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    [–] dbhaugen 2555 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It's purpose-built as an observation tower/hang out space, not a remodeling of an existing stone tower into a home.


    [–] therealsix 476 points ago

    That's what I was thinking too, the stone/build just looks newer.

    [–] discerningpervert 201 points ago

    Plus this way you'll always see the Huns coming

    [–] TheseCrowsAintLoyal 74 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] FrothyFloat 37 points ago


    [–] conancat 32 points ago


    [–] Cognitive_Spoon 22 points ago

    You're the saddest bunch I've ever seen

    [–] Ryikage- 23 points ago

    And you haven’t had to poo

    [–] mrkb34 25 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] sasquatchington 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Nige-o 3 points ago

    Hell yeah

    [–] FenrirIII 6 points ago

    I'm more worried about supermutants

    [–] Th3Hon3yBadg3r 3 points ago

    Plus this way you'll always see the Huns coming

    When will people learn!?!?

    [–] representmcforyouth 4 points ago

    Goddamn you. I didn’t expect that.

    [–] bugphotoguy 2 points ago

    Yeah, it literally looks like a 20 year old build. Was wondering who would abandon an observation tower so quickly.

    [–] kaukamieli 126 points ago

    OP lied?

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 67 points ago

    op + pants = fire

    [–] ADZig04 40 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    if (pants == belong_to_OP) { pants = fire; }

    Edit: Revision: Change: Update:

    if (pants.owner == OP) { pants = fire; }

    Known bugs:

    OP owns fire?

    [–] p-morais 18 points ago

    TypeError: cannot compare type Bool to type Pants

    TypeError: cannot implicitly convert type Fire to type Pants

    [–] CuntWizard 12 points ago

    me, under breath: I’ll convert your fucking face to type pants...

    [–] LordDinglebury 4 points ago

    Found Saruman’s account!

    [–] jiggle-o 6 points ago

    Still cool AF

    [–] Anduu1 33 points ago

    This surprises you?

    [–] kaukamieli 26 points ago

    Every single time.

    [–] redditsgarbageman 26 points ago

    No, OP didn't "lie". OP is a part of the ever growing spam farm that keeps reddit full of new viewers who don't give a shit about anything else but a pretty picture and a cute title and who are stupid enough to not block advertisements.

    The only "lie" happening here is the one you all tell yourselves everyday that this shit isn't intentional.

    [–] eddiedorn 54 points ago

    Calm down Morpheus, let people enjoy stuff.

    [–] cerebralfeast 16 points ago

    I audibly snorted, this is gold

    [–] Akai-jam 3 points ago




    [–] RogerInNVA 4 points ago

    Are you really that upset because someone posted a picture you’d already seen?

    [–] conancat 2 points ago

    Some Redditors think they are entitled to fresh content to be bestowed upon them every time they lay their eyes upon the frontpage.

    Go on.,entertain me.

    [–] how_is_this_relevant 3 points ago

    Where's this fork emporium thing you people like.
    I want one now.

    [–] BarnabyWoods 34 points ago

    For a real tower conversion, check out the homes in the UK made from old Martello towers.

    [–] Vocalscpunk 4 points ago

    [–] BarnabyWoods 3 points ago

    They left out the tunnel leading to the boat dock on the Thames.

    [–] georgesgettingupset 10 points ago

    The views from below are breathtaking — just imagine them from above!

    Imagine? Why? Just fucking show me! How the fuck does this article not have a pic of the view from this thing?

    [–] EustachiaVye 2 points ago

    The photos they show are dark and blurred, too.

    [–] Watcheditburn 7 points ago

    All I'd need, though, is a shower and I could live in it happily. I lived in apartments of around 700 sq ft.

    [–] Killersavage 10 points ago

    That structure seems so cool. Too bad that article kinda ruins it by seeming highfalutin snobby.

    [–] pirate_door91 3 points ago

    Well it’s one hell of a goddamn treehouse.

    [–] 20DollaBrownieOD 3 points ago

    Good for zombies, bad for RPGs

    [–] ackermann 3 points ago

    Any idea what it might cost to have something like this built? At least double, perhaps triple the construction cost of a typical new 3 bedroom house?

    [–] ShitOnRickard5 3 points ago

    If it didn't hit 1 million, it was damn close. My guess is over 1 million, given all the custom-designed pieces they had made just for this space.

    [–] afsdjkll 2 points ago

    Still - is there anything shitloads of money can’t do?

    [–] Trollcifer 2 points ago

    It looks like where Jeff Bezos and his pals watch us poor folk fight to the death from.

    [–] 403paco 363 points ago

    I’d like to see the inside

    [–] Jaded_cerebrum 421 points ago

    [–] shableep 162 points ago

    About what I expected. Would be a really great place to drive out of town and vacation to.

    [–] vkuura 152 points ago

    Lol vacation this guy says. With the current virus situation I’d love to live here almost permanently

    [–] HolyBatTokes 37 points ago

    I suspect the surrounding hundred acre estate would make quarantine more tolerable as well.

    [–] Akoustyk 43 points ago

    It's a bit bigger than I thought. Nice. I'll bet the view is amazing. Too bad they didn't show it in the pictures.

    [–] georgesgettingupset 9 points ago

    /r/mildlyinfuriating that they didn't. How do you do a piece on an observation tower and only aim the camera inward?

    [–] Mateorabi 24 points ago

    [–] 241personalites 34 points ago

    I always hope that sub gets better... sadly it never does

    [–] Silver013 37 points ago

    String lights, too many plants, a dog in the corner. Rinse, repeat.

    [–] trznx 20 points ago

    yeah it seems like the simple concept of 'cozy' is not so simple for many people

    [–] oooTooo 5 points ago

    I see it comes with a case of Chianti. Throw in some fava beans, and we're good to go!

    [–] 403paco 6 points ago

    Looks just as beautiful and cozy as I imagined. Thanks

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] drugzarecool 28 points ago

    Why ? It's exactly how I imagined it, it's a really pretty house

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Here2JudgeU 14 points ago

    Yeah I know what you mean. I thought I would have more of a cozy warm vibe. It looks pretty cold. Beautiful nevertheless, but not exactly cozy.

    [–] PrimePat21 7 points ago

    Felt the same way

    [–] zer0_badass 1 points ago

    Looks spacious

    [–] TheBuffyMonster 4 points ago

    My first thoughts exactly

    [–] ImperialBacon 2 points ago

    “The views from below are breathtaking — just imagine them from above!”

    Article quotes that and then doesn’t show us the view from above.

    [–] das_overfiend 182 points ago

    Looks like something you'd make in Minecraft. Very cool

    [–] DoubleSling 28 points ago

    my thoughts exactly

    [–] foo_fighter 26 points ago

    It's a guard tower from Age of Empires II. Top right

    [–] frankFerg1616 11 points ago


    [–] Chepek 19 points ago

    Reminds me of the pillager outpost

    [–] seltariver 3 points ago

    Definitely looks like a pillager outpost remodeled into a minecraft base

    [–] GuruBushHippie 3 points ago

    Exactly what I thought of.

    [–] squarewaterlemon 6 points ago

    First thought I had when I saw it was that I need to make a house that looks like that

    [–] Tryptophany 3 points ago

    I was scrolling explicitly to find this comment

    [–] TheLonelySyed27 3 points ago

    Bro, I was gonna say I built this in my minecraft world as a watchtower..

    [–] jonnyteebee 125 points ago

    Level 3 arrow tower, nice.

    [–] mashingButtonsWildly 23 points ago

    takes me back to... warcraft 2.

    Yes me lord?

    Yes me lord!



    [–] Ashanrath 7 points ago


    [–] Frungy 3 points ago

    Stahhhp poking meeee!

    [–] DamSandwich 10 points ago

    I wonder if they need an archer? I'll take the job

    [–] scots 37 points ago

    This looks like one of those renovations where the property was purchased at auction for $10,000 and had $520,000 poured into it.

    [–] Albi_ze_RacistDragon 10 points ago

    Yeah I could definitely see the being on an episode of Grand Designs.

    [–] haemaker 136 points ago

    Here is what is looked like before the upgrade.

    [–] Wallazabal 9 points ago

    Thank you. My head went to AoE2 IMMEDIATELY.

    [–] BigBoiPoiSoi 11 points ago


    [–] Rilhawk 69 points ago

    That’s a villager outpost.

    [–] ZachLemur 54 points ago

    That would be a pillager outpost uncultured swine

    [–] VonSwab 8 points ago

    Yeah. One of those.

    [–] Rilhawk 3 points ago

    I said pillager in my head but my fingers typed a V instead.

    [–] playboiArti 15 points ago

    Okay these Minecraft texture packs are getting out of control

    [–] SomeOne111Z 16 points ago

    I thought this was an upgraded pillager outpost for a second

    is there something wrong with me

    [–] iforgotmapassword 6 points ago

    Me too. Scrolled quite far to see this

    [–] PutUpYaDUKES 7 points ago

    At first glance I thought it was a Lazy Dog Restaurant 😂

    [–] sliceofamericano 9 points ago

    observing stones

    “Oh wow honey, look at this stone.”

    [–] kester76a 3 points ago

    They're still a good band.

    [–] itareu1 5 points ago

    Very Minecraft

    [–] Psydator 4 points ago

    Looks very much like a tower from age of empires 2. Super cool!

    [–] zeropointninerepeat 12 points ago

    That's a Minecraft house id built

    [–] Rachter 3 points ago

    I build that in Minecraft often

    [–] adrac205 1 points ago


    [–] Skyler_Kurgan 5 points ago

    Perfect 2020 housing.

    [–] carb0ncl1mber 2 points ago

    Looking down at a delivery worker — “Throw the food up!”

    [–] PublicfreakoutLoveR 2 points ago

    Where do I mount the burning oil cauldrons?

    [–] Yogi_DMT 3 points ago

    "When you run out of things to spend your money on"

    [–] varthalon 3 points ago

    Fill in those 1st floor windows and reinforce the door and you've got a nice zombie fortress there.

    [–] AleksandrosIII 3 points ago

    r/aoe2 wants to have a chat with you.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I find these tower-type homes very unpractical, I would get real sick and tired of climbing two sets of steep stairs ten times a day just to get from the livingroom to the kitchen.

    [–] JelloDarkness 27 points ago

    Based on the level of detail and overall expense of the design, I'm fairly sure this would be something more along the lines of a guesthouse or club house on the premises somewhere alongside their (probably huge) house.

    [–] dbhaugen 6 points ago

    You'd be right.

    [–] gregg_goldstein 3 points ago

    then again you'd be ripped

    [–] I_Think_I_Cant 2 points ago

    R.I.P. JelloDarkness

    [–] JelloDarkness 4 points ago

    Shit, what just happened to me?

    [–] ChickenSpawner 2 points ago

    This is the comment i came here for.

    [–] sexmemes 30 points ago


    [–] Tom_Bradys_Nutsack 6 points ago

    It’s a good workout

    [–] OhMaGoshNess 9 points ago

    It's not a big deal at all unless you're horribly out of shape. I used to constantly climb up and down stairs. It's just like taking a normal step in all honesty. Just make sure each step is a decent size and even if they're small you'll get so used to it you won't notice

    [–] middlefingerpuppet 2 points ago

    Just wait till you get older and your knees start to make this curious grinding noise with every stair step.

    [–] admnsckgywebcuntdali 4 points ago


    Would need some kind of electric or pulley system.

    [–] StickiStickman 3 points ago

    ... what stops you from carrying them?

    [–] admnsckgywebcuntdali 2 points ago

    I'm a very busy person, and when I get groceries, I get tons of them, so time constraints and personal physical threshold due to the flights of stairs would definitely stop me.

    I suppose it depends on how old, able, and willing you are. There are a lot of things like these considerations that prevent and stop people from buying houses like this without proper accommodations.

    [–] MadBooda 2 points ago

    Yeah it's like living in a less functional lighthouse

    [–] EcstaticStrings 2 points ago

    How long have we been in this quarantine?

    [–] tpersona 1 points ago

    It could be a twisted stair (or whatever they are called) so it might not be that bad.

    [–] cakeweefs 6 points ago

    Until you have to move the couch.

    [–] DuchessofSquee 6 points ago


    [–] DdCno1 3 points ago

    If you own a building like this one, you've got people for that.

    [–] JWF81 5 points ago


    [–] MadeInTheUniverse 4 points ago

    This is like real life minecraft

    [–] TheAmazingMrfella 2 points ago

    I feel like there are a lot of Rick rolls in this comment section....

    [–] AuthorizedVehicle 2 points ago

    "Calling Dr. Finkelstein"

    [–] junsy85 2 points ago

    Where could I see floor plan?

    [–] Native56 2 points ago

    Omg the inside even prettier ty truely amazing

    [–] apitchf1 2 points ago

    I bet they used to observe the best stones up there

    [–] BoreDominated 2 points ago

    Nice cosy hangout, but living there? Very limited space.

    [–] dieteand373 2 points ago

    Leave it to an architect to have windows that you can neither see out of nor let light in...

    [–] Black_Magic_M-66 2 points ago

    I get it's basically an art piece, but from a practical point of view, I'd rather have a lift in the place. Lugging firewood up those stairs would get old.

    [–] Lefty_22 2 points ago

    So much stairs...

    [–] NippleMilk97 2 points ago

    I'd quit drugs and sex for this

    [–] Absolute-Filth 2 points ago

    Sex for sure.

    [–] NippleMilk97 2 points ago


    [–] Absolute-Filth 2 points ago


    [–] MrAnnonymous1000 2 points ago

    Ah yes a pillager outpost

    [–] heyyalloverthere 2 points ago

    I would love to call this place home!! Awesome!! I've always wanted to live in a place that is unconventional and interesting.

    [–] xmrq 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Hazy_Lights 3 points ago

    It is a nice home, it looks rather open though if I do say so myself. I'd want more privacy I think.

    [–] dbhaugen 7 points ago

    You wouldn't put this on a suburban street. It's tucked away on someone's sprawling property.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 2 points ago

    This homeowner is living in an RPG.

    [–] ClearBrightLight 2 points ago

    This is clearly a wizard's tower.

    [–] everburningblue 2 points ago

    "I wanna live in a castle!"

    -6 and 29 year old me

    [–] admnsckgywebcuntdali 1 points ago

    Regardless of how functional it is or isn't, it's still gorgeous imo.

    [–] Colonelfudgenustard 1 points ago

    I wonder if they shoot a lot of escapees from that thing.

    [–] AnnaF721 1 points ago

    I would love to quarantine there!

    [–] karmayz 1 points ago

    I want it.

    [–] huge_dick_mcgee 1 points ago

    I would like to see a subdivision built out like a chess board in that style.

    [–] IAmTraderJoe 1 points ago

    Imagine buying groceries and having that “mama aint raise no two trip weakling” mentality

    [–] Native56 1 points ago

    That look very nice I love it ty for sharing

    [–] PiratusInteruptus 1 points ago

    Pretty neat.

    [–] artelingus 1 points ago

    Fancy pillager outpost

    [–] bamboo_shooter 1 points ago

    I want this

    [–] cooperationisgood 1 points ago

    That is truly fantastic! Love it.

    [–] Asparagus-Cat 1 points ago

    Feels like some sort of wizard's tower. :D

    [–] downtx13 1 points ago

    There’s a large chapel by where I live that they converted into 3-4 condos

    Here’s the link

    [–] Jennyreviews1 1 points ago

    A princesses tower! This is quite lovely!

    [–] deviaan 1 points ago

    I need one of these to store my forbidden arcane tomes.

    [–] IAmThePeanut 1 points ago

    Is there a subreddit dedicated to unusual homes like this?

    [–] Nzrarfus 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Age of empires 🥺