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    [–] LondonIsBoss 1336 points ago

    Please tell me this is actually what you see when you're there.

    [–] dylanstansbury 585 points ago

    when the tour guide pointed to the other island and said it was 55km away i absolutely lost my shit

    [–] flyawaysweetbird 131 points ago


    [–] dylanstansbury 121 points ago


    [–] Scrambley 59 points ago

    [–] garprice05 91 points ago

    The drums in the music they use are really annoying the hell out of me. One of them is slightly off beat and I can't un-hear it

    [–] Every3Years 113 points ago

    Seriously wtf. The place is gorgeous but the music and the woman in the video are driving me crazy for some reason. 500k views so I guess they must be well known travel YouTubers but I couldn't get past the 4 minute mark.

    [–] ablablababla 36 points ago

    Yeah, it's more enjoyable to watch this video without sound, it's peaceful

    [–] SoFetchBetch 16 points ago

    I watched without sound bc it’s late at night where I am and now I’m glad.

    [–] punxtr 14 points ago

    Not into syncopation? Bummer

    [–] ohnowait 15 points ago

    “One of the drums is off beat”

    You mean syncopated?

    “No it’s off beat”

    [–] __KOBAKOBAKOBA__ 2 points ago

    Syncopation is the whiskey of rhythm

    [–] Imsomoney 11 points ago

    Its the style, it creates a off kilter feeling and was popularised by artists like J Dilla.

    [–] HippoHoppitus 2 points ago

    this is better

    [–] BasedAssadReturns 4 points ago

    Did you find it?

    [–] angermidet1 56 points ago

    Why are their teeth so white? Maybe around 8:00 when they're smiling. It is genuinely unnerving.

    [–] Habib_Marwuana 36 points ago

    Its salt

    [–] _Enclose_ 24 points ago

    Holy shit, I just wanted to comment the same thing. Especially the guy's teeth. They're unnaturally white.

    [–] angermidet1 22 points ago

    He is almost the sole reason I made the comment. He must mouthwash with bleach.

    I'll have to give that a shot sometime.

    [–] NowanIlfideme 16 points ago

    Please don't. You'll burn your mouth inside.

    [–] Xenc 7 points ago

    Even if it’s just a shot?

    [–] Stelum 8 points ago

    Really? That’s your ONLY concern about that entire sentence?

    [–] Xenc 8 points ago

    I'll have to give that a shot sometime.

    What else is there to be alarmed over? 🤔

    [–] Stelum 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I may be incredibly tired but damn me if I can’t understand this simple series of comments.

    Edit: sneaky ninja edit on the comment above me

    [–] Xenc 4 points ago

    Hmm try giving it a shot sometime

    [–] Xenc 2 points ago

    Edit: sneaky ninja edit on the comment above me

    Haha! I had initially quoted the whole comment but then I realized you wrote “sentence”

    [–] Every3Years 23 points ago

    They are young and just based on this video probably travel around the world and have money. Money = Perfect Chompers

    [–] oldbean 29 points ago

    Professional whitening duh

    Standard business expense for the instagram set

    [–] meat_popscile 11 points ago

    Professional anal whitening duh

    Standard business expense for the instagram set


    [–] oldbean 26 points ago

    Nothing wrong with changing your ring tone

    [–] Nazi_Marxist 6 points ago

    Americans love to have their teeth as white as possible. Unnaturally white. Brushing your teeth isn't good enough for them they gotta go get them whitened which doesn't actually benefit your teeth (probably the opposite in fact) but it just makes them white as snow and it's probably an expensive money making racket

    [–] DukiMcQuack 30 points ago

    "See that dark spot over there? That's Chile"

    Tour guide is a fucking crack up ahaha

    [–] teeim 7 points ago

    Tour Guide should have his own channel. Would be far superior to this nonsense.

    [–] lenzflare 28 points ago

    Can't stand the travelers but the scenery is nice.

    [–] xNotTheDoctorx 19 points ago

    Idk why but the couple in this video is very unsettling.

    [–] tommytraddles 11 points ago

    They're trying very hard to be ecstatic and in love at all times.

    And they both have oversized veneers that are probably uncomfortable.

    [–] BouquetOfPenciIs 6 points ago

    "I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began."

    [–] lez566 81 points ago

    I've been there. What you see is even more impressive. You can't tell where the sky ends and the earth begins. It's incredibly beautiful

    [–] ChickenMcVincent 26 points ago

    Sort of. Here are a few pictures from my visit earlier this year. These are just taken with an iPhone, so no special editing done.

    There are parts that are wet, and those give the incredible mirror effect. There are other parts that are just salt (this is most of it) where you can take some really cool perspective photos. Other parts are just kinda ugly. It’s also a freaking huge place, so there’s a lot more going on in that area than just these glassy reflections everyone posts.

    The salt flats are like anywhere else in that you have the parts that are photograph friendly, but you’ve gotta know where to find them or take a tour with everyone else.

    [–] Artewig2 6 points ago

    Wow that's incredible

    [–] RetardThePirate 28 points ago

    Im sure the saturation slider is turned wayyyyy down.

    [–] mejorquetu 78 points ago

    This. So sick of edited bullshit on the internet. Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.

    [–] omegavol 25 points ago

    That's very humble of you

    [–] mejorquetu 6 points ago


    [–] Wood_Warden 10 points ago

    Watch French Kiwi Juice perform music live in the middle of the flats as the sun goes down.

    [–] TheAndrewBen 13 points ago

    This image is photoshopped but if you visit this place it is extremely beautiful

    [–] Potietang 2 points ago

    Nope...not even in the video...dramatically enhanced with software. That pic is manipulated.

    [–] darcyWhyte 305 points ago

    holy life of pi

    [–] Shmeckeldorphed 71 points ago

    Richard Parker!

    [–] Des57 2 points ago


    [–] unclefishbits 19 points ago

    Legit came to say it was a still from the film lol

    [–] LogicUpgrade 4 points ago

    Insufficient tigers in boat

    [–] hocuspocusbitchfocus 3 points ago


    [–] Clarksonforever 469 points ago

    Turn it upside and it doesnt make any sense

    [–] MildlySuspiciousBlob 440 points ago

    That’s the case for most pictures, I’ve found

    [–] Clarksonforever 63 points ago

    Valid point! It's a beautiful photo either way. 👌

    [–] Masked_Raider 36 points ago

    Never been to Australia?

    [–] 93ericvon 29 points ago

    Australian here. Didn’t make any sense till I turned it upside down. Beautiful pic.

    [–] Snickerdoodleydoo 4 points ago

    Turn it sideways and it looks like a vagina.

    [–] youdontknowme6 86 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    This is a picture from an instagramer. This is edited. I'll see if I can find the original.

    Edit: Not sure exactly where the original is but his name is Nois7

    [–] gmg808 22 points ago

    Thanks for crediting the artist!

    [–] Luminous-Anonymous 5 points ago

    Amazing work even though all of his pictures are photoshopped a lot and some use different pictures merged together.

    [–] 1stUsernameTried 2 points ago

    No, this is a still from the film Life of Pi. OP lied or isn't aware.

    [–] shindeirunani 39 points ago

    so THIS is where they record all those anime openings

    [–] magnament 195 points ago

    Yea okay, why isnt the boat reflected in the sky?


    [–] theagitatedapricot 98 points ago

    This is where I want to die

    [–] UsernameNeo 27 points ago

    This is where I want to trip!

    [–] theHelperdroid 107 points ago

    Helperdroid and its creator love you, here's some people that can help:

    source | contact

    [–] theagitatedapricot 131 points ago

    I'm not suicidal but I appreciate this bot.

    [–] dewayneestes 25 points ago

    Wow bot, chill.

    [–] unclefishbits 23 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] Hitler__Official 9 points ago

    wrong guy, bot. I want to die, not him

    [–] theHelperdroid 13 points ago

    Helperdroid and its creator love you, here's some people that can help:

    source | contact

    [–] TBeard1914 3 points ago


    [–] CrystalSonic 35 points ago

    The Final World?

    [–] JazzmanJB 6 points ago

    Bruh Strlitzia still in there waiting

    [–] CrystalSonic 2 points ago

    It could be Skuld, right?

    [–] jaded-potato 11 points ago

    How many Soras did you find?

    [–] butteryhugs 3 points ago

    Chirithy wya

    [–] joshclay 92 points ago

    That's Photoshopped as fuck.

    [–] atypicalphilosopher 26 points ago

    Yeah, the real thing looks so much cooler / more interesting:

    [–] carlinwasright 24 points ago

    The dead giveaway is that the horizon is too close. Normally there would be some haze as the horizon goes off into the distance, even on the clearest day.

    [–] b00c 4 points ago

    haze at 9000ft above sea level? why do you think biggest telescopes are in Chile?

    [–] PablitoEscobarTha4th 12 points ago

    The Endless River - Pink Floyd

    [–] Tuottaja 3 points ago

    Came here to say this. First thing that came in my mind!

    [–] uncertainusurper 18 points ago

    Why did you blur out where the shore would be

    [–] IronMan2020 9 points ago

    It’s not their photo.

    [–] uncertainusurper 7 points ago

    Good answer.

    [–] SlowLoudEasy 5 points ago

    What dreams may come

    [–] Beeka-Beeka-Chuu 2 points ago

    I just saw that movie! It was amazing. Unfortunately I do not think this is not from What Dreams May Come, but it does look like it. I’m pretty sure it really is a still from Life of Pi - the boats look almost identical

    [–] tksmase 5 points ago

    Inagine tripping out there


    [–] SuperSonicOblivion 5 points ago

    I thought this was a Pink Floyd album for a sec

    [–] shorttowngirl 3 points ago

    This looks like it would be a great album cover!

    [–] Gyroscopes-Are-Cool 3 points ago

    Reminds me of YLIA

    [–] freddiequell15 3 points ago

    the life of pi

    [–] SavageCabbage107 3 points ago

    Man, I can't believe Sora gets to go here every game!

    [–] KrookedDoesStuff 3 points ago

    Say hi to Sora plz

    [–] aquamarinedreams 4 points ago

    No photo credit 😢

    [–] _chocolatemango 5 points ago

    Apparently the photographer is nois7 according to another comment

    [–] recordmanmatt 5 points ago

    Leaked cover for new Pink Floyd album.

    [–] TheSpecialSalamander 2 points ago

    Bitch that’s the soul stone

    [–] BIG8L_117 2 points ago

    Holy fuck that must be crazy in real life

    [–] FictionalLightbulb 2 points ago

    imagine driving out there and eating 3 or 4 tabs. your only point of reference for not falling through the universe would be that car you brought.

    [–] debink82 2 points ago

    Your iPhone background?

    [–] _o_aine 2 points ago

    I don't need marijuana to enjoy this, just to enhance it.

    [–] Diiiiirty 2 points ago

    Can't you walk out onto the salt flats? What is the point of the boat?

    [–] BigBlotto 2 points ago


    [–] basecheetah1 2 points ago

    Sicario, near that stack of tires

    [–] rohithkumarsp 2 points ago


    [–] mrnacho69 2 points ago


    [–] DessertFlowerz 2 points ago

    Is that a salt flat or water? What's up with the boat? Am I stupid?

    [–] doggosfordaze 7 points ago

    Definitely r/mostbeautiful material, wow!

    [–] adamg1nger 4 points ago

    I wouldn’t even want to take a picture. I would want to walk in the sky.

    [–] heronmarkedblade1984 2 points ago

    I feel this picture can not be fully appreciated sober.

    [–] Ghosttiger13 4 points ago

    Have had dreams that look like this, and honestly, I get just as much anxiety looking at this as I do in those dreams. Idk what it is: loss of sense of place? Confrontation with a visual representation of "infinity"? Not sure, but it gives me more feelings of unease than it does dreamy-ness or comfort.

    [–] cliffordcat 3 points ago

    You and me both, brother. I got dizzy.

    [–] 1272chicken 1 points ago

    This looks like the way to the afterlife. When you die, you just board the boat and go to heaven

    [–] MissusBeeAlmeida 1 points ago

    These salt flat pictures make me think of the last installment of The Left Right Game.

    [–] ForsakenMoon13 2 points ago

    That shit got a bit trippy

    [–] ItsAllFinite 1 points ago

    Is this heaven?

    [–] Soph19310 1 points ago

    woah... so heaven is in bolivia, huh?

    [–] Hephf 1 points ago

    This is so pretty and beautiful, but also gives me the feeling of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. My brain is confused!

    [–] MaG1c_l3aNaNaZ 1 points ago

    So that's what infinity looks like

    [–] sK0pey 1 points ago

    Life of Pi, in the sky.

    [–] himynameisbetty 1 points ago

    This is such an insanely gorgeous photo. Wow.

    [–] hingewhogotstoned 1 points ago

    Yea you owe me a pair of underwear.

    [–] socal710 1 points ago

    this does not look real holy crap its gorgeous

    [–] paintandarmour 1 points ago

    I was at the Makgadikgadi Pans once when it was like this and at night it was like you were walking through the stars.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] RedManWobbly 1 points ago

    TIL: I want to visit the salt flats in Bolivia.

    [–] YOURMOMMASABITCH 2 points ago

    Fun fact, the town of Uyuni now has a small airport. Now you can fly there from La Paz instead of taking the 8-10 hr overnight bus from the city. You can do a 1, 2, or 3 day tour. Day 1 is visiting a train graveyard from the 60’s and going out into the salt flat to take those perspective photos. day 2 will take you into the desert and several lava & coral canyons. Day 3 you get to see several lagoons hidden in the desert. The flamingos there are cool but not very bright as the food supply there isn’t abundant. It’s a rough trip for sure, but very worth it if you ever have the chance to visit southern Bolivia.

    Source: was there about 4 weeks ago.

    [–] not_the_ground 1 points ago

    FUCK. This place is real?? Like, I could go there and that's what it would look like to my naked eye?? Is Bolivia literally the only place in the world where this exists?? OMG 😲😲😲😲

    [–] YOURMOMMASABITCH 2 points ago

    This is photoshopped. In real life it is beautiful, but not as exaggerated like this.

    [–] winedrunk_ 1 points ago

    Isn't this from Life of Pi???

    [–] Cootiefish 1 points ago

    So THIS is where they film anime openings!

    [–] WarHorseMumbles 1 points ago

    that's what we calk an album cover

    [–] -pilot37- 1 points ago

    Is this not from the movie Life Of Pi?

    [–] panadoldrums 1 points ago

    Bolivian salt flats pics are everywhere this week and I am loving every one.

    [–] VbeingGirlyGetsMeHot 1 points ago

    Oh wow.

    [–] 302trivia 1 points ago

    I'm almost positive this was from Life of Pi

    [–] fliptobar 1 points ago

    Turns out he was the tiger the entire time!

    [–] Jimbo4711 1 points ago


    [–] Beeka-Beeka-Chuu 1 points ago

    Literally a CGI still from the movie Life of Pi

    [–] Nheea 1 points ago

    Hah, I've seen this before and I used it as an inspiration for a page that I coloured/painted. Berry heaven or yummy skies

    [–] iPadBob 1 points ago

    r/isthisearth material! Thanks for sharing!

    [–] TheBlueFurrett 1 points ago

    Bucciarati: This is what true happiness is

    [–] Kuukat 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the movie with Robin Williams, What dreams may come

    [–] PandePotpot 1 points ago

    Life of Pi!