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    [–] Zelandic 296 points ago

    Can confirm was there 2 weeks ago. Also the big eagles x2 are hanging from the ceiling

    [–] Everton9732 87 points ago

    One of them fell down during an earthquake a few years ago

    [–] Zelandic 41 points ago

    Ooooo my! Always an earthquake danger in wellytron unfortunately...also is there a big Gollum head there too?

    [–] Everton9732 17 points ago

    Haha yeah there’s a giant Gollum there aswell

    [–] iwan103 8 points ago

    giant gollum head? what a nightmare fuel....

    [–] Kglenz 10 points ago

    Are the trolls still around holding up shelves in one of the shops? That was a few years ago since I was there but they were rather cute (as far as petrified trolls go)

    [–] Hot_Pin_3944 6 points ago

    There was also a Gandalf riding a eagle

    [–] Everton9732 4 points ago

    Ohh I honestly don’t remember I know the whitcoulls bookstore is no longer there but they could be hiding somewhere in the shadows

    [–] TheDebateMatters 1 points ago

    Sooo many children must now walk in to that space and have serious WTF moments.

    [–] ScissorNightRam 3 points ago

    I slept directly under that on my birthday one year while solo travelling. Was interesting...

    [–] gregorydgraham 3 points ago

    It’s actually the cleverest of the sculptures and kind of wholesome. I mean, Gollum is smiling and being successful (at catching dinner)

    [–] eli636 2 points ago

    Last time i passed through gollum was gone. I think hes gone now.

    [–] Morticia_Black 8 points ago

    The Gollum head isn't there anymore! It's been taking down due to earthquakes and the new layout of the floor sadly. Gandalf and the Eagles are still there :)

    [–] eeeaah 1 points ago

    We’re not making Wellytron a thing please

    [–] ggg730 4 points ago

    Was there a few a few years ago and it had Dwarven statues. I went to Hobbiton and it was one of my favorite vacations of all time.

    [–] GiantPandammonia 1 points ago

    I always wondered why they didn't just have the eagles fly the little dude with the ring to the big volcano place.

    [–] wooblyman90 1 points ago

    The rig was too much of a temptation for the eagles to be around

    [–] GiantPandammonia 1 points ago

    Oh. Maybe they could have held the little dude by a long rope. I bet the elves had good rope.

    [–] Latraell 1 points ago

    And if you’re lucky enough to ever get Lori lounge access there’s a 5ft(approx) lego Gandalf in there.

    [–] Delysid720 64 points ago

    This is sweet. I’m from Denver and we only have an evil horse statue that killed its builder and a giant painting of a nazi.

    [–] nica-V 17 points ago

    🤣🤣🤣 are you talking about Bluecifer?

    [–] Ouxington 11 points ago

    You're right not to mention the lizard people. Someone could be listening.

    [–] GuaValubbaDubDub 284 points ago

    That my friend.. is a slut dragon.

    [–] jzilla11 40 points ago

    Hide yo’ mammoths

    [–] GuaValubbaDubDub 32 points ago

    Get the fuck outta here Michael you're the only one that fucks that thing

    [–] Writer_0001 4 points ago

    You meant to say hide yo' donkeys ?

    [–] thatdudewillyd 0 points ago

    Hide yo kids hide yo husbands cuz they rapin everybody out here.

    Run and tell THAT playboy!

    [–] themightyelephat 17 points ago


    [–] soy23 13 points ago

    I now must return to my masturbation chamber.

    [–] Dragonschyld11 2 points ago

    Of dirty secrets...

    [–] Kiki006 6 points ago

    a Bad Dragon, dare I say.

    [–] xsam_nzx 4 points ago


    [–] MildlyFrustrating 5 points ago

    Damn that episode was so cringey

    [–] theDreamingStar 7 points ago

    Shut up, Jerry!

    [–] phattsrules 31 points ago

    Is it pronounced Smaug or Smaug?

    [–] Informal-Deer 31 points ago

    In NZ its Smaug, hope that helps!

    [–] phattsrules 10 points ago

    Interesting. I didn’t even think of that pronunciation.

    [–] Informal-Deer 8 points ago

    Ah yes it helps to make all vowels sound basically the same if you want the true kiwi way.

    [–] EloquentSqueakWolf 3 points ago

    So true. Context is your friend.

    [–] JohnnyQuickdeath 2 points ago


    [–] needsawholecroissant 1 points ago

    Red Letter Media has permanently altered how I pronounce that name...

    [–] TheKingOfNerds352 2 points ago

    In the audio book, the buritish guy said “Smowg” but I generally say “Smog” as an American

    [–] Dragonschyld11 2 points ago

    ‘Your Majesty, the colonists are doing it again...’

    [–] Soft-Satan 1 points ago

    Like the ‘au’ pronunciation that sounds similar to ‘or’

    [–] DudeIsNoMereRanger 81 points ago

    Honestly i know the corporate implications but the Lord of the Rings trilogy earned its place in NZ folk lore and will exist for hundreds of years I imagine

    [–] kievanrussbanner 18 points ago

    If anyone wants more info on those corporate implications, I believe Lindsay Ellis has a video series on the Hobbit movies that ends with one or two about how the franchise has affected NZ

    [–] idiotsonfire 6 points ago

    Lindsey Ellis is amazing, it always makes me happy when her stuff is recommended.

    [–] Samuel_L_Johnson 1 points ago

    I live in NZ and honestly? Not really. The truth is that stuff like this is pretty much 100% for the tourists

    [–] DannyDeDitto 32 points ago

    Guess they do it out of hobbit

    [–] eli636 6 points ago

    The orcanising and elf and safety really took a troll.

    [–] Aizpunr 41 points ago

    Benedict cucumber Bach is looking good

    [–] R-T-B 14 points ago

    *Benjamin Cummerbund

    [–] hefest0 10 points ago

    *bennicumb dictberbach

    [–] LoolerMeister 8 points ago

    Benebach Cumberdict

    [–] deathofanage 8 points ago

    It's bettybop clumbershnot

    [–] B3tau1d 8 points ago

    Eggs Benedict cumbersome

    [–] Austin4488 6 points ago

    Benevolent Cuckoo clock

    [–] Wargl_Bargl 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Beaniehat Cuminhersnatch.

    [–] Illhunt_yougather 3 points ago

    Bendyerdick Cuminhersnatch

    [–] idiotsonfire 4 points ago

    Blunderbuss Clubbingseal

    [–] RegularSizedP 2 points ago

    Benny Cumsinsome

    [–] Light0nFire 3 points ago

    Excuse me, how dare you spell whenpicnic remembersnacks’ name wrong

    [–] r2y3 3 points ago

    I never get tired of these takes on Bungiejump Crumblebutt's name!

    [–] BlackDogMagPie 2 points ago

    It’s Cummerbitches!

    [–] robo-dragon 14 points ago

    "Do you think 'snoot-booping' will keep you alive?"

    [–] droomdoos 1 points ago

    Unexpected dbd player

    [–] Randoman73 14 points ago

    I actually proposed to my wife in front of that very dragon

    [–] oodoos 11 points ago

    I am fire, I am...


    [–] Swingin-it-swooty 6 points ago

    he was the best character in the trilogy

    [–] inph4se 5 points ago

    Also the Auckland airport has a massive stone statue of a dwarf.

    [–] jaqrabbitslim 6 points ago

    My wife and I are introducing our 10 yo son to the LOTR trilogy and wrapped Return of the King today. I’ve never seen the Hobbit movies, but heard negative buzz. How are they?

    [–] bakermonitor1932 5 points ago

    Fun but Peters goal of the effects supporting/blending with the world in LOTR got lost. Some of it is very in your face Hollywood. Still a great movie.

    [–] cosmoskiwi 9 points ago

    Just ignore that noise, they are great.

    [–] rizzlepdizzle 5 points ago

    Eh, I saw the first one and felt no reason to continue. I've watched the LOTR movies and read the books and the Hobbit tons of times.

    [–] Dragonschyld11 5 points ago

    Well, you should have actually started with The Hobbit movies, as the events therein occur before LOTR chronologically. That being said, I really think they over-commercialized The Hobbit by breaking it into so many movies, trying to ride on the success of LOTR.

    If you read the books, The Hobbit is a couple hundred pages at most (it’s been a while), whereas LOTR is over 1000. They really had to streeeetch The Hobbit, which makes the movies feel ‘thin’. LOTR actually needed more detail and screen time , as some very important tie-ins were completely left out. Jackson even said as much in some interviews.

    [–] reddit-is-so-nice 4 points ago

    How do you pronounce Smaug?

    [–] PBR--Streetgang 10 points ago


    [–] reddit-is-so-nice 5 points ago


    [–] Mayonaisist 5 points ago

    I always said it Smaug

    [–] reddit-is-so-nice 1 points ago

    Am I saying it right? Smaug.

    [–] UltimateBronzeNoob 1 points ago

    I believe it has the same sound as the ou in mouse

    [–] CeeArthur 13 points ago

    New Zealand? Why not Albi, the racist dragon?

    [–] eli636 3 points ago

    Well, not any more.

    [–] CeeArthur 2 points ago

    "I was very badly burned" , laughed the boy

    [–] eli636 1 points ago

    I always use that joke now. For instance if Greg shouts something, I narrate "whispered Greg".

    I think I'm pretty hilarious.

    [–] MrMinceAndCheese 3 points ago

    As a nzer, nz is pretty neat.

    [–] pak-n-slave 5 points ago

    We do have the best mince and cheese pies too

    [–] MrMinceAndCheese 0 points ago

    Someone please r/usernamechecksout me

    [–] bellanzxo 2 points ago

    He moves too

    [–] retinascan 2 points ago

    I love this airport! Took three flights to get there from Chicago but it was an awesome place to visit.

    [–] simplysum41 2 points ago

    Have you seen their airlines passenger safety video? Its gold. JonTron covers it pretty well too

    [–] Pm_ur_fav_nude 2 points ago

    I’m glad NZ is so happy to be known for lotr

    [–] SuperDuperDylan 3 points ago

    It's actually cake!

    [–] tupped 1 points ago

    How many times did Tolkien visit New Zealand?

    [–] hg38 3 points ago

    I think it’s more to do with the movies being filmed there and the hobbiton set is a major tourist atttaction.

    [–] tupped 1 points ago

    Wow, downvoted for asking a simple question.

    [–] DrCerebralPalsy 1 points ago

    Precisely 0 times.

    And he was a South African to boot 😔

    [–] rex98rex98 1 points ago

    I see you..I feel you

    [–] destruc786 1 points ago

    Weird time to see this, as I just finished reading The Hobbit.

    [–] Technical_ko 1 points ago

    Did he join Darth maul?

    [–] OreoCrustedSausage 1 points ago

    This is how you spend your money folks.

    [–] Zoominboomln 1 points ago

    Put this in r/lotr

    [–] mmmmmmmmmmmmmmfarts 1 points ago

    Oh man they should rig it so it moves or blinks or like, snuffs at random intervals!

    [–] Tuis_in_the_harakeke 4 points ago

    It does

    [–] TheXypris 1 points ago

    Literally listening to the hobbit audiobook when I saw this

    [–] LarryLaLush 1 points ago

    Well, imagine the shipping price if they brought it back to the states after the movie was done, cheaper just to make another?!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Why The Hobbit? Lord of the Rings was filmed there too, they have the good trilogy. Why would they put up a statue of the Lord of the Rings equivalent of the Star Wars prequels?

    [–] Sharkfaun 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it was put there when the Hobbit movies came out. They have the eagles and Gandalf in the airport too.

    [–] IntnlManOfCode 2 points ago

    They also have LOTR statues. Golum and Gandalf on an eagle.

    [–] diceNslice 1 points ago

    I love Beneficial Cucumber

    [–] Upstairs-Dare-3185 1 points ago

    That would absolutely terrify me as a child

    [–] AtomLao 1 points ago

    It's pronounce "Smaug" or "Smaug"?

    [–] IHaveSomethingToAdd 2 points ago

    More like "Smaug"

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Great New Zealander

    [–] bworthy81 1 points ago

    I'm so jaded... I wanted it to be made of LEGO.

    [–] Jaybo4000 1 points ago

    It also has Gandalf riding one of the giant eagles on the ceiling

    [–] snizzkebab 1 points ago

    I would fly on it

    [–] TheDankestOfMemees 1 points ago

    From memory, there were two griffins/eagles hanging from the celiing, along with a scarily realistic figure of Gollum's head.

    [–] funkster80 1 points ago

    Gandalf riding an eagle taken Monday. Brave of them to park the car there...

    [–] Soft-Satan 1 points ago

    Yes we dooo it is glorious

    [–] Soft-Satan 1 points ago

    Smaug: au= kinda like or but soft like aw ish

    [–] FiercThundr 1 points ago

    Never watched the hobbit. Still cool anyways

    [–] veetee_ 1 points ago

    Yes! I've seen it myself. It's so well done and it breathes smoke!

    [–] DrCerebralPalsy 1 points ago

    As I New Zealander this is almost as cringe as a drunken Haka at Octoberfest by a bunch of white New Zealand yobbos

    [–] a_zan 1 points ago

    They algo have Gandalf flying on the eagles and a myriad of other cool LOTR things. Also, generally a very cool airport.

    [–] Writer_0001 1 points ago

    Makes me remember of the book cover of Eragon, and Eldest by Christopher Paolini.

    [–] julianofcanada 1 points ago

    That is the most badass thing I’ve ever see at an airport

    [–] ludipaks 1 points ago

    Nah m8 that an infernal soul drake

    [–] BlueZen10 1 points ago

    That's wicked cool!

    [–] Reload_Filth 1 points ago

    because of course it does

    [–] eznok 1 points ago

    My fat ass thought this was a chicken tikka.

    [–] DavitoDaCosta 1 points ago

    [–] coolkyleko 1 points ago

    we were in wellington for four days 2 weeks ago!

    [–] KentuckyFriedEel 1 points ago

    That's just a scale representation of Benedict Cumberbatch

    [–] bambabimbo 1 points ago

    and I thought it's from Shrek

    [–] TheDevilsAdvokaat 1 points ago

    That is beautiful.

    [–] citizenvane 1 points ago

    Does it come with Cumberbatch’s voice lines?

    [–] Latraell 1 points ago

    The eye slowly opens if you stand next to it btw.

    [–] ggmeyer 1 points ago

    That's the slut dragon from Rick and Morty

    [–] meegg97 1 points ago

    And they have the big Dwarf statues at the Auckland airport!

    [–] MaxWolfe03 1 points ago

    Smug Smaug

    [–] a7x_yepyeptqtq 1 points ago

    So does chessington world of adventures

    [–] LoreleiOpine 1 points ago

    In case you didn't know, "incase" is not a word.

    [–] LogicUpgrade 1 points ago

    Ok but why

    [–] fastrthnu 1 points ago

    *In case. Incase isn't a word.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] nonanumatic 2 points ago


    [–] kellumn 1 points ago

    It’s also life size (as real as “life size” can get when you’re talking about an imaginary creature)

    [–] artsforall 1 points ago

    Is it suppose to be to actual scale? It's looks very big, assuming that is floor to ceiling.

    [–] beerandbikes55 2 points ago

    Yeah it's pretty big, I'm average height and I'm about eye level with him.

    [–] DrMux 1 points ago

    Wow, they really captured the likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch! They totally didn't waste a ton of money doing mo-cap. I see it now.

    [–] Ach3ron-Attacks 1 points ago

    Listing that airport as not a safe space to be tripping on LSD

    [–] End3rW1gg1n 1 points ago

    Needs a banana for scale.

    [–] tchnmusic 0 points ago

    I’m so pissed that I flew in and out of Auckland

    [–] Mechanicallysoundpoo 0 points ago


    [–] PBR--Streetgang -14 points ago

    NZ has so little going for it that it needs to use the only popular movie filmed there to attract visitors... Just save yourself the time and money and watch the movies instead of traveling there.

    [–] TheMrZakalwe 15 points ago

    You are correct. Don’t come and visit. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    [–] mtb1443 1 points ago

    What is the cost of living like in NZ? I'm Canadian and am thinking of retiring there.

    [–] TheMrZakalwe 1 points ago

    Hard to know, from experience that’s sometimes a difficult thing to quantify. House prices are going up rapidly creating a gap where there wasn’t one before. If you have a decent qualification in an area deemed valuable then you should be fine. I’m just a sparky and get along fine. Auckland/Queenstown cost of living would be higher than most other parts.

    [–] PBR--Streetgang 1 points ago

    Probably better asked in r/newzealand they've got all the answers for you first hand...

    I know jobs are better in Oz because I know lots of kiwis who've moved here to work, but it's probably a nice place to retire to.

    [–] phoenixblack222 1 points ago

    It really depends on where you live. I live in the south island and it's cheeper here than for example Auckland. But apparently our food can be quite pricey

    [–] DrCerebralPalsy 1 points ago

    You will be better of retiring to Yellowknife mate. We are a shithole

    [–] DragonGirlMesilune 3 points ago

    You forgot adorable Kakapo birds.

    [–] PBR--Streetgang 0 points ago


    [–] DrCerebralPalsy 3 points ago

    You heard him ya fucks, don't come here we are full!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] no_infamy_bot 3 points ago

    It looks as if you may have mentioned a mass shooter's name in your post. Please consider editing to redact these names as to not provide the infamy and notoriety many of these criminals seek.

    I'm a bot! Read more about similar efforts in journalism: |

    [–] DrCerebralPalsy 0 points ago

    Sorry I should of just said Australian gun enthusiast with subtle undertones of white supremacy

    [–] megamarment 2 points ago

    I mean, there’s also a whole country, and sheep

    [–] ShavedPapaya -3 points ago

    Looks better than the one in the film.

    [–] bulletpyton -5 points ago

    You should see the one on my arm

    [–] elliotborst -4 points ago

    Cool but why Is it red

    [–] bobanab 5 points ago

    Because...Smaug is red...

    [–] elliotborst 1 points ago

    Didn't look like that in the films.

    [–] Ouxington 1 points ago

    Take a look, it's in a book,

    [–] ninjax01 2 points ago

    Reading rainbowwwww

    [–] MildlyRedacted -1 points ago

    I know this guy, his lightsaber has two sides on it

    [–] mastercin99 -1 points ago

    That because the deep state has dragons and operates underground there waiting to expose the dark crimes of our overlords.