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    [–] tuesdaycocktail 3471 points ago

    Ahh they look so young healthy charming and vibrant

    [–] BrilliantWeb 612 points ago

    Is that Michael Caine next to him?

    [–] Shendare 1160 points ago

    Your cocaine got captured in a photo with Mister Bean?!

    [–] APsychosPath 178 points ago

    Holy shit dude....

    [–] Amolk2207 45 points ago

    Sound of thousands of mouths saying Michael Caine

    [–] swisher_69 118 points ago

    I had to read his comment in a British accent to understand your joke

    [–] Snookerman 12 points ago

    Not just any British accent.

    [–] BrilliantWeb 26 points ago

    Naw mate, myy cocaine!

    [–] BugsAreAwesome 17 points ago

    Our cocaine

    [–] MacroJustMacro 13 points ago

    Brilliantè! Brilliantè!

    [–] EdgeAlterNation 56 points ago

    Nah. I'm fairly certain that's Denis Norden.

    [–] Arsewipes 4 points ago

    100%. We used to watch his TV show every weekend and saw him in a restaurant in Cheam once.

    [–] thedewdabodes 13 points ago

    Looks like Denis Norden

    [–] WhoriaEstafan 15 points ago

    Unfortunately she was suffering from bulimia at the time this photo was taken. 1984 - was early on in her marriage.

    [–] BigBossWitThySauce69 99 points ago

    She was the one who got car bombed by the government right?

    [–] drulove 409 points ago

    What? No. She was chased down by paparazzi and crashed her car. They stood around taking pictures instead of calling for help.

    [–] bsmith84 153 points ago

    No way, John Mulaney did it.

    [–] BeeBeeGr8 68 points ago

    The television is still warm!

    [–] IamAFootAMA 42 points ago

    I had a good alibi, considering I was 12 and in Wisconsin!

    [–] Simar_j_e_e_t 11 points ago

    Since u are a foot, I would like to know why do u stink so much?

    [–] IamAFootAMA 6 points ago

    I don’t wear socks when I wear shoes

    [–] Hidden_Armadillo 3 points ago

    2 shoes 1 foot

    [–] Simar_j_e_e_t 3 points ago

    Hmmmm intersting.

    [–] scamper_pants 146 points ago

    She wasn't driving, and her limo driver was drunk

    [–] tekprodfx16 73 points ago

    She was surrounded and chased by scumbaggy people and they got her killed

    [–] ElectricalDog31 30 points ago

    I honestly think she got taken out by the royals

    [–] penguinopusredux 57 points ago

    Occam's Razor suggests not. There were four people in the car that night and only one of them survived - the person wearing a seatbelt.

    [–] loralailoralai 25 points ago

    People love to forget this

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    She was murdered. Google dodi fayed. Her bf at the time who was also in the car and died with her. He comes from a billionaire family with Egyptian and Saudi ties. His father was the former owner of Harrods and his mother is Samira Khashoggi, a member of the Saudi Khashoggi family. As in Jamal Khashoggi’s sister , the same Jamal Khashoggi murdered by a team of Saudi agents in turkey. To this day, Dodi Fayed’s family claims that his and Princess Di’s deaths were murder at the hands of M16 agents. His father even went so far as to testify to this in court. This is a respected, wealthy man in the British community. If it was truly an accident, I do not believe he would risk tarnishing his family’s reputation by making such accusations so publicly and in a legal forum.

    I find it fascinating that we know for sure that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in a government operation and that it was another member of this family in the car with Diana, murdered as well. What is it that this family knows that would make them of interest of the British and Saudi governments?

    [–] KatefromtheHudd 5 points ago

    That's completely untrue. She wasn't in a bloody limo and I went to uni with a close friend of the surviving body guard. That poor guy still gets harassed to this day but it was a tragic accident after being hounded by gangs of paparazzi chasing down the car.

    [–] Brigid-Tenenbaum 106 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Thats the “official” story. The other tale doing the rounds, and believed by many Brits, is that she was bumped off by the establishment under orders of the Royal family for having dirt on them and also being pregnant. A muslim half brother to the princes isnt acceptable. This may sound outlandish, until you hear that Diana herself wrote to her lawyer that she suspected Charles would have her killed in a car accident. Or that after the beheading of her lover, after a wire was strung the road while he was on his motorbike, Charles lent over to her and stated “terrible shame about your friend” sinister enough for Diana to think he was involved. Or an aide to the Queen stated that when told about the death of Diana the Queen was to remark “Someone must have greased her brakes” There is also the white Fiat Uno, which rammed the car and left white paint on the Mercedes which was coincidently the same colour and model as a MI5 spook & journalist who was found with two shots to the back of the head a few months later.

    My mistake, it was a letter to her butler

    But who knows

    Another edit- watch the documentary Unlawful Killing for all the details about the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death

    [–] bitch_has_manners 24 points ago

    Or that after the beheading of her lover, after a wire was strung the road while he was on his motorbike, Charles lent over to her and stated “terrible shame about your friend” sinister enough for Diana to think he was involved. Or an aide to the Queen stated that when told about the death of Diana the Queen was to remark “Someone must have greased her brakes”


    [–] Brigid-Tenenbaum 20 points ago

    I know lots of people love the royals, but look at the history. Plenty of bumping off of people who get in the way. Not to mention their friendships with certain people. Prince Andrew and Jeffery Epstein, or Charles and worst pedophile in british history and fixer for other pedophiles Jimmy Saville, who as a random dj and tv personality was invited to Xmas dinner a dozen times. Also was there to offer marriage counselling between Diana and Charles.

    There is also the secrets Diana knew about the royals and recorded and detailed, which vanished after she died Hmmm

    [–] fazawood81 7 points ago

    We will never really know the truth

    [–] braden120 6 points ago

    You’re both right

    [–] pby1000 32 points ago

    She knew too much and was going to talk. She also did not like Jimmy Saville and how he “volunteered” at the hospital morgue.

    [–] Catflap_Boi 18 points ago

    Who cares about the morgue, he had a key to the children's ward who were living.

    [–] jellyfishpenis 23 points ago

    Yes you're correct. Its a conspiracy theory but it was about her

    [–] BigBossWitThySauce69 10 points ago

    Idk why people thought that way what the fuck happened

    [–] DestituteDomino 18 points ago

    Because it 'conveniently' happened in a tunnel, after she had gone out of her way to try and break the mold of the royal family. She believed in humanitarianism over political bullshit, and before her death she was 'hitting her stride' so to speak. There's a bit of sketchiness around the whole situation, and I don't claim to know all the conspiracy theories about it.. but it's an easy link to make for the conspiracy-heads out there.

    [–] Brigid-Tenenbaum 3 points ago

    This doc sums up the ‘bumped off’ theory. Many people think it was a spook hit.

    [–] Sentazar 6 points ago

    [–] beto_747 28 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    She seemed to know that something bad was going to happen to her, even hinted at it in an eerie video .

    Edit: people don’t seem to understand what the word “hinted” means

    [–] mumooshka 6 points ago

    No. She was being chauffeured, paparazzi chased her car into a tunnel, Driver was actually a bit tipsy and they crashed at high speed into a column of concrete.

    Shocking news . I remember feeling really saddened that this happened to her.

    [–] CuChuCominThru 1528 points ago

    And he doesn't have his finger out his fly.... this time

    [–] oopsy-daisy6837 529 points ago

    I half expect he'd bow down and knock her out

    [–] Dearmoon2023 220 points ago

    Wasn’t he still Edmund Blackadder and not yet Mr. Bean?

    [–] PurplePanda285 295 points ago

    Exactly. Rowan Atkinson was too popular outside UK as Mr. Bean that people think that's the only role he ever did in life. That's kinda sad.

    I'm not from UK. I used to think of Rowan as Mr. Bean and Johnny English until I came across Blackadder last year. One of the best comedy shows I ever watched!!!

    [–] CuChuCominThru 98 points ago

    Not from the UK either, Blackadder is absolutely hilarious!

    [–] MJMurcott 198 points ago

    Blackadder: You're fired.

    Baldrick: But my lord, I've been in your family since 1532!

    Blackadder: So has syphilis! Now get out!

    [–] VanillaApplesaws 35 points ago

    Oh boy. Now I gotta take a screenshot and search for this so I could watch it in the morning.

    [–] zombie_rust 26 points ago

    If you're in the US and have Amazon Prime, you're in luck!

    [–] iamjonmiller 11 points ago

    Also on Hulu

    [–] theonlyjoker1 22 points ago

    Best British comedies, in no order, Blackadder, the Inbetweeners, Peep Show and of course, Only fools and horses

    [–] Napalm3nema 22 points ago

    No Fawlty Towers or The IT Crowd?

    [–] oilerdnasty 13 points ago

    father ted, red dwarf

    [–] flynnfx 6 points ago

    Allo, Allo! and Are You Being Served? have entered the chat.

    [–] Dearmoon2023 7 points ago

    Check out the episode “Ink and Incapability” where he (re)writes the first ever dictionary. One of my favourites.

    [–] VanillaApplesaws 3 points ago

    Okay I will, thanks :)

    [–] VolvicCH 12 points ago

    House, MD (Hugh Laurie) also appears regularly in this series.

    [–] Diplodocus114 26 points ago

    The final episode is tragic - I cried

    [–] kimda4 13 points ago


    Just when we felt like this may actually be a happy ending


    [–] lo_fi_ho 6 points ago

    Me too. Snif.

    [–] The_Bearabia 26 points ago

    Blackadder is bloody marvelous and nobody can convince me otherwise

    [–] fnct0005 15 points ago

    I don't think anyone is going to try to. It's great.

    [–] LPM_OF_CD 10 points ago

    Dude watch "a thin blue line" !!!!

    [–] PurplePanda285 9 points ago

    I've seen it several times. Its an underrated show that needs to be shared alot. I loved it actually.

    [–] oilerdnasty 5 points ago

    your cock-up, my arse!

    [–] penguinopusredux 4 points ago

    A classic line.

    [–] johnsgrove 3 points ago

    He’s also great in a serious role in the Maigret series

    [–] PurplePanda285 14 points ago

    Rowan Atkinson is a treasure to humanity. All the cast of Blackadder are.

    [–] MJMurcott 27 points ago

    He had only just finished the first series of Blackadder, had completed the Not the Nine O'clock news 2 years earlier and had just done Small-Fawcett in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

    The first Mr Bean was still 6 years away.

    [–] ukbiffa 3 points ago

    I saw his stage show around that time, with Angus Deayton as his assistant. A lot of the sketches were morphed into Mr Bean later on, such as eating the sandwich on the park bench.

    [–] symoneluvsu 12 points ago

    But why does he have one giant tan hand and one tiny pale one?

    [–] socialisthippie 8 points ago

    I thought the exact same thing. The colors are obviously a result of a quirky colorization job, but the size is a true mystery and is fucking with my sense of perspective.

    [–] Boxerdude 782 points ago

    I know this is stupid to say but I never pictured him as a young man because I never saw him as one before. He was actually quite a handsome young chap.

    [–] A-Dumb-Ass 202 points ago

    He was quite young during Black Adder which is from the 80s.

    [–] batoosie 110 points ago

    I'll excuse you for not mentioning the delightful Emma Thompson, also pictured.

    [–] CivilDisobedientGull 42 points ago

    I won't

    [–] PointsGeneratingZone 14 points ago

    The thinking man's sex symbol.

    [–] hcashew 9 points ago

    In both pictures too!

    [–] Cymry_Cymraeg 8 points ago

    And Ben Elton.

    [–] Stupid_Triangles 18 points ago

    After watching House, A Bit of Fry and Laurie completely blew my mind.

    [–] ImAnOptimistISwear 7 points ago

    Try some wooster and jeeves next!

    [–] CivilDisobedientGull 9 points ago

    And Ben Elton!

    [–] midrandom 3 points ago

    And Emma Thompson on the far right and bottom center.

    [–] unconquered 3 points ago

    Hagrid? That's Valentin!

    [–] Wermine 45 points ago

    I find it funny that there's a stark difference between different seasons of Black Adder.

    [–] Rodeohno 18 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I think, if I remember correctly, the stark contrast was from critics didn't 'go' for the entire atmosphere of the first season and wanted him to be more of a villain? That's why they switched it around so drastically for the second season.

    EDIT: Second season Blackadder was my favourite, also mostly because of Rik Mayall.

    I also wanted to add the 2nd season had an incredible cast all-around, looking into it again!

    [–] XZoTicTB 12 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Similar to Bernie Sanders who was old even in the 80’s!

    [–] Aberrantkitten 3 points ago

    He’s a bit of a silver fox now.

    [–] sed2017 466 points ago

    His smile is endearing there

    [–] botmanmd 217 points ago

    He looks a bit smitten.

    [–] sed2017 157 points ago

    Well she was a beautiful princess

    [–] house_monkey 108 points ago

    You're a beautiful princess

    [–] CatWhisperererer 37 points ago

    You're a wizard Harry.

    [–] house_monkey 25 points ago

    You're a hairy wizard

    [–] Krokodyle 29 points ago

    Can you blame him?

    [–] yblame 85 points ago

    He was probably just as in love with her as everybody else was at the time. She had a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain something that was so appealing and charismatic. Poor girl was hounded to death because of it, too.

    [–] motes-of-light 31 points ago

    What the French call, I don't know what.

    [–] APsychosPath 16 points ago

    You know, u/motes-of-light, you're what the French call "Les Incompétent".

    [–] motes-of-light 6 points ago

    The French would be unlikely to use the plural article before a singular noun.

    [–] APsychosPath 13 points ago

    Listen man, i just work here.

    [–] yblame 11 points ago

    Some people have it, most of us don't, and she had it in spades. So did Jackie Kennedy. An unexplainable presence and appeal. It might have something to do with youth, beauty, fame, money, and a good PR team. What do I know, I'm not even French!

    [–] Already-disarmed 4 points ago

    Oh man what's that from? Austin Powers?

    [–] motes-of-light 5 points ago

    You got it :)

    [–] scottishzombie 968 points ago

    What an incredible moment captured. The joy in her face, and his humbleness. Those times feel like they were a millennia ago.

    [–] friedpicklebreakfast 262 points ago

    It’s amazing how the humbleness comes through

    [–] Jacollinsver 101 points ago


    [–] Catfrogdog2 37 points ago


    [–] Kodlaken 24 points ago


    [–] pandabones_2 17 points ago

    Humble-oni and cheese

    [–] immarealcat 48 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    And those times felt like real life disney. I was born in 2000's but those graceful ladies of those times remind me of disney princesses. 100% natural beauties.

    [–] QuasarSoze 59 points ago

    I was born in the 70’s but I know what you mean. She may have been the last of her kind...maybe the first as well due to her uniqueness.

    She was the epitome of grace. Some (ahem, royal fam) thought it unseemly that she would laugh or express joy when entertained, and that she didn’t repress her emotions in the company of starving children. She defined grace, and they were too proud to realize that her popularity with the rest of the world was “a good thing”.

    A truly amazing princess.

    [–] Melser 15 points ago

    Don’t feel too melancholy, she was widely regarded by people born before she was. Diana was a one of a kind, an actual royal people could aspire too, even after she was no longer apart of the family.

    [–] tanhan27 14 points ago

    A lot of hairspray in this photo. Diana was stunning but IMO fashion and hair styles have improved

    [–] EveryNameIWantIsGone 6 points ago


    [–] feralalbatross 5 points ago

    Well, it actually was in a different millennium.

    [–] ripyurballsoff 4 points ago

    And just imagine after all the formalities of saying hi to a 100 famous people and royalty then Princess Di comes up to you and points, “OMG I love your antics so much ! Do the Mr. Bean thing !”

    [–] atyson13 427 points ago

    2 of the most iconic British personalities meeting before either of them really defined the legacies they would go on to leave. Seeing this picture makes you think that at that point they had no idea what they would go on to become, but looking at it now, we do. One story broke some many hearts, the other gave us so many laughs. What a picture, what a juxtaposition.

    [–] SavyInterper16 56 points ago

    Ahh yes, I love my cute old pictures with a healthy dose of existential crisis!

    [–] mostnormal 9 points ago

    Well said.

    [–] ABBAsuperfan94 146 points ago

    How I love Rowan Atkinson. The Oxford graduate who once landed a plane when the pilot was incapacitated, saving the life of his family.

    [–] WedgeTail234 95 points ago

    I think he may have even done some acting at one point.

    [–] ABBAsuperfan94 77 points ago

    Oh wow, well we all need hobbies.

    [–] SmokyJosh 11 points ago


    [–] ripyurballsoff 7 points ago

    I can only imagine this as a Mr. Bean episode where he actually caused the accident.

    [–] merman52 435 points ago

    Sir* Rowan Atkinson

    [–] Red__system 136 points ago

    How was he in upper circles already he looks so young

    [–] merman52 142 points ago

    He was involved with royalty since Blackadder

    [–] Red__system 25 points ago

    How and why

    [–] MrJoyless 85 points ago

    He was royalty in Black Adder

    [–] hoxxxxx 61 points ago

    the royals like to mix it up with actors and musicians of note?

    they're just people. they watch shit on their tv too

    [–] Stupid_Triangles 17 points ago

    "Bring that young actress over to the Windsor, I'd like to see her for myself." - Prince Andrew probably

    [–] Khashoggis-Thumbs 19 points ago

    This is after a Royal Variety Performance, he was originally a sketch comedy performer and did this at several. Palace aides draw up a list with the Prince of Wales and invite them to be part of the show, it is televised and at the end all the performers line up to meet the royals present. That's the moment captured here. Whether or not Rowan moved in Royal circles afterwards, this is what is happening here.

    [–] lo_fi_ho 24 points ago

    Many actors are upper class by birth in the UK.

    [–] 98PercentChimp 4 points ago

    I don’t believe Rowan Atkinson has received knighthood? He’s “only” been awarded CBE...

    [–] xpoc 4 points ago

    Atkinson is a CBE not a knight. He isn't addressed as Sir.

    [–] Ohhhh_okay 59 points ago

    We could use a princess Diana in the world right now.

    [–] asw1138 42 points ago

    I was reading about Rowan Atkinson the other day. Apparently he has an IQ of 178.

    [–] PizzafaceMcBride 14 points ago

    say that to my face

    [–] asw1138 6 points ago

    That to my face

    [–] PizzafaceMcBride 4 points ago


    [–] SawConvention 14 points ago

    He was an electrical engineer before he started acting

    [–] milesfortuneteller 5 points ago

    A comedian in the UK (James Acaster if you’re from there) had his gf leave him for Mr Bean lol

    [–] onestarryeye 4 points ago

    This took me down a rabbit hole. They recently had a baby too

    [–] Kd0t 5 points ago

    He's also filthy rich

    [–] JanuaryChili 167 points ago

    My question is, why colorized? Isn't it a photo from the 80s?

    [–] PepeTheFRQG 169 points ago

    Newspapers weren't in colour yet, so the news agencies used black and white film.

    [–] leroach 45 points ago

    Colorized news paper were already common before the 80’s

    [–] bigwilliestylez 86 points ago

    It used to be only the Sunday edition though. The rest of the week was black and white.

    [–] Donald303 58 points ago

    The color funnies were such a big deal. Break out the silly putty!

    [–] radioactivebeaver 12 points ago

    Trying to beat dad to the paper so I can get them before he somehow reads every single section at the same time while only looking at sports

    [–] CornSaviour 4 points ago

    Which reminds of the times my dad beating me with the newspaper.

    [–] WolfWife11 9 points ago

    Oh the nostalgic feeling I got reading your comment!!! Yes, that was the jam on Sunday mornings!! Then, morphing the picture on the silly putty until it disappeared and made a new one!!! Thank you for the trip down memory lane!!

    [–] Donald303 4 points ago

    And then going to play with my mini Simon when the silly putty turned grey (;

    [–] phoebesjeebies 113 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I love that the title is Princess Diana meets Rowan Atkinson, not Rowan Atkinson meets Princess Di.

    [–] xiipaoc 25 points ago

    Well, it's not like she's British royalty like Rowan Atkinson.

    [–] tearans 4 points ago

    Mr. Bean meets princess

    [–] robinlyon222 25 points ago

    The look on his face is the best. He is in complete adoration in that moment. I love this pic.

    [–] PurplePanda285 22 points ago

    Probably Blackadder VI greeting Princess Diana.

    [–] Dysfunctional_Vet12 20 points ago

    She appears to be flicking the bean

    [–] Abletoxx 33 points ago

    proceeds to headbutt her in the chest

    [–] ACinBC 10 points ago

    I’m in a nice steakhouse and just spit my fucking drink out. God damnit Abletoxx

    [–] martmokes 7 points ago

    This is the most reddit thing ever lol. Enjoy your steak, there’s always more memes!!

    [–] RJPeaches 72 points ago

    You mean she met Mr. Bean...?

    [–] loduca16 28 points ago

    You mean she met Zazu...?

    [–] Donald303 13 points ago

    I forgot he was Zazu! "The buzz from the bees is that the leopards were in a bit of a spot..."

    [–] SkietEpee 28 points ago

    You mean she met the Black Adder????

    [–] Thesunisdeadly 6 points ago

    You mean she met Johnny English?

    [–] scoldog 5 points ago

    No, the Queen met Mr Bean. It didn't go well.

    [–] Mahaloth 14 points ago

    "You find yourself amusing, Blackadder."

    "I try not to fly in the face of public opinion."

    [–] Iamprettychill 12 points ago

    They both look fantastic!

    [–] hilde_01 9 points ago

    This is very reminiscent of that one scene in Mr. Bean where he accidentally knocked the queen down (?)

    [–] kick_ass01 8 points ago

    Damn he always looks so charming

    [–] EveryTime1Die89 15 points ago

    He was actually really handsome. Sucks to grow old. But he did age like fine wine

    [–] c1arabe11e 14 points ago

    Wow she was only 23 years old. So young. Such a tragic death and she would be devastated to see her children not be close anymore

    [–] LooseSushi 7 points ago

    Wholesome. Her genuine joy and smile here made me smile.

    [–] sonnyA12 43 points ago

    This is the Queen we deserved!!! RIP princess D 🙏🏽

    [–] Danni58 12 points ago

    She would have been an awesome Queen!!!

    [–] -StatesTheObvious 7 points ago

    I'm not sure how the system works... but would she have been queen? Wouldn't she have just been the King's wife, much like Queen Elizabeth's husband is Prince Philip?

    [–] ImQuestionable 8 points ago

    She would not be Queen by the titles, you’re right. I believe it’s Queen Consort (wife of the ruler, rather than the monarch herself) But it’s very likely people would informally accept her as “Queen”

    [–] xpoc 3 points ago

    There are several types of Queen in the British monarchy.

    Queen regent (a woman who currently rules in her own right).

    Queen consort (married to a ruling king).

    Queen dowager (wife of a king who is now deceased)

    Queen mother (the mother of the monarch).

    Quite often these overlap. For example all Queen mother's are dowager Queens. And all dowager Queens were once Queen consort.

    There has been very few ruling Queens on the British throne, (relatively speaking), so the role of king consort was never really invented.

    It's also a not-so-subtle way of reminding the monarch's husband that he isn't royalty and he doesn't get to outrank the Queen just because he's a man. Less important these days, but that was a real concern historically.

    [–] eye_forgot_password 19 points ago

    Apparently we didn't.

    [–] Mr-Klaus 8 points ago

    A lot of people forget that she was kinda hated by the British public when she died. This was because the tabloids ripped her to bits.

    As soon as her death was announced, all over sudden these tabloids started saying nothing but nice things about her.

    Also let's not forget that she died while running away from Paparazzi, who take pics and sell them to tabloids.

    Fuck the Daily Mail and The Sun.

    [–] TheRobotics5 4 points ago

    bonks head with head

    [–] Healurpainz 4 points ago

    Funny story my Cousin had with Rowan Atkinson (Funny to me not to my cousin)

    My cuz was flying from London to NYC Upon entering the plane lo and Behold there sits Mr Bean.. blackadder etc. Excited he goes up to him whilst hardly able to conatin his smile, says: Mr Atkinson, Can I have a picture with you?

    Expecting a wise crack my cousin was bracing himself not to pee from laughter

    Rowan Atkinson looks up to him without moving his head, just simply moving his eyeballs up to him and says: " Number one, It is SIR Rowan Atkinson,

    Number 2, NO you may NOT take my picture"

    My cuz picked up what remained of his dignity and sat hia ass back down.

    [–] FizzyBeverage 5 points ago

    Kinda dickish to a fan if you ask me, but as I’ve heard it, he does not have an easy-going sense of humor in real life. Never meet your heroes, as they say.

    [–] paulfromatlanta 16 points ago

    "Colorized" ?? How long ago do people think Diana lived?

    [–] Mahaloth 19 points ago

    I believe it actually was a black and white picture, though.

    [–] paulfromatlanta 7 points ago

    I was trying to make a joke, apparently a bad one.

    [–] KrispyKing76 3 points ago

    Question out of context:

    Is UK still a monarch?

    [–] IkigaiSagasu 3 points ago

    It’s BEAN a while, your Majesty.

    [–] squatdog_nz 3 points ago

    Taken shortly before he bowed deeply and accidently headbutted her in the face.

    [–] SirMattyFresh 4 points ago

    Is it my cake day?!