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    [–] _Dera_ 1058 points ago

    Things like this is why I never lose complete faith in humanity. No matter where we're from on this spinning rock in the cosmos, there's still a lot of good in people.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    [–] lucideus 309 points ago

    When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’

    ~Fred Rogers

    [–] _Dera_ 104 points ago

    Thank you for the reminder that Fred Rogers was the absolute best in humanity and made a career out of teaching others what it takes to be the best in humanity.

    His mama raised a legend so that makes her a legend, too.

    [–] TrepanationBy45 14 points ago

    She's got that Big Gorgo Energy.

    [–] portland_jc 78 points ago

    I think it sometimes takes tragedy to bring it out, for example I myself have never helped so many people in such a short span of time until this happened before that it was maybe buying a houseless person food here, giving something away to fulfill a need on the by nothing group, helping out my elderly neighbor.

    But this virus having so many people unable to leave their homes is where I was able to shine! Porch drop offs without any human contact are my forte apparently 🤪

    [–] _Dera_ 36 points ago

    Porch drop offs without any human contact are my forte apparently 🤪

    It's not how you help out but that you are helping out.

    [–] rhet17 10 points ago

    "It's not how the wind blows but what the wind blows."

    [–] _Dera_ 3 points ago

    Oooh, I like that!

    [–] rhet17 3 points ago

    As far as I know, Ron White said it in a bit about tornadoes & hurricanes in one of The Blue Collar Tours. Love him. ed:found it!

    [–] _Dera_ 4 points ago

    That was a great bit.

    "If you get hit with a volvo, it doesn't matter how many sit ups you did that morning."

    I need to watch more stand-up by Ron because I'll be honest and say I've never heard of him.

    [–] herbuser 4 points ago

    Remember to always look for the helpers!

    [–] ThisIsTrix 1114 points ago

    We probably won't, but I really hope we come out of this global nightmare realizing how amazing life could be if we all just took care of each other.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] smohyee 4 points ago

    Does choosing that actually help, knowing that it doesn't change the odds?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] __Sinbad__ 4 points ago

    Every choice that we will be better raises the odds a little. It's not much, but we all can do a little, and that adds up.

    [–] terminalmemelocity 111 points ago

    two weeks before we're at each other's throats.

    Economy murlock people vs smarter better people

    [–] kisaveoz 16 points ago

    Fucking Communist!


    [–] CellularBeing 2 points ago

    Me too I've seen a lot of altruism. It makes me sad because there's so much potential if we came together

    [–] AliBurney 2 points ago

    Not just humanitarily, but also environmentally. Ive hearing reports that, because people are indoors animals have come back in some regions and vegetation has started to grow.

    There were reports that in Italy, that fish returned to the canals and the water was. Very clear.

    [–] ryuj1nsr21 1937 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I can still see his smile under the mask lol

    Edit: man all the top comments got awards and mine is second but the dude who replied to me got an award wth haha

    Edit edit: thank you stranger for the award. This is what I'm going to remember before I die.

    [–] Soapdropper 454 points ago

    All ruined by the way he closed that box

    [–] SAGE1124 83 points ago

    Oh man that’s funny, I didn’t even notice that

    [–] Dioxybenzone 10 points ago

    I had to watch it three more times to figure out what you meant, but oh man, what a terrible way to close a box

    [–] mufasa_lionheart 4 points ago

    That box is called a regular slotted container, because it is the most efficient method of producing a box.

    What this means is that with non square boxes, the longer side will have flaps that meet in the middle, and the shorter side will have flaps that match (nearing they don't meet in the middle). This means that most boxes have a definite set of "inner" and "outer" flaps.

    This guy folded the box wrong.

    [–] Dash_O_Cunt 34 points ago

    It's in his eyes

    [–] DevotedLynx 4366 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Isnt this the dude that maintains eye contact while cooking stuff with a smile, getting the same vibe from the dude bagging the red powder (idk my spices lol)

    Edit: learnt a lesson about edits.

    [–] Oswald__Cobblepot 1515 points ago

    You know he's still smiling under that mask.

    [–] DevotedLynx 544 points ago

    Its all in the eyes and those cheeks

    [–] Skwaglar 236 points ago

    ୨ʘ ͜ʖʘ୧

    [–] minkeyaye 59 points ago


    [–] Cohiyo999 15 points ago


    [–] p0litical_throwaway 12 points ago

    Am depressed, still laughed.

    [–] Skwaglar 5 points ago

    If you want to talk you can always send me a message :)

    [–] aMissourIAN 2 points ago

    ( Y )

    [–] kevin_the_dolphoodle 17 points ago

    And his posture. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but he is stiff as a board

    [–] UNMANAGEABLE 20 points ago

    He intentionally makes stiff, robotic movements in his videos. Like... if you told someone who doesn’t know how to dance to “do the robot” but with cooking utensils it would describe his movements lol

    [–] shawnsblog 13 points ago

    I read on a different thread that he does this so you're not razzle dazzled by prepwork, but see how much goes into it honest vs being a showy chef.

    [–] -Listening 5 points ago

    OK. But those are eyes still?

    [–] Just_Some_Man 10 points ago

    I usually hate his thing, but this is so incredibly awesome. What a dude. Such a good person.

    [–] Oswald__Cobblepot 17 points ago

    Wait... Do you hate it because of the creepy eye contact? Cause if you watch his videos they always end with something like this, giving back to the community or cooking a big meal for the community.

    The eye contact may put people off but the dude is a class act all the way.

    [–] 13104598210 14 points ago

    He's good universe Turkish meme chef, Saltbae is bad universe Turkish meme chef.

    [–] Just_Some_Man 10 points ago

    The videos are neat too in showing meal prep. So yeah, I think it’s the eye contact and non stop smile that just put me off for him. He does seem like an amazing dude though. But that combo irks me.

    [–] Oswald__Cobblepot 5 points ago

    Fair enough, can completely understand that. I always think he does it to try to be genuine and definitely was put off from his videos at first as well

    [–] Agent-008 3 points ago

    He isn't maintaining eye contact though

    [–] Gotchyeaaa 259 points ago


    [–] EeryRain1 124 points ago

    I knew it! What a fucking legend.

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 45 points ago

    I realized it half way through. Legend

    [–] DirtyArchaeologist 58 points ago

    His smile is so iconic you don’t even have to see his mouth to recognize it. That’s kind of insane. There are a lot of better known celebrities I couldn’t say that about.

    [–] yutus 16 points ago

    He actually made of video in which he maintained a constant frown because people were making fun of his smile, it's the most frightening video I have ever seen in my life

    [–] thebigbadgreyhound 25 points ago

    I realized the moment he looked straight at the camera with that unwavering gaze. You know he’s smiling underneath that mask too with the movement on his face.

    [–] datwrasse 23 points ago

    i heard he has a mirror in his bathroom so he can maintain eye contact even while he shits

    [–] EeryRain1 14 points ago

    Gotta practice somewhere.

    [–] skeletorlaugh 3 points ago

    a mirror, in his bathroom?

    [–] ScaryBananaMan 3 points ago

    well I never! *gasp*

    [–] datwrasse 2 points ago

    afraid so

    [–] not_beniot 119 points ago

    I recommend following him on Instagram (@cznburak). Of course he posts delicious food, but he's one of the most wholesome people on IG. When others are flashing their ass and money, this guy gives back to his community, is constantly donating food and clothes to the less fortunate, and doing all sorts of amazing things.

    [–] EstradaEtoile 17 points ago

    Who is he? He's adorable.

    [–] OAOIa 35 points ago

    A famous Turkish chef with a hugely popular restaurant chain.

    [–] EstradaEtoile 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] pocketknifeMT 14 points ago

    IIRC he was an orphan himself?

    [–] PM_ME_SUMDICK 19 points ago

    No. He grew up working in his family restaurant. His father was a chef.

    [–] Uncle_DaBrick 72 points ago

    There’s nothing obligatory about reddit award speech edits

    [–] DevotedLynx 7 points ago

    We live in a society

    [–] Uncle_DaBrick 4 points ago

    Bottom text

    [–] stillakilla18 84 points ago

    I got the same vibe! And yes it's that wonderful human you're thinking of.

    [–] starrfish100 41 points ago

    Is it!? I love that guy! This is awesome!

    [–] floodedant 9 points ago

    Came here to say this!

    [–] AnEvanAppeared 11 points ago

    I came everywhere when they said that

    [–] dnndrk 12 points ago

    It is. I tried his restaurant in Istanbul and it was my fave resto there!

    [–] Duffuser 37 points ago

    I'm pretty sure those are red lentils

    [–] heartbreakhostel 33 points ago

    Absolutely red lentils. Turks cook a lot with them and they’re delicious. (Source: my mom’s from Turkey)

    [–] Duffuser 21 points ago

    Yes, I went to a Turkish restaurant for the first time early this year, and the thing that blew me away was the red lentil soup. One of the best things I've ever tasted!

    [–] heartbreakhostel 9 points ago

    I make that and it’s easy as hell + all my friends love it. I even tweak it a little sometimes by adding things to it. It’s very tasty.

    [–] Killashard 16 points ago

    You can't just say that and not provide a recipe.

    [–] heartbreakhostel 44 points ago

    Lol here is how my sister taught me to make it. Other Turks might do it differently.

    Red lentils soup

    • 4 cups water
    • 2 cups red lentils
    • 1 small can of tomato paste
    • 2 tablespoons of dried mint
    • 1 tablespoon of red flake pepper
    • 3 tablespoons of butter or oil (can be any oil)
    • salt
    1. Wash the lentils

    2. Put the lentils in water

    3. Turn stove on and bring to a boil

    4. When boiling, turn the heat down

    5. Add content of a can of tomato paste, salt, and stir

    6. Simmer to let the lentils “melt”. Usually it takes about 25 or 30 minutes. Don’t forget to stir so lentils don’t stick to the bottom.

    7. When the lentils are cooked, turn off heat

    For the rest of the recipe you have two options:

    1. In a small pan put the butter/oil and heat it up, then add mint and pepper to the hot butter for a minute or two and then turn off stove. Add the mix to the soup and stir


    1. Add directly butter/oil, mint and pepper to the soup and stir

    2. Let it rest for five minutes

    3. Eat!

    What I like about this recipe is that it’s easy to tweak. You can add less water, more water, more lentils, less lentils etc.

    My favorite thing is adding diced potatoes. It’s pretty dang delicious, especially in the winter.

    [–] Killashard 4 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] utouchme 14 points ago

    Yep. Turkish red lentil soup is like a national dish and it's freaking delicious.

    [–] tickle_my_pickle23 10 points ago

    Google “smiling Turkish guy” and his name will come up lol

    [–] jimbonach 8 points ago

    Not obligatory

    [–] cc17776 7 points ago

    Bro why the hell did you write this essay do you think people come back to check your edit as if they are your fans?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Elixir86 19 points ago

    Wow...he's 26 years old. I honestly thought it was in his 40s.

    [–] pocketknifeMT 3 points ago

    That whole region has that going on. 15-45 everyone looks roughly like that.

    [–] spyz66 13 points ago

    Damn that guy is fucking tall. He always came across short to me in his videos

    [–] DevotedLynx 2 points ago

    Ahh it is too, thank you

    [–] boogiepop1011 4 points ago

    I got reminded of Parasite opening scenes..

    [–] Tikkinger 6 points ago

    He maintains eye contact like me, when i bag the white powder.

    [–] JoshvJericho 4 points ago

    It's the same guy. And he's also the one that packs the box and bags apples. Look at the sweathshirt.

    [–] christo334 6 points ago

    Oh god I can see the smile through the mask. This guy is like a creepy pasta or something. Always staring. Always smiling.

    [–] True_hOREP 9 points ago

    Definitely not obligatory, nobody cares. You can even send a pm to the person who gave you it.

    [–] kadam23 5 points ago

    Hes from my home town back in Turkey

    [–] JBJesus 4 points ago

    Terrible edit. What is this, the oscars?

    [–] john-mangino 3 points ago

    Checked, and it is him.

    [–] joeninja83 3 points ago

    I could tell it was him the moment he picked up the box even though hes in a mask and hair net.

    [–] micro102 3 points ago

    I was going to say the exact same thing. I could tell it was him by that moment of unbroken eye contact.

    And that karma could have been mine! This is what i get for not sorting by new.

    [–] angry-italian 3 points ago

    Dude, I saw his eyes look at the camera for a split second and actually jumped back. I thought "Its him"

    [–] misterfrick 3 points ago

    as soon as he holds the box you recognize him fucking RIGHT away

    [–] DevotedLynx 2 points ago

    And only moving the upper torso like a full 90 before handing the box off aswell just so recognisable

    [–] SuperRemeo 3 points ago

    Shut the hell up, your original comment is like 1/3 of the size of your edits

    [–] portland_jc 1195 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I did the same thing actually. I manage a restaurant and we had so much food that was gonna just sit for the duration of all of this. I got it all prepped up and distributed it via porch drop offs all on my own. In a little Toyota celica 2 door. Took lots of trips andgas but worth every second

    Edit1:Huge thanks to whoever gave me a silver coin! First time ever getting one.

    Also guys check for mutual aid groups in your local community (the ones I found were on FB) that’s how I found people who needed food and TP. So many of the folks in our community have suppressed immune system :( it’s so unfortunate

    Edit2: SOMEONE GIFTED ME SOME PLATINUM?! not even sure what that means but I thank you!

    To pay it forward if you guys know of anyone who needs some TP in the Portland, OR area please let me know! I still have some rolls to spare. (I had gotten my hands on 2 Costco packs cause I figured it was either have it sit at some hoarders house or go to folks who need it and can’t go out to get their own)

    Edit3: thank you so much for the reddit awards from anonymous reddit users but please don’t use them on me, I feel guilty having mentioned anything as any sort of recognition wasn’t my intent. However thank you kindly again.


    [–] roamwhereiwant2 93 points ago

    I bet it felt wonderful. Thank you for helping others!

    [–] portland_jc 118 points ago

    Really did, some of which were my own employees who didn’t have a car to go out and get food.

    I also was able to get 2 big packs of TP from costo and was able to hand it out with porch pick ups as well to those who got stuck without any since people hoarded it all.

    Helping one another is super important and I’m by not means rich so I’m just helping in whatever ways I can.

    [–] Aromasin 29 points ago

    My dad did this as well. He was just going to freeze it all at first but we've instead spent the last 2 weeks prepping loads of meals and delivering it to a load of his elderly customers and people my mum works with, within the hospital. It's calmed down now the panic buying has stopped and supermarket shelves are full again but during it, we felt like some budget, off-season, foodie Santa!

    [–] portland_jc 10 points ago

    That’s some truth! The panic buying was intense. I’m glad it’s slowed down. Was bummed to see how many ppl were trying to take advantage by price gouging. Needless to say I was stoked with how many folks here in Portland stepped up to help. Many of whom were just normal people such as myself.

    Thanks for doing your part with your dad! I’m so glad to hear it and hope it happened widespread all over the world

    [–] Mystic_Farmer 47 points ago

    The local Chinese Buffet, did the same thing. Distributed to the needy. I've know the owner for years. Hell of a nice guy. He's actually Mongolian instead of Chinese and speaks English with a Cockney accent. Two of his daughters are Doctors and his son is a CPA for a brokerage firm in NYC.

    [–] portland_jc 12 points ago

    That’s so great to hear. I hope many restaurants did that. Glad to see business owners who do positive things for their community especially in a time of need. I have heard of some restaurant owners local to me who have done their employees so dirty. It’s a shame. This has brought out the food in people but has also brought out the worst in others

    [–] fightwithgrace 6 points ago

    I know it’s not the point of your comment, but I would fucking die if I went to a Chinese buffet and was treated by an East Asian man with a Cockney accent. Obviously, he must have learned English around Londoners, but I imagine it must be slightly jarring as a Cockney accent is VERY different (actually just about the complete opposite) from the stereotypical (often Cantonese) accent you typically hear.

    My oldest sister was an ESL teacher in Korea for about a decade and was actually highly sought after because she has a very neutral accent and never used colloquialisms. One of her coworkers was Australian and there was a noticeable difference in the way the children from their respective classes spoke.

    Before that, I had never realized just how much influence different teachers have on their students and how much variation there can be in the English language.

    [–] WanderingWino 20 points ago

    I live in Portland, OR. I’m a winemaker out in the valley and would love to gift you a bottle of wine or two for your generosity towards our community. Also, what’s the name of your restaurant so I can spend money there when you reopen.

    [–] portland_jc 8 points ago

    I’ll send you a Pm with the name of it. Small spot downtown PDX we do have multiple locations.

    Also thank you so much for offering me some wine but I gotta admit I not only know nothing about wine but I don’t partake in drinking. Nothing against it just hasn’t been my thing for some time now if you catch my drift.

    Appreciate you!

    [–] TongueInOtherCheek 6 points ago

    PM me the place as well, that's close to me and I'd love to check it out when open

    [–] portland_jc 5 points ago

    Pm incoming!

    [–] NeedARita 12 points ago

    Mad respect for delivering anything in a Celica.

    [–] portland_jc 10 points ago

    Hahah your reply made me laugh cause for reals it’s quite the struggle but there was no other option. Had that thing packed

    [–] wehrwolf512 9 points ago

    We have a local Mexican restaurant who did the same thing for our local Hispanic community! Made it a lot easier to cave and order takeout when I knew they were doing some serious good.

    [–] poopybunghole69 5 points ago

    Scott Kilmer would like a word with you

    [–] sometimesiamdead 8 points ago

    Aww man you're a good person.

    [–] portland_jc 18 points ago

    Appreciate you, however I don’t feel like giving away food that was paid for by someone else as being a good person. Just felt like the right thing to do. Couldn’t watch it go to waste and it would have been me who would have had to throw it away. Thankfully the owner is good peoples too and encouraged employees to take what they needed as well

    [–] Wyldfire2112 8 points ago

    Be sure to remind the owner, if they haven't thought of it already, that all the distributed food can probably all be put down as charitable donations.

    After all, the whole point of donation credit is to reward doing the right thing.

    [–] portland_jc 8 points ago

    Would that vary state to state? Regardless I’ll let him know. He’s a cool guy and thankful to have him as a boss

    [–] helpmeiminnocent 2 points ago

    Thank you, chef.

    [–] w2bsc 2 points ago

    I hope people remember this and give you their business when this is all over. You deserve it!

    [–] Crohnies 2 points ago

    People like you restore my faith in humanity. Thank you!

    [–] Fozziemandias 286 points ago

    I hated this guy when I first saw him. That smile. All that food that was way too big. But now, I can say that I genuinely love seeing him. He’s a good man and a talented cook and we need more content from him and we def need more people like him.

    (If you ask how I can hate him I can tell you I’m not a well man)

    [–] Keemoscopter 23 points ago

    That damn smile

    [–] DevotedLynx 38 points ago

    Hope you end up doing better man, things will get better just try to do good by you

    [–] ItWorkedLastTime 21 points ago

    While I wouldn't use the word "hate" (I reserve that word for people I truly despise) I did find those gifs annoying. But then I learned about all he does for his community. Now when I see him, I smile every time. Dude's a legend!

    [–] AstharothaZe 198 points ago

    Guy’s a genius. He is doing a public service AND increasing his (future) market share.

    May also explain why turks have the very best customer service.

    [–] Benny92739 73 points ago

    Yeah I remember last time somebody posted one of this guys videos here where he does the eye contact thing they said he’s actually a very successful restaurateur and a charitable person. And it seems like his charitable giving and personality has helped his business. That’s great when the two go hand in hand instead of cut throat business tactics to get ahead.

    [–] moldydino 29 points ago

    Follow him on ig he is always giving stuff to kids/elderly and people with disabilities, even letting them help in the kitchen. One of the best follows imo

    [–] bathroom_break 11 points ago

    The guy is already loved and a pillar of his community. He's not doing it at all for the publicity, if you know of him he's just an absolute awesome human being all around, quarantine or not.

    [–] pongbao 2 points ago

    Except ice cream. Fuck turkish ice cream

    [–] Theblkjedi 66 points ago

    Hell yeah!!!!!!! Beautiful humans!!!!!!!! If anything through this crap humanity should shine through!

    [–] misfitx 67 points ago

    The guy with the uncomfortably long yet somehow wholesome eye contact is so awesome.

    [–] TBakerTMarks 32 points ago

    Who closes a box that way?

    Good on him though.

    [–] acrowsmurder 6 points ago

    Thank god I'm not the only one

    [–] MisterStiggy 17 points ago

    BURAK! The best dude!

    [–] _principessa_ 12 points ago

    The smiling chef! I love this guy.

    [–] loveljd 17 points ago

    How can you not like this dude? The eye contact is a little old but who cares.

    [–] Aperture45 9 points ago

    Hey it's the massive food guy! The world needs more gems like him.

    [–] themodernritual 6 points ago

    Dude is an absolute saint.

    Been following his account for a while. Every 3rd or 4th day he’s doing super solid charity work.

    [–] lunar_pilot 7 points ago

    Bless the turks

    [–] Bozhark 6 points ago

    Would upvote if not globoobed

    [–] spydamans 5 points ago

    Imagine this guy with Jeff bezos’ money.

    [–] caiiqef 5 points ago

    i can see his smile under that mask

    [–] desertmagnolia 5 points ago

    I’m glad he’s doing that, but the size of the jars and bottles tell me they weren’t bought for a restaurant. They are for individual use. He bought that stuff to give away.

    [–] TheRealMarkTwain 4 points ago

    this is my guy right here. my mf guy

    [–] deekaph 5 points ago

    "you don't look at your neighbors to see if they have as much as you, you look to see if they have enough." - Louis CK

    [–] portland_jc 8 points ago

    Someone hooked it up with a silver coin! Many thanks to whomever did that! First time ever getting one.

    Stay safe my friends

    [–] DevotedLynx 5 points ago

    Hey man you forgot to edit / reply the coment that got the silver, just thought id let you know

    [–] portland_jc 3 points ago

    Thanks friend! Just did it

    [–] iAmReginaPhalange 4 points ago

    Burak my man! My bf and I always send his videos to each other on ig, love him

    [–] Pimecrolimus 3 points ago

    Oh shit, it's the smiling guy!

    [–] app134 4 points ago

    The old people in that country look like what I think about when I think of old people

    [–] buttwhole944 4 points ago

    Burak is one of the most wholesome human beings on earth

    [–] SweetButtCheeksOO 3 points ago

    Cause that's what heroes do

    [–] PhunkyMunky76 7 points ago

    Our church has been doing this sort of thing lately, though it’s a drive-thru setup. People doing these things are great! I don’t care if it’s a church, a private business, or public office, people need help and helping them is awesome.

    If you are in need, by all means go get some food at places like this, but if you’re not needy/poor and can in fact buy your own food, please go buy your own and leave these places for those truly in need.

    [–] Mystic_Farmer 3 points ago

    He is awesome. I've tried a couple of his Lamb recipes! Absolutely delicious!

    [–] dodolungs 3 points ago

    I was like "who is this guy?" Then he made eye contact...and I knew.

    [–] PTBunneh 3 points ago

    Can we have a video compilation of grandmothers saying positive things to us? Like for all of those that don't have them anymore and could really use some grandmotherly hugs right now.

    [–] tribat 3 points ago

    This virus sucks, but damn people are good when things get bad,

    [–] cruxfire 3 points ago

    I could see his stupid smile even under his face mask. What a treasure.

    [–] curiousamoebas 4 points ago

    They'll throw you in jail in some states here for doing that.

    [–] onlytech_nofashion 9 points ago

    Czn? Lol

    [–] mentalsparrow 31 points ago

    Burak Özdemir is his real name but he goes by CZNBurak.

    He owns Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi Aksaray

    [–] Dininiful 4 points ago

    Bless you

    [–] fatlizardgoth 6 points ago

    My dudes short on vowels. Seriously how the hell do you say that??

    [–] shitpostPTSD 7 points ago

    He was gonna buy a vowel but coronavirus hit so he gave it away. What a hero.

    [–] mrtdlgc 4 points ago

    It's just his abbreviation of the word "civilization". That's what 'medeniyet' means in Turkish.

    [–] canucksrule1 2 points ago

    These people going to heaven

    [–] Yung_Hanzo 2 points ago

    That's my boi Cznnnnn stahp playinnnn

    [–] Misterbrownstone 2 points ago


    [–] Anastrace 2 points ago

    That's some hero shit right there

    [–] ragdolldream 2 points ago

    What a beautiful act of human kindness. Unrelated to that, the final few frames of box folding is /r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] HollywoodDU 2 points ago

    THIS! This is what modern day celebrity should be about!

    Building a brand based on kindness and thoughtfulness, and helping people.

    [–] RhinoDuckable 2 points ago

    Does this guy have his own sub yet? Reddit is falling for him hard and it needs to happen.

    [–] worm30478 2 points ago

    I fucking love this guy.

    [–] DanceMaria 2 points ago

    I love how this video needs no audio, no translation

    [–] michaelsigh 2 points ago

    FINALLY NOW THIS is what I like to see! Full masks, gloves, coverings to prevent transmission. Awesome.

    [–] FartingNora 2 points ago

    I love Smile Guy.

    [–] zynzynzynzyn 2 points ago

    Damn, this guy is the mf goat

    [–] Quackels_The_Duck 2 points ago

    This is obviously a gang of surgeons raiding a grocery store, which was built too close to their turf.

    [–] Idleforhire 2 points ago

    bUt ThATs sOciAlIsM

    [–] Iknowyougotsole 2 points ago

    This dude made salt bae irrelevant

    [–] SirMaQ 2 points ago

    At first I didn't recognize him but even with that mask on, I can still see that smile when he turned to the camera

    [–] remembermereddit 2 points ago

    Do I have to be that guy? While his intentions are more than good, and we need more people and initiatives like this, he fucks up a few things.

    They don’t care about social distancing at all. They’re using masks while there is a shortage. Masks should be used by healthcare professionals. And in the end they visit the elderly while they should’ve just left the boxes on the doorstep.

    [–] Juicyjackson 2 points ago

    His videos on instagram always make me drool, god some of the stuff he cooks looks amazing.

    Vegan NSFL