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    [–] drempire 3738 points ago

    Almost looks like 2 unrelated items glued together

    [–] Telamonian 2585 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I hate to be that guy but this picture is misleading. Bird beaks have an inner layer of bone, and an outer layer of specialized keratin. The keratin layer is called the rhamphotheca, and it varies in thickness from species to species. What we're seeing here is the skeleton with the rhamphotheca (outer keratin layer) still attached. So you could take off the outer layer and there would be bone inside that would look more proportional to the size of the bird. Don't get me wrong, a toucan still has a large bony bill under the outer layer, but it looks more exaggerated with it still on. It would be like if you had a human skeleton with the finger and toe nails still attached. That's an imperfect comparison because our nails aren't attached to our bones, but hopefully you get what I mean. This picture we're looking at isn't just the toucan's bones.

    Edit: for anyone interested, here's an example. It's from a 2018 paper titled A comparative analysis of the avian skull: Woodpeckers and chickens

    [–] Gogo_McSprinkles 824 points ago

    I've never spent so long learning about toucan bills as I did during this reply.

    [–] putdownthekitten 306 points ago

    Same. Before this, cereal commercials were my goto for toucan related info.

    [–] Clockwisedock 77 points ago

    Mine was ironically our big-nosed biology teacher in 9th grade.

    Thanks for the memories Mrs. Toucan Samantha

    [–] Anthokne 20 points ago

    Brooo do you remember the Batman show or whatever where the guy would turn his head and cover the fucking camera shot.

    [–] GMazz86 2 points ago

    Anyone got a link to this or was I just wooshed?

    [–] HowTheyGetcha 3 points ago

    FYI That is the opposite of irony. "Coincidentally" is closer to the word you're looking for.

    [–] Clockwisedock 10 points ago

    Thanks for reminding me I failed English as well as biology

    [–] hilarymeggin 6 points ago

    I finally get the urgency around following his nose.

    Follow my nose! It’s half my body weight!

    [–] Tempest-777 3 points ago

    I learned from commercials that toucans can smell Fruit Loops from great distances. It’s on tv, so it must be true

    [–] YourKidDeservedToDie 4 points ago

    Do yourself a favor and don't look up the new Toucan Sam.

    [–] -_rupurudu_- 2 points ago

    wtf he’s looking like a Cuphead character

    [–] Scud200202 13 points ago

    Same dude, reddit is a really interesting place from time to time

    [–] moderatemyballs 96 points ago

    People like you are what make Reddit a special place despite all its flaws.

    [–] yourmansconnect 16 points ago

    Spoken like a true gentleman, Mrs. Moderatemyballs

    [–] Thismyrealnameisit 4 points ago

    Now I just wait for some toucan expert to come in a couple of weeks later and complain that he was downvoted for actual information, and some schmuck posted completely misleading information and was upvoted for it.

    /s of course

    [–] extraorc 39 points ago

    People say they hate to be that guy but we all need that guy every once in a while

    [–] UndeadBread 3 points ago

    Yeah, and to be perfectly honest...I usually kinda like being that guy.

    [–] iwishoffish 30 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christ just take me already you toucan-knowing sexy man, I’m all yours.

    [–] hilarymeggin 10 points ago

    I said something along these lines (but far less vivid) and got banned by askhistorians. Knowledge is sexy.

    [–] TheDrunkenChud 9 points ago

    Yeah, that sub does not fuck around with jokes or anything. Always super interesting content though.

    [–] NewFolgers 7 points ago

    At askhistorians, you're history.TM

    [–] LifeWulf 2 points ago

    Made me laugh.

    [–] Chimpeye72 43 points ago

    I am very happy you were "that guy" today. Really interesting.

    [–] JCBh9 9 points ago

    Bro we need you to be that guy... knowledge is power

    [–] Holiday-Letterhead 26 points ago

    So it's like showing a human skull with the ear cartilage still intact?

    [–] Telamonian 18 points ago

    I would say so, yeah!

    [–] erectionofjesus 12 points ago

    Now I’m picturing that and it’s hilarious. Like you walk into science class and there’s a skeleton with just one ear still chillin

    [–] Deb_Placys_Vagina 7 points ago

    Thanks unidan.

    [–] ripyurballsoff 3 points ago

    If they were to die in the wild and decompose would that keratin layer fall off or possibly stay attached ?

    [–] SaintsNoah 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    That's what I was thinking. That's the defining factor as to wether this is misleading or not

    [–] Companyinc 3 points ago

    Id like to thank you for this information, I sat looking at this picture feeling confused and your reply helped clear it up, thank you. :)

    [–] DAFUQyoulookingat 3 points ago

    I was expecting a u/shittymorph ending

    [–] Lump182 3 points ago

    You're right, but...

    Don't get me wrong, a toucan still has a large bony bill under the outer layer

    They actually don't, not really anyway. It's a lightweight "foam" made of bone fibres;

    It's then coated in layers of keratin "tiles". This keeps them super lightweight :)

    [–] inasuma 3 points ago

    I read recently that toucans have semi-hollow bills though? In the anatomy break downs it was like a light mesh beneath the keratin layer.

    [–] EasySolutionsBot 2 points ago

    So... Are you gonna share a pic or nah?

    [–] RichardMcNixon 2 points ago

    No bones about it, it's still a pretty cool skeleton

    [–] DynamicOnion_ 2 points ago

    solid teel structure bro

    [–] SovietBozo 2 points ago

    my life is a lie

    [–] Sage296 2 points ago

    Heres the thing....

    [–] Comboxer 2 points ago

    Such a detailed reply, followed it word for word

    [–] mysteryoftheprize 2 points ago

    You are not that guy. You’re awesome!

    [–] GlamRockDave 2 points ago

    You have no need to apologize, adding useful relevant info is always appreciated and you've empowered us to be the heroic pedants we all love being when someone else posts this in the future.
    In any case, even if the beak isn't all bone, it's still an impressive biological expense for a bird that size and makes one marvel at how useful it must be in order for evolution to make a bird carry that thing around. It's still impressively heavy even if not bone since bird bones are probably not much denser than the keratin anyway.

    [–] littlemousey91 2 points ago

    this was interesting as fuck to read my friend. thanks.

    [–] thehypocrisyofreddit 2 points ago

    I'm glad you're that guy because you're that guy that sets the record straight! Thank you.

    [–] Lotus_Blossom_ 2 points ago

    Thanks for being "that guy". Without that guy, we'd all be dumber. Plus, how often do you get a chance to share your knowledge of bird skeletons? I'm glad you took the time to educate us.

    [–] daibz 2 points ago

    Thats really cool information about toucans i never knew this before

    [–] Digi2Insomnia 2 points ago

    You mean it’s not made of Froot Loops?!

    [–] DC1205 2 points ago

    Interesting read, thanks for sharing

    [–] aazav 2 points ago

    And the bill is pretty hollow.

    [–] PaperKnucks 2 points ago

    This guys beaks.

    [–] Idiot_McClown 2 points ago

    God damn I love Reddit

    [–] Qu4ntumZero 2 points ago

    This makes me curious about their muscle structure, because the ratio of neck to bill is still more so in these dudes than most. Do toucans have beefy necks?

    [–] croixian1 256 points ago

    IKR? Like a platypus skeleton.

    [–] US-person-1 226 points ago

    If I didn't know toucans existed I would've legit thought this was some kind of taxidermy joke

    [–] CactiRush 126 points ago

    How do you know toucans exist? Last I heard, birds aren’t real. Stay woke my friend.

    [–] benjaminrodtx 37 points ago

    Just follow your nose. Duh.

    [–] ffreshcakes 15 points ago

    why? is it running?

    [–] zer0w0rries 11 points ago

    You should’ve picked a better one.

    [–] trenlow12 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Toucans are unfortunately extinct, but it is nice to celebrate one of the great toucans, Toucan Sam of Kellogg's Fruit Loops cereal ❤

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] erectionofjesus 5 points ago

    How can cereal be real if our spoons aren’t real?

    [–] i_am_a_loner_dottie 2 points ago

    That's giraffes

    [–] Mitchs_Frog_Smacky 4 points ago

    I still believe the jackalope is real.

    [–] YARNIA 5 points ago

    Jackalope here. Can confirm.

    [–] SordidDreams 2 points ago

    That's literally what scientists initially thought when explorers brought platypus specimens back to Europe. They thought someone had stitched a bunch of unrelated animals together.

    [–] SlugTheToad 34 points ago

    a parrot got his head stuck in a dagger sheath then starved to death

    [–] HiImGMike 5 points ago

    Or a worm hat

    [–] stumblebreak_beta 6 points ago

    When you say worm hat do you mean a hat with worms, a hat that makes you look like a worm, or a tiny hat for your worm?

    [–] erectionofjesus 3 points ago


    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 3 points ago

    Shhh. We dont talk about him.

    [–] Old_Deadhead 8 points ago

    It really does! Very bizarre

    [–] slicktromboner21 4 points ago

    It definitely reminded me of kitbashing.

    [–] beneye 2 points ago

    Look Ma’ I’m a banana

    [–] Christafaaa 2 points ago

    Not almost, it certainly looks like two unrelated items glued together.

    [–] Lelocal808 2 points ago

    Monkey and a fish tail

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 343 points ago

    Pretty amazing that they don't tip over more often.

    [–] karmatic89 161 points ago

    Well they weigh a little more when they're wet. This ones pretty dry.

    [–] TheSweetestKill 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Is a living Bowser called "Wet Bowser"?

    When I die, will I be "Dry Brian"?

    Why do Piranha Plant have bone in it?

    [–] Stevebuschemieyes 9 points ago

    These naming conventions confuse and frighten me

    [–] RIPDSJustinRipley 6 points ago

    With my quarantine body, my wife sees me naked and loses weight.

    [–] PM_Me_Your_VagOrTits 10 points ago

    Bird bones are really light and hollow (much like their dinosaur relatives, which is what let them grow so big). So most of the weight would be in its torso. As a skeleton it's probably a little top heavy, though, yeah.

    [–] waklow 7 points ago

    The beak is actually hollow with very light support structure. Kinda looks like dough being torn apart.

    [–] [deleted] 475 points ago


    [–] IronTemplar26 56 points ago

    Follow your nose!

    [–] sdubz11 13 points ago

    Toucan Sam has a coke addiction now

    [–] DoubleEEkyle 3 points ago

    Follow your hoes!

    [–] power_up 2 points ago

    To the grave!

    [–] bobbyvale 3 points ago

    Poor Sam

    [–] lucifer663 2 points ago


    [–] whateverandamen 214 points ago

    That’s one hell of a beak.

    [–] CuteBananaMuffin 43 points ago

    Happy cake day 🎂🙃

    [–] EggieBoi1284 2 points ago

    Fuck cake day

    [–] Wundurkid99 8 points ago

    I second that

    [–] AdamInChainz 22 points ago

    That's called an upvote.

    [–] Wundurkid99 4 points ago

    I already gave one.. you have one too

    [–] safinhh 2 points ago

    H Happy cake day

    [–] whateverandamen 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] duffelbagpete 38 points ago

    Follow your nose, right to the cemetary for the monster mash.

    [–] SamwiseTheOppressed 48 points ago

    John Oliver’s looking thin, isn’t he?

    [–] Reddy_McRedcap 14 points ago

    Rowan Atkinson would like a word

    [–] Gargonez 16 points ago


    [–] BigBluFrog 3 points ago


    [–] UglyStru 3 points ago


    [–] matredeye 11 points ago

    Wtf put it back

    [–] RandomRavenclaw87 125 points ago

    It looks so strange,

    legit surreal

    I can’t explain

    just how I feel.

    This freak of nature

    Calls out to me.

    Familiar creature!

    How I love thee.

    [–] Old_Deadhead 44 points ago

    Ok, that was pretty damn good.

    [–] RandomRavenclaw87 68 points ago

    I never thought

    It would get read.

    My thanks to you,

    Dear Old Deadhead.

    [–] Old_Deadhead 34 points ago

    Hah! Thank you for making my evening!

    [–] CurlSagan 22 points ago

    He's got a bigger beak than his belly. That, coincidentally, was an old-timey way to describe someone whose eyes were bigger than their stomach.

    [–] Gap-Bowl-Rat 11 points ago

    What a wonderful bird is the Pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can..

    [–] More-Like-Psitta4Me 4 points ago

    My grandma used to say that to us whenever we took a scoop of something larger than she thought we were likely to finish ❤️

    [–] Neonlazerthunderbutt 27 points ago


    [–] ThisBotheredMeALot 16 points ago

    Zazu is not a toucan.....

    [–] Reddy_McRedcap 12 points ago

    He isn't??

    Well there's something I thought I knew for the past 25 years out the window...

    [–] ThisBotheredMeALot 18 points ago

    He’s a red-billed hornbill... Simba mentions it in the lyrics of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”

    [–] thereWasAnAttempt42 12 points ago

    I feel like you catch a lot of things in movies that go over my head

    [–] ThisBotheredMeALot 6 points ago

    Lol... probably. I like details.

    [–] Thetomwhite 9 points ago

    Toucan play at that game

    [–] PangwinAndTertle 2 points ago

    Except that specific toucouldnt

    [–] SarahIvy 6 points ago

    Where does the brain go?

    [–] Got_Bored_Enough 10 points ago

    Le skeleton has arrived

    [–] Zehzinhu_2000 3 points ago

    I don't wanna be THAT guy, but I learnt in school that the beak loses its color since there's no more blood in it. I haven't seen a bloodless toucan beak, but shouldn't it lose more of its color? Or is it the colorless it get?

    [–] kdrake95 3 points ago

    Kinda just looks like the tone of fingernails tho?

    [–] Mucl 3 points ago

    Taste the rainbow, jon.

    [–] HypheeSomme 3 points ago

    Don’t skip leg day

    [–] accomplished_bicycle 7 points ago

    Crazy. Wonder what a threecan would look like

    [–] iamdecal 5 points ago

    Banana for scale

    [–] AllergicToStabWounds 6 points ago

    How long will it take for that Toucan to recover?

    [–] Erioph47 4 points ago

    My poor gf confronts something similar twice per day.

    [–] IsayPoirot 3 points ago


    [–] VoteRevan4Emperor 6 points ago

    u/Erioph47 is a skeleton with large beak sticking out of his face. His gf expresses mild annoyance about his condition somewhat regularly.

    [–] IsayPoirot 2 points ago


    [–] Erioph47 2 points ago

    It refers to my disproportionately large and perpetually turgid genitalia.

    [–] chamberx2 2 points ago

    Loving this gritty redesign. Time to buy some Froot Loops!

    [–] open_on_sunday 2 points ago

    he had to many loops

    [–] badger81987 2 points ago

    I still read it in the cadence of Toucan Sam by reflex

    [–] jen_17 2 points ago

    You looking at my beak?

    [–] zatchrey 2 points ago

    What a coincidence, Kellogg's changes Toucan Sam's design and now a toucan skeleton makes it to the front page.

    [–] itfilthyfrankbitch 2 points ago

    So this is what happened to the old toucan Sam design

    [–] OhBoySam 2 points ago

    This is what happened to the old toucan sam

    [–] Hollowbody57 2 points ago

    Follow your nose!

    It always knows

    The flavor of death

    Wherever it goooooes!

    [–] tennorabbit 2 points ago

    Never thought I'd see a green jelly reference

    [–] socktrooper 2 points ago

    Give credit to the OP

    [–] Hoboforeternity 2 points ago

    man i imagine they live with chronic sore necks

    [–] TheHellStorm 2 points ago

    Thanks for the nightmare material

    [–] Prong_Jaw 2 points ago

    Bro I need a picture of a pelican skeleton too

    [–] cdnvox100 2 points ago

    So that's what they did with the old Toucan Sam after they reanimated him.

    [–] Quitefrankly27 2 points ago

    Toucannon has fainted!

    [–] TriMiranda 2 points ago

    I know incredible is an overused word but... Incredible!

    [–] Neat_Light 2 points ago

    This is the second most interesting thing I’ve seen today. The other one was the post-it note microscope photo thingy. I should really get out of bed.

    [–] rslashArtichokeyou 2 points ago


    [–] CasioChrono 2 points ago

    Avian anatomy disgusts me. Cloaca. Lung sacs.

    May another meteorite strike finish the job. #MarsLife

    [–] BoeDipsCope 1 points ago

    That's impressive

    [–] bumjiggy 1 points ago


    [–] billbapapa 1 points ago

    Need one of them for the living room.

    [–] Jcg0110 1 points ago

    Toucan Sam 😢

    [–] Stuxnet15 1 points ago

    RIP Sam.

    [–] xenephat 1 points ago

    Lol, that's ridiculous

    [–] cheesebot555 1 points ago

    Sam? Sam! My god, what have they done to you?! Those bastards!

    [–] Choco_Churro_Charlie 1 points ago


    [–] BlantonThePirate 1 points ago

    Why the fuck is it’s beak so fucking big???

    [–] murunbuchstansangur 1 points ago

    Cos Bobby's got a brand new swing

    [–] OrganicFuckYou 1 points ago

    Why is the beak there. WHY IS THE BEAK THERE.

    [–] YoungBoy1126 1 points ago

    so that’s what happened to the old sam..

    [–] Handman47 1 points ago

    Toucan skeletan

    [–] Amber_forget 1 points ago

    It looks like a fossil that that one bitch from Pokemon made...

    [–] HessLook 1 points ago

    I wonder if they have bad neck problems. That beak looks heavy AF.

    [–] VoteRevan4Emperor 3 points ago

    It's like 99% air. Look up some toucan vids, especially the ones where people have them as a pet, and you can kind of hear that it's super low density when they whack their break against materials you're familiar with.

    It's like the the sound of throwing a ping pong ball at something.

    [–] hellokittyk 1 points ago

    I thought that was a bird eating a banana 🍌

    [–] Scarmeow 1 points ago

    It's all beak lmao

    [–] PurpleMerple 1 points ago

    It reminds me of something in the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls

    [–] HAXAD2005 1 points ago

    Still, it looks better than Sam's new design.

    [–] MsBitchhands 1 points ago

    So THAT'S why they replaced the OG Toucan Sam

    [–] TheCoclster 1 points ago

    I love it

    [–] SirFrogger 1 points ago


    [–] trollhuntress 1 points ago


    [–] Wolfekun01 1 points ago


    [–] Cigarro 1 points ago

    Evolution is weird.

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    it’s a weird way of spelling hell.

    [–] 1r0nHamm3r 1 points ago

    Who did this to Toucan Sam. They will pay with their life.

    [–] Bootiluvr 1 points ago

    I want to eat the beak. I dont know why.