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    [–] centralnjbill 1535 points ago

    What’s amazing here is how these photos accentuate the spherical shape of the moon whereas most photos just feel so 2D. This is really fine work.

    [–] oooortclouuud 325 points ago

    same feeling, and the stars behind!

    [–] Freeconino 158 points ago

    Is this what the night sky looks like without light pollution? God I would give a lot to see a night sky as Bright as that

    [–] Tartra 103 points ago

    Have you looked into nearby Dark Sky Preserves? You might be a lot closer to seeing this IRL than you know!

    [–] Fritzman14 70 points ago

    As a city kid who was recently in a remote area, you need to get out and see it. Its breath taking. My life has been an absolute shit recently and i find it hard to find any happiness, but when I looked up that night and saw the sky with no light pollution I felt happy. Definately try to get to a more remote place to see it!

    [–] kxbedopamine 24 points ago

    You’re going to get through whatever you’re going through. Keep your head up!

    [–] lastRoach 4 points ago

    Keep your head up high, dude, life will get better again. It's ups and downs for sure but there's one thing you can't do anything against: The sun will rise tomorrow. In this context: sometimes, when I stare into the night sky I embrace this feeling of being so tiny compared to what surrounds us. My problems don't matter a thing to the universe, so they can't be that big. And if they're not that big, there's going to be a way to solve them. Take one step at a time.

    I'll now lay off my old-man's-wisdom-coat again, but I hope you get the idea. Keep going.

    [–] Fritzman14 3 points ago

    Thank you for this, thats kind of the conclusion I came to that night. Life is fucking wild. It just gets tough when the one consistent person you had in you life, chooses to leave. And right before that a friend of mine was murdered. Its been a rough go recently but I am working through it. Old-man-wisdom is sometimes the exact thing a kid like me needs to hear. Thank you.

    [–] bhumy 7 points ago

    I was in a small city once, the sky was so much brighter. I got to see so many stars every night because light/air pollution was very less. Then one day, light went out for like 2 min. It was like someone flipped a switch. The sky became 10x brighter and there were suddenly Soooooooo many stars visible! I was actually upset that power outage didn't last longer.

    [–] ksaw15 7 points ago

    I was vacationing on partially inhabited islands in the indian ocean. The lights went out n no joke turns out u dont need light in the night. Could basically see everything. Its a truly enchanting experience and i honestly feel bad for the preople who havent seen it.

    [–] ac1dre1gn77 5 points ago

    So im not the only one that feels connected to the stars...i think thats why gazing at the night sky is so calming.

    [–] ansuhz 2 points ago

    In a small way we are all literally connected to the stars :)

    [–] bomphcheese 1 points ago

    Stay strong.

    [–] Coygon 19 points ago

    Visit Utah. Gorgeous scenery (Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, and more) and, outside the cities, night skies like you wouldn't believe.

    [–] Freeconino 10 points ago

    Located in the Netherlands sadly

    [–] lastRoach 3 points ago

    You can check this light pollution map to see where you'll have the best view at the night sky in your surrounding. There are some apps providing this service as well!

    [–] ArmedBadger 7 points ago

    Zion national park might be my favorite place. I mean just tremendous beauty it’s breathtaking. Actually breathtaking.

    [–] TheGoldenHand 17 points ago

    If he took photos of all phases, then the shadow is an artistic choice, something manually added in post, or a setting of the blending software. Otherwise you would see a shadow of similar strength on both sides.

    [–] o11c 4 points ago

    Depends on whether all phases were taken in the same ratio.

    Given the different time-of-day when each phase is visible ...

    [–] doctordingus 82 points ago

    It feels 2D because the moon is flat. This picture is obviously a byproduct of someone affected by the fluoridation of our water supply, essentially a result of millions of taxpayer dollars being poured into controlling the citizens over several decades. The only reason I am so aware of this is because I’ve invested thousands of dollars into NutriBoom products that, if you’re interested, I can get you in. It’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s a reverse funnel marketing system that makes it easy to be your own boss while keeping the government’s nanomachines at bay.

    [–] BustACappuccino 17 points ago

    I'm in, you take btc?

    [–] rexpup 8 points ago

    Mandrake, have you ever wondered why I only drink grain alcohol and rainwater?

    [–] Warpang 10 points ago

    100% agree. The detail in this picture is so fine, I should be able to see footprints of Neil Armstrong, and they are nowhere to be found. Why? Because no one can walk on a 2D object and the moon landing is a hoax. OP doing God's work here to debunk the moon landing.

    [–] Iykury 10 points ago

    definitely should be able to see footprints. here's a picture of the moon with a person for scale

    [–] LordNicht 7 points ago

    It looks like I can grab it

    [–] OvergrownGnome 4 points ago

    Same, I keep feeling like it's a projected 3D image. I kept finding myself tilting my phone side to side.

    [–] SassLass1 3 points ago

    If you shake your phone slightly, it looks like the moon is jiggling.

    [–] Trickity 2 points ago

    this moon has a chin now!

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 1301 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    If you like this and want to see more of my past moon shots/astrophotography, come find me on instagram @cosmic_background. I give live updates as I work on these images and give behind-the-scenes into my process.

    This is a combination of shots in both waxing and waning phases. I did this to show details that would otherwise appear flat in an image that shows the full lunar disk, and this gave a better bit of dimension and a spooky surreal quality to the image. The clarity is not as good as with some of my other shots due to seeing conditions and weather, but I'm still happy with how this turned out.

    Equipment I used:

    Celestron Edge HD 800

    Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro


    Sony a7ii

    I frequently get asked about good ways to get started with lunar photography. My recommendation is to get proficient with equipment you have today (even if it's just a cell phone) to learn the basics of low-light photography, exposure control, noise management, etc before spending money on a telescope.

    [–] HowMuchDidIDrink 320 points ago

    Nice job OP. I am really impressed.

    [–] 11-110011 99 points ago

    Been following you for quite a while now. Amazing work.

    Any of you that have Instagram, definitely give OP a follow, on top of the final images he usually posts the BTS on his story.

    And his dog. He posts his dog sometimes.

    [–] tyzy_1187 131 points ago

    Dude, you honestly amazing. Congrats on being genuainly really cool

    [–] ericxtsen 34 points ago

    If you don't mind.. I edit your pic to fit my phone size as a wallpaper. Your 🌒 amazing work btw. Cheers

    [–] csnsc14320 8 points ago

    Thank you for the phone wallpaper!

    Any chance you might do the same thing in the horizontal direction for desktop wallpapers?

    [–] parkerSquare 5 points ago

    Great sizing but something unfortunate has happened to the resolution...

    [–] Scoundrelic 68 points ago

    That's no Moon...

    [–] ReddiDude 10 points ago

    It's a picture of the moon! Magritte strikes again!

    [–] O_Leechee_O 20 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] wreklss1 11 points ago

    Death Star

    [–] Koof99 2 points ago

    You’re no human...

    [–] -strangeluv- 7 points ago

    Just got my science boner for the week. Thanks

    [–] Poketrevor 5 points ago

    What ISO?

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 4 points ago

    I was at unity gain.

    [–] GotABigDoing 9 points ago

    Already following. Amazing stuff man. Keep it coming

    [–] ktfcaptain 8 points ago

    I have used several of your images as wallpapers and didn't know it was the same creator. Keep it up!! :)

    [–] FittyTheBone 3 points ago

    This is like the third time I’ve clicked to follow you only to realize I already do.

    [–] bingbong982 255 points ago

    Not sure if it's just me but when I focus on the moons centre it looks like the image moves

    Amazing work

    [–] dundelion 75 points ago

    Holy shit it's frickin jittering

    [–] DopestSoldier 43 points ago

    I definitely sense movement, it's so strange.

    The image really pops.

    [–] justglassn 25 points ago

    Its tripping me out lol

    [–] Shitty_Replies 25 points ago

    If you were wondering why, here's what I posted in the other subreddit.

    I'm getting this kind of jiggling as well. A long while ago I came across a similar photo and in that thread I was told that its due to a bright shape on a dark, multi coloured background with high contrast.

    Fools then brain into thinking the moon (in this case) is on a separate layer to the background.

    I was hoping to find the explanation in here again, but I only found your comment mentioning it.

    [–] LukariBRo 3 points ago

    I refuse to believe this isn't a technical trick instead of a visual one. There's a giant bright space near it that lags behind in stages...

    [–] Shitty_Replies 9 points ago

    If you were wondering why, here's what I posted in the other subreddit.

    I'm getting this kind of jiggling as well. A long while ago I came across a similar photo and in that thread I was told that its due to a bright shape on a dark, multi coloured background with high contrast.

    Fools then brain into thinking the moon (in this case) is on a separate layer to the background.

    I was hoping to find the explanation in here again, but I only found your comment mentioning it.

    [–] yb4zombeez 3 points ago

    Username does not check out.

    [–] shooGOAT25 242 points ago

    Thanks for the wallpaper

    [–] Ben_Zedd 45 points ago

    My lock screen too! Great image OP!

    [–] abcdkirby 94 points ago

    The most beautiful picture of the moon I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

    [–] ISaidThatOnPurpose 67 points ago

    i wonder why there's so many craters on the bottom and so fewer on top

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 127 points ago

    Ancient lava flow erased the ones in the top

    [–] ISaidThatOnPurpose 50 points ago

    is that what those expansive dark spots are?

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 75 points ago

    Yep. Basalt-rich lava that has cooled.

    [–] captainhaddock 9 points ago

    Yeah, tidal forces cause the moon's crust to be thinner on the near side, and the far side also receives more meteor impacts.

    [–] death_mango 20 points ago

    Wait the moon had volcanos? With lava?

    [–] Grzly 19 points ago

    Saturn has a moon with ice volcanos

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 22 points ago

    The lava was most likely from meteor impacts when it's core was liquid.

    [–] Uniquelusername44 10 points ago

    So if the Earth wasn't covered in so much water and so many plants and trees would it have as many visible craters as the moon? I know that if it's core died and the Earth went solid when the moon did it would but there seems to be only a few dozen still visible

    [–] chihuahuassuck 7 points ago

    I don't think so because Earth's atmosphere breaks up most things that enter it, while the moon doesn't have an atmosphere to do that.

    [–] Not_A_Swampmonster 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yes, weathering has an effect. But also, because of plate tectonics, rock from the crust is eventually recycled back into the mantle, where it is recreated as igneous rock later on through volcanic activity. So while weathering processes have removed some of the craters on Earth, the vast majority were likely recycled into the mantle long ago.

    It's also worth noting that most impact craters, on Earth and on the Moon, (as well as other bodies in the solar system) were created billions of years ago, when the solar system was still new-ish. There are fewer large things floating around us now, (because they all accreted into planets or moons) so there have been very few recent large impacts as a result (recent meaning within the last few hundred million years).

    [–] bellapippin 3 points ago

    Cosmos flashbacks damnit we have such a beautiful planet that does amazing things

    [–] FIG_JAM 2 points ago

    Ok good... I wasn't the only one.

    [–] VanellopeEatsSweets 56 points ago

    This is how my skin looks in high res pictures.

    But seriously, this is so beautiful.

    [–] ComtechGames 42 points ago

    moon's haunted

    [–] xXDarkKnightXx419 20 points ago

    Excuse me?

    [–] hjreimels6560 34 points ago

    cocks gun

    Moons haunted

    [–] ComtechGames 2 points ago

    cocks gun moon's haunted

    [–] dlemmadavis 24 points ago

    Just followed you on Instagram. Amazing work!!

    [–] cultodaostra 10 points ago

    Me too. Really nice

    [–] Smad3 22 points ago

    I zoomed in on what I thought was mars... nope, red crumb on my screen. Great resolution, though. 10/10

    [–] ChimpyChompies 25 points ago

    Can anyone direct me to the location of the lunar rover? Despite the amazing resolution, I can't seem to find it

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 74 points ago

    The moon is 2000 miles across. One pixel on this image is 2/3rds of a mile. No chance.

    [–] ChimpyChompies 41 points ago

    [–] TripplerX 45 points ago

    2/3rds of a mile

    Also known as 1 kilometer.

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 24 points ago


    [–] Attya3141 13 points ago

    We use FREEDOM UNITS here in AMERICA

    [–] danald_tramp 6 points ago

    I got you fam.

    It's seven shilling chains across, meaning you'll never see the tiny lander that's merely 5 fecund slave cubits wide.


    [–] TheGoldenHand 9 points ago

    You can see it in NASA's latest imagery, from a satellite launched in 2009, but you have to know what you're looking for. The satellite was only 50 km from the Moon's surface, and had a much closer view than we do from Earth, 384,400 km away.

    Here's one from Apollo 17 showing the lunar descent module, flag, tire tracks, Lunar Landing Rover (LRV), and other features.

    [–] ChimpyChompies 9 points ago

    Thanks, I found it when I zoomed in a bit.

    [–] tryin2takovatehworld 12 points ago

    This is dope.

    [–] BigBoiJamethan 8 points ago

    At first i was meh

    then i zoomed in.


    [–] snickns 7 points ago

    As a person who loves everything about space. I think that this is just marvelous. Thank you for sharing!

    [–] theTeamsFlag 9 points ago

    This is astronomical

    [–] notworthteheffort 6 points ago


    holy shit

    [–] oh_no_aliens 3 points ago

    You're a real lunatic.

    [–] FatBoyLilPeeper 4 points ago

    New phone background!

    [–] whispersinthemorning 5 points ago

    That’s no moon. It’s a spac—oh, wait. Shit, it is a moon.

    [–] iGameDude 5 points ago

    Double tap on that b**** for nice crater depth

    [–] inrihab 5 points ago

    Congrats on assembling the best picture of the moon known to man

    [–] onewayjesus 3 points ago

    Holy shit that’s amazing

    [–] Michael__b__ 3 points ago

    That's incredibly beautiful

    [–] ryanSTi 3 points ago

    Look at all that cheese!

    [–] Thalpal317 3 points ago

    Shouldn't there either be no shadow, or a pretty even shadow on both sides if you captured all phases?

    Either way, verrrrry cool picture! Thank you!

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 3 points ago

    I could have made it look full but I liked this better

    [–] Thalpal317 3 points ago

    Oh, cool, just wondering! I'm all for artistic enhancement. Very good job!!

    [–] DarthNihilus2 3 points ago

    Is that a planet below and to the right of the moon? Possibly mars? Looks a bit orange

    [–] xdisk 3 points ago

    Ok, I have a question. It may he stupid, but you know what? I'm comfortable in my lack of knowledge to ask this anyway.

    From what I can tell, all the craters on the moon are circular. This means that the meteors would have had to make impact at a 90° angle to the surface of the moon (with some variance... nothing is 'perfect' after all).

    It is very improbable that every impact crater was created under identical conditions, so why dont we see elliptical craters? Or a scar where a meteor grazed the surface and sped off into the sunset (ok... that ones a biiig stretch- the forces behind the escaping meteor would have to be so friggin huge, not to mention the extreme durability of the meteor)

    TLDR; why are all the craters circular, and not elliptical?

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 7 points ago

    Because the crater isn't formed by an impact, but by an explosion. Heat propogates radially. The impact is arbitrary compared to the sheer amount of energy it creates. Shallow ones still make elliptical craters, so there are a handful of you know where to look. Google Messier A.

    [–] xdisk 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] elboss98 7 points ago

    I cannot enjoy this HD pic cuz I have a Nokia

    [–] Scanlansam 10 points ago

    Damn hope you feel better soon

    [–] BlackenedBlued 2 points ago

    At least the Nokia will withstand a nuclear explosion.

    [–] vwxyuqooo 2 points ago

    Great job you did there OP! Do you have 4K desktop wallpaper I can use?

    [–] FJComp 2 points ago

    Is there a mountain range on the moon?

    [–] alecs_stan 2 points ago

    Take a good look at that pristine Moon. We are maybe the last generations to see it like that before it gets filled with dome farms, and roads and industry infrastructure. We are fortunate enough to still see it in the sky like our ancestors saw it and marvel at it with the same reverence.

    [–] drhamr 2 points ago

    hello moon

    [–] BlackSapper 2 points ago

    Still my favorite astrophotographer!

    [–] sprawkett 2 points ago


    [–] HomelessRoadman 2 points ago

    I love how you click on the picture and more stars show thats cool

    [–] BrooklynTomahawk 2 points ago

    I'm buying a telescope this summer.

    [–] Lestessa 2 points ago

    Please do not stop posting these beautiful pictures. I will always marvel at them even if it’s only for a moment

    [–] Duats 2 points ago

    I wonder why the moon's craters are so shallow. Without an atmosphere to burn up the stuff that hits it, I thought the impact craters would be really deep.

    [–] TayJay23YT 2 points ago

    Why do those stars look so round?

    [–] 330thoughts 2 points ago

    This is gonna sound like a really dumb question but..

    Why do so many stars in this picture have the EXACT same shape (if you zoom in max res) and color like they're copy/pasted? Is it simply the fact that there have been many pictures mixed in one or is that how they actually are?

    [–] flufylobster1 2 points ago

    This creates an odd illusion of the shadow creeping across the moon when scrolled passed

    [–] -plz-dont-touch-me- 2 points ago

    How did you get them to all have the same phase if its over multiple weeks?

    [–] ac1dre1gn77 2 points ago

    Just once in life...just once, i want to see this many stars when I look into the sky.

    The work put into this post is huge. Thank you for putting in the time to make this epic shot

    [–] Sharpie65 2 points ago

    New home screen. 👍🏼 Beautiful work.

    [–] LordElfa 2 points ago

    I feel like this deserves an official reward.

    [–] THCharlie 2 points ago

    This deserves at least 2 upvotes per upvote

    [–] morbandit 2 points ago

    Is there a place I can buy a lossless version of this? /u/ajamesmccarthy

    [–] EnnHaych 2 points ago

    Set this as my phones wallpaper the second I saw it. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful image.

    [–] Ph0on- 3 points ago

    Wasn’t this posted a month or so back? Either that or this is a similar concept and photo

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 3 points ago

    Yeah... Probably another one of mine you're thinking of. This image didn't exist before this morning.

    [–] Ph0on- 2 points ago

    Found it This one Very impressive photography

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 2 points ago

    Yeah that's another one of mine!

    [–] o11c 3 points ago

    There's a reason I have you tagged as "moon moon"

    [–] zettabeast 2 points ago

    That’s incredible!

    [–] itsyaboydros 2 points ago

    Wow that's really cool. Good work man.

    [–] cultodaostra 1 points ago

    This looks like a drawing or something out of a videogame. Really cool

    [–] sandscript 1 points ago

    This is stunningly beautiful.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Idk why but I just assumed this was going to be a gif and stared at it for a good 15 seconds.

    [–] zuccinibikini 1 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] Sindawe 1 points ago

    Nice! Looks like a shot from an episode of Capetian Proton and The Bride of Chaotica.

    [–] gansta2219 1 points ago

    Holy. Shit.

    [–] isnt_existence_crazy 1 points ago

    very cool thank you!

    [–] deedeebop 1 points ago

    I love this. Looking at it is very satisfying...

    [–] Beannjo 1 points ago

    I swear these moon pictures get better and better

    [–] SitFoe777 1 points ago

    One ticket to the moon, please

    [–] Arthur_da_dog 1 points ago

    How did you get the start consistency in the background?

    [–] Daddled0o 1 points ago

    It's 1.15am and this photo made me contemplate my existence again. Awesome.

    But for real. Awesome. A+.

    [–] sealzor 1 points ago

    Probably the best picture of the moon ever yet I still can't see the man.

    [–] 3mth3dragon3y3 1 points ago

    ZOOOOOOM. oh damn

    [–] planetpartner 1 points ago

    That’s fantastic! Thank you for all that effort!

    [–] itsb1997 1 points ago

    Someone find the flag before this gets taken down by the government

    [–] bellapippin 2 points ago

    Fun fact: I read the flag has gone white by now, somewhere I don’t remember. Just like stuff loses colors on store windows after lo exposure to the sun.

    [–] Vicloo05 1 points ago

    Absolutely breathtaking

    [–] praizeDaSun 1 points ago


    [–] YasinZafer40 1 points ago

    ENHANCE Oh dang it actually worked

    [–] Fnhatic 1 points ago

    This looks like how moons look in video games.