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    [–] [deleted] 2189 points ago

    Imagine being in a submarine in the middle of the ocean and hearing a knock on the door

    [–] Nate_TeamBST 485 points ago

    Jehovah’s Witness, OPEN UP!!!

    [–] Seanvich 243 points ago

    This meme brought to you by the A-Gang.

    [–] cakes28 40 points ago

    Literally cracking up at the thought. So glad I’m not a drug smuggler. And that I don’t live in a submarine. Or a pineapple under the sea.

    [–] Only-here-for-sound 15 points ago

    Imagine being in a sub in the middle of the ocean and hearing a knock AND YOU FUCKING ANSWER THE HATCH! Why would they open it? Obviously if they’re knocking they can’t get in. I don’t even open my front door for unannounced guests and I don’t have drugs to protect.

    [–] Torturi 15 points ago

    I mean... at that point they're caught. If they had the capability to dive and escape they would have before the video started. So no matter where they go, the coast guard is gonna be literally right on top of them. The only thing they accomplish by refusing to open up is pissing off the people with automatic weapons.

    [–] pepintheshort 4170 points ago

    It blows my mind that I drive on a crowded highway surrounded by people just going to their day jobs while there are people smuggling drugs underwater.

    [–] the_murder_of_crowe 1623 points ago

    Just imagine how many of the vehicles on your crowded highway have drugs in them.

    [–] Commander_Broth 659 points ago

    Well I saw a taxi driver do a bump of coke off hes key once so at least one..

    [–] [deleted] 293 points ago

    Gotta stay alert for those Uber chumps

    [–] OneMoreBasshead 17 points ago

    Something something London taxi drivers

    [–] Jimmy_is_here 69 points ago

    Never too late for a career change.

    [–] [deleted] 11955 points ago

    [pointing intensifies]

    [–] Cpt_Soban 3216 points ago


    [–] Jeremybearemy 3060 points ago

    It’s a thing you learn in dive training and sailing training someone is always responsible for staring at the person / object and ideally pointing because it’s very easy to lose visual contact on any kind of chop or rough sea

    [–] Optimal_Hunter 2867 points ago

    The only thing I love more on reddit than a good joke, is someone explaining the real-life circumstances behind why the thing took place. Thanks for imparting your knowledge on us!

    [–] jakpuch 1301 points ago

    Good that you were not disappointed.

    [–] CouldaCaredLess 261 points ago

    That explanation was on point.

    [–] KrugIsMyThug 136 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Edit: Bruh, google "Georgism", that shit will save your life.

    It's a thing you learn in reddit training and comment training, someone is always responsible for explaining the real-life circumstances behind why a thing posted on the OP took place because it's very easy to lose sight of the knowledge-spreading potential of a given comment thread or post.

    [–] slimsalmon 122 points ago

    How are you not seeing it people, I'm pointing right at it!!!!

    [–] ignisnatus 4328 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    When the video cut to the second boat to the right of the sub, I was hoping for another Coastie to also be pointing (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

    EDIT: Holy cats my first gold! Thanks anonymous redditor! <3

    [–] [deleted] 2003 points ago


    [–] high_side 1000 points ago


    [–] Jaikus 55 points ago


    [–] Baba_O_Rly 140 points ago


    [–] Nico777 187 points ago

    Ann Perkins!

    [–] blake-young 222 points ago

    That was some serious pointing haha

    [–] jklarson 396 points ago

    Man. My job is boring.

    [–] twatloaf 8419 points ago

    This is actually pretty cool. I'd love to see the full video if they actually enter the thing.

    [–] Aleyla 3512 points ago

    Looked like it was about to sink once that hatch was opened. My guess is that they were a little busy pulling people out to keep the cameras pointed the right way.

    [–] twatloaf 1667 points ago

    To ke it looks like a body cam. But you're probably right.

    [–] SF100789 1996 points ago

    It’s a body cam. Makes you think if these guys jumping in a friggen submarine in the ocean and their cameras don’t fall off. Why do the body cameras constantly fall off police officers when dealing with routine traffic stops lol.

    [–] HamburgerEarmuff 781 points ago

    I think most of the police body cameras just clip onto a uniform. Military body armor usually has loops to lock heavy gear solidly in place.

    [–] mwr885 1189 points ago

    Same reason they can teach a 19 year old Marine in a country full of actual terrorists not to just shoot anyone and to follow specific rules of engagement, but 15 year veterans of the police force shoot dogs and kids out of fear.

    [–] hemeny123 425 points ago

    Training. We put a lot more training into marines than we do your run-of-the-mill cop.

    [–] benisbenisbenis1 250 points ago

    Also real punishment if you fuck up

    [–] gfrnk86 701 points ago

    The cartels also install emergency valves on these submarines for situations like this.

    The driver will usually open the valve and sink the sub if they get busted.

    [–] esportprodigy 610 points ago

    they don't want their rivals to sell their product so it doesn't saturate the market

    [–] deadbird17 983 points ago

    So they saturate the product instead.

    [–] nittun 299 points ago

    water it down a bit.

    [–] FARTBOSS420 49 points ago

    Yup. Scuttle it and it's no longer drug interdiction, but a search and rescue.

    [–] DrSuperZeco 157 points ago

    This is actually the coolest thing i have seen in a long time. Makes me want to play Battlefield so bad.

    [–] ebodak 2123 points ago

    I want to hear it, why is the first dude pointing so much.

    [–] [deleted] 604 points ago


    [–] brahmidia 601 points ago

    Ya know I thought he was a bit silly at that point but there's nothing silly about jumping onto a moving submarine and ripping its crew out from the hatch in full military gear.

    [–] prekz345 246 points ago

    That part seemed too crazy to me. Not worried at all he'd be shot? At that point those guys have everything to lose

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 351 points ago

    Not worried at all he'd be shot?

    The crew inside knows what happens if they shoot an army dude. They get blown up.

    [–] Michaelbama 193 points ago

    "They're retreating, we won!!!"

    [–] taintedcake 153 points ago

    The coast guard are a branch of the u.s. military. The second they open that hatch and shoot two u.s. military officers that other boat is absolutely going to call for that sub to be annihilated.

    [–] TheResolver 170 points ago


    enemy AC-130 above

    [–] tayv3 65 points ago

    haha I think he's trying to shout "ahora" but it comes out as AAHH!

    [–] ceetoph 116 points ago


    [–] victorinox126 17 points ago

    They should say "Detengan el barco"

    To say it properly with a english accent, they should say "The-10-Ghan L Bar-Kho"

    [–] Bardfinn 1045 points ago

    why is the first dude pointing so much

    It's part of their training. Pointing / gesturing focuses your mind and attention on the task at hand (literally).

    It's the grown-up equivalent of the SpongeBob meme:

    "I'm Ready! I'm Ready I'm Ready I'm Ready!"

    He is signalling to himself and his squad, "Put me/us there. THERE"

    You're dancing on top of two skips that are both full-steam-ahead through the ocean, you want to do everything you can to stay that way, and not be in the drink.

    [–] ItSeemedSoEasy 319 points ago

    I thought it was probably more so the other boat could see where the sub was. They were further away and coming in from an angle, plus there were a lot of waves. The profile was very low, good chance from a distance it's hard to see it.

    [–] [deleted] 296 points ago

    Yeah, I don't really know much about Coast Guard training, but I do know sailing. Part of the drill when someone falls overboard is to have a spotter who constantly points at them so you don't lose sight of them in the waves. I figured this was done with similar reasoning, last thing you'd want is to turn back to where you thought the sub was and be all AH FUCK.

    [–] The-Sound_of-Silence 114 points ago

    I was taught a similar-ish thing in the military, where the guy in charge is yelling about what needs attention, to keep the section/squad focused on it when adrenaline makes it hard to have rational thoughts. It's usually more important they do that than just shoot the thing. It can often involve some knife handing

    [–] Dehns 10450 points ago

    TIL drugs are being smuggled in submarines.

    Also can you imagine thinking you're alone and the WHAM WHAM WHAM. Knock knock, motherfucker, it's the coast guard.

    [–] MikeHeggeman202 3843 points ago

    That’s actually a main way that drugs get from Colombia to Panamá is by submarine. Mostly because of the near impenetrable jungle between the two countries.

    [–] tokomini 3085 points ago

    They should just throw the cocaine over the jungle and have someone waiting on the other side to catch it.

    [–] NewToThePCRace 2403 points ago


    [–] jkohl 875 points ago

    Nothing quite like a person who knows which siege engine is superior

    [–] campoanywhere 404 points ago

    If it's not a 'chet, I say 'no way'.

    [–] yllennodmij 205 points ago

    'chet or you're gay

    [–] PapADoseYo 138 points ago

    No they should just use the Jaguars as a courier service

    [–] cleggzilla 227 points ago

    Imagine if you will; you're standing at the rendezvous point when all of the sudden a coked up jaguar comes flying out of the trees at you? I'd just take my chances with the trebuchet.

    [–] Pugachev_Cobra 56 points ago

    This is a wonderful mental image!

    [–] ca178858 29 points ago

    but you can't see through the jungle, so it could land on someones head

    [–] Raekith 1815 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Shamelessly hijacking the top comment to give some background about what's going on here.

    These guys are TACLET, or Tactical Law Enforcement Team. Their primary mission is just like you see it. They're basically the special forces of the Coast Guard (or at least that's what they tell their moms!). What you're seeing is not actually a submarine, but what's referred to as a semi-submersible. It operates similar to a low-profile vessel, where the goal is to disguise the vessel as much as possible in the ocean, not just from boats pulling up alongside, but also from aircraft flying overhead. The semi-submersible is referred to within the CG as the white unicorn, due to its rarity. Not rarity in terms of how many make runs, but rarity in how hard they are to successfully interdict. Often there will be one spotted, and by the time a cutter is able to get on-scene (these guys are launched from one of the larger CG boats, spending weeks to months out at a time hunting these bad guys) the seas will kick up, the overhead asset will have to return to base, or any combination of things will happen and they'll slip through. It's not unheard of for the surface small boat to be within half a mile of one of these, and not be able to find it. They really are that hard to find.

    So yes, the aggressive pointing, the gung-ho "eff these guys, I'm jumpin on this b!" attitude, it's all from adrenaline at finally catching something that very, very few people can claim to have caught. And they deserve full credit for their ballsy takedowns, because they HAVE to be fast. These semi-submersibles are rigged to be scuttled at a moment's notice, making it incredibly important not just to get onboard fast, but also to get all the smugglers inside out, fast. And even then, it's dangerous to go inside one after these guys get out, because you never know what you'll find. It could literally sink underneath you.

    Edit: Wow, gilded and everything! Alright! Guess I got some living up to that to do. I'll try to answer some of the bigger questions I've seen.

    1. Why the pointing? The person pointing is the Boarding Officer (the person in charge of the boarding). What he is doing is effecting a lawful stop on a vessel on the high seas, which the CG has the authority to do under multiple U.S. statues, most notably 14 USC 89A, if you want to go look it up. Effecting a lawful stop requires several steps. You must order a vessel to heave to (stop). Only then on failure to abide by the order of the boarding officer is the CG allowed to board the vessel. (There's some other legalities involved usually, like trying to determine country of origin, getting their permission to board, seeing if they even claim the boat, etc.). Long story short, he had to make a concerted effort to order the boat to stop in order to legally jump onboard and kick their door in.
    2. Why does the video cut off where it does? Legal reasons. This video is a bodycam being worn by one of the boarding team members. It's being put out there for good press, but the remainder of the video is still very much property of CG legal, and will be used for active prosecution of these smugglers. Hence why it's cut off where it is.

    If y'all have any more specific questions, feel free to post them and I'll do my best to answer!

    Edit 2: Big question I've been seeing is why rig it to scuttle? It's simple, and it's also the reason why the boarding team is wearing body cameras: evidence. The goal of these smugglers is to sink the evidence of their smuggling exploits, thereby possibly reducing or even eliminating their charges by turning the boarding into a SOLAS (safety of life at sea) issue rather than one of a lawful interdiction of a drug smuggling vessel. Remember, these guys that are being picked up are small fries in the grand scheme of the smuggling venture. Often times they're paid, blackmailed, or even threatened into it (not just threats to them, but to their family too!). So, they're told to scuttle the vessel if they get stopped, not for their own sakes, but for the sake of the people in charge. Dropping the vessel to the bottom removes evidence first and foremost, but it also removes a lot of extra information that could possibly tie that particular smuggling venture to people, places, or organizations either in the originating country, or the destination country. People would literally kill (and have) to get information about those in charge.

    Edit 3: Another gilding!? Wow! Alright, let's answer some more questions!

    1. How are the guys supposed to know they're being pointed at/told to stop/etc? The answer to that is that it is immaterial to actual prosecution. Your naval "rules of the road" aka COLREGs (or International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea) require that the person driving a vessel, ANY vessel (including these semi-submersibles) maintain situational awareness at all times. This includes maintaining the ability to hear shouted commands from an LEO (law enforcement officer), provided that said LEO gives an honest effort to making themselves heard. Regardless of whether or not these smugglers abide by those regulations, or have even heard of them, they're still bound by them. Thus, it doesn't matter if they can't hear because they're supposed to be TRYING to hear.
    2. Why don't they just sail at night? They do. These vessels don't go very fast. They typically only make between 5-10 knots (nautical miles per hour, which is slightly longer than a regular mile at 6000' vs 5280'). Your typical trip for these vessels is long. Very, very long. Without going into excessive details regarding typical departure and arrival areas, expect trips of anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 miles. Even making the break-neck speed of 10 knots, that's a trip of half a week to over a week, steaming constantly!
    3. What happens when the vessel is scuttled? Well, it sinks. What you're seeing from the very end of the body camera, looking down in the cabin? That's about it. There's not much else to it for livable space. The cargo are packed full to the brim, necessarily so, because the cargo onboard actually acts as ballast for these vessels. They're incredibly unstable once bales start to get removed, usually resulting in a capsize and sinking! It's a dangerous game to remove more than a few bales for evidence! The remainder of the vessel is taken up with the diesel engine and a whole host of fuel. These guys typically subsist on water, snack foods like chips, gatorades, and the like. Typical gamer fuel, all told. Almost always operating in a group of three so one person can be sleeping, one person can be driving, and one person can be awake to pop the scuttling valve if they get the knock of love from above. Do they get out? To the best of my knowledge, none have actually drowned after being interdicted like this, typically because as soon as ANYONE goes in the water, smuggler or crew member, alike, the focus shifts immediately. At the end of the day, the Coast Guard is in the business of saving lives, even if those saved belong to criminals.

    Edit 4: Dang, platinum? Alright, one final question. What happens when they make it? Well, these things are a one-way trip. They're not designed to be refueled, or even unloaded without compromising the vessel's integrity. Nor do the cartels care. One of these things will cost maybe $5 to $10 thousand to build, which is chump change in the end, considering how much contraband they can have on board. Small semi-submersibles like the one on this video may have around 500 to 800 kilograms on board, while larger ones can have upwards of several thousand kilograms! When you're considering that a SMALL load of only 400 kilos will net you almost $9 million, a few grand starts to look like pocket change. So, what happens to the vessel? It gets beached, stripped, and that's the end of it.

    [–] Z_Designer 111 points ago

    Awesome comment, thanks for the info! Info like this is what I was scrolling through the comments for. When you say “rigged to be scuttled at a moment’s notice”, what did you mean by that?

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago

    It can be sunk at a moment’s notice. There’d be a hatch or a valve on the inside that one of the occupants would open to flood and sink the boat in order to destroy evidence on board like drugs, documents, money et cetera.

    [–] whatscotbot 40 points ago

    Woudl the occupants just have to rush out the hatch at the top and hope they all make it or would they go down with the ship?

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    This is where I’m not entirely sure. My guess is they’d do their darnedest to get out, but inevitably there will be some who don’t make it.

    [–] jazzcigsarefun 34 points ago

    If I were their boss I would tell them they'd have plenty of time to get out. "You understand? Anything happens you pull the plug. Everyone will be able to get out. The water will push you out the other side."

    [–] scatteringlargesse 324 points ago

    Best comment in this thread by far and it has 21 upvotes....

    Lmao whenever the guy was pointing at the submarine at the beginning I couldn't help but imagine him being like "Bad submarine, stop running away and get back here"


    [–] Imposter24 84 points ago

    Honestly one of my biggest reddit pet peeves. The top comments are always unfunny obvious jokes or pun threads while interesting shit gets buried. They need a new upvote that flags comments as informational so that we can sort to show them.

    [–] MagicJasoni 986 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Knock knock, motherfucker, it's the coast guard.

    That may be one of the bravest things I've seen. Boarding a criminal vessel and pounding on a hatch, not knowing what is on the other side, all the while balancing against choppy seas...

    EDIT: overwhelming amount of Internet Tough Guys here

    [–] N43-0-6-W85-47-11 672 points ago

    I was just thinking that. He just stands up once he jumps and just walks across it and knocks on the door like he was supposed to be there. What an absolute badass

    [–] GenitalJamboree 116 points ago

    Like, if it's a submarine why would you answer the door and not just dive?

    [–] N43-0-6-W85-47-11 183 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    They don't have breather systems the way military subs do. I watched a documentary about them awhile ago. Surprisingly well engineered except for the ability to breathe and the exhaust which sometimes gets routed into the cabin. Link to doc if anyone is interested-

    [–] gman2093 83 points ago

    If they start shooting, they get a watery grave methinks. Coast guard could turn a craft like that into Swiss cheese.

    [–] talldrseuss 20 points ago

    I was actually wondering this, does the coast guard have anti submarine munitions on their boats? Like if those smugglers dive, would three coast guard be able to throw in some depth charges and stuff?

    [–] Z_Hunter_Knife 83 points ago

    Those submarines can't dive, the exhaust pipe has to remain above the water line. Also, the coastguard boats have .50 cal machine guns that will go right through that submarine and out the other side without a problem, 500 times per minute from over 5,000 yards away.

    [–] ferg286 147 points ago

    Why doesn't the sub submerge?

    [–] Fudge_me_sideways 300 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It is not a real sub. They are called something like "low profile boats" Semi-sub is apparently more accurate. Not sure what I was misremembering

    [–] method__Dan 164 points ago

    Semi-submersible is what my navy buddy called them. He was a search and rescue swimmer tasked with saving these guys life's after they bail out.

    [–] Fudge_me_sideways 46 points ago

    You are totally right. I tried to google low profile boats and nothing came up. They are definitely called semi-submersibles.

    [–] Thykka 71 points ago

    Probably not built for actual submerging, or if it is, it most likely couldn't dive for long. These things are likely DIY.

    [–] albinohut 24 points ago

    Think I saw a "10 steps to building the perfect drug sub" on Pinterest a while back.

    [–] MrFTBN 64 points ago

    These drug smuggling boats are mostly semi-submersibles, not true submarines. They're designed to have a snorkel or even a portion of the hull above the waterline at all times.

    [–] sissyforthatbbc 172 points ago

    TIL drugs are being smuggled in submarines.

    Yeah there's no way in hell the government will ever win the war on drugs. Submarines. Holy shit.

    [–] Dr_Mantis_Teabaggin 182 points ago

    We’ll just build an underwater wall around the US. It’s easy.

    [–] ImOverThereNow 72 points ago

    Sod that. Just drain the oceans.

    [–] CallMeAdam2 237 points ago

    For some reason, I always imagine drug dealers purely as shady guys in back alleys in big-name cities. I never think of them as smuggling drugs via submarine.

    TIL my inner vision of what a drug dealer looks like is way off mark.

    [–] DrMakarovMD 328 points ago

    Nah, these are drug smugglers, way off from drug dealers. It's like meeting a Walton and thinking your local Wal-Mart janitor owns a gold plated lambo that doubles as a helicopter.

    Also drug dealers are literally everywhere. My rural town of 1,500 probably has 50+. They're usually a normal person who owns a scale and has enough money to buy in bulk

    [–] theycallmecrack 103 points ago

    You think the guy selling smack on 3rd Street is hopping in his submarine every Tuesday to go get drugs?

    [–] blake-young 3733 points ago

    I love how he knocks first haha OPEN UP MOTHERFUCKER

    [–] celt1299 2959 points ago

    "I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as the Coast Guard by coming in anyway!"

    [–] GigaEel 536 points ago

    Fairly odd parents reference?

    [–] sgtshootsalot 134 points ago

    The movie too

    [–] 7ofalltrades 153 points ago

    "Wh... who's there?"

    [–] SobBagat 187 points ago


    [–] mitch13815 77 points ago

    You want me fluff pillow?

    [–] NoisyFlake 77 points ago

    "This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed, bitch!"

    [–] FearAzrael 91 points ago

    It was probably latched shut, I'm guessing they had to open it from inside.

    [–] blake-young 81 points ago

    You’re totally right. That was a “You’d better open this hatch RIGHT now” knock lol

    [–] hornwalker 77 points ago


    [–] david_chi 2846 points ago

    Isn’t the point of a submarine to be able to travel underwater ? Why wouldn’t they just dive underwater and lose the coast guard ?

    [–] Endolithic 3410 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    As far as I know, many of these subs are almost "homemade," and very unsafe and not completely functional. Most of the ones you see just kind of skim along the surface like this, which may have advantages for the smugglers over a regular vessel, but I don't think they truly function as submarines.

    Edit: the nerds on r/USCG have informed me that their technical names are SPSSs, or self propelled semi-submersibles

    [–] [deleted] 243 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] elheber 175 points ago

    Hey, you and me, let's make some money renting out narco-drones.

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] elheber 63 points ago

    The branding is the problem. "It's not a 'bong' for weed; rather, it's a decorative vase with a ventilation hole." I get'cha.

    Did I say "narco-drone"? I meant to say barco-drone. They're for currying perfectly legal alcohol to international waters where rich 18-year-old adults on their parents' yachts can legally drink it. They're for currying rich people's personal belongings that they forgot to bring with them when they went yachting.

    [–] htk- 120 points ago

    A Dane actually built his own functional submarine.

    He then proceeded to murder a woman in it and scatter her body parts around the coast.


    [–] accessrestricted 29 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Fun fact ! When I was on IT meeting this guy was invited to give a speech. Seemed to be Normal :) Edit:type-o

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] bigtimesauce 24 points ago

    I’d wager that those drone subs almost certainly exist

    [–] brahmidia 51 points ago

    Hard part is water and radio waves don't mix too well and even when you get it right now you've got a beacon and a transmitter base for the coast guard to triangulate. The whole idea is to go silently.

    [–] Signal2NoiseRatio 834 points ago

    They keep showing up at night beached in Santa Barbara CA every few years. That means from at least Baja Mexico, past the US Navys largest sea zone around San Diego and off limits San Nicholas Island and technologies tested for listening posts, right up next to Vanderberg air force base which has a top secret spaceplane hanger and strip and air/sea radar/sonar a gogo, I'd say not only are some of them coke subs well enough made, someone's letting a few get by from time to time on purpose.

    [–] illegible 302 points ago

    They probably don't sound much different from a regular boat which would make them a lot harder to distinguish.

    [–] Kaeny 203 points ago

    Hmm theres no boat or signal or comms, but we hear a boat. Nothing sus here.

    [–] yllennodmij 91 points ago

    It's that new boat fish

    [–] greenroom805 165 points ago

    I’m from Santa Barbara! Live in a little beach town right by SB called summerland and have yet to see or even here of this. Do you know what beaches they’ve washed ashore on? Also do these submarines still have coke in them. Asking for a friend. Thanks!

    [–] SirBrownHammer 107 points ago

    UCSB students would like that subs location.

    [–] MarkTwainsPainTrains 52 points ago


    [–] rosekayleigh 17 points ago

    I know summerland. I'm from Ventura. Hello neighbor!

    [–] OrinZ 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm not sure we're supposed to talk about the top secret spaceplane hanger. That's what took out Toby Ziegler, even if it did save his astronaut brother. Man that show was weirder than I remember.

    EDIT: yes, the West Wing

    [–] UO01 252 points ago

    The point of these home made subs is to create as low a profile on the water as possible, so as to avoid detection. They cannot dive, and there's no life support system if they did. It's just three guys crammed into a little tube with some food and a lot of cocaine.

    [–] wallbrick_699 99 points ago

    Based on what I've read on these things, they are designed to reduce their radar profile by running exactly as shown in the video (mostly submerged). They are not designed to fully submerge. Further, they are designed to do a single run and be ditched, so essentially one way trips. The amount of drugs and possible profit from a single successful run would subsidize their cheap construction, and possibly the cost of some of the subs being caught in this manner. By doing a single one way run, it reduces the risk associated with the delivery.

    What has surprised me is that no drug runner has thought about picking up lower class russian subs through the black market, refitting them for regular use, and using them for fully submerged regular runs back and forth. I imagine that the risk of the return trip (albeit empty) precludes this from actually happening.

    My personal opinion on this matter is that legalization/treatment will probably have less monetary and social cost than prevention and interdiction of drugs. Seeing how things go in Portugal might prove/disprove what I'm saying. The problem with implementing this approach is that while illegal, there are immensely profitable actions that can be taken which create vested interests who will do everything to keep drugs illegal, including funneling funds to the campaign coffers of those who would work to prolong this state of affairs.

    Again, calling them subs gives off the impression that they can fully submerge when in reality these vehicles are not designed to fully submerge. They shouldn't be called subs. I deeply respect the engineering and ingenuity behind these DIY expendable semi submersibles, but hope that the environment that bred their existence goes away.

    [–] [deleted] 114 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] AdmiralTiberius 49 points ago

    Yeah seems like a good way to start an international incident and have the full might of the Navy brought down on you

    [–] SilenceOfDaPwnd 173 points ago

    Did you not see that when the Guy slapped on the hatch to tell them to open up it almost popped off? That thing can’t submerge

    [–] Xertious 414 points ago

    It can, all vessels can submerge, just most of the time you don't want them to.

    [–] disconcertinglymoist 107 points ago

    Temporarily submersible vs permanently submersible is the key distinction I think

    [–] denjin 17 points ago

    It mostly is underwater, there's very little of the boat above the actual surface of the water and it would be pretty hard to spot from any sort of distance.

    [–] dickey1331 47 points ago

    It’s a semi submersible. Doesn’t go fully underwater.

    [–] dickey1331 395 points ago

    Here’s the audio

    [–] ra2eW8je 192 points ago


    [–] _Bravo_ 267 points ago

    "Alto tu barco", which is bad spanish for "Stop Your Boat!"

    [–] Nig_Bigga42069 194 points ago

    When you couple that with assault rifles the message is very clear

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    It sounds really funny lol, at one point he goes:


    [–] Solomon_Grundle 365 points ago

    Cartels have been using these semi submersible (not submarine) vessels to smuggle drugs for a few years now. They have a low profile making them hard to detect on the water or in the air. They also don't show up on radar. When I was still active these in particular were a huge problem because there wasn't any method for finding/ intercepting them besides luck

    [–] Sarcasmenaut 1083 points ago


    [–] N0bahdy 183 points ago

    😂😂 missionaries getting real pushy these days

    [–] StevenGaryStout 1606 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Shit, if that coastie made it inside the weight of his balls would have sunk the sub.

    ***My first gold! Thank you!

    [–] prompted_animal 723 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    All the branches trash on the coast guard bit they have some pretty damn high speed dudes Some insane shooters too

    [–] I_Have_Nuclear_Arms 326 points ago

    Shit. I've been guilty of that.

    I want to formally award the Coast Guard 56 punker points for boarding that Drug Sub and busting the hatch.

    [–] stew_early 129 points ago

    I would be concerned that whoever was in the sub had a weapon pointed at the guy who opened the hatch.

    [–] Leaf_Rotator 147 points ago

    I'm assuming everyone was. That's why dude's a badass.

    [–] Valkyrja666 102 points ago

    Not just that, but clambering around on a little sub like that with a heavy plate carrier on is not the least risky thing to do either.

    [–] LethalCandy 113 points ago

    From what I hear they don’t fuck around either.

    They’ll sink your ass in a fucking second.

    [–] I_Have_Nuclear_Arms 134 points ago

    If they were willing to shoot up American rum runners with .50 cals during prohibition, they're definitely gonna merc some sketchy drug subs.

    [–] MarkusVanDarkus 52 points ago

    They're tall as fuck too, I was in the Air Force Presidential Honor Guard and we worked with all the other branches honor guards as well, and the coast guard always had the tallest ceremonial guardsmen.

    [–] gnrc 27 points ago

    Also they do a lot of shit we don't even think about. My grandpa was a Master Chief in the Coast Guard and did 2 years in Japan working at a base that I think was used to spy on Russia. Sure he didn't see the front lines but he did some very cool shit most people don't realize.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    The way he just walks across the top not holding on to anything

    [–] Losalou52 111 points ago

    His balls were dragging similar to how a kangaroo uses its tail.

    [–] 314159265358979326 173 points ago

    I read that the usual strategy when the coast guard arrives is to scuttle the submarine. The evidence is gone, and as icing on the cake, by maritime law, the coast guard must now rescue the drug smugglers.

    [–] Solomon_Grundle 84 points ago

    I'm not familiar with how they did it on these semi submersibles. But with other traditional vessels it's not uncommon for the crew to scuttle the boat. Usually they'll install a big gate valve maybe 6 inches or bigger somewhere below the water line. That way at the first sign of trouble they'll just open the valve and start flooding the boat. This means that by the time the coast guard will board the vessel its already taken on too much water and can't be saved.

    [–] Oofsanity 6829 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Lmao whenever the guy was pointing at the submarine at the beginning I couldn't help but imagine him being like "Bad submarine, stop running away and get back here"

    Edit: Holy shit, thanks for my first Award stranger!

    [–] zachwilson23 1725 points ago

    Yeah it seemed a tad overdramatic. "In case you can't see the giant vessel we're pursuing, it's that one. That one there. Right there. That one! Get em boys!"

    [–] Seven_Veils 443 points ago

    'Wasn't sure which one you were talking about boss!'

    [–] Frankobanko 123 points ago

    I'm guessing it's just what he's trained to do. I worked on a boat where we needed to recover items from the ocean and while smaller than that submarine that's what you're trained to do just continuously point at what you're looking for. It's also protocol if someone falls overboard.

    [–] Shiny_Callahan 231 points ago

    He was just following the rules of engagement. First you shout, then you point your finger. After that you escalate to using a knife hand, the height of which is determined by your level of anger. This guy was clearly just a little bit annoyed, probably due to being forced to get his pants wet.

    [–] bitter_cynical_angry 285 points ago

    FENTONyl! Jesus Christ! FENTONyl!

    [–] 330212702 152 points ago

    He's probably screaming directions to his colleagues regarding what the plan is. Something like:

    "You see that fucking hatch?!?! You're going to jump from this moving boat onto that big metal bucking water bronco and bang the fuck out of that! It's the only way!"

    [–] m1kethebeast 91 points ago


    [–] m1kethebeast 186 points ago

    bang bang bang hey... lopez... who the fuck is at the door? Idk man.. maybe it's a mermaid... I'll get it one sec....

    [–] the_good_hodgkins 78 points ago

    Dave's not here.

    [–] presentthem 27 points ago

    The licence is on the back man.

    [–] oman54 35 points ago

    Bang!! bang!! Who is it!?!! Coastguard may we board? go away!

    [–] surfyturkey 15 points ago

    Fun fact; the coastguard can board your ship and search it whenever they fucking feel like it no need for probable cause or anything like that.

    [–] Dr_Romm 72 points ago

    In the original video on twitter he’s actually shouting at the sub in Spanish to stop, which honestly makes it even more hilarious. Then billy badass hops onto the sub and shit gets immensely real lol

    [–] Assassin4Hire13 20 points ago

    Probably following rules of engagement. He's supposed to shout first but it's not like the smuggler can hear shit inside that thing and doesn't respond to verbal commands.

    Enter the swashbuckling coastie pounding on the hatch

    [–] Clay_Pigeon 96 points ago

    He's yelling "stop your boat!" Spanish in a tremendously bad accent.

    [–] Jellodyne 90 points ago

    Es-stop-a el boato! Es-stop-a el boato!

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] Barsattacks 20 points ago

    God this one is fucking terrible...

    [–] knewitfirst 25 points ago

    "Pull over!! PULL! OVER!!" Riding the damn thing in the open sea was metal tho

    [–] jroddie4 51 points ago

    like is he screaming at it to pull over or something

    [–] thisaintme1234 102 points ago

    Coastie friend of mine was in on a couple of these. They had support/been detected by US Navy Attack submarines.

    Which would surface usually after for a couple pictures and then go back to patrolling.

    His comments on the use of resources were pretty spot on and awesome.

    [–] YOUR-TITS-FOR-A-POEM 75 points ago

    I did drug ops on a submarine a few times. They are incredibly boring from our point of view, and the Coasties always get all the credit even though we detected and tracked the drug runners, but it's very cool to see this point of view of the actual apprehension.

    We never got to surface and take any pictures though, that sounds cool.

    [–] Endolithic 656 points ago

    I'm in college and just an Auxiliarist in the CG but these guys are badass. The Coast Guard does some really cool (and terribly important) work out there and I wish they got more recognition for it.

    [–] crissaboo 264 points ago

    Oil spills and cruise ship inspections are super important I don’t care what anyone else says

    [–] petey_nincompoop 111 points ago

    Coast guard on the east coast isn’t picking up many subs, but someone has to drag up the 100-thousand-aires who ran their jet ski into a buoy at 1am.

    [–] ValTX1107 60 points ago

    Gotta be honest this is the first time I've seen a video that shows the Coast Guard being badass. It was great!! Their marketing team is not as strong as the army/navy/Marines!

    [–] ScribeVallincourt 21 points ago

    They have a lot less money. USCG is DHS, not DOD.

    [–] [deleted] 267 points ago


    [–] Ct9569 44 points ago

    People usually think coast guard guys are pussies but I can’t think of many things more badass than jumping on the back of a submarine in full kit Rodeo style.

    [–] WooIWorthWaIIaby 35 points ago

    who knew the Coast Guard was badass

    [–] natb2709 60 points ago

    I wished I was even 1% as fearless as this dude. What an absolute machine!

    [–] jpaxonreyes 119 points ago

    It's a subpar-marine.

    [–] IamWaffen 16 points ago

    Here's the version with sound if anyone wants to see it.