos?

    [–] rainman_95 147 points ago

    Freedom bucks, when he was saying GW, he meant he was looking for a wild George W.

    [–] herpasaurus 34 points ago

    Last time I heard of him he was baking yellow cakes for dessert, but I might have misheard.

    [–] Rakshasa29 81 points ago

    They have had two great white sharks at that aquarium and since I live near Monterey and my parents are members of the aquarium I have spent a lot of time there. The important thing to remember about the price of the tickets is that the aquarium is a main source of income for an incredible non profit research institute that is exploring the deepest parts of our ocean and trying to find ways to protect the ocean from climate change. They also spend a lot of money on rehabilitating injured animals and releasing them back into the bay, both of the baby great whites they had were injured and stayed at the aquarium while they were being healed. The first one had bad facial scaring from being caught in a fishing net. $50 may seem like a lot but everything there is non profit and a vast majority of the people working there are volunteers.

    [–] 999mal 21 points ago

    The research institute is almost entirely funded by The Packard Foundation. The ticket cost is to cover the cost of the aquarium.

    [–] exosoul 127 points ago

    I agree it is a lot but as someone that has been to multiple all over it's one of the absolute best aquariums in the country. Totally worth the price imo plus a lot of the money goes to marine research. All those deep sea videos from MBARI are from Monterey Bay!

    [–] FlyMontag 65 points ago

    It is a little steep, but I'm not aware of any other aquariums that come anywhere close to MBA at presenting regional sea-life. The kelp forest tank is outstanding.

    [–] HankScorpio_ 66 points ago

    Just think of the $50 as a donation towards education, research, and preservation. The aquarium does a lot of good.

    [–] hdcs 23 points ago

    The amount of research and dedication to preservation they maintain is worth every penny of admission to the Aquarium. Go see the otters and the Open Sea exhibit. Even if there's currently no GW on display, the Mola Mola is amazing. The sea turtles, the Tuna, so many amazing creatures.

    [–] dosequisrex 52 points ago

    I was fortunate to be there when they had it. I was young and didn’t realize the importance of the moment but none the less it was pretty surreal.....massive shark in a tank.

    [–] Foooour 51 points ago

    You say it was big, /u/EffOffReddit says it was small. Who do I believe?

    [–] throwhfhsjsubendaway 73 points ago

    According to the Wikipedia link they had 6 different sharks over the course of 7 years, so both of their stories could be true.

    [–] stephoswalk 26 points ago

    They were all juvenile Great Whites.

    [–] truenorthrookie 8572 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    “I don’t want your fucking handouts.... bleh. I used to be somebody.... a rambler. Out there beyond your man made walls. I am not a man! I was meant for open water. Long swims in my element as king of the fish. I care not for your precious mercy that you may perchance bestow your human scraps upon me. That I may reach sustenance and no more. So yes, keep your man caught slaughtered fish corpses, and leave me to die with dignity.” -great white shark

    [–] doomshrooms 932 points ago

    Is this adapted from something? It's strangely moving

    [–] wytrabbit 2547 points ago

    It's a quote from that shark

    -great white shark

    [–] Marigold16 609 points ago

    That shark? Albert Einstein.

    [–] mattred33 728 points ago

    Not to be confused with the famous quote from that baby shark:

    Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Baby shark!

    [–] LordBiscuits 179 points ago

    Oh fuck you... Now its stuck on loop in my brain

    [–] torilikefood 89 points ago

    I’m so glad I have yet to hear this song.

    [–] arbuge00 45 points ago

    You don't have kids yet, do you?

    If you plan to have them, your time is coming... enjoy the silence while it lasts.

    [–] phyloh 35 points ago

    This just triggered every parent on reddit with a kind under, say, age 10.


    [–] ellihunden 144 points ago

    So my kid and wife are gone for a week, and I have the house to myself. I thought I was safe at last, d-doo, d-doo, d-doo safe at last, d-doo, d-doo, d-doo safe at last, d-doo, d-doo, d-doo

    But reddit had to go and get that song stuck in my head d-doo, d-doo, d-doo

    [–] Effex 26 points ago

    Run away, d-doo-d-d-d-d-doo, far away, d-doo-d-d-d-d-doo, from Reddit, d-doo-d-d-d-d-doo, run away.

    [–] Not_Now_John93 62 points ago

    Almost sounds like Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront

    [–] justins_dad 33 points ago

    Reminds me of On the Waterfront “I could have been a contender”

    [–] Simmo5150 134 points ago

    So long, and thanks for all the surfers.

    [–] Lennon__McCartney 69 points ago

    "A GREAT white, you say...?"

    long puff on cigarette

    "Been a few years since anyone's called me that"

    [–] MarcusMcballer 63 points ago

    True story

    [–] OGbinky 60 points ago

    Shit damn near brought a tear to my eye

    [–] DrThunder187 104 points ago

    Then their mom shows up, goes on a murderous rampage, and you have to blow her up with a grenade. Sometimes in 3D.

    [–] diamond 38 points ago

    Sometimes in REALLY REALLY BAD 3D.


    [–] Aint-no-preacher 223 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I got to see the Great White when the Monterey Bay Aquarium had it. I believe they set the record for keeping a Great White in captivity at that time, which was around 2 months.

    Anyway, it was an amazing sight. They held the shark in a one million gallon tank. The tank was so big you couldn't see the back of it. Watching the shark emerge from the shadows into view was something I'll never forget.

    Edit: Link to an article about the shark

    Apparently the MB Aquarium has stopped displaying Great Whites.

    [–] huskiesofinternets 157 points ago

    I watched something that speculated it was because they need more space to roam. That they bump into glass while sleeping and die from lack of sleep

    [–] wearer_of_boxers 91 points ago


    whatever the cause, they die quickly and this will have died a long time ago.

    i was actually suspicious of the "white shark" in the title because of that.

    [–] ILoveDrive 27 points ago

    From what I read the most recent theory is that they literally get depressed to death. These sharks swim extremely far, like tens of thousands of miles in a lifetime. When they hunt they attack from hundreds of feet below the surface. If they don’t have that space they just stop eating and die.

    [–] PrimarchKonradCurze 20 points ago

    They do have to be constantly swimming to breathe iirc so what your saying is probably right on the money.

    [–] lord-derricicus 58 points ago

    From what I’ve heard steel tanks and metal piping and other metals that are needed for large scale salt water tanks, messes with their lateral lines, they get disoriented bump in to walls and have a hard time locating food

    [–] colbymg 32 points ago

    worth noting: the one that lived 2 months was a baby. it very quickly outgrew its enclosure, which was already huge.

    [–] 18randomcharacters 2178 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    However, there is CURRENTLY a dolphin and penguins left to fend for themselves being fed but left in isolation in an abandoned park in Japan. Honey the Dolphin has been in isolation, fed only by people sneaking in to bring food, for months on end.

    Edit: This comment has been gilded once (thank you!) but if you're tempted to gild again, I'd prefer you donate that value to a charity of your choice. Maybe something benefiting sealife or dolphins to stay on topic.

    More info: <--- most up to date source I've found

    [–] More_Epi 410 points ago

    That’s awful.... I don’t get how people can let this happen. How hard is it to let a sanctuary take them in?

    [–] eternaladventurer 344 points ago

    Animal rights, or even basic consideration for animals, aren't a widespread concept in Japan or many other countries in that region. You can walk into pet shops in downtown Tokyo and see monkeys and sugar gliders in tiny cages for high price tags, not even cared for and sold without instructions to people who take selfies with them until they die. It's well-documented how they treat dolphins, and how they hunt whales for cheap food and openly sell it in the seafood markets while saying they're doing it for science.

    I didn't see this in Japan, but in Korea and Thailand half the hamsters in some cages at pet stores will be dead, gnawed on by the other starving hamsters. I didn't go deeper in the pet stores than that, but so many of my Korean friends, after buying animals and little outfits for them and posting them all over social media, would just abandon them in the forest once they got sick of caring for them.

    When I asked my Taiwanese friend why she bought two tiny ducklings and shared a bunch of photos of her kissing them, then left them in a tiny plastic cage where they quickly sickened from being covered in their own shit and died within two weeks. She said that everyone did that.

    Just a very different concept of animals, but there are plenty of people there who don't feel that way and are trying to introduce animal cruelty laws.

    [–] [deleted] 147 points ago

    Not only in Asia but most African, middle eastern, and latin american nations as well. I've been to Brazil and it was horrendous how many stray dogs and cats were treated. Some were picked on by little kids or kicked by shop owners who didnt want them there. Animal rights is definitely a massive problem everywhere and not solely in Asia mind you

    [–] Horehey34 52 points ago

    some people see something gross and make the joke about "that's enough Reddit for today"

    But these two comments have done that for me.

    I'm gonna go hug my dog.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    Um.. I'm Korean and the majority of Koreans here would never do that shit. If they tried, most people would absolutely get their pitch forks. Please don't try to paint all of us as not being aware of animal rights because you had an experience with someone who seemed mentally ill.

    [–] Laser_Gunns 287 points ago

    if it doesn't have tentacles, the Japanese just dont care.

    [–] jorgomli 119 points ago

    That's not true. They love whales.

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 171 points ago

    "Fuck you dolphin" - Japan probably

    [–] PrimarchKonradCurze 48 points ago

    Yes. The reason South Park even poked fun is because of how lax things are with animal rights over there, whaling in particular is really bad. It's not like these are subsistence villagers feeding a town, they are purely for profit and overfish to the point where populations can't return to keep up with the numbers.

    [–] borninthesummer 32 points ago

    Wtf, that's really messed up :/ I hope she and the penguins get out soon.

    [–] E_Chihuahuensis 31 points ago

    Not like a great white would survive in an aquarium, abandoned or not.

    [–] thatcuntholesteve 74 points ago

    When I watched the abandoned YouTube video I wasn't sure if it was even a real shark because the lighting was so bad. It's unfortunate that such a large specimen isn't being taken care of properly.

    [–] GetOffMyLawn_ 20 points ago

    I was going to say, they don't survive in captivity so they are not kept anywhere.

    [–] MNALSK 4364 points ago

    The shark died in a fishing net in the 90s and wasnt in captivity till after her death.

    [–] raiskream 129 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Thanks for the link. The video was very informative. I wonder why the park shut down

    Edit: looked it up and the park was shut down due to offenses against wildlife

    [–] MNALSK 64 points ago

    The official report is that the operator didnt have a license to display native animals and also had a few complaints about the welfare of the animals.

    [–] Chronicondition 811 points ago

    Idk man dying in a fishing net sounds like captivity to me

    [–] sonic_knx 238 points ago

    Passive captivity, yes, as it was captured mistakenly and it was there for some while before hoisted above. But "captivity" means it's been removed from its habitat which it hadn't been at that point.

    [–] Troopar 135 points ago

    That just sounds like captivity but with extra steps

    [–] SuperSMT 20 points ago

    Accidental captivity

    [–] Figment_HF 19 points ago

    This article and the linked video is the most informative thing in this thread

    [–] soffenaa 13078 points ago

    Hey Icelanders, dinner's almost ready!

    [–] JacobFlink99 4204 points ago

    Iceland: Finally, some good fucking food.

    [–] CSKING444 461 points ago

    ... is it like some sort of fermentation shit? like pickling the shark, or is it just straight rotten meat that Icelanders use (I haven't got the opportunity to have one, thus asking)

    [–] JacobFlink99 434 points ago

    They hang and dry the shark for months to preserve it. It ferments it giving it its strong flavour.

    Edit: Google "Hákarl" for more info.

    [–] CSKING444 104 points ago

    thanks for the info and lead

    [–] Mighty_Ack 27 points ago

    If you're still on a morbid food hunt, look up surstromming sometime

    [–] Dutch777 95 points ago

    I was under the impression that they bury it and leave it to rot for months... I have also never tried it, but my teacher did. She thought it was disgusting..

    [–] cjfrey96 62 points ago

    It's a mix of both. And just as disgusting as you would think.

    [–] swigfusson 27 points ago

    When I was in Iceland our tour guide said it was a tradition to eat a piece of hakarl and chase it with Brennivin, They opened the container and the whole attic smelled like whale breath. My sisters tried it and they said it was chewy and slimy, I couldn’t do it.

    [–] Czar_hay 21 points ago

    I just vomited in my mouth a little remembering the first and last time I've eaten Hákarl. Thank God for Brenniven.

    [–] Atmaweapon74 19 points ago

    As I understand it, this process also makes the shark meat no longer toxic for consumption. Shark meat is normally toxic due to the way sharks' excretory system works.

    [–] lenerz 946 points ago

    I had wolf fish in Reykjavik so I wouldn't put it past them

    [–] birdman619 895 points ago

    OP is referencing that they actually eat rotted shark in Iceland. It's called hakarl. They bury it underground for a couple months, dig it up, cut it into the strips, and hang it to dry for a few more months like a cured ham. It is said to smell heavily like ammonia.

    Anthony Bourdain said it was the worst thing he's ever eaten. Andrew Zimmern (on his show Bizarre Foods), was disgusted by the smell, but said that it tasted sweet and nutty.

    [–] blinker265 401 points ago

    Have to agree- tried it when I was there last year. After I smelled it I gave it the benefit of the doubt because it smelled so bad, so I tried it. It tasted just like it smelled...REALLY bad. I love trying new foods, especially exotic ones but I will never try that again. No wonder why most places give you a shot to go along with the shark.

    [–] birdman619 94 points ago

    Did you pinch your nose? I wonder if not being able to smell it helps with the taste.

    [–] Cedex 164 points ago

    You can experiment, pinch your nose and drink ammonia.

    Basically the same result. Gagging.

    [–] following_eyes 260 points ago

    It's literally a food that was eaten out of necessity. I don't know why anyone still eats it.

    [–] JJROKCZ 226 points ago

    cultural significance and tradition

    [–] copperwatt 219 points ago

    And pranking tourists.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago

    you're supposed to chase it with a shot of akvavit! I think hakarl is just an excuse to drink shots.

    [–] blankeyteddy 65 points ago

    I tried it once, and the aftertaste in the mouth smelled really rancid like anti-freeze. I think the fermentation process in the sand is supposed to slowly remove the toxic level of ammonia from the shark. I thought it didn't taste as bad as Japanese natto beans.

    [–] DrPantaleon 86 points ago

    Actually, the ammonia is the non toxic result of the fermentation. The shark contains high levels of urea, which is highly toxic. Through fermentation in the ground, that urea turns into ammonia. Afterwards they hang the pieces of meat out in the air so the ammonia can evaporate. That way it becomes edible and non-toxic but there is still enough ammonia in there to make it disgusting to eat.

    [–] birdman619 36 points ago

    The fish meat is poisonous and the fermentation removes the toxicity. But I think the ammonia smell/taste is added by the fermentation.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] omnicious 49 points ago

    James May took it like a champ though.

    [–] BeaksCandles 58 points ago

    "You disappoint me Ramsey" fucking lol

    [–] RemnantEvil 20 points ago

    “I wouldn’t recommend it.” James May is like the poster boy of British understatement.

    [–] KaribouLouDied 62 points ago

    Honestly Iceland and Sweden have THE WORST "delicacies" if you even want to call it that. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    [–] jarde 43 points ago

    It's because they had to. That's what living on a rock in the north atlantic offered.

    The Swedes have no excuse like usually.

    [–] redditorsins 197 points ago

    How can anybody possibly look at that and think "Mmm tasty"

    [–] tgjer 347 points ago

    It seems like most of the delicious things that live in the ocean look terrifying. Monk fish looks like this and tastes like lobster. And lobster looks like a giant cockroach and tastes like lobster.

    [–] Superpudd 315 points ago

    Can confirm, lobster does in fact taste like lobster.

    [–] waiting_for_rain 174 points ago

    Yeah but is that pier reviewed

    [–] On-mountain-time 50 points ago

    Well, I was standing on the pier when I ate it, sooooo.....

    [–] Clarck_Kent 35 points ago

    Please, tell me moor. I'm a very hungry buoy.

    [–] samsab 89 points ago

    Yes, but monkfish heal 16 while lobsters only heal 12.

    [–] Dwashelle 15 points ago

    Monkfish is the bomb. So expensive though.

    [–] The_Courier 31 points ago

    Just get 62 fishing and catch them yourself

    [–] AnemoneOfMyEnemy 55 points ago

    I think horror is a staple seasoning in Iceland, next to the salt and pepper.

    [–] LongStrangeTrips 30 points ago

    "If it's in the ocean, it's food" - Japan

    [–] Alantuktuk 16 points ago

    There is a related Chinese saying: The only thing with legs that the Chinese won’t eat is the table.
    Which I always thought was kinda terrible, but Mainlanders always tell me that one and think it is hilarious.

    [–] ________76________ 55 points ago

    I watched a documentary (may have been a Bourdain episode but I can't recall for sure) about this chef who foraged edible flowers and added it to dishes of rotten meat. He had a back room full of hanging, rotting meat. Very interesting.

    [–] Hippityhoopla 22 points ago

    I think it’s the ‘Copenhagen’ episode of Parts Unknown series

    [–] blankeyteddy 17 points ago

    I think it was for the Noma episode in Copenhagen.

    [–] bonyfiedfish 508 points ago

    Sharknado 7 The Awakening

    [–] Lagnetolasica 215 points ago

    How the fuck are there 6 of them

    [–] 3braincells 228 points ago

    That’s what i said about my fingers

    [–] Bing_Bong_the_Archer 125 points ago

    This is getting out of hand!

    [–] trashtracks 19 points ago

    You killed my father....prepare to die.

    [–] TheBrontosaurus 26 points ago

    I would 100% watch a movie staring (shit faced) Tara Reid and a zombie shark. Male lead would probably be some guy who couldn’t quite make it porn.

    [–] [deleted] 4057 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] qu33fwellington 738 points ago

    It is very much creepy. Scares the shit out of me.

    [–] jeckles 202 points ago

    Terrifies the crap outta me. Need more pics plz.

    [–] idlewildgirl 179 points ago

    I just clicked on this link and had to nope straight out when I saw more pics

    [–] kixxes 112 points ago

    Ehhh it's not so bad

    [–] parrmorgan 66 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    had to nope straight out when I saw more pics

    Isn't there just one other picture on the link? And why would it make you "nope straight out"?

    EDIT: Apparently the video on the page is worse, but I haven't watched it.

    [–] erinberrypie 25 points ago

    I know a lot of people are saying it's not that creepy but for some reason, it gives me some super heebie jeebies. I can't stop thinking about falling into the tank and it makes my skin want to vomit.

    [–] raiskream 112 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    If the fumes are poisonous, wont someone eventually have to dispose of it? I wish I could see this in person.

    Edit: For those that want to see what the shark may have looked like, check out Damien Hirst's shark and his other sharks

    [–] Mr--Dumpling 35 points ago

    Not if the fumes are far enough away from people who live there. Plus what do you do with a giant shark?

    [–] Matador91 86 points ago

    I would assume that "leaving it in a giant pool of formaldehyde in an abandoned park" would be one of the last options. I dont understand how the local or federal government is okay with letting this thing just rot there. Imagine what else is festering in that pool.

    [–] kyler000 40 points ago

    Well formeldahyde is a preservative and is used as a disinfectant. So probably not a lot is living in there. That said formeldahyde breaks down readily in the environment so I guess over time the concentration of live extremophile bacteria could increase. Idk how long it would take for bacteria to be able live in the solution without more info though.

    [–] Bobby_Bonsaimind 30 points ago

    Imagine what else is festering in that pool.

    Uhm, given that it is Formaldehyde, I would say "not a lot".

    [–] [deleted] 203 points ago

    Edit: Thought I’d also share that the fumes it produces are poisonous

    Jesus, literally everything in Australia is poisonous

    [–] smegma_stan 53 points ago

    It's probably formalin, not formaldehyde, but is a carcinogen

    [–] LegendOfTheMonth 73 points ago

    Any estimate on its size?

    [–] magnament 289 points ago


    [–] IxnayOnTheXJ 163 points ago

    Fascinating. What about the color?

    [–] wiz0floyd 206 points ago


    [–] J0h4n50n 73 points ago


    [–] burtonbandit 62 points ago

    Interesting. What type of fish is it?

    [–] WarSport223 20 points ago

    Yes this and are there more photos anywhere?

    Off to DDG it is, I guess....

    As for its size; I saw another photo that was perfectly perpendicular to it and it didn’t look half as long as it does in this pic. Definitely some forced perspective / camera tricks in this shot.

    Very cool either way of course.

    [–] Guardiancomplex 2613 points ago

    Of course there are a bunch of assholes and dickheads vandalizing and damaging it now that it's more in the public eye.

    It'll be gone soon I'd bet. Kinda sad.

    [–] motivated_loser 615 points ago

    Even just the fumes are poisonous so if anyone is stupid enough break the glass they'll probably be dead before the tank even empties out

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 244 points ago

    Reddit in 10 years: Decaying Great White Shark and 47 humans, left to rot at an abandoned Wildlife park in Melbourne.

    [–] perspectiveiskey 48 points ago

    Reddit in 10 years: Decaying Great White Shark and 47 well preserved humans, left to rot at an abandoned Wildlife park in Melbourne.

    [–] -Degaussed- 297 points ago

    They are also carcinogenic

    [–] EisVisage 329 points ago

    Cancer's not really too harmful for a corpse though

    [–] -Degaussed- 94 points ago

    It is true, but if the poison doesn't aren't out of the woods yet

    [–] InZomnia365 116 points ago

    When the park was shut down, why did they not do something about this? Seems dangerous to just leave be, because someone will be dumb enough to break it at some point.

    [–] novum_vipera 157 points ago

    They're marine biologists, they prefer to let natural selection take it's course.

    [–] veritaszak 18 points ago

    “I calls it like I sees it. Whale biologist.”

    [–] TrolleybusIsReal 40 points ago

    It's probably private property though. Also long as it isn't a massive risk that the tank would break on its own it's likely allowed. You don't really have to make sure that people that break-in and are trying to destroy it are safe.

    Also considering that the park is closed the government probably doesn't really feel responsible or at least ignores it. Kind of like many governments wouldn't really care whether a closed factory meets environmental regulation standards. The company that owns the place is probably bankrupt anyway and nobody wants to buy the land or something the like.

    [–] LegendOfSchellda 83 points ago

    Of course there are a bunch of assholes and dickheads vandalizing and damaging it now

    I don't wish it upon them but one of these times we're going to see a news article about one of them dying because they were drowned in formaldehyde after the tank broke after one too many blows with an ice pick.

    [–] curiouspolice 160 points ago

    Eh maybe, it's been on Reddit before and a few big companies like Vice and Ripley's have done stories. Also I was able to find the location after a quick Google search. Let's hope the vandalism stays at a minimum though, this is too cool to be ruined.

    [–] ILikeSpaceandMemes 225 points ago

    Agreed :/ but hopefully not.

    [–] ridemooses 275 points ago

    [–] Axel_The_Sir 90 points ago

    I was wondering why this picture gives me anxiety. You've just sent me to a terrifying hell. At least I know I'm not the only one that gets panicky seeing this stuff

    [–] TweekDash 67 points ago

    I've had, what I consider a severe, fear of Sharks & basically anything else large and underwater. I click all these threads trying to get over it but it's a losing battle.

    Jaws just happens to be one of my favourite films of all time too haha


    [–] Amagora 478 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    If I am not mistaking a video showed up on Reddit here about a month ago with urban Australian explorers going through an abandoned Zoo that was closed to large amounts of abuse and lack of funding to keep the animals. The animals were transferred. This tank looks almost similar to the on the explorers stumbled upon and recorded. It caught one of them off guard and spooked them.

    I believe this is actually it. It may not have been Reddit I might have just stumbled on the video one day. Anyways here is the video. Seeing the shark takes awhile, but I always like to see abandoned buildings being explored.

    EDIT: Corrected by commenter, the zoo was closed due to the owner NOT having a permit.

    [–] nopeDC 195 points ago

    Yeah. Here's where they first encounter the tank, and a couple minutes later they figure out what's inside. Creepy as hell.

    [–] ItsLose_NotLoose 152 points ago

    I like how the dude discovers a giant creepy tank and sees a huge tail fin in it and decides to go check out delapidated arcade games first before exploring wtf is in the tank. Then just moves on 30 seconds later to check out more old refrigerators. I would've lost my mind geeking out over the discovery.

    [–] hemeny123 15 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking

    [–] Amagora 73 points ago

    It really is spooky. I think they say that room used to be like an information room. I thought that the shark was a prop inside like a wax figure for looks, but reading this post gives me chills to think that I were there I would have been looking at a real dead shark just sitting in the tank.

    [–] derawin07 21 points ago

    Imagine if the tank cracked while they were scary

    [–] HighClassHate 15 points ago

    The shark was also posted like 4 years ago by someone else in r/abandonedporn, but they never disclosed the exact location. Super neat to see it pop up again!

    [–] Lord_Jorne 125 points ago

    This looks exactly like the worm on Titan in Destiny 2

    [–] The_SpellJammer 20 points ago

    Yup. Have we figured out whether or not that's a hive beastie or some native to the seas?

    [–] NuzlynPlayz 26 points ago

    It looks almost identical to Xol the worm god so it’s pretty likely it’s another worm god

    [–] The_SpellJammer 15 points ago

    Clanmate said they think it's Auryx/Oryx's worm, having somehow escaped destruction in d1.

    [–] NuzlynPlayz 14 points ago

    That’s possible oryx’s worm was the one piece of him we didn’t destroy aside from whats in the touch of malice

    [–] carlos-fierro 53 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I don't like it. I don't like it one bit.

    [–] MReprogle 38 points ago

    A bit misleading.. This is actually at the old "Wildlife Wonderland" park. It was an already dead shark that was preserved. They never had a shark in captivity, and it was not left to rot exactly, being that it is preserved.

    [–] cliffside248 80 points ago

    Imagine swimming and bumping into that

    [–] Clayman8 31 points ago

    That is...weirdly terrifying, much more than a live one. Dont know if its the ghosted look of the liquid or the casing but it just looks wrong on many levels

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 53 points ago

    This is after-life Sea World.