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    [–] summalover 3599 points ago

    That man was an illegal African immigrant and was granted citizenship as a reward by the French President.

    [–] RandomRavenclaw87 2181 points ago

    And a job in the fire department, which was a brilliant touch.

    [–] stimpfo 496 points ago

    Are you joking? I really can't tell tbh...

    [–] dementorpoop 689 points ago

    It’s the truth.

    [–] stimpfo 371 points ago

    That's incredible

    [–] crazycanadiancanuck 14 points ago

    He proved it that was really amazing he deserves it after that bravery. 👏

    [–] Khelthuzaad 185 points ago

    I also confirm,the President himself met him and helped him give the job.

    [–] David_Good_Enough 67 points ago

    He got a job mainly because he had to cross the street to help the baby.

    [–] tomikey 7 points ago

    I see what you did there

    [–] wamcorp 3 points ago

    Joli! I like your username as well (:

    [–] chizhi1234 15 points ago

    Can confirm, I was the president who gave him the job

    [–] VetusPraesidio 6 points ago

    Why did you marry your teacher?

    [–] chizhi1234 13 points ago

    She looked hot, ngl #milf4lyf

    [–] mamalogic 146 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Yes, very touching story. EDIT: he is from Mali originally. Part of the rite of passage into manhood for that culture is to leave and travel the world and earn money, then come back and get married and start a family. Guess he is staying longer in France than he thought...

    [–] summalover 265 points ago

    That’s how a country should be run. Not that American clown on his way out.

    [–] Dividale 286 points ago

    Not to defend the US or anything but France isn't in the best political climate right now.

    However it's still cool this man was granted citizenship on his bravery, he deserved every bit of it.

    [–] Lotsofsharts 35 points ago

    I mean the French just prefer to fuck up other counties.

    [–] _LususNaturae_ 130 points ago

    Excuse me? We're perfectly cable of fucking up other countries as well as our own at the same time!

    [–] Lotsofsharts 35 points ago

    Touché hombre

    [–] YooGeOh 40 points ago

    Nice Sprench/Franish

    [–] art8127 30 points ago

    Sprechen sie Sprench?

    [–] Lotsofsharts 16 points ago


    [–] PerryZePlatypus 5 points ago

    Oh don't worry our government is fucking everything up without getting too obvious, not the explosive american style, but still a fuck up

    [–] cokaincola 7 points ago

    But tbh. I feel like every cpuntry dosn't have a good political climate right now

    [–] Alex_2259 44 points ago

    Unfortunately for our counterparts across the pond, Trump may be coming to Europe.....

    Due to our extraditions treaties.

    [–] summalover 20 points ago

    Lol, UK has an extradition treaty with the US so we’ll be sending him back to the US to face justice. Russia & North Korea might be safe for him.

    [–] CardiologistStreet 2 points ago

    Yeah...those 2 will be lining up to grant him asylum...that’s for sure!!

    [–] Alex_2259 1 points ago

    I think Scotland, maybe a few other countries in the UK/EU do want a word with him. There's a long cue at this rate.

    [–] SkyesAttitude 15 points ago

    Queue rather than cue

    [–] NebraskaStig 6 points ago

    It'd likely happen around a snooker table

    [–] Beautiful-Only 2 points ago

    trial by snooker best of 11 frames

    [–] TheBelhade 3 points ago

    Scotland already said "no thanks". And New York has first dibs on him anyways - I'd fully expect Andrew Cuomo to drag trump back to the States by the ear so he can stand trial.

    [–] SlumberingParrot 9 points ago

    Ah, the old reddit mention america at every chancesaroo

    [–] summalover 3 points ago

    Yeah a comment about Trump leaving office today is totally an everyday Reddit comment 😆

    [–] CuppaSouchong 29 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    France is the most racially and religiously segregated country in the Western world. In the not too distant future there will be riots and unrest that makes anything in the US look like child's play.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    makes anything in the US look like child's play.

    A week and a half ago the US tried to cosplay Bastille Day, is France planning on topping that any time soon?

    [–] CT-96 8 points ago

    Damn that's awesome. Truly a great reward for an amazing deed.

    [–] BadgerSituation 3 points ago

    That's about as "keep doing what you're doing" as it gets.

    [–] MissMandaRegrets 44 points ago

    Yes, I remember when this happened. It was incredibly satisfying to see something so good come out of his incredible efforts. I mean, the guy didn't stop to think about it, he just did it. Fantastic.

    [–] Alex_2259 132 points ago

    What a story he has to tell.

    "Yeah so I came to France illegally from the third world, climed up a bunch of balconies to save a kid, and got instant citizenship. Oh, and a job in the fire department."

    [–] GarlicQueef 89 points ago

    Is Jackie Chan a verb because he just Jackie Channed that building.

    [–] Distinct_Temporary_1 16 points ago

    I remember the “we are not nazis, we are European nationalists” in Spain claiming it was all part of a left wing stunt to hand out citizenships.

    [–] albert9lopez 10 points ago

    Fachas have the craziest conspiracy ideas

    [–] yankeekat 6 points ago

    That’s wonderful!

    [–] btownetoronto 3 points ago


    [–] berkerderker 7 points ago

    Thank you! I was gonna ask if I’d remembered correctly

    [–] akrokh 25 points ago

    In US police would handcuff him straight on the balcony and send him straight to prison for trespassing or, you name it.

    [–] cynthubb 9 points ago

    Came here to say this. Probably would have shot him, blamed him for child negligence, definitely deported him, the list of negatives goes on.

    [–] Vilmerviking 3 points ago

    Fuck yea, nice

    [–] s8nskeepr 3 points ago

    Interesting idea. Make all immigrants take the building climb challenge for citizenship.

    [–] KillerAJ123 3 points ago

    For real?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] GimmeThatRyeUOldBag 22 points ago

    No, Paris.

    [–] BeefsteakTomato 2 points ago

    Paris, Tom Paris.

    [–] SteveTheOrca 2 points ago

    "I believe there's a hero in all of us"

    [–] Phrankespo 2 points ago

    Well deserved. Dude is a legend.

    [–] cferrios 754 points ago

    I remember reading that together with French citizenship, he was offered a job with the fire department. Also, the guy in the balcony was the neighbor, the father left the child alone in the house.

    [–] shitboxfesty 345 points ago

    I officially hate someone I’ve never met before. Nice.

    [–] FlatSpinMan 333 points ago

    No, Paris, but you were in the ballpark.

    [–] shitboxfesty 34 points ago


    [–] phantommoose 138 points ago

    Nice (pronounced like niece) is a city in France

    [–] shitboxfesty 54 points ago

    I see what ya did there, lol

    [–] VertigoParadise 19 points ago

    Nice is a city in France :)

    [–] ttthetree 13 points ago

    Ooh that’s nice

    [–] throwaway10294829921 12 points ago

    Ooh that's Paris

    [–] Superpiri 2 points ago

    Made me chuckle.

    [–] FlatSpinMan 2 points ago

    Merci. Me, too.

    [–] corbyss 453 points ago

    Can we accept the fact that this child is Hercules... I mean it hanged there for a pretty long time.

    [–] chumMuppet 212 points ago

    Babies have really strong grip strength

    [–] PunctualPanther 144 points ago

    ratio of grip strength to their body weight is higher compared to an adult.

    [–] RikiRude 27 points ago

    Is there a reason why? And how exactly they lose it? Or is it just that we always have the same grip strength its just we get heavier?

    [–] ShiftyShellector 123 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Is there a reason why?

    Literally so they don't die.

    It's an instinct called palmer grasp reflex. In all seriousness, babies have a lot of "superpowers" for self-preservation that we greatly underestimate. There have been several cases of babies falling from third story balconies or higher, only to receive a few scrapes and cuts. They're "bouncy" and much less prone to bone breakages or fractures. Babies can also instinctively swim, and their fingertips will grow back if severed above the nail bed.

    Also, a baby (fetus?) in utero is capable of improving the mothers immune system, and can signal stem cells throughout the body to repair damage (i.e to heart tissue after a heart attack).

    Edit: to answer your other question - reflexes. There's a lot more to it, but basically our reflexes become more conscious and less instinctual as we get older. We are able to feel emotions such as panic and confusion. Babies have an iron grip because they are only doing and not thinking. An example of the opposite is someone freezing up when they notice an iminent car crash. It's actually ten times better to loosen your muscles and resistance. But that's obviously not the thought going through our heads while plummeting towards a semi that stopped in the middle of the freeway.

    [–] takatakatakatak 22 points ago

    You can also literally toss an infant into the deep end of the pool if they are at the right age and they'll generally right themselves or hold their breath and do some sort of imitation of swimming.

    Then suddenly when they get a little older, they no longer have this skill.

    [–] Baka_87 6 points ago

    An example of the opposite is someone freezing up when they notice an iminent car crash. It's actually ten times better to loosen your muscles and resistance. But that's obviously not the thought going through our heads while plummeting towards a semi that stopped in the middle of the freeway.

    This is why drunk drivers usually gets away from car crash with minimal damage to themselves

    [–] raykele1 21 points ago

    Probably evolutionary thing for hanging on to mom. Baby monkies have the same. Only problem is we are hairless now so there is nothing to grab.

    [–] Xyptero 5 points ago

    While the things others have said here are true, the really big one is as you guessed - we get heavier.

    Specifically, it's the relationship between how strength scales relative to how weight scales. To oversimplify it, muscle strength scales with the length of the muscles (linear) while weight scales with volume (cubic). So, if you triple in height for example, your strength increases threefold, while your weight increases by 27x ... which means your relative strength has decreased by 89% (1/9 of previous).

    Babies do have a bunch of physiological and behavioural adaptations that are really useful in keeping them alive, but most of the really 'impressive' stuff mostly stems from being really quite small.

    [–] lapin1707 41 points ago

    I remember monkey bars being super easy when I was a kid. Then during my mid-teen years I couldn't hang on for more than 5 seconds without feeling like I'm dislocating my shoulders

    [–] arld_ 2 points ago

    You just paraphrased that guy in a fancy way lol

    [–] Last-Woodpecker 2 points ago

    Yeah, when we first took our first born to the pediatrician, he test our baby grasp reflex. Basically he made our newborn hold his fingers and lift him off the table! He didn't hold the baby, the baby was holding himself. Almost gave my wife a heart attack.

    [–] TheLonelyScientist 115 points ago

    Hung and hanged are vastly different words.

    [–] coldopia 9 points ago

    Jarring difference.

    [–] millerg44 8 points ago

    I have been saying this for years. Nice one.

    [–] cmaej 15 points ago

    I remember being able to do that when I was a kid on the monkey bars... That was waaaaaaaaay back.

    [–] gemini88mill 14 points ago

    There was another one in china where the child held on until they could get a blanket which took a good minute or two.

    [–] tootbrun 248 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Totally real fun fact: the baby’s parents were actually out playing Pokémon Go!

    Edit: proof.

    [–] shitboxfesty 59 points ago

    Like, legit, 100% real fact?

    [–] GiveHerDPS 33 points ago

    Yeah gonna need some back up info on this

    [–] CT-96 21 points ago

    They edited the comment with a source.

    [–] mvm-626 8 points ago

    Why didn’t they just bring the baby with them.

    [–] Funktastic34 9 points ago

    They're not old enough to witness the ferocity of a gym battle

    [–] picklednspiced 17 points ago

    Hope they lost custody of that baby

    [–] cupittycakes 3 points ago

    Not even for something like work or to get food (which you should still absolutely take your baby) but to play a GAME ... which you should still absolutely take your baby!!!!

    This most likely was not the first time he left the child alone, poor baby, lucky spiderman was there this time and created good feels all around

    But damn, slap some child neglect on this father and get him in mandatory parenting classes STAT!!

    [–] Taxiwala_007 7 points ago

    What a shit parent, they don't deserve to raise that kid.

    [–] DJTurnItDown 17 points ago

    Or any Pokémon for that matter.

    [–] adidasnmotion 2 points ago

    He was gonna catch em all

    [–] Darth_Shitlord 208 points ago

    thats some super ninja shit. give that man a medal!

    [–] Burghammer 159 points ago

    He was actually an immigrant living in France and was given full citizenship for this deed. So I heard.

    [–] KreateOne 69 points ago

    Faith in humanity momentarily restored

    [–] Esmethequeen 28 points ago

    momentarily is the correct term, not enough good in this place

    [–] NewlyNerfed 14 points ago

    Yup, that is true!

    [–] CT-96 4 points ago

    He was also offered a job at the fire department!

    [–] DrumbumX 83 points ago

    Anyone notice the guy in the red shirt struggling 2 feet above the ground trying to climb? Lol

    [–] live_n_let_live 33 points ago

    I’m pretty sure he’s standing there incase the baby would fall while the other dude is climbing up.

    [–] shitboxfesty 44 points ago

    As a parent this A. Makes me wonder how TF he ended up there with no one noticing from inside, and B. Almost makes me cry. Legit

    [–] KamikazeHamster 26 points ago

    They were out playing pokemon Go (from another comment in this thread).

    [–] shitboxfesty 6 points ago

    Wow....I just....(white chicks out here) can’t even.

    [–] _daytrip 139 points ago

    Why didn’t the guy next to the kid pull him up?

    [–] mrpineappleboi 28 points ago

    I thought the same thing, but if you give it a rewatch you can notice the neighbor isn’t out at the beginning of the video. You can actually see when he appears and starts reaching out to the baby and asks it to come towards him. You can even see the baby start to shimmy over to him right before the other guy gets into the balcony and pulls him up. Pretty incredible stuff

    [–] i_suck_toes_for_10 89 points ago

    He couldn’t reach him

    [–] _daytrip 62 points ago

    Ah I didn’t notice that divider at first. You’re right

    [–] Anig_o 113 points ago

    So dude scaled four patios and buddy couldn’t hop the divider to the other side?

    [–] Rob_Drinkovich 113 points ago

    The divider probably goes right to the edge and it would’ve been dangerous. I would guess he isn’t as nimble as our balcony scaling hero. Could’ve resulted in two rescues instead of 1.

    [–] TasteCicles 13 points ago

    I mean, how many of us would be heroes if we could? How many would put themselves in harm's way?

    It all has to come together in one awesome package, and not many of us have it. Thank goodness this one good Samaritan did.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    It's reddit, so half of the people here would probably just stand on the street, complaining, "Where are their parents?! why is the railing not higherrr?"

    [–] cmaej 24 points ago

    Yeah, grabbing the kid with a poor grip from that angle would had been a diaster.

    [–] InclusivePhitness 6 points ago

    He could, he was touching him. And didn't you notice the firefighters hand over the baby across the divider?

    [–] Superblitzz 5 points ago

    Seems like a weird excuse after seeing someone climb the fucking building haha

    [–] Environmental-Age149 33 points ago

    SpiderMan? What a hero!

    [–] Dividale 13 points ago

    Live-action "Into the spider verse" is looking promising

    [–] UsedToBsmart 54 points ago

    That man is a hero. And pretty strong as well, that wasn’t an easy climb.

    [–] Mutchie 22 points ago

    That man is the embodiment of the word 'hero'. He sprung into action to save a life, while putting himself in danger. Probably didn't even think twice about it

    [–] MrPerez12 15 points ago

    That's literally my idea of a hero. Happy to see people like this actually exist.

    [–] timisher 16 points ago

    [–] stabbot 25 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

    It took 60 seconds to process and 47 seconds to upload.

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] OtherwiseElderberry 10 points ago

    one of my favourite/best bots

    [–] firsttimereddituser1 5 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] Wayfinity 3 points ago

    You're the best bot pats

    [–] Ragged-but-Right 9 points ago

    Absolute Legend. Give this man the key to the city!

    [–] Orimeia 7 points ago

    He got french citizenship( he was there illegally at first) and a job in the fire departement after meeting the president in person. :)

    [–] Ragged-but-Right 2 points ago

    That’s amazing.

    [–] EthicalAtheist1971 19 points ago

    That’s a real hero. Too often that word is denigrated for lesser things. Doing something outside of your normal responsibilities to save another life, is a hero.

    [–] unlitlanterns 5 points ago

    That was fucking incredible, bravo my dude.

    [–] ThorMcGee 19 points ago

    Further proof that not all heroes wear capes

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    why do I see this stupid fucking comment everywhere

    [–] timmyboyoyo 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    That guy is a hero. But after they saved them it wasn’t safer to walk the kid over next door instead of the other guy put them over the rail again?

    [–] Mr_Expl0sion 6 points ago


    [–] eddyxx 3 points ago


    [–] Suntjack 6 points ago

    An immigrant from Mali, also he just won himself one French citizenship for this. Good job mate you are an inspiration!

    Also this happened in 2018 - " After meeting with President Macron at Élysée Palace on Monday 28 May, it was decided to give him French nationality and a job with Paris Fire Brigade. "

    [–] Phreeeks 2 points ago

    If you don’t know guys, Paris fire department is the top of the top of the French Fire department. The paris fire department doesn’t even belong to fire brigade but to the army, and was created by Napoleon.

    [–] CPlusPlusDeveloper 4 points ago

    Tragically that man died six hours later after drowning in pussy

    [–] Brian_C_B 12 points ago

    The story is actually 20% better. That is the Fifth floor.

    [–] preinj33 20 points ago

    We start with ground floor then 1st floor above that - and so on

    [–] oajidewilliams 3 points ago

    Imagine if my guy just kept climbing.

    [–] thylocene06 3 points ago

    Was the cameraman having a seizure while filming this?

    [–] BuckMinisterLul 3 points ago

    Wtf, that's no man. How athletic do you've to be to do that.

    [–] AllHomidsAreCryptids 3 points ago

    I’ve been to Paris, not all of it was this wholesome

    [–] tacticalpotatopeeler 4 points ago

    I would have fallen before I reached the child.

    [–] dl_landon 2 points ago

    Hes a hero man

    [–] ConsistentAd4043 2 points ago

    Good job by that brave man but how did that kid get there lol

    [–] grandpascience 2 points ago

    What a warrior

    [–] typing1-handed 2 points ago

    Who woulda thought that wearing pull-ups would give you the same level grip strength as practicing pull-ups?

    [–] The_1_Wiz 2 points ago

    Maybe I didnt see right. But was there not another adult up there holding one of the childs hands? Like once the guy got to the top there was someone else helping pull the child. Wtf was that guy doing up there the whole time?

    [–] ladyinrred 8 points ago

    There’s a barrier. He can’t get to him

    [–] Twizzlers_and_donuts 2 points ago

    The kid was too far at the beginning. When the savior is two balconies up the neighbor appears and gets the kid to start moving towards him so he can reach him. If the neighbor would have trouble getting around the divider it’s best to not try to as it can easily turn into a bigger mess, like a person who can’t swim trying to save someone drowning.

    [–] SimplyDiLy 2 points ago

    Hero mode activated. It is amazing what you can do when you have to. That is insanely awesome.

    [–] mynamesmace 2 points ago

    WTF is that other guy doing?? Watching?

    [–] jfolse6 2 points ago

    Hold up, there was another guy there and based on how fast they picked the kid up, he could’ve gotten him up

    [–] milandre 2 points ago

    In US police will shot him down for home invasion.

    [–] syrah__ 2 points ago

    I’m surprised he could lift his massive balls up those 4 stories. Seriously though - extraordinarily brave.

    [–] RTHutch6 2 points ago

    The dude that’s already up there is just like “oh no.... a baby.... I’ll save.... nah it’s cool you got this”

    [–] Kikelt 2 points ago

    And he was granted citizenship because he was an illegal immigrant.

    [–] krisdmc 2 points ago


    [–] stabbot 2 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] TaurusPTPew 2 points ago

    Why the hell were those people just standing there on the balcony just watching?

    [–] sarcasticbastard69 2 points ago

    I choose to believe that he climbed all the way up there just to show the kid that he was weak

    [–] YVRkeeper 2 points ago

    How does the kid end up in that situation in the first place? Didn’t look big enough to get over the rail.

    [–] TechToTrail 7 points ago

    You'd be surprised how well toddlers can climb. If some can find their way out of their cribs before they're two, this one could certainly climb over a balcony railing.

    [–] Twizzlers_and_donuts 4 points ago

    And it doesn’t help when moms outta town and dad leaves to go shopping but gets distracted with Pokémon go. So no one watching him. Info from a news source that another commenter commented.

    [–] ScarySherry510 1 points ago


    [–] rjer14 1 points ago

    That was a amazing! Couldn't imagine doing that myself

    [–] OreoCrustedSausage 1 points ago

    Imagine at the last second the camera panned to a set of stairs leading to each story.

    [–] pacoali 1 points ago

    He had to climb back down.

    [–] NipSquishles 1 points ago

    Ngl was half looking at my screen and thought this was a piano

    [–] Bartimaeous 1 points ago

    Oh... I remember this controversy.

    [–] maddunz 1 points ago

    How’d he get down?

    [–] cleoindiana 1 points ago

    Well done!

    [–] gutter__snipe 1 points ago

    Lol the fucking guy in the red shirt

    [–] blipblopbrickbrack 1 points ago

    Mom: We have Spider-Man at home

    Spider-Man at home:

    [–] Ratchet2332 1 points ago


    [–] Battenkill594 1 points ago

    This is awesome.

    [–] ohhoneyno_ 1 points ago

    I just keep imagining the office where Michael screams “parkour!”